Watercolor stories: BASIC FLOWERS -great effect with little effort! | Ania Zwara | Skillshare

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Watercolor stories: BASIC FLOWERS -great effect with little effort!

teacher avatar Ania Zwara, Mixed media artist and illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Basic flower capture the shape

    • 4. Painting with intuition

    • 5. step by step- blossoming wreath

    • 6. Final touch

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About This Class

...the best flowers are those that will not fade;) ...so why not paint them yourself ;)

I invite you to paint basic flowers. I'll tell you how I look at a flower to capture it's shape and than how I paint with all my intuition...because in my opinion, when you are painting, you shouldn't think too much about it  just do it.

I'll show you how to get a wonderful final effect even if you've never tried to paint a watercolor... step by step I'll show you how to make your piece of paper bloom  in a simple and relaxing way :)

...this first WATERCOLOR STORY will let you create a different pieces using the skills in many different projects.


...so let's make it bloom,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ania Zwara

Mixed media artist and illustrator


and I'm a full-time watercolor artist, graphic designer and suface pattern designer based in Reda, Poland. I'm a flower lover but prefer to have them on paper so they will not fade ;) ...wife, mum of 3, architect by profession (graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology) ...and artist from birth... My creative soul never stops dreaming that’s why I chose a freelance creative path instead of an architect career. Although undoubtedly architectural studies gave me a solid creative base. In 2016 I set up my own business which is the result of a great passion for creating both graphics and paintings. 

...daily life as a full-time mother gives me a lot of inspirations as well as the surrounding nature and the world that is changing. Ev... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. If you are a flower lover or maybe not, but we will work on that. I would like to invite you to my class. This is my first skill shirt class and I will teach you how to paint exactly the same basic flowers which were my first wants as well. Artist, Illustrator Service based in Welcome e I have to know that I always work with my intuition is that I do not think too much about techniques while I'm painting. I don't spend hours working over my art pieces because simply during the day I don't have much time to do this. So my weight off work it's painting when I have a free time means 5 10 or 15 minutes. When I have a moment, I banked and then I go, I make a lot of e. I'm going to show how to start your own watercourse started. I'm gonna walk through the process which is and relax. Take your seat 2. Supplies: everyone welcome. In the second part of my class, I will tell you which supplies you basically need. Toe. Start your painting and please make yourself a D or coffee. Or maybe a glass of wine. Yeah. And also one important thing and trying to find your artspace at home the place where you can leave your stuff And where this watercolor supplies will be safe. If you have kids, Yeah, at the moment, my art space is, unfortunately, my entire house. When I have to be with kids downstairs, I just take it with me. Put on the main table in the living room Rush my favorite Juan iss around six and around four and around eight. Okay, intent and a small brush for making details. Paper. Which paper you should choose for beginners. Every watercolor paper. This is OK. My favorite paper is depressed. It's really it's really great because I use use it to paint and then I won't just can My art pieces inches Small paper paths that are really great. It kept with water, watercolor paints or watercolor paint. It will be enough. One car as well. So ready? Steady. Go 3. Basic flower capture the shape: no one in this part of my class. I will tell you how I look at a flower and how I simplify the shape or lakes I have here a really flower. It's not, uh, the one that I wanted, but it has 1234 flakes. And as you can see, a round metal when you ask a child to draw flower or painted flower, it is always something like around pieces and dot our thoughts in the middle on something here and you look at this flower. It may has not round flakes, but we will simplify thesis shape into oval one to make it easier to paint. So let's take a look at this one. Try to find the simplest shapes so it's like over shapes. It's like this and this, like this, this animal and the only I think that we can add It's another flake because only for flex in this OK eso when you will be painting. Remember, about this shape goes like this if you want to paint flowerbeds, Um, okay, let's take a look. Let's take a look at this one. Yeah, it will be like this when you will be painting. And if you look like this, it will be just that little dot way like this. We will see one flake here more like here. Want order? It's behind This'll one. Yeah. You wan here from here? What? People see year here? Yeah. On here. Middle, Yes. When you will start painting. Uh, remember about those over simple shapes off the flex and you don't have to paint exactly oval shape off a flake. It doesn't have to be perfect. You can go out from the edges so your flower will look more natural. So now, when you know everything about the shape of flour it started painting. 4. Painting with intuition: way I'm talking about painting with intuition. I mean that Please do not think too much about technique while you are painting. Believe in yourself. Do the best you can. Okay? This is not a perfect place to work because I did not have much space for my elbows. And I think it's quite important to have a place to put your elbows on the table because you have Ah, better. I think so. You have a better control over your, uh, paint in your brush when you're working like this? Not like this, but like this. Take some water on your brush and then truce a color off paint. I will take some off this autumn color and you have to know that I always makes colors. I don't know why. It's still way of how I work. Actually remember the part about the shapes on the shape of the flowers So go can go gently like this. Okay, If you are not happy about this water which is here, just simply push this water in the middle of the flower. You can see the middle off. The flower will be darker, which we basically want to be because he effect? Final effect is better, I think. Okay. Quite nice. And another one? Just here. Okay. As I said, don't think too much. Relax. It's your piece of paper. It's your flower. It's your imagination. It's your piece. Are these okay on 31? All right. I like painting things. Basics so supports relaxing. You can paint petals in two ways. That's how I do it. So the first way is to paint each petal with two movements of the brush. In this case, your pedals will be more round and second way. It's to pain each petal by making a loop. And here we can push this water here to the middle and then take some darker water, called her doctor color on doing like this. Okay. And then maybe some of this one. Because when you have a lot off water and water, car is, uh, spreading, uh, from the middle to the edges off this flower, you can add more collars to have a more colorful effect. So, as you can see and I'm working on this hope pressed paper because it's simply it's my favorite one. I just simply add another color toe. What? I had then this pilot will be will be matching for each otherness. This flowers will be just matching one another. E use a round brush number six. - Remember when you, uh, interesting painting Interesting art Appease. You have to remember about mixing the intensity off. The cooler means some of the flowers should be darker. Some of the showers should be lighter, smaller, bigger that what basically makes the painting interesting in my being you should control your flowers means that the painting is getting a dryer. Uh, you should know that the colors will be lighter, so if you want a vibrant middle off this flower, you should and more paint. Wait a few minutes and and on some some pains to this here and here. It's not dry, but it's it's wet enough to make this fun affect. Take now, uh, bigger, bigger rush. It's. Instead, it's a round brush number. Everything bands did the final effect. Defense. Which calorie? Choose what composition you'll make on a piece of paper so you can get really great great effect. Good. But you should remember about this this few thanks, which makes 5. step by step- blossoming wreath: Hi, guys. Let's talk about our class project, which is blossoming wreaths. For this part, you will need a pants silk on Robert for a good start in Polish. It's Gunga Glebova, which means bread Razor. I'm not sure that it's cold like this in English, but it's, uh, that kind over the right to be sure you have a round shape off your wreaths if you want around one, Of course, you can use a plate small T plate or something. I'm not using this because I'm I'm not a perfectionist, I think so. I will do a four. It'll dots. She have this shape. When I see it's not good, I just raise it. It's Robert this and hear some little past the dots not to have a line, which could be a visible after painting. Just little dots. Okay, when you have this darts weekend, start paying for this project. You can use one color off a paint or many colors before painting your amazing wreaths that please remember through pay attention to a good composition where the size and the brightness off the flowers and leaves and have in mind where you want the shades to be. You can do it like I do. Just freeze your eyes for a second and try to imagine where the lights should be on your illustration. All right. So I will take for a good start. Uh, around number six, some Citrus and robes or lemonade colors. I winter is coming. That's you. Some some summer shades. As I said, I always always mixed. Now, please remind yourself what I was talking about in the previous parts of my class. And let's start painting your beautiful wreath. Now, I use, um, cold pressed paper, which is more structure, and it's I can see the difference while I'm painting underst paper conceded difference in this paper. It's just spreading, uh, over here way don't care. It's not important for us. So maybe I will make, uh, just a pink breathe. - As you can see, its little pencil dots are very helpful because, exactly show you where your read, uh is ending. Where this wreath shape is actually going easier to to cover this limit nuts with you can see my my flowers are mostly with five flakes. I like the most like this. - Yes , you can see we're getting to have a You're starting. Teoh. See this around shape. But you can see my flowers are not perfect. I'm not trying to get a perfect flowers just to have this final effect, which is most important for me. But the moment I am using just free colors of paint bring shapes and giving me great effect, which I like You will practice. You will, uh, find it so. Ethan, instill fun. No extra s ng, you know, just fun. But you have to practice. It's it's like with everything in your life to Sprock this practice in once again Practice . As you can see, the reef is old almost almost done. What we want to end now. And you are darker middle's. I'm sure you've done a great job. So be proud of yourself and get practicing. You will be really satisfied. Really happy about painting with other colors. I'm sure 6. Final touch: wear some leaves to make this project more really for painting to the eaves. I will take a round brush number eight not too big, not too small. And I will off course change this size off a brush because I want to have a different sizes off my beliefs. My way off painting leaves is very simple. I just press and lived the rush. Press in the lift and you have great shape. Leave if you want to add. Okay, another one. Just press and lift press lift. And if you want the shades here, as I said, just freeze your eyes for a minute and take a look at this painting where you would like to be a darker spaces and lighter wants. You know, not leave just for us on the can. President. I like the lips like this. Maybe you would like another combination of colors or maybe much more dark paint and the other place of belief. You can do this. It's it's your painting. It's your way, showing this leaves when you're a piece of paper. As you can see the color, it's basically the same everywhere, so I have to add more watercolor uh, to have ah, darker, Nieves. Because this will make my painting more interesting. I just, uh, frieze my eyes just to see where the shades should be in this, in this painting to sleep. So I don't have to be perfect because no flower iss perfect means symmetric or something. Remember not to overload. Your painting means if you work like me 5 10 or 15 minutes on a piece, it won't be a problem. But if you have our to sit over painting, it may happen that you will add too much off something, and final effect will be just like overload overload it peace. So be careful with that. And remember, Otis, now it's time for a final touch that leaves I will use. It's around four small, tiny details. These are, as you can see, just, uh, thoughts are I'm just a splash over watercolors. So it's really it's just the way you look at your painting. It's It's not, uh, big technique means you have to measure the size or something. As you can see, I add now some leaves and I just freeze freeze my eyes for a second and look at this peace and I just I just look to see where I need some leaves. Hope you enjoy this. Thank you. And I hope you will. I hope you will show your final work so I could see your amazing Reeves. You can see I wound shades to be a little bit inside off this wreath. So I put some darker leaves in the side, owned this composition. Now let's go back to our class project to add some details to your leaves into your flowers . Uh, take a small, tiny brush. I have a round brush. Zero. Just give some small little details. Just a tiny mines which we can see leaves. Um, just just like this, it gives the whole painting some. It's a good looking natural. My impression that this is really nice botanical, more botanical painting. As you can see this, this leaves look more rial with this small lines. Thanks. And every line has to be painted. Some of them should be darker and sold. It should be lighter. It's my general rule not to be left to make this painting boring. Where everything. It's painted the same way with same lightness, brightness, lower shades. Here some here and it's dark. Just, uh, as I said, Freeze your eyes and think about this painting. I'm sure you'll do great mines where the flowers are touching each other. It's quite sure way could be sure that in the reality there will there would be some shapes here. So just cast at them. Our painting, it looks more detailed at the moment. That's the effect you want. It's two guests. I hope you had fun with me in this class. I hope you will start to paint and please share your work with me. Please remember about a hashtag mama fabric skill shirt or attack me on the instagram so I could found find you and see your beautiful work.