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Watercolour Fun - Create a Cactus Illustration

teacher avatar Denise Hughes, Illustrator, Designer, Tutor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Resources and Inspiration


    • 3.

      Using your resources to draw and doodle


    • 4.

      Paint it!


    • 5.

      Now for the line work...


    • 6.

      Final thoughts


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About This Class

Cacti are very on trend at the moment. They seem to be everywhere - on surface design in the shops and in room interior photos. Having a party? -  Hang the cactus bunting. Having a dinner party?-   set out the cactus plates and cactus glasses. New baby? - buy him a cactus baby grow. Cacti are out there and  everyone seems to be embracing this prickly trend.

Join me in this class to create you very own cute little cactus painting. It'll be fun so "look sharp" and get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Denise Hughes

Illustrator, Designer, Tutor


Denise Hughes is a freelance illustrator, surface designer and obsessive doodler who lives and works in Hampshire, UK. Denise works from her studio at The Sorting Office in Hampshire which she shares with 8 other makers and designers.

Denise has worked as a freelance illustrator for 10 years and currently licenses her designs internationally.  She is represented by The Bright Group International.  Denise combines digital work, watercolor and drawing to create her beautiful, contemporary images. 

Running workshops and sharing my skills with others online is really rewarding.

I hope you enjoy my classes.  



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1. Introduction: Welcome to my next class in the watercolor fund. Siri's I'm issues and strike. Everyone seems to be impressive In the short class. I'll take me through the process of creating. Very There were two in the paint booth. So join me in this trust to create shop, get start. 2. Resources and Inspiration: I was told at Art College that you can never do enough observational drawing drawing from real life informs every illustration that we create matter house dinos stick. You can create administration of a completely imaginary well at its references will still come from what we see around us. That's why, for this project, I encourage you to draw from real night and also research subjects. When we draw from observation process sits out. What part of the subject were interested? One person might be interested internal values and another might be interested in the decorative aspect that these personal preferences come out in our gold rings. So when you're drawing your catches things to think about what draws me to this subject, what is the most interesting part of the subject on what my most enjoying story and if you could do that you're drawing on, have a style all of its own. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. Think of yourself as a visual researcher trying to absorb as much information about the topic is possible. Now, your first point of call should be observational drawn, and if you have a cactus or succulent at home. I'd really like to have a go. However, there are lots of different ways you can research. After the observational drawing, the first thing I did was head down to my local garden centre. I took a bunch of fighters. I guess I looked a bit weird, but hey, it was all in the name of art. Second, I went to the library and I took out some put some cactuses and thirdly, I looked up. Catcher Societies on the Internet studied their websites. Now you could stop that. There is one more research tool that I want to show over 100 million people already used country. The best way to describe the site is like a visual square, and they could be used for lots of different reasons. Some people use it to collect things. I have a thing about tree houses, so I collect them on. My tree has pulled some people use. It is a wish list, like of things you like to buy or places you like to go. And it's definitely a platform self expression that I enjoy using it for all these reasons . So feel free to check out my boards, but I also use it to organize and categorize my research for my ministrations. So especially for you, I've created a board for this class on my Pinterest camp. You can use it for inspiration and ideas, and you can find a link to it in the class description. I hope you find it useful. 3. Using your resources to draw and doodle: So now it's time to work from your research material drawing and deadly. Take the parts of your research you love make John. No, not a perfect Drori. Just a drawing. Don't spend too long on it. Let your mind wander. Just see what you come up with. Remember, there are no rules and no one is judging. I'm using these. Pick my mind. I find it really easy to use on my flow. Really well. In order feed to wall that you're drawing hand. I carried you to spend at least an hour on these drawings. Everything you draw even the bits you don't like Get you one step closer to the perfect drawing. It's all a journey, so don't worry about making mistakes. Here are my pages from my sketchbook. If you would like to use any of sketches for inspiration, you condone like them from the class description. Happy doodling everyone 4. Paint it!: So now we're going to paint administration. I've chosen a palette from their website design seeds. If you're trying to choose a pallet, your illustrations business, the perfect missed again. If you want to find out more about this website, have a look at my previous course kind of fun from your deedles drawer out Chinese Really faint lines enduring that makes you stop. I'm going to add texture to this sport. Doping in adult color into the west. For this part, I went in the whole area first and then gently Don't turn boys into its just electing express. Now decide where your night sources coming from. Minds coming from the right of the shading is on the left. The last part is an overall Terkel to color again. Shade side is on the here. I'm using a mixture of sap green lemon, yellow light. Coming, Captain, when you're painting with watercolors, always work from the night to the dog. - Now I'm using a slightly darker green in a straight, shady sign and give my characters three dimensional field you could probably see here. Green paint is leading to the terror, so I'm blocked terra cotta with a piece of kitchen stop. Put a little bit of terra cotta back in, and that's better. Now add uneven dog, and this will give you a few does to really give it some texture brush I'm using here. Number three wins and need to Sable Brush series. Seven. Then my favorite talks of brushes teams now because the paint still wet, I create too high. What? Adding plane, the wet green paint. What this does is it pushes the picnic away creates a high for this captain, mixing up ready brought grain painting the whole thing. - Now , with slightly darker version, I'm dropping in center and on the left hand side for the shape. And then I'm adding a slightly lighter, creamy yellow right side where the lighters I need the middle cactus to dry slightly before I could start work. Wanted to get it's on now going to get the left hand captors on all overwash Associate green. Now that my middle cactuses drive, I'm going to use a darker shade with smooth. You have your whichever side nights transit. Inside, in the shade will be duller colors. Duck, - they said. It's hard. So what I think I'm going to do is water on my brush. Just paint over the line, which was 5. Now for the line work...: 6. Final thoughts: thanks so much. I love up next stop. You could also students. I'm sure you'll be in nice. How much? And just sounds timing to see I can't wait to see you.