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VOXEDIT: Create your own 3D objects and characters with 3D pixels

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A first overview of the interface

    • 3. Options and coloring

    • 4. Creation of a character by using voxels

    • 5. A second example of a voxel character creation

    • 6. A third example of voxel character creation

    • 7. Options to animate your voxel characters

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About This Class

If you want to create your own characters in 3D in the style of Minecraft, Voxedit is done for you! VOXEDIT is a software where you use voxels to create your 3D characters. A "Voxel" is a word composed of the word "volumes" and "pixels", this is a very simple technique to create such Minecraft designs. This is like doing pixel-art by using the 3D.
Enjoy this course and have fun in creating your own voxel characters.

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1. Introduction: in this course, I'm going to teach you how to use vax. It it's this after is don't to create three D models by using the technique of the back cells of Accel is the mix between volume and pixel. This is a pixel in three D. You will see in this course how we can create characters and used different techniques for instance, how to use the modeler, the rigor and the templates. Here we're only going to see the molar. It's going to teach you how to model the different characters you can imaging and how you can create from scratch. Sh to something that is going to looks like on a track or an animal are whatever you want to create and everything in Freedy by using the vessels welcoming this course they dedicated to accidents. 2. A first overview of the interface: first, I'm presenting you the interface. I'm selecting the modeler and I select where my model is going to be saved. I create my own. Ah, father and I proved my father here. It will create a very specific file dedicated to this software Only then here is the working space. You can see that you're working. Space is composed off free surfaces. You have options up on the interface. You can zoom in, zoom out and you can also see that you have kind off faces. You can choose here, and it's going to be helpful to create a model because you can erase some parts off this space and make them appearing again. You can see love the different axes, the green, the reds and the blue one Access are common to every Freedy Softwares and we help you to determine if you are on the ah, large are different distance off your character. Then you have several options you have filed. You can change different things and you edit that we're going to see later. You can have and due to cancel just the action you have done redo to put the action of them again and if you erased it, you can can sell the erase mints. Then you can move the camera that we were the mouse. You can see that you can have different angles and you can see here. Just click and I ended. Voxant. This vaccine is added, as is added, where you click agency, that you would have to zoom in a little bit to control the distance, and you can see you have different. You have different squares alot around working fees. It will help you to position different Bruxelles. And there I'm just showing you an example how you can place the vessels so you can see how they can accumulate. Ah, you can accurately the different Bruxelles and when did stick on each other's? You don't see the separations between every box ills and this feel this will be the way you are going to add every Bruxelles. You can change the color by selecting on the right color, and I like this painful. So different color changes and when you click on the side is just adding the boxes on the site of the previous one so you can play with different options here, and you can move your construction like this. A reasonable or vertical are more close to you and every movement is done according to the squares, draw on the walls off the working face. You can see you can also revert the construction and have some kind off where things Because when the construction is going Food wall, one of the world, it comes back on the other side. Soon make sure to do no move too much. Your construction from right are from left accepted. If this is exactly what you want. For instance, if it creates something here and I move it like this, you will see the object is going to appear in there. The site, then right click is going to erase the boxes one by one. And hey will have raised everything. So it was the first explanation. And then we have plenty of options on the top bar of the software. I can create some forms that already much more than just a pixel, have created a couple of books one time and then I can create other ones here and I have a rectangle inf reading. So nothing more easy to create this and I have the auction over here to move this object on the four corners of the working space, you can see you have a kind of that realms space where he can place at four different places. Then you have the same. But you can place the object on or isn't of You are vertical view or like this with the blue option here, the object is turning himself So you can really create, objected, really moved in where you want. And this is just with these options moving the orientation. Thank you can do here you can see how it's moving. Then we have dead option. When you click on it, you will see that you're adding squares and when you have an object, you can select our destroy divock cells you just created. This is the raising and very useful to create your own characters. You can imagine that you have a two D peaks of art A character. He can recreate it with VOCs ALS and have it animated. You will see this interface is very easy to use. We have three different options here. I'm going back to less squares now. I can separate my working space in two, it will create a mirror effect. When you create object on the right, he create the same on the left, and you can join the two forms when you approach these kind of mirror. This is very useful when you want to create characters and have the same details on the rights of the character or under left. And then you can select this mirror effect when you want to create very specific details and do not have the same on their side, so you can see you can create. If you want to create a human, you can create the right parts and it will create automatically the left part and when she want to add very specific details, you can solve this member effects. This mirror effect could be created on the vertical or horizontal. This could be also selected and in selected. You can see you can also create or activate the mirrors, horizontal, all the mirror vertical. In the same time, be sure to know what exactly want to do because it could be quite confusing. If you are not controlling exactly what you want to do, then you have here. If I zoom out a little bit yearly rocking space and you have 16. Here you have 16. Here, here and here. This is the three faces of your working space. And if you add, for instance, here 32 you have a larger working space and you can create more stuff. In this working space you can something the relaunch, the loan, the re deep and so on. We can see that I'm adding squares, so make sure you do the difference between the size of the working space and the amount off squares. We have a new working space. You also resize your working space with the size of the objects. It means that when you click on the crop options, it would just give you the working space fitting with object you just created. All these options are very useful to create your own object, and it will be useful to create animations or two prints with the free D printer Andi to create your own instead of having just two d pixel. Aren't you can really create three D art and deceptions, also giving you the black outlines for every squares. Then you have another type off outlines. It's not just giving the details of the inside of your rocks when you add two blocks, give you it. Create one book with only do outline for the major lines around the objects. Then you have another kind of outlines. It's kind of coming book effects. If they're interesting, see what screening and this one is just raising all the airplanes and have the only the three objects only. So it was the first first example, the first overview of the interface of the software. In the other chapters, I will show you with more details how every options work. 3. Options and coloring: Now let's talk about creating coloring objects you can have on your left several options about creating objects and we will see how to create them and how to color them. You can see here the first option selected is a pen. When you have depends, Elected is going to create a world Looks ill each time you click. I'm clicking. It's just heading one. If you say this option, you can create a full object. Ladies, maintain the left click and you create an object in the road like this. When you select this option is adoption, you can create one full object. This is filling one row of your working space and you can add the rules like this just by clicking and ending. You can seek really an Israeli fill your working space. Then you have this option the Force one when you click. This is feeling you're working space, Floyd. Of course, when you have done so, you can enlarge the working space and you will see you have old space filled with this color. If you use this option so these four options are very useful to create rapidly your objects , then you can select the color by clicking on this, and you can select the color, tell it, consider, for instance, pink, and if you quit here, you can select every voke cells. Now, if you have selected this option you can add is really different between just adding color . With this option, she's banged away, giving you the possibility to change all the color like this. What if you try to do this? It will not work, because dependant option is just to change the color often existing object. So make sure you don't make them that to mix up two options of the planets and three object creation. This is the same when you apply deception to fill the object with the same color. You hear a talent with different colors, and you have here the possibility to take the color you want. You can change different values of the colors. You are here the cards fondle colors you want if you have a very specific color to find, and you can change lights like if you are in for the shop, are in other graphic software. I consider the blue and sleds option to create a blue objects, but this time it was not the blue because here I have selected a yellow color left, click and dilated. What is more important here is to select the color to Quicken Plus, which is adding the color on your planets. And then you can go back on this card to selected so you have material peaker, which is the options to create your color. Then you add this color in Europe in its to use it in your working space. Then I can use the color option here and I can change the color I want. You can see changing color and material picker adding a planet and applying it in your mind . Working space on an object that is already existing, then obstructing the three D object creation. Isolate the color so has named Lou Here I have this option selected, which means that it will fly. What kind of light on my objects I click on the plus toe discolor on my palettes and you receive this route is as a white outline. It means that it would create the kind off shiny blue you can see the shining in blue. If I decided to activity different kind of outlines it will not work. There will be no black outlines on your shiny objects. Of course, it could remind you some video games like Minecraft. So is the reasonable to such Softwares. So I objected. Creating objects. Freedy, I said, depend to create one bookseller by one Drexel or I can say this one to create the full block are I can create this to just add a similar block toe. Want his Bill O? Then I can sedate the painting option and I can feel my space. This is a summary of the option who have just see in this video, and you can see that just by playing with the left options and the color located on your right of your screen. This is very easy to personalize and start to create your own objects and characters in rock Selves. 4. Creation of a character by using voxels: to create options. I would take a solution and creative thought. This lines ST way like this by choosing it and using this option, this is done. I can create the rest of the character far stunt withdrawing the different details of the head. Like adding, Do knows the agency make the head a bit higher. I try to create probably Ah, you can decide to create the rest of the Dalai or just focusing on this will probably make the character big, taller and okay, we have the head coaching, if little so okay, this designed to select this speaks of option and just at the neck, probably, too, and at the shoulders. Now I can decide to separate May Character is the working space with this mural option. Now the head is not exactly in the middle, so I can decide to move it like this and were done. The mirror reset Claritin with two equal parts, my current. Now I can add the shoulders and arms. Now I have to work carefully down the place where I'm going to add the legs. And if it is not currently place, it's not really important because he can add them later. Just move this part of the body in the right place with the option and just show you the flinches on the upper side on the right of the screen. So if I move, you can see that the body he's not exactly on the scene place than the so I can move the character fully are I can't decide to cancel if they want to something else. Or I can add additional details like this to make this counter having more volume, you have to decide what would be the easier things to do. Maybe congee just like this head and destroy it as it is very easy to create an object. You can just cancel it and reproach is here again with the right place. Okay, so we have the body and I can at some additional volume on the head to find my squared hand . And by using this option, this option again, add additional lines in a row. Maybe we'll make the head Not so big. Okay, so we have ahead. I can turn around my working space and keep adding some. William, I think this and he will. This is more what I was looking for. Then I'm adding some volumes on the body. Well, good going to create a very simple character because it will be also useless to create a very complex character. The more important here that you can understand where he confined the options and how you can use them. So you turn around and you end some additional details here. I would just add one line here and with the mirror effects you are. The night ended from the right side, adding the feet, you know it was try to make something between, but you can see that the squares off too big. So I'm adding additional squares to get more detail to my character. Make sure that when you work with additional squares and working space, don't go back to the original ones because it will. Alta rates your camera. Try to decrease in the number off of axles for the character. And if you spend a lot of time creating something quite details between destroyed all whichever done. So make sure that when you added squares and working space, don't go back to the previews working space using less one. This squares trying to create knows we're really on on boxing technique because you will never get something very human. This is the principle off. Probably all sort of success to such games. And I mind crossed is very rough during techniques that makes all the charm of such games. Now I can select the corruption and try to on some Rome, adding the brown just on the I bro, and we have something appearing here. Then I cancel box ills one by one to create the eyes. I will take the black color and just create this and then the whites inside head the highs and you can see that it's quite great. This is normal. This is a shadow. As we have three d object. You can have also a shadow aspect with the light touching the character. So we have some light and shadow. And then I continued skulled. You can say so, killed the nose and and you can really see that you can spend time in sculpting character manu axles and going to a lot of things. Ah, now, if you want was your character to for video game more, we have box als more. It will require some time to load your character into your Freedy you're game, so make sure to stay very simple. If you work on the nine Christ the Dale Games time, then I continue to add color and they would try to hand. Is king car still shooting Teoh? Very large option. But if you if you use the last option, it will apply to all your objects. It's probably not what you want to do, but it will apply to all your object. Accepted the boxes that were already colored then will probably on some details. You can see I went back to a more simple square working space and cancel all what I have done on the eye, bro. And inside the eyes so you can control the and you go back to the prevalence steps before to do the mistake. And I try to do Ken off graduate and techniques to make the link between do Tarso and Neck . Ah, he could work if you do a cane off stair taken Ignatz. You know Devery beautiful that he could work and I'm also getting some details amounts Cloud this is wearing When you didn't get enough time, you can really have something linking too much more advanced details like a tie and so on time, heading the color green color for the shirts. - And I'm completing the color. Sometimes we have some Bruxelles that didn't apply the color, so you have to do me and and apply diversity with oceans. And then you turn around and you continue to apply here there, feeling what was missed during do produce implication of this color. You have some dents here, colors here. Some details are sometimes just suggested by adding the colors and not always doing three D of Jenks and volumes. It's what we call the texture on entreaty when you were just create something very simple. You have a very simple for the object, do old details with texture. Here. It's not exactly textures, just a color, and then I can finalize with the very they're important missing stuff. This is the mouth, and we have the camera smiling, jittering the line and lending this and he were. So this is a pretty ugly character that it was not the point of this course to re to show you where you can find the options. Then you can use them to and taking re more time to go into details, take the time through the cracked character and very have fun with this software. 5. A second example of a voxel character creation: in this new example I will try to create, then more your character. And this is a new example just to show you another example where he confined options when use them, how you can use them and soul so it will be the same technique than in the previous video. But pay attention to where I saw that the objects D options when I change and when I zoom in, zoom out. When I turned around the objects and how I'm moving the object to create my character, sometimes the more difficult it to killed inside the objects. You have to create a block, and from the blank you erase VOCs ALS. You can select, and you can suppress some vessels and create, like if you was cutting with a real nut, have full book, and you stopped going into taking out some med piece by piece, one by one until you get the right form. So when you don't have the habit to work with the treaty, volumes could be a bit hard in first step. But this software is also don't to give you first and easy experience about three D, so don't lose your ID's in your motivation if use if you miss in first place. More than that, you can just do the controls, the technique to cancel and to come back to the previous step. If you're not satisfied enough. Ah, yeah, it's not is not serious problem if you miss so you can see here. I'm trying to here just a misstatement trained to create the cap of the character. And it's better if you have it's kitsch of your character before to work in it to make sure that when you work on three d, you know exactly or approximately at which step you are. - You can also have the problem to have to merge things on the right and left. So the problem of the three year is hearts. That problem, that the thing you have to to be careful off. It's that when you creates in Freedy, you always have to turn around the object to make sure that everything's correct. One time in the life. One time, the right down, go around the character and make sure that there is not axles as it in the other side that well spoil the general creation. For instance, your character could be very good on the right, and when you turn, you have many of axles that are everywhere and you have to spend more time. You're raising them so very regularly. Go around character, turn around it and make sure correct everything before to continue. Then full the camp in the hand. No dome. So I'm adding that years and it should be fine so I can continue with some very for detailed the eyes. It's we have really too much. I can add some squares to my working space, or I can just be satisfying with very big squares those details. So I wanted to add some white point inside the square, but at this point, I cannot do that. So I would just keep ah the same square size because if I increased the number of squares, it would require more work to do so. Right now, I'm just on in the message. I have to go down to place my square. My boxer here anyway, we can enough. He has big mistakes. Then I can click on this to go back to a broad view, and it's not by where the head. Now we have to start working on the body of the country. This is another step that is more complex because the body is having different volumes at the top or the bottom. We'll probably have the questions about how I can add The legs were to start the legs and the arms, and so on. This question, very easy. If you have there, been to Dro and he should have. It's, too to know the anatomy of a character. But if it's not the case, then you will have more trouble. It's coming. That correct creator, especially for the Freedy, are also very good in anatomy. Human anatomy that were far from surgery, simple characters that if they have shorter legs than normal human, it really doesn't matter because we have a new cartoonish style. And if something very radicals are funny, it doesn't matter. Israel, which one creates. So I tried to create the body. It will be probably very weird character, but I'm just using Teoh stair techniques to create a kind of gradients between the tough of the character of the body with the shoulders and the back and the battle of the body, where I want to make him a bit defense At this point, I decided to do not add more squares in my working space because the this is something you have to decide in the beginning. If you want to create something more details, you've decided the beginning and you work with this basis. When you are well advanced, the creation of the character on you decide suddenly to add more squares. You will not have proceeded to go back because you can goto a normal square size. You have to continue with the side. Have decided. So to make this very simple, I decided to stop my correct on this point where he's having to feats and again a very small body. Ah, then this character is probably not as still as I expected, but this is anyway very good to show you where we can ah creates with the very simple options of the software. This affair is very simple with simplicity also include the fact that you cannot do all which wounds. There's probably some other option that could be added especially, for instance, journeying box so in in ah, 360 degrees or something like this. But we already have something they're efficient to start drain are creating characters in volume 6. A third example of voxel character creation: you re the third example of the creation of a character with axles. This time I will start with much more squares available in my working space. This example is using the same techniques than previously, and this is what I can call a no observation video. You have to just observe different options I'm using and see that you can work with additional details angel stuff and see how you can also skills your freely character with this software. I'm leaving you with this video. Observe all the options amusing and go back on the video If you want to see again. When Kenny options I just used you will see that will create a kind of robot head with shiny eyes. Have a good video. 7. Options to animate your voxel characters: I'm going to teach you how you can animate your vaccine characters in objects. You select rigor after having down your modeler objects. When you click on, rigor is going to give you several options to things and stuff that would be added to the character and allow you to animate your creations. So first I'm going into my options here. This is animated the area, and you have here elaborate. In the library, we confined the objects who previously created with self Twitter annual here. This skeleton part, this goes in part, is going to be the bones added to your free the object in allowing you to At some animations you hear a timeline that will make you able to create the animation throughout the time from zero Cygan to excess segments. Then you would have a three D a space here where you will be way. Have the facility to position your character, and here you can select importing options are you can directly create a new V in V X M format, which is the farm acquitted with fuck cities. But here I need to import the character just previously done. And this is my small Mario guy and just created So I dragon drop my character and decide where I put it in my space here. So first I have to select my bones here, and I gave a name to my my skeleton. And then you drag and drop the Mario in tulips. Colton, is he doing a ling between the three D object and this Cullerton you can zoom out in n It was played somewhere. It's a bit where it was placed in the middle plates really outside. So I select it. And by using the flesh is here. I'm moving its into my working space. So we have the current. So I'm going to share you the very simple options to start the more simple options. It's to create a kind, off direction animation. It will start at point A, and we'll finish with point B. So the character here is here in your Clayton option. So you are here a notion to place over Jake on the working space here. He's going to change the orientation like this. All right, this So you play with different over cool earl like this to move your character in the space, and you have served moving options that is moving in the space. That shoe zoom out a little bit. It will move forward and backward and up in doom. You also have these options to Reese Count the character itself. It's very good because sometimes when you work on options and characters, when you create characters in two of accidents, you don't pay attention to. If the character is too much too big or too small compared toa another one, you can just re skillet. So we're Skilling turning around like this so you can do everything you want with your character. So again we have software is providing new, very simple and basic options. We're not into something very complex, but you just have to find toe and have it to you them and then it comes very fast. So it also gave you this is also giving you all the options available for animation. And then you can go into very simple or very complex Imation. So okay, so it discount this and we have here different kinds off, uh, visual visual options with like outlines are not know back appliance, and so you can see it was the first overview of the animation, uh, window. And then we'll see that if you move the counter from point A to B, you will have to record it with timeline option. Here we have the first point, Siegen zero. And if you move, it's like this and you move it like this. It will say that at that point it will be at that point on a timeline and then you move it again like this. It means that at that point in time line, it will be at that position in the area. So every point re prisons a position in the area, and the software is doing the animation between this points. It will not just Jen from point to another. And if I couldn't play, you can see that the animation he's plane. So it's not very complex. You just have to select the point a B c, a different position, and you complain and the job is done