Vacation Postcards Series - Part 2 - Collage and watercolour pencil sketches | Mona Iordache | Skillshare

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Vacation Postcards Series - Part 2 - Collage and watercolour pencil sketches

teacher avatar Mona Iordache

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sketching people

    • 4. Sketching places

    • 5. Conclusion and class project

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About This Class

Welcome to the Vacation Postcards Series!

This series of bite-size classes is about exploring ways of quickly capturing our surroundings using a variety of media. 

In the second class, we will look at how we can incorporate collage into our sketches for added interest.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I am Mona, native of Romania and living in Montreal, Canada since 1994.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my studio where I like to engage in all things creative. In school I studied engineering (of the software kind), but for the last 18 years I studied art in various forms: oil painting, mixed media, altered arts, assemblage, watercolor.

Visit my Instagram to see the latest about what I am up to. Tag me (@mona.iordache) and use the hashtag #MonaIordache_Skillshare when you share work made in one of my classes. I can’t wait to see all your projects!

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1. Introduction: Hello, My name is Mona, and I'm a mixed media artist based in Montreal. Welcome to the second episode of the Vacation Postcards, Siri's in the first episode with the quick ways of using followed pencils to sketch on location. In today's episode, we will look at ways of incorporating collage papers for added emphasis. The results can be surprising and I'm pretty. Please don't forget to upload your projects to the last gallery. So are you ready to be surprised? Let's get started. 2. Materials: Yes, it was the case with my previous classes. You don't need any fancy body. We would use what are called, but also use other types of paper such as Bristol or next media paper. Any paper that some weather will be OK blue. I will use my medium because I happen to have it already. But any kind of move is okay. Steak for white. We wanted Caesars or a paper popular. We will also need water soluble media, pencils, sticks, markers or water holes in time. Or you could also experiment with watch. If you happen to have it, we will be using only 23 callers For Skitch. Well, he was a water brush and sends or fine, fine fine liners for off line Kalash papers. I call it matters in clippings with interesting colors and textures, and I don't mean values boxes. I keep smaller bids in a small Ziploc bag and then evolves by my so that I have been tending to take with me on location or using smaller projects such as 3. Sketching people: I am using us inspiration for this project. A photo. I took a few weeks best in order. I like this couple working by the beach, and I want to create a sketch based on this damage. I looked through my bits of collage paper, and I happened to find one piece that I think it is very well suited for the spurs. The park adults will suggest the girls dress and the beige area will look like the arm of the boyfriend seen from the distance. Sometimes I will glue the paper ahead of time before I know what I will be sketching like I did with a pre painting backgrounds in the previous class. Or I will use a paper that I think so. It's the subject, like in this case, I used Ben's great pencil to darken the back of the dress and the young worker pencil for the legs of the girls. I believe that the shapes and then add some shady using the water rushed to help some of the pencil followed when you see devise water for offenses are just like regular colored pencils. If we are water to the lead first, then the passage drops our speaker and more texture. And if we apply water with the brush, then we obtain awash with some line work still visible. Then I found the shape of the guy's body, starting with the shoulders. I dark in certain areas to suggest shadows and special relationships, and I then add the legs and finish the figures. - No , I found another piece of and some 60 with. 4. Sketching places: a sketch. It is building on location shooting, one of the urban sketchers. I want to try to incorporate collage for a different look and feel. I want to focus on the lower part of the field, the arches and the Ambrose. I use artistic license and cut a piece of red paper for the number, even though, in reality what I found a piece of that great some stripes on it. And I think the picked very well sitting area in front of the building. Emphasis to the doctor. Archer's in the door. I use a piece of collage with some variety of quality. The building itself seems likely. Some doctor faithful Establish the boundaries and make sure I do not run out which weapons more often than goodness. I'm using a lot of carbon pen to start defining the field. This man makes a very fine lives, but I'm having people making this work this time. So I switched to settle for the past. This plan has a bent me that reads lines of a very business, which I like very much. I keep going and getting the chips in. I decided to know darken the windows on the second floor because there were a lot of life reflections in the windows and because I think that by darkening them I would take the focus away from the archers. - Meanwhile , I tried to suggest the red flag in the top window because it makes a nice absent and at some personality I just Paynes grey and red watercolor pencils, got the arches of the box and suggest the three around the actual also about 70 deals. I feel darkening the archers and playing with values until I'm happy with the result. - I don't have to be the highlight and then 5. Conclusion and class project: here we are at the end of our class. Let's have a look at what we did so far. This is also when I know these things for improvement. For example, I'm not so sure that I liked the red umbrella anymore because it is too similar in value to the brick around, so I might go in and change it a bit. This is actually one of the goals may be. The most important of this exercise is to see what works and what does not, what we like and what we do not. When I was opened the recording, the introduction to the class, I notice the church dollars. Picking up about, I sketched variations. In the 1st 1 I used collage and watercolor markers. I like the staircase on the left, the shapes from the tower and suggest the buildings around. In the 2nd 1 I used a pre painted paper from another exercise. I added collage and then used water color crayons, which have a much thicker line. I like the texture picking through and adding water to the crayons. Credit a thick paste that I skipped straight through graphical style to suggest the electric lines I also like the strong contrasts of color in the middle of the page. I hope that you enjoy the class and that it inspired you to do some explorations of your own and see how you can combine collage, pen and water media. Please don't forget to upload your projects in the class gallery. See you in the next slaps until then.