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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. 01 - Inspiration and References

    • 3. 02 - Installing Inkscape

    • 4. 03 - Black and White Building | Business Icons

    • 5. BONUS: Inkscape Tips and Tricks

    • 6. 03 - Black and White Clock | Business Icons

    • 7. 03 - Black and White Folder | Business Icons

    • 8. 04 - Line Cassette | Music Icons

    • 9. 04 - Line Piano | Music Icons

    • 10. 04 - Line Headphones | Music Icons

    • 11. 05 - Basic Color with Shadow Mail | Website Icons

    • 12. 05 - Basic Color with Shadow Home | Website Icons

    • 13. 05 - Basic Color with Shadow Search | Website Icons

    • 14. 06 - Colorful Car | Vehicle Icons

    • 15. 06 - Colorful Bicycle - Vehicle Icons

    • 16. 06 - Colorful Spaceship - Vehicle Icons

    • 17. 07 - Colorful with Shadow Burger | Food and Drinks Icons

    • 18. 07 - Colorful with Shadow Coffee | Food and Drinks Icons

    • 19. 07 - Colorful with Shadow Ice Cream | Food and Drinks Icons

    • 20. 08 - Gradient Life | Videogame Icons

    • 21. 08 - Gradient Life and Mana Potions | Videogame Icons

    • 22. 08 - Gradient Controller | Videogame Icons

    • 23. 09 - Assignment

    • 24. 10 - Final Words

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About This Class


Learn how to create Vector Art in Inkscape by learning Icon Design! We'll be making a lot of Icons in Inkscape by following simple design Decisions and a step by step process.

This Class is suited for any level, either if you want to up your Vector Art and Icon Design skills or to learn some of the basics.

For the Class you'll need:

 - A Computer

 - Inkscape (the software we'll be using, which is completely FREE)

 - The will to learn!

You can also use your Mouse/Trackpad while designing your Icons or use a Drawing Tablet, it's totally up to you how you feel more comfortable.

At the end of this class you'll be able to create a lot of Different Icons through the use of different Techniques and Styles!

Can't wait to see you in Class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hello there. My name is to seek other and welcome to my vector art in ink scape Course. I've been doing director art and art in general for quite some time now, and I would like to help you get started. This course is aimed for beginners who would like to practice their vector arts by making Aikens for websites, ABS, games or even just for fun. We'll be starting by installing the free software called Ink Skype that will be using throughout the whole course and by talking about the basic tools that will be using to make our Aiken's. Also, this will be making many different types of Aiken, starting with some basic ones in black and white who in true colors and shadows and finally finishing with some Grady INTs in the last set of Aiken's The Ideal Student four discourse is someone who is new director arts, but its passion about I can design and your design styles Thank you so much for taking your interest in my course, and if you're ready to improve your vector art skills, feel free to enrolled this class and I'll see you inside 2. 01 - Inspiration and References: hello and welcome in this video. We're going to start by giving some inspiration and references for Aikens, and then we're going to go through the download and installation off in Scrape. So starting with the inspiration and references, the most basic thing you can do and that you can help you with is go straight to Google and look for I can design. You can have a lot of ideas here. Like Lyon I guns. Minimalistic icons are more complex ones with a lot of colors and shadows. It's always a good place to go for inspiration and seeing what other people are doing. You can also go and look something more specific, like a home Aiken and a lot of things appears in different styles and shapes that you can use to take some inspiration from. I do not advise you Toe actually copy any of this, though this belonged to their respective creators, but they are good for inspiration purpose that also other places to go. For example, you have flat tick on dot com that usually sells Aikens and take unpacks, but you can just look around for inspiration, and they even have a few free Aikens that you can use for both reference. And if you'd like to use something that's already created also, you can check the website Blawg that I can handbook that go that UK, which is about the book that has a bunch off icons and references. You can order that book, you feel like what you see and enjoy having a physical version to look at. But another interesting thing here is that you haven't liken reference. Shit, we decides is the formats, which you should serve the Eiken storage platform like android, IOS or windows. So that's always a nice thing to shake and keep in mind. Usually my processes sketch things out in the notebook faces off Piper or even digitally and then creating I can from there. But to keep discourse a bit simple, we're going to jump right into Xscape and do them through there 3. 02 - Installing Inkscape: All right, so we're going to install Inc. Skype. This is a pretty good software, which is mostly used for vector art, and it's completely free, which is a quick bond. Pseudo alternatives if you don't have it installed yet Goto Inc. Skype that arc and go to download. Choose your operating system. In my case, it's Windows. Choose your version again and unloaded. Mine is the 64 bids installer. Just save it to your computer and now we can run it. Choose your language. They have a bunch to choose from. Click next, the usual process on installing new software. You can use the optimal type for install, which includes some good things in specific. The additional file sparked, which includes extensions, examples and tutorials to help you get up and running with Hank Skype. Next, we just choose where to install the software and click Install might take some time, depending on your computer specifications, so just wait until that's done. I'm going to fast forward this bit so you don't have to wait on me. All right. Now that it's done, you can take the Run Inc Skype Click finish, and it will open the softer for you. So here we are. It might look a bit scary at first with so much going on and all those tools around. But don't worry. We're going to start with each part and keep it simple. As always, that's our motive. First of all, we're going to prepare our documents. Since we're going to do a Nikon or a bunch of Aikens throughout the scores, we should keep it squared. This isn't a hard rule, but most Aikens work better in the square. Former so we can go here to file new from template and choose the icon option where you can select the size that you want your reckon to be are we can go to file document properties and choosing pixels, which, as you want your document to be. For example, we can choose here 200 pixels by 300 pixels, and that's it. As you can see, it's changes automatically and you can close this window. All right, so finally, before we start to draw Aikens, let's just go over some off. The tools will be using Terata cars that will be quite helpful in Aiken creation. So with this tool, you can do a normal shaped like a rectangle or square, which is pretty basic and straightforward. On a side note, let's organize your environment in ourself to it. I usually like to have my layers showing to the right so you can click this icon with the tree papers on top of each other. Also, the feeling stroke are over here in this Aiken so that we can easily change your strokes and our colors and the shapes. And lastly, this I can hear that brings up or align and distribute panel, which comes in handy so we can align shapes to the center, for example, and the bunch of other alliance These are the mind wants. I'd like to have and we'll be using on our course. All right, so with this tool here on top, we can change a lot of different things like roundness off the shape and runs off the corners, among other things. Well explored it. There is also a simple circle soul, which is pretty useful. We also have a lot of different colors and tones at the bottom that we can use, or we can directly change the violence in the fueling stroke panel to the right chart. A course will also be using the pencil here to create the men ships we want another two will be using is a pivotal over here, the second tool on the least, which allow us to change the points from one spot to the other, including cars. So if you'd like now you can just test out the tools. There are a lot of other tools on the toolbar, which were mostly won't be using in the course, but you can try them out and just have fun with them. Feel free to play around next. We'll start with some simple likens, so I see you soon. 4. 03 - Black and White Building | Business Icons: Okay, let's start with our first cycle in black and white. These are pretty straightforward, and the theme is going to be business and office. We're going to be making tree actions for sets, and that should be enough for you to better understand the basics and practice to make your own Aiken's. So, first of all, we're going to do our base shape for a riken. So we're going to pick here this rectangle shape, toe and put five millimeters on the top bar. Let's just go here, too, are feeling stroke panel and quickly expert, and so we don't have any stroke. You can do this shape about the same size as our document. We can actually increase the rawness off four corners of it. So let's change. Use to 10 millimeters. It looks nice. So this is going to be the base for Aiken here. We're going to do our business building. So go down here and select. The color is white. Oh, forgot something here. So let's get the wrongness up there back to zero. So it's a rectangle, and since we wanted the line with the rest of our shape, we just select everything and go toe a line and distribute. And just this I consort centers everything nicely. So we have our main building. Let's choose the plague color again and greater rectangle for the interest off the building . Don't forget to keep it a line through a line and distributes, so everything looks evens out. All right, so now let's start creating some windows, maybe around three windows per floor. So creative black window like we did with the interest off the building and put it higher up now that your scope it is up which control, see or commencing if you're on the Mac. And since we want everything perfectly aligned, let's just go toe edits up top and Greek price in place. What this is going to do is it will placed it on top off the one you already created before . This way, we can just select it and drag it to the site like this. Now I can do the same thing again, hoping it and placing it. Then just drag it to the other side. There we go. We have our windows. Now we can group this tree, so instead of individual shapes, we can move copy and paste them all. It wants together to do this. Just select the tree off them, using the mouse pointer and holding shift while creaking each individual rectangle. Now just press control cheek. Group them together. Now we just copy them again based in place and drag all of them down. Hold control while dragging them so they stay on the same line as the ones before, which is need three more. So do the same again and drag them down. Let's just organize them better so it looks more symmetrical. There we go. All right, here's our building. We can leave it like this very simple. Or we can at some minor details, like a roof on top like this. Two simple rectangles on top of each other. There it adds a bit more life to it now blessed in. So now we can just select everything up, group them up with control chief, and now we can use the alignment tools like so so everything is well aligned. If you want, you can even make the building a big, bigger like this. Since we're working with Vector, it won't damage to find a quality off the image. Either way, all right, That's about it. Now we just need to export to file. Just go to file and shoes Export PNG image. When you do this, it will open this window with options and you can choose the image size and where to save it. When you've selected that, you can just click export and you're done. 5. BONUS: Inkscape Tips and Tricks: Hello there. I just wanted to leave on extra beauty here, explaining some cool tips and tricks to help you on escape. This will be a pretty small video, so let's get on to it. Why not? A big advantage off working investor is that you can save your files in s which you form it and reopened them later on to export it any size you want without losing quality. That's why most designers use vector art for logos and icons so they can have different sizes anytime they want. For different media, they are very scalable, and SVG file is also usually quite smaller than other formats in terms off file size. Something to note as well is that they are easily modifiable true JavaScript and CSS. Although there's something a bit more complex and we won't be covering this course holding shift moves. It's faster holding Ault most. It's in shorter steps. When moving shapes are running inks cape, you can use the mouse to drag and drop. But a more precise way is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard and said you compressed the Iraqis after selecting the shape you want to move. If you hold the shift key and then press T Ara Gates. The shape will move faster in larger steps if instead you hold all key and then press the Iraqis the shape of moving shorter and more precise steps. This is quite useful so that you can keeps things better aligned and precisely where you want them to. In our videos, I tend to around the corners by changing them to zero on both our X and R Y fields. But you can also click this button, which is my corners sharp to the right. Off the units drop down, which will try strong the rounded corners into sharp corners, having the same visual effect. 6. 03 - Black and White Clock | Business Icons: all right, so now we're going to create a wall clock for this radio. I'm going to use the same background shippers before, but you fearing a new document, just creative black rectangular shape with 10 millimeters for the wrongness off the corners . Let's start with the big white circle and then landed with our background shape. We don't want our shape filled with Call it. We just want to stroke around it to show. So go to feel and stroke Arrested X here so it doesn't have a field. Choose the second option on the stroke and choose the white color like this and no stroke style. Let's speak of stroke line. The Big Seeker around three or two millimeters seems fine to me. Let's go again to our circle tool and make another circle, but this time showed with white. Don't forget to century through the Align panel on the right. Now we just need to make some clock hands. So let's use our rectangle shape with a bit off wrongness. About three millimeters should be enough. Create a hand like these in the middle. You can now use this tool, the second from the toolbar to change a little bit off the clock hands so it looks like spine T. Now we can copy and paste it to make the other hands, So drag it in and rotated. Let me just explain how it works in ink scope. So if you click it once, you have this scale options where you can change the size according to the position and Mary pull it from. But if you click it again, you cannot rotate it like this and even skew it. This is a very useful option, quick and easy to use. All right, so we went it smaller. So let's shorten it up and puts everything centered in the middle together. That looks good. So now we have two hands off our clothes. Done. We can leave it like this if you want to. Very simple and minimalistic. But in my case, I'm going to put some ships around the stroke for the numbers off the clock. So let's go to rectangle shape with the wrongness off about two millimeters and put it right there. Now we just need took opiates and put you to the around the clock soco p in place. It's and drag it down so we can go. People's off them by stem in place. We click them twice. So we have the rotate option and just wrote it them. So we have them on each side of the clock. Like so. There we go. That looks nice. If you want, you can even at smaller lines around it for the other numbers off the clock. What? We're going to leave it like this for now. Finally, we just need to export it. So go to file export. PNG image Select a size is you want Change the name and folder. You want to put your in and just click export. See you in the next video. 7. 03 - Black and White Folder | Business Icons: All right, let's do a folder. I can. Now I'm going to use the same document coping the previously done black background, creating a new lawyer and placing it in place. But if you haven't seen the previous videos, just create a rectangle shape with about 10 millimeters around this on the corners. Okay, there we go. To start, let's create a rectangle shape with about one point Formula meters wrongness. Feel free to move the corners around your preference. I'm going to do it like this. We have a rectangle. Next, we're going to copy this shape and placed it. Now we're going to use the skew option on their new rectangle. So click it twice and click here, so excuse it. Be to the right. Now. Let's put it a little bit smaller like this. Currently they are both white, so we can't see them very clearly, so we can see them a bit better. Let's add a line around the second rectangle so we can see the two shapes overlapping each other. Go to feeling stroke, changed a stroke, pain to black and put the strong winds in strokes. I'll to about 0.5 millimeters. We can make it even smaller over here like this and skewered a bit more. Feel free to change, just to see if it that's almost it for our folders. That's just at the tiny thing that will make it look better. Let's had here a tiny rectangle and take the stroke out lovely. It looks much better now since we have our folder done. Let's add some documents to our folder. But first, let's just a line everything properly over here with the airline and distribute panel. So now let's do a black rectangle with rounded corners like so and now we want to put it inside a folder. So we want to put our outside shape to the front, and to do this, we just need to select it and go here on the top, where we have our different icons in the toolbar. So if you click this one, it will bring it forward, so this one will be on top of everything else. Now just arrange a document inside the folder, just copy and paste another one, which is a bit back, and send it backwards. With this, I can hear on top like so we can also adds a white stroke. Very seen something around 0.2 millimeters. And there we go. We have documents inside our folder, and we're pretty much done with your father. Aiken. Don't forget to keep aligning everything, so it looks even better. Lovely job. That was a bit tougher than the previous ones. But I hope you've been able to follow along and get it done. All right, so now we just need to export it. So select file export BMG a much and choose your image size the file name and folder and click Export. Good job. 8. 04 - Line Cassette | Music Icons: Okay, so now we're going to make some Aikens Where Ruby, mostly using lines that's him now will be music. So let's start with doing an old cassette. Let's start with the super rectangle with a great stroke border like this. Let's change here to two millimeters and the joints and caps surrounded. They're ago. We have the base. Wrong cassettes. Now let's use for the first time in our class the mental. Choose the second from the toolbar to the left. And let's do a shape like this press control to make straight lines across for easy replacement. Nice. That's just increases a bit more. Now let's with the same force before in our filling stroke. We don't two millimeters and around the joints and cups. Now on the stroke pain to click the caller Pekar Aiken and got the same color as before, I think it might look better with a smaller stroke. Even so, let's change it toe 1.5 millimeters. Yeah, that looks sweater. Oh, and don't forget to land both shapes so quick. One and shift click. The other two have them selected and go to a line and distributes and create the turtle line icon. There we go. So next let's go again to erect and go tool. And this time, let's put some running corners on it. Let's see. Two millimeters should be enough. Actually, let's change it a bit more. So let's put it at 1.5 millimeters. All right now let's create in the rectangle on top and using option to cut what we don't want. So did the rectangle like this. And let's go to path on the top part and Tilak difference. There we go. Now let's just change you so we have street corners on top. Now let's select this and also learn it and changes size until we're happy with it. Let's selected were tangled to again and make another smaller rectangle inside the previous one with a smaller stroke as well. Let's century, too. Let me just recess it a bit. There we go. Now we're done with the rectangles, so it's time for circles. Select a circle shape toe in the tube or on the left and breast control. We're dragging the mouse to make a perfect circle. Something like this looks good. That's putting near the leftover rectangle. Now we want to clip the image show. The circle is only shown inside the rectangle. So to do this, select a rectangle Kobe and place it in place. Now select a rectangle and the circle and goto object clip. Sit lovely. That looks good. Now we can just go put this one to Michael Chop easier based in the place and select us. I can hear on the top toolbar, which will foot the shape horizontally, and now we can move it to the other side of the rectangle. All we're missing now are two more circles. So let's create a smaller one inside. But with a seeker stroke, and there we go. Now we can go. But just one again. Face it in place and move it to the other side, and that's pretty much it. We're done with our cassettes. We can select everything and recites its as you see fit. That's just group, you know, and L a New York document like this. This time we don't have a shape underneath it, so it's going to be a transparent Aiken that you can put whatever you like. So when you're happy with it, just go to export PNG image, select the size and exported to whatever you want to else you in the next video 9. 04 - Line Piano | Music Icons: Let's go to our piano keys. Aiken In online style, This one is very simple and with less steps in the previous ones. So let's start once again with a rectangle. Let's make the stroke a bit smaller, something like this. Now let's make your vertical rectangle electives for Dickie separation, and we just need to add another for the Blacky. Something like this. And we're going to change here the feel color with the color picker tool. Now let's pick this, too, and let's align them in the center. Now it can group them. So just press control. G and CO. Pay it. I sit in place and dragged through the site. Nice, not just do it again. Finally, we just need to group the tree off them and the line to the center so that they look equally apart. And that's pretty much it. Very simple Piano keys. Now we just need to align everything and export a PNG in the right size and two folder judge you want. That was a quick one. Good job, and I'll see you in the next video 10. 04 - Line Headphones | Music Icons: Let's go to our lest I can from this group. We're going to make some headphones stuff for creating a circle in gray. Take out the feel caller and gets him stroking. Now let's make the stroke Something about three millimeters. Now let's create a rectangle, something like this, And let's keep everything up again as previously. So so like them both goto object, sleep and sit Good. Now let's just recite it a bit, and that's nice. Now we have here the top of our head phones. Don't worry too much. We can resize it toward a slur on That's great. A rectangle. Take out the stroke. And that's, um, feel to it. Something like this. Not too big. That sounded a bit with the right adoption. Okay, there we go. Now we're going to make another rectangle. Let's give it some wrong corners around three millimeters. She'll be nice. Now let's put it over here. Okay, so now we can do as we did with a circle before to clip it, create a rectangle. So like them both goto object, clip and sit. There we go. Process is a bit too much. The proportion of everything. Let's make another rectangle shape here for the side of the head phone. I'm a just to like them both and checked in alignment through the airline and distribute final. Yeah, that looks nice. And now we just need to create one last rectangle for the soft people. Part of the headphones put it right next to the rest. Now let's select them all and group them with control G. And we can even tilted obits with a row title. I love it. That looks good. Now we can just go pay this person in place and hold control by moving it so it stays in. The same word is on the line. Oh, if you want to move your selection pixel by pixel, you can just press Alz and use your directional arrows to move them a little at the time. This is really helpful when you don't want to move them a lot around. So there we go. We have our headphones. We can change those things if you want resemble, I think the stroke off the top part would look better. Be sicker. Something about four or tree 40.5 millimeters. We cannot just select everything and resources. How you want it? Finally, we just need to align it with the paychecks before and I can export it as a PNG like we always do. Lovely job. I'll see you on the next video. 11. 05 - Basic Color with Shadow Mail | Website Icons: Hello again. We are now going for our next set of Aikens, which is going to be website Arkin's with some basic colors and some shadows. First, we'll start with our while, Aiken. So let's start. We can use the same shape as we did before. If we don't have it, just create a square with your rectangle tool. With some rather corners are the settings. Let's add some color. You can just select one from below while having your square selected. I'm going to pick up blue. All right, let's now do a rectangle with our rectangle toe. It's currently the same color. So go to feel and change it to white. Let's leave it with a bit off around the corner. But not so much so about one millimetre should be enough. Now we can recesses of it. There we go. Now Select is still here with the star, which is the polygon tool. Select tree corners in the toolbar laptop and take out the wrong is 20 Now press the control button and try to make a straight triangle like this. All right, so now we can rotate it upside down. Remember, you just need to click it twice for the rotation to appear and hold control while rotating , so it mirrors it perfectly. Recess is a bit so it's the same with as a rectangle and put it on top of its like this. We can't see it very well. Religious at some stroke on a rectangle with the same color has or shaped behind with the color picker. Let's make around it's stroke with about 1.5 millimeters. Now let's just same we don't triangle, ending a stroke off about 1.5 millimeters as well. If you want, you can change the background to another color for now, so you can see the stroke better and that just the shapes and sizes So everything matches up something like this looks nice. We can even make a stroke speaker to about two millimeters. We already have half a four mile Aiken. Done. You can live it like this if you want a really, really simple style. But if you want to add something more, follow me. So we're going to get here to our parental and make a line from the corner to the triangle like this when they have these two points we can just press enter and there we have our lines up. So let's give the stroke the same measurements as the previous ones two millimeters and give it the same caller. So so, like the color peak in the stroke point panel and click on the blue stroke. The size looks quite big right now, so let's put it to one millimeter instead. Yeah, that looks much better now. We can just go pee in. Place it in place as your fort, and we can go to our top Tobar here and click this button to flip it horizontally. Now I can just drag it around with a directional keys so it's on the same horizontal axis. Don't forget that you can press out to move. It picks over pixel in because you want to make small modifications and there we go. That's it for our shapes. Now I can go back here and give it the original color to the background. There we go. Finally, we're going to add some shadows to it so it pops off mark. So sit like the triangle. Copy and paste it in place. Take out the stroke since we want needed and change of filter black. Now we just need to move it a bit to the right and down. And you want to be a load the other triangle. So select a white triangle and click this button here on top to bring it forward. No, we go. You can recite the shadow a bit and move it around to your taste. So here we still have this point sticking out. A solution to this is to create direct angle shaped like this, moving to the part that you want to take out. Just change your background color again so we can easily see what it is. All right, Much better now, moving more to the left like so. Okay, now we see, like this one and the shadow by holding shift and we go to pass difference. And there we go. Now that we have this shape, we can just go over here and lower the opacity in the field panel on the right, or we can put it back to 100% opacity and go to filter on the top blur and shoes. Blood. Click the life Prevue shek box so you can see how it's going to look like and at the blower you want to the shadow. Now just click up like and you can still change the opacity on the right toe. A valley that you want. I'm going to leave it. That's about 75%. There we go. We have a very simple shadow over here. Now we're just going to do one last shadow behind or Evel up here so you can select all of this and press control G to group it up. And then let's create a rectangle on top with straight corners. No roundness not selected and the background and quickly. I cannot talk to send it behind everything, as we did before. Besides, it's obits until they're happy with it. Now we can go to filters, blur, take the left review and click apply. Remember that you can change everything to your liking, so play around with the size and the amount of floor until completely happy with it. And there we go. We have a very simple email liken that you can use on your website APS and anything else. Really, Once you're done, you can just select everything up and group it up again. We could use the line option on the Align panel, Considerate. But since we have the shadow, sometimes it will count more than it should. So I would advice you do it mentally instead, like unjust, exported as a PNG image. Change the size you want and the folder you want to save it and now I'll see you in the next video. 12. 05 - Basic Color with Shadow Home | Website Icons: all right, so in these video, we're going to create a home I can, which is going to be pretty easier than the previous smile. Aiken. Let's keep a blue rectangle background with brown those corners if you haven't seen the previous videos just created with the rectangle toe, let's start by making a square. So select the right thing O Toole and hold control while the drag it so it's perfect square that's changed the fuel collar to white. We usually have a tiny door in our home, Michael, so that at least two ways to go about this you can make a rectangle and change your caller throwback. Run like this and just put in your department off the White Square on landing. It's to the center and leave it like this are, which is the option that I advise. We can just select, swells off them and go to pass off top difference. So this way you have the ship created and you can move it around how you want. So we have part of her house created. Now let's make a roof very simply selective. Polygon tool again. Shoe street corners and just make a triangle it doesn't really matter the size. Since you're using better, we can just recess it after without losing and equality, which is very useful. Don't forget to fill it with white. So it matches the house. Lovely. Now much. Just select both of them. And they lined them in the line, Final to the right. So there we go. We can leave it like this, which is very simple. Or we can also add the chimney to it, using the rectangle tool like this. This time we're not going to use strokes, just the shapes like this. Now we're going to group them. So select all the shapes and press control G. And you can resize. It's how you want. And once you're happy, just a line, everything to the center. So now all we're missing is our shadow. This time it's also going to be a bit easier than last time so we can just select our home shape copy and paste it in place. Now move it a bit to the right and down change to feel color to black. Now pick this black shadow and the big room and moved them bolts back. So the shutters behind the mind. White House. All right, so now so, like the shadow. And we can go to filters up top blurs and select blood. We go on life preview, and she's just settings to your liking. I'm going to try a boat, something like this. Now click. Apply most the window and play with capacity on feel. I'm going to put about 75%. And there we go. It's done. You have a pretty and simple button to use on your websites or whatever you want, as always when you're done selected and allow me to the punch. Now we just need to export the PNG image, selected dimensions and where to save it and quick export. Lovely. I hope you've been George. It's and I'll see you in the next video. 13. 05 - Basic Color with Shadow Search | Website Icons: Hey again, we're now going to make a search. ECON. In our specific case, it will be a magnifying less. I already have the blue background from before, but in case you don't just create a rectangle with rounded corners, let's start by making a circle over here hold control to make it a perfect circle. This is really matter the size right now, so don't worry too much. Now let's take out the field and put on a white stroke. Let's change your toe about for millimeters. All right now, we need to do the handle for our magnifying less. In this. We don't want the stroke, so let's take it out another field. There we go. This shape will be tilted, but let's start by making it straight and we can with a digital item. So let's add another rectangle with rounded corners this time around for the base handled off the magnifying less. Yeah, something like this is enough. But feel free to play with settings to your taste. Now let's elect them both and click on the Alliance Center in the land fennel, and we couldn't even make another smaller rectangle for the base below, like this, we can now use the second tool in the toolbar, which is your death. Pats by notes tool the changing difficult points for a rectangle. All right, that looks better. That's the line everything together. So select them all and align them to the center. We can also group them now, suppress control G and let's turn it to run so it's tilted like the wrong glass part. Besides that, you see fit to make everything much proportionally that you can make the stroke here. Even more stickers. So let's try. Six millimeters. Yeah, that looks good. Now let's group everything together with Control G. Besides, it's and move it around finally and everything to the document. So everything is in the center off the image. Well done, Leslie. We just need to either shadow to do this. Select the circle. First, you might need to one group it to be able to select it, so just click it twice to one group it. Don't let's cope with this and put it in place. Change the stroke toe black and move it to be to the right. Now we're going to pick the rest off the magnifying glass as well. Copy and paste it, Move it to the side a bit. Hold Ault and use the directional keys to move small spaces and chose to feel color to black. Nice. Now let's send the Shadow Blick to do this. Select the background and the shadows and 50 Aiken on the top to bark. Send it back. Well, it looks like I've mistaken center white part back as well. So let me bring the white forward. There we go. You can always just send shapes back or bring them forward, depending on what's easier at the time. So don't worry if you messed up the order like me. Now let's select our shadows and go to filters, blur and select blood. Click on the Life Preview to see the changes well or changing the settings. Feel free to try different values until you're happy with it. Each person has their own taste, so just explore it. When you're done, just click, apply and close the window. Now we can go here and teach capacity to a value we want. I think about what do you? 5% looks good and we're done with our such too. We cannot select everything group. It's and alignment with the document now just export to PNG, and we're done 14. 06 - Colorful Car | Vehicle Icons: Hey, again, we're not going to like something a bit more complex. Ah, we're making a color for Aiken and the same use vehicles and in this window will be starting with the car. As you can see, I have a blank document right now, and this time we're going to make another shape for I can as well. We've been doing a squared shape, but this time we're going to try making a circle shape for a Raichlen's. So pick the circle toe and pick a color that you want for the background. I'm going to use a yellow. Don't forget to hold control where the drugs. So it's a perfect circle. There we go, since this time we're going to use a lot more shapes and we'll be having a lot going on around here. Let's go here to our layers section and leave this layer on Lee with our circle, so press the lock. I can hear it. So this way we can click and drag at wheel and whatever it is in the layer, which is in all cases, a circle won't ever move. Now let's click this plus button sign over here to create a new layer, which is the one we'll be using for our mind shapes off the car. So let's start building it up. Select a rectangle shape tool and let's try setting the rounded corners to about three millimeters. Oh, I forgot to change the Y off the roundness to the same valley, so let me just put that on tree millimeters as well. And the right that's better. This is going to be the bottom part of our car, but we don't want it all with rounded corners, so we're going to cut the bottom part to make it straight. So we to rectangle to selected Let's stick to roundness to zero. There we go. Now we create indirect angle that covers all the bottom of our previous shape. Just select both shapes and go to path difference. And there we go. We have a professor at angle cut. Now we're going to cut the back part of our ship as well. So do the same as before, within your rectangle and passed difference. And here we go. We have here or both and part of our God. Now let's select the 2nd 2 on the toolbar to edit the point so it doesn't look. Surround it, move it around and change to your liking. And, yeah, there we go. All right, we have this part done. So now we're going to use our pen tool so selected on the toolbar, and let's start making a path from the back off the shape. Press and hold auto, make a slight curve, then make a tilted line to go around. Make another tiny curve, then the straight horizontal line for the roof off the car with the tonic or of a tien's, until they get down again to the right. Now we can just close it down, clicking on your first point. There we go. Now we can go to our stroke paint option and press the X to take out the stroke and go to feel and never feeling the same. Color is the car. Love the job. Now we can recite it a bit better to our liking, and here we have the general shape of or car. So now we're going to have the details and, of course, the wheels before going to the wheels at school. For the details, let's add the bumper so to rectangle with about one millimeter off Rhonda's and put in the bottom off the car. They're ago. Now let's just make it a darker color, something like this. And now we can change individual points off the shape with the second tool in the toolbar to make the corners a bit straighter. Lovely. I just make it obey thinner. Of course, this is all according to your liking, so you can keep it simpler if you wish to. Or you can just follow the steps and follow along with me now that just create a rectangle in the back to cut out the excess court here. So create a rectangle and selectable shapes go to pass difference and there we go. All right, so now let's make another rectangle for the corner protector and put it on the front above the bumper. We're going to use guidelines. So if you don't have your rulers active, just press control or command are, and you can drag them from the left side or from the top in this case, which is neither political guidelines. So we're going to try one from the left and just put it on the end off the bumper. So everything is well aligned. Nice. That looks good. So let's just take out the guide again by dragging back to the left. Now, once more, we're going to cope with this one and by city in place, not drag it to the left and extended. Let's also change your corners here to make them look better. Lovely. So let's add some light store car. Let's cope with this shape that we've already made and place it in place, dragged to the back off the car and changed the color to red. And you're happy with it unless we have your back lights. Now we can basic in our shape as before and put it on the front. Let's make it almost white. There we go. Feel free to change the corners a little bit till it looks good and move it to bid to the front. All right, so now we're only missing the wheels and the windows. Let's start with the wheels, pick the circle toe and create a perfect circle by holding control. Let's speak a gravestone near the black. Now let's just copy and place it in place and choose the color feel toe almost white. You can use the same colors, the headlight if you want. Now let's just put a bit smaller. Since this is just a ring and select pulls off them, go to delight panel and the land, Um, to the center, Terry, go. You can resize it to something that makes sense for you. It also depends on the type of car you doing the I can right now. All right, So when you're happy with your wheel, just click. Both of them grouped them with control Chief GOP in place them in place. Now we just need to drag to the site. And there we go. We have both the reels done more things around a bit if you think they aren't quite in the right places. So now all we're missing is our windows. Let's start by selecting the stop shape over here coping. It's and pricing in place. Now we re size it a bit and move it around over here because second tool to edit the points in the toolbar. Now let's put this point on the same height as the other one. There we go. So first of all so we don't get confused. Let's put this collar on another tone, you can use a symptom. Yes, it's ours now. Resize it and drag to the window spots. Now we want to make the division between the side windows and the back small window part. So let's speak the rectangle to and make it here. This is going to be the same callers or car. There we go. Let's just make it a big scene It now we're only missing the window in the front, so this time let's make a rectangle with rounded corners. Two million made their son's school, so let's try to make it the same height as the other windows. So far, let's change the wrongness toe one millimeter actually now used to call a Pekar and change the color to the same as the other windows. Let's put it to the side so we can see it better. We need to screw it a bit so quick it once and then click it again so you can skew and rotated and dragged the skewer around until it looks about the same angle as a previous window. There we go. Just move it a bit now. Now we just need to select the top car shape again coping and place it in place. So let's both the window and this new shape and go toe object clip set, and we are done now. We can't resize things a bit if you wish to, but overall, we're done with the car. You can select all off the shapes, press control G to group them and increases size off the car. Finally just unlocked The lawyer that we have looked at the beginning so like everything and just aligned everything to the center, off the documents. There we go. We have a colorful I can a bit more complex than what we've been doing so far. I hope that wasn't too hard to understand and feel free to post your cars. I'd love to see them. Oh, and of course, now we just need to export them. So go to export PNG image and select the settings you want and weak export. I will see you in the next video 15. 06 - Colorful Bicycle - Vehicle Icons: Okay, So let's go to our next icon, which is going to be your bicycle. This one opposed to the heavy shapes we used before, is going to use more lines with a pencil instead. So here we go. We have the previous background shape as you for a simple yellow circle. If you don't have it already, just great a circle while holding the control key to make it perfect. Now let's look the layer with the circle so I don't accidentally move it around and we can start drawing on another layer. Start by selecting the mental and creating it. I are gonna line like this with the tilted triangle shaped like this in the bottom. There we go. This will be the metal part off her bicycle. When you're done with the lines, press enter lovely. Let's change of stroke style a bit. Maybe something about one millimeter. Let's drones everything up in the caps and joints, and then let's give it some color in the stroke point. Let's try out some pinkish stone this time, something like this. All right, we have one part of our bicycle done. You can select the second tool in the toolbar to edit the points a little bit until you're happy with it. Let me just add the tiny point here and go straight up. All right. Now let's add the back wheel so it's like the circle tool and make a small circle. Take out the stroke paint and change the field to something rage. Now let's send it behind the metal part by using the button to send backwards on the top toolbar. As before, we cannot create another bigger circle for the altar type. They got to feel and put the stroke paint the same color as the previous circle with the color picker. There we go. Let you speak those two shapes now and align them. Now let's just move them a little lovely As you can see, we just made the back part off the wheel. Now we just need to make more lines for the rest of the bicycle frame. Let's make two tilted lines with a pencil again like this. Now we can just copy the same colors before and the same with size and joints and cap settings. Let's do another one trying to give the same angle as the previous one and changes setting so much. The other one. There we go Now we just need to do the front of our bicycle. I would just put the guideline here, so I know where my bicycle frame is at the bottom. So just try one from the ruler. And if you don't have it in your window, just breast control are make a line from the bottom crossing. The previous ones like this change it again, so it matches the rest of the frame. I'm just going to change the other one's a bit with the Edit point toe, so it looks better. Let's select the previous spec will, since it's already done, group it up GOP and place it in place. Now we can just move it along, hold the control so it stays in the same horizontal axis as the previous one. Now let's just bring it behind everything with but not top like the one before. All right, so we are almost finished with your bicycle. All we are missing now are a few things. Let's start with the pedal, so create a new circle with a circle tool near the bottom middle off the frame. Ginger caller to the same as the wheels, not selective mental again and make two lines, like so to make the pedal. Let's go over to our settings and change the line with to something wait one millimeter, going to move it around a bit. So it looks better. Since we are working with director, feel free to make smaller tuks. This way, you don't have to erase and draw again. Most of the times just change the points and there we go. That's or pedal. Let's now go for the seats. So start isolating the mental and draw a straight tilted line with a tiny occur. Go down and make another 10 occur so the city looks comfortable and round it, then make a tilted line to the left going down. Since the back part off the seat is a little bit bigger. Make another little curve into a total line, going up into the lift and finish with a little car while clicking on the beginning off the fast ups. Okay, there we go. We have Here are seats. We can make it a little bit bigger now we can take out the stroke paints and fill it up with our Graystone Just make small changes until you're happy with it. Because not all bicycles are the same. Now, we are only missing our handle over here. So let's go to our pencil and make it tilted. V shaped like this. Now we can change the color off the stroke paints and the settings to the same as before. Well, actually, let's change it a bit, so it looks more like a mural. L instead Okay, that looks better. And we're done with our bicycles. Now, if you wish, you can just change things around a bit like making to be longer are moving it around. It all depends on your taste. When you're done, select everything, group it up with control, G. Now we unlock our previous background layers so you can select it and we line everything up to the center like this. There we go. Now we can export it. Just go to export PNG image with the name you want and the settings you want next, we're going to do something a bit more relaxing. So I would like to make you a mini challenge. The next seem is spread ship and I'm going to create a rocket ship. My challenge to you is to make a spaceship off your liking and pushing it up so we can see what's on your mind. Either way, I'll soon the next video, so I'll catch you in the pits. 16. 06 - Colorful Spaceship - Vehicle Icons: All right, let's school toe more relaxing and fun thing. Let's create the very simple spaceship once again. Don't forget to look your background shape so it doesn't move around and go to your other layer or create another layer. And let's start this time we are not going to use a tall or pento, so this will be only which shapes. Let's go to our circle tool and create a new lips. Something like this. Let's change your feel color to something like a reddish stone and take out the stroking. Now we want to cut the important part off the lips, so let's create a quick new rectangle with all right angle to cover it up. So let them both and go to pass difference. And there we go. So we have most of our spaceship main body done. Let's use a rectangle shape, toe and make a rectangle with rounded corners with about the same height as a mind body. Let me just change the corners a bit to make them look a bit better. Let's pick out a little and see how it looks. Yes, that looks nice. Now let's create the sides off the ship so select the polygon tool with three corners and some roundness. Now let's move it around and turn it up it to the side of the ship. Lovely. Let's just started to be more. Now let's copy this one by sit in place and quit the button to flip, particularly up top. Now drag it to the other side, so we have two different sides off the ship. All right, let's create the fire coming out off the ship now, So start by making in your triangle. But this time we're going to increase the wrong. It's a bit more. There we go. Let's put it to the left of a rocket ship and that bit smaller. Now let's change the color to something like a blue. Yeah, that's it. Now let's copy this shape and place it in place and let's resize it. Hold control and shift so we just recite it in place and we don't move it around. Let's give it a lighter tone to differentiate it from the other one. There we go. We have our ship. Mostly done. Now let's select all of it and recited, so we have it tilted like it's going up into space. We can add a little more to it like some windows to our main body. So let's speak the circle. Joel, make a circle while holding control and this size looks nice. Not use the color picker to select the same color as before. Copy and paste it in place. And let's resize it while holding control and shift and picked the lighter color. Okay, there we go. We have one window done. We cannot cope with this one basin place movie Tire up and resize it so it looks smaller than the other one. All right, that looks great. Our spaceship is done. I hope you enjoy doing it and post your own. If you'd like not let me just resize it. The bits unlock the background layer to select it and the line everything to the center. When you're done, you can just export everything up with the settings that you want and weak export 17. 07 - Colorful with Shadow Burger | Food and Drinks Icons: Hello again and welcome. We're not going to make some color for ones like the last ones, but this time with some shadows, the team is going to be food, and we're starting with a nice, delicious burger I have here the same shape from a vehicle likens for the background. So let's reuse this shape and changing color to red. If you don't have the shape already, just make a circle while holding control to make it in the perfect proportion. This is going to be a bit more complex, but you got this. So let's go to a rectangle tool and make a rectangle wait two millimeters off wrongness for their burger. But let's actually make it true. Millimeters. Now let's create another one on top to cut the bun and while selecting both off them, go to path difference. There we go. I'm actually going to change it back to two millimeters, but change the value as you prefer. Now let's make some lettuce on top of it to like the mental and make a strict line like this well pressing control. And now we go down and Maxim curves on the bottom. It want Oh, perfect right now we'll begin. We organize everything after, so it looks better. As you can see, it looks a bit ugly right now, so selected at its pretzel and changed the points the wrong until you have something you like. All right, Now it looks better when you're done with your lecture. Slimane's. We can go to a stroke paint and take it out and change your fuel color to agree that we like. Whenever you're done with your lettuce, we can go to our next part, which is a cheese, so it's going to be pretty simple. Just select a mental and make kind of slanted triangle shaped like this. Now they got a stroke and shoes that yellow for the field goal. You can move it around whatever you want and feel that it looks better. Now. We're going to make the border select direct and Goto and Mike one over here. Now we can go to fill, and she should call her to a more meteor one. Let's change your Carlos here a bit so it doesn't looks around it. There we go can even make it a bit bigger than the rest, so we're off way there. Now we just need to do some tomatoes and the top on. So let's just go again. Toe a rectangle tool and make a smaller right angle. Not just changed the caller to a reddish tone, since it's so tomato. Now we're only missing the top one, so let's go to our circle tool and make a big circle. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, so don't hold control. Then we created rent angle on top so we can cut it out. So let's both of them and go to pass difference. Now I just need to change the color toe the same as the previous fund and recess it too much. That one with there we go. Now we can even change things around the be to your taste. I think I'm going to make the call of the beach brighter, since we'll be adding shadows next, you can do it by hand, like me. What you speak one off the colors in the bar below. So let's do our shadows. Start isolating all of it, right, clicking and selecting duplicates. This is the same. A scoping and and pacing in place, but a bit quicker Now we can go too fast and select union which much? All the shapes together. This way we can select one caller to the entire shape. Now we can go here, toe a rectangle to and create a rectangle so we can cut this new shape. So like them both and go towpath difference. There we go. Now we can play with your opacity and color until we're happy with our shadows. Lovely. We can even make it centers or more to the left, like I did. But it's totally up to your style Now that we have all of it. Group it up and the line it with your back shape. Now all we are missing are back shows. So since this time we are doing the shadows differently. Instead of using the blowers before we're going to make hard shadows for the back as well. So pick the pento and created Big Tilted shaped like this. Hold control to make straight lines at an angle. Okay, now you can just move or points a little bit. Let's take out the stroke pains and select the color similar to our back shape and then send them both. Quit now Let's select or back shape and duplicate it Still like this new shape and the show and go toe object clip. Sit. There we go. We have here, or shadow and we cannot change our rapacity until they're happy with it. Nice work we have here are burger. Whenever you're finished, you can go here to export PNG image changes, size and name and click export. 18. 07 - Colorful with Shadow Coffee | Food and Drinks Icons: all right, so let's go to our next Aiken, which will be a coffee. We have Hero Circle back round as before, and let's start with direct angle for the muck. Let's try 10 millimeters in the wrongness. We can change this later if you want to. Now go to feel and change it to a ceramic color, something almost white. Let's change the corners to five millimeters, and yet that looks better, he says. It's a bit so it isn't perfectly square. Now let's get the top off. So creating new rectangle on top. So, like most off them and go to pass difference never go. We have part off or cup done. Now let's create in the rectangle for the base off the cup with about one millimetre over on this. Now center them both, so it's better in line and change. The cornice abates until you're happy. Okay, now we're going to make the handle off work up. So let's create a nice, perfect circle. And instead of field, that's what the stroke and changes size to around two millimeters ups. Let's changes through milliliters. There we go movements. Every size is a bit until it merges with the cup. I think 2.2 millimeters looks good. Now let's add something more to work up here, so it doesn't look so blood. Pick up the rectangle tool and do rectangle. Take out the wrongness and the stroke. Now pick up a reddish stone and recite it so it covers the whole cup. We couldn't even tried some different colors, so it pops out more. Maybe a blue or green. Now let's still look at this one and put it a bit higher up and smaller. There we go. Feel free to trick the overall size to your taste. Now all we need to do is add a bit off steam coming out off this hot cup of coffee. So let's create a rectangle here, but a little bit of Rahm's. There we go. Now we can just duplicate it, or copy and president place whichever method you preferred, and then move it around to a place you think looks good. Just play around with it until you're happy, and when you're finished, let's just take out some capacity from it. Lovely. Now we're only missing the shadows, so I was with you before. Just select everything duplicates and go to pass union, and we can change everything. Toe a darker tone. Let's lower the capacity already about 95 same school. Now make a new rectangle so we can cut the shadow selectable troops and go to pass difference. There we go. We can change the value off the capacity to something that looks good, actually, then we have a coffee done. We can our group. It's an alignment with our bags shape. If it looks weird to D, I feel free to move it around yourself manually, so it looks better. Now. We can just make a heart shadow behind the cup, so select or parental and make a total shape, as we did in the previous video like this. Not take out the stroke paint and give you the feel color ID. Speak the same caller is the background and put it darker, duplicate or background shape and select both the new shape and the shadow and go to object . Sleep sit. And we have a shadow almost done. Just change the opacity to a fellow that you think looks good. And there we go. We are finished with our coffee. Aiken. When you're done, just go to export PNG image shoes, a size and name of your Aiken and press export 19. 07 - Colorful with Shadow Ice Cream | Food and Drinks Icons: it's time for dessert. So let's draw a nice cream. I could. Let's start by creating a circle. Don't forget to put the capacity up again if it's done from making the shadows in the other . Aiken's change The color for a great scholar for the Cup did my work. We can change it later, so don't worry about it now. We can cut the top so it looks more like a cup. So make a rectangle on top, select both shapes and go towpath difference. Now we need to make this stand. So go to the rectangle tool and create a simple rectangle. Don't forget to land everything together. Now we can duplicate the top part off the cup and click this button up top to flip it vertically, moving down and resize it. So we have our bottom part off the cup. Let's let everything and delighted so it looks better now. We can choose to call it a little bit if we're not happy with it. Maybe something a bit more bluish and lighter. It's also recites. It's a big toe. Make it bigger. Now All we're missing is the actual ice cream. So go to our circle, toe and whole control to make a perfect circle. Let's change the color off it, so it's totally up to you. I'm going to make a strawberry ice cream ball so reddish color should work. Now let's talk to get this one and put it next to it. I think a show with a screen will be nice as well. So let's put the brownish call duplicated. And maybe now we have a vanilla ice cream ball, so a yellow color should work. It's totally up to you. So pick the flavors and colors you like, just trying to make them fit together. So now let's elect our ice cream balls and no background and sent them back. Let's also send our vanilla ice cream behind the other flavors. Oh, and we can also make our cup a big, more interesting by making a rectangle at the top off the cup like this with some rounded corners so it doesn't look so blend. Don't forget to change the color to the same as the rest of the cup and to line everything again. There. That looks better. We have muscle for ice cream. Done. Now, I can add some decorations to it, like a shock with stick or sherry. So let's make around its rectangle like this and change it to a brown color, but it it's a bit and send it back. So it's behind the ice cream. Now it can duplicate it and read it, this one as well. Put it back there. Knew the other, but you can put it anywhere you like. Now we can have a sherry to it, so make a perfect red circle and put it near the ice cream. What we want to share it to be behind chocolate ice cream. So pick the whole cup and the chocolates and send it to the front like this. There we go much better. Finally, we're only missing the sheds, so select the whole high scream and duplicated. Now go to pass union, so we have everything together in the same color. Let's go to part of it, so make a rectangle to the right. It's like both off the shapes and goto path difference that's usual color to black and play with the opacity. Something around 65 looks nice. You can also try different colors instead of black. It will give you different results. There we go. Now all we are missing is our back hard shadows. So let's group this up and then lining to the image, not choose the mental and make a shape like this for the shadow. They got a stroke point and for the field, choose the background color and make it darker. Finally, just duplicate your background. Select this one and the shadow and go to option. Clean up, sit and play with your fascinating until you're happy with it. And there we go. We have, ah, delicious ice cream dessert finished. Now I can just export it as a PNG image by selecting the size and name and clicking export . 20. 08 - Gradient Life | Videogame Icons: Let's go for our video game things. Aikens this time will be using Reagan's for the first time. Start by making the background so a square shape with about 10 millimeters of wrongness. There we go. We can go with an orange stone for this. Now let's start with the radiance right away. So duplicate this shape and change it to a darker color, and then it just need to pick the great an option on our fuel panel. There are to choose from, but we'll be doing a radial gradient here. Lovely. So now we can change our Grandin's with this stool over here to move our radiant around and change the radios and proportions, Feel free to play around with the color until you have one that you like. This will be your shadow for the background. There we go. When you're finished with your grading in your shape, just make a new layer and lock the previous one so we don't move it around. All right, we're ready to start. This time. We'll be making a life or heart. Aiken. Let's speaking by doing part off the heart, so let's speak Hero Circle tool and creating the lips like this. Now we can rotate and implicated. Go to a flea present, all buttoned up top and move it to the site. Don't forget to keep your rapacity at Massoum. There we go. We have a heart once you're happy with how it looks so like both of them and go to Path Union. Now we have the ship together, so feel free to resize it as you see fit. Let's duplicate this again. We got the fuel color, and that's, um, stroke pains. A white fish collar should work well and something about one or two millimeters for the stroke. She'll be nice, but it comes down to personal preference. There we go. We have one of our hearts Now we're going to have a great into it so big destructs shape and duplicated. Send it behind, not changed his stroke into something darker and select the radiant option used to send to less before to control the Grady INTs and play around with the values. I'm going to make it a bit darker now. Let's select the heart shape and of the same so duplicated. Change the color to something darker and trinkets until it's about a middle off the heart. There we go. We have one heart finished. Let me just change the colors a little bit around here. So, Bob Sophomore. Now let's speak everything Group It's and duplicated. Move it a bit to the side and resize it so like the first heart and bring it forward. Finally, let's duplicate the 2nd 1 and move it to the other side. Bring this one forward again. There we go. We have Here are three hearts We can even add something more. For example, if this third heart was hope like if you were lowered on life in the video game. So let's select the Grady int and will he to the side for now and change the color of the heart to a white stone. Let's feel the left powerful of it. So duplicate this ship. Make a rectangle to cut the excess part Ah, I need to change the roundness off the corners. There we go now go to pass difference and put the call of the same as before with the color picker. Now we can put the great and back in place and bring it forward like this. And there we go you have part of for heart missing just both things around the beat until you're happy. There's no bad way to go about this, but I will give things mostly symmetrical. Now all we are missing is a bit of shadow behind our hearts, so just select all of this, duplicated and changes to black. Then I'm not sure why we have these Ellipse shapes over here, but let's just quickly delete them. There we go, not just take out a stroke and get it back near the hearts. Finally, let's just do the same as we did before with our shadows on the first. Tycoons with shadows and go to filters blurs blur. Click on Life Preview, and she's just settings around. I'll try about 1.3 on horizontal and one vertical click apply and close the window, not just play around with the capacity to Avello that you like, And they can even change the color toe a red or something more like a tone off the background. I'm just going to lower the opacity on the Grady int on a record shape, so it's not so intense and there we go. We are finished with your life. Aiken's Whenever you already just export your PNG and I'll see you in the next really 21. 08 - Gradient Life and Mana Potions | Videogame Icons: all right, so in this wrong, we're going to do some wife and munna potions we have here or shape for the background. Don't forget to lock it and make a new layer on top of it, which will be using for the rest of the shapes. Let's draw some bottles, so start by picking the circle tool and make a perfect circle by holding control. Let me put your capacity back to full and set an almost white owned for the fuel color. Now we want to do a rectangle over here on top. What about one millimeter for around corners? It's like both of them and the line them. Do another rectangle here on the bottom for the place off the potion. Let me just come over here and check the corners a bit. Very good. I learned everything together. Now we also need another top rectangle for the top off the bottom. Align it with the rest of us. Well, let's make the neck off the bottle taller, so move things around a bit now, select everything and go to pass union. So we have everything on the same shape and we can move it around and resize. It s one. Let's add some liquid to our bottle. So, like the circle tool and making your lips like this. And let's start with our life potion. So choose the right color. Process it a bit. So it feels more now. It doesn't look very fluid, so let's make another circle on top to cut it out. Crudity that bids and we can select this one and the circle before and go Towpath difference. There we go much better. Well, I am missing now is the core so over here and make a rectangle changin scholar to a yellowish or brownish color. Now bring the rest off the boat forwards and we have Here are life motion before we go to our mind a potion that store grade in shadows here, so duplicate the bottle and liquid and moved a new red liquid to the side while holding control. So it stays in the same line, not selected bottle and quickly. Great. And I can. In the film panel, we want a darker tone, so change it over at the side panel and move it with the great into we can hold control while moving the point off the great and so it doesn't rotate around. Now let's move the red liquid back in its place while holding control, change it to a darker tone and quick ingredient. Aiken moving around to about the same spot as the previous Grady Int All we are missing is , or cork, so duplicated. Make it darker. Select a graded I can and change the point to about the same vertical line as the other ones moving backwards. And there we go. Let me just talk in the bottle a bit more. We can go a bit further and other shining light on the glass. We can easily make this effect by duplicating the radiant as before, isolating a lighter tone and clicking the mirror horizontally. Button up top. Not just change the point with a Grady until toe. A smaller area like this lovely we have you offer for Aiken, since we also want the money portion now, just select everything up, duplicated and move it to the side. Let's sweep this one, particularly, so the potion is upside them. This is going to be our man apart, so all they have to do is first track the great into the side like this. Now we choose the red liquid and change you to a blue. Nice. We can now move the great inspector that places but this great and still has a red dawn from before so selected and changing color to a darker blue. There we go. That looks much better. We have basically done with your life and mine a potions. Aiken. All we need. Now it's to add some shadows to it. So let's duplicate everything. Go to Beth Union and move it slightly to the left and down, not just bring the rest forward and change the color of our shadows to black. Once again, go to filters, blurs and blurs like life review and changes settings. I'll try around syrup on five, both horizontal and vertical. Quick, apply and close your window. Now you can change the opacity to a value that makes sense and even change the caller to atone closer to your orange on the background. Nice work. Now you can just unlock the background layer. Select everything in alignment Once you're done, just exporter, PNG. I'll see you in the next video 22. 08 - Gradient Controller | Videogame Icons: All right, so we're going to make a controller. I can now not off a retro controller. If you're familiar with older games and consoles, you will know right away which control. We're making a reference off this time, since we're going to have a lot of shapes on top of each other, we're going to make a shape and then the great aunt and so on and so forth. Let's start by selecting nor rectangle toe in, make a rectangle with around 0.7 wrongness. Let's choose to call her to a blackish stone. Now let's duplicate it and make O'Grady int. Select a color to black and click the ingredients. Aiken. Move it around with the grating tool a bit to the left. I just make it to be delighted. There we go. Now let's duplicate this shape again and take out the field, give it some stroke pains and make it about so millimeters in the gray stone. It looks to be too sick, so let's get it down to 0.5 millimeters. Yeah, that's more like it. Now we're going to duplicate this line and make our gradients, so make it a darker color and click the Grady in Aiken. Now let's go to our greedy in two and move it around until you're happy. There we go. Now we have the basis for control, so let's make thes side of it. So select the rectangle shape tool. They got a stroke, another few color, the same as a stroke. Let's also take out the rawness of it now a landing toe, the base rectangle. No way duplicated and select a darker tone. Change. It took radiant and use a greedy until to move it around. This is mostly the process will be doing here, over and no. So I'm sure you've picked it up by now. All right, so let's duplicate it and change the color to the same as before and drag it down public. It is again and put it above near the other one that's just duplicated brilliant twice and move them until they're on top off the other shapes. Now we're going to make some buttons, so let's use a rectangle to with some Romans, about one millimeter. Let's make them the same color as the base of our control duplicated and move it to the right now, big mystery and then line them horizontally. Let's do some great things. So duplicate the button. Put the darker shade and set it to Grady in now just to placate it again and move it to the other shape. There we go. We're missing the buttons on the right and left side, so let's start with the right side. Make us square with direct angle tool with straight quarters. Pick the same caller as we've been doing. Duplicated. Give it a doctor calling and put it on radiance. Now go to a circle tool. Make a circle and painted red. Try to fit it inside the previous swear, select them and center through the line. Duplicates of red button. Choose a darker tone and set. It is Grady in. Now let's duplicate all of this and move it to the site. And then we go. We have our buttons on the right side. Feel free to move them around. Since this is your controller, let's do the left side buttons, which will be the directional buttons. Create a rectangle with about 0.5 millimeters off wrongness. Now we can duplicate this one and we're excited while holding control. So it crosses the other one horizontally. Now you can select everything and go toe path union So we have everything together. But get this shape even the same darker color that we have over here and give it to greatness. Finally, duplications again. Give it the same call or is the main controller every sided? So it's inside the mine. White shape, people lining it if you need toe so it look centered. Now let's give it to Grady Int. Duplicate the dark part, talking up a bit more and set it is Grady int. We have a controller almost done. Now our music is a cable under control and the shallow So first let's create where the cable this plugging in on the mind controller with the rectangle shape, fill it with the same color as the silver we've been using. Now duplicated. Give it a darker tone and set it as Grady in Let's send these two shapes behind the mind control. There we go. Now select the pencil and start drawing the cable line. You can do it like me or do your own. It's totally up to you once you're finished with the line breast ender and She's a stroke size and style and the stroke point to the silver. No, we just duplicated. Give it a darker tone and make the radiant. We can make it a bit on the tilted angle, so it looks better. They're real. Let's send it behind everything. Now all we are missing is a shadow, so recites everything as you see fit together before we get into that. All right, So So, like this shadow here on the vine controller duplicated and changed the color to black, not send it back and more of it until it's a bit to the side and to the left like this. Not just go to filters, blurs Endler and click the left. Review. Change the settings. Click, apply and close the window. Now we can lower the opacity and even choose to call her to something other than black. Maybe a darker or in short matches better or background called. Yet that looks nice. Finally, cope with this little shape here, where the cable midst domain controller duplicated and changing color to a dark orange. Send it backwards and move it around a bit. Still, if you fit the blowers before and click a plot. Lower the opacity. About 50% seems good and which is missing the cable. So I duplicated. We'll get a bit to the side, change the color and send it back. Now we give you the blowers before and changed capacity like this. You can also change your blood on here as much as you want to feel like. Well done. We're done with that controller. Once you're done, you can export its at the size you want. I hope you injured making this controller. Try making your own in a different style With everything you've won so far. I would love to see it. I'll see you in the next video. 23. 09 - Assignment: Hey again. Just like to give you a quick assignment so you can practice your icon design. I'm giving you this image shit with three columns where each is numbered from 1 to 6. There are two ways you can go about this. We can either pick one word from each column and make a Nike and related to that. For example, we could pick a fantasy with treasure and single color all you can random it by rolling a six sided die. If you have one year by, I use this website, which is what I'll be doing now. The website is random, that arc slash indigenous just go here and change it to generate three random integers with each integer between one and six and former Did entry columns quick get numbers and there we go. Now we just assigned each number two. Which respective column. So I got a 66 and a two, which is going to be a geometric playing in line on Lee. I'm going to create this. I can, but I won't bother you with the process, so I'll be right back. And here we have my two magic blamed in lines on Lee. Very simple to do. Very quick to To I hope you have fun doing this assignment. And I look forward to see your Aiken. So see your son. 24. 10 - Final Words: Hey there. And first of all, congratulations on getting this far. We've done a lot of Feikens now, and I hope you learn new tricks and techniques to improve your vector Art on ink. Skype. I would love to see your icons and vector art, so feel free to post them or send them toe. Don't cargie at gmail dot com. Also, if you have any feedback, feel free to use that same email address and send us a message. If you enjoyed this class and would like to see more from us, I would be very happy if we could leave a review so you can make new, better courses for you. Thank you so much for going through this course, and I'll see you next time.