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Watercolor Father's Day Cards and Greeting Cards for Him

teacher avatar Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Classic card for Him

    • 4. Adventure card for Him

    • 5. Easy Sailboat Card

    • 6. Last Thoughts

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About This Class


Happy June! With Father's Day around the corner in this class we will be painting 3 cards for men - a classic card, a card inspired by adventures and a fast and easy sailboat Father's Day card, each card will take you 20 minutes or less, and all the videos are in real time as always so you can paint along with me. Greeting cards for men are always on demand.

This is the watercolor class number 50 on my Watercolor channel, here at Skillshare, and I want to thank you so much for being the fuel, motivation and inspiration for all my classes.

I am so humbly honored to be a part of your creative journey and to get to know you through your art, it is a very unique and priceless experience, thank you my old and new creative friends. Also, huge thanks to Skillshare for creating this space for us to paint together.

In "projects & resources" section of the class you will find the templates for all 3 cards. Feel free to use your painting any way you like, I love seeing you succeed and I don't mind if you use the projects created during my classes for products in your print shops. 

I am looking forward to seeing your new projects.

Happy painting, 

x Irina.

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Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm teaching artist. This watercolor artist and illustrator. Also, I love to teach watercolor classes online and life. Today's class topic was suggested by Nicola. Thank you so much for ideas for new classes. In this class we will need painting, Father's Day Cards, and cards for men they admired and love in our lives. I created templates for all the cards will be painting today. You can find them in a sub section of a class. Here's put h means back and visit any way you like. If you're new to this channel, thank you for joining us and welcome. Follow path and untapped, and let gets started. 2. Supplies: In today's class we'll be using the following supplies, we'll be painting three cards for him. You can find all the templates in the project section of the class. Feel free to print them and to transfer them into water colored paper and with a pencil. Also need an eraser, white pencil. I need water color brush. This is number four and the small water color brush, this is number two. Also need separate brush for your ink, you want to know whether you are a watercolor brushes. You'll need a fine liner, makes sure it's waterproof. You'll need paint, use any paint you have and use any colors you like for this project. We'll need water, paint palette, paper towel, watercolor paper and using cold press canson. This is how it looks. A 140 pounds or 300 grams. You can see I put my paper in half so I'll have a card ready to go. Also in one of the cards you'll be using wet into wet technique. Need a masking tape and a board. These are all the supplies you will need to paint some cards for him. Let's get started. 3. Classic card for Him: For the first card, I decided to go with a classic design, with the ties on the hanger and after that, I thought it would be funnier to put Superman logo on one of the ties and to say you are my hero. This'll work for a Father's Day card or for a birthday card. You can find this template in a project section of a class and feel free to print it and transfer it onto your brighter colored paper. What we do next, I'll take my fine liner. Make sure it's waterproof because after we'll be painting with watercolors over this and what I do, I just outline my drawing. The drawing that I transferred by just putting the printed picture on the window and putting the watercolor paper above it. The outlining, this, but I won't outline the letters. Let us save one to be only in watercolor. Make it as easy as possible for yourself and just use the outlines I provided. You can make your own design, if you want to. I've always loved to see watch you make. So just very simple. My husband likes marvel and all super hero movies. I'm not sure if Superman is from marvel though. I decided to you as one of superhero logos for this card. It would work for any celebration because it doesn't say specifically, [inaudible] and you can change the message too. Then we have a logo. Hopefully, after it's been painted to look more like Superman logo. I hope so. This is our outline. I messed up a little bit here, but it's okay. It's a hand drawn card. Next what we'll do, we'll just take our medium-size brush. I decided that for this side I want to be green, this one blue with red and yellow logo and this one will be space, like blue and purple, and some constellations. Let's start with when green one, I'll use yellowish green and let's mix some ultramarine blue to it. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. The lines don't have to be perfect. Just enjoy the process and give it this water quality feel. Also don't have to have it an Ink and watercolor. You can paint in only watercolor. Then, just make sure your pencil lines are not so thick. Let's add some more blue to this side. So it will have this all. A little bit of gradient. Nothing crazy. Just painted. You can leave some white spaces, you can get outside the lines to give it more painterly, more creative stuff. Just like this. After it dries, you can decide if you want to add some patterns to it, some lines, some designs. Mix this out on the green part. Next one is going to be bright blue and a little bit of teal. [inaudible] because it's quiet-ish. This is a good blue. So let's paint. If you need, you can take a smaller brush or you can just work with one medium brush with sharp tip. This is number 4, I think it's a natural one. Collins can't say more. But you can use any brush you like, for more comfortable you are with your brush with better. Here I've got to dry for a while and then soak it and we'll let it dry before we start painting logo. For the final one, I want to go cosmic space themed. So I'm starting with some ultramarine blue and I'll add some purple to it and a little bit of magenta like this, beautiful. Lets add some more blue. Again, magenta when and ultramarine blue mix very well, I use them often together, they are great partners for mixing and again, ultramarine blue. So it looks a little bit like space, I think it needs some darker spots. So let's take some pale gray and where it's still wet and some darker color like this and let's finish this part. Again ultramarine blue, pale gray and maybe a little bit of magenta, but not so much because I want this part to be prettier than on the backside of a tie. Let's add a little bit of magenta to a tip here so we'll understand it belongs to this terminal turnover. This will now look like a galaxy after it dries. Meanwhile add a layer of blue to this, I really wanted the blue to his dark side of a tie. They'll give some dimension. It's a back of the tie so it has a slightly different colors. Again, you can save it and not worrying about being in the lines. But if you want to be more precise than me, you don't like this painterly. For the field you can take a smaller brush and do it your way. Always do the things your own way. There is no wrong or right, but various unread but. Everything you do is right. So meanwhile, this one is still wet. I am painting these areas with Naples Yellow so they can dry. Now it looks more like logo. I know that I'll be painting the logo with common red so I am taking the same color, common read for my letters. As usual, I tried to keep all the cards project very easy, very accessible. If you need a card in the last minute, you can just watch across and make a card and just go and celebrate something. Let's add more colors. So let's make you in red, are in blue. Again, you can do it any way you like. Then yellow. This yellow is beautiful, it is Naples yellow and hero in red again. If you are a man, your father to whom you are doing this card doesn't like red color then don't use it. But if he doesn't mind then it will look great. It's colorful, it's beautiful and now it's time to paint the rest of the logo. I took a smaller brush. This is number two, synthetic brush. Just a pretty thick paint very carefully, because small details and the logo, I don't want to look to painterly because everything else is painted pretty painterly around. So let's create some contrast of and some precision to this part. Superman fans just forgive me if I didn't get this logo exactly right. It looks pretty right to me. It's still need have like a blue edge, I think. But I need to let it dry first. So meanwhile, while that is drying, let's add some pattern to our green tie. So I'm taking ultramarine blue. Let's try to be careful and not just match any other ties. I want to adjust some lines. Here, doing this for a family member or dad, grandfather or husband, you can pick a pattern of the tie he's actually wearing and you can be fine. So you'd paint exactly his tie and make it one of this. I like it. The last thing we have to do is add some constellations on this tie. I'll be doing that with white ink. If you have white jell pen that will be easier. I lost my job or a job burners still turn by another one. So I'll be doing it with ink. So I'll just add some stars. I'm using a different brush for my ink so I don't ruin the watercolor brush. It's important to use watercolor brush just for watercolors, and not to put it in acrylic paint or in any other paint which is not watercolor. My constellations don't look that great but you know how to paint beautiful constellations, I know. So just dots and lines coming from the dots. Which has become very tiny for this project. I think it looks like a galaxy. Yes. Maybe one more here. Yes, I like it. Now we have to add few more lines on our logo of the superman and we'll be done with this card. I want to add some edge next to S, so it is better. Not sure if it exists like this and an edge to entire logo with ultramarine blue. So this is our simple card for him. What a fabulous day card. 4. Adventure card for Him: For our next card, it's this one. Thank you for all our adventures. You can, of course, change a message to any message you like. I transferred it all into water-guard paper with just a regular pencil. But I suggest you to transfer this text with wide pencil. I just did it with regular pencil so you can see my message and you'll see what I'm doing next. On a template, this the project section of the class. We'll be working a little bit with into wet of this card, that's why I taped it to a board. After I did that, I am taking a wide pencil, very sharp. I'm just writing over the letters one more time. Pressing pretty hard. But I suggest you skip of a regular pencil so it won't be seen. Just go with white sharp pencil. If you don't have white sharp pencil, you can try a white crayons or even sharpen birthday candle like a pencil and just go over your letters for this effect. I find these color just so great. If you had some adventures with whoever you are making the card for. If it's your dad, your husband, or your brother maybe. This will be a great card to remind him about your adventures together and maybe remember some stories. Before I start outlining everything with fineliner with ink. I want to cover this area with the paint I want to so it can dry while we are working with ink. I want to make a little bit of night sky over these letters. I will go just with water. Then let's take some teal and file it together. Just start covering our sky. Again some teal and probably bright blue will look good. It has to have this painterly creative feel. It's good if it will be really dark, like this. Let's make complete here a straight line, but it doesn't have to be straight. Let's go around the tent. This is good. I want to add some darker spots right here. Now let's let it dry. While our sky is drying, I'll take our fineliner and outline the rest of picture. We have a close line here somewhere in the woods. Again, make sure you're fineliner is waterproof. Otherwise, if you don't have a waterproof fineliner, you can do everything in watercolor. If your lines are a little warmly like mine, nothing wrong with that. It's your [inaudible]. It's only you can do a crooked line like that. It shows your character. We have two pairs of boots. Yours are smaller and his are bigger. It is called the work for a grant but so if you went in some adventures and you have memories, maybe you went just in the woods, lit a campfire once. Maybe you are still going camping sometimes. Maybe you had other adventures and this is just a symbolic card. This is a quick and nice drawing. Everything else is going to be white for the background. The tent I want to be yellowish. [inaudible]. It's going to be yellowish-orange, like it's going from inside. It's like a yellow color, plus this one from inside. Don't be afraid to color the boots. Because the boots will be like silhouettes by the end. We'll color them in black. Next, I took golden orange. Again, I'm not too careful. I want it to have still that painterly fun-feel, plus I don't want it to take forever for you to paint. Let's add some light in here, like this. That's all what our tent needs. It doesn't need anything else. For the sweaters on the line. Let's take some blue for big one and you can do any pattern you like, of course. I just like stripes, you probably noticed. We just keep it fun. Maybe give us a favorite sweater and you can paint it, and for another one, let's take orange. I was going to take red, but lets take the orange and also do some stripes. We are assuming this is all lighten because of the tent and we are not painting the background. My stripes are not that great. Next what you'll do, while this is still wet, so we can't go back in there. What we'll do is we'll take black and we'll paint the boots. Why they are black? Because they're against the light so we show only silhouettes. Another fun details we can add here could be a small lantern, and also, let's add some grass. You can see it on template, but I didn't want to draw it with a pencil. You can edit right away with watercolor or with ink. All your station already looks good. Let's add some black in here just for some excerpts and now we need to let all this area totally to dry and then I'll come back to you. Now, when this part is dry we can take an eraser and just erase our texts. The one we wrote with a white pencil. You can see now it's all soft and my table's covered in erased watercolor, but you can see the letters are all elegant and soft, and of course, if you are good at calligraphy or at lettering, you can write all over the sky. But I still wanted to show you this method. This way of doing it so you'll get message on your dark surface. Then you can still go over with ink, one more time if you want to, or if you don't, just leave it as it is. After we did all this and taking the white ink, and we'll add some stars. After we're done, I'll go with white ink and we'll write it over again so you can see it better after I've done it. I think these are enough stars for this. Let's put some on the tent too, why not. The fireflies, and what else we can do, we'll take some black watercolor and we'll add a tree here. We erase the letters first so we know where we're painting this tree, so we won't cover them too much and maybe a little branch right here. This field feels empty to me. If you have children print them a template and just give them some crayons or markers and let them do a card to, why not? Now when I look at the tent, I think we need, on this side, we'll add some more orange. Just to the armpit and here, and now our adventurous card is ready. Just add one more layer of white over your letters. 5. Easy Sailboat Card: This one I wanted to keep as easy as possible and if you have a half a dozen recipients or you need a data fast guard, I will choose this one. You can find this template in the project section of a class and what I did I transferred it in pencil. You can transfer it right away with a fine liner or ink. Again, make sure it's waterproof. They repeated 100 times already. There are two boats and outlining wave. You can add your own details if you feel like it, maybe you know the boats better than me and you probably do. I missed some details, who knows? But I think everybody likes boats. Maybe you have a memory with what you boating or watching the boats or and just the memory of the beautiful sunrise or sunset. Again, one boat is so small, symbolizing you, one boat is bigger symbolizing him but again, it can be just two boats and you don't have to write a message and just frame it and give it as a gift. Why not? Then I suggest you should paint everything in water color. I outlined the boats but I didn't outline the sun because I want to paint it in water color. Let's take some tube and some violet too. What we'll do we'll just dilute it with a lot of water and will go like this. This is a very simple, very painterly. I just like this project, it's easy. It looks amazing. There is no wrong in it. That'll be our sky and you can see I'm covering the boats and not worrying about that. Now let's take a darker color and the same for both and still we can take other colors to go this way. There is some white right here and show you why in a second. Right here and we need the line. It's not perfect and it does not have to be perfect. This is how it supposed to be because you did it. Next I will take quantum red and quantum orange. Need more orange and pretty thick paint, I'll paint a little sun and next, let's stick with the same faint more watery and just add it to here a little bit to horizon. Just a teeny tiny with no change. Know very worthily of the same paint since some lines too are cells. This is it. Just needed to call out a few letters. The sun can be draw a bit. Very fast, very easy. Some write happy father's day, you can write happy birthday. You can just leave it is and frame it. I think I needs some blue here. You can pick a different font when you'll be printing. You can do your own hand lettering of course. This is a generic but it could be a very personal cartoon if you went fishing with your father and so on. This is our simple sailboat. How is the card? 6. Last Thoughts: Thank you for joining me in this class and thank you again for being a part of this big beautiful channel with a lot of your project and comments and reviews. If you'd like to close, please leave a review, and upload your project on project section of the class. If you are sharing your project on Instagram, please tag me take me so I can see your art work. I'll see you in my next class. Bye.