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Watercolor Portrait, Skintone VS Cold Shadows

teacher avatar Umberto Zanoni, nerodivenere

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Ink Sketch

    • 4. Watercolor Skin Tone

    • 5. Cold Shadows

    • 6. Final Result and Greetings

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About This Class

Hello Artists,

how are you ?

all goos ? I wish you the best time :)

today in this class I will show you, how I've tried to make a classical standard portrait studio in black and grey, more interesting, more artistic and more vibrant

the key and the focus in this particular painting is to play with the contrast between skin tone and cold blue shadows

the colours are basically complementary so they work really good together

I will show the full entire process, from the ink sketch to the final watercolori step, and also of course a description of only single material I used in this painting.

I really hope you will like it, and please feel free to contact me for any question or details

see you soon


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Umberto Zanoni



Hello, I'm Nero di Venere,
[well my real name as you can see is Umberto :D ]

I am fro italy, but i live in the UK, and I started to be a professional artist, in march 2000.. :O long time ago

I am specialized in airbrush painting, and watercolor techniques, about traditiona Art, but I also started a couple of months ago, to do some Digital Art, Digital Illustrations, and Digital Watercolor on iPad, and in particular on Procreate

I'm also a photographer, in fact most of the time, i paint from my picture.
I really like to paint some of my friends and model :)

I actually can't live without Art :)
Be creative is the real center of my life, and I think this feeling is the same of any other people love Art, so this is the main reason about I really love t... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, artist. Welcome back. Never when I'm channel here I am really happy toe make their toe Think to make this class is because I'm going to show you how I realized this painting from this picture. So she's ah, tell the model called Sonia. Thank you, Sonya, is I think it's really beautiful woman and I started from this picture and I realized this painting. As you can see here, I make this ah separation line and the left half in rough is catch and the other one in watercolor painting. Playing with the complementary difference and the complementary contrast between the skin tone and some blue pressure blue, um, shadows. I put some different color just to make them make more interesting. But the focus the point off these glasses is I want to show you how from. Ah, well, she's beautiful and anything you want but disease A classical normal portrait. So I think the challenge that the beauty off the artists start from a classical normal picture and do something more interesting. I am going to show you in the next video Any single Dido's eso the brush. I've used the colors, the kind of paper And then I would show you the full entire process off. These really how? I realized these paintings sort of form English is my first language. I talked to my best. Think you're going to support me and then now take your brush and go toe paint. 2. Materials: So this is the article, and they are stuff I used to realize. The painting. I show you in the intro again. This is the reference image. I play a little bit with iPod and with EPA pencils, toe seems see some detail and grow up pump pump. Sorry, a little bit. Some details to be more precise when entrance to transfer the image from the I. Further to the paper. This point here is exactly the center off the composition, just a dissenter in the centre off the paper like this eso and then this is black and gray because I want to see the value off the difference, um, between lights and shadow. But I want to keep just one color so it doesn't matter if he's blocking gray. You can, I don't know if you like. You can do in blue inbred but actually black and grey. I think it's the best car to see the value off the difference between highlights and shadow and the volumes off the face. So that's it I've used. There's one. He's a Nagy under percent content. Render GSM thesis the size. I don't know if there is a size Yes, this is an inch is if you want to use inches and this is the digital in inches birth important thing off this paper is it's quite or office. You can see here is one of my favorite painting paper because I really love the texture off the paper in general. So this is why actually I used most off the time. It is kind of paper to sketch. I've used it. This many mechanical pen is the number seven, and the lead is a treat be and this is one off my favorite. Our tool is quite Shupe is a fountain pen. It is quite cheap because you can get it from $2025 if I remember well. But it's really strong is in Iran and toe do. The sketch is absolutely outstanding colors. This is the range of color. I've used the's time. Usually I do the skin tone with some white, but I realized I think action or realized. I think it's definitely better play with the transparency off the watercolor. So that's why I to make the skin tone. I've just used some yellow, orange and a little bit between, um Burn, Humber and these Vandy red and for the blue, I play with this one. So some tool, Quite some. The main color actually is the pressure blew. This is Payne's gray. And here you can get very young green and turquoise s cerulean blue and ultramarine blue. You can play together these Well, this is really up to you and about your taste. Another. Another important thing. I realized everything just with these two brushes. So to flat brushes is number 12 and number eight Davinci Casino. This is synthetic brush, I think is ah, imitation. The Bristol is Ah squiggle imitation because there really is move and I think you can see in the next step will show you the full inter process off the painting. I think these two brushes are really, really high quality. I love too much toe paint with this one. Probably most of the people prefer around and are more confident and feel more comfortable to use the round brushes. Actually, it's true. This is not quite easy for beginner off course to use the fright brush, but I think the final result is already better in especially in this case. If you want to use and try to use flat brushes. Well, this is timeto go to sketch and paint and we'll see you later. With the next step. I explain you step by step, but I'm going to do And as usual, sorry for my English. I try to do my best any time. 3. Ink Sketch: okay. I'm doing to start the sketch with the phone. Tim, Pen and inside. I put on ink specific for full time pen, but under percent waterproof is called the carbon in. If you want to see how I actually transferred the image from the iPod to the paper, I made another class before this one. I think it's called watercolor with the pomp. Something like that. Anyway, the degree is a specific video called Transfer the Image because I think on the one annoying you too much. But the thing is, I have to work in a completely dark room. So the quality off the video is not the best eso Sometime I am not able to show you properly. But in the other class before this one, I am sure there is this video because I discuss a little bit as well with Scripture team and they except at the end of the day, they accept that video. I know the quality is not the best, but I think it was important to show you how I transfer the image. Unfortunately, you have to work in a completely black room. No lights. So the only lights is from the iPod so that the end of the video quality at the end is not the best. Um, back here to this project that you can see I'm sketching like, cartoon on and I'm trying toe make Ah, did this. I am sketching ah, without think toe color in the second time. So this is what you have to keep in your mind because when the sketch with ink would be finished, Actually, the work can be finished as well. And then if you want to have a vote, according is just because it's up to you. But keep in your mind do these design in this catch Onley in. If if you want to make a the second step, the color is just toe improve, make more interesting and other stuff. 4. Watercolor Skin Tone: There we go. As you can see here, I finished the sketch with the ink I left dry for a while. Just to be sure. I'm not going to do a mess with water because I know the ink is completely waterproof, but I need to be sure is completely dry in the paper. I he didn't that you can see here. I left some part, especially in the left side, so a so you can see I applied a tape. So the left part it would be I leave there just a sketchy, and in this part I start to do the highlights with the skin tone to do the skin tone this time. Usually, I made many times the skin, the skin tone because I did the that kind of skin tone with critics as well. But this is another kind, of course, that this is watercolor and one off the most important Think about what color is the medium and play with the transparency. So the white, the white wash. Sometime I have added toe the color to make the skin tone, actually, eighties the white from the baby to do this day skin tone. I just add a little bit off yellow orange and something like right Brown Red Band EQ or a little in Cream Easy or Bert Humber? That's is just up to you and, ah, about your taste. There is not a real rule to make the skin tone here. I'm apply a little bit off. Think just because I want to make the transition between skin turn and blew a little bit more interesting and more dynamic. So they increase the dynamic range and with the semi dry brush is I am going toe blend and shade the color tow. Avoid to get hard edge on the border off the Koran. The technique is wet on dry as against a year. I didn't made everything wet, so I'm not going to do the classical wet on wet because I want to make a swell, really picked article or artistic final results. Why one You see the brush market? Um, but off course really has moved in, not re heart this part. So this is the center part. The left part would be in sketchy. This is the center part. It would be skin tone and then in the next step, I will do the second layer off. The skin tones are a little bit darker with brown, but keep the core warm, and then in the final step, I will do the right side off the design completely in blue. In that part, I will do something, especially toe blend the hair and the background that would be that part will be working with, but not now. Take your time. Don't rush. Play with the transparency of the coral because an odd color and make darker. You are in time, every you are always in time, but if you go to darker, there is no way to remove the car. 5. Cold Shadows: Well, this is the skin tone layer actually dry and make sure it's right, because now I'm going to do pain on the eye. So I'm going to add a little bit off bluish on the I. I'm going to paint in bluish, some blue just because I want to match with the next color I'm going to use on the right side. So make sure he's right. Because the rial risk here is the coral can bleed in the other one. So if is not completely dry and you apply again the color if the wet part will match together, you got bleeding the car, so the blue on your actually put in the I can breed in the skin tone. It will make some muddy collar, and I think you are going to trash the entire work. After this, I'm going to start with the right part off the painting, and I'm going to use basically, um, some off blue 1st 50 I and then, um let dry eye and then start to apply all of the next part in with a complimentary color to request to blue on the right part, and I let you see what happened, I would do something in wet on wet, and then I will redefine and at some layer to make a Althea entire work deep toe pump, their three dimensionality, see better the volumes and, well, let's see what happens. 6. Final Result and Greetings: Welcome back. I'm going to show you in the details Closer the camera, The final details off this painting. I hope I really hope you enjoy these glasses. This glass, actually. And yeah, maybe the other class. If you want to see how I have actually turned for the image from the iPod to the paper, I did, because this time I think I missed. I can remember. But anyway, if you want to see how I trust for the image from the iPod to the paper, I did in some other classes before this one and I think is the second or third video. But anyway, the title is transferred. The image so you can see a little but really useful stuff is a kind of mirror, so you can plug your iPod or your phone in on the stool and you can get a reflection on the paper is I think it's it's really for 20 or £20.25 dollars something. I think it worked the price a lot because you save a lot of time and you can get more precise when you have to do a portrait. Because the important thing off up some any type of portrait is to keep the expression and especially the eye off the subject as usually as usual. Please feel free to contact me for anything for any question. Anything you want. If you want to do something for you, I'd be happy to do that for now. Keep practice. Don't stop painting because I think painting and do practice every day. It doesn't matter how long I'm not telling you to paint. Six hour a day is enough. Just doodled some sketches. It's OK. The important thing is constantly do something and keep your hand on, You know, don't stop it because it's really important. Also, if you do something any day, any single day, if you do something if big or small, you 10 minutes, 15 minutes, three hours. It's really up to you. But any day and keep practice constantly, I think, is the best way to find your style. To improve yourself, toe feel toe. Find what you feel, what you like so you can improve yourself and I think you would be happy day by day about your growing up your, um, artistic feeling, your thesis style. Your artistic hot would see your next painting and thank you for watch again. Thank you for your part to me