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Watercolor stories: Xmas illustrations- just in time for Christmas

teacher avatar Ania Zwara, Mixed media artist and illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Xmas illustrations...just in time for Christmas!

    • 2. ...all you need is...

    • 3. ...where to use those illustrations?

    • 4. ...little warm-up...

    • 5. ...painting time!

    • 6. ...glitter time!

    • 7. Thank you

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About This Class

My dear friends, I invite you to my next class :)

... it's a unique class, magical one, very cheerful and extremely creative!

Please welcome in my Christmas class :) ...invite your friends, family or simply have fun with your kids at home waiting for Christmas!

I promise that in this class you will:

- get an alibi after buying any amount of glitter and you will not be judged ;)

- learn how to organize a brilliant time for your loved ones

- vary the time while waiting for Christmas

- develope your painting skills

- learn how to pait some Xmas illustrations in a simple, easy way

- encourage yourself to paint and DIY

...and I hope you will not get bored with a bit to long video ;) ...

...if you would like to find my beloved SUPPLIES, take a look here: ww.myprimaplace.com and grab a discount code: (not to overload the Santa ;) haha) "mamafabrics15%"

simply have FUN!



music from: https://freetouse.com

track: Ikson- Snowflake

          Ikson- Christmas  ...see and listen on Instagram @iksonofficial 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ania Zwara

Mixed media artist and illustrator


and I'm a full-time watercolor artist, graphic designer and suface pattern designer based in Reda, Poland. I'm a flower lover but prefer to have them on paper so they will not fade ;) ...wife, mum of 3, architect by profession (graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology) ...and artist from birth... My creative soul never stops dreaming that’s why I chose a freelance creative path instead of an architect career. Although undoubtedly architectural studies gave me a solid creative base. In 2016 I set up my own business which is the result of a great passion for creating both graphics and paintings. 

...daily life as a full-time mother gives me a lot of inspirations as well as the surrounding nature and the world that is changing. Ev... See full profile

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1. Xmas illustrations...just in time for Christmas!: you guys welcome in my second school shirt class, it will be fast, easy and really Christmassy. We will learn and learn. I think you already know how to paint a Christmas tree on Christmas presents or a Santa Claus. There is our snow when it's nothing that is unusual, but we will add some sparkles and some shiny details to make your work awesome posting discuss for you because I got so many questions after my instant publication, this painting and I just couldn't resist. So take your seats, hold on and we are getting closer to this Christmas together. 2. ...all you need is...: I think this time it will be a really, uh, product located schedule that I have to recommend something. These are planner blue pens. Would your great and today smell like roses? So just amazing on glitters and sparkles that you need to decorate your piece course and watercolors. What a paper. And in this particular exercise, No, it's like this particular project. I think that it's better to buy a big she's off paper and then cut into a small pieces small postcard. Four months. It will really be a good deal. 3. ...where to use those illustrations?: Look, my kids made something like this. Never been off paper. Bit of imagination. A little bit off paint and glue in some leader. And you will have a great Christmas decorations or great Christmas cards for your friends or family or simply Christmas paintings to decorate your your. Now it's time for our class project, which is a Christmas card. It can be a big like this, or you can just fold a piece off this water called paper. Have a smaller one, and we will make some Christmas cards to decorate. Your gifts are just simple. These are ones that my girls are doing at home with me. Uh, okay. And small cards. As I said, to decorate your gift or Teoh, hang on your Christmas tree. 4. ...little warm-up...: Okay, let's try to sketch some Christmas illustrations together for a good start, and thats is a classic paper. We will try to do some sketches, and then then we will sketch on a on the watercolor paper. So just get some bubble. I just tried to get a a round shape just simply with my pencil dots. When you would like to sketch a Christmas tree, it's a triangle. Shape off such tree and I just catch a triangle. And then I imagined that the wind is blowing and I just simply changed the angle off this to get this triangle a little bit churned at one site and then just rubber in this sketch wouldn't have to rubber because we won't pate paint on this classic paper. But when you will do your sketches on a watercolor paper, you should just erase some off the lines not to have them under your painting and a Little Christmas sweets. Christmas stocking 5. ...painting time!: So when you have your sketch already done on your water call paper just simply through the colors of the paints and let's get started, I will paint some leaves, Uh, and with my way off painting, which is to press and left the brush, I'm trying to paint those leaves very close to the edges of those bubble s. So we could, uh that we could feel this shape this round shape, and I will not have to paying the background while you are painting. Remember, toe vary the intensity off the color and the sizes off their leaves. As you can see without without painting the background, this round brought background. It's visible that this bubble is round. Actually, as you can see the first, the first around bubble is ready. You can Fanta small detail here. Okay, The next one will be floral I wanted and again try to and your painting just near the near the nearest you can the nearest to the edges. How this way Have the impression that it's around one us. Well, look and see. Where is the and this whole? You should watch where the edges are. So you're small? Uh, pencil dots. Okay, The most last flower. It can add small details because bulls have a different shapes. Remember to control where you're tiny Adults are actually too. Have this round shape of your boom boom. This one. It's more like gold one. I think it's really nice. Okay, No, I will and I will change my brush and I will adhere some flowers off course. - Now we will paint a Christmas tree. I'd take more water, just catch to shape and then I will at some doctor part and waits obits and then just add not a darker part of this one. Freeze your eyes for a minute, Teoh. Have an idea where the shadows should be and then paint. As you can see, we have already a really nice shape Over Christmas tree. You can start adding some darker elements just to have the impression that there is a snow industry already. Is it gonna see now I will try to ed more. It was dark paint and in a minute I will leave this painting just to dry a little bit and I will paint a Christmas stocking. Yes, I will let this Christmas tree dry a little bit. Oh, and we have here, uh, want bubble and OK, let's paying this one. It'll be a classic, classic classic one, some stripes on it and this really, really vented shape. Okay, it's what on with painting at the moment. Now what we have here, it's Christmas stocking a little bit behind of distribute doesn't Doesn't matter, in fact, and some Christmas sweets I will leave here Blanck space without any paint just for the sparkles to have them there empty. And I just simply paint all this element. And then I end some darker elements. And as it is with on wet, it will just spread around here and give us, uh, nice effect. Remember about a composition off your work. Uh, because when you finish this, uh, you could simply put it in a frame and have such decoration during the Christmas during Christmas days. - You can add some red Berries, then some darker elements on your stocking when your registration will be dry or semi dry. Tried to add more details with a darker paint or another color off the paint. And don't forget to detail your floral elements. Now let's try to paint some gift cards. It's easier to paint on such around piece of a paper because the edges are already are already here. When your tiny little illustrations off gift cards are already try. I just tried to add more details. I'm sure they will be more cute. Way. Okay, that's it. I hope you didn't get bored this time. 6. ...glitter time!: free to 10 guys. This is the best part of this class. So bring your treasures on the table and let's start. First of all, grab your blue pan and put some globe on this part off the painting where you want to add some glitter. Then choose the cooler off the leader that you want and Sprinkle the places that you previously glute finally flick excess glitter off the page. Ebola sitting here So now you know exactly what to do to make your Christmas illustration. Blink. Now you have to be just patient and rip it those actions with every illustrations and wherever you want to add this shiny, sparkling elements. - Oh , and here on this bubble, I will add some glitter on on the background, off the off the flowers, not on the painted part but on the white. One way. When you are adding your sparkles on the Christmas tree, please do this post spontaneously. You'll get the best effect and repeat the whole procedure with your gift cards. Finally, add a piece off a nice call or string. Do your gift cards and it's ready 7. Thank you: thank you so much for joining my Christmas class on and I want to assure a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Skakel Neither political honey vessel which HD.