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Watercolor Whimsies: Creating the Cutest Characters/Simple Sarah

teacher avatar Lisa Albinus, Digital artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Whimsical Girls Intro

    • 2. SS Drawing Face

    • 3. SS Body draw

    • 4. SS Painting First Layer

    • 5. SS Painting and shading

    • 6. SS Scene extras

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About This Class

Have you been admiring cute,whimsical illustrations of children?  Have you wondered, "Can I do that??" I would like to invite invite you on a journey, where I will show you how to go about making your own whimsical characters, one step at a time ----one shape at a time.  Use them on cards and in your journals! Fun and easy, each class will draw upon precepts taught in the class before....the learning never stops!

No experience necessary, you can do this!  I can show you how!

Simple Sarah starts our journey with "The Whimsical Girls" - watercolor cuties you can create using simple shapes. Once you have Simple Sarah completed, watch for our next class:  "Simple Natalie".

Without further ado, please let me introduce you to Sarah....she is as shy as a frightened bunny, but as sweet as honey. She takes a second to get used to you, but give her the chance and she will grace you with her smile and be your forever friend!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lisa Albinus

Digital artist and Illustrator




As a travelling artist I meet so many women across the country that profess,

"I can't draw!  I can not even draw a stick figure".

Yes you can! You have never been shown how to break things down into simple shapes.

You can do it and I can show you how!

Step by step insructions will lead you to success...one...step...at...a...time!


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1. Whimsical Girls Intro: Yeah. 2. SS Drawing Face: Hey, guys. Welcome toe, Watercolor. Whims, ease. Um, I want to take you on a journey where we together create different characters and different little cuties where we are. Um, each and every time that we draw something new, we're going toe expound on what we already learned to create a new character or or the character doing different things. So here, this is what we're going to start with. But as we keep on going down and and take more classes and do more and more and more, we're gonna start manipulating the character so that they're doing mawr. And there's more props brought in, um, and this will become this will become are distracted. Sarah, she's supposed to be picking apples, but the the, um, will crocus in the spring couldn could just captivated her attention, and she had to stop what she was doing and grab some flowers. So we're going to go on a journey where we're gonna go from our simplest figures with just the simplest basic elements in basic shapes, and we're gonna learn how to start incorporating them into the cubist of scenes. Even from the get go, though, I want you to have your characters in a setting, you know, like living somewhere where they live. What did where they inhabit. Um, so in this first video, this is what we're gonna We're gonna learn how to do it. We're going to get simple, Sarah, and we're gonna learn How did you get a very basic tree and the security little buddy at a little rose? So you're seeing extras for this particular class are gonna be a simple rose, a buddy and, um, this this tree back here, So I So how did we do it? Um, the first thing that we're gonna do is we're going to start by drawing Sarah, and we're gonna do everything together so that you never feel that you are, um, unsure or uncertain. You're always gonna feel I hope that you've got a teacher right there next to you as you're watching these videos, right in the same room with you encouraging you and saying no. You got this, You got it. That's exactly what you're supposed to dio. So let's start out first with, um, simple sarah and how to draw her. I want to start just with her face. So we're just gonna start right in here at this part of her. Okay, That's all I want to start with so easy. Right? So right off the bat. Come on, guys. We got a circle, right? I do think everybody can do a circle, but how do you do A circle? Well, that's a great question. Let's just start with that straight away. So a lot of people, when they're when they're drawing, they like to stay, and they like to draw right from their wrists. So they just stand in this little world of drawing, and that makes it really difficult. One you will get. You will get some kind of strain on your wrist and need to be wearing a brace or two. You can't really see what you're doing, because look it if I'm drawing right here like this, and I've got all this tension right here, you have no idea what time it under my page. So I want you to think about drawing big. I want you to think about using, like, your whole arm to draw everything you've got. And then the strain is up on my shoulder. It's not like all of the stress intention right, Right in here. So here, if I try to draw a circle, we'll see. I naturally want to move my whole arm. So, um, I guess I just It just I just want you to draw big. And I want you to feel it and experience it. And, like, really, Just have fun and relax. Relax, relax, relax. So the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna get just ahead for Sarah. So here. So I want to have a nice big head, that's all. Just a circle. Let me zoom in a little bit for you guys. Okay, I'm gonna draw it over again, But let's just go where? Where? You can really see. That's better. Yeah, you can see. Good. Now. Okay. So here, let's just get a nice circle kind of late. And when I draw with my whole, um, when I drove with my whole arm, I can also get a better circle. So what so many people do is when they want to draw a face, what they'll do is they'll come in and they draw this. I don't know why, but I've seen it so many times. And they have their eyes and they have their little mouth and I've got a neck, and I do not know why. Like they put this jarhead on top of them. Well, like that almost looks like Gruden. Like I've got. I've got boys, so I know all about superheroes, but we don't look like group. We don't look like a Jarhead. That's not how like we were made. Right? So you don't do this. What you want is a full circle, and you want leave room for the brains. So this little guy here would actually have that much head on top of him before. You know, we even started laying and hair or anything like that. So don't Jarhead. No, no door heads. Right. Okay, so here I'm a drool over here. Just a a circle. So I'm going to get Saturdays little head in. So what you do when you are, this is gonna be confusing. So let me just get rid of these extra lines. Good. So when you're drawing your little cuties, I want you to go above the hair. This headline, even for her hair, Because let me show you what happens if I don't do that. Let me show you. What happens if I just come in and I lay in her hair? No, I have a dog, Rocco. And he really loves to help me film like chattin. Well, as soon as I drive my camera on, he started chatting. So and then I'll have her little eyes in here and her little mouse. Um, so do you see how this I don't like this look, So let me show you what I do think looks better. So here, let's Dio would have come back out a little bit. So let's come here and do one of the right on top of her little head. Okay, so that's one that's right. On top of where her where we drew the circle. Now let's go and do, like, almost abou font. So here we're gonna go up really high, and we're gonna come down littleneck race out that headline. So that's really high up. So now let's do one sort of Let me see kind of right in the middle between the two. Now, this is where you get to choose your style. You get to choose what you like. I don't ever want you to feel like, if I'm not sitting there drawing with you, you can't do it right, because you can. And drawing is all about freedom of expression and how you want it to look. I'm just giving you the basics. And then you get to discover your own characters and what you like. So here is where we put her little hair. Um, right in between. So you see, this is right on top of right on top of her hairline. Um, this is a really high. That's kind of cute. Like a really high sort of look to her hair. And this is just a little bit more of a natural flow to her care. You see, on my girl, I have it more of a natural this she does not reflect this high like bouffant. You know, Jackie Kennedy kind of look, but there's a cute factor in that whole look. Um So how do we draw her head? Let me just review what we've got to do. I want you to draw a circle with your whole arm. I want you to never ever draw a jarhead. Were not group. We are not. We have so much brains are simple Sarah. She might be afraid of her shadow, but she's got a brain to be afraid of herself. So I want you to draw a round circle, come in on top of her head toe, lay in some hair, bring it down. I her eyes go off to the side, way over, and she gets his little surprised little mouth. And also I'm doing with the mouth is doing like a rounded um, diamond. And then we'll just color it. And we'll do that with the watercolors when we get to painting. So that is our simple Sarah's face circle rectangle, rectangle rounded and then long pieces of hair. Oh, and don't forget her little neck because she has to have a cute little neck. Okay, so that's her face. So practice making some different faces in practice, some different hairs and kind of see what your style is and and what's your personal expression? And where do you feel like she looks the cutest? Uh, I love this part of it because it's sort of like, you know, the math. Formula two plus two equals four, and there's no ends, its or butts. I think there might be very complicated math that you can get to the same place. But I have no earthly idea. I'm not a math head, but so two plus two equals four. With this equation of how we're doing things, you get to choose so many things you get to choose. Let's say that we've made her face, um, even longer. Let's say you didn't want to do like a whole big, rounded face. Well, let's see what that would look like. Yeah, So we're gonna come big. Maybe that's your deal. Maybe that just speaks to your soul. And you just kind of think that she is just the cutest thing that you ever saw with instead of around face a longer face. But if you did a like a heart shaped face, I think that's what that's called. And we had her little eyes, and then we went with some big hair. Maybe that's your deal. Maybe you like her having not. What would reflect on this is that she would have just a little bit of a chin right here, not just a rounded face. You see, she's got that little bit of a chin. So maybe that's what you that's what you think is just just cute as can be. Um it is so up to you. But your job is to play with this and just try all different combinations. Fatter faced in her face. Higher hair, lower hair, Um, and just have fun. Okay, so that's her face. I will catch you on the next video, and we're gonna look at how to get her body drawn. And we're gonna learn the rules of thumbs. Yes, the rule of thumbs. I'll see you in the next video. Guys hanging. You're doing great. 3. SS Body draw : Hey, guys, you came back for the 2nd 1 So your homework was to work on her little face and work on getting that Exactly how you like it like it. Maybe you're not exactly sure yet. And that's just so fine. But to just start trying to figure out what your style is in what you like. So now we're going to start working on from her body. Okay, so, looking at it, we've got a long rectangle. That's just kind of boat out. A little bit too long. Rec Tight tangles for her arms and two squared, um, rounded squares for her little hands. Her feet are run by her feet. Or just like W. Do you see that? True? Sure. Okay, so we have to talk about the rule of thumbs right here. So if you look at your thumbs your thumbs when they're hanging close to your body or next to your body, your thumbs are pointing in towards your body. You see that? So if your hands were just laying at your side, your your thumbs are in that natural, um, state of being right, you know, in towards your body, we do not walk around, usually with our hand with our thumbs out like this. Because then if this is my body right here in the middle, then I'm walking around doing jazz hands everywhere I go, and that would be exhausting. Right? So the rule of thumb is is that when you're in a comfortable position, your thumbs face into your body towards your body? We don't jazz hands everywhere. We go in that out in, not out. So let's look at that. Let's start with getting Sarah done. So the first thing that I want to show you is what it would look like if we had jazz hands everywhere we went. So what we would have is we'd have her. I'm gonna show you how to do the body in a second. But let me just show you this really kind of quickly. So we have her cute little body, and we've got her legs. So here, if I have her arm coming down and her arm coming down and I drop my rounded a little, um, thing and I put my thumbs out here, Do you see that? So that is incorrect. Okay, Now let me show you what it would look like if we did it correctly. If I had her hand coming and her little hand coming in that little some there. You see how that makes sense? Not the jazz hands. Do you see that so many times? I know it's so crazy, but sometimes you see people and they put their little thumbs on backwards. So they're making their characters walk around with jazz hands. So and if you don't know what jazz hands are were Now you dio it's walking out like this all the time. Um, so here, let me just put in that little some inside of her body so you can see how that looks more natural. Then I'm gonna date myself. But having her thumbs out like this to like, the Fonz was always saying, Hey, so, um so that's just the first part is to just make sure that we get our thumbs placed correctly. Okay, Um and then what we're gonna have is her body is, um her body is just a long rectangle back to a reference photo, long rectangle. But I kind of just bow over out just a little bit on both sides so that if I have her. I had to make sure you can see old uncle dies that you got it. So here, if I have her head and I'm not gonna go into great detail out of head now because we just did that, right? So I've got her head. Who? Who? And I got a little neck. Okay, so this is kind of where you should sort of be, um, with head in the neck drawn. So what's gonna happen next is you're just gonna drop down, um, like a boat outline and then a boat outline and then round it so all of my lines are rounded, rounded, rounded, okay, Rounded, rounded, rounded. Um, and then I put on her little caller. I make it sort of come around here. I have to little circles. That's how I put in her the beginning of her the beginning of her shoulders. Because here's the thing. If I don't put in these little shoulders, what will happen is I'll have her little head. Um, So if I have her head and I got her cute cp patootie littleneck and I have her body coming down. Yeah, and then if I just draw from right here to see how it's just too close. I can't get it. I need to have shoulders, the shoulders, push the arms just out a little bit. So this one has no shoulder. You see that? Well, let's now draw one with the shoulder so you can see sort of that difference. See how it just looks? It just feels like it's on the body more. It looks like it's like spawning off the side of her body, which just simple. Sarah does not have any kind of spawns. No. No. And then you have this coming down here and then you've got those cute with the legs. W this one is smaller than this one shorter, and it's also not as thick, so it's thinner and shorter, so it looks like it's behind. And she's kind of got her little foot forward. Um, little miss sassy grass. All right, let's say Okay, come. Go down. Um, so and then here, we're just gonna drop in those little thumbs. That's when you really don't even see the thumb. But I've got her little thumb right there. Okay, so here I'm gonna when I'm drawing in her little ham you see how I have it? Sort of starting out a little bit and then coming around. I don't have it. Just sort of on the bottom. I've got a kind of coming around and out because that sort of gives the impression that it goes around her whole dress. Yeah. Okay, so here, I'm gonna draw to kind of little chubby legs, one like the and then drop in the W. But here, this one is just a little bit behind this one. And nowhere near is big. Yeah. Okay, so now I'm gonna put some nice, big sort of circles on her dress. I kind of do, um, different sizes and different sort of, you know, all different sizes on her on her dress, and then her hair is who's got long hair? So has got I think she's got the longest hair out of all of them. Bridget has some long here, too, but Sarah has these long, golden sort of locks, and that is Sarah drawn. That's it. Guys, we got this right. I do want to show you, um, how we're gonna shade her, because, um, we're gonna have, um, paint her together, and so you're gonna love it. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna have the sun coming in from this side. So when the sun comes in from this side, we're gonna put all of everything on here is gonna sort of the shading is gonna be all on her left side. So even in here, this is going to kind of have more of a shade she gets under her hair. It's darker because you have to almost imagine, That's like, you know, like behind her neck, it's that that hair behind her and then this is gonna have a shade coming in. But even on this leg, there's gonna be a shade coming in from that, um, hem line that she's got going on. This will have somewhat of a shape because the study is coming in this way. But then that inside of her arm will pop it a little bit of a shadow. And then this arm is gonna be a docker because it's on the other side. Um and then even her hair. So even that simple drawing when we just add in a little bit of shading, you see how she just starts to come to life. She is as cute as can be. So what can you dio with, um, a little, a little Sarah girl. Well, I know so many people like to make cards and pop cards in the mail. What? What a great thing that is when we get happy Male. So she's great for that, and we're going to give little scene. So she's got a little cute things that you can say. A little cute things you could do. We're gonna pop in the tree. You could do it with the tree. You could do it with just a little bunny. You could do it with hanging arose, you know, thinking of you. So, um so lots of things to do with her. Eso This is This is Sarah. How about if I just take a minute with you while we're drawing here and I just draw her on my watercolor paper? So do you need motor colored paper? I must say I would highly recommend it, because if you don't use the watercolor paper, I don't like I was just practicing in my sketchbook here. Can you see that? You see this? This is what happens when you don't use watercolor paper is just It's more difficult. Honestly, it just it's harder to move your colors around. It's more difficult, Teoh. It's just more difficult. And you're fighting the paper wrinkling. So I would recommend just a pad of watercolor papel paper for our lessons I think will serve you well. So here, let me get, um I can't draw her too big because I want her toe. Have, uh I want her toe have the scene extras that I'm gonna pop in. So hear her body, and it's hard to see because I'm not drawing heavy. I'm doing sort of light because I don't want it to show up. Um, when I go into my watercolors, so right. So let me get her hair. Okay. Two circles here for for Oh, your arms. They're gonna come down. Her arms are gonna come down. We've got two squares, rounded squares for her little hands. I've got the doo hickey down here. I've got a W. Then I'm gonna pop in some circles for her cute little dress. All right, so this is my Sarah drawn and ready for painting on my watercolor. So I do so the next one that's coming up is, um, painting her the first part of painting her so well the first layer of paint on the next video. So get your Sarah drawn and again like this is such an equation that you get to play with. You can make her body longer like I did here. Or you can make her body shorter like I did. Here. You can take her face longer. You could make her face shorter. You can make her little body just right smack in the middle. So experiments with what you like experiments with all different sizes of every part of her , so that you can kind of figure out where your cute factor is. Because once you start figuring out what you're cute factor is all of your characters are going to start having that either long body or long legs or short legs or, you know, your that's just going to become your zone and you're comfortable place and what your signature looks like what your artist signature looks like. So play now, play now and just fill up your sketchbook with all different sketches of of what you want her to look like. Okay, So I'll catch you on the next video where we will learn Mawr about watercolors and how to make them behave. Those watercolors, they misbehave everywhere. I will teach you how to get them to behave. Catch on the next video. Thanks, guys. 4. SS Painting First Layer: Okay, so we're back, and we're going to start using watercolors. So of course I'm gonna have the question of what kind of watercolors do I use? So, um, you know, it doesn't matter, but I'm going to say this if you get there is like a Seymour in, and Michael's have this, like, $5 set of watercolors and they'll be fine, you know they'll work. The thing with the cheaper watercolors is that there's not a lot of pigment in the paint. So you're, um your drawings don't wind up popping and being, like, really vivid they because you've got the cheaper paints. So I love these Are, um I get them on Amazon. These air prima watercolors PR I m a watercolors. Um, but I have, like, three or four sets of them, and I just keep on putting them into the same tins. So I've got a cool set I've got. It's what I still have to kinda keep going with. I've got sort of the Reds pinks in here, and then I've got a warm set. So So this is kind of where I hang out every day in watercolors. I used the sets so I like them. Uh, you have to buy the individual sets. So if you have questions about watercolors, just shoot me a question, and I will answer your straight away. You're OK with whatever kind that you get. I like these in this is 1/2 pan watercolor of full pound is just is just a little bit bigger. I like the half pans that lasts forever. I don't When I buy water colors in a tube, I just kind of have different colors squeezed out in here that I can that I'll pick up and use. So I like the ease of having them in a pan rather than every time I use them having a squeeze out into a pallet because that is like an acrylic. And that really does waste. Oh, it's so wasteful because these will reactivate with water and they last forever. So okay, I've got my watercolors that I used, um, I just use some fresh, clean water. You want to make sure your water is fresh and clean, so I'm gonna get that kind of right in there. Um and then a lot of people use a water brush, and I have used water brushes forever. And those were the brushes that have, Um it's, you know, it's got, like, the water receptacle in it, and you just squeeze it and everything's kind of contained those air. Great. Those are absolutely great. I have not found one that I love, yet that's that's my problem. Ah, Lot of times they will put out too much, start getting a shadow with the way the sun is coming in. But what happens for me with those is that I'm either getting too much water or too little water, and you have to be able to control your watercolors. Um, so I just find it easier. I use these to paint brushes every single day. It is a size six round. Um, and then this is a size four round. So between these two, I can usually get everything done that I need to get done. Ah, have a paper towel. You will need a paper towel, but you have to be able to control your flow of water. So, watercolors, first thing I'm gonna take Sarah and I'm gonna take an eraser. And I'm just going to kind of bring her down a little bit I'm just going to sort of raise her. So I still see her very lightly. But that way I can. It's the pencil. Marks are not going to show through on the water colored paper. Um so watercolors misbehaving. The thing that I find might most often with people that are beginning watercolor is that they want to do everything at once. Secret toe watercolors is you have to work a certain area and move on. Let it dry, Come back. You want a layer up your colors? You want to start with your lightest color, let it dry, and then come back in and put in your darker shadows. If you do that, if you really work all around your paper and you allow it to dry, I promise you it really does come out nice and crisp and clean. It truly does. And then we do pop in at the very end with some colored pencils. So I'm going to show you here how we store, um, just moving around the whole palette. So how do you make skin tone now? I do have the skin tone that I can cheat with, and I can kind of lay that it, And it will do what we need to do. But so many people will not have a skin tone color on. So what do you do? So you get skin by mixing blue reds and, like, a brownish or yellowish together. So let me show you what that looks like. So I'm gonna come in. I'm gonna take in. Well, you know what? I probably should not start with skin tone color, so let me come in with a red. Okay, so I've got some red down here. I don't have that much to do on her. So I'm not gonna kind of go crazy with having to make a whole bunch of it. And then I'm going to come in with a tinge of blue. I think I'm gonna use this blue. So red and blue make purple, right? Okay. And now I'm gonna use I think a little bit. I don't want to go Brown Brown. So I think I'm gonna come in with this guy, see what that starts to look like on your palate. They're always going to look, um, a little bit darker. When your watercolors start to dry, they will come out lighter. So keep that in mind if you have really, really, really light that's going to, um, reflect as really, really, Really, Really. I kind of like this color for shadow. I think I dig that. I'm for a shot at. You can see it's lighter in here. Um, and I sort of just like that color. Okay, so let me start. Let me try to get something a little bit lighter. I am going to come in with my softer color. Have some red up there was gonna bring that on down, use it on up. It's been just a tinge of blue in. Yeah, so you know that how that is different from out of the pan. So I've got this for my light, and I got that from my dark, so all right, so first I'm gonna do is I'm going to lay in little Sarah's face, so, yeah, I'm gonna come in now. I know that looks really dark. That's okay. So I just haven't elated. Wherever your pigment ends up, that's where your shadow is gonna be. Remember, here. I want her to have there's gonna be sort of some sunlight coming in, right? So What I'm doing now is I'm just taking fresh water. And I'm sort of just taking a little bit of that away so that I'm gathering just without even my first layer. I'm sort of just painting with the water on the water colors, so that, um I don't have to work that hard later when I'm popping in the shadows because I've already started manipulating the medium to where I wanted t be okay. So we've also got her little arms. So I'm gonna come in with that same color. Um, here. I'm just gonna lay in her little arm. I'm running out of paint on that little that little saying I don't have her legs as I do have her legs flesh colored. So I'm gonna pop this, um, and I'm gonna grab Just picked up a whole bunch of red on that here. I had a lot of water on my brush. So when you use a watercolor brush, it's so nice because it will pick up at look at how it just picked up all that paint. Or you can let it. You can use it to manipulate the paint where you want it to be. So a good brush and a good set of pains like that. Like crazy. Like you don't have to start with Daniel Smith that paint paints, but it's worth it. Good paints and a good brush to start with, even if you just get two brushes. Windsor Newton is a great brand of brushes that you can sort of come in with. Um, this is a Windsor Newton, um, stable, uh, from England. So I just love it. So I have all of her, um, body laying in, and it's just the first layer, and And I wanted to just stop there. Don't don't keep on going just to stop there with her shading. Okay, so now, um, I'm gonna get a heat gun. Hold on one second. Okay? So this is you can use a hair dryer or, um, a heat gun. And what that does, is it? Just blast it so that you can keep going. It allows you to move a little bit faster with water. So let me just dried up. Did you see how I did not use? A whole lot of watercolor of water is very controlled. Um, so I think that's the biggest thing with beginners is that they just They think that watercolors have to be, like, everywhere. Just chill. Just chill. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Okay. So her hair I'm gonna come in with just Ah, remember, there's our first layers. You gotta stick with me through it all. And don't rush it. I'm gonna use a really bright yellow for her first layer of hair, so and see, that is really bright, but its so cute. All right, And I'm gonna come in, okay? And I'm gonna stop right there with her hair. Um, so her just given a blast, huh? Ah, little dress. I don't do with a pink. So and I'm gonna leave her. Little Doyle is here White because we'll just pop those in with some extra color later. So here, I'm just gonna I'm leaving her little dots or polka dots. Um, alone for right now, I remember that this side is going to be darker. Right. So I'm kind of putting all the pigment over here on this side, and, um, I will use more water on this side so that it so already before I even start with my second layer, I know where my light and dark star and I'm already sort of using it with just the first layer of color I can already start, Um, when you're layering in your color and putting all of the pigment on this side And then over here I can just sort of move it around a little bit with some water and allow it toe happen without even having to come back in with all the shading where I ever I leave my pan might pen my brush That's where the pigment is going to pool So I want my pigment to pull wherever there's gonna be a shadow Okay, let me pop her with a little bit of air to dry her out a little bit because then we just gotta lay in those purple Hold on. Okay, so the last part of this video is putting in our purple. So now I'm gonna go in with a lighter purple because I'm we're just doing our first layer, right? Just just just a first layer. So, you know, here I want the pain to kind of pool around the bottom of her little pokey ducts. So that's where I'm kind of taken my brush up, so I never see. That's supposed to be lighter so that I have toe not use so much pain because this is where the sun's coming in. So if I get it too dark now, um, it'll be harder to get that better later. So I want to be aware, as I'm coming in that that was too much page. I feel better about Excuse me. Okay. And that is our little Q t patootie. Uh, you know, what I do have to do is right here, just on my papers in my world. Coffee. I just want to put a little bit of I don't so much have her armed. Finished. There was a problem turning the whole arm. Crazy chick lit with her. Okay, so that is our first layer of Sarah. We're just going to stop there, and I want to kind of bring to your attention. You see how in here I've already got sort of, um, it's already starting to become a little bit darker. This whole side of her dress is just a little bit darker. We're going to do more on that. But the her arms have a little bit of a shadow coming in already. So next video we are going to do the second part, where we where we shade her and make her just come toe life even just a little bit more. Every layer we do, we just bring her up another notch. So keep practicing with her practice with your watercolors practice. Just getting them to behave. Because I promise you, when you get watercolors to behave, they're such a delightful medium. They just are so relaxing and vibrant and beautiful and pretty and oh, you're just gonna love them. So just practice with your watercolors, just practiced, like, you know, filling in a square and then letting it dry, and then shading the square and making your son come from different levels and extracting some of the paint with water so that you can get lights and darks within just one little square. So there's so much that you can do to continue learning in each one of these stages. So okay, next video, I'll catch you. We will dio the shading Okay on her. I see. There 5. SS Painting and shading : Alright, guys, we're back, and we're going to start with giving her some shading. So if you remember, we made when we made up our skin tone, we made up a darker shadow. So that's what I'm going to be using, um, as we come in with the next car. No. What about people this kind of settled will not affect. Okay, so lights coming in from up here. So we're going to kind of come in and shade. Uh, you know, im I've used you have my life. Little brush, I mean, is my little brush just so that it doesn't get away from me. So this stresses everybody out, but I want to just try it. I want you to kind of color in half of her face with the watercolors with the whether whether it's a brown or a color that you created. Um, so we're gonna leave it like that. I know you are so stressed, but it's gonna be OK because remember, it dries lighter, and it's an easy way to kind of just start getting shading on a face. I just came in with my water, and I just, um, made the line a little bit softer. So there's also gonna be a shadow coming in under her neck and around her neck line, so under her neck and under around her neck line. Now it's still not dark enough. But I can get the first layer of shading sort of put in, and then we'll come back and we're going to do more. So I've got that. I have a shadow coming in under her lace and then that back leg is really in shadow. I like to kind of feather it out, though with just water, because I don't want it to be so It is like it would be kind of a soft shadow, So okay, and then in here there is gonna be a shadow. Even though she's facing the sun, they are that is so close tucked up to her body that that is going to, um, have a shadow on it. Okay, so all of that dry, we're going to come in with a darker purple, and I'm gonna pop in just sort of a little bit of shadow on each one of her dots. Know if it's fabric, I get that there shouldn't be a shadow on the dots, but it just add some dimension to the peace. And it had some, like Kapow Teoh to the drawing to just not have everything be in one value range. So in drawing and painting the value that that comes to life through your lights on your darks. So if you leave everything in that middle range, that's the difference between F and wow. So you always want Teoh. He always want to come back in and sort of just pop it up where you can. So we're popping it up right now a little bit. See how there would be a shadow, Right? We're along where that lace is gonna be. And then here there would be a shadow on this side from her arm casting over there. So now I'm gonna pop with a little bit up. You know what? I could get a little bit of something, something in her hair. So let's come in. I'm not going to go way way darker. I use this one to start with. I'm gonna come in with, um I'm gonna actually come in with this guy over here, because that is not gonna be so, so different. Um but it will give me just sort of the beginning of here. So what's happening is I'm doing got that shadow scooch in and they're so here, let me just very loose. Just sort of laying in. Yeah, Same thing on this side. It was kind of have make my got. My girls have sort of, like, messy hair. Zero is just this shy of a mess. When I was a kid, I would come home from school and my mother would see my hair and just think, Oh, my gosh. What did you do? Well, I wanted it to be out of that ponytail. She always put it in. So I take it out when I got to school and I would come home with my hair Just a little bit of a mess. So, um right. So let me just show you what we got going on here so far and then upto her legs. Okay? I'm gonna pop this with a little bit of Well , that's stayed dry in just a 10. So I'm just gonna but we're gonna move on a little bit. So can you see here that her neck we need to get that even defined a little bit more. Some have pop up into, um, a brown brown. Um, So I'm gonna pop up into this guy very light. Not a lot of my brush and say I'm gonna come in right here. So you see how little I'm working? I'm not. Just because they're watercolors doesn't mean I have to be thorough and water all over the room and having my watercolors. Um, you know, gosh, like, mixing and marrying and doing all the things I don't want them to do. I get to work tight, small and little and detail oriented. Um, and I think that so many people stray away from water colors because they don't They don't realize that they can have this much control over them. So And you do you do There? They are fun. Right. So you see how that make hurt makes her neck little just pop out. So I'm gonna come in now, under the same up in here under her little bangs. Because even though we have that shadow coming in, you still need just a bit more to really get her to pop. Okay? Same with her little arms. Okay, so here I'm also going toe have just a tench. See how I came in with a lot of paint there. That's OK, because I'm just dipped in my fresh water damned on a paper towel, and then I can come in and I can move it around, so it's just fine. Don't panic. If you put out a really dark color on your page, just, um, dip in water, and then you just get to paint with water a little bit, so no big thing. Um, and now I'm going to do a little bit on that side as well. So, you see, I'm just moving. I'm just popping up even a little bit more Everything. Because again, that's where the, uh, drawing really come to life missing. That looks o que que in here. I'm gonna put it a little bit more. Woo. That was dark, right? That's all right. Dip in water dab on the paper tower. And now I've got no paint on my brush. Just water. And now I'm just manipulating the medium with the water that I have on my brush. So you use the water toe, move it around to paint with it. I don't like up here how this has become so such an outline. So I'm just going to kind of come in and try to soften that up a little bit so that it just looks a little bit more natural. And I'm digging it. I am so digging out. Absolutely cute opportunity. She looks I just loved it. Um, this I'm gonna be a little bit persnickety, but here, I've got a dark here. I've got a dark. I don't want the viewers eyes to get stuck between these two hot spots. So I'm just going to come up here and I'm just gonna pop in a little bit more dark, sort of right up there. And now what happens is your eye is comfortable because there's three places where I'm dragging your eye to pay attention here to here to down there, and you sort of taken all of her. Okay, so we've now got let's cut out a little bit. So we have a little star. Oh, I want to put in some dark. Did I put Doc in on her dress? I don't think I did. So let me come in with a darker pink, Full forceful on on. Don't see that one doesn't even show up. And I'm gonna pop in some nice bright right in there. Look at that. Look at that. Nice on and right yet I love it. Um, I'm gonna even adding just a little bit more down here down here. Oh, my God. You have so much dressed. Look at how dark we just went. Love it. But I do want it to be feathered out just a bit. My dogs are gonna start shot. See you guys. Oh, right. So her hair OK, so on her hair, um, I'm gonna come even with one darker shade, It's come back in again because they're always gets everybody. Okay, so here and now, I'm just gonna draw in, like like Quick, Quick, quick, quick, quick. So here, ready? The hair is always sort of like it kind of grows from the crown. Right. So it's gonna be sort of darker. Sorry up in there, remember? We talked about that. It's gonna be doctoring here just by their nature of that sort of like behind her that it's gonna be darker. And here we did not give her long hair like cider is supposed to have really long hair. So they're supposed to be here, kind of back here. See him? I've got her hair really long on this one. So that kind of just drew her tight, tight, tight. So that's okay, though, Right? Because each one gets to look different. Okay, so do we not think she's adorable? So now we're gonna just drop into a cute eyes. I do her eyes in a brown because, um, I just think it black is no nowhere on the palate. So I'm just Everything's dry. If I drop in my eyes on a wet palette, they're going to spread. So everything on here is dry. I've got a good point on my paintbrush, and I'm gonna do one. I gotta get close. I'm so sorry I'm so blind and to and then her cute, cheap Judy little mouse. It's OK if you stay light on this cause we're going to come in on the next video. We're going to do it, pop. Well, you know what? No. Let's do it now. I think it's actually part of this video that we're going to do a pop of, um, color pencils. So let me dry her completely because we're gonna come back in with color pencils. Okay, You know what? I did forget with the cute see on her cheeks, so I don't do a riel dark thing on her cheeks, But I do just sort of lay in this little rounded, um, kind of swirl on her cheeks. Okay, let me try again now. Okay, so I've got her done, but I even come in cause in here Excuse me? You don't see a lot of, uh Oh, my goodness. You don't see a lot of detail on her lace yet, so we're going to come in with that. And we're just gonna add in some more details with the colored pencils. So I'm gonna pack up my watercolors and you'll see what we're what we're up to next. I do want to mention this is that you don't have to get expensive watercolors. You can get Crayola What? It called Crayola pencils. You can get Twista, Bols. A lot of people who? Twista. Bols. You don't have to break the bank on art supplies. Like just get what you can. I have a lot of prisma coloring. Um, Prisma colors are great, but there. They've got some manufacturing issues right now. In that hold on, my dogs. Prisma Color has some issues right now in that their their cores and they shattered. You can kind of start sharpening it, and you could lose your whole pencil, but they layer great and their vibrant. And if you're willing to work through that, that's great. So, um, I I have prisma colors that I'm gonna be using, but my prison recalled colors are, um I actually got oodles of them from an estate sale from when they were gone. Should probably 50 years old. And they are fantastic is when they had a quality standards. So don't be jealous. Don't hate me, but OK, so what I do now is I'm gonna come in with, um, a purple Let's see what color purple. I'm gonna come in with a darker kind of purple, and I'm gonna outline her little caller here. Okay, so that's just a good place to kind of start. So here. I'm sort of outlining her calling. My dogs are I've had to stop this reporting 472 times and 1/2 I think, um, you've got their morning energy, and they want toe have just a good old time. Really? No. Okay. And now I'm gonna come in here, So here I am. Gonna sort of I'm sorry. Hold on. Okay. So I'm gonna take this and kind of coming here an outline. Her cute see little temple pendulum pendulum problems. That was called, but I don't even know it's called. Okay. Cute, cute. Cute. Um, but then I am gonna take here, and I'm just gonna sort of color and a little bit on each side and along the A long way. Yeah, along the kind of right down in there because I imagine that, like, the lace has toe, like, sit up against something a little bit, so there'd be a little bit of a shadow, and then if we just sort of drop okay, appear the same. This is gonna be darker back here. Just based because it's behind her neck, right? And then if we sort of just let that shadow kind of disappear is it comes back around again . Yeah. Okay. Her cute little eyes. Let me grab a round. Yeah, I like this one. Okay, so this I'm using is a bird Oakar. It's times like this. You wish I was left handed, right? You know so much. Just feather up in here. So, you see, I'm just kind of taken my pencil and feathering up. The hair is always divided up into segments, so you kind of just work, like so here I feel I've got a segment right here. Um, I love to take and sort of just do these little guys kind of and sort of leave some sort of hanging out because she's just, you know, she's separate. She gets she gets messy sometimes. Coming up, coming up, coming down. Give her the few of flyaways. This is gonna be darker, right? Because the sun's coming in the other way, and then we're just gonna give her some flyaways coming out. Uh, right. Let's just come in now and pop in those eyes. Get the really nice rounded and her little mouth. Oh, my gosh, She's cute. Just can't wait to see what you look like. I'm gonna pop in a little bit more shadow right down in here. Coming in here. I'm a pop in a little bit more shadow over here. Over here. Um, a thought So when you're coping with colored pencils, um, I don't want you to let me come out a little bit. Hold on. So when you're coloring with color pencils, this is Everybody wants to do this and cover up a big area straight away, and you see how I get so much white in there. So instead, if I color in, what I'm doing is I'm doing little circles, but I'm just doing it really fast. And then what happens is it sort of fills itself in a lot better and a lot cleaner than this does. Because most people when they do this, they don't even keep it that tight. They're just doing very big. Like I don't know. This is looks a lot neater and a lot more finished little circles so think in terms of just little circles. Okay, so, um, I think that's her. I think that's our little Sarah. What do you think? Oh, I think that she's just as cute as cute can be, Um, Okay, what's next? Them tree rabbits flower three rabbits, lower tree, rabbit flower so that we give her a little bit of a scene setting. Um, so I'm gonna talk my tree and back over here. My flowers. She's gonna be holding on a proper rabbit in there. Catch the next video so that you can learn how to draw them. Very easy, I promise. And you will use these forever. Um, because they're just so fun. And just so easy. So kept me on the next video, and we'll pop in some scene extras. And actually, we're going to draw them and paint them all in the next video catchall the next one. 6. SS Scene extras: Okay, guys. So we are going to be working on scene extras in this video. Um, so let's get started, OK? Because we've got so much to do. First, I need to find my pencil. What's the first thing that I need to Dio and I've lost it completely and utterly. Okay. I have no idea what my table looks like around me. Oh, but right here, it's nice and clean. Okay, so the trick. Let's start with the tree. So the tree, we're gonna break it down. I should probably keep this open so that you can continue to say, What is the tree? It's nothing more than 123 triangles, Right? 123 Trying things at a rectangle. Yeah. So what does that look like? So we're gonna drove one. Let's just make three rounded. But like, the tip of the triangle is almost coming up in here. Right? So then we're gonna erase out that, but guess what I must. I raised her to rule. Okay, so then we're gonna erase at let me do that darker so you can see I'm fighting a shadow. So here I've got one. Yeah, it's better. Imagine that the triangle is coming up into the into the tree, and then I've got three triangles on top of each other. But then you're going to come back in and sort of get rid of the inside part. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you would never draw this dark, right? This is just so that you could do it translates on camera. So dull draw. Draw this drug because you see how I can't really get rid of my erasing marks. So now what? I'm a dude. I'm going to kind of come in and sort of do this like crazy Crazy. I just want you to go crazy. Crazy Crazy helps when you make those noises when you're drawing that promise. I promise. I promise. Okay. And then kind of come down from the middle, come down from the middle and get that round entry stump in. There's gonna be a shadow because we know which way the sun is coming from on. Sarah, over here and here. I'm just gonna add some or crazy, crazy sort of in the middle so that it doesn't look like it's just, you know, say that just looks more natural. There's gonna be a shadow coming in now you don't draw in your shadows. Were just planning it so that when we come in, we kind of know where we want to deposit or paint and where we're gonna use less paint, less paint, more paint. So here, that's where all your shadows air gonna kind of live when we get to the painting. Is that not the Q destry that is so flipping easy. You gotta love it. You gotta get ready because you're not going to even be able to stay on this road. Now, I want you to think of Rose loosely hanging loosely to the I t f arose because this is just a simple sort of sketch. So I want you to come in with squares that kind of keep on going in. Really? That's all we're going to do for a Rose. It's just gonna be this messy sort of like square thing, and then it's gonna come down and she's gonna get this big sort of leaf on it. That's our rooms. That's it. Let me show you again because it was so complicated, Right? So we're gonna come in with sort of squares that sort of kind of come in and get closer together. And then I always just kind of put an extra one on Just just throw off the that. It's just not a square. If I put one extra going a little bit Caddy warm piss and sort of throws off the idea that it's just a square and I don't know, it just makes it look. It's better and I'll go figure. So here, we're gonna put in, uh, it's gonna go thicker on the top, and then it's gonna come down to dinner. It's gonna shadowing there she we can put in a leaf. Also I'm doing here is I'm going one to come back in and then come back in. Boom. No flowers on and trees. I have a pdf of this, um, in the classroom so that you can download it up. It printed off. You can continue to do it. Okay, this little rabbit. OK, so this is not a big deal either, right? So he's kind of like perch there and he's just got a little bump him up in the air, and he's just kind of hang in and chilling. So I'm gonna start with a gumdrop, not even a gumdrop. I don't know what that is, and I but I don't know what that is. What would you call it? Turtle show? I don't know. Is that just over that as well? Start with, um way. Looks like I remember. I remember. I was just getting under skin. Okay, we're gonna pop into little peculiar Q two Q T eyes and a little nose. It kind of looks a little bit like a chicken right now, but I promise he's gonna start looking much more like a rabbit. Okay, He's needs those ears, right? Oh, my goodness. He needs toe. Have curious cues. Years known to mankind. One and this one. I feel like it's gonna flop a little bit. So you gonna come like the hot journal line, Joe line and then finish the triangle. Oh, my gosh. Is that serve you? Then give Because this is gonna be the pink part in here, right? Then He's just got to little pause here, and they're just gonna look like clouds. Almost. Is he not the curious little guy? But then I feel like this. Is that like your little bum bum? Is back here and in the air. Right? So he's gonna kind of come like this. We're gonna put that in, and then let's kind of put in Hello. A little, uh, tail bunny tail. So that's a rabbit. You're ready. Let me do it faster for you. So we've got this shape. Oh, it's not gonna be enough. Room for is light years, but we'll just keep going. The shape two little eyes, triangle nose dropped down. Um, circle. I don't know what that is. It looks like, uh, I don't know. I've run out of shape names. Okay, so here, we're gonna drop in and here, like this, We're gonna do this, we're gonna drop it down. We're gonna come over, and we're gonna drop down and finish out that year. Little pawf. A little pop little bum bum will tell. That's it. You've got a rabbit you've got hey, tree and you got a rose. Those were seen extras. Let's go ahead and paint them in now. Okay, so here I have her. I'm coming into, do you see? All right, I'm gonna get her a little tria, so I'm gonna make it just a little bit. I'm gonna come off the page here. But that's OK, right? I got tree, get my little rabbit me kind of tucked in next to her because, you know, I feel like this little round it. He's just about as timid. He's as biggest Sarah the big rabbit right there. But that's OK, because she he is her little buddy. So here and then she's gonna have one year coming up here. He's got the other ear coming down over here, and then we've got his Ah, little by Oh, and her rose. So it's gonna be holding the rose. Now, you don't have to use all of this in one scene because there is a lot going on. Right? So here she's just holding that little rose. But maybe you want it all in there. What? Completely your choice. Okay, so here I've got her. But what I'm gonna do again is I'm gonna bring it down the racing. I'm gonna erase it back down a little bit so that it's not, you know, it won't show up as much. You don't want it to be seen. All right, let me get my water colors back out. Okay, so I'm not remember. How do we start way? Always start with, um, first layer. I'm gonna go a lot faster on this part. Um, so we start with our first layer now. What's nice, though, is that the, um, colored pencil kind of acts is a little bit of a barrier leaving the pigment over on the one side where we want it to be darker. We can't even see where my lines are, who we are. I got this guy coming in down here. Can you see how that just That's what happens when, um, wet paint meets wet paint. It misbehaves that way. And I do think that is that is exactly what happened, right? There is the reason so many people stay away from water colors cause they can't get it. Toe, just behave and be nice. So OK, so I've got one. M I'm not gonna put in that little tree trunk yet because that's what it will just bleed. So I'm gonna do a little bit of light, read and hear for her little rose. I'm gonna use, uh, there's a different red green for her. Rose here. I don't want it to be. So what happens, though, is if you introduced one color in your composition, try to introduce it. Three different places. So because I have a brand new green here, I'll put this green in this tree so that it your I will bounce back and forth between the two. Otherwise, it will be kind of won't make sense. OK, so the rabbit So a rabbit is he's going to stay white is gonna be a white rabbit. So all I'm gonna do is add in my shadows on him. Um, so here, because I don't want to have to You don't paint white in water colors. You just, um you leave the white, so there's gonna be a shadow coming. And under here, his little bum bum is gonna be kind of all in shadow. Right, Little tale. That little tail would catch some of the light up in around in there. Um, his head. The side is gonna contain the shadow. Right. So come in under here and sort of do this, Okay? His little what? This guy will be que opportunity little thing. And then here, this this is really gonna be dark, But we're just gonna put one later on at a time. Okay, Um, his the rest of the year of here, And then there's gonna be sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet kink. I don't know if he's completely dry, but there's gonna be just this really sweet, soft kind of pink in here. So let me dry that up. Okay? Okay. Sure. Susan. Oh, you know what? He would have sort of this back here is gonna be very gray. It's really gonna be dark on him. And they really back here would be much greater too. Right? T keep your paints where you want them to pull. Okay. So up, we need the tree. Go in with a lighter color first. Okay, so now I'm gonna come back in on my tree, and I'm gonna add in the next layer. Excuse me of color, so I don't want to go completely like an emerald. I wanted to be sort of a little bit earthier than that. So here there's gonna be sort of a dark. I see how that does tie in. But it's not quite as there's gonna be a shadow. Oh, just get picked on my brush. Gone. Okay, so here and then there's gonna be a shadow kind of coming in here and then around her, she's casting a shadow on a tree. Okay? And then there's all this. Great texture is crazy, crazy texture that's going on in there. Keep looking. Kind of come in and put in that crazy crazy and just a group almost tipped in my coffee. So sure I want to do that. And then here. Okay, so But, see, I think I think I would like this to look a little bit. I don't like to see brushstrokes. Quite that, um I like it toe almost look more shadowy. Like it's like I didn't draw them in, but that they're naturally occurring, you know? So I think that looks better. All right, so here. Yeah, let me drive. Okay. So I think what I'm going to do is I want their I want this to really kind of pop. So I'm just gonna come in with, uh, the darker green and kind of just draw back what we started with, You know, this is crazy, crazy boubou kind of thing going on in the tree and then dropping in. So, at a room, dropping in the shadows What we're at it and then see how I can also sort of define her just attention. So she sort of sticks out a little bit. Um, here. I do think we should come back in again with our brown and sort of redefined her hair out again because you don't want it to look like the tree is, you know, encompassing her. You want her to look like she's in front of that tree. And with that said, what I'm gonna do is kind of come in and just sort of pop in. That's sort of diffuse shadow around her boom CEO. She's standing out a little bit more. Okay, don't keys. I'm just gonna come in with the same brown and sort of just defined that tree trunk. Just a teaching town. Yeah, Hope against united. There it iss So I've got a tree I've got My Sarah is simple, simple, Saleh. It's just a little bit of brown in this tree as well, you know, kind of get it fade into the, uh, seeing a little bit better if you kind of just use I'm not doing a lot just doing a little bit. And I think that that does create the same color pilot in the tree that's in Sarah. And it's sort of just makes it all go together a little bit sweeter. Okay, that rose, I'm coming in with a purple and I'm just going to redraw. Well, I don't know if it's purple. This is called Dahlia, So I still don't know if it's purple do in that Rose who if I could just forget not to go the wrong way. Um, I still have my little green out from the tree, so I'm gonna and that in here as well, so that both the tree and the little rose both have the same colors on it. How easy that little roses come on. Can't get easier than that. That little Bonnie and I loved Bonnie Love money. So woman not used won't throw my pencil. We're gonna use here. I'm also gonna grab a pink like a night. I just think he's got to be a sweet sweet can possibly be my gray I'm gonna draw in a little lower lips. I don't even think I want to put dark brown on his little I just think he's a sweetest. Could be just being in the gray watching over his little Sarah. So I think, my friends, that we have our first little drawing of simple Sarah, I hope you enjoyed the process. Please give me feedback If there's something that I didn't explain. Well, if there's something that you had problems understanding, please let me know so that I can fix it on the next video. Because up next is Natalie. Let me show you, um, what Natalie looks like and what we're gonna do with Natalie. So Natalie is our next girl, and and what's gonna change about Natalie is we're going to move her arms out a little bit . We're still going to use the same round and face legs were going to get a little bit longer . We're gonna add some feet. Her dress is going to get a little bit of definition in if we're going to go from just a kind of blousey kind of look, and we're going to get a little bit of definition in the skirt, Um, and her hair is going to get a little bit style. So it we're just doing simple shapes again. But we're going to take what we've learned from Sarah, and we're gonna put her into you. Put it to use and stretch just a little bit to get Natalie out. So thank you for taking the first class. Um, and I will see you over in Natalie's class. Thank you so much. Guys. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help or if there's anything I can do to improve. I'd love to hear, and I would take it to heart, and I will I will do it. So thanks, guys.