WATERCOLOR ROW BOATS | Learn simple Technique to paint realistic Boats | Suhasini Badam | Skillshare

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WATERCOLOR ROW BOATS | Learn simple Technique to paint realistic Boats

teacher avatar Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

hi Guys..!!


Having problems with painting Realistic boats.. Does you painting turning out flat without any dimension or depth.. then this is the class for you.. In this class you will learn to paint Realistic and colorful row boats and you will see how to compose a scene and paint it in your own terms.. And you will learn to paint Delicate waters.. 

What is there in the class

  • First we will see all the supplies required
  • Learn all the techniques to paint the class projects , these techniques include 
  1. Controlled Wet-On-Wet 
  2. How to Paint water
  3. How to Blend paint into Background

  And many more small techniques i have included in the class

Materials I used are as follows

  • Saunders Waterford  100% COTTON watercolor paper ,half sheet of  9 inches * 12 inches for each class project
  • Silver Black velvet Round Brush of size:4,8,12     
  • 2 jars of water
  • paper napkins
  • Color palette : Winsor and newton 24 pan set
  • Masking Tape
  • Masking Fluid

  I highly Recommend using 100% cotton paper to achieve the same result as in the class 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suhasini Badam

Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist from India currently staying in California.

I did my bachelors in computer science but destiny has its own decision , Picked a brush inspired by some Instagram painting posts and from then it became my full time job .I started working with watercolors from 2018 and i paint  different subjects but Landscapes stole my soul .

Now I paint mostly landscapes as i am attracted towards Nature .Nature has my heart .

i do paint Florals and Acrylics sometimes . but majorly i concentrate on painting landscapes in watercolors. you can find all my works in my Instagram profile . 




Here are some of my works 


See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hey, guys, I hope you are all doing well. Welcome to my schedule class or to color rowboats. So this class is all about painting Robles. And in this class billon have to paint these bright and beautiful Robards. My name is who asked me on the water. Colorado reached an instructor from California, actually from India. So I chose robots subject for this class. As I find these boats very colorful and beautiful, the structure of these boards look so simple. Eye catching, an attractive. Today we'll do three gas projects, three different class projects, but with the same technique. And by the end of the class, you can easily paint realistic bolts on your own. So these are the three class projects that were going toe pain today. First, we'll see all the materials required for this class and then learn the techniques required like control, but on wet and blending colors to the background and technique required for painting water . So we'll see all these techniques, and we'll finally jump straight into the class projects and see how to do and have to paint all these simple and beautiful boat. So without wasting any time, let's dive into the class and paint this colorful boats 2. MATERIALS REQUIRED: let us talk about all the surplus required for this class. So first come the brushes. These are the three bridges that I'm going to use. These are from Cilla Black. Well, wait, Cilla black velvet sizes 12 and eight. And this is off size four. So these are the pressures We use. Only three bridges in our entire class and pencil, and then a razor. This is a normal mechanical benzel. And in a razor. And this is jelly roll pan sized. We'll use this in only one part, and it is okay. If you don't have this, you can skip this and masking tape from asking edges. And we need masking tape for only one class project remaining. We don't use masking tape. Land two jars off clean water, two jars of clean water, One for watching all our bridges. And from for background water washes. Important thing is the paper we're going to use. So this is a paper that we use in this class. It is Sanders. Waterford. This is a handed person cordon and three energies and one the size off this East 12 and nine. This is basically a particular block, so I have heard a lot about this paper and the quality of this paper and see many great artists use in this. So I wanted to give it a try. And this is absolutely amazing. It matches with the quality off rt's. I love this one. So we're going to cut this into desirable SAGES. Mostly we use half, but for each class project and Pepe napkin for cleaning our treasures. And now come the color palette. So I have chosen to use Vincent in your den. This is a 24 palette, but we don't use all the shapes. Uh, I'll show you the shares were required. We use, like, 10 to $12 in total. I will show you the shares list. So here is the list off shares that will use you can go with water brand that is available with you. So Yeah, that's it. These are all the materials that are required only minimal Czar, please. So, without wishing any time, let's get started with the class. So I forgot to mention earlier eso we're going to use this art philosophy of mask include two in our classes. So this we're going to use for a second class project, So yeah, that's it. 3. TECHNIQUES: so, yeah, these are our final three glass projects. So in order to pain these, we need to learn some techniques first, which I required the financial class projects. The techniques include painting the water around, like in this and in this, and we use to techniques in painting. These boards of those are wet on wet technique and wet on dry technique. So we'll see those three techniques first, and we'll go forward. So first learned to paint water. I have taken a small sheet, and I'm just stepping down the paper and I'm ready with my Winsor and Newton palette and the Blackwell but precious. So I'll show the shades I like to use depending water, and I always like the true septal callous like this winter blue Winter blue mixed with pain is great. So this is one shape and pain is great and one more shared that I love to use. And I and we used in our final class product is Winsor Blue Mix treatments a green. So this gives some beautiful turquoise blue share and one more reason so violet. So these articles I mainly use depending water. So now let's see the processor to paint water. So before starting toe plane, we have to prepare a pull off pain that we use. So now I'm preparing. Pull off Winsor blue Mixed with means a green. So we have to work fast. So we have to play the pain when the paper is still it's so we have to prepare full of pain before starting off. Now I'm taking a beginner move Risch toe the surface with clean water. So here we are using what, Enrique technique. Ah, play a nice clean court and apply enough water, not more, since it makes the pain to plead more. So yeah, this is perfectly right. Now let's take a smaller number. British. I'm taking here Cilla, Black village, size eight British and I'm loading brush with the pain that we have previously prepared. And now this Bain some strokes onto the very surface. And don't make these lines linear and remember to leave some white spaces Despaigne some random strokes from a the sides. So after finishing this, I'm quickly preparing another pull off. Same shared, but with more dark atonal value. So if you think that the stone which is presently sufficient, then you can leave it as it is, but I want to make it more doctors. I'm doing this step so I'm bending while more lead, same as the first, and I'm doing the same as we did in the layer one just but with a more DACA tonal value. So if you are playing more water than it will bleed like this, so what we have to do is completely wash your brush and remove excess water from your brush and just lift off the pain and then more show British and again repeat the same this technique we have done in Wonder Border class. So in this simpler, very pain water, like just in one minute, we can pain this complete part. No, let's learn the second technique that is right on my technique. This is a basic technique, but let's see it once again, as we used this technique in our whole class in our class will use Controller Tom it. So to explain this, I'm defending my shape into two parts. I'm sketching the side very off the boat, see while sketching. I'm not doing much details. I'm just taking some basic sketch and I want us getting the same on the other side. I just want to show the difference between the control but on their technique and a normal one. So I'm giving this two parts so the side control and decide will be normal. So in control it on the technique. A play border district. Damn the sheet just to make the sheet wet. And we should not use water access. Lee, I'm a playing water on the whole board part. Yeah, you have to do is just pain the parts who want when the beverage still red. So now I'm taking the smaller number British and this spending the parts Then I want to paint when the bag only still event Look at this tiny small bleeds It is beautiful, so we will do. But on re techniques just toe get these tiny bleats. So now let's see normal But on the technic in this will apply border as we like And let's do the same. I'm a plain water into the whole book. So in control or Don Reid technique, we have applied water just to make the pam paper damp enough, but in a normal technic villa play water like regionally doing what Enrique technique. So now I'm doing the same thing as we did and last part. See, the paint is bleeding more here. You can see the paint is bleeding, more spreading into the more area so way don't want this in our final class, so way opted for control it on technique, so the difference is just real up late. Enough water in control, over 200 technique, and we'll play what regularly in modern technic. So this is how the technique works. So the next technically learn is about Andre technique impending. These boards will usedto techniques that fast layer real, using the control right on my technique and secondly, really loose return tri technic. So, yeah, this part is completely dry, so I'll show it on dry technique now. So wet and dry means that paint on dry paper. So now we have to go over the areas where we painted the first layer, this time without reading the background statistic, paint dis, load your brush with paint and go on the areas. So why we are using this technique prostrate on the technic, and then we're done right, so I'll explain why you're using this later in our class project section. This is how the 100 technique works. So the last technique to understand is a smudging the paint into the background. This thing we used in many parts of our class. So let's learn it quickly. So I'm taking pain is great to pay in the shadow for the board and a playing a layer off pain. I'm taking DACA tone as the shadow nearer to the object will be brighter. So after a playing, pain is great. I'm washing my brush. I'm washing my brush completely and loading my brush with clean water. No, I'm just munching that paint into the background. See how beautifully blended into the Bagnall. So we have to do this one. The layer is still wet. So electrons agency I just applied a layer off pain and washed my bridge and with clean water I'm this much in that into the background. This is start simple. So these are all techniques required to finish our class projects very simple and very tiny ones. So let's get started to our first class project. So you there 4. CLASS PROJECT 1 PART1 : So guys I have received from the water Claire Block and take down the edges and ready to start our first class project or first class project will be based on a photograph. So that is how we are going to take a reference from a photograph to draw the boards. And the second class will be painting one our own. So now just have a look at the difference picture. So if you see the difference, picture is a complete whole landscape. So our main subject these books. So we're taking only boards from this reference picture and pain the remaining things on our own. So I want to paint the to order no boards that are there in the picture, and I will draw them here first to paint. I'm also showing the sketching, but here I'm drawing with the 0.7 Campbell in pencil. You can drop it any pencil you have. So I am drawing the first board now, and I will attest reference picture in our class resources section so that you can take a clean look while you're doing the class project. So adverse. First, draw the basic our plane off the basic shape and then included details. So I have choose andro boards for this entire class because I was fascinated by these tiny , colorful boards, which gives many possibilities while pending them, maybe in the next class will pain tables. So while painting landscape drawing is not a main thing asked, there are only minimally things to job before her depending. But pending subjects like these require a bit off drawing. So be patient and draw. I'll speed up this process a bit so that we can concentrate on painting more. So now we have finished drawing this and now let's pain this. So I'm ready with MoveOn, Sarah Newton Pain said. And Silver Blackwelder brushes. So let's get started. So during this process, please observe carefully how use colors and how I take colors from the pan so that you will have a clear area. Have to do this. So, as I said in the techniques class will paint the board into layers. The first layer will be a control, but on where technique? I'm taking clean water with Super Blackwell, eight size a brush and a playing water in the whole board area. Our play water carefully so that there will be no excess water. We've warned the paper to be just damp enough. Looked no . While watching the reference picture, Let's paint the basic court off colors. I'm starting with wins. A red I'm using here of several Blackwell, right? Number four British. So I'm starting off with interest, so don't worry it play. Pain bleeds. This is a basic port at Bay Score, Claire. And there will be another layer on the top of this. So the reason I'm doing two layers, he's to bring some abstract. Missed your final piece. If you paint using only but don't. Right then it will be like normal, big nothing. And I want those bleeds. I want those abstract nous that it two years to obtain those things. So we have to do a base layer first. Now I'm mixing wins a blue. I'm using the NSA blue for the strip while Spain that is present on the book. Yeah, no legs painter in a part of the boards for the rose seeds. I'm going with burns, you know, and bending the rules. EADS burnt enough and feeling all that receives present in this board and doing the same with the second board And here don't worry if it blues, everything will make sense in the second layer. Now let's paint the board floor here, so I'm mixing. Pain is great. Mixed with black and mixing pain is credit black to get some doctor dawn. Since they will be no light in the floor, it will be more doctor. So I'm taking some darker tone, see as we're using control. But on re treatment, the pain doesn't leave Much as we seen that on the technique you can clearly observe here there is no much building, so this is the reason for using control. But on your technique and this seat I'm going with cerulean blue and this smaller than block. I'm painting with burnt Sienna. So I'm taking colors based on the reference picture. And no, I'm mixing violate with tennis. Great. So that, uh, this doctor stadia and I want to be darker, so I'm mixing some hula tone to get rocket on. So by painting, using in a difference. But you can either choose colors off your own or you can take reference from the picture and before starting to paint, always use a ruptured trail under the shares and then start with the actual piece because you never know how the colors go together. So always try before before her starting the pending. So with this we finished the vice layer and this lady is done toe unless turn the placement of colors and took you abstract Mr the Peace. So after this layer dries will go about the slayer and do one more layer and we'll do final highlights and add water to finish that last project. And we'll see or letting the next listen. So via waiting for these to dry, see you in the next listen. 5. CLASS PROJECT 1 PART2: no. Let's start with the next layer, the layer which transforms the whole painting but giving depth and definition. So this is completely dry and ready to take the next layer. I'm taking a large in a my British that is still a black velvet number trade. So we should go about this lead doing the same as we did in the layer one. So I'm starting with Vince Array. No, I'm just spending the same thing as we didn't layer van. But if you observe as this is what owned right technique, we did not apply any water before head this. This is what Andre technique that is wet paint on dry paper. The colors will be more brighter as this is weird. Andre Technique. See this? We have learned in the picnics glass. This is the second part of the pending. So now, in order to add some depth on I'm adding pain, it's great to the borders. And now another strip off line with Provenza Blue. Go carefully as this is the final layer you can to cover the things if the things go wrong and now do the same thing the second boat, so we'll go Bali with these two boards. So doing the same thing in that and this board for now, come with this. - Now I'm adding that using pain is great. Now let's bring the proceeds. I'm mixing burnt umber with pain is created to get a dark atone pain to see shadows so we don't pain the seats Now the seats that we painted in the first layer is sufficient. So now we'll paint the shadows where those seeds and give more depth for them. I see simply adding these mandatory image and it really kind of feel No. Let's air charters on the sites of the board as one side wall shadow will fall under there . I'm taking pain is great, Very light atone off pain is great. Do that A like a tone had more water and pain in the backside inside of all of the board. So be careful well, painting the smaller parts If it spins out saying the area, it must boil the painting at this point. Big careful. So I'm doing the same for the next for the first boat. Now I'm mixing my lip and going over the layer one and vile painting. Don't be always uniforms inform. Working makes the painting boring and lifeless. So try hiring, summon linear lines and go out of the book sometimes to pain. The smaller things makes a lot of friends. All this are trying to do that so not to differentiate between shadow and the flow of parts . Let's ended, are cut onto the floor. I'm mixing. Pain is grave in black. Yes, I am shared as we used in fresh layer. So now just bring the borders. I'm just spending their borders carefully does this thing, and I'm washing my brush completely and learning that into the background. This process we have learned in the dick thinks class No. I'm adding three days to bring more liveliness and depth. Now I'm mixing burnt umber and pain is greener, violating the seats shadow part and it's almost done now and finally will pay in the water to paint the water. Let's prepare a pull off pain before starting out here. I'm taking in some blue mixed with Vince again to get this beautiful turquoise blue share, So if we have it a course blue shared with you, then you can use that. So in the palette that I'm working now. That is no turquoise blue shared, So I'm mixing it using blue and green. So I'm taking a begin number brush as we have to cover a larger area and I'm taking lighter tone off this shared. And we need Lord more water here as we have to keep it wet. Sylvie, add another layer off waves. So now paint around the boards and be careful and to get a lighter tone of the same share discharged more water. And here I painted water loosely without specific borders. Or you can fill the entire area by area off the background so you can feel the entire Baghran area or just do as I did. Now, After finishing this, we have to immediately mix darker tone off. Same share. Now it is small, a British just playing some strokes as we didn't take mixed class and do this part when the paper is to leave it. - So this is how we do water So simple one. Don't worry about the borders. We'll pay in the shadow of this in the background eyes. So, yeah, this is dried now. Now, to paint the shadow, I'm mixing more darker tone off turquoise blue I'm mixing Pain is great, innit? Toe, Get the shared more docker. So now to score along the border just and after a plane wash your British completely and clean waters much start into the background. This Steuby learned in the techniques class, doing the same with another boat. - After this one rise, we'll add more Charlo bod. So this is Dr So Pain with the same share. See, we took the reference from a picture with the boards or on the land, but we painted boards in water in the same way you can paint. You can take inspiration from a picture and add your own things on that. And with this off ash class project is now finished. And let's meet in our second class project, where we will do our own composition and pained our own things. So see you there 6. CLASS PROJECT 2 PART 1: so welcome to our second gas project. Eso Our second class project will be a complete landscape with the robot in it on this real pain without any reference picture. So before starting the class before starting the actual pending, first lis is composed the elements that should be in the painting. So I have taken it up sheet and drawing enough borders. So I want the class project the mean depending to be a in a rectangular format. So I'm drawing their borders according to that, So we often see robots in bones. So I want to picture that in our painting today. So really have a boat here, place sideways. So this is this board is a similar to the one that we painted in the first class project, the second board that we painted in the first class project. I am just, uh I'm not bending a complete bored with the retail. So as this is only a ruptured, I'm a dreaming bid. The thing should be here. And as this is a born scene, there will big grass and bushes and i e I want to add some greens in the leg, so I'm adding a green bushes spot here. So So here will be. The push is on here will be the bushes on on if you see a complete landscape by measuring dollar tree's here. So dollar tree's here s o the charred off this trees will fall here and this part of the border will be brighter And yeah, this part will be her brighter And so that part of the water will keep the brighter look And we'll pay in some lotus leaves here and there in the bone. So they are the casual things in the porn on the admin structure and detail store pending. So, yeah, eso This will be the composition that we're going to pain now. So let's choose the colors for the composition. So I want the water to be a lavender with the rose and I load intimate. So I'm writing that And for the boat, I'm juicing DACA tone. Um I want it to be some darker shade of red and the bushes. I want the bushes to be green, some yellow green and olive green look cream on olive green and the Charlotte part Sharper part will be doctor s, So it will be dark. I don't know. For lavender, I mixed with some pain is great and some prominent rose. So this is the basic composition. And I didn't ride the colors, according to the pilot collects. So I just rolled down the colors. That a picture in my mind and let's start defending now. I have got a sheet from Waterford Block and I'm stepping down the edges so this will be a complete landscape. In the last project, we concentrated only on the boat, and in this project, we'll see. Have to create a complete scene at on the subject. Now let's copy the composition in. Sketch the things onto over sheet. So I'm giving evidence picture here and let's get seeing a composition first. Let's start with the subject, and I'm spitting up the process a bit as we have seen. How things look in the composition park and the sketch will also be some basics catching. So I'm the speeding up the process, and, uh, you can copy sketch. I will attach that return the resource of section. - So now I was catching bad. He's finished. Sketching will always speak minimal. So now first, let's secure some parts like grass and a lot of slaves with master employee, it will be easy to paint to pay in the water. So I'm losing here, our philosophy masking fluid. So I'm taking this mask instruct bodily off mask. Include is this one has a fine, and because of that, we can pain directly. Without the help off brush, we can apply the mask include without help off any Bresch. So now I'm drawing some grass with masking fluid. So, um, there are alternatives for preserving the white spaces. If you don't have masking, plead their some other alternatives, like using candles or bite crayon. But if we want to paint over those areas afterwards, it is not possible. So must include is must the time when you need to paint over it. And we can use crayon Arax in the time like when you're pending waves off water or training some patterns. So in in those cases, we don't need to paint over it so we can work with the vax and some candle or some crayon that gets so. It is not possible in this case, as we have pain, the lotus leaves and this grass again. After removing the masking, they must conclude so this is must and should be. We should have way have to use my skin flute. So now I am asking all the areas where I have drawn lotus leaves trophy. - So you know this is finished and let that dry and let's bring the boat here will pay in the board using the same method as we did in the first class project. So the first step will be controlled it on red. So let's where the surface I'm reading the complete surface the boat, and I'm taking a smaller number. British. It is a little black Wilbert breshnev before, and I'm mixing with Red, considered with heinous crime to get the tac toe knock today. And let's pain the body off the board and I'm a plane. Charles, using the payments cream to the borders and I'm taking round number and making some sparks . Didn't did to give some rusty feel to the board. And now coming to the proceeds and bending the seeds with a locker and he'll be some red borders would be that I'm taking some pain is great and painting the back, but And with Venice cream mixed with black on painting the floor boards floor. If you observe, this boat is similar to the one that we have painted in our first class project, the second Board. But we a pending with different color tones. So, yeah, that's it with the first layer. So when he drives, we go over it and train the next layer. Let's fate for this to drive. So this part is now trying and let's do this again, Layer that is wet on dry. I'm taking one surgery and I'm using dry brush technique here. I'm trying to give a feel off all board eso that is the look I thought off. So I'm just using dry brush technique by I loaded my brush with pins a rail and tap the excess paint onto the weapon napkin and then going out on the area. So, uh, this is a cold ethnic. So dry brush technique works only if you're working with gold pressed paper or off paper. It doesn't work in heart restaurant. See, we're getting beautiful texture using that Dr Restrict me. So now I'm taking Romberg and pending the border, you some I'm bending with darker tone. - Now let's spend the inside part of the board. First, let's pain the shot over the seat and give it some time and chance end up. I'm mixing raw umber and pain is great to get some darker dorm. So a big delegate with your strokes as we are working in very, very small area, the probability off errors are more so be careful with vile painting in smaller areas. So now with paintings Great, I'm defending the edges of the board. Yeah, and with water and matching it into the background. And now I'm doing the floor. Part with pain is great. - Okay , now I'm mixing light it off. Pain is great to paint the shadow. So after this rise, sweeping the highlights. So let's go to the background part for the background park. Let's understand the collapse first. So, uh, I'm taking a rough sheet off paper. So for the water will use a permanent draws like that. Don't off the permanent rose. Now I'm mixing Windsor Blue and Linzer. Violet, this gives a beautiful blue shared this we're going to use for the water, but and further bushes. I will makes my own greens are using blues and there laws so here. I'm mixing ultramarine blue and lemon yellow and and the next one eyes Winsor blue mixed with evidence very low, and you can also use Green's off your own choice and to get a darker tone off green. I'm adding pain is great. Toe the ever mix and to get a lighter shared, I'm mixing more wins and low into the picture. So now let's start doing the background and we'll see that in the next lesson, So see you there. 7. CLASS PROJECT 2 PART 2: So let's start doing the background. So, uh, we'll do the background using wet on wet technique. So let's up play a nice court off water around the board, leave the border pot and paid water around the board and make an even tonal water. And now I'm painting first with a locker, the lighter stone present in the water that is a local. So I'm starting with the local and then a matching lighter tone off permanent rose. And now with the blue that we have mixed. Okay. - And now I'm taking some paintings. Great. And fainting base. What? The bushes? Yeah, No, I'm mixing my own green deplane the bushes So I'm mixing Winsor blue and winter and winter low to have been so cream And I'm just painting the pushes All this we have to do when the paper is still better in the bag only still wet And now I'm using DACA tone off until violet to paint the waves to pay in the veils Yeah, this one is This technique is same as we have painted the water in the past Class project Just pain. Some random strokes in the water. So this party have to do when the paper is still wet. Remember, third thing no alerts makes the doctor part of the waves. I mixed Winsor Violet paintings create and some permanent rose the pain to get the stock atone. - And I'm painting grass with all the Walker and Brandt. Um, but and please, north this thing the Baroness David I'm finishing this whole part when the paper is still So you have to work very, very quickly Now I'm bending both floor on the Charlotte for the boot. I'm bending with dark adorn off Vinto, violet and pain It's great and I'm painting the immediate border with Dr Stone Off pain is great. So now let the background dry and tell them I'm reading my lips for the boat. Using pain is great with pain Iskra I'm painting the board floor and airing some random lines and borders to bring out more definition. And now I'm adding, when surgery to make this look more brighter, India attacks it. Let's wait for the background to try to add next layer. So this one is dry and I've learned the shadow first. So I'm doing it with pain is crazy. I'm a playing a layer off pain is clear and on the borders across the borders. And now I'm washing my brush and marching that into the background, losing weight fresh? No. Let's pain the darker shade off the leaves, a second layer and with the same shared as we did in this first layer. If you see, I'm going over the parts, which needed to be darker in the second layer and leave all the remaining things as it is, as we did in the first layer and again, going over and doing the bushes spot Using pain is great. I'm painting the base for the bushes, and if you see in the bushes part, uh, I'm using different shades of green. And remember this thing always don't use a single shared. It will make the spending clumsy. So try adding Nater shades off the same tone, and I'm adding the doctor turned to the grass here. Yeah, this one is tried, so I'm they're moving the mosque in fluid that we are played. And now let's paint over these. So I'm bending Lord us leaves withdraw Sienna. I want to balance the cooler tone off the background, so I'm using warmer tone here for the leads and I'm painting the shadows off. This leaves using paintings, create. See, you can leave like this. But see, adding the shadows give much more depth to the painting. These small things may make so much difference store pending, so this money is done. No, let's add some pilots and finish off depending. So we finally finished of a second class project. It is different from the first class project and hope you enjoy this and let's meet in 1/3 class project and where we'll paint the rowboat a politically in reflection in the water and let's get there and to you there. 8. CLASS PROJECT 3 PART1: so guys will come to a toe and last class project. We have painted a rowboat in the first and second class projects, but in this class project will pay in board with a clear reflection in water. So let's start with getting so vile drawing board. You can always use a friend's pictures. I am sketching a robot, a name I find these boats are very beautiful and colorful. We generally see sailing boards and other boards mainly invite color. But these rowboats are always colorful, with many bride shares in them. So here I'm sketching side angle of the board. So vile choosing colors for the robots. Go with the bright, bright don't like a low orange red, and you can also use some lighter shades or kula tones like a blue and green. - So , uh, this will be the basic shape of the board, and here will be the seed. So, yeah, this is the basic sketch that I have done. So now let's start pending this here. I'm using icy blue from art philosophy for the board as the main shared No, the first. Step them the whole surface with clean water. So I'm a playing clean water carefully on the whole boat. Now I'm taking a small a British See the Blackwell with number four And now with the smaller brush Let's pain the base court. So I'm bending black for the edges. If you see here, my pain bleed very, very less so. There's the reason for using control. But on where? Technique. Now, for the body of the board, I'm using icy blue. I'm just a playing in light of dawn off the share. - So , uh, this part this part will be more doctor as there will be no light as this is the other side of the board. And now I'm taking a mixing ultramarine blue and playing shallows and the bottom and the corner parts using the stone. - And to make this part more darker I'm using pain is great. Yeah, So of this party is drying. So let me apply water again. No, I am mixing once a red and burnt sienna and carefully paint here so that the paint don't bleed much. - And for the seat I'm using Rosiana. So the first layer is finished here and a real wait for this to dry to make a highlighting part or a second layer, so we'll see that in the next lesson. So it looks see in the next lesson, less meat there. 9. CLASS PROJECT 3 PART2: So now, Uh, this one is dry and let's paint the second layer. So I am painting the edge off the board with black, as we did in the first layer on the first layer have also used black, so I'm taking black and bending the edge it off the board. - Now let's two highlights for this part for this part. So I am using ultramarine blue to paint the doctor areas or to pay in the shadow parts to create dimension. Tow a boat. So I'm bending here the bottom part, and I just part off the board with darker tone and blending it into the background simultaneously. - See , I'm blending the whole thing into the bag. Drone off playing the DACA tone, and now I'm mixing ultramarine blue with pain is great to pay in the darker side of the board. - Now let's do the inside part, but burnt sienna I inventing this and I'm feeling the darker part with darker shade off inside. Red mixed with pain is crazy, and I love the seat and painted it on that toe. Highlight that seat as to see it will be in great of hate, greater height than floor it will be lighter. - I'm adding chart off. A deceived with pain is created if you see I'm bending some random lines with black. These gives more definition to our painting rather than painting, making the painting flat. Try adding some random lines of strokes that make it more presentable and that make it more attractive. - So now the board, but is finished and I will paint will pain the reflection off the board in the water for the reflection. Let's draw the outline of the boat before starting to paint. So let's get the reflection of the boat in water. Okay, no for painting. Amusing, wet on wet technique. I'm reading the surface, and I'm using the same shares as I used for painting the board. I'm taking icy blue and pending reflection, but with lighter tones than that of the board, as the reflection will always be lighter than the original object. And with ultramarine, I'm bending the reflection off the darker parts and the dark side of the board I'm painting with pain is great, and if you see I'm painting the edges uneven, represent them as reflection. And so this is finished now and once the spot dries. Let's painted aka Tony at the border. - Okay , now this one is finished, and let's paint the water around this and call it an end. Let's mix the tone for the water before starting. I'm mixing. Pain is gray with black. To get a neutral zone, I'm using a larger brush to a play border first the same thing as we did in the first class project. I am carefully going around the boat and applying water. - So now I'm taking a smaller number, British that is fresh number eight and lording it with the pain we have previously mixed and just pain. Random strokes off lines. - If you want to make it more darker, paint over these lines again with the same, but with the doctor don't. - So after finishing the painting, let's take a second look at depending and see if there is anything toe add or anything to adjust. Generally, what I will do is I'll take photograph after finishing and say in picture, if it is complete or is there anything? Is there any room for improvement and you don't try this? This will be really fun, and this will be really This makes a difference. You are pending and now I'm adding highlights using my jelly roll pen capsized. And so I'm adding highlighting lines, and this is not a compulsory step. You can't get this if you don't want. If you don't have a right pen. So yeah, that's it. And with this, we are done with a final class project and hope you're like this and I hope you'll learn something new. So let's wrap up this. 10. FINAL WORDS: So guys we have finally beach and of the class on be painted thes three class projects on with the same techniques we have learned and with the same processes we have followed. I have painted all these boards and you took an pain many different scenes, just following the same process it and understanding the depth and dimension of the boat and the depth and dimension of the scene. It's a simple processor off just three steps, but don't let and next we don't right and finally giving highlights. And you can paint all these scenes to I will attach all these pictures in the resources section on. You can also find many images in the interest that you can use for non commercial practice purposes and to achieve the same results as I got. Please use 100% courting paper. Paper is most important to it. You find results so hoping Enter the class and I would love to see all your class products . Please pull. She works in the Glassberg section here. Or you can attack me in your works on Instagram so that I can see them. My instagram handle is our choice on if you like my glass. Don't forget to give a follow on my skill shape so that you're not miss any class that I release in the future. So thank you for watching meet you all with my next class will then happen pending Keep trending.