Watercolor Rainbow Pattern for Your Sketchbook: Snacks Edition (Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream, Lollipop) | Volta Voloshin-Smith | Skillshare

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Watercolor Rainbow Pattern for Your Sketchbook: Snacks Edition (Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream, Lollipop)

teacher avatar Volta Voloshin-Smith, Watercolor Illustrator and Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Recommended Supplies

    • 3. A Quick Reminder - Download of Line Drawings

    • 4. How to Sketch a Cupcake

    • 5. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Cupcakes

    • 6. How to Sketch a Lollipop

    • 7. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Lollipop

    • 8. How to Sketch an Ice Cream Cone

    • 9. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Ice Cream

    • 10. How to Sketch a Donut

    • 11. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Donuts

    • 12. Bonus: How to use your rainbow patterns beyond your sketchbook

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About This Class

In this class, students will learn how to bring a happy and delicious watercolor rainbow sketch into their sketchbooks.

We’ll go through techniques on how to sketch out 4 different watercolor snacks:

  • Watercolor Donut
  • Watercolor Cupcake
  • Watercolor Lollipop
  • Watercolor Ice Cream Cone (you may also enjoy my other Watercolor Ice Creams class).

After sketching each individual illustration in your sketchbook, you'll  then be able apply those techniques into a repeating rainbow pattern with watercolors of different colors.

This class is great for anyone who wants to play with colorful watercolors and even beginners (or non-artists) will be able to enjoy it. An illustrated worksheet will be provided in case you want to trace the shapes and just dive right into playing with your watercolors and sketchbook.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Volta Voloshin-Smith

Watercolor Illustrator and Artist



I'm Volta, the artist behind the Color Snack Creative Studio & colorsnack.com blog, based in Dallas, TX.

I love sharing inspiring messages through my art and encouraging wonderful people like YOU to pursue a creative life. Over the years I've taught thousands of students online and during in-person workshops.

I'm originally from Moldova, and currently live in Dallas, Texas. 

I'm best known for my food illustrations and animations and have worked with notable brands like Dallas Mavericks, Pernod Ricard, and Michaels.

I also recently wrote a book on how to paint watercolor snacks and it will be out in July! 


Stay creative, sweet friend





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1. Introduction: Hi, friends. Welcome. I'm so happy that you're here. I'm Volta, the artist behind the color sack our block. Some of you may know I am a huge lover of colors and stacks. And so I wanted to combine the two passions once again and create a watercolor Rainbow snacks class in this class will go over a couple of techniques on how you can sketch for different types of snacks once, well, we'll do that. We'll go through how to apply the same technique onto our rainbow setting, so you have a sketchbook full of colorful and delicious. Next. This class is great for anyone that wants to play with water colors. Even beginners or non artists would be able to enjoy it, since I'll be providing and illustration for each of the sketches that will be doing and you'll be able to either tree sit or follow along and get additional. We'll start with a list of recommended supplies and then go through the different types of sketching. And then afterwards we're gonna finish it off with a few ideas. How you can take your delicious and water cholera Lee rainbow goodness beyond your sketchbook. So what are you waiting for? Grab a sketchbook since our supplies and I'll see you in class 2. Recommended Supplies: Here are some of the art supplies that I recommend so for the beeper that I'll be using its cancer on watercolor paper. And I got the block of nine by 12. And then I just grabbed a sheet, which this one's empty. But I grabbed a sheet in, and I cut it off into four pieces. I think the smaller size is something like this. Ah works better for learning something because it's less intimidating and it's just a little bit more fine and manageable. So that'll be the paper and actually to create our rainbow sketches. I'm using this handbook, uh, sketchbook, and it's the sizes eight by 3.5 inches. So it's kind of like a landscape size, and it's great. Teoh do the's, uh, rainbow sketches because it allows you, you know, to use the whole spread. But of course, this is not necessary. If you just get this sketchbook, you can again cut it up into, um, panels. And what a color that way for the actual watercolors. I'm using the Majella Mission Gold watercolors, but any set will do as long as you have a variety of colors. So if you have you know a good range of from your yellows all the way to your blues and greens and everything in between that's recovery. And then for the brushes. I'm using the Mozart water brushes, Um, and I'll go over so you can just get one of these packs that has different sizes. And for most of the most of the sketches, I'm using this medium size brush because it covers the area's really well and then for details. You can use a smaller one and then always use a trustee towel or a paper towel to, um, be used for your lesson because you can wipe off. What about these brushes? Easily if you're using a water brush, But again, any doesn't have to be a water brush, so any watercolor brush will work here. 3. A Quick Reminder - Download of Line Drawings: before we proceed into the actual rainbow sketches of our snacks. I wanted to remind you that in the class notes section I have uploaded a pdf document that has the line drawings off all of these sketches. So you're welcome to download them and trace them if you'd like or use them as a guy to help you in your rainbow sketching process. 4. How to Sketch a Cupcake: start by mixing some colors for the base of the cupcake. I'm using orange mixed with yellow okra. Begin your sketch with two lines that are slightly tilting away from each other and then connect those lines at the bottom. Next skitch as exact shape, slightly curving downwards for the cupcake wrapper skit. The lines going down from the bottom angles off the zigzag and fill in the shape with a light wash of what a color. - Go over each of those lines with a brush loaded with more pigment. This will help the sketch have some more shadows and dimension. Sketched the top of the cupcake with a light wash and that will be using same colors, your yellow okra and makes it orange for the icing. Think of it as drawing as curve shapes that air going from bottom to the top, building upon each other, then connect the lines into the shape of the icing. Next, fill in the icing with watercolor, either by adding some big mint or pulling in the color from the existing lines. Leave the left hand side in a lighter color so as to show the highlight. Keep adding deeper layers onto the creases up the icing in on the right hand side, you can always remove some of the watercolor by wiping the brush clean and then lifting off the paint. 5. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Cupcakes: for the Rainbow cupcakes. Skitch again will be using a pencil to sketch outer shapes. And depending on the size or the length of the panel, you may have 6 to 7 little sketches of cupcakes for their Rainbow Cupcakes sketch. I'm actually using the same color for the rapper, and then I'm alternating, or I guess I'm going through the rainbow colors for the frosting part. But you're welcome. Teoh, Um, play with these colors and maybe keep the entire shape in a single single color and then go through the rainbow colors. That way, it's up to you just as long as you have fun. 6. How to Sketch a Lollipop: load up your brush with water color paint and start your lollipop sketch by drawing a semi oval. Here again, I'm using the coral watercolor. Next sketch the ridge part of the lollipop. It will resemble to slightly curved lines with a little protrusion at both ends. Next, finished the lollipop by drawing the other half of the semi oval. Since we used lots of pavement with the brush, we can now wipe it on a towel and squeeze a drop of water onto the sketch. Start pulling in the color from the lines into the middle of the shape. Be mindful to leave the left hand side of the lollipop fairly light, so us to indicate the light source and give your sketch more dimension. You can always wipe off the excess color from the brush and blended, and with a wet brush, the right hand side will be darker. So keep adding a few more watercolor layers to it, and the rich part of the lollipop will also have pretty dark lines. Um, so as to indicate shadows. - You can use Payne's gray or a block color diluted with a lot of water, so it's fairly light to sketch the lollypop stick similarly to our lollipop. The left hand side of the stick will have ah highlight and the right hand side will be a bit darker. 7. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Lollipop: for actual Rainbow Sketch. Since we are using and repeating the same shape several times, I recommend starting to sketch off with a pencil, so this will help you erase any irregularities. Or, you know, if a circle is smaller than the other one, you can fix it easily before you apply the water colors up . Next is the fun part, actually applying the rainbow colors onto your sketch to start off with yellow color, then go through orange, maybe a pink or red, purple, blue and green, depending on the available colors that you have, you follow the same instructions that I have discussed in the previous video, so I'll just beat up this one so you can see the final result. 8. How to Sketch an Ice Cream Cone: start your sketch by drawing the ice cream cone. This will be composed of two lines slightly facing away from each other. Fill in the shape with a light layer of water color. I'm using yellow okra with lighter shade of brown watercolor. Sketch the crisscross lines on the cone. - Clean off your water brush and load it up with water color. I'm using a coral color for this scoop. Sketched the ice cream scoop by drawing a big semi whole shape, and the bottom of the shape will have a wavy line so as to indicate a melting ice cream. Fill in the entire shape with a light lier of water color on the right hand side. Keep outing more pigment and layers to demonstrate shadow, leaving the left hand side with a highlight. You can always remove some of the watercolor by lifting it off with a clean, wet brush. Next, you can also go over some of the lines on the ice cream cone to darken them a bit. 9. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Ice Cream: for the rainbow ice cream cones. Again, I would recommend starting it off with using a pencil and sketching out your ice cream cones that way. So depending on the length of your panel, that will determine how many ice cream cones will fit on there. And sketching that with a pencil allows you to race any shapes that you don't like or make any adjustments before applying the water color. - And now, for the fun part of actually adding the water color two year ice cream cone sketch and making that a rainbow. So I'm allowing my colors, my watercolors to touch each other so you'll see that one scoop kind of bleeds into the next. And I like that if I, because I scream, is already a multi subject. So that way it creates like an interesting rainbow transition from one sketch on to the next 10. How to Sketch a Donut: start your doughnut by sketching a wobbly circle. It's OK if it's not perfect. We don't want that anyway, because the donut icing is never perfectly round. Draw another smaller circle inside your 1st 1 and start filling in the sheep. We watercolor Notice that I'm filling out first, the top and the bottom with lots of pigment. Wipe your brush and squeeze a drop of water and start pulling that big man into the blank spaces of your shape. This will create a highlight on the doughnut, and you can keep adding more pigment to the outside. Edges off the small circle in the outside edges of the bigger doughnut shape. Wipe off your brush once again and use a mixture of burnt sienna plus orange for the actual dough. Part of the doughnut sketched the dough lions on the left and bottom side. Similarly, the inside of the doughnut will have a line of the dough that is parallel to the bigger shape. - Go back and with a slightly darker brown color to indicate shadows. Ride under the icing on line. You can use a smaller brush for this if you want, but a medium sized brush will work fine. Then use the brush to blend those in for a smoother look on the dough 11. Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Donuts: for a Rainbow Donut sketch will start again by using a pencil to kind of pre plan and arrange our shapes before we apply the water color. Next, we'll start adding the colors. So follow the same exact technique that I've discussed in the previous video with the one donor. And, um, just fill in the shapes with the colors and making sure to leave, you know, some spots to have the highlights and some some parts of the doughnuts to have darker or more pigment in it. 12. Bonus: How to use your rainbow patterns beyond your sketchbook: