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VHS Retro Glitchy Animation Using Photoshop and After Effects

teacher avatar Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Abstract Typography


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      Distortion Effects


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      Color Effect


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      VHS Effect


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      Color Balance and Finalizing


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About This Class

On this class you will learn to create a VHS Retro Glitchy Animation Using Photoshop and After Effects.

I will show you where to get resources and then move to Photoshop where you will learn how to create an abstract colorful text.

After you export the PNG Text File, you will learn all the cool stuff in after effects so you can create a Glitchy animation.

I hope you get creative and create beautiful animations.

Meet Your Teacher

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is currents on this class. I'm going to show you how to create a VHS quality typography animation. I was inspired by the Joker movies. I used that taxes, a reference to do the animation. I will show you where to get resources like textures for glacial relates that you will need for the animation. You will learn how to great distorted, colorful tax and photo shop and then moved to after effects. To do the animation, you will learn some really cool effects on after effects that you can use for different animation projects. It is a short, fun classes that will help you to develop your style and create unique projects. You will need only photo shop and after effects for this class, so make sure to enroll and see the whole class. 2. Resources: gay guys on this video. I was going to show you an example of what I did for the animation that we're going to create. So I'm just going to click play on. Basically, this video is created from the text with this kind of effect on the wavy effect on it, with the colors and stuff like that. And also you have the glitchy animation. So the first thing that we need to do is to get a the fund. So basically, I just went on Google and searched for Joker movie From on. I was directed to this link. To download the found here or another alternative is to just download the image. Um, you can select the white color on, apply the iridescent texture to it so you can just don't know the front or Donald image to select the white collar. And after that ah, you had go on Google images and search for iridescent texture. You can download any of these images out, suggest you to, um, download something with a lot off details. Uh, this is actually one of my images. You can download that if you want, so you don't have any problem with copyrights or stuff like that. Although you will distort the image so it doesn't matter, you can download, um, any of the the images. And I'm going to show you why we need that. Ah, Later on, the next thing would be toe download some glitchy footage. So you go on YouTube in search for glitchy, which footage and ah, I found this. Ah, Channel free stock footage archive. And ah, you have a lot off videos here that you can download for free, like litchi effects. And I have already downloaded some um, if you want, you can see the title so you can download the exact ones that I downloaded. But it doesn't matter. You can just search for Gleacher effects. And there are a lot off. Um, there is that you can choose from. And there are also playlist where you can find thes specific videos that you need, for example, the aesthetic TV VHS, great show overlays, and, uh, yes. So this is a great resource toe download glitchy animations. So yeah, that's it for this part of the video. Now we're going on for a shop to work with the tax soc on the next video 3. Abstract Typography: Okay, so now we're in for a shop. And the first thing that we need to do is create a new document. So that's gon create new on I'm going to use Ah, a square image. So the width and the height will be the same. So in this case, case I'm doing it. Three thousands, Resolution 72 color Modotti be and let's click create. Um, I'll create a new layer and I'll just use the black color right here. Tool Teoh type the joke, her text. So joker and I'm on the type tool. And I'm using the fund that I downloaded that was similar to the fund that they use for the Joker movie, and I can resize it, but I'm not sure if I need to make this bigger. Yeah, I'm going to place it in the center. Sulka, gone. This move too quick on the layer above Hold Commander Control and click on the background on Just make sure making sure that it is in the center. Andi, Now you can apply the iridescent image. I'm using this texture. Sof controls command control. C command control of you. Andi. I can resize it on. I need to go to layer great clipping mask. So it applies on the layer below. And to add more details, I can duplicate the layer by holding old key and dragging down on Make sure it is on the clipping mask, and I can go to this layer above control t on. I can just reposition it and change the mold from normal to something like lighten, so it makes it more colorful. And now, the next step to make this more abstract ah, is to use the smudge tool. I'll show you what you need to do to create that. The fact that I showed you on the first video. So first I'll uncheck the background and create a new layer. Make sure you have a transparent background and, uh, for this much tool, basically, you have the brush, size and hardness. It depends on the document size, but out say, it's something this big relative to the image to the size of the of your image. On going to undo that, then make sure the strength is 100% on the check sampled sample all layers on. You need just to check this because, um otherwise it won't make any change. So when you check sample all layers basically it means that Ah, you're working on the whole image. And this is the reason why we need to uncheck the background. Because if we check the background then if you work on it ah, the effect will get also the white background. So Alan, check This is Ondas you can see has also the white color on. We don't need that. This is why I unchecked the background and also you have the strength personally, I like co the strength 100%. But you can also try the 50% for example, on DA you'll get something blurry and I think it needs more time to to process that effect on this. Why? I liked us strength 100% and I'm just using the round brush. You can also use other brushes and experiment more with this. I have another tutorial where I explain more about the ah smudge tool. So yeah, I'm just keeping it simple on this one on the analogy is going toe create some some shaves based on the letter. Um, yeah, if you have, like a screen tablet or something like that. It would make it easier to create the shape, but, uh, I have that, but I'm just going to use the mouse just so I know that the anyone can do it. So I'm going to do this and Ah, yes, speed up the process. Okay, so after I applied thus much stool now I can uncheck the the text later on. I'm just going to apply a black background just to see how it looks. Because we'll have a black background on after effects, So yeah, I think it looks pretty nice. We can know, Check the black background and I'll just export the the image. So save us, and I'll save it as a PNG image. So save spn PNG. Sorry, Andi. Yeah. Okay. So now I'm going to open after effect and do the animation from there. So see you in the next video. 4. Distortion Effects: Hey, welcome back. So now we're on after effect, and I just have to create, uh, your project. Andi, I need to double click are under the project section, toe open the image that we just created. Okay. And I'm going to place it here to create a new composition. Andi, you can right click and going composition settings toe maybe change the duration off the video. I'm just leaving it at today's I want, like, a poor for second, um, duration. So I'll just click OK, on. The first thing that I want to dio or want to apply to this image are some distortion effects. So I have to go to the effect, effects and presets. And the first effect would be the way warp tool, your effect. And I just have to drag and drop on the Joker PNG image. And here we have the settings and, ah, if we click play Purcell decrees make this quarter, so it loads faster. So I need to make some adjustments. So the wave looks better on DA. Usually I changed the web wave with I'm going to make it like, 111. So let's play. I think it looks better. You can also change like the wave. Ah, speed. If you want to make it faster. But But I want to give this simple cell just change the weight with and ah, such the other effect now. So the next affect that I'm going toe apply. It's called Turbulent Displaced. So again, I just drag and drop on the layer here. Um, you can also make an animation from this, but I don't think is the right image to create an animation toe to create this kind of distortion. So I'll just change the amount and make it, like, 20 and the size 60 just to make, like, uh, of small distortion to it. So, yeah, after I applied the distortions, Now I'm going door apply some color changing effects. So see on the next video 5. Color Effect: Okay. So as I said, now we're going to apply an effect that changes the color of the image. That effect is called Qala Rama. So gannets dragon, drop on. I'm going to place it right here. Um, to create the animation. Basically, we have to go to the output cycle on the first. I'll change the colors from the year. So let's just double click. And, uh, I'm going to change the colors to, for example, this one. I'm going to make it kind of a dark purple on da double click again on the yellow. And I'm just going to pick different colors because I don't like the color palette that the default one. Okay, so after I chose the colors, the way to create the animation is by thinking on this icon right here on cycle repetitions So quick on it Done. Go to the and frame on. I'm going to make this like 5.9. That's it on. I'm going to a click play, and as you can see it, great, this kind of cool, trippy effect on Maybe I need to did the length of the animation. Andi, I think it's great. Really cool, in fact. So after we did that, now I'm going toe, apply the VHS textures 6. VHS Effect: Okay. So again, I'm the project section at the double click on and I'm going toe open Some of the the VHS textures that I downloaded, for example, these three I'm going to import them on. Let's start with this one. Just Andi, I need to zoom. This site fits our composition. Yeah, let's make it change the mult from normal to something like screen andi. Also, let's open this other one. Let's make it side picks, fits composition. Change the mall from normal screen on the same thing with the other one. Okay on. Yeah, that's quick play just to see how it looks. And, yeah, I think it looks much better. It gives it kind of, uh, dynamic, um, feeling so after we applied the the VHS textures. Now we can do, like, the color adjustments or just to finalize the whole thing. And I was thinking maybe I can add a soundtrack to it. So see, in the next video 7. Color Balance and Finalizing: Okay, So before I finalize this Ah, I want to say that if you have enjoyed this tutorial until now, I would appreciate Ah, good review. And I would like to see your projects to Andi. Ah, yeah, I can share them on my instagram page, so just make sure you are a leader account name on the description. Um, as I was saying, you can also download soundtrack, for example. Just go on YouTube and search Joker soundtrack and just find, Ah, a soundtrack that fits. Ah, the the animation. But for now, we'll just do some color adjustments. So I'm going to right click you Ah, adjustment layer on on the adjustment layer. I'm going to apply the color balance. Ah, under the color correction folder that's applied here on duh. I can just play around with all these just by, like, whatever seems good to me, So, yeah, I'm going to change them one by one. Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to it to click play just to see the difference. I think it looks much better if I uncheck the adjustments. You can see the difference. So yeah, the final adjustments adjustment that I'm thinking to make is toward some low to the image . So again, new adjustment layer. I'm just search for glow. Um, if you have the Sapphire Blufgan, you can use the South Fargo with it's much better than better than the default one. But in this case, I'll just use the default one, just in case you don't have it. Um, let's see what I can change from from here. Yes, I'm going to play this just so I can see how the glo effects the whole animation. So, for example, right here, maybe I can, uh, increase the glow radios, but maybe degrees the intensity you're just to find a good balance. So I'm going toe klik play again? Yeah. Okay. So I'm just going to play around with this until I find something that I like. Okay, so I think it's good enough. Ah, I played around with the adjustment just so I can find a good balance. But of course, you can just change the values of each off the settings and see what you like more because you may have different colors and you can get a different result. So yeah, I think that's it for this animation I hope you learned something new from the whole process. And you can apply it also in other projects. Ah, that you may have, like, science works or just something for fun. So, as I said out, appreciate a good review. And Ah, I would love to see your project and make sure you put your account instagram account name so I can share this and tag you. So Yeah. Thank you for watching and see on the next class. Bye.