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Watercolor Cherry Blossoms : 3 Fun and Easy Projects

teacher avatar Garima Srivastava, Artist and Illustrator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Brush Stroke Practice

    • 4. Blossoms with Ink and Watercolors-I

    • 5. Blossoms with Ink and Watercolors-II

    • 6. Bookmarks-I

    • 7. Bookmarks-II

    • 8. Greeting Card-I

    • 9. Greeting Card-II

    • 10. Bonus Video

    • 11. Your Project

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we will paint cherry blossom flowers for 3 fun crafty activities with watercolors.

Spring being just around the corner one can not stop thinking about the cherry blossom trees getting ready for their annual showdown. These trees laden with flowers have been not just a delight for artists but there is rarely anyone who won’t find them magnificent. Their paintings in any medium are always favorite subjects.

So join me in this Skillshare class and we will paint cherry blossoms in easy to follow steps while we create 3 fun projects. This class has been created keeping beginners in mind as I take you through easy steps to understand the brush strokes for the flowers and branches followed by 3 elaborately explained yet fun projects.

After the class you would be able to paint a cherry blossom branch in a few different styles with plenty of confidence. You would learn to play with Ink, create beautiful bookmarks / gift tags and gorgeous Valentine’s Day greeting cards with all of these projects featuring cherry blossoms in different styles.

I hope to see you in my class and let’s have some fun with the blossoms.


Here is a list of colors I used:

Quinacridone gold, Quincasridone magenta, Quincacridone rose, Rose madder, Permanent Carmine,Permanent Alizarin Crimson,Sap green,Burnt Umber,Indigo,Cobalt blue, Lamp black

music: royalty free music by Mandala Dreams http://www.epidemicsound.com

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Garima Srivastava

Artist and Illustrator

Top Teacher

Hello, I'm Garima.

I’m an artist and illustrator based in The Netherlands. I reconnected with my creative self a decade ago to escape the loneliness of being new in a foreign land. My artworks speak the language of joyful brush strokes and vibrant colors.

On a usual day you will find me in my home studio painting flowers, teapots, houses and cute, curly little people. I live with my husband and our sweet little daughter in a quiet village close to Amsterdam. I paint every day and share my art journey on my Instagram account (Garimasrivastava_art) through my daily posts and videos. I am often told that I make art look achievable,simple and yet beautiful.

I find inspiration from the world around me and love le... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hi, My name is Girma Shasta. I'm the artist, an illustrator behind Instagram Account My little Basil That stood you Welcome to my third skill Shake class. Spring is just around the corner, cherry blossom on magnolia trees laden with flowers and the ground underneath them covered with pedals. It's aside I really look forward to every year. So in today's bigness friendly scale, share class, Let's pain some cherry blossoms. I'll walk you through simple supplies. Your lead with practice, lots of brush strokes, followed by three fun and useful projects featuring cherry blossoms. Let's not raise much time and get started. 2. Supplies : Let's cover the supplies. So today, abusing more regular 300 Jason Gold Press paper allots Abusing a card stock to make the greeting cuts, but you can use the watercolor paper for it. Tracing paper. Lead a carport to stick your paper on. Now, As for colors today, I'll be using some Cranach Itron cold garnacha drawn magenta garnacha drum Rose Rose Matter Permanent Carmine Eliza in crimson sub green Burn number. Indigo, Cobalt Blue Lump black. I'll also be using the black Indian ink, some white Joe pin some masking fluid and you'll need something to apply. Some using a bamboo. Been for it. Now you need to straw for the ink. A pencil for precious, amusing mop number zero. I don't to be using some round brushes. Do synthetic Precious for the point on one detail. Brush your leader mixing trade a spritz bottle, some masking tape, some gift wrapping tape. You would be using a bunch machine. Some twine. You can also use, um, Saturn drip. You need a paper cutter, a safety cutting board. You'll need a ruler. We'll also need a kitchen paper roll and a jar of clear water, and that's it. 3. Brush Stroke Practice : in this video, I want to go through the concepts of articular on brushstrokes that you'll be needing to create the cherry blossoms. So on my mixing train, I've got some Conacher John Gold could not have drawn my Gento garnacha. John Rose Rose Matter Permanent Carmine Eliza Rain crimson Sap green For the branches, I'll be using a mix of burnt number, and in Decaux you need cobalt blue lamp black and of another dab off sub green Here. Now let's cover some of the basic watercolor concepts, some adding a lot of water in my brush and making this really watery pink battle. And now if I used this mix to create the pedal, they'll come out really light. So this is my lightest value Now. If allowed a bit more color to this puddle, so more color and less water, I will get a bit darker value. If I picked the color directly, literally no water, I get the darkest value. Pedals can add a bit more to the center to see the difference, said This is my darkest found you, so I've got light a bit darker on the darkest can add a bit more to the center. You can also use a darker color to create the darker value. Now there two ways of applying border colors, so when you're applying of it, watery makes off color onto a dry paper. This technique is called that on dry you get quite defined shapes from it. Now, if you add another red color to these vet base layer, this technique is called wet on wet, so add a little bit off indigo to the center on. This is still a vet on vet technique. You're applying a bit color while the base layer is still it. Even this is still convict. Now let's start practicing some off the brushstrokes to create thes cherry blossoms. So I've got a bit off pain makes in my brush there so many different kinds. But most of them are five pedal flowers joined in the center very softly, so you press your brush on left. As you go out, press on, you go out. You can add a bit of green. Too little sides of them because they're samples are visible on some yellow to the center, and in the end, add a lizard in crimson for the dark center So let's practice one more time. Good pink makes and you push your brush like this. So press on, lift, press and lift. It can use multiple brushstrokes to create the pedal press and lift. So while this pink is still wet, I'll add some yellow to the center, gonna drunk old and then permanent a littering crimson for the deeper center. I'll also add some green to the sides for the Cipel's and now for the center statements I sometimes use of my gel pen to create these long filaments off the statement. So just from the centre long white dashes going all around and then for the enter dots, you can use the same yellow or the gold makes to create these dots. But sometimes I also use lump black to create these dots and then connect them to the center to greet the statements for a higher contrast. Look, you can use the black statements and for softer look, the lights have been method. Now they're double blossoms which have double layers of petals. So what you do is you start with the same five petal flower. If you're pink, makes a lot a little bit more dark color to the center. And now, with that same pink soft makes, I'm going to just on little dabs in the gaps here to make it look like the bottom leer is visible. And now, while it's still let a Lanta Dr Center on with my yellow mix, I'll just add little yellow statements. So this is your double Bossem, and they're quite a magnificent side. To be honest, you can add little leaves with sap green, very light Seth green mix. So just push on lift now for the branches. I'm going to make some burnt number but indigo to create almost a black makes. And what I do is hold my brush really tight here on my hand, really study and straight down on push initially and as I go up lift. So push logical on lift. Quite a baby looks push vertical lift as you go up. So as you go out, create lots of gaps in between to greet the twins. So what do you want to do is with the same brush stroke push on lived so that you can create picker mark, but also 10 marks with the same brush, so without changing the brush, you can create the whole branch. Let's practice one more time. Push quite, baby Tickle gaps. Not Driggs on lifters, you're going out for much tenor branches, so they're thicker and bottom and dinner as they brought shot one more time. Push on lift as you're going out. Lots of gaps in between, which you can fill the cluster of flowers there. So many ways of painting them. You can paint them really lose. So with just your pink makes little dabs here and there to give an impression of flowers. So there just a gentle push off your brush. Some smaller Sam Baker Keep wearing your, um, mix your pink makes, so add a little bit of yellow to it. Sometimes add more darker. Read to it a bit of magenta. So you just giving an impression of flowers, sometimes some darker values in between, so some small dots and bigger dots you can add some green leaves, so this is a very loose stuff, but you can also create them in a defined way. So just as we practiced 12345 for an upside down flower one to three, and then made some green. Mix the samples at the back and join it with the 10 tweak so samples at the back and then with your pink makes simple per stroke. One. Do on three. You can add little statements with yellow just hanging down like this. Let's add some darker center with indigo on a literal crimson mix. So it's all up to you how you make your blossoms. You can make them quite lose with just impression of the pedals, but also quite defined. I also tried to change my pink mix by adding a bit of magenta here and there, a little bit of red. I'm always a bit of dark center, and I tried to make sure I add a little touch of green and prepare now for their buds. It's trying to first make a branch, and now we're just dab off your brush and the pink makes. You can create little butts just a little down and to connect it to the trigger, manning a little bit of green to the mix and just very gently connecting it. So this was your practice. She try practicing them couple of times, and in the next video we're going to start playing with some fun projects 4. Blossoms with Ink and Watercolors-I: in this project, we're going to be creating a branch full of cherry blossom flowers, so we'll be playing with Indian ink and a straw. You can pick the ink with the help of her dropper, but you can also pick it with just that straw you're going to use so but destroyed the bottom off your in bottle and covered the tip with your finger. Remove the excess. I've taped this for regular people in all the side with masking tape and have something protective underneath the cardboard. Now put to drop right here and now I'm going to just tell my guard board around gently two different sides to give the sort of a baby feel to the branch very gently, not very drastic moves and just keep tilting it around just a little bit and never knew. Ready to branch it out a bit more. Blow some air in the straw gently on. Just nudged this droplet at the bottom two. Sort of give it a bit more direction and make a bit tenor branches. I want to create some breaks here, so I'll just use the dropper and put little droplets at thes places. And now with the help of strong and gently I'm going to nudged thes out of it as well. Now, when I want to create even tenor and more spread out branches, I'm going to move my strong side, decide on now with greater force. I'm going to blow the air so it will create really fine branches on more dramatic looking ones. Now we'll wait for you to try. So now I'm going to make some pink in my brush. Andi, I want to remove the excess water from this light, watery mix because I don't want really watery pedals something like this. I don't really want it. So I'm going to remove excess water from my brush so I'll just touch the side of the brush on the paper tab to remove the excess for and will make the first pedal. So we'll try the upside down kind one to and Terry one. So this is just a nup side down flower. Now let's make some more big, some more color, then one. Do three, four and five. Just recently, let's create a few more can create them a bit more loose looking, and now, while they're still wet, I'll add some yellow to the center, and now I'll create the technics off indigo in a littering crimson in my fine detail brush , and I'm going to add the stick mixture to the center. To create these darker centers. You can use the same mix to create the statements right of it. So read some dots and then connect them to the center with fine lines. I'll also add just a very light mix of green to their sides to create these visible Cipel's Don't on all the sides, just in the gaps that are visible. I'll make some green on red to create this reddish brown, makes in the finer brush and then simply add small samples at the back on a little tweak to attach it to the branches. Let's create some more flowers, so use that same pink soft pink mix. So here the petals are quite watery. So now when my brush has lost most of the water, just use the same thirsty brush to lift some of the excess water out. I'll add some yellow to center and now some darker rid. So now I want to create some pedals behind these flowers to given impression that there some flowers right behind so just a couple of petals right behind these not full sh lives just a few pedals. Add one more upside down flower here on a few lonely buds. Here, let's add one more flood so you can either push your brush or pull it to create the pedals . Now let's have the yellow center to it, followed by the red, just darkening up some centers. Now let's add one more flour here, so I'll just use that same pink mix and create 12345 just a small flower and now some pedals right behind these flowers. We need to fill this gap here, so I'm feeling thes lose pedals very close to each other. I'm not making a full Schiller just right behind these bigger flowers, an impression off flowers right behind them. So some of them I'll create more flat looking. But rest are just lose pedals. You also want a couple of them that looked like they're right behind the branches like this , so I'll create a few more upside down flowers, some more buds, and now let's at the yellow to the center, followed by the deep indigo and Eliza in crimson makes to the center. Now, with just a touch of green, I'm going to add a little samples that are visible in between some of these flower petals. Not all of them, just some of them. And I also want to a dad some of these last two, the branches with just a small tweak. In the next video, we'll add more details to this piece. 5. Blossoms with Ink and Watercolors-II: I'm going to continue adding some of these flowers by changing my bank makes slightly by adding a little bit of a magenta and sometimes tread and creating these flowers and buds all around while they're still read. Blitz at some yellow a lot, some more red, just thes filler petals and little buds. We want to make this composition look much fuller, so create more off these pedals right behind these cluster flowers, where the gaps are secrete more flowers where the gaps are visible to make it look quite full. There on it sounds yellow center and now the darker red center to started. To all of these, flash the rest of it. So this is written in red, adding. Now let's pick some sap green in my fine detail brush, and we're going to add little Cipel's to some of these new flowers we have just created. Not all of them, just a few of them. Now it's dark and up. Some of these centers a bit more depite ticker mix. It's great. A few more of the buds and lose petits. I will add one. Do three and upside down one, just a few more and Now let's attach some of these flourish fit slightly. Brown makes on a very 10 little twig, attaching some off them to the branches. Now let's pick some sap. Green and operation start adding some leaves. So some leaves here and there. And also underneath these little buds we have created so just a touch underneath the butts and tiny leaves so it can get quite overwhelming very fast. So make sure you're not adding too many leaves, but do add the's little touch of green and they need all of the buds you have created. I had a few mark attach this one to the branch on a few more right here. Now I'll extend some of these twigs with help off lump black in my little detail brush, so just fine lines to attach a few more of these flowers. I'll extend these now with some Sepp Green for the fine twigs that are finally attaching to the flowers. Just a touch of green and really fine lights to attend. Some of these flowers and buds just go around, look at whichever one's her hanging just attached them. I noticed a data a few more and now, on a bit more off the filler Bittles right behind these flowers. Now with my my job in, let's start adding statements. So I'm adding thes long dashes in the center. For the filament part, you could make them as dense as you like. Potentially 8 to 9 are just fine. You can make them straight or a bit sort of curved, looking to school around, and now I'll pick some lump black in my finding depression at these little enter dots again , you can make them dense, but 5 to 6 per flower just fine. To give a variation to you and the dots, you can create them with garnacha drone gold. It gives the impression that the flower is catching some light, so find a few of the flash and create these dots with conductor on gold. But do make sure that do you attach them to the center with divide gel pen. And now let's pick some deeper red makes and add a few of these extra filler pedals and give sort of this finishing touches and also dark and up. Some of the centers with the indigo and littering crimson mix and I'll at the same mix right behind these flowers. Just a little bit. So your first project is ready, and I really hope you enjoyed this one. 6. Bookmarks-I: for this project. We're going to create bookmarks, so we'll fill this hole watercolor paper with flowers and then get strips out of it to create the bookmarks. I've taped the paper at the bottom and the top edge, and we're going to start with the branches first. So pick some burnt number and indigo, mixing my mom brush. Quite a take makes and we'll start with one of the edge on a bit taker stroke and then tapered it down to finer little branches. Give lots of gaps in between them. Little dashes. Little Driggs. I don't want to fill the hole composition with branches, so I'll just add a few from every edge, and then we'll add a few later. But you just have to make sure that you're adding a few branches that will be visible with every bookmark. So now I think the branches air enough. We can start adding some some of the blossom flowers. So with my round brush, all to speak some pink makes and just for the dab off my brush, I'll create for 25 petaled flowers said. This is not even a pull off my brush. So the breaststroke is just a dab, some of them close together to make it look like flowers and some a bit more scattered to give a look of little buds here in there. I also keep changing. My bank makes around and adding a little bit of red sometimes and sometimes magenta. Let's add a few more here in this gap and will find branches for them a bit later. Sometimes I add a bit of water in my brush and pull these already made pedals out a bit to the edges. Gives a much softer look, since this is a very soft and loose style that SATs and yellow in the centre. Wealthy zehr, still red and now some deeper red flowers is ville. Do not add this deeper red flirt too many, just a few here and there. So continue adding more of these little flowers around all of these branches we have created. Just make sure it's just a dab. It's not a complete, well defined flower. Just little dabs closely put together. So really tiny five petal flower, some of them not even five petals a steward. Three. Keep changing your mix around. Keep adding some yellow to the center. While they're bent now with just a touch of cobalt blue in my brush, I'm adding this watery mix and pulling thes edges out a little bit. Kind of gives the feeling that the flowers are really light towards the edges. Now let's add a few more off the pink flowers. Just look atyou composition and decide how complex you wanted to be. And then, just with watery brush, pulled some off the flowers out to give it a month softer. Look, I'll continue adding more flowers a bit more red sometimes said the breaststroke is just a dab, and it's handsome yellow to the centers here. I'll just add a few in these gaps, so some flowers and buds and we'll find branches for them later. Let's add some deeper red flash, so I'm just going around adding different values off flowers everywhere. So where their light flowers and just adding a little bit of darker wants sometimes with magenta, sometimes for the bit of red. Because I want each cluster to have the whole variation off different values light, a little bit of yellow and obviously a little bit of much darker red ones as well. It was just a touch everywhere kind of brings it all together and makes it look uniform now with that same burnt umber in indigo mixed. Let's add some off these little branches and twigs and connect some of these lose flowers. Keep giving just very pin lights. Hold your brush really tight and straight down. If they're close toe edge, make them broader and two words inside. More tenor and little twig shaped. Just keep adding the Morant so most of the floating flowers are now connected. It's at a few more and also dark and up. Some of them just go around and little twigs. And now let's add little buds here and there. It's just with the dab, quite scattered looking. Now it's up green. Let's start making some leaves so you do not want to many lives, but you do want them to be visible on every branch. So just here and there don't make them do overwhelm me. Also attach little tricks to some of these buds all around. Too many just a few. I'll add some more deeper red flowers now, so continue adding these deeper flowers, adding a bit more off little twigs with the sap green. Attaching them have a lot of extend a few off these branches with the same burnt umber and indica mix. Just little tweaks here and there and keep adding more flats. In the next video, I'm going to add more details and then finish off the bookmarks. 7. Bookmarks-II: and it's going to do, adding more flowers just adapt. Here in there also had a few twigs on the touch of green. Now let's add. Some black centers have got some lump black in my detail brush, and I'm just going to add them to the center on, pull them out a little bit, just a tab and then pull that color out a little bit into dashes. So not all of them, just a few flowers, pull them in long dashes. I'm just going around adding these few darts and some of them, and it's in some of them. I'm pulling them out. The star black can make the whole composition dark very quickly, some just adding these very sparingly on all of these clusters at a little bit. And in some of them, pull these black dots out a little bit. Now, in some of them will add some white centers, gives sort of variation. And now, with some black, I'm again adding a few more details off little dots to make the statements like complete. Now let's add a few more pedals here and there. Just keep adding some yellow in between, some more green and it's, um, Indigo Makesem, adding a little touch of indigo in between these clusters to make them look more fuller. And now, with some cobalt blue matting, this very watery mix of cobalt blue towards the edge to make the whole cluster look much softer, add a few more. I'm now thinking in vertical strips, so adding flowers wherever I think there's an empty space, also adding some deeper centers here and then so I can see that this little area here needs a bit more flowers. I'll just at drink first. And then just the dab off my pink makes to greet the flowers first, some more red and now some green leaves, followed by some couples blue to pull the edges out and make it look uniform allowed a few more to the edges. Here I'm just a couple blue to pull the edges out again, some doctor centers and then some green leaves at a few more, and then we'll wait for this whole peace to dry. Now that it has dried, I'm going to mark five centimeter wide vertical strips, so top and bottom five centimeter marks and cut them on a safety mount. Now your bookmarks are ready, and if you switch them around, you can see how unique they are. So now we'll bunch some holds on the shorter edges. It's just one of them. Just one hole on one of the charter edge. I can also make little gift tags. So full the bookmark around and then cut off any excess white and then got little corners on both side again. Split it into half. And now on the edge, you have cut the corners. Just make a little bunch hole, so this will give you your gift tags. Now, I was fold a twine into half and just put it through this little bunch hole. I will do the same for some of the bookmarks, but you can also use some satin ribbon for it. Bookmarks. So you bookmarks on your little gift tags are ready 8. Greeting Card-I: in this project. I want to create some greeting cards. So this is a card stock that has been folded in half. It comes flat like this, and I just scored in the middle. Do fold it around. I want to create hard in here so you can freehand draw it for the pencil. But for a more uniform looking one, I use the tracing paper. For that, you will need to find the center off your card. So for the top and the bottom it, I'll find the center marks with the ruler. Just take your ruler, Andi, but just a tiny dot at the top center and then at the bottom. We'll use these two points to align the vertical edge of the tracing paper and just with your pencil, lightly draw half off the heart. Now we'll use this half heart to trace both of the sides. Before that, it's dark and up this so that Abbott tree scanned about the degree fight on the paper. Now turn the tracing paper around and align it to the top and bottom dot and now, with a bit of pressure again, trace along the whole contour of the heart again turned the tracing paper around. And now the right side. Align the top and bottom dots. Try not to let the tracing paper move. Now that the sketches ready, we need to stick this greeting card to the clipboard and also between the two sides. So I'm using some Scotch tape cutting a little piece, folding it over so that the sticky side is out. And just between the two sides, I won't be using too much water, so I'll just be using these three little sticky points to make my card study on the clipboard. I don't need to tape the whole car down now. You can either paint very carefully inside the heart or mosque outside area with masking fluid. Wait for it to dry, but you can also use some tape to cover this outside area a little bit. So I'm just cutting little pieces and curving them around along the hearts edges. So when you're going through long, flat edges, just simply stick the tape around. But when there is a curve, try to first curfew, tape around towards the inner edge along the controller off the heart, greed some creases and then simply stick the rest of it. This is a quick way when you get used to with it, and you don't have to tolerate the smell off masking fluid anymore. In the next video, we're going to start doubting the little cherry blossoms. 9. Greeting Card-II: for this Valentine's Day greeting. God, I would like a color combination of indigo on a deep red, some picking some permanent Eliza in crimson in my tide bristled round brush. It's a synthetic one. Another start making four or five petal flowers, so the brushstroke is just a dab off my brush. I'm not even pulling it into full pedals, and I'm making two off the petals. Baker and rest three of them. A little smaller kind of makes them look as if they're at an angle. I'll just add a few that are crossing over the edges as well. So just a few of their battles are visible, not going to fill them up completely. I'll also add a couple with just a few pedals so that they looked like a CIF their buds. Now let's pick some indigo in our brush and start from one of the edge with a bit wider stroke, and then start making these branches and connect all of these flowers with these 10 branches. So we have to make sure all of these flowers are connected, and nothing is just free floating what I'm very intentionally trying to do with add a bit off color to some of the edges because for shaped like this, you can either fill it up completely with a color for it to become very clear to the viewer's eye. But you can also do is add a bit of color towards the edges, Andi. Then you can do whatever you want with the center, so I'm just adding either. A twig are now starting to add some pedals on, making sure that the edges are covered. At this point, I'm not making complete flowers. I'm just adding one dab or tube to make them look like little buts here and there, making sure all the edges are covered. You can change the intensity off your red to create some variation. Keep it as dense as you like. Now I will add some indigo in my brush and add some centres, especially to the flowers that look complete. I'll just go through one more time and just check if there are places which don't have any color, especially around the edges. It's just going around, making sure old edges are covered. And now, with the paper Tavel in my hand, wrapped around my finger, I'm going to remove the excess color droplets from the tape and let's remove the tape. Now. Here we go. The heart is almost ready. All you need to do is make sure the edges are a bit uniformed, suggests Take either your red art indigo and just slightly smoothing out the edges. Your card is ready. 10. Bonus Video: I want to show you how to use masking fluid. So I've got some in a plastic bottle camp on, but the use off, Ah, bamboo pin. I'm going to deposit some off it along the contour off the heart. You can make this as broad as you like. It will only give you more freedom when you're painting inside. Some people also use colored masking fluid, so it's all up to you. So once all of the control discovered, you will need for this masking fluid to dry before you start painting the ticker, you apply it the longer it will take to dry. But do make sure that test dried now that it has dried. We going to quickly stick the two sides of the greeting card with a little bit of tape in between. For this one, Michaela combination choices the original when we have been using with burnt umber and indigo for the branch and pink for the flower. So I'll just big some branch mix, burnt umber and indigo and discreet ticker on the edge and tainer drinks inside just a few of them. And now I will add some off my bank makes and start adding little slammers. So there again in the very loose style we've been practicing earlier, just a little dab here and there. You can make it as dances. You like just going around all of the edges. At this point, I'm not covering all of the edges, just going on around and adding them uniformly, also adding some doctor flowers here and there for Dr Flowers. I'm adding Eliza in crimson to my bank mix, deciding a few little buds here and there. I will also add some yellow to the centers, not to everyone, but try to keep it uniformly distributed. Now let's start adding some darker centers. Goodson Lump like. And I'm just adding it to few of the flowers. I'm not making the centers very well defined. Just really lose little color deposited. Now let's use, um, green and add some of the leaves. At this point, I'm now trying to start covering some off the edges so that all of the edges are covered. Now with the color, you can keep it a bit emptier looking in the center, but covered the edges properly, having a bit more of the twigs somewhere of the doctor flowers and just finishing touches here and there. Once you have done painting all of the flowers, you'll have to wait for the whole painting to dry. Now that the colors have dried with just a nudge off your finger, you'll be able to remove the masking fluid and just try to gently pull it out from all of the contours if needed. You can do some touch ups, but your card is now ready. 11. Your Project: for the project of this class. I would love for you to choose any one of these three projects. You can create a branch full of flowers, paint them as losers you would like, or you can decide to pain the greeting cards. You can paint them on watercolor paper and they'll be perfect for Valentine's Day. And finally, you can decide to paint the bookmarks on the gift tags, which you can use throughout the year. I would love to see what you create, so please share your projects in the project section of this class. And if you're sharing it on instagram, please tag me and use the hashtag model basil underscore skill share. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Instagram. 12. Conclusion: I really hope you enjoyed this class. Please do not forget to share your projects on. If you like this class, please consider leaving a review so that the class can become visible to more students. Keep an eye out for more classes coming from me and have a nice day.