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Video editing : Using iPhone footage to create professional videos for Instagram - Premiere Pro.

teacher avatar David Sundström, Videographer and Creators

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

No need for an expensive camera! Let's make a video with iPhone footage. Hi I’m David Sundström and in this beginner tutorial I will teach you how to create a professionally looking video for social video, just using your mobile footage. In just over 40 minutes I will go through how to organise files, the basics of editing, creating effects and much more. This course is part of a series where we learn How to create videos for social media, so after this course if you feel more proficient feel free to enroll in the intermediate course. 


For as long as a have remember, I have had an interest in creating videos. But about two years ago I started a network for self-taught creators born and raised with social media. And during this time I have learned a lot about about what content works and what looks good on social media. While not trying to lump all creative styles together, I have chosen to teach you just one of many trendy styles on social media. Because this is the one I prefer and enjoy the most. 


So what is this course going to be about you may ask?

I will firstly take you through how you manage your files to keep your project clean, then I will show you the BASICS of editing. Later on I am going to guide you through how you find music for free, create your own effects, re-compose the videos, animate keyframes to transform your clips, some basic color corrections, as well as teaching you how to export your video.

Feel free to ask any questions, see you in the course! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Sundström

Videographer and Creators


Hey there!

I'm David, a 22 year old who loves videography/photography/App development/design and much more....or in Simple term a creator maybe. Okay I'm not actively working on all of these things at the same time, but isn't it pretty cool that the world of Internet has given us the chance to learn sooooo many things? I love it :)

I have had a camera in my hand the last 10 years, which is very weird to say when you are only 20 years old. But what can I say other than I'm gen Z again, I'm born and raised with social media and tutorial platforms such as Youtube or Skillshare now teaching us the basics or more whenever we want. 

I though this was such a cool phenomenon. 12, 15, 17 year olds with just and ounce of ambition could learn... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi there. I'm David. In this course, you will learn how to make your own Mobile 50 which look much more professional using some simple editing techniques. At the end of this course, you will be able to make videos just like this. Things courses in the pit bull completely new to anything. My goal with this course is for you to feel confident in editing. Well, after using an expensive this law, just a smart phone with a camera and editing software and some memories that you have documented, we will use the editing software Premiere Pro in this course. And if you haven't downloaded it, skills, sure even gives members like US 20% discounts if you want to check that out. But you can use most of my editing techniques in and the other editing software. This course is part of a serious where we learn how to make videos for social media, where discourse is the first step. But if you feel more proficient in anything than this beginner tutorial, feel free to jump to my other course, which is more in tremendous level. In this course, we will learn everything from managing your own files starting a project, finding the right music for free. We will go through the basic editing techniques. Three. Importance of composition. Using killed friends to animate the skill, position and rotation. Using your own photos to create the video effect. Learning the simplest form of color, correction and, of course, learning health to export the videos perfectly for social media. I've been doing video anything for a couple of years now, and I'm now rounding a network in an agency built on this generation or create their talents. People who are self taught and born arrest with social milieu so and roll this course if you want to take your first step into video editing for social media. 2. COURSE PROJECT & RECOURSES: in this course, I want to teach you how to make professionally looking videos using only your mobile footage, and it's very is. It makes a measure bump for your Compton to your social media. In this video, I would like to address our class project, and what I want you to do is very simple. I want you to go through your phone and see what kind of memories your videos or focus that you want to make into a more professional looking video. So take a memory from a concert of you hanging out with friends from a festival, which I will do and then open up your editing software. I will use Premiere Pro, but you can use anything you want, and I will go through the fundamentals of help to end it. This so the class project here will be for you to make a professional looking video, but with your own footage. But I really recommend you to download my foot dish and follow along with my course and do it practically as well as watching me, because I really believe that you learn the most by actually doing things practically much as watching and listening to others doing so Let's get started with this course. Thank you watching and seeing the next one 3. MANAGING YOUR FILES: in this video, I will go through the first step and the one of the most important steps, according to me. And that is that you need to keep your five structure assorted as possible from the beginning, which will make your anti process much is there. And even though I am guilty off for getting this, sometimes I really regret not sticking to my fire structures and keeping my folders. Kim, and from the beginning of the project to the final steps of the video is very institute. Think that this is gonna go quick and one small ever won't do any harm, but for the same reason you should keep your room or your desk in you keep your product fights kid, too. But let's say one time you're very stressed and you know when you're five structures and you won't think that we'll do any harm in a couple of hours later, your product fires but look like this, and at that point, your product fires what it feels like your room. But the room is filled with Legos all over the floor. Sound in your bed and, like 200 tango headphones all over your desk, which is really annoying. So from experience don't in the word your structure, you can do it in the way that works for you. But in this video, I want to show you how I organize my folder before starting to read it. So, firstly, we're jumping to your fight manager on your computer and create the fold. Let's name the folder festival video, which minus, and then we just open the folder. And here we have our major projects older and inside this, I'd like to have four different folders. We have the material folder. We have the elder folder, we have the graphics folder and we have the Resources folder. So let's create this material, Aldo. And then we have pretty sources graphics and inside the Material folder we want have videos and photos, and inside the outer folder we will have you think and sound effects. And we're not gonna use graphics for this project. It's nice to have this folder in case we will use graphics and the resource of folder can be anything from our project file to notes. So, firstly, your transfer all your videos and photos that you want to add it to to your computer, and you can do that through either. I drop if you have a Mac or and I felt where you can use Dropbox or Google drive to transfer your videos and photos. So when we want to do is you could go to the folder where you have transferred your videos and photos to. So for me, it's the Documents folder. Then copy your videos, this one's and transfer them into the videos folder like this, and then take the photos here and transfer them into the focus for So then we haven't photos and we have the videos, and the next step is a step that most people don't do and they don't know this fast way of doing it. And that's to reason them all the files. So it's much more sort of because I don't like this kind of violence. I am just one line 66 So what we want to do is just mark everything right. Click and then real name is seven items. Call these videos or video and then start number at one, and that's the index doesn't go through 12345 and so one for every radio. So they looked like this. And then we can mark all the photos and do executives anything. Brendan's items call this photo and after name one. Really? And it looks like this. Now we're pretty finest, really clean. And we can start working with the project. And remember, if we get a new file during this project, place it in the right way. In the folder in India, it takes two seconds more. You won't regret it. Thanks for watching and seeing the next one. 4. START A PROJECT: I will start a new project in our editing software and how to use Premiere Pro, but you can apply my steps to basically any other editing software. Just see what I do and listen to what I say that I'm doing and you can google it for your specific program. Google is really your best friend when anything. So let's start a project so open up, Premiere Pro him and will be presented with a window here. So just press new project and typed in the name of your projects. So Firmin Festival video. Then we place it somewhere and out place. It's on my desktop in the festival video folder in the Resources folder and a new folder, which is called Project Five, that's created She was that one and press OK, you can ignore these things for no here were presented with a bunch of windows. You shouldn't be scared of them in a couple of videos. You're the familiar with what to do, and when you have done this a couple of times, you will really get a sense. So how everything works. So we pressed this icon here press sequence and then go to separates What we want to do is create the timeline where your videos vertical not, or something like you watching you two vertical because it will take up much more space on your video on Instagram, Tic Tac, Facebook or any other mobile platform. And if you want to know more, I've got more in depth in my other course, which is set in the intermediate level but the same type, of course, so you can check it out. Otherwise, just copy what I do and everything will work. So here in the editing room, press custom, then co to the video and change the friends size, which is the pixel size off the video to 10 80 by 13 picks of aspect reinstitution this square pick. So Michigan Gnosis a progressive scan. This play for Matt Kemp, 25 FPs. And you can choose quick time or whatever you want to actually really of your videos while you're everything. And I use animation here. But it doesn't matter, really. And then just name this sequence, too. Festival video Young and that press OK, and though we have a sequence with a perfect screen that's four by five for possums, let's stop there. And in the next video, I wanna show you how to find and add some music to your videos. So thanks for watching and see in the next one. 5. FINDING THE RIGHT MUSIC (FREE or PAID) : finding the right music is an essential step to making your videos look and sound professional. But as you may have noticed, when you upload a video with a famous song, do, for example Instagram Fest, your video will be taken down. And that's because Instagram has an algorithm that the texts, if you use any music that's cooperated, incorporated basically minutes that you have to pay for the music to the artist. So when you use it on Instagram, you haven't pinned for it. That means that you can't use it, but there are some options if we accept, but you can pay for a music. Licensing programs such as artless were epidemic Sellem, and this once you pay a month lifted, they were a year. Listen, and then you get access to their music library and this song you can use wherever you want , but for you, who is just starting out, maybe you don't want to spend money on songs. Maybe just spent a lot of money buying Premiere Pro where and the other editing software in this video I will show you how to find music that's royal different and are not cooperated , and it's free you jump into your Web browser and the answer for you, too. Music, library and search. Think impressing to this So you two provides you with a bunch of different both music and sound effects, which you can pick and choose from this completely. So here you can go through and listen to a couple of songs. You can shoot instrument, mega direction, a move. Um, and I looked through the Where were Genre and I looked through the heat pumping rap, and I've already show some three different songs, which have already put in a folder. So you can either go through and find your own music or you condone with my folder. So this song, the Whitefish Salad, good name that one is the song that I'm going to use. But you can, of course, big. And it's on your moment from the music library or from the other two songs here in the folder. So the last step in this video is that we're going to import the music at to our project so we could insulate do this by just pressing into premier program. You see here down in the left menu or if you're in the editing panel or get some the pound . It doesn't matter, but it's called projector, and what you want to do is that one a dragon. Draw the entire folder and into Premier Pros Product folder and drop it so that we can open up this photo that we created last time but in Premiere Pro. So if you double click on it and go into music and then Whitefish Salad, we can just drag and drop this into our timeline. And then we can hear. Do you see for Radio Perfect in the next video of the show Your health at the videos to your project, seeing the next one and thanks for watching. 6. BASICS OF EDITING: So now I will show you the basics of anything and you more or less create in points and outpoints every click, which means when the video starts and where Devyn you should have them and then you stack every clip after each other, and this is just the basics of everything. But that's what I'm going to show you this course because this is the beginning version. So we start by doing it to the music, just an adult, the good parts. And then we'll go through every video and just shoot, sing the course we want in the video so that in their next video we will stack them in order that we will. So that's jumping to premiere. And, um, from you we have our time life. If you don't know what time it is, it's more or less, or workspaces where we have both or video files and our music files where we do all the other thing more or less so we can just double click on the some and then we consider any consume Elton, assuming using this topic that so what we want is a good hook in the music, something that goes up a drop as we sit here in the way of form that here is the spot where the music goes up. It sounds like this. That's also so we're gonna do is that we want to create this instant outputs and you'll do this by pressing the left bracket here and the right brackets. The left for him on the rights were up. You can also use searches, the i the O Wonder chipboard. So we'll do that so we could press the I for him. And then we go to the outpoints, impressed the hope. And then you see it edited by itself right here. Now we can move this self like this, So let's move it back of its and then just go out and start picking the videos. So right now we're in the folder where we have the music. Let's go back. That's going to material that's going to videos. And now I can just go through ever video. She'll see what we like from everything. Let's start with first. Well, we consume in adult with our fingers like this and here in the timeline. So let's watch it. Okay? It's only the first picks That's pretty good. So then we have to only sit on outpoint. So that's press the all points right here. And then we need to insert it into the timeline. And then it's witness depressed. This bottom would be calm aside. Come up that we have it under here in the timeline. There you go. Then we go to number two. Here we have two separate parts. That's pretty good. So this first parts great set of all points, then just instructed with coma, go into the video game City Park, where he walks out, that we could have that the ending of the video set the in points, set the points and then just press call on you next video, but then used just are shortcuts or our justice and shortcuts. So look at this video, love everyone Screens over came in. We can add it when you bust this one's have to the music. So I think that part So press him. I and we can ever this more perfectly letter and then comma go to number four. Many from him press, you know, and, uh, then we're not going to use the sounds. We don't have to listen to the music or and one talking. We're just gonna use the music number five. But this one is very, very cool. She goes something like this and it would be really cool if we could do, like, assume has been from this. So let's just put the in point trenches. Don't, Ah, the point when she is that car Got a video, Travis School, the beginning of it. Maybe that's good. Press the own point comma Video number seven. And this one is just the same thing all the time. So let's just take the beginning where he must decide. Flip. I think that could be cool to have in the beginning Teoh like that. Press the out 0.0, and then comma. And now we can deal it this empty space here if you want to, just to move them together, Chris and thinking together. If you have that of the spirits. So no, if we assume out, then we have our music. Write it. Let's just move the music underneath, tell their sons impressed it. L'm here, which means we mute the other music. One of the other music, the other sounds and then we can extend the music of it to the ending on the song, um, and that we have everything after each other's stuff. Also known the heart to make busy everything in the next video, we're going to put them in order that we want. That makes good sense and looks incredibly nice. So thanks for watching. And well, I see in the next one my 7. ARRANGING THE CLIPS TO OUR LIKING: Now it's time to really rent strictly in the order that we like, which looks good. I like to have something that builds up to the actual hook or the change in the music, and that has something that looks really cool at the actual hook or the actual drop of the music. So let's start by marking everything every video, live the music behind and just dragging them a bit to the right. So we have some space to work on. Then we can go through our lips, okay? And I think this clip is a good bill up. So let's take that one and put in the beginning. Then the hook should be amended. The scientific like that's So take your dragons afterwards. Then we could just go with our intuition and play some groups that would like in the middle . Maybe this one. No, this one should. We haven't ending. Maybe that I wish after and then we have, which we should sink to the bits later that well, this'll swum this plea and we end with the guy walking out. So now we want to go through and actually and it more precisely to make them singing to the music. So that's okay. I said right here that we want to take away some of the beginning off the billions clip because she just starts still, that's not that contribute. So from this point, we want the media to start. So just mark everything here. Then we want to drag. The left hand side will keep to the cursor with short minutes in that direction. Then we're just lets them dispense and the Venus stars. No, it wouldn't move the music and to the right because we evolved this some to start on this part. So just move the music and the rites and then extend the music. We can edit this clip because it wasn't too long. Maybe here and then just dragon to the cursor consuming a bit and then deliver empty space . I am maybe something here, take away a little bit create, but actually like, ended it to the music well, doing anything. And then we can catch this video of its with empty space again. And then I keep has ended. So just kept our music like this. That so now I can just watch it front again. Then it's perfect in the next video, we'll go into one thing that makes your video much more professional. Nasty composition off every clip because mobile footage aren't that good compost. So let's see in the next one. And thanks for watching my 8. IMPORTANCE OF A COMPOSITION: you have probably heard for the last couple of years that mobile cameras are getting better and better, and the mobile cameras are almost as good as yours. This start anyone way. That's true. You can have the same settings, the same resolution, but I believe that there is still some part of it that makes your phone look like your phone camera and one of those things ready composition. Because if you look get a phones lens, it's pretty wide and has a pretty high F stop, which means a great focus area. So what we want to do is that we want to impose soaring premiere pro here. Create a new composition for your phone footage, and we can just place them in center of the video, were placed them wherever he wants. But there's often times also good to use. Some kind of structure were ruled, were recommendation all over the place. Your subject, because your composition is more or less where you because you're subject in the footage and there's one very famous room recommendation called the rule of thirds, which is more or less how toe off, center your subject and you want to sentry 1/3 off the screen for something or medication, which minutes, which basically means you're splitting up your screen. Acquaint agreed to lights practically and two lights for assault, and you want to place your subject on the left or the right line. And, of course, this is just the recommendation. We would use both, and maybe you have a spinal off composing another way. But it's good toe. Have a fallback if you can't come up with a good composition. So we will do this. We will apply an effect called Transform, which allows you to change the skin, their attention with position and much more so we can make our own composition. We're going to the effects window and their fix, pounding here on the right, where you can search with different effects, search for transform, and then we can apply this to the first video. And here in the left hand side, where you can change defects with CR transform here and how now we have a lot of options. Here is the values that you can change the position, this game, their attention, capacity unite mates. But for this place, I would like to come closer to be published. So just skin the video of it. So it looks more professional like this, This one. I don't think we have to do anything with because it's pretty cool. But it looks 10 a rough, this one. However, it would be cool to have him more by the rule of thirds. So applying to transform to to this one this And then, of course, people changed his position. But let's push him Velma bits. So it's more vertically a line or some third pushing me to the rye. And then soon, just a tiny bit, I think 12 but soon make it more professionally than not so wide lands, plus the sin of it, more down. So we have 1,000,000,000 more over his friends, and sometimes you can go a bit crazy and do your own thing. So for this, maybe we can steal him, and then we can pushing film. Maybe put on the rotation justices with something and just twist up your foot there sometimes waken drag it up a bit, so the city's hem looks good to OK. This one weaken so mean and place it on the right outside in our everyone thirds its upscale, pushing down the baits them a bit sore, ry small set just so that we can. So if you want, from the beginning, way already looks much better. And in the next video going to rotate this video for Billy Irish upside down so it will end in the right direction. So thanks for watching and I see in the next video. 9. USING KEYFRAMES TO ANIMATE SCALE, ROTATION, POSITION.: So now we're gonna learn how to animate this numbers, and we do so by using two strains. And if you don't know what your friends are, it's more or less away in which you said different values at different time. Friends. So, for example, if you want to save your scale at 100% that's taken to and then that's 150% of that second Ford. Then you use kids friends of both of this point and then premier pro with an image transformation between those kids friends is very easy to do, and I will show you right now. So going to premiere problem. And what we want to do here is that we wanted to flick her around or to clip around. So in the beginning we have Billy Irish Bunches upside down, but her fists in the right direction, any of the Allens revolted bit turned back again. So it looks like this now. So what we want to do is we want to go into left panel here where we have transformed to that we worked with in the last video. Everyone to press the still watch you both for escape and Ford your petition. This means that was set our first chief. You said that. It'll diamond here. That's our friend. So let's just turn her around like this, and soon it. Then we go to the end of the video, almost done with video and then just turn her almost all the way back, and so belts the final Bates more. And then we take this to freak difference and pushed them to them. So it looks something like that. Do you? We can try doing this for we can try doing this for him to just take a some in on may be mobilised a bit up and down. Let's just try. Ah, position, rotation Pushtuns to the beginning and then in the A m throughout the row. Attention like this pushed this kid friends to down. Okay, Within a changed positions, we can take that stopwatch. You win, Then do something like this. Okay, the first kick there really doesn't look like we shot it with a phone camera s or composing and animating videos. Really? That much in the next video, we're gonna do something with the images, but thanks for watching. And I see you the next one 10. USING YOUR PHOTOS TO CREATE A VIDEO EFFECT: You probably have a bunch of images from this occasion, but maybe they're not that good. So what I want to do is take our images and make into a cool effect for a video. My plan is to stack every single photo after each other, only using one friend at which would create the Coopers building. Afraid through all the felt. You can either do this by just importing all your focus to the timeline and then just dragging them thumb so that one advantage that's gonna take a long time. So what we can do instead is that we can go into our settings and then just change or the fourth direction for every single human in a timeline. So how do you do this if we jump into permit probe and going to the sentence? That preference is here. We can go indulgence a time black and other times I'm here with it that this whole tradition here is one second for every much. And we won't want freedom for every rich. So just let's change it to friends and then changes from 2 to 1. Okay, they want to find their images. So then we go out to the menu and go to assembly and under assembly. We have our folders, so go back going to folk those this just mark everything, take them and put them in the end off first. So will be a good transition into the side. Okay, but the focus here will be the wrong sites. There would be disproportionate to the video because photographing with your phone will be agrees to rested ocean than film. So just go back to fix, then skin down the photo on the motion here. This copy the motion if a and then just pissed it on every other single image. Because if you're gonna shine shit for every single photo that's gonna take a long time piss, um, and then we have every image after job. Okay, this mended, it's a little bit bigger. So let's give them, like this copied emotion the next year. That's okay that we can apply to this won't comply to. So that's how you do A It's a transition or, in its effect, using your images. So thank you for watching and seeing a nice 11. COLOR CORRECTION (AUTO, THE SIMPLEST FORM): So now we're gonna did This is for color crafting. Just make your videos looked a tiny bit better. So let's go into the effects panel. William can go into the metric color and here in the right Palo Weaken. Just press the ultimate that maybe you can and some exposure to it. Make it right. Go to the next video. Chris Alto. That looks good. Next video press, alto, maybe brightness of exposure go to next. How so? The altar function will adjust some of the colors to contrast, and the lighting, the highlights and some some effects that will make your videos look more natural. But you can always apply your own style and a mother more advanced course. You can learn more of actually changing some of the colors and some of the settings. So it's that is, that's awesome and various. So thanks for watching. And in the next video, I was held to export video so you can start using it calling or social next one 12. EXPORT AND CONCLUSION: So how did the export just, you know? So we can start using If we're jumping program, we're just first set on. Just insane way would be to start specific clips. So just assuming, and then press the out one right here, right press. Then we can drive this off one in place. It's at the end of the basket. It's not set the direction for our video. No mechanism, Press Command M. We're going to find export. And here's where to do all the sevens. We're going to form and shoot stage two. Thanks for that. Matched the source and you don't even know why with your world sevens. Um, just name your video something, since its wherever you want it on my best and it's festival video and then just sit. Then we want to have maximum around. They're called upon, and then we can just start exporting and pressed Ickes. So that's how in cities to export a video notice courses over anyone's really fun making it . But now it's your turn to look through your images and videos from maybe a member you have from the last couple of years, and then just take this put them into premiere and start making your own memory video, maybe for social needs or just to sit your memories. Nick away. I hope you enjoy this course, and if you have any questions at all, just ask me and Leslie juices like you're more proficient in Premiere Pro. Check out my other course, which is more advanced than this one, other than that's thanks for watching, and that's sitting next course.