Watercolor Seascapes : Everything you need to know about painting water & reflections | Zaneena Nabeel | Skillshare

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Watercolor Seascapes : Everything you need to know about painting water & reflections

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Welcome to my Class

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Getting to know the Colors

    • 4. Drawing a Boat & Understanding the Reflections

    • 5. Exercise 1 - Painting the Rippled Water

    • 6. Exercise 2 -The Deep Blue Sea

    • 7. Final Project 1 - Part 1

    • 8. Final Project 1 - Part 2

    • 9. Final Project 2 - Part 1

    • 10. Final Project 2 - Part 2

    • 11. Thank you for Watching

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About This Class

Water is one of the most fascinating subjects to paint. If you follow the right steps it is the easiest to paint.

My class will take you through various exercises which will make it easy to understand the water and its characteristics. We will get to know the colors, how to draw a boat and also learn about reflections. Then we will progress to 2 practise projects and finally to our main class projects.

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

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1. Welcome to my Class: Hello, everyone. I'm an architect by profession, on an artist by passion. Ever since, I have started painting using watercolor that has become my most for everything to do. It is one of the most unique medium due to its unpredictability and characteristics, and I can literally dream about painting anything under the sun. Using vertical water is one of my most favorite subject to paint. I allow watching the sea and I allowed painting the mass for I don't mind sitting like this and watching the waves for a whole day. It is so relaxing and coming to watch toes, moving waves and reflections right on. That's exactly what we're gonna paint in today's class. We will be painting a series of articles, Seascapes, the other species to do if you follow my step by step class. Don't worry if you don't have any prior knowledge. In particular, the classes combusting away and even can paint along. We will begin the clouds by getting to know the colors on. Then we will progress to a sketchbook exercise where we've alone. Weight is way to draw a boat on also how to make a particular reflections everything you need to know about painting aboard and reflections will be covered in the section and then we will progress into our practice sections and the final two class projects. In the first practice bees, we will learn how to create a rippled water with a single color. On the next practice bees. We will paint a much more realistic wash in off the sea, Theo entire classes explained in real time with necessary steps and a very detailed way. And the final two class projects are the most beautiful part of this class. We will be painting a yellow board sailing through a clear sea Onda. We will paint this escape which will be agreed exercise to learn realistic water and reflections. I can't contain my excitement to teach you all those beautiful Seascape paintings. I guys ready to dive in. All right. Without any further waiting. Let's get started 2. Art Supplies: in this video, I'm going to talk about all the art supplies that you will need to follow my class. It is absolutely okay if you don't have the exact same material that I'm using, you can use whatever you have, which is kind of similar this class. I'm using my arches paper, which is 1 40 l b. And this is 100%. Cartoonist Phil. I would recommend to use a paper which is off minimum 1 40 l b to get a good result. If you don't have new pressure, you can go with whatever you have now talking about the watercolor. I will be using videos, shades from Reedus, Brandt, Andi. I will be talking about each shade in detail via we move aunt over paintings again. There's new pressure that you need to have the same brand that I'm using here. Just try and use similar shades from any brand that you have got other than what ago. The next set of pain, too, will need as a white gosh on a wide Children to add in all the details. If you don't have a glass, you still can use your whitewater color. That is absolutely OK to mix your colors, you will need a palette, this one as the ceramic palette. It is actually a serving dish, which I got from Dyson. You can even use your plastic pallet or even a plate will work. Now let's talk about the brush. These are the five bridges that I will be using into these class, this one as Princeton hit brush, which I will be using for all the flat washes. This is mainly used when you have to apply and even kowtow water over a larger area at a single time. If you don't have one, it is absolutely OK. You can use any off your other because I spreads to do this. Then you will need a flat brush to apply on your colors. To spin Esperance, drink a light wash brush and then this burn as my syllable plaque for the pressure size number 12 can use any medium to big sized Ron Parrish. Then I have this Princeton heritage again around brush size number six. Now to add in the little details are how the size number one brush from Kraft. So in short, you will lead a flat brush than a medium and a big size drawn, brushed and then a detailing brush. You will need do jars of water. One has to stay clean and the other one has proven itself the pain from your brush on last but not the least. You will also need a masking tape and you racer a pencil and a people total. All right, so quickly grab all the materials and join me in my next video, Let's get started. 3. Getting to know the Colors: no matter what the media Miss Water is one of the most fascinating subject to paint. There are so many ways to approach the subject of water in watercolor, but sometimes the simplest approaches are the best. So in this video I'm going to talk about the colors that I generally use for my Seascape paintings. There is no shortage of options available for an artist when it comes to choosing colors for a C, it can be any variations off blue on green. Every now and then, I treat myself to a new color. So I have built up quite a collection off blues on this one, a similar blue. It's a very nice bright blue, which I use for almost everything. I use it for water. I use it for sky. I use it for mountains. So it is a very nice she to have in your palate the next one I have on my list of Tello turquoise. It's again from similar here. It's a great color to paint all those deep, greenish blue sea and this oneness indigo for the darker tones. And finally, I have some viridian green astral. Now I will quickly snatch out all these colors so that we know what the tonal range off each aid. I will begin with indigo, which is the darkest shade that I have chosen for my C. While scratching, I'll begin with the darkest value possible on as I go towards the right. I'll make it lighter so that I have an understanding what kind of range you can achieve with the same color. This'll one here as Prussian blue. Next, I'm going with similar blue voters, so bright and intense blue. If you don't have said earlier Blue, you can use your ultra marine blue and these are the blues that I have a juicing. There is no pressure. You can use whatever blue which you have card. The water doesn't have any specific color. It doesn't exist in the colors that I have chosen here, so feel free to use the colors which you have got. Now I'm going polluter. Kai's amusing this one to get that greenish blue sea. If you don't have a telephoto guys, you still can mix your really angry and Prussian blue and get a similar color on. Finally, I'm going with Viridian Green. This one is to get that green sea. This will be a common color. I guess most off you will have it. All right. So those are dispatchers. This is just to understand the colors that you gonna use for your water. Now, let's have a quick study off the scullers. How they are acting with each other. Worker of blend, they're creating how they're flowing and all that just randomly go with the color of what you see in any off palette and then mixed him. How fun. Understand? What kind off blend they're creating are the mixing Well, just go blindly makes them out. And And I I really love the intensity of this color. Now I'll add a little more water and see the way it is acting with a looter. Guys. Now I have added the low turquoise. You can see how nicely they blended together and created that deep blue sea effect. Oh, my God. I'm loving this. Now I'm adding a little off really in green and let's see how they're acting together. You can see that. Nice greenish See there. So this is an exercise to understand your colors more. Now I'm gonna drop in some integral to that background that I created. You can see how that color is spreading and creating more Tipton value to that. Just go with any order at asthma task Alosi want an entire the process? All right, so this is how it looks. You can see how we guard that ocean mood with all these colors. It is quite important to study your colors before you begin with any project so that you know which one to use and between not to use now with the same color. I'll just give under try. I discreet some brush lines with all these colors and see how they're looking. It is always while cleaning my palate. I discover new color competitions because I even make use off. That little paint left the words on my palette, and I tried different color competitions with them. It is very important to know the feel and the mood each colors can create, so that you can use them in your other projects as well. And you would not make a mistake the next time you always have that idea in your mind, which close to mix together and what mood they can create. So it is quite important to do your culo study the blending exercise that mixing thing and everything to know about your colors and what they can create and what you can achieve with the same colors. So yah never missed this exercise. Get to know your colors Before you start with any project, you will have an idea off. The colors that you're gonna use for your project makes them on a scrap piece of paper. Understand your color, Understand the values, understand the tip and move that can be itude by them. So throughout this class, I will be using these shades for my Seascape. You can go with the colors that you have with you. There is no pressure. So take out all the blues and the greens which you have caught. Try out all the mixing possibilities. You never know. Maybe you will be ending up creating much beautiful color. Stahn what I have taken here. All right, give it a go and juicy off every colors for you See 4. Drawing a Boat & Understanding the Reflections: in this video, we'll have a look through the videos way on how to draw aboard at also understanding the reflections. The food's win I'm gonna try here is a symmetrical board, so you have to draw a line at the center on the boat side has to be symmetrical. So in reality it is a symmetrical shape which allows the board to sail without sinking. So this is how a boat appears. If you are looking at it from the French side or the rare side, that is the basic shape off the board. Now let's have a look at the reflection so the reflection will be formed in the other direction. You have that center aligned, and then you have your lying towards this direction. So what you will see in the water will be an exact mirror image Off the board, the reflection will be formed as Koby's exact lines. There will be a moment for the water, and that is what creating this exact moments. If the reflection is formed on a still water, the lines wouldn't be this much cov. It will be our little sharp lines, and there will be much darko shadow at the partum where the boat is just touching the water . So remember to make this area much darker, you can add more off that zigzag lines, and some of them can even spread out into the water. It is these kind of lines which adds more realistic effect to your water. So I'm gonna take the center line into the border. I'm gonna create a reflection off that Victor's on one side off. It can be darker. All right, so that's a reflection off her first boot. Now I'm gonna draw the same thing again. I'll draw a line at the center, and then I'll draw to equal symmetrical parts on either side off the center line. And then after that, I'll add a cabin on the top, so this will become a ship with our deck on the top. So just by adding that cabin, the board started to look like a huge passenger ship. Now, add some tiny, even tools throughout that cabin, and then I'm gonna add a flag on the top. I just draw a line over the top and then add a flag. So by adding little elements like a little cabin on the flag, made it look like a huge ship. No, I've just had little color to that flag on to make it look like a wide ship. A lot little blow tin to this idea. I'll make one side, but darker and other side, but lighter. I let him color over my first board Aspen. So this is gonna be a wooden board. So I'm taking a little more 1,000,000 fontina and a tent off yellow and unfeeling baton again. One side can be bit darker than the other side. Now, the same way how the added reflection toe our first board. I'm gonna do the same thing for authorship. Pascual, just take your reflection as a mirror image off your ship. Next one is also gonna be a similar ship with two cabins and two flat. I'm drawing that symmetrical, pushing off the ship. No, I haven't added a tall line. This is the post where the flags are fixed, A marriage to cabins and to flag to make it look like it's It's a bit more bigger sailing ship. So, um, adding to set of cabins on top of the ship, Then I will add into flags us for the reflection will be in the same shape as we tried in the previous two ships. I'll make one flag, yellow and other flag and red color. No, I learned a little blue over the body off the ship, lighter on the right, on the darker on the left. Now, add in the reflection, the same we've needed for the other two can be darker at the left side and but lighter on the right side. In this exercise, I'm only showing you the basic shape of the reflection. Once you have the color for your background, see, it will start to look more realistic. All right, that's the 3rd 1 Now I'm gonna try another wooden poured with a figure off eight loop drew off a graph eight. First, I'm choosing the left side to be at the friend. So from that point, I'm taking a line down. So this is a friend side of the board now. I'm drawing a line here, but is gonna be the backside now, another line there, and I'm gonna connect the top two points and I'll just clean this sheep here. That's gonna be my basic shape of the boot. Now connect these two lines. Andi drew underline over the side and a tilted way, and that completes our poured. You can try the same thing in the other direction, so your left side becomes the back side on your right side becomes your friend. Now let's draw the reflection So this line will go in that direction on this in this direction, on this again in the opposite direction. So whatever you see as a reflection in the water will be a mirror image of warders about the sea. Now I'll quickly apply some color for this booed. I'll make it look like a wooden board, so I'm going. But Bon Sina, I'll make the left side darker on the right side. But lighter. I'm going with branzino now on. I'll add in little camp O J. Lo on Meet the right side. Which lighter now, while go with pains. Great and are more taco values for my boot. I'll fill up that line with paint scree and then I'll take it here on apply little over the border mask. Now I'm again going with pain scree, and I'm gonna add the reflection. As I mentioned earlier, the left side is gonna be darker. So firstly, I'm gonna take the shape off the port on that line. That deflection goes in this direction and I'm selling that video with the dark ocean off. Being scree make it a little darker at the bottom, off the board on our thes six taglines to make it look more realistic and then fill up the right side in a lighter version off pain scree. Are those exact lines in a sensible way? Don't add too many off them. It is thes lines which will add more beauty to your reflection. But don't add too many off them. So this port here will be used and one of four main project the rest offered you can use for your reference poppers and for you other projects. Now, on to the last one. This one is going to be a large cruise ship with the figure off eight. So I'm drawing a big figure off age like that Now, from this point, I'm going to draw a line drew underlying over here and make this a triangle. So that is our basic shape off the ship. I just cleaned this line. Want to have the shape right you can erase off the unnecessary remaining lines. Now that I have got the shape right, I'm gonna are do sort of cabins on top of the ship. Take this line, paddle into the shape of the ship and the other one's straight across now, filling the cabin with tiny windows on both the sides. No, I'll just clean up the left side off the port on. Just give it a good cheap at an inclined line over here, and the rest will be covered by the sea. And now I lied in the second cabin. Seem we how we added the first fund a smaller world now Arab dove in twos. Andi, finally are your flag post. Add a little flag over there and then also a number for your ship. Now, I'll quickly add some color to my ship. I'm going with a very lightened off blue and I'm just applying. Some were here to make it look like a wide ship as my ship was facing. With this side, I'll make this tiny triangle but darker. I forgot to erase off this tiny, but here they should go straight next. I like little yellow to all these windows and some red food of flag. And finally I'll fill up the ocean in Indigo. There wouldn't be a lot of reflection as it is in the middle of the sea. And there's a lot off water movement happening due to the waves and all that. So just create waves like that and fill it up with indigo. - Now I'm moving on to the final touches off the reflection. Where will be have this flag post? I'm gonna add the deflection off that you have to be ready at and do and add all these little details. It is what adds more realistic effect to your water. I'll finish it up by adding the reflection off these flags allowed that red reflection over here and then another raid over here. So when you have your background color for your water, the flags wouldn't stand out like this. It will have ah, much more realistic. Look, now that we're just applying them on the white paper, it may stand out. So when you have your color for your water, everything will start to look more realistic. All right, so that's our basic exercise. Before we get started, whatever mean projects? I hope you all got a rough understanding about painting a port and adding the reflections 5. Exercise 1 - Painting the Rippled Water: All right, guys, I hope you have your materials reading in the section. I'm gonna teach you how to create that. Water ripples on the most easiest way. Before I begin, I'm gonna take down my paper on two babies. Make sure all the edges are firmly fixed. As we are using multiple layers of water. The Russians off the paint can seep in if there isn't a cap in between. So run your fingers along three or four times and make sure the tape are strongly fixed. Now, using my hate brush. This is by Princeton. I'm gonna apply an even coat of water to the entire paper. If you don't have a hate bridge, it is absolutely OK. Apply the water of the biggest brush that you have. Just make sure the water is even, and there is no pools of water trapped in between. Now I'm gonna apply my color using this wash brush by Princeton. This is gonna be a monochrome painting. And I'm using similar blue. You can go with any blew off your choice. I'm applying the color from important to the top at the bottom. I'm making it darker. And as I go up and making it lighter. We need to get a Grady in wash, which is darker at the bottom on as you go up. It should be lighter. So I'm taking the paint on little the center and the rest offered. I'm taking pure water and bringing it down to the lightest tune. Your wash doesn't need to be perfect. We'll be going with another layer on the top. So don't worry if you're washes Mark. Perfect. As I mentioned earlier, you don't need to stick to the same blue that I'm using here. You can go with any blew off your child. You can go with brushing blue, ultra marine, blue or even you can experiment with other colors. All right, so that my first layer Now I'll wait for this to dry. My first layer has dried completely. Now I'm going to reveal the paper using the same hate brush. Be very gentle when you re with the paper. Don't disturb the base layer. Now wait for two minutes. Led the paper absorbable of love water. You shouldn't be applying your next layer directly on top off the too wet paper. If you do that, there will be a lot of bleeding on that were in create a nice effect. So let's wait for a while until the Bagram gets ready for the next layer. All right, so the Bagram looks perfect now, and it's still wet, but not too wet. Now I'm gonna go with a bit more brighter version off my similar blue on. I'm gonna add the ripples, a gain darker at the bottom on bond. I'm just adding a line like that. If you closely watch this, you can see the pain to still bleeding, but not a lot. If there's a lot of bleeding happening over your paper, wait for a moment until you go with your reports. My bathroom is perfecto Aaron the ripple. So on adding lines like thes, which are darker on wider. These lines, which we are adding which are the ripples, can be darker on broader at the bottom on as you go up, make them tainer a lighter and also closer to each other. Just follow the base. Grady Layer. We applied Darko value at the bottom on as we went up me, we made them lighter the same way. Apply darker lines at the bottom as you go up, make them lighter. You can see how it is already looking like reports now repeat the same exercise almost to the middle off the paper. Remember to make your lines thinner and closer as you go up and also make your lines lighter as you go up. Go with the gradual, radiant, darker at the bottom and Asako off. Make them lighter. Now I'm taking a lighter value. If you feel like there is a lot of water on the brush W brush on a paper towel on bond. Remove the excess amount of water. This way you can control the filtering effect to a good extent. Just focus on the brilliant. We need to have a gradual, greedy int which is darker at the bottom. And as we call up, it should be lighter. Now I'm gonna fill up the top area with a lighter tone off Prussian blue. I'm tapping the excess amount of water on the people travel on. I have a light blue on my brush so these lines are much closer to the horizon, so make sure you draw them in a very light tone. It is this Grady in lines which gives a terrible daughter effect. If you feel like the troopers haven't come out, you can again revisit the paper and go with the same X ice. So every time you leave it the paper you're opening a new possibility in front off you. When you read in the paper, you can again go with another layer off triples. The only thing is, the next time you add ripples, your C might get darker. Now I'm gonna have another darker layer at the bottom to make it more intense. So whenever you feel like you have got a great set of reports, you can stop it. There. You can go with any tonal value. You can make it much darker, or you can make it much lighter if you want to make it more darker at the bottom, Go on adding more layers on the only thing you have to keep in your mind as you have to get a gradual radiant, which is dark at the bottom on. As you go to the top, it should be lighter. That is the only thing you have to keep in your mind. You can make it as much dark as you want at the bottom. The green should be very gradual on. Once you reach that middle area, make it as light as you can. We're not going to give any specific line at the horizon. It will be. A crouch will sweep from the sea to the sky. So your sky should just blend into the sea whenever you feel like there is excess amount of water in your brush. Capitana people trouble, especially when you go up. Your line should be much thinner. Andi lighter. So it is very important to dab excess water on your bridge so as to get thin sharp lines. All right, so that's how my C is looking. Now I have got nice troopers. I just give a quick recapture what we did. We went. The people will be applied a great involves, which is darker at the bottom on. As we went up, we made it lighter. Andi then debated for that to try. Then we applied, and even Bush off water were the first layer. We made the paper wet again. And then we waited for some time so that the paper will absorb excess water. And then we started applying the triples, which is darker at the bottom. On asked event, we made them lighter. And then we repeated the same exercise one more time to make the see more intense. That was it. That two step before load and we are here to give to see a complete look. I'm gonna add one or two layer off mountain over the background in a very light own Over here. This is a silver plaque funded brush size number 12. Go with any round brush and I'm gonna draw a light outline off a mountain using a very light toe off blue. Just draw the shape on the top and then blended town with clean water. They shouldn't be any clear separation between the sky, the mountain and the sea. It should blend nicely into the sea and the sky. If you want to take you see entirely, too. The other end of the paper you can do that are, if you don't want to add to see, you can do that as who. The choice is absolutely yours. You can decide on your subject, or maybe you can add a teeny tiny boot at the farther end. Or maybe you can just draw some birds flying and leave it just like that. Now I've led another layer on the left on I will blend it down with clean border. Go with a very light on for your mountain so as to get that feel that it is too far. And that's the final painting. Now, while quickly beloved um, asking team always remember to peel off your masking tape at an ankle so that it won't rip off your paper. And also you can blow dry on top of the paper so that it will loosen the glue off the masking t that may also you can tear off the masking tape without spoiling the paper on. That's a rippled water. We just took one single shade to finish the entire painting. I took similar blue. Okay, I hope you all enjoyed painting the smaller chrome rippled water. Give it a go. Decide on your tune. You can make it lighter or you can make it darker. Just keep in your mind the kind of greedy in that gonna go What? Maybe you can go with a much darker ingredient or a much light ingredient, then adding your ripples Also in this ingredient. You can also experiment the same with purple or green are orange or any color off your child. So let to your creativity flow and give your rippled water if you look. 6. Exercise 2 -The Deep Blue Sea: All right. So in the previous sections, first we tried water the clothes that we can use for the water we tried their different moral values on. And then we painted a monochrome build water. So now we're going to try a much more realistic abortion off a deep blue sea. Where be gonna combine the rippled water exercise and all these colors I have already taped on my paper on two days. Now with this hate brush, I'm gonna apply and even called the water onto the entire paper. Uh, now for my see, I'm mixing cello, Turk eyes and similar blue to get a bluish green. This is how the color looks like if you don't have to Lotr Kai's and Sommelier Blue You can use your viridian green and brushing blue That also will give you a nice greenish blue Now with a greenish blue I need I'm gonna apply a greedy involved with his darker at the bottom And as I go up, I'll make it lighter. This Grilli invoice doesn't need to be perfect as we will come up with more layers on the top. So don't worry if you don't get a perfect wash after this line, I'm gonna take clean water and I'll bring it down to the lightest value. So we applied a nice clean wash. Now, in between, I'm adding some lines of Viridian green to get a nice three green color. You don't need to add a lot of them just three or four lines here and there. And as the background is still wet, the Greenville plants nicely into the background. So this is how my background looks like. You can see that green blue fight everything. So apply O Grady in wash. It doesn't need to be perfect. As I mentioned earlier, it should be little dark at the bottom. And as you progress towards the up, make it lighter. Now wait for like, 2 to 3 minutes. We are waiting for the paper to dry entirely. Now I'm switching to a round brush. This is a little black caliber size number 12 Andi again mixing love the LOTR kites and Celia blue to get a much more dark a version of the same color be applied for the background. Now we're going to create water ripples with this color. I want to show you how I'm gonna do that. So I'll just add Coby lines like these. It can be particular it some part and it can be generated some media's. It will be a competition off the canton. And I'm gonna add Gobi lines like these. Now I'm gonna add those lines on to oversee. I'm starting from the bottom. You can see as my papers little bet the color is starting to bleed. Don't worry. Let it bleed. It is absolutely OK now keep adding those lines. Make sure you leave a little space in between. Before you add the next line. Don't make them touch each other. Add a lines as a competition off the canton. Doom drew a sharp decline. You can make a dinner at some area and then it can progress to a decline. And then again, back to 10. Now repeat the same exercise on add in as many lines as you want as you go up. Make sure your lines are lighter. So I didn't wait for my program to dry perfectly. I'm adding the lines on top off the little wet paper, and that's why this little bleeding is there. We have multiple layers off ripples coming on top of foot, so you don't need to worry. Now I'm gonna have more lines, but lighter version of the same color. And I'm going to finish that. Also dab your brush on a people travel if if you like. There is a lot of water on your brush. All right, So I have done adding in the lines. They were dark at the bottom on as I progress towards the up, I made them lighter. Now I'm gonna again take my head brush, and I will add an even coat of clean water on top off other background. Now we have to add two more set of reports weren't on this Vette paper, and another said once the people has dried So I'm gonna go in with the first set of ripples on the damn paper. For the next two set of Rippers, I will use indigo. I'll go with a very internal value off the same color as speeded in this monochrome report painting It is the same technique that I'm going to follow here. I've allowed more Darko Don's at the bottom. Then I'll go with the lighter ones as I go up. Your paper shouldn't be too bad I've waited for like 2 to 3 minutes, and now I've allowed the integral lines again, darker at the bottom. And as you go up, it should be lighter. Has to go on adding more layers to your water. It make it looks like more realistic. There will be more tapped and feeling to your water. Make the lines dinner and lighter as you go out. If you feel like you're lines are sharp, Andi rough. You can add a layer of water on the top. So if you have noticed what I'm doing, we're repeating the same exercise that multiple times for us to be applied. Agrarian Wash. Then we applied ripples, and then we re with the paper and then we again apply the Ripper's on now again, riveting the paper. And then after this, I'll go with the final set of ripples on the dry paper. All right, so my background has dried perfectly. You can see there is a very in kind off colors and my c All these are achieved by this. Multiple layers be applied. I'm going with alas, it off ripples Amusing Indigo again This time, go with a smaller brush on. Add more Indians precise lines. You can see how this bottom of the paper is starting to look like a realistic, deep Lucy. You get achieved this effect only by going with multiple layers. Otherwise, it may not look this realistic. It will look a bit flat. No Mikel Einstein. Norine Lighter now, while quickly go and finish the entire see by adding lines. Keep a watch, make it lighter as you go up and your lines has to be seen. Arrests for I'm nearly done. There is a letter more lighter tones to add on the top. So if you feel like it is but difficult to finish this big B, go with the smaller piece and practice on it. And once you feel like you're confident enough to paint a pic, 01 go but a big bees, all dried guys that so we'll see. Now let's wait for that to dry. The Bagram has dried completely. Now you need a wide shell pinto. Add in the reflection in the water. I'm using the Sekera Julie Rule size number 10. If you don't have a gel pin, you can go with Whitewater color and detail ING brush And now I'm gonna add lines at the center on Lee at the bottom. Just add some random, scrappy lines at that video towards the border, mostly. So these white lines will make the water look like there is light hitting on the water and it is reflecting back. This is the closer look. It was just some dirty lines you don't do Had too much concentration on it. Just had some lines like this. And Philip, that center idea. - All right, so this is how it finally looks like I have added quite a lot of white lines and it does look like the water is reflecting. So add as many as you want and start variable. You feel satisfied? Meanwhile, our background rice, let's have a look how we can draw some flying boats in the easy way and a more realistic way. So I have a scrappy sof people here I'm beating for my paper to dry. I'm gonna try three different questions off board flying one. You can draw a curvy line in both direction one going from top to bottom as a Kobe line, and then you repeat the same thing as a symmetrical line on the other side, and that's the first board you can see. I have created a little cross mark connecting those two curvy lines. Now let's go with the 2nd 1 I'm drawing an inclined line, and from the centre, I'm taking the line in the opposite direction where the lines are meeting. I meet it, but thicker. And now let's go with the 3rd 1 a similar line in the other direction and then keep a little ticker taught at the center, and that's over 1/3 1 Now I'm gonna do the same thing on our painting, - and those are the flying boat. Now I'm gonna quickly peel off the masking tape and I'll show you how our final painting is looking. Always remove your masking tape at an ankle. Can you see that reflection in the water? It's really nice, right on Dhere. We are with our deep blue sea. I hope you all enjoy painting this realistic deep blue sea. Give it a try on Do post them in the project gallery. I would love to see them 7. Final Project 1 - Part 1: are right here we are. At our first final project. I'm going to begin by fixing my paper onto a bays. Make sure your paper is strongly and formally faced as we are using multiple use of water. It is very important to fix your paper formally so that there's no gaps in between journal thinkers across all the four sides to make sure your paper strongly fixed to the poor. And there is no gaps in between. Now with the figure of a technique which we learned in the sketchbook practice, I'm gonna draw aboard over my left side. So first redrew the figure off eight, then we added three lines. Then we connected the lines and me the base off the boot so that side of the base is done. Now I'll connect the other side and make the base complete. Now we have the basic shape of the boat ready here. Now I'm gonna erase off the unnecessary lines, and after that I'm gonna add in a rough outline off the reflection. Just ask me. Practiced in the sketchbook exercise. It should be a mirror image off your board, so I'm just gonna add in as his exact lines. Just connect all the lines and greater off reflection. I'll just add a rube as for which makes it looks like it is tied to opposed or something. And yeah, that's the basic pencil outline off aboard. Now I'm going to read the paper, leaving the boat and the reflection the rest of the area with my head brush. I'm gonna apply an even coat of water with the large brush, apply and even called the water and make sure you are taking it to the port and the reflection. Now I'm switching to a round brush. This is silver black Fuller Brush size number 12. Andi, I'm taking a mixture off the Looter Kai's and Sen earlier blue form. I see you don't need to stick to the color that I'm using here. If you don't have the little guys hours and earlier blue, you can just use Prussian blue. No matter which Galleria using. Go with a very light tone aunt. Apply Kobe. Lines like these make you lying a mix often antic on. Don't apply them to closer. So the first strokes that I applied on my paper had too much of water, and that's why it is bleeding a lot. Now. I'm dabbing my brush on a people travel and removing the excess water on my brush, and you can see the difference off the stroke that I'm applying now. So this is how you can control the kind off flu that you get on your paper. If you feel like there is a lot of water on your brush, always top your brush on a paper trouble before you apply the paint on the paper. We need to have that wide spaces in between, so don't apply your strokes much closer to each other. Keep adding those curvy lines and don't worry if you have got a fishery effect or they look too sharp, we'll have another layer coming on top, which will fix everything. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is never Philip the entire paper space. We have to have that white space in between each of the Blue Strokes. This people white has a lot of importance while you paint to water. It is these white lines, which makes the water looks like they're shining once you reach that idea off the board. After that line make your lines very light. Just add some very few lines after that line. Now I'll add some color closer to the reflection and keep it clean shape. Now, we haven't filled that idea. Choose randomly. Keep clean shape to your reflection. This doesn't need to follow the exact same shape off your reflection are Doesn't need to be perfect. My basis still wet. It hasn't dried completely. It iss somewhere like four peoples and wet. Now I'm gonna go with another earlier on top off it. Make sure you don't cover up the entire lighter toe into the background so you can see I still have that people white and then a lighter tone off blue. And then the tone between applying. Now this is what you should be fooling for the entire see. So I have drawn my lines. In a way, it is diverging from that reflection. So you can either follow the same pattern or you can draw them in an inclined line. I'm adding more lines. I'm not filling up the entire base layers as you go up. Don't forget to make your tone lighter, and also you don't need to add too many lines when you reach that line off the board, I'm adding very few lines and a very light tomb on. After that, I'm gonna take that color over the sky and I'll blended together with clean water just much that colors into this guy so that you won't see a clear separation off the sky in the sea. Now, with the medium sized brush, I'm gonna add the darko tunes I'm using intercooled. You can add more Darko dunes at the bottom on as you go up, make them very little again. Use the same idea when we apply the previous layer. We have to see that white on the lighter tomb and the next tune on the dock CO two never cover up the entire base layers. To get a good, realistic effect, each of these leaders has to be visible, so I will quickly adding more taco tunes at around of eight years without covering up the anti obese layers. Just have a watch. Remember to make your lines thinner and lighter as you go up. - Now you can see some off the lines, looks to sharp, and some of them has a very rough ends, so I'm gonna use my head brush again and apply a clean, cold water on top off it. So this will make all your lines. Looks mood. This code of clean water really does magic. You have to watch out. This layer of water will evenly plans out all your colors in your C and greets a very nice effect. I'll just switch to a smaller brush to clean this area. I'm gonna even leave. Blend that horizon line now. The final step is to make use off your wet paper and go in with more taco tools. So I'm gonna go in with a darker value off integral Andi, I'm gonna randomly applied over the border. Don't use a lot of water if there's excess amount of water. W brush on a paper towel. Andi. Add random lines like thes has your Bagram despite these lines, when smoothly go into your background. All right, so that's it. I have added enough off Darko tunes. Now let's read for the background to try 8. Final Project 1 - Part 2: So we finished painting the water. Now the next task is to paint the reflection on the boat. So I'm taking warm Elin, and I'm gonna applied that over the right side off my reflection as you brokers down Adler love yellow. Now take the color in the shape off the reflection. Uh, now for the left, I'm going with a bit more brighter version off four million first. And then I will add in some born Sina. Apply this also in the shape of the reflection. Now I'm going to make the reflections more in dense. I have mixed a little love Payne's grave with Mancina and I'm going with that color. Now I'm making the bottom off the board darker. So applied that talker value just underneath the port Now over the left side with the same tar color I'm taking the lines in the shape of the reflection just aren't exactly lines like that. So these are the kind of clients which will make your reflection more realistic. Now, using Bon Xena, I'm repeating the same thing on the right as for at that point, very water. And the reflection is meeting. Call these trolls exact lines Now I'm switching to the left side and mixing bones in Abbott Pain Scree and I have created a darker of ocean off brown on. I'm going to draw a line a co V line at the center, which is the reflection off that center line off the board. And now I'm gonna fill that left side off that line with Sadako Brown. After you have full that area in Dhaka, Brown, keep adding Z exact lines at that point where your reflection and the water's meeting go, but buried in line on slowly Take that into the water so these lines should start very reflection ISS, and then slowly it should go into the water gradually. Now I'm switching to the right side. I'm going with the bold of ocean off four million and then I'm gonna apply over here again . I'm going in the shape of the reflection. I'm adding exact lines in between. You can make use exact line, small talker at that point where your reflection and waters meeting and also don't just limit the lines you're drawing at that line off reflection spread it out into the water. Some of them can go into the water s full. Now. I'm going with the Bulow shed at the bottom off the board and mixing vermillion on little off burns in it together. On that, the shed that I'm applying now, don't disturb the darker section off the reflection. Livy. Tacitus! Just concentrate on the right side. No, I'm adding some lines of branzino into that and you can leave it. Asset is you don't need to plant are do anything over it. Now make Spain's gree into Mancina and greet a very dark motion off brown on. Keep on adding those exact lines. So we're going with the doctor Stone. Don't be scared just at the lines and it won't go wrong. Let your lines be very pin and take some of them out into the blue water. - I'm adding more Darko Tone Street center line. I'll just take my exact lines, little more into the water and we can talk. I'll add some taco tunes at the right side. Aspirin over here just and I need the board and I'll take some off them into the water. I'm quite happy with the reflection, I think has top it there. Okay, I stopped with the reflection on. Now I'm going to the board. Let's pain the board with an orange color I'm taking violin on. I'm gonna apply it over the right side. The left side will be more taco than the right side because that is where the shadow was falling. So I'm applying the right side with a bold four million. Now I've laden a little off here low and I'll blend those colors together on I'll take that He alone. It'll into the reflection asked just over three little I'll go back to our board and finish the rest off it with yellow as I go to war. So right, I'm making it. But more darker, but adding little four million. Now fill up the remaining left over 80 asphalt, four million. - Now I'm moving to that left piece off the board. I'm going with Vermillion first. Then I'll miss the war 1,000,000 with pain screen And add that next to it. As you progress, give the border good shape. Now with the same color. I'm gonna draw that center line which is popping up, - and finally I'm gonna fill this bees with born Sina on when it comes to the partum on taking the love pains. Great to make it more docker. Everything has perfectly drive. Now with Payne's Gray, I'm gonna add the final touches to the port and the reflection. Just make thes lines darker here, Andi, over the right as well, and add some more doctor lines now to this bees at a dark outline here on leaving a little . Keep under outline here and now. Add inclined lines like this, which will be that slats for people will sit on the board are two or three off them asper the size you have now. Give some dark Dorn's and this one you can fill up entirely with that tackle color. Now I'm making that center post also little more darker. Using pain scree. I'll make that line more Boulder and making this left bees also more darker on. After that, I'll draw a line following the cook off the food, and after you add that line using one million, I'll just Tony down. Now take a by gel pin. If you don't have a wide Children, you can use why to quash or by toward a clerk. Remember, we had a rope tied over here toothy boot with my wife's help in. I'm just drawing on top off it now while switch to my brush ontological it, love Payne's gray and I'll add some thoughts. Aren't any bad white line? No, I'll switch back to my gel pin on ad under the rope again. I'll switch back to my Bresch and I'll add little details to that rope. This will make it look more realistic on with that, we have finished our first project. If you want, you can add some flying birds in the sky. I'm just leaving it. Tacitus. I allow the way the sea is looking because we didn't add a horizon line. It looks like the sea has no ending. Now I'll quickly peel off the masking tape. I know this one is quite challenging. This was my third try. So if you don't get it right the first time, don't worry. Give it another go. I'm sure by the second or third try usually make it all I wanted to say as never give up. You have to be your computer. If you feel like I cannot do it, you have to keep trying until you make it. You shouldn't compare yourself with any other person, not just with art, but anything you never should compare yourself with any other person. Dis compare very where yesterday and very watery and just rate your own progress. If you feel like you have progressed from what you were yesterday, then you should be a lot trough yourself. 9. Final Project 2 - Part 1: Okay, we finished. Double first project. Now let's start with over 2nd 1 I'll begin with my pencil sketch. I'm gonna add a boat over here. I drew a line at the center. No, my port side of the boat should be symmetrical. I'm taking it like this. Now I'll draw the same thing over the other side. Aspar Now, at an opening like that at the center. So that's it with the board. Now, I'm gonna add a rough outline. Often, island. Uh, that's the basic sketch we need to get started now. Using my Princeton hit brush. I'm gonna apply an even called the water, leaving the port on the forest area. If you don't have a hate bridge, that is absolutely okay. Go with any large brush that you have caught for the first layer of my clear. See, I'm gonna go with Cabal Green by Mitchell Omission. This is how the color looks like. It is a very cool acquire kind of color. I'm loading my brush with cabal cream. Andi, I'll just add a lighter color over the island. Your outline doesn't need to be too perfect if you want it to be perfect. You can go with the smaller brush. So now I applied the lighter color off cabal cream over this area. I'm filling up the rest of for two, but the next tune off Cabal Green. If you don't have a cabal cream, you can use Viridian green. So you're wash Doesn't need to be perfect. It's better if it's not perfect. Actually, That way you will have this little white spaces in between and that will make the water look more realistic. Now we're leaving the board. I'll fill up the rest of the media if you want to apply a mask included over the poured to avoid mistakes. You can do that on once we are done with the water, you can remove it. I wouldn't go with the majority, so I didn't add a masking fluid. If you have one, you can do that. So we have our first layer off clear scene. No, I'm gonna take this fried green Jell O from sin. Earlier on, I'm gonna apply a lighter tone off the shade over the island. To get the similar color, you can mix a little of sap green to your lemon yellow. You really don't need to use a flat brush to apply Tres you can go with a round brush. I just had this in my hand and I went with that, uh, my people has completely dried, so I'm gonna go but a clean coat of water. Now I'm gonna load my brush with Viridian Green on I'm adding lines like thes at as many lines as he warned, and then clean your brush, wipe off the paint and the water on Earth people tower and then slowly help those lines to plant into the background. Now I'm going to repeat the same exercise using Pierrot two guys. I'm gonna apply that around the board and then I'll take it outward. So we're not applying the docker don't right away. We're building the layers, so I applied like toe off the turquoise. Now I'm gonna clean my brush and blend the color into the background. Now I'm going with a bit brighter. Tell a turquoise and I'll repeat the same exercise our ideas to make the water around the board with darker than the rest off it. So I'm applying the still a jerk eyes around the port at some lines like these on either side closer to the board, and this will make it look like there was a moment in the water way. Now clean your brush on the people. Trouble on a run your dry, clean brush around the pain that you applied on martyred with the background. Next time, using the same kind of doing off Viridian green and I'll repeat the same exercise. And that's how water looks now and now I'll go with a much more private tuition off the loo turquoise, and I'll apply it around the port. And along with that, I'll also create some lines which will replicate the water movement after you applied those lines around the port using a flat purchased clean them out. - Now I'm going with the last layer off lines amusing. My silver blackfella precise. Number 12. You can go with any medium sized brush on. I'm just adding lines like these. Make sure you're applying them only closer to the board. The rest off it. Leavitt Acid Er's. We're adding these lines closer to the board because there will be water movement. If you have too many off them, it may not look like a clear sea. Add more DACA tones around the board and then keep adding lines like the some off your lines can be thicker. And some of them can be dinner. Draw them at a competition off the canton. Now go over the next tune and make it the darker closer to the board. Uh, so that's it with the water. Now, let's progress into the tropical island. We had already applied a court off light green over the island. No, I'm going with sap Green. I'm gonna take a little off supreme on my wrong brush. I'm going with this stone. No, I've allowed that green over this extreme 80 us on. And after that, I just blend that into the background, use clean water and just most that into the light cream background. Now, I'm gonna add little darts like these with the same color throughout the background. We're painting an aerial view off a sea here on this tiny cream darts will replicate trees . All right, that's it with the green dots. Now I'm loading my brush with a little love Viridian green, and I'm gonna draw an outline for this island. Go with the lighter to and just add an outline around this area. Go with a very thin outline, and after you have drawn that little outline, just wash your brush and the clean water blend that color into the background. These shooting look like sharp outlines. It should just look like a shadow. And that's why we're blending this color into the background. - Now . Repeat the same exercise and finish the entire island line. Some places you can even take the water inside and Crete grooves like this, which will make it more realistic. You can find inspirational pictures off tropical sea like this from Internet, and this is what we're trying to create here. Now I'll switch to time. Lapse on. I'll quickly finish the entire island line. - Alright , guys. So that's it with the water on the island. Now join me in my neck section and let's be in the boat 10. Final Project 2 - Part 2: - now to paint the board amusing this primary alot from sin earlier I'm gonna apply that over the port entirely. Apply a bully alone without diluting it a lot. Uh, this yellow board is a main subject off our painting and it has to stay pulled and loud. So to make it stand out, go with the intense yellow. - There's a little blue over here which I will mask it with white or tickler And then I'll apply girl over it so that mystic will be covered up. I clean the shape of the board bearable. The was a mystic I mastered with white war declare. Now I'm feeling that middle area also in yellow. Now the eater in between the two yellows I'm going to fill that space with born Sina. Go with a smaller brush and apply but darker color over this area. Now, for the remaining 80 I use a lighter tone over 1,000,000 on Philip that leftover space with that color. And now just blend als bolder outline on the one million. Don't forget to use the smaller breast so as to get pointed sharp lines. No add lines like these for the yellow box. Just out of line and offset Outline now with pain Scree. I'm gonna add some more shadows to my board, give everything outline and then add lines, Lighters which will feel like there is a wooden slats on the floor. Uh, no. I'm taking a lighter tone off orange on. I'm gonna add a line over here and just blend it out. We have some more final touches to our to the board, but we have to wait for the entire layers to dry. Meanwhile, we have another task to do. Take your white quash and tonight's pointed brush gonna take some off the white quash on the lead and I'll mix it and make it in a good consistency. The consistency looks right now with this, I'm gonna add tiny details to the water. Adam. Eggs off tiny lines and dots. This is the light reflecting in the water. There is no order or anything. You can just are tiny lines and dots and little scribbles in the water. Just a random order. You don't need to take it too much into the lighter part. You can just add them on Lee closer to the food and the darker 80 us. Add as many as you want. Stop. Whenever you're satisfied. Even if you add a lot, it wouldn't be a mistake. It will just look like there is a lot of lights heating the water and a lot of the mist reflecting back. So, yeah, if you want to add more, go ahead. And to that. - So I'm kind of satisfied and I'm stopping, adding the white lines there. Now let's go back to our board. I'm adding lines like this, but a light orange drove four or five off them with arugula cap. Now add a line at the partum connecting all the lines. I'm adding some more. Darko, don't Over here. I'm going with a much darker version off pain screen and adding it over here to make the shadow more boulder. And over here, as for I'll make these lines. Also, Boulder, we are almost done just to get the sense of the scale, right? I'm gonna add to tiny boots quite far from our yellow poured. I'll add one over here. Just Ardell outline now with the pointed brush I'm taking littered in green and I'm giving it an outline. The tiny board that we're adding will give a feeling that that is very far from over yellow port, and it will give the sense of the scale right on. That is the reason why we're adding this tiny object Adam Koebel, cream around it on, then with clean water. Just blend that into the clear sea. No, I'm going to add another board the same way over here. I'll draw a tiny outline first. Then I'll take my brush and I'll dip that in Viridian Green. Then I'll give up thin outline. Then I'll switch to Cabal Green on our ticker outline around it. And then after that, that clean water, I'll plan that into the sea. Now I'm gonna make one little boat in yellow on another one and orange. So I'm going with a very light off yellow, and I'm gonna apply toe this board and the next one I'm going to make it as orange boot. So I'm going with a lighter value off orange, but he light value, and then I'm gonna apply this over the second board. Andi feed for that. Too dry mean while we wait for our tiny boards to dry, take pains, great or plaque on a smaller brush on the other line over here. Make that line but bold and sharp on. After that, you can draw another line, an inclined line over here. Along with that, you can add a room as well. Now I'll do the same thing over the left side. Now with that same brush at a super tin outline to your tiny boots on just a dot like that over the back side of the boot. With that, we have finished over second project. Now I'm going to quickly peel off the masking tape, as I always see. Whenever you peel off your masking tape, do that at an angle so that it won't rip off your paper on. Also, you can blow dry on your paper first before you peel off your masking tape that also will loosen the glue and help you prevent it from dripping off the paper. And that's of our final painting off a yellow board sailing through a tropical island. I hope you all enjoyed painting this one. It is quite easy. Give it a go. If you're still doubtful about trying it, you can find plenty off inspirational pictures on Internet, so take out the techniques which you learned in this class. Look for inspirational pictures and try and replicate pad photographs in your way. All right, give it a go. If you're trying this tropical scene to post them in the present calorie, I would allow to see them. 11. Thank you for Watching: Hello everyone. Thanks a lot for making it to the end. I had so much fun teaching all the Seascapes and I'm quite happy with how each of them turned out. There were quite a lot of field pieces while I was practicing for this particular class. So don't worry if you don't get it right at the first time. Never give up. Give it all to go. You will surely see your improvement in your second time and the next time you will become an export. So practice and patience is the key. There were quite a lot of techniques and exercises which we did in this class. And I hope that will help you in your future Project cess ful. If you are trying these class projects and if you're posting them onto Instagram, don't forget to tack me. My instagram handle is Aurora by sea. I will be the happiest to see them and I will be super happy to share them for you. Thanks a lot for watching and happy painting