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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Foundation of the Bag

    • 4. Completion of Foundation

    • 5. Wall Formation

    • 6. Levelling-Up

    • 7. Adding a New Thread

    • 8. Attaching the Handle

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Vintage Pearl Bag is a very trendy and classic bag which you can wear to any occasion. 

In this class, I will cover the whole beading of the bag and share the tips and tricks of the process. 

This video will take you to step by step so you can create this gorgeous pearl bag. Everyone will be so impressed that you were able to do it yourself!




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Artist, Jewelry Designer


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1. Introduction: Hello my beautiful viewers. This is stuff from stacked graphs. In this lesson, I will show you how to make vintage per bag. We will begin with the tools that are required, followed by the actual birth. And this specification. Each lesson will consist of few divisions. And each division we will have certain steps. Firstly, I will walk you through the base formation. Secondly, on how to complete the foundation and leveling up. In addition to that, how to remove the threat if it's finished in the process. Lastly, we will cover the handle of the vintage Brown Bag. It is gonna be really fun and easy to follow along. Vintage Pearl back is so elegant and feminine back. You will learn it on your own and start using it on your special occasions. I cannot wait to see your version of vintage parallel back. Please do share your projects in the project section of this class. Let's get started and see you in the next lesson. 2. Tools and Materials: Welcome to my class on Vintage Pearl bag beating. The great thing about the back is that it's so easy to beat. Therefore, it requires the basic materials to make it. First, we begin with the scissors to cut the string. It is an essential tool. You may pick any size or type which you can find. The following item is the thread. I have chosen the fishing trip with the diameter of 0.45 m m. The main reason I have chosen the thicker version is to make sure that my bag does not easily tear out. So we could have a strong back in the market. You can find the thinner versions of thread. But I would highly recommend this diameter, 0.45 MM. Optional item to use for this class is the lighter. Lighter will help you to burn out the extra thread at the end and mix the finishing off your back elegant and seamless. If you do not have a lighter, you can even use a matchbox. How can we make a parallel back without a pearl? So now let's move on to the main material of the back, which are hurdles. These pearls up 16 m, m in diameter. Hereby, I have selected the exact amount required for my back. You may add more pearls. If you wish to make your back taller. In-between the white pearls, I will include the golden pearls in six m m diameter. This were the basic tools and materials required to beat the pearl back. Stay tuned for bidding the class. Thank you so much for watching my class. See you guys. 3. Foundation of the Bag: Welcome to the bidding Perl back lesson. In this class, we will begin the bidding, the foundation of the back. Firstly, we will take a thread as per our need. You may take at least a meter or two. If you are comfortable working with a long string, then go for more. But as for me, I would prefer medium-sized drink only for the foundation. Later on, I will keep adding the threat for the upper part. The idea of the bag is like this Threat box, the foundation, and the walls around it. Similarly, our bag will be like this. To begin the meeting, I'm getting all my pearls in the bowels and fish threat. The process consists of steps. Just follow it accordingly. Step one, get six pieces of the white pearls, place them in a thread. 123, 456. Step to arrange your thread and please the pearls in the center of the trap. Step three. Take the last Berlin from the left side and the threat from the right side. Your thread and go through the last pearl in the opposite direction of the previous thread. Step four, to pull it until the pearls form nice round shape. I pay a strong attention to the threat equality in the length. As a result, I tried to make sure that both sides of the threat are equal and we have no issue with it. Once the threat is equal, I'm getting another white burrow and going through it with my two threads. At the same time. The borough is at the outside of the round shape. Now, pull it to the inside and lock it nicely. For that, we're going to use this method. The beat, which is the closest or in front of the thread, will be used as a Look. We will pick our thread and cross it from two sides. And it will turn out to a flower shape. And it also forms the base or foundation of our back. From here onwards, we will move on to the second line. The second line. It also has steps to follow. Step one, pick the right side of the thread and place bids accordingly. One goal, one wide, borrow, one goal, one white burrow. And lastly, one gold piece. In total, five bits and bend them towards the left side. Step to the left side of the thread will go through the last goal bit and pull it. Now, we are having the threat in two directions, upward and downward. Step three, the trip which is going downward, take it and go through the next white Borough from the right side and exit. In such way that threads will line back to the left and right directions. Step four, use the left side thread and insert one white, One gold, one white. And one called first. Step five. The right side of the thread and go through the last gold pearl pool. It's hard. We are back to the same process where one thread is looking upward and the other one in the direction of downward. As we have done previously. Let's cross over the white pearl, which is next to the downward trend, and bring the threat to the left and right directions. Step six, all deferrals are in order of white, gold, white gold. And the process will carry on until the last line. Once we have reached to the closing of the second line, we will have to take the thread which is going downwards and go through of two bits, one whiteboard and one golden bear. Our traits are currently at the exit of two golden pearls. The last step is to take the right side of the trip and insert one white and one goal and one white pearls. In this time, the left side of the threat will go to the white fertile instead of the gold one, which we did in the previous rounds. At this moment, the threads are again at the direction of upward and downward. Lastly, to close the line, we will take the thread which is going downward and move to the left side of the Perl and come out from the white borough. Now we have gotten letrec to be out from two sides of white pearls. In the next class, we will complete the foundation of the pearl back. Stay tuned. 4. Completion of Foundation: In this lesson, we will carry on the last line of the foundation line in the clockwise direction. Step one. Take your left side of the threat at your peril beads in order of one goal to white births. And one gold pearl. Choose the last golden beet as the crossing line. Take your right-sided threat and go through the last golden per step to the thread, which is going downward. Take it and come out from the golden beet, which is next to it. At this point, we are coming out from two golden pearls site. Take your left side of the tip and insert one white and one Goldenfeld and lock it. The right side threats. Step three. The treads are in two sides of the golden girl. Grab the one which is going downward and cross over to white girls. Step four, grab the left side of the threat and insert two white pearls and one golden pearls. For the last golden pearl, use the right side of the threat and cross over to lock it. Now we're again at the golden pearls sites. Use the threat from downward to come out from another golden pearls. And now we are in-between two golden pearls. The process is similar to the first one. From here on, just repeat the previous steps. This is the easiest and simplest one. So we dropped the threat, which is at the downward direction and come out from not one golden beet, but two of them. At the end. We shouldn't be in-between three golden beets. Now, we are at the lowest point of this slide. Take the last white girl and cross over from two sides of the threat that we're done for the foundation. I would like to lock my foundation and remove the extra string and start a fresh for the walk. Therefore, I'm going to lock the threat in a way which will be invisible. I'm going to note a couple of times before I'm going to cut the extra trip. With the help of your scissors. Cut out the extra threat to not cut too close or too far. Leave a space for a lighter to burn out the extra spiking threat. Lastly, with the help of our lighter, burnt the spiking threat. There are both benefits when burning the thread. First, it will not have the sharp edges. And secondly, chances of untying is lower. Well, thanks for coming this far. We have finally completed the foundation, the baseline. In the following class, we will carry on with the wolves and the handle of the Vintage Pearl back. Stay tuned. 5. Wall Formation: Thanks for staying with me. In this class, we will initiate the sites of the Vintage Pearl back. The process consists of few steps. However. Firstly, we will take our thread and cut it as per our need. Tried to take at least one to two meters of threat. At first, for the beginning. Step one, we will take our thread and go through to wipe from the foundation. I will select the one which has a golden pero in-between step to send to your thread and alignment equally from both sides. Just to remember that our bidding will move in the clockwise direction. Step three, take the threat from the right side and insert one Goldberg to white pearls. And one called verb. Step four. Grab your left side of the thread and go through the last golden beet and lock the first strand. The beats will start coming up slowly. Once we complete the first trunk. If it's lying at the beginning, it's totally normal. Do not stress about it. Step five. At this point, our threats are coming out of the golden beet in the upward and downward directions. The one which has the direction of the downward must put through the following two white pearls next to it. Step six. At this point, grab the one from the right side and insert two white pearls. And one golden per. Step, seven for repeat like the earliest time, and go through the Golden Girls. The steps will carry on until the end. Keep feeding until you reach to the end of the first slide. The last step is step. At this point, the thread, which is going downwards, we will grab it and go through cool white girls and one golden probe. In order to close the first-line, we will take the right side of the threat and insert two white balls and lock it by using the last PRB. It harder so the line should not get loose. Stay tuned on the leveling up. 6. Levelling-Up: In this class, I'm going to show you how we will level up the lines. Basically, all the steps used at this point will be multiplied and used for the above lines. Leveling up is similar to building the foundation of the first-line step one. Since you're a threat, is coming from the left and right side, grab the one from the left side and go through the white arrow next to it. So our thread should be coming out from two white pearls. As a result, we will add One gold here and followed by two white balls and one golden Pro. Step out your pearls accordingly to the right side of the tread and placed them to the left side and lock it with another trip to the last golden. Enjoy the process and follow the same steps as per the first slide. At this point, we will still follow the clockwise direction for the previous one. Just a quick tip on how to handle if your thread is finishing. Do not worry. We will first nicely tighten the tread, lock it through another pearls inward before you started. Tighten your thread by pulling it and not your threat. Hardly couple of times until it is secured. After you secured it enough, cut the extra thread and burned the spiky part with the lighter. Please. Do it very carefully with the lighter. If you overburden the threat, the whole pearls will come out. And you will have to begin from the beginning, we are halfway through. We have completed the phone lines and we will carry on until the eighth line. Stay tuned. 7. Adding a New Thread: Thanks for staying with me. Since we are in the middle of our project, we need to carry on by adding more threat. How do we add more threads and make it seamless? First, select the length of one to two meters and cut it out. The bags are made of small blocks. And in-between there is a golden parachute. Go through the life. Was the golden pole in-between. Come out from two white pearls. Jerry, on, in the clockwise direction until the end. Towards the end, the extra thread, let us remove it prior to removing a new threat and note it well, secure it enough so it doesn't untie the knot. The extra threat is removed by the help of a scissor and lighter. Well, the Vintage Pearl pack is almost done. It looks so amazing and standing. I'm just in love with it already. Stay tuned for the last part on how to attach the handle to the back. 8. Attaching the Handle: Welcome to the last class of this lesson. Here we will cover the last technique which is attaching the handle or making the handle. Step one is to get the center line. By pressing it. We can see each side has nine white pearls. We will select the center of the back from both sides step to get the required amount of threat. We do not need as much as for the other parts. We can take approximately 50 centimeters. Step three, a line out, threat to the center and equal lengths. We are making sure that the handle is strong. Therefore, we are keeping it in double line. Afterwards. Secure the thread by nothing it couple of times. Step four, at the pearls. As per your wish, you may make it all white or mix it with golden pearls. As for me, I decided to add one Wipro and followed by one called Pearl. The lens of the handle also purely depends on your style and type. I would like to stop it from here and finish the bottle with the handle. Lastly, we will go through the left side thread and lock it there. That was it. It is the most elegant, simple, classic, vintage bro back. I would highly encourage you to make it on your own. It requires very minimal materials and requires a very short time to make it. Thanks for watching. 9. Conclusion: Thanks a lot for watching my class. In this class, we have covered a very unique and easy style of making back. By the end of the class, you will have a very beautiful back. And I'm so glad that you have followed the log. I'm so excited to see your projects in the project section in this class. Thanks again, and I'm so excited to see you guys in my another Skillshare classes.