Watercolor Galaxy Painting #1 -Nebulae Hairs +FREE line art template (easy wet-on-wet for beginners) | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

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Watercolor Galaxy Painting #1 -Nebulae Hairs +FREE line art template (easy wet-on-wet for beginners)

teacher avatar Watercolour Witch Eliza, I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduce Yourself!

    • 3. Preparations

    • 4. Tools

    • 5. Blue Galaxy Hair - Painting The Hair

    • 6. Blue Galaxy Hair - Splattering the Stars

    • 7. Introduction To Green Galaxy Haired Girl Painting Project

    • 8. Green Galaxy Hair - Painting The Hair

    • 9. Green Galaxy Hair - Splattering The Stars ( Alternative Method)

    • 10. Bonus- Coloring the Face with Pencils

    • 11. Your Class Project

    • 12. Summary & You Have a Gift

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About This Class

I do believe coloring should be fun and not something you worries over and over.

Not something that makes you even more frustrated and anxious.

So come, take my class and discover the true joy of painting!

In this class you will learn all my tricks on how to successfully paint a galaxy/ nebulae pattern hair. 

This class is suitable for all levels. You will get a downloadable line art template so all you need to do is to grab a brush and some watercolor paints, and paint a pretty galaxy. 

In the class I'll explain:

  • My secret splattering technique
  • The most important thing to know when painting a galaxy pattern
  • My hack on how to transfer the linework onto watercolor paper
  • All along the class in an easy to follow and fun way

(And as a bonus I show you how I painted her face with aquarelle pencils)

By the end of this class you will get all the skills you need to paint a beautiful galaxy/ night sky patterned hair with watercolor.


See you in the class!

Eliza, the Watercolour Witch


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Watercolour Witch Eliza

I have a Metallic Watercolor giveaway


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1. Introduction: welcome. In this video you will learn how to paint galaxy hairs easily. I will show you how to create a fast and funds better effect. So you won't need to struggle with painting millions of stars to achieve a realistic galaxy effect. This class is suitable for all lovers. Not only I will guide you through the whole process, but you can also download the line act template so you don't need to struggle with the growing apart. I'm Eliza Storm are the owner off watercolorist shop. I truly believe voter coloring is easy and fun. If you know the right way toe approach, this rebel areas and uncontrollable medium. I'm here to share with you all my tips and tricks. I learned as a voter colorist so that you can enjoy this whole process off painting. So do you want to learn painting the galaxy hair with me? If so, see you in the class 2. Introduce Yourself!: Thanks for taking this class. Your first us now is to go to the community section down below and introduce yourself briefly. Where are you come from? What are your experiences with older course? And why did you decided to take this class? I'm Eliza Stormers, and I will be your teacher in this class. I'm from Hungary. And my aim is to help you become a better voter colorist. So if I could give you one and only one advice, it would be the following. After you watch this class paint along, it's important because only by watching our Totori ous you will never, ever become a better water Colorists improvement. You see all the come with practice. So watch this class, grab your voter color brushes and painted me. 3. Preparations: preparations. If you have already watched any off my watercolor classes, you will surely recognize the steps I teach here. So feel free to skip this lesson if you want. However, if you are new to my classes, please be sure to listen to these instructions in this lesson. I'm going to teach you. The preparation mattered. I always follow before I start to paint. So he read the steps I follow. Step one. Print out the liner steptoe. Trace the lines onto the voter colored paper. Step free. Ink the lines. Step four. Use a masking tape if needed, so let's start with Step one. Please follow the line at from the class Resources menu and print it out. It will be necessary if you want to trace the liner step to tracing the lines. Put the line at, Bring on the voter color paper The line at should face towards the voter colored paper and fix them together. Rita. Tape Goto of Indo and start tracing the line ver on your voter colored paper with a pencil or with the rotering pan. Step free thinking the lines where you finish the tracing. You will have a fancy Leinart on your voter color paper. Now you need to in these lines with a black man. Be sure that your CA has voter. CUF in Kennett advised it Yes, much if you would apply water on it. Step for using the masking tape. So your paper in water. Then stretch it out on your drawing board fix or the four sides off your paper with the tape and then let it completely dry. Actually, it's an optional step. I don't always fix my papers with the masking tape, but if you want to play safe, be sure to fix your voter color paper with the tape. All right, so these were the steps off how I always prepare for painting. Remember, print out the lines, trees them on toe the voter color paper. I think the line at use the masking tape that's itto 4. Tools: do is for this painting. You would need the voter color paper around watercolor brush and turkey's navy blue, dark blue and yellow watercolor pains. You would also need an ord used toe brash for making the spattering effect you need by pain for, alternatively fighting and divide J a pan. And finally you would need a line, our template printed out. You can follow the liner template five from this thing, or you can get it from the class resources menu. If you are not familiar with the method off how to transfer the liner watercolor paper, I would highly suggest you to see the extra video about Leinart transferred. I uploaded to this class. That's it'll. Now let's start painting. 5. Blue Galaxy Hair - Painting The Hair: coloring the hair. So first I most on the paper with a vet brush. Then I put a bit off Turkey, Spain on the paper, see how the paint round kind off uncontrollably. Then I put some navy blue and I carefully blend them. Then I add bloods off dark blue and let it spread widely. My aim here is to create light and dark areas. Then I add drops off yellow and purpose to the lighter areas so that our galaxy via be more colorful. Just play with the colors. You can also add black or pains, great toe darkening Some areas don't be afraid off these dark colors as they are absolutely necessary for painting the galaxy. If you take a look on some reference photos, you can see that in the nebulous. There are lighter areas with lots off stars and there are completely dark sports. So if you want to achieve a realistic galaxy, look, don't be afraid off. Using dark colors, they are essential to make the lighter colors pop out more off the painting. Now I add some light blue and some yellows and purpose. Just be playful with these colors and let them blend in tow. The other colors continue with moistening the paper, but oh, my brash wasn't clean. I feel it's a bit too dark, so I remove the pains with the shoe. So I start again with some blues. See how nicely they are spreading you to the most on paper. How some blacks to create the darker early years. There is venting, though, where your painting might can fail, and it's called over, blending when you blend the colors. Be careful to use soft little brush strokes so that your paintings one turn into one degree miss. And what if you accidentally over bland? Just remove the paints carefully with a tissue. That's it all. Watercolor is forgiving if you know the right to is to use. So I continue painting, switching between the lighter and the darker colors to create the color contrast. And now we are finished led the pains completely dry 6. Blue Galaxy Hair - Splattering the Stars: you've you need of, I think, or provide water, color paint and then old. Too fresh deep, the two fresh in divide and make a sample. Can you see the little by dots on the blue paint? Remove the access right from the toothbrush and gently pull back your terms on the toothbrush. See what a lovely pattern was created. Repeat it all over the area. Be careful. If you have too much fighting going or to fresh, it will be blooding. So be sure to remove excess fights from the brush before you start splattering. I know. Let's continue adding bigger stars with the Vijaya pen. Drove to free spots randomly all over the hair. No, they were finished. Your galaxy her should look similar like this. 7. Introduction To Green Galaxy Haired Girl Painting Project: In this next project, we're going to paint another galaxy had. The technique is quite the same as we painted in the previous lessons. The only difference is that this, for this painting, we will use a brush to make the star is flattering effect. Also why our previous girl had bluish tones in her hair. These girls will have a green tint. When you design a character, green eyes or greenish hair color makes one a magical enchantress type of character. Also, the head that's flowing in the air makes her appearance even more mystical. While on the other side, on our previous painting, we want to focus on her cosmic outer space kind of hair. That's her hair's color is in the bluish purplish color range. Please note, you can download the liner of this painting to from the class resources. Mm-hm. Alright, so let's get started. 8. Green Galaxy Hair - Painting The Hair: Painting the hair. For this painting, I'm using a masking tape on the sides, which helps me to not get my paper backward app from the excess water. I'm using my big round watercolor brush and dip it into the clean water. I most often, the whole area of the head abundantly with this voter. Can you see the shiny surface? It shines because it's wet. So if yours shine to the you are doing your job very well. I'm using a reference photo of this painting of the finished picture so that I won't get confused on which areas to cover with voter and which areas outside the hair should stay dry. When I finish, I check to see if all the hairs area is shiny. So just to make sure everything is well moist and then I start painting. I need to work quick because I don't want my wet surface to dry up. I'm using a darker blue color. I'm just adding blobs and powders of dark paint. You shouldn't think too much. Just add this color here and there. Then I add some yellows to as ClO, mixed up with blue can create a lovely shade of green color. Use your thinner brush for the finer details. You see the puddle of water in my painting. Now this is the exact reason why I use the masking tape to prevent my paper to buckle up because of the access usage of the water. It is not a bad idea to use your darkest blue colors around her face. I'm just pulling out some pains from that big puddle of water. You see these wet watercolor techniques are always a bit unpredictable. But by pooling the paints from here to there, can make you have a sense of control about the outcome of your painting. I'm using impacting that being movements for applying the paint. I deliberately switch between the blues, greens and yellows. As I always said, use a color contrast to make your Galaxy more realistic looking. Which means paint light colors next to the darks and paint dark colors around the lighter colored areas. And just a reminder, if your paper dried app, you can make it wet again by spraying some water on it. For this, you can use a big brush or even an empty spray bottle with which you can spray Clearwater whenever it's needed. Also, have a paper towel handy because if you splatter the paint to the wrong place, you can instantly dry up these kind of painterly mistakes with your paper towels. So these are the theoretical parts. Now let's paint the hair together. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Experiment with the colors. And you may add different colored paints, which is totally fine. By the way. Use your imagination. If you have color contrast on the hair, then it's hard to go into the wrong direction. I can't wait to see how your Galaxy hair paintings turned out. I list out some color combinations now, which can work very well together. So if you like challenges, you can paint these colorful Galaxy hair with these colors instead of this greenish color palette we are using now in this tutorial. So here are my recommended color combinations. Purple with violet or yellow with orange or yellow, which sap green or blue, light blue and violet. Alright. When you are finished, let the colors completely dry. You can speed up the process if you want, by blowing your painting with a hair dryer. 9. Green Galaxy Hair - Splattering The Stars ( Alternative Method): For splattering the stars, I will use the same white watercolor paint or white in color can work too. I loading my brush with this white color very abundantly. Now, I use another brush to gently knock, knock, knock on my brush. It divide color. These little note we are make divide color dropping down from refresh. But only if you have enough paint loaded to your brush. So if your brush will start dripping, then you can dip it again in the water and add a bit more white paint on it until it fully hundred percent loaded with paint. As you can see, this technique creates a bit different type of star splatters. If we want to compare these two techniques, here are the main differences. Vide toothbrush method gives a bit more control on where to splash the styles. It has the disadvantage. It creates similar size stars. So to make your Galaxy more natural looking, you need to draw some bigger stars after the gel pen on the other side, the petting the brush technique creates various star sizes. So it creates an organic looking galaxy. However, whenever I use this method at my workplace and sometimes even my face is covered with ink after. So if you don't want your workspace to BMS, be sure to cover everything pressures nearby you before you use this technique. I paint her earrings with Carlitos per gold metallic watercolor paint. But if you want, you can use a Golden gel pen too. I cover up the whole surface of the earrings with this coat color. It can shimmer so nicely in the sunlight. Then I switch to Colorado silver metallic paint. I'm putting the brush just as the same as I did with the right paints. Now, I have to tell it's not a mandatory step. I just loved the extra glomerular it creates with the metallics Parker's, but you can feel free to skip this step of the embellishment process. Then I remove the masking tape. I remove it slowly and gently because I don't want to rip the paper. As you can see, it couldn't cover up or the edges. There are some areas where the pains float under the masking tape. If that happened to you too, that's not a tragedy. Wait until all the paint's dried completely. And then you can cover these mistakes up with white gouache or white acrylic paint. See, it shimmered in the satellite. As the last step, I use my Golden gel pen to randomly draw some little stars here and there on the whole area of the hair to make it even more shimmery and glamorous. You can skip this step if you want. Now, we've finished. This is how both of your paintings look like. Hope you enjoyed painting them. 10. Bonus- Coloring the Face with Pencils: bonus video. How to paint the face If you are interested in how I painted the face, I uploaded this video to the class as a bonus. Enjoy, uh, Theo way, uh 11. Your Class Project: your class project. If you want to improve as a voter colorist, I strongly suggest you to paint your class project. So now is the time to grab your brushes and pains and print out the line. Our template I provided for this class. You don't have to strictly follow my instructions. Don't be afraid to experience on your own. You can also try painting my class project with different materials than water colors. You might want to try painting with acrylics or pains, or you might want to paint it digitally in photo show pouring, procreate. Maybe you just want to color it with panaceas or with marker brands. It's all right to use whatever tools you want to use. The only important thing is to enjoy the painting process. 12. Summary & You Have a Gift: Congrats. You are finished now. You got this painting. If you like this course, you can follow me here on scare share and you can drop me. Any questions You have this class want worth anything unless you paint it after me. So take some time for painting. And if you get stuck in the process, fear free toe. Upload your project in the project, Calorie. And I'm happy to have you moving forward. Please don't forget to write the review about this class. And if you are interested in my future projects, feel free to follow me. Thanks for watching. You can find me or you to Instagram and Facebook. And I have a gift for you. You can download or my Leinart templates and get free access to my future classes. If you subscribe to my art newsletter, go to my scare share profile where you can get your gift