Watercolor stories: INTERPRETING THE SHAPES…painting more flowers! | Ania Zwara | Skillshare

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Watercolor stories: INTERPRETING THE SHAPES…painting more flowers!

teacher avatar Ania Zwara, Mixed media artist and illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (48m)

    • 2. SUPPLIES- what I have in my drawers ;)

    • 3. Chrysanthemum

    • 4. Hyacinth

    • 5. Lovely filler flower...

    • 6. Filler greenery- in 3 color option

    • 7. Filler greenery- BONUS

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About This Class

I invite you to paint more flowers with me (even those which names I do not know ;) ).

I'll show you how to get a wonderful final effect even you see aparticular flower for the first time in your life ;) ...step by step I'll show you how to recognize shapes, flatten the object you see and paint it with stains  in a simple and relaxing way :)

...this WATERCOLOR STORY will let you create a different pieces using the skills in many different projects.


...so let's make it bloom,


music by @IKSON from: https://freetouse.com

track: Ikson- Spring

          Ikson- Horizon  ...see and listen on Instagram @iksonofficial 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ania Zwara

Mixed media artist and illustrator


and I'm a full-time watercolor artist, graphic designer and suface pattern designer based in Reda, Poland. I'm a flower lover but prefer to have them on paper so they will not fade ;) ...wife, mum of 3, architect by profession (graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology) ...and artist from birth... My creative soul never stops dreaming that’s why I chose a freelance creative path instead of an architect career. Although undoubtedly architectural studies gave me a solid creative base. In 2016 I set up my own business which is the result of a great passion for creating both graphics and paintings. 

...daily life as a full-time mother gives me a lot of inspirations as well as the surrounding nature and the world that is changing. Ev... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi, everyone. My name is Annette. I'm watercolor artist, illustrator and service pattern designer based in Poland. Welcoming my third Scripture class and gives up in this glass way will work with flowers again. I will show you have to make a good interpretation of a flower off different kind of a kind of flowers. Eso you could basically paint everything you want in a future. Consider this glass as a practice, just after which you will have a great fluency with painting new shapes, flowers and plants. Do not be afraid off the complexity of flour the coast You know, I'm not teaching you to paid like, uh, botanical illustrations. It's more like the intuition illustration impression illustration, which I think so it gives more fun and encourage you to paint more and more. You will not get frustrated a while painting when you will just, uh, have in your mind that this is what you are creating at the moment is just a interpretation is something that that you create at the moment we look to have the general idea off the shape, Teoh, see where the shades are the shadows. But it is your interpretation right now. I encourage you to visit a florist to get this flower power. A feeling on a stick. Your staff Grab your pains paper and brushes and see you in the next video. 2. SUPPLIES- what I have in my drawers ;): for days. Plus, of course, some watercolors. Take those that you like most here. Some beautiful watercolors. Pretty Mom. These are two sets that I most I think that cut into peace and costal dreams, which is great. But you can take watercolors in tubes or even when you are outside or when you have a less off space, you can try. Just read water call sheets that are so so comfortable to use You have here even great party to mix colors. Really, really great. And what else? In case you are using the water cause in tubes, uh, grabs, um, uh, pallets or even a plate classic plate for a dinner or a breakfast or supper? It's It's a, um then brushes. I like most round brushes. I don't know why. Don't ask me. Maybe I should try my brushes. I use most frequently, uh, round brush number six eggs. 10 four, um, in some really tiny, uh, rushes to make details, then walked them paper. What about paper? You can use every paper for water, Water colors, Not this also agreed Paper for watercourse. My favorite one is, uh, can some It's not cold pressed as usual on the artist are using the cold pressed paper. I like a hot breast because when I create something and it seems to me that it's quite good and interesting, I can always says, Can it and digitalized No see, This is my good work here, and it's easier. Teoh, clean the picture after scanning when you are painting on. 3. Chrysanthemum: - Spain Something more classic. As you can see, it is our really classic flowers are at stake with a few more Bedol spot. If you were watching my first sketch class, I was teaching there how to paint basic flowers. So if you want to get more information, please take a look at this class. Uh, this is my old artists and I wasn't watching a while painting but, you know, I just took from my head library. I just I think that it waas already that it This kind of flower is already in my mind in my head library, and I took it to paint this one. Okay, I will paint such flower together. Takes water. Okay, The 1st 1 we can paint with classic colors, so Okay. I'm sorry, little flower. I just need to have you here. And really I will paint the middle of it. I'm painting. What? Dr. If you are curious about OK, change. Oh, I would like this. It will be better. And now some violet, you know, pink. Okay. And now this I do not count. How many of them are already in this flower? Just I want to have this impression off many, many petals in this one. Just go like this. And as you can see, it's on. Uh, now that we have here, maybe it's little bit Teoh. What? Okay, that's lighter. Middle. No, it's darker parts everywhere. Just just to have the same brush, OK? And another one. Or you could change. The angle on the fridge is the and go away. Can pain then like this we can see. But some panels here, here. It's quite a night. As you can see, it's already visible. What we want to show our viewer or what we want Teoh have at the end of our work. Okay, so now some doctor elements here, okay? And no and under. As you can see, I'm not very detailed. I have two moments. I just took some paint wherever I want to put. Of course, you can see it was quite wet. So the paint, it's already everywhere. I don't mind this water cooler effect as I like snow to be so favorites. So I had some round trickled color and then small, a small one under can and matter. And now we will paint. - So we have here. Uh, that's kind of naves hopes, which are the nice paints as well as you can see. My lips are not perfect here, but it gives the impression we're talking about this flower. So as longest, it keeps the impression about what you want to show or which want to talk about. It's always good, - and as you can see, these are our lovely flowers. 4. Hyacinth: thing in this part of off my class, I would like Teoh teach you how to paint. He had since, uh, as you can see, I have here to on a finished, uh, paintings. Uh, so let's get started. Please remember that every object you want to paint it can be visually flattened. And then, uh, you can paint it just using stains spots and dots and Eddings shadows. So load your brush with some paint. I have here some nice violet paint. And as you can see, uh, as Indus first short time lapse video, I'm just painting some spots some, uh, unregulated on the regular shapes. And please do not torture yourself to have exactly the same elements as in the original flower that you are. Uh, it was trading at the moment because, uh, I would like toa teach you how to get this failing. You know, when you start painting, you see an object off a flower in that particular situation. As you can see, uh, I paint here also went on dry. Ah, that means that I do not put water first on my paper, but I let, um, paint makes when, for example, some pedals are wet and then I have some greens toe to have leaves. I just let them mix together. It's Ah, really, uh, it's giving a recognize effect. But I did not put water first on my paper. Now let's add some details. I mean, yellow center, more, more yellow center off the small flowers off this hats. And so I took Ah, smaller. A round brush. It's, Ah, number four. And at the end, you should definitely freeze your eyes for a moment. Uh, just a chick, uh, where you should add darker elements. 5. Lovely filler flower...: I think these two beauties one violet and a 2nd 1 speaking, I really don't know their name, but the's are really great models for our I'm taking my a round brush. Number six, put it into the water. And again, I'll take now some reference colors, I think. Okay. Okay. I will take discovered. So what we have in here, that's plenty of little spots. So when it start, I'm just painting a little spots and just watching this flower our this. Okay, now some darker paint. And as you can see by making a few little spots, dots, washes, drops and stuff like that, you can already give the impression off the flower you are painting. And this is my philosophy of painting. I'm not a perfectionist. Means I I do not concentrate on Excuse me. Some I do not concentrate on details sometimes, Yes. When I challenged myself to paint an illustrated art piece, Yes, but most of my works at works are just like this painting with Intuition fund. And let's say freehand happy hat. You know, uh, color is not exactly the same as a hair because I do not. I'm not trying. Teoh do exactly the same would we have here? Small thieves going like this. I mean, like this. So we can adhere. Green Top, This one. It looks really, really great. Here, take more water. Believes here this time here. Yeah, I will add another baby flower. I like positions like this. So once again, I did not copy exactly this far, just based on its shape. And I create my own vision and that is the most important Think in painting loosely. It's, uh if you would like to know more about painting leaves and basic flowers, please take a look at my first sketch class which is called busy flowers. You will, uh no better. How? What is my technique to paint leaves and basic basic flowers? Now it's quite wet. But in my bonus video, I invite you to watch carefully, huh? I will tell you how I I t o find out Duchess. Such paintings thing in Wana 6. Filler greenery- in 3 color option: thing. First plans. Okay, What we want to have in the shape, uh, aligns and little. I would call that. Let's say that that say, these are small dots. So it will be something, something like this. Okay, for this, uh, exercise, I will take also, uh, line brush. Okay, so I will, uh I will take some paint, so load your load. Your brush with some pain you didn't have. Teoh, use the liner brush. You can also, uh, paint with a classic round brush, but make sure that it iss pointy one. Okay, I will lose with this liner brush. Okay. When I have enough paint, I just look at this one here and make some some lines. Those lines can be thinner and more visible, less visible. As I told you already, the most important thing is to get this impression that we are, uh, painting when we are banking such a plant. It's the most important thing to get the impression order this. As it can see, lines are already here. Okay, Now I will take another Ben. So my favorite one is number six. Not too big, not too small. And now I will take some paint my plan. It's, uh, Rosie, Rosie and, uh, Green. But you didn't have to use exactly the colors off your plant or flower. You can just use whatever you want. So OK, and now we will add some little lowers panels just like this. Not everywhere. Just to get this impression. That's kind of a plant just very great to use while painting book care. Oh, our reason. Great. The letter. Some darker paint. But I will make some Oh, this crimson and this one. I will have some tiny details here, and even now we can see that this painting is already nice. I like it and, you know, make sure that you really like what you're painting. If you're not satisfied, just do it again. Okay? Water and it's details. More flowers. It's really relaxing, and it's for everyone. I think sales endings. Okay, now I think for me that will be enough off Stein flowers I will, and more shadows on my green part. I will handsome, darker places you not to have a flat painting. You know, as you can see, it's not exactly, uh, illustrated, but it gives the impression what you want to show to your viewer It's kind of a dynamic plants. So I hope you all can feel and you all understand what I well, like you Teoh notice. And what? You know what I want you to remember. This is my way off painting. I always think that way when I start painting and when you will paint Manny a small pieces like this, then you're the library in your in your head will be full for pictures. And then even in winter, you could paint really cheerful summer or spring plants and flowers. Okay, Now I will show you that we can do the same. We can paint the same, uh, plant with, uh, extremely different colors, and it will also look, uh, great. Okay, so we will take Now there's a blue, and now you can change the position of this plant. You can imagine that it's shorter, Pekar smaller and a different configuration compartment think is that this is the thing you will remember in your mind. And you will, uh, you could use it in the future from different paintings for Reeves. Okay. Okay. No, again, number six and I will mix it with violence. ask me why. Just because I like violence. Water. Okay. So again, you're making this little spots. That's, uh, a little washes. And, you know, already you have the impression that we're bending the same, uh, flora, and it looks complected different. Uh, friendly, Ready? Fun is trust me. If you're not sure of your skills, the only way it's toe practice it always help. It always helps. Okay, now, as you know me some more. So more doctor places I hold in the Like it. Yeah. Okay, let's do one more. It will be completely different from there's to. Okay, 12 b pink. More. Are you thinking? Think, Think, think. Okay. - You can create whatever you want and in every color you like just having this A little feedback from major. So be creative. Trying new things did not fix on a one Ah particular colder or sugar or flour or shape? Inventive creative experiment as a crossing. Nothing easier than that 7. Filler greenery- BONUS: Okay. Welcome in. Ah, Last short bonus video. This is actually, uh, slow motion, off time lapse that I've made for instagram feed. And you really like toast flowers, the this plant rather than flowers. Eso just wanted to show you once again how I painted this one. So I've started from those round ivory elements and I took a different color off pain because in that particular moment, I think I just wanted to have some more Rosie, uh, painting. So, uh, I started from those little elements than small leaves. As you can see, I've chosen brown color just too much with this pinky one dusty pink, modern pink, um, and then the rest of this plant. So, uh, and as you can see, it's not, uh, botanical painting. It's more like lose painting. And as you can see, I am paid painting wet on dry and just I let the colors mix together. And when I see that several elements are already dry, I just add some darker paint to have does so details But desire details in I lose way. In my opinion, of course,