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Watercolor Effect: Instant watercolor effect in Photoshop

teacher avatar Tristan B. + Michelle P., Cure for the Common Capture

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Hidden Photoshop | The One Click Power of Styles

In this class we will introduce you to the hidden treasure of 'Styles' in Photoshop and how you can create a one click, non-destructive, fully adjustable (and realistic) watercolor effect in seconds on fonts, lettering, and objects. This class is for both newbies to Photoshop and old pros that may not be familiar with Styles.

Class includes a set of 4 free premium quality Watercolor Styles for students to use to their heart's content!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tristan B. + Michelle P.

Cure for the Common Capture


We are Tristan and Michelle, the brains behind Foto Rx Premium Photoshop actions, and the voices behind the blog Besotted. We both have a background in design + branding and are published photographers. Foto Rx allows us to utilize our skill sets and Skillshare has been a happy way of sharing our knowledge with our students. We love when our students have an 'aha' moment and learn a new skill that assists them to grow both creatively and financially!


Easy Patterns in Photoshop (we are talking a couple clicks easy!)

One click Watercolor Effects in Photoshop (add a realistic watercolor effect to your lettering, fonts, illustrations in one click)

Digitize your lettering in Photoshop (quickly learn this invaluable skill and start sharing your letterin... See full profile

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1. WATERCOLOR EFFECT IN PHOTOSHOP CLASS: Hello, everyone. This classes for those of you who want to learn the quickest and easiest way to achieve a realistic watercolor effect in photo shop, you really can't apply watercolor to your text. Objects of brushes with just one click the effects air nondestructive, scalable and so fast and easy It feels like magic. So if you are wanting to use watercolor for a new print to sell in your shop or a client logo or a post on instagram, download the supporting files we provided. Fire up Photoshop and follow along while Cheston walks you through this hidden Photoshopped wonder. 2. WATERCOLOR EFFECT INTRO TO PHOTOSHOP STYLES: Hi, it's Tristan from photo Rx. Welcome to our hidden photo shop, the one click power styles. Today we're going to do a watercolor effect and seconds Styles are a hidden treasure voter shop. In fact, they're so hidden that they don't even seem to have a consistent name. For sake of clarity, I will refer to it as styles. But you may also hear it referred to as textiles or four shops styles. They're one click fully adjustable. Non destructive effects for this class will show you how to create an instant 1-click watercolor effect. We have created some freestyles for you to download and a pdf with links were to find more . Let's get started. 3. WHERE TO LOCATE PHOTOSHOP STYLES: So where do you find these hidden treasures your school up to your navigation bar with butcher Shop open and go to window. Scroll down until he find styles and click on it. A photo shop palate will appear with what looks like a box with a bunch of little boxes inside of it. The's squares will be your effects. Photoshopped kinds of deep all effects that are, in a word, hideous, really hideous. You're welcome to try them out, but we do not endorse them and or to view the fact you must have something on your art board to apply the fact to I'll write up the word watercolor. 4. LOADING PHOTOSHOP STYLES: in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to upload a style. We want to create the watercolor effect, so we need to upload watercolor style, so it's super easy. We're gonna go to window scroll down to see styles. Click once and in the upper right hand corner your styles palette. You'll see some horizontal lines. Click on it, scroll down until it reads load styles. Click. Once I downloaded and saved my my style's files on my desktop, you'll know it's a style by the dot sl extension, so they click on it so it's highlighted. And then we're gonna hit open and you'll see it has appeared in my styles palette that easy . Let's do it again. Go to the horizontal lines, click on it, scroll down to load styles. Navigate to worry, have your styles click on it. Once I light, it hit open and your style will appear. And that's all you have to do in the next video. I'm gonna show you how to apply the effect. Thanks 5. USING PHOTOSHOP STYLES: Now that you have loaded your styles, they should show up in your styles palette, and I'm going to show you the one click watercolor effect. First, you want to make sure that the layer that you want them back to happen is highlighted. It now is navigate to your styles palette and scroll down Fine. Affect you like. Yeah, one click. So amazing. These air completely adjustable, non destructive effects. Which makes it really, really fun to play around with. If you don't like this effect, just default back to the original with one click. And if you'd like to try out new colors, just keep going. I'm gonna show you what it would look like on an object. This is a photo shop, brush of water. Kharboush. It looks really good. The effective look really realistic because it has nice organic lines. As you can see, that really looks like watercolor. Love it. You want to try to maintain an organic line with this effect, but just experiment. This team has very defined lines, but I still think that if you're playing around, you might get something that you really like. 6. ADJUSTING STYLE SIZES: even those styles are meant to be a one click effect. There is an option to adjust the style and the effect, so we're going to do that by adjusting the scale, going to come over to the layer where this fact is applied. He reads pattern overlay. You're gonna double click it and you'll have your layer style dialog box will appear, and you'll see your pattern or right. Yeah, it is pattern. That is a watercolor fact. If you take this little triangle and move it to left, it's going Teoh. Make your pattern smaller and to the right it's gonna make it larger. But by adjusting this pattern, you do get different effects with them, your artwork on your art board so you can really customize this a lot. Another option would be to manually do it. You can just scroll over two year art board, take your cursor and just move it around. It's really cool. We love the option to be able to customize this on off, obviously, to play because we love to experiment. Once you're happy with your facts, just hit, okay, and there it is. It's applied, and again, if you don't like it. You can default and start all over again. No problem. So we hope you have enjoyed our class. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments in the discussions. And be sure to download our watercolor styles and start playing, and we can't wait to see what you create. 7. BONUS ADJUSTING STYLE COLORS: Here's a quick little bonus tip on how to adjust your colors even more. All you have to do is go down and your layers palette to the half moon. Click on it. You'll see a drop down menu. Scroll down to hue, saturation, click once your hue saturation palatable appear. And now it's just a matter of playing with the sliders, so you don't really know what the effect will happen. Just play with them. Just drag him left to the right. Do you find a color that you might like play with see? And the saturation as the name applies? Well, either de saturated or make it more saturated. So to the left is a de saturated to the right is extra saturated. I prefer my colors to be a little bit more on the de saturated slide, so I probably played it here, and lightness just makes this really wonky, so you could feel free to play with it. But I usually don't. I'm gonna show you another way to change the color of your water color. That text. It's super easy. Phillips. Do this and you're gonna make sure that your watercolor text layer is selected So now it is . And then your layers palette scroll down to this little half moon. There's little arrow there. Click on it, find solid color once, and bring up your call it color picker. I'm dialog box and now just choose a color. It's already in Aqua Simon tribe, maybe something that you could see the effect on. Okay, go back to your layers palace. And in the upper left hand corner, you will see what reads normal. This is your layer blend modes. Click on that little arrow, scroll down. Do you see the word color? Click it once and there you have it. Color has been changed. This is again nondestructive. Delete this layer and it will be gone. Or just turn off the I for visibility and super easy to change the color once again. If you want to change this because it's not exactly the color you were looking, we're looking for just double click on the little square. We'll bring up your color picker dialog box again. But now what's fun is that you'll be able to see it in real time so I can click anywhere and you'll see it change on my art board life from that, and you can keep doing this all day long until you find exactly where you like. And it's not speaking of exactly where it's not going to do an exact color, but it will get in the total range of the color you choose, and you can also come to color libraries. What, you had to do that again. Click here color libraries, and this will bring up your Pantone colors. And again, you're not gonna be able to get exact colors. But you'll be able choose for Pantone colors. Just so you have a better idea. It's also a lot of fun to play, so have fun, and we can't wait to see what you come up.