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Watercolor Painting: Create Watercolor Flowers

teacher avatar Dan Li

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project and Supplies


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      Sketch Flowers


    • 4.

      Simple Watercolor Techniques and Tips


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      Paint Flowers


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      Final Touches


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About This Class

This is a beginner level watercolor painting course. You will learn a step-by-step process for creating beautiful watercolor flowers, including various tips and techniques that you can use for any other type of watercolor painting.


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Dan Li


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Dan Lee. I am a graphic design student. A lot of water I'm really enjoying the moment once, if you wanna call it to pay beautiful things My favorite practices to paint flowers There are tons of beautiful flowers in the world. So many color combinations. It is very helpful to improve your brush skills in color. Mixing skills Well, pain a flower So this cause I'm going to be sherry with you high paid my favorite follicle flowers more kind of tips and techniques that you can use to improve your pity skills only for painting flowers but also for any other type of it is a beginning. Have a cost even you don't have any experience. Is one of Haiti is totally fine after this cause I hope you can create your own water cauliflowers in Please share with us. We can always learn from each other. Alright, enjoy this costs Any doing painting? See you in next section 2. Class Project and Supplies: Hello. Welcome back. I am going to introduce our class project and supplies. What do you need to prepare for this class? First you need a water call paper. I usually use cancer £140 9 entranced by topping trance water Call paper. You can use any type off paper if you want second brush that pushes my our escape bar set. It can taste 15 different size brushes. It is good for a beginner. Sometimes it's so hard to choose our size. We're just starting any watercolor painting. I will use sized number 256 and seven brush for this class. You can use any Brendan brush if you like, and then the most important part. What are going paint? First we introduced these. Speaking of Set, they sat have 36 different colors for begin there. It is very easy to use. You don't have to worry about the column vaccine. It's already made it for you. As you can see, it has different shade off pink and purple. I think it's very convenience or painting flowers. The prices thanks been saved. You can get it online or any grocery store. Next is these high quality water campaign set. It contains 12 basic call tubes. The collar is high pigmented, and also it has one of for transparency. I will use the SAT lower class moving to next, a palette. I like to use thes wife like I think it's cute in the sea to plan out the water color. You can use any type of water color palette. You are so needs clean water. I always prepared two glasses of water, one for cleaning brush waffle, mixing the water clock. And don't forget the T shirt paper. Finally, you were need a pensar in a year reserved for your flower sketch. For your class project, you need to show us a sketch off your favorite flower and then the final piece off watercolor flower painting. It don't matter if it's a single flower or bunch of flowers. You can scare you work or just take a picture 3. Sketch Flowers: No, You already gathered all the supplies. Let's jump into the phone part. How to sketch of flowers. If you are a beginner, you probably have no idea to draw flower. I will walk you through how I sketch my favorite flower Cowley Week. First, do the research the easiest way to find a reference? So too why, As you can see, there are tons of pictures for Cal, led by still hard to star. Sketchy it no worries. Click jointly. There are so many always and sketches from those professionally illustrators. Just remember these are references does not just copy it. Other salts the creation of your personality Making a sketch much more unique. I like this one. This was killed as well. All right, I have the basic flower shape in my mind. It starts joined the flower before joining the flowers only watercolor paper. Don't forget to do some practice. Grab a regular April paper draw the basic shape All I over the flowers, our jaw different type of caliber. Really. For example, the floor is in full blossom flowers. Neue opened for just open a little bit and then do some practice for the leaves for beginners. I recommend you to start with the evenings to shape. In all I You will get better and better through a day to day practice. Next up is high. Group these flowers and lease to Joe a complete sketch. Este use a regular April paper because I can join the race. My painting many times if I don't like it. And don't worry about two ruining the paper. This has kind of like a draft sketch. First, I want to draw a different type of Cali, Lee till them are facing towards to you. Right now, the two are facing towards two left. Now I have full flowers. I were at some leaves to make it more compact. - I find it's a little bit amputee on the left corner. So I were at one wallflower that has not being opened already. Right there. Finally, I'm gonna add some details and branches. - Okay ? The drug sketches down. Next step is my personal preference. You'll have to do it. I always use my final line marker to all either sketch. The reason why I do that is because I want to keep this jumped as my personal reference. So here is a way I can keep you full time. - Finally , we can call p our draft sketch phone to the watercolor paper. All right. Here it ISS you'll find us. Catch. Don't forget to skate or just take a picture. This is one part of your class project. 4. Simple Watercolor Techniques and Tips: Welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you some simple watercolor techniques and tips first to his column Mixing the basic rules. Color mixing is the more water you add, the lighter color you work out. So the value of the color based on how much water you at by mixing while one of our ways in other watercolor well are you doing consists of parents. Neutralize a color? Will Apple Co. Don Carlos 10 preacher But no all weather colors mix well with one another, so the best way to find the color that you wanted to do the test. For example, I wanna mix crimson and llama yellow together. What I usually do is to mix different amounts off crimson very later to very much with different amount of lemon yellow, and then determine what color they like to use. Oh, aren't next is how to build up layers and make a green. In fact, what college is all about? Layers buildup, different layers will help the flowers look more nature and leave it. I will show you two different ways. First is what on what I always start from a very lie wash first lay NDA on my washing on the paddle and before it's try laying down the doctor Kahlo. By this time, do not put it all with a paddle just a little by little. I would like to add darker color on the connection area between two pedals because it's a shadow area. - As you can see, since the first layer does not dry, we put on the darker color that creates this beautiful texture. I will show you the brush tapes later in this video UK and more than two layers. If you want that you were half a greedy. In effect, I'm gonna put a little bit darker color on the edge off the pattern as well. What if the first layer has already dried, among other used leaves? As example or so it's a good chance to show you high pain leaves. Now I'm using principle to draw several lines, kind of divide these leaves into Tim parts. I will pay each part one by want, because I won't leave a little bit space for each part. Now the first layer is completely dry. I am out in lie wash on the top of the dry layer, just feeling those y space out, as you can see, compelled to what Allah is totally different texture. Finally, out we introduced three E's a brush tips that you may use, and we want pain. Flower First is how to raise the color and making a colleague Rachel. So I already paying first layer. But I want these ever become lighter. What I'm gonna do is before it drives, I am raising my brush off, enjoying it. Go ahead, race their color. It can make the color nice and gradual. Sometimes you will create a smooth second layer. Know whether the first Larry ISS trial not, as I showed before for painting a paddle, paying a little bit Dr Carlo in the quarter and then get the brush Smoothes the line. It's kind of like a top emotion. Or use a brush just going around and soft all those adjudges. Some flowers have brains coming through the paddle. As a beginner, it's a little bit hard to draw. Very thing lies. So here's a treat. I'm gonna use size seven brush. This brush has different hair. As you can see, it's easy to paying very thing wise, and also those lines are intense So what I'm gonna do is just in deep in the dark color found a rush out, and then you will bring these lines out. All right, that's all about those simple techniques and tapes. Just remember more practice. You do, the better you will be. 5. Paint Flowers: Welcome back. Now you have the scheduled flour and already know the basic watercolor techniques for this class. I'm going to walk you through the whole process off painting a complete water cauliflower because off the time limit, I can no show you the regular speed off painting process. But I will explain the details as much as I can. So first, we're gonna pay the Mayflower. I want to start from the left to the right for the pad. Oh, start from the light color. I'm not used the light pink wash. So the petr looks like, Ah, harsh shape. Um, I'm not pay from outside to inside. - I'm using the T show people to tap the middle area off the flowers paddle because I want to make a radio. In fact, non laying down a single layer a color off the single layer is darker pink. Pay a little bit in the corner and then get the brush Smoothes the line. So basically, it's the same technique as I mentioned before. Just a tap a little by little, and then coming up with badgers. Now I'm adding doctor color along the lower part. Just make a little test off the floor since the first layer has already tried. So I add a little water and then laying down the second layer. As you can see, I always focus on the address on the flower because I want my flower looks more nature. If you'll make a mistake, that's totally fine. Just use the clean brush to race their color off. Now I'm at the wobble layer, just emphasized the crease off the flower and also at the crease line around the flower part. So the sofas pad Oh is down. We're gonna pay in the bottom of the flower. I don't know the exact name. Thes part off flower. I just call you bother. So it's the same technique as the lower paddle just laid down the first lie wash layer and then pull on the second layer on the edges for the crease. All the area you want. Teoh the darker color after they stop, added a column for the flower barred and then Waltham May flowers is all set. Um, we're gonna use the same technique to pay the other flowers stop to pay 18 leaves and branches, believes as I mentioned before, we're gonna use the wet on dry technique. First divide, believe into several parts and then pain those part one by one. Just make surely but little best base between each part. The first step off painting leaves is also just needs some time to let it die. We can save the time in pain. The branch heirs now are I have to re finish Peten the purchase. All the leaves are dry so we're never paid the signal. Layer the lie wash for into early. All right, let's move on to next step Shadow. Why do we need to put on the shadow? Because we want our flowers look more nature and more realistic. Really. The shadow is on the connection area between one pad Oh, and another paddle all of the area around with flour. I'm using like ray as my shadow color. So how to choose the color of the shadow depends only flowers make collar. For example, If your flowers are like people like purpose, you can use the like agree as your shadow call. If your flowers are pride orange or red, you can use duck her great as your shadow column. As we all know, the shadow is based on the direction off the light for this painting. The directional The lie is coming through the top left corner. The final step is putting all the details. So I'm using size number to rush to Jove. Everything lies on the bottom of the flower. These are flowers, wings. - Now you have your own watercolor flowers. 6. Final Touches: now I want my flowers look perfect. So I clean up some pence allies on the paper and then sign my name. Congratulations. You have your own water. Cauliflower pay team become fortress. A simple photo frame to display or work. I think it's a cute core. Or so you can tell your flower and then make a easy greeting card like so.