Watercolor Manga Portraits #1 - Primrose Witch [With Line Art Template] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

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Watercolor Manga Portraits #1 - Primrose Witch [With Line Art Template]

teacher avatar Watercolour Witch Eliza, I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 3.

      An easy method for tracing the line art


    • 4.

      Skin and eyes


    • 5.

      Paint the hat


    • 6.

      Let's color the hair


    • 7.

      How to color the florals


    • 8.

      Make it more outstanding ( final details )


    • 9.

      You are finished


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About This Class

This class is for you if you like witchy/ fantasy/ magical coloring books, but never dared to paint a witch with watercolors.

In this Skillshare class you’ll get my Primrose Witch lineart and turn it into a wonderful watercolor painting.

I’ll walk you through:

  • My hack on how to transfer the linework onto watercolor paper
  • My secrets on how to paint like a pro with watercolor paints
  • All along the class in an easy to follow and fun way

And not only just that: I share you the WHY-s behind my painting process.

I do believe coloring should be fun and not something you worries over and over.

Not something that makes you even more frustrated and anxious.

So come, take my class and discover the true joy of painting!

Ohh, and if all the below mentioned reasons are not enough for you, have I mentioned that  in the end you will have your own Primrose Witch watercolor painting, which you can hang on your wall and brag about your friends ;)


Let’s meet in the class!

P.s. Click here to download the line art!

Meet Your Teacher

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Watercolour Witch Eliza

I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: that come in this video, you will learn how to color this line at with watercolor paints so that you will have your own finished watercolor painting thes classes for everyone. Skill level, and I highly encourage you to take it if you want to participate in something creative, fun and relaxing. I'm Eliza Storm, our illustrator and the owner off the new energy beat shop. I created this step by step class for those who would like toa pain magic of itchy characters. I strongly believe that everyone campaign, so I encourage you to paint with me if you are afraid to create. First off all, you will need the liner printed out, which you can download by following this link. Second, you would need some time alone, but no one will disturb you. Buy. You are painting for the painting. You would need some brushes, watercolors and the paper suitable for voter coloring. That's it all. Let's color the stress and anxiety of a and meet in the class 2. Tools: for the painting. First off all, you would need the liner printed out for tracing the liner going to the voter color paper. You would need a conceal optionally. You can use a voter proof black plan for tracing if you prefer the lines to be more emphasized. Since I left strong lines, I use a black micro in second for the lines. Then you would need a voter color paper sheet. For this painting, I use a 200 gram court press paper. You would also need some water color pains. As you can see, I mainly use farm colors here and some greens for the flora's. You would need a voter color brush. I use the medium size business brush. Okay, so these were the basic to us. So now here comes the option at us by Djelic Plan for the highlights. Red and brown upper apperances for emphasizing the blush on the cheeks and Gordon jelly pin for extra embellishments 3. An easy method for tracing the line art: for transferring the liner to the voter color paper. You would need a tape and the bright sun ivindo. First you turned the line up to the rear side and tape it on your watercolor paper where you are finished with the taping. You tape it on a sunny window glass? Yeah. See how Tressler sent titties. Now all you need to do is to trace the lines with a pencil onto the voter colored paper. Additionally, you can use a black waterproof plan for tracing the line art. 4. Skin and eyes: skin. First, I start with a light, peachy color as a based on for the skin. You can either use a premixed water color skin color, or you can make your own mixing reds with poker. And voter can do the work, too. If you want. Toe makes your own water color skin colors. Then I can t new veto darker beach for the shadows on the skin. I put it on the neck and also under the chin. I put some shadows on the bottom part as well, and I blended with the base skin tone I can t new with the nose and the bottom off the lips. I also at some darker used on the bridge of the nose towards the I Breaux's and also some shadows under the eye. Breaux's And here I push and pull the pains until I get satisfied with the form of the nose . Then I apply some Blash to the cheese and some shadows on the job. Don't forget about the shadows under the head. I move on to the lips. Are you some dark burgundy color but a bit off pinkish color? - I love to put a bit off red on the eyelids. It looks like she has some makeup on her eyes. For the eyes. I use first Allied Blue Jays and the bit off violet on the top. On the bottom, I put a hint off green paint when dried I at some darker blue in the middle area and blended with degrees. I add an extra strong violet again to meet the eyes. More outstanding. Finally, I add some dark blue on the eyes. 5. Paint the hat: So first I start with the creams or red paint. I put it on the bottom, and then I apply some water and push it upwards. I can't innovative. I like purple color on the top, and I blend the red and the violent together. Now you can see the same process from a closer view Here. I use a lot off water when applying the paint on the paper. And if you want, you can at Samper for color between the red and the violence, I can t nuvi the top off the hat. Here you can either your Spain's gray or simple black paint if you use the black, though Mischer, to add a lot off water, so the painful, rather grey them black on the top of the head. I use a light gray, which can be achieved with a bit off black and a lot of water. See how it is my paper because of the water. Now I exam that great pains. I try to make the paint lies dark on the top of the head. I put a bit off purple on it. See it's not required, but it adds a bit off. Interesting champ to the painting. Let's move on to the bad. I use yellow and orange here I use orange at the bottom off the bad because it functions there as a shadow made the bad look a bit more Freedy. I use red as a base color off the pentagram. Then I put some orange on the top and purple and violet at the bottom. No, I wait for it to dry completely. When it's right, I use a good gel ip in for embellishing the head for these. I used this beehive better. I drove later hexagons next to each other. 6. Let's color the hair: hair. First I start with the light grave rush. Here you can use Payne's gray or just simply use black paint with a lot off water. When it's right, I started to paint vertical strokes with a middle gray light black paint. I paint the strokes parallel to the hair strands as thes strokes would symbolize the individual hair strands. - I put more dark at the bottom of the hair and under the years and under the hat. It's a slow, slow process to be a the hair shades, but it works it because the hair would have a beautiful Hugh. In the end, - I put some blue brush at the lighter areas off the hair, but you can choose to put here violet or even green colors. 7. How to color the florals: So first I started with a yellowish green color as the based on for the leaves. You can mix it by adding yellow and green together. Then I continue with the meat owns here. I use mean green on the bottom half off the leaves. On the bottom of the leaves. I use a dark green paint. I blend or the greens together, replied brushstrokes. I paint attention to not using too much water here, as I want to create some hard shadows. And then I put some yellow paint on the top of the leaves, as I think it makes the leaves more vibrant. Continue with the prime your sleeves. I use the same technique here, first alive green base color, and then I add some yellows on the top of the leaves and some degrees for the flower matters. I use a light beach pain, and then I paint on it. Witmer. Very purple. I only paying the top off the patterns with purple than I blended with soft brush strokes, - and I just paint on blend and paint and blend until I fear. Satisfied with the results. Then I pain the other flower with the same technique, but optionally. You can finish the primrose flavors by adding some orange crush 8. Make it more outstanding ( final details ): extras. So first I at some extra Blash wheat red happens here. I try not to push a pencil toe heart on the paper so that it will give a light effect on the painting. Then I use a brownish colored Carrabba's here for emphasizing the bridge of the nose, and though I saw the shadows under the lips and the nose after that, I blend the aqua colors with water. For this, I use a clean brush and dip it into a bit off. If the voter is too much, I removed the access water issue here. I blend the edges water where you do this. Keep in mind to work with light strokes on, remove the excess water if needed, and blend the colors and you feel satisfied? No, I used by Japanese for the eyes. I put some by dots at the bottom of the pew piers. It kind off, signifies the sparkles in the eyes and make the eyes more appealing. Then I moved to the bottom lips, drawing some light sketch lines to make it look like a close, and I blew it with my fingers. Then I use my rep ends here for creating a shadow where the lips meet with each other. I also add somebody. Highlights on the top of the nose throwing Frackers are optional and divide stroke on each of the earrings to make them more shiny. 9. You are finished: Congrats. You are finished now. You got this painting. If you like this course, you can follow me here on scare share and you can drop me. Any questions You have this class want worth anything unless you painted after me. So take some time for painting. And if you get stuck in the process, fear free toe. Upload your project in the project gallery and I'm happy to help you Moving forward. Please don't forget to write a review about this class. And if you are interested in my future projects, feel free to follow me. Thanks for watching.