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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Painting the Florals

    • 4. Cutting out and Drawing the Jar

    • 5. Putting it Together

    • 6. Adding a Tag with String

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class


Learn to create beautiful watercolour florals which you then cut out and arrange within a simple line drawing to create a layered image which is full of life. 

Suitable for complete beginners and those who've been painting for years.  I hope that all levels of experience will enjoy this and create something which they're proud of.

We'll start by painting some loose florals, outlining them with ink and then cut them out to create our masterpiece!

You'll need some thick watercolour paper and basic tools, which are all listed in the class project (with links to show what I mean) and explained in the tools and materials video.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theodora G.

The Carpenter's Wife.


Hello and welcome to my Skillshare profile. I'm Theodora, or Thea for short and I'm an artist and silversmith living in a rural part of England. I love the country life and it's the perfect place to nurture my little family.

Originally trained as an antique restorer, I have a passion for old things and spent a large chunk of my life up-cycling furniture. I started making jewellery when I was pregnant with my son via a silver clay course, and in the last few years have re-discovered the joy of painting (both traditionally and digitally).

However I love all forms of art and love to try new things, which is how I stumbled across Skillshare. I don't believe in limiting yourself to one art form, so one day I might be making jewellery, another painting, practising calligraphy, l... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to my skill share class on watercolor cutouts. So what is a watercolor cut out? It's a watercolor painting that you then cut out. Say he cut them out and insert into a simple line drawings. Andi, I think contrast between bright colors. Just plainness of the line drawing Love me together. It'll say the when you cut them out that really brings the paintings to life. Um, on And there's layering. Different elements create something really love. So I think that this class is suitable for all levels. If you're a complete beginner and you never picked up a paintbrush, McCall, I think you'll still be able to produce something that you're proud. All you feel is beautiful. If you're a seasoned watercolor artist, then I think you might find it fun. So thes are the ones that I will show you how to paint videos. But by all means experiment. Try different things. Wait to see what you come up with. If you want to know more about may you find me on instagram Theodora, Doctor Gold do drop by and say hello and say that you found me by skill shirts. Always nice to chapter people. I live in rural parts of England, not far from a dressed in brief. I live here with my little family, my husband, my boy dog cat, My love of rural life. Andi. I spend my time creating art and jewelry, which is inspired by my surroundings. I'm also on Facebook. I don't use it as much, but I will respond to comments on their on. I did post on to it fairly regularly that I tend to just chef. So this CASS is all about having fun on trying different things again. Jeez, painting. Cutting, gluing. I hope at the end of it you will have either a piece of artwork or card that you are happy Teoh sent to a friend or someone they feel proud off something that you're happy to put in a frame and have in your home. So I'm talking through all the materials that needed. There isn't anything there that's particularly unusual. Then I'll show you how to actually paint flowers on outline with blacking, then will come out a simple line drawing and set them in. I actually had to cover back tidies up to make it a meat. There's also a video lesson on adding a little string tag. Like Teoh. I think they look cute quirky. So I did some of mine that is optional. If you have any questions along the way, then please, do you leave a comment and I'll come back to you on If you want to. You upload any of your progress shots as he goes along. That would be fantastic. You can add those to your project section just so let's move on to the next video tools materials on. Then once you got all that together, we can get going. 2. Tools and Materials: So here we got some of the materials that I've used for filming this class. So first of all sport colored paper, you want it to be at least 350 GSM GSM refers to the thickness of the paper. You can see that this is fairly firm. I think, ideally, I'd like it to be a little bit thicker, but I bought. But this is thick enough. So anything, 350 GSM or above, we'll work. You're going to need some tracing paper, so I tend just by a big part of it that you're only going to need a tiny bit. So don't go spending a fortune on your tracing paper. Uh, you will need if you're going to make a call, you're going to need a blank card to work from. You can buy these in craft stores. Um, just, you know, nice plain blank card that comes folded on It comes with envelopes, but you might want Teoh create yours us a picture rather than a card, In which case you could use a piece of your watercolor paper to do it. Um, brushes. In this class, I use one of thes, which is, uh, it holds the water within this part of the brush on. You can just squeeze it out. Um, sorry. Leveled it. You can squeeze it, squeeze the waters after the brush on teal, mixing plate or pallets, whatever you're using. So you're gonna need a plate. Teoh makes you water colors on, um, on a piece of kitchen roll is useful just for drying rush on on days, um, paints. It's a set of watercolor paints. Uh, you will need a scalpel or some sort of cutting till you might already have something at home. I like these. They have touchable blades. You're probably gonna want some spare blades. Depending on Germany. You're doing paper Tends to lump them quite quickly. So I just buy these little packs. The ones that I'm using this shape are a size 10 A. Uh, you will want a pencil on, then. Just I use one of these a continent what they called formally press the end, and then a very thin bit pencil comes out. Um, that's a north 0.5 millimeter one. It's not to essentially use any sort of pencil on a Some point you're going to be doing a tracing and you need to scribble on the back. So you're going to want another box Standard pencil for doing that? A waterproof, um, black pen. I'm using this one, which is a north 10.3. This is called a uni unique pin Fine line. I will put links to that in the your project section. Uh, but make sure that your penance waterproof because if you do want to go back over your drawing with your paint than it won't run Paula Maraba a little bit of Pritt stick or similar glue you might find a Q tip is useful for your painting, but it's not essential. I'm going to need a bit. Facilitate, um, scissors. You might find handy. I use them for cutting my string, but that's anything I used them for on deny have this tool, which I do use when I'm attaching the little string tag, which is just unpick er from my sewing kit, which I pulled a little noble off. Um, but that's just me improvising with tools. Say when you come to this section about adding a tag with string, you might need something like that and then you're going to need a cutting mat. Um, or if you don't have a cutting mat, a surface that you don't mind getting scratches and scrapes on because you're goingto be cutting out your watercolor paintings on it. So I put a full list of the materials that I've used on if he links to where to buy some of them in the your project section. But you find underneath this video, so, yeah, Once you've got all your bits and bulbs together, let's hold on, start making some color cutouts. 3. Painting the Florals: So I got my paints. Little ceramic plate for mixing, which is where I prefer to mix them a bit of kitchen roll on dime using one of those pens that holds paintbrushes that holds water inside. And then you can just squeeze it to get the water out. Um, this is the card I'm going to use. So this will give me a rough idea of how big I want my paintings to be so guessing the jam jars gonna come to both there. It's my flowers. I want to be about that big. I'm just gonna make very, very, I think very rough pencil marks. Just say, keep everything sighs. I want it, uh, say let's start off with some leaves. No, I'm not painting anything realistic or anything in particular, just painting on seeing what happens. It starts off with step to get into a jam jar, and I quite like to put that red into my arm leave. So while it's still wet, I'm just going to Dr Better that in that that spread around. I don't have to do this, have a play with what you think works. What you gonna put a bit? Payne's gray in there as well. I like it just talking on the stand. This Mitch Christie. Another days, maybe getting in a different direction. Don't worry about your paint cooling like that. Part of the fun of watercolors, that sort of random look to the paint. But when you're painting in this time anyway, from my green mixture of Payne's gray, it's gonna be drawing So money not cleaned off my brush my am kitchen roll Just squeeze it a little bit of water and then just a bit hard lines. Okay, now, quite like putting a few berry stalks in there. Um, I'm going to start out with Berries rather than starting stork. Uh, what colors should I do? Stupid of Payne's gray? Put a bit of that. Just look a little bit like slows. I'm just going to get in with a bit of the pains. Graham. Just stem. I think my buries look a little bit, um, uniforms. So I'm just going to dab a bit of water on there and then with Q tip just taken the lead of the paint off like that to get a better, um, form something a bit more interesting about them because they're just loves. I think I put a few little That's something. Sorry about Don't just that one. Maybe some red Berries as well. The's one's gonna try and leave a little, A little bit of paper showing through so that they've got, um, looks like the light's hitting them, which is what I should probably have done on those ones. But I didn't. None of it really mashes the doctor. Read the bottoms. Little bits like that don't really matter, because we're gonna go around. It'll we think anyway, kind of with the flowers he could get away with being as loose. It's a mess. Unite sometimes get a bit of colors bleeding in, but that's actually quite nice. Don't mind that rough lines just pretend to kind of do this and then ignore them just so that I have a vague idea on size. Although sometimes I have to tweak things when it comes to, uh, the actual job. Um, so police florals. Um, I sometimes find it handy. T maybe just have a quick look on Pinterest just to get a little bit of inspiration. That's type in the world's, uh, just to give me an idea on flowers. You can do this, or you could just make something up completely from your head. That's something sort of orangey yellow. Let's start out with lighter color is yellow. Just put in cattles and look orange. The water colors do their work. Um, it's like that green to bleed into their still wet with bash on. Don't worry if at this stage you think it looked rubbish, because when we go around it with the pen, we'll bring it all to life. And then when we cut it out, really brings it to life. And that's going for a kind of pinky orange. Eason starts with orange cheese, I say So a case of just kind of putting the paint on and seeing what happens. Don't worry about it already having any definition, because again, once we do the thinking come together. What other colors do I think would look nice in there bread? You see what I mean about me completely ignoring my lines? My line goes cross there. They're all my flowers get rich, so I don't think we need a huge amount more than that, but we might want a few fillers, so wait Necessarily Use everything we paint you might use in another project or something else. Say what I'm going to do. It's just makesem greenery. Teoh, fill in some spaces. I'm thinking I might just paint another version of that. Sure, I get used, but I need it just to balance it of it. Okay, that's not dry. Okay, so let Bert dry on. I'm just going Teoh, quickly rub out my guidelines and then I'm getting take. Um, this is a waterproof, black fine tip pen. So I've got no 0.3. I recommend you use waterproof because if you do want to go and make any water tweaks afterwards, this'll won't run. When you put your wet paintbrush on it on, I'm just going to very loosely go around on a line around this. And when I say loosely, I mean really do sneakers with the florals are light into it Really organic. It's always kind of scribbling on it, and again, you might think it looks a bit rubbish, but when it's cut out, just kind of works. So I'm just gonna go around and do all of these so you can see I'm not putting a solid line around, so I'm just kind of literally just kind of tapping. My brush has a with paper. These ones are completely made up flowers. So I don't know of a flower that looks like this actually exists. So basically, I can do what I want with it. Every day there is ready to be cut out. 4. Cutting out and Drawing the Jar: So these are ready for cutting out. So I'm using a scalpel for this little tip is just I have a pencil case full of bits and bobs, and I don't want to chuck my scalp clinics don't put my hand in hand, cut myself. So I have a little pencil case, which is just for my shop bits. Make sure you've got a nice, sharp blade. So it's going to depend how thick your caper is thes are. You can't see what number they're feeling. They're like number 10 blade 10 a, um, that use whatever works for you on I'm just going Teoh cut. So I'm holding it like that or like that. Make sure you don't have your hands in the way you don't cut into your hand. Just cut. Leave a bit of a space. You don't go right up to the edge. Um, just cut around design and depending on her shop, bladers should just pop out. I think I might need to put new blade and paper Does lump him quite quickly. Uh, not go. Few we conceive, but a few chatty edges say it's gonna get around. Take off those touchy edges. I first met, so I'm just going around all of these on, um, got moat. - One thing I would say is just when you're cutting, be careful not to bend your paper because you're gonna make a weak point. But this one is a little bit weak, so I just need to be careful not to spend it on with things like this. If you've got big gaps in the middle, you can leave those like that or if you want to. Once you've cut out the main shape, go in, just refine it a little bit. But I say be careful not to bend your your paper. Don't go in and do this on the really big white areas basis. I've got safer, so I'm just gonna get around and cut the rest on. Then we'll come back to the next stage. So there we gave their all cut out. I've got my card ready that this obviously is quite small. You don't have to do it like this. You want you could do something a bit like this. So here, I've got a nice piece of cardy paper. Um actually, my jam jar on on the flowers, a bigger number on the back. I just stuck it. But then that would look quite pretty in a frame. But I do like doing the cards because people just seem to I love, um It's a lovely thing to send to somebody, so I'm just going to roughly arrange bits and pieces. Um, just so I have an idea What sort of sighs? I'm going to draw the Joe at not worrying too much about the arrangement moment. Just looking at size and spread her far out. They come help by up they come has not been especially pretty arrangement at the moment. But I think probably do not that so. I'm just getting Teoh very carefully drawn where very likely with Joe. Okay, A rough idea. Size. Then I'm going Thio, get my tracing paper. So I've got a piece of tracing paper which is a bit bigger than the Besides I want upon. They're just gonna roughly sketch out sighs. I want to put that to one side. I'm going to use He's the white paper said that you can see ongoing t I want to draw something symmetrical. It doesn't have to be completely symmetrical. The fact that something's not perfect sometimes makes it a bit nicer that you can fold your piece of paper and 1/2. Then you can just you and you have to draw one side se. It was the top of my jam jar. Let's make it a bit more totally shape. Do you folk that down the central line that I created? Copy it through on the other side, See how it looks. I just want to see it comes up a little bit there. Tweak that line. I turned off the bottom of it. More ground off. These that's entirely up to you. Like find just a ordinary box. Standard pencil turn your tracing over scribbled on the back of it. But in place on five. This isn't essential. I just find that as soon as I stopped chasing something, I tend to get interrupted. Um, many for guarantee that you move it. It is difficult to come back. Teoh position. Just stick that on the corners. Just means that I'm interrupted, like in them equipment. Not have to worry. Just get over your pencil lines. Okay? Try and keep hands clean. Us possibly making bit. Messed my card. Andi. Then I'm going back to my, uh, waterproof pen like today for these lines. - I've got slightly shaky hands today because just being waits for ruby heavy and that is the basis for it. Now, if you want to, you can put some little reflection lines on to make it lights Grant's, but it's entirely up to you. Try. It doesn't take right home. I didn't take your rubber chain of fuel guidelines. Any smudges that you've made almost makes budgets that's already crab with us to have flowers but into it. 5. Putting it Together: So you're going to need a scalpel again on please bits to one side. But things way for this bit. Remember to open your card up. What we're going to do is cut line in there so we can insert the flowers in. But obviously, if you cut it like that, moving to cut through back as well, let's say and then you can make sure that your surfaces as clean as possible. You just want to keep the card looking as nice as possible. And then just above this black line, I'm just gonna make woman cupped across like that from one side to the other. Just make sure it's gone. Three. Okay, And then this bit is a little bit fiddly that this is where you're going to make your arrangements. So just start putting bits in. It's worth noting if you're going to send this to somebody gonna want to put it in an envelope, so you want to try and avoid having bits hanging over the edge otherwise fit into it. - I don't think I need that last bid when you've got something that you're happy about happy with. I'm sort of wishing I made these a little bit longer. Still, it was pretty. Um, you think you got everything in position? Very carefully, Shaver. Try not to move anything. Andi, take it off. Facilitate Takes that. Take everything into position. We're going to cover this up. Say really matter too much what it looks like of any of your bits come down past here than just them. Sure. So that's what it's going to look like on some of the ones I've done. I've added a little bit of string with a tag, um, which eyeshades and pictures off. But this one, I think I'm just going to keep simply like that. Now we need to cut a piece of paper to cover that area. So I've taken a piece of paper out of one of my sketchbooks and what I'm going to do, it's just cut a piece of paper. This that she This is just the right thickness, which is lucky. Um, Linus up. I want it. So you've got your fold there. You wanted to come just inside your fault so that you don't stop your card for folding placed line up your card and then you can eat the draw. A line down and then take this away and get a ruler cut down the edge. But I'm just going to like that. She got sorry. Camera again to paper due for my next one. Make sure it fits. Doesn't have to be exact. It's just to tidy up the inside on. Then I find it's useful to have a piece of paper just doing blue on. You don't get blue on this surface and then transfers areas of your card where you don't want it. Se jokerit sick. Andi, make sure you get it around all the way around the edges. It doesn't look very nice when the edges appealing up. Take that away when you're coming back in line up in that corner on the top edge I used the edge of my hands cause I've got blue on those bits My fingers just smooth it down Wiping hands, my child, just get access blew off of it. If you're paper has come slightly over the edge, you can turn it over carefully. Trim off any excess pits. We have one called 6. Adding a Tag with String: so I wanted to show you just quickly about putting a little tag on a string. Eso This is another card that I've made and I've got it to the stage where I got my jam jar drool all my flowers in position and I've stuck them in the back. But I haven't stuck the paper on. So what? Engaged, you know, fingers is just make open up the cards. They're not cutting right the way through it. Make a little hole, Uh, and same on the other side of the job. You wanted to be on the outside of the line of your damn job. Um, in this string, that can be a little bit fiddly, so just make the whole bit bigger than you think. You need to. You can write something on there. So, um, that's just find my pencil. Say, uh, let's right. I'm just going over likely with pencil, right? Thank you. On it. And then with waterproof pen again, you can get over that fancy issue like I was gonna They cannot my down the strikes. So I've made this little tag in the same way that I made florals I painted on the color and then went round it with the can and then cut it out. Cut a little hope, putting the string three and that dry because pens that just get a little bit longer about your pencil lines. Then take a piece of string and thread it through a little tag. No, this is the fiddly that my 22. So I've got one of those, um, pickers used for sewing like they come with, like, a little plastic ball on that bit, which I've taken off. This is me cobbling together tools. I'm sure that there be a better till of anybody can suggest you to suggest one. Um, I keep meaning to buy finishing needle, the knitting. I think that that would work well, but basically, we need to get that bit of string through there and that string through there se push that point through grabs a string that just very carefully that you don't rip your card, wiggle it through, turn it over, grab your string on the other side and pull your needle back out on the work at which and come through, do the same on the other side. Find your whole 20 bit truth is, drink three. Just wiggle it in. Very Jack. He's a figure that doesn't nice. It's done. Adjust. It said that its Titus he wanted to be or sitting nice. Something attached to my strange I'm gonna want mine speak like that on the back. Can't you ran this off? Just stick and then the tag will have a habit of flopping around like that. So what I do is just blew the bottom corner back to the print stick. Just put a bit on the positioning way. Like it Impressive diamond. Hold it. And if you want, Teoh could just put a weight on that and leave it to dry. That's all stuck on. All I need to do now is to stick my piece of paper on the inside to cover it. And there we have it. A lovely thank you card to send somebody 7. Class Project: Thank you for watching. I hope you've enjoyed it on. I hope that you've managed to create something that you feel proud often that you like. You'd be happy to be the centre somebody frame on. And these are the two that I've created in video. Your class project. I'd like you to either create something similar or you could get something a bit different here. I've done loose florals in a jar with a little tag, but I have done others say this one. For example. I've gone for a picnic basket on you've got a bottle of wine and cheese and that I get here . I've got a sewing box with some scissors on. Com. Real. I'm just setting paraphernalia, uh, again different. I've got a basket with some seashells and a little tag that says seashells. Tempe Quite play around different colors. Things on this one. I've gone for a seasonal card, so I've got daffodils. The bright daffodils in a jam job little tank that says spring. You also don't need to restrict yourself to cards. Picture that I showed you in one of the earlier videos. This one is just on a piece of paper would look lovely framed in a box frame because it's got that depth to it box for. It worked really well for it. So basically, if you can put something into something that you could use one of these, you can turn it into one of these cutter creations. I would love you to share your project in the your project section. I was questions. Let me know when I would always come back to you. Um, on If you want to share on social media, you can find me at Theodore dot gold on. You could tag me in any of your post things that you've made really makes my day when people do that. Uh, yeah. So I think that's about it. Thank you very much for watching. If you want to know about any more classes that I put on, then you can click the follow button above on. Then you'll be alerted next time I cross See you next time