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Use a Facebook page to sell your Art

teacher avatar Joe McMenamin, Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What I've done


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      What to post


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      When to post


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      When to boost


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      Facebook Best Practice


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About This Class

Have you ever wondered why some Facebook pages have lots of people following them, but the posts don't get very many likes? As an artist I have built an extremely engaged and active Facebook following, where lots of people regularly comment and share my posts. This success has helped me to sell paintings directly through Facebook and is a big part of why I have been able to quit my day job and make a living from my Art.

In this class we will look at the following areas.

1. What I've done with my Facebook page to build it to this point.

2. What types of posts you should make on your page.

3. When you should post and how often.

4. How to use giveaways to build huge engagement and get lots of new page likes.

5. When to boost and when not to boost.

6. Some Facebook "Best Practice" that has worked really well for me.

Throughout this class I will give you practical, real life examples of Insights, Posts, Reach and other Stats from my Facebook page: Joe McMenamin

I encourage you to take this course to learn how you can sell your art through your Facebook page, and click through to my page and follow along with what I do there.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joe McMenamin

Artist - Illustrator - Teacher


I am an artist, a teacher, a dad and creativity is something I apply to all of those things. For 14 years I was known as Mr Mac the art teacher, getting teenagers amped up about making and learning from them as much as they learnt from me.

Then in 2017 I did something I had dreamt of in those ‘what if?’ moments we all have. I stepped away from being a secondary school teacher and I put on my artist hat full time. I have pursued my love of organic, flowing patterns, diving into painting, drawing, making a beautiful mess with dyes and printmaking.

In my Feilding studio I follow a few different creative pathways. I might pick up an ink pen and let my mark making lead me to some intricate doodling. Native birds take flight – my pen imagines their song and nau... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Joe McMenamin. I'm an artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. And in this course, I'm gonna show you how I have used Facebook to sell my art into promoter and help myself. Teoh quit my day job and start to earn enough money to support my family from art. So my Facebook page has been a really big part of that. And in this course, I'm gonna talk to you about the kinds of things that you should be posting. Um, we're gonna talk about promoting when it's good to promote your work and how When you're vista a little bit of money, you can get quite big returns on that I We're going to talk about wind to post with a good timers on. We're gonna look a kind of who are attacking market is and you know how to mawr target those people that we want to see. We're going to talk about how I use giveaways on my page to actually boost my likes and to help my posts just go really find get shared by lots and lots of people. I'm gonna show you actual steps from my page and how I've built it up now to a point where I haven't really engaged and active following on the Facebook page. I mean, we're going to talk about some of the Facebook this practice, things that you should really be doing if you want to make the most of it. So I just invite you to enroll in this class. And I hope you will learn a lot about how to use Facebook. A Xanax. Thank you. 2. What I've done: So this is my Facebook page. It's called Joe McMeniman. And, uh, the addresses Mr Jury McMenamin or at Mr Joe McMenamin. And as you can see here, I've got almost 2700 likes had 14 new likes this week. So, um, I'm an artist. And so a lot of what I post is showing finished paintings like this one. Um, and I often get questions such as this, Joe, do you paint? Kingfish is, um and then I can say Sure, you know, that must find. And people ask me what kind of price they are, and then I can give feedback from that. Um, So here's a couple of big TUI paintings that have recently finished, and this is a during that one of my students at school did, and you can see that, uh, this reach this posters heads almost 6000 people reached, and 330 odd people have liked it. And lots of people has commented about 17 comments on there as well. So lots of different kinds of content, which we're gonna talk about certain about what to post. Um, this is my post about my skill. Sheer class. How to draw a realistic I and you notice that it doesn't get a lot or at the same level of likes is my own outposts. Dude, um, it still has an okay reach. But generally, people don't like it as much as just seeing, um, seeing something. So this is just this'd a finished painting of done, and you can see here, it's got over 200 people like me. It, um Alright. And here is, ah, competition that I ran a couple of weeks ago. And this we're gonna talk a little bit more about this later. But you can see here that this is a really high reach. Quite a few people engaged, but the main thing here is 329 shears. And there is what, um, kits. Lots of new people coming to my page and liking it in 67 comments on that. I'm And so we'll look at some of the states in the background now. So if I go to, um, if I click on the, uh, insights button here, this takes us through, gives us some basic states, and here, but if you could click onto posts down on the left here. Um, you can see straight away all of the reach in the engagement for these different posts. Eso clicks and also comments shears in reactions. So let me just show you the general steps for the page of Started off 2014 and August. And you can see that as we're going through, it's just built up, um, over that curve just slowly instead, relate to that point where it is now. And if you go to, um, the reach post reach, you can see that over that same time, it was pretty slow and steady, but there has bean some really big high points which have helped to get people to come. And and you can notice here that, um is that lighter orange, which is the organic reach. And then there's a little bit of the paid, um, orange, which is the paid reach. That's when you Busta Post and I'm gonna show you win. It is good to actually boost opposed to to help get those high points. And the last thing I'll just show you from my page is the, um, people. And so these are people who like my page. You can see what country they come from, which city they come from, what they speak. And also which language we speak and also gender and age. So by far in large, my my fans are 25 to 34 woman Ah, And so I know that those are the people that I can target my products to. And really, there's not a lot of point tangling to mean because they're not really interested in what I'm what I'm showing on my page here. Okay, let's carry on. And in the next video, we're just going to talk about what kind of posts you should make. 3. What to post: cool. Right now, we're going to talk about what to post. And mainly we're going to talk about here. The types of posts that you should be making on your page now, Um, there are different types of posts that you can make. You can make post that are just interesting to people. They are giving them free content or just things that they want to see. And then there are marketing posts where you're trying to get him to do something. Um, and there are giveaway posts as well. So what is really important here is that you have toe have a large percentage off. Your content needs to be just for interests sake. So here you can see, I've just drama drawing of a fever. And I've just posted it up, saying, um, starting off the day, Right. Um, here is a video off me painting a demonstration. So that's just adding value to people who are interested in my art. I get to see see me painting for keep going down progress on my latest painting. So these are really easy posts for people. Just a give it a quick like or a comment, and often I'll get people like on here. You can see Love it. What does it cost? Um, have something similar. Beach house, you know, really interesting. Um, so often you pick up kind of commissions or sales from just from those interest posts, but this is a different kind of post. So this is saying, Hey, I've just posted a new free during class on skill. Sheer, and I need you to sign up. And so people just have to click on that, and then they're gone. Sign up. So there are there are people differently, people that do that. So people that are taking the friends, people that are saying yet I'm signed up. Yeah, a lot of people not really interested in that. They just want to see interesting content. And so you can't do too many of those marketing type posts is we carry on. You can see just another just finishing this painting. And one of the things that you will also notice is they Almost all of my posts are images that pictures. So I have a photograph of my off my arts and I just have a little description, not a big description. Here is my latest painting. You know, this is what I've done, and it's just easy for people who died. Boosters. Ah, now when we come down to here, this is the giveaway post. Now I'd try into a giveaway post, maybe every three or four weeks, sometimes more often, so police often. But what a giveaway post does is it gets really high reach. It's lots of people liking it and sharing it. Which inch? Which thing gets lots of new people coming to the page? And often, though, have 80 or 100 new Page likes when I do give away because lots of people want to kind of get something for free. Now with this giveaway, Um, if we will talk more in the next couple of videos about about giveaways, but it's just a different type of post. He's an informational post. Um, have a new exhibition coming that's opening tomorrow night. I'm so you know, um, I love to see you here. Um and so yet some people will come along and some people won't more images of some of my work. Um, this is a workshop that I ran with some photographs, So this is a little gallery of photographs. So no, all of these get huge following, and sometimes you hit upon something that just doesn't really get a lot of interest. But the other times like this one, you get huge interest. So this is, ah, proposal for a mural that I'm going to be doing. And, um, putting that up hasn't been posted. It'll and has over 500 likes. So there's something about that which is just just captures people. It's like, Oh, that's called It's really interesting. And then it gets like, um, video or an art show. Um, so you can see that a lot of my posts are, um, about content. Um, I try and have a role of about 80 per seen interesting content in 20% marketing. Um, and you differently want to be trying to give people things that are interesting so that they want to love your page and they want to keep coming back to Seymour. All right. In the next video, we're gonna talk about wind to post 4. When to post: All right. Now, in this video, we're going to talk about win to post and before we talk about the time of the day, I think it's important to think about posting on a regular basis so that people get to see something interesting, something new from you every two or three days. Now, I don't think that it's good to post every day because I think people kind of get but sick of what you're saying or they might lose interest If you're just bombarding them, you know, it definitely would try not to post more than once in a day. Um, and I try not to leave it for more than, say, four or five days at the absolute most. Now, if you're going away on holiday, that's OK. You know, you might not be out of post you re two or three days. The thing that you can do, if you know you're gonna be away, is that you can schedule post to go out so that you keep that consistency. But I think the regular posts are a big reason why people have continued Teoh like my page , and it's being built, built up in up So when we look at insights on here, you can see if you click on posts you can see win. Your fans are online so you can take a look it the times of the day so that the least busy time for May is between three and four o'clock in the morning. Mike scenes. Doesn't it mean as people wake up, they start to go online checking it around breakfast time? I mean, there's a little slump during the day in the the highest time for May is at 7 p.m. And that makes seats, doesn't it? People come home that finish work that had dinner there, just sort of relaxing and checking out what's happening on Facebook. So when I want to post something that I want people to see, I'll either post it in the morning so that I will see it there or in that kind of early evening and mean people have. There's a good amount of time for people to kind of see it. Now, Um, the time of the day is important because Facebook works that in the algorithm works in that you, when you put a post out, it'll put it out to a few people just to see what the reaction is, and if if enough people like it and comment on it and interested in that, then they'll put it out to more people. But if not many people in direct with that comment or like it, then it won't get put out very far. So you have to be careful that there's enough audience out there to be able to see what you're gonna put out Tom, so that it you make the most of that algorithm. The other thing that's interesting is that I noticed that on a Sunday there are not many people, um, posting or engaging with Facebook species Sunday evening. That may be different for you, and it's great that on Facebook you can see a lot of steps that they're happening for your page. So you can actually Taylor, what you do to to your own steps. All right, In the next video, we're gonna talk about giveaways 5. Giveaways: Now in this video, I'm going to talk to you about using giveaways to get likes. No giveaways, I think are great. Way off building trust in building riel kind of sense of value for people. Now, obviously, to do this, you have to have something to give away now is an artist. It works that I make prints. And you know, I don't cost me a huge amount of money to make, but they do have a reasonable value when I sell them. And so I have a product that people want to buy, and when I give it away creates a lot of goodwill from people. And also, um, you know, it's me being generous, and I think people always value and appreciate generosity. So the key thing when you're doing a giveaway is not to ask people to do too much, you know, you see, giveaways what people say you've got to like this in Shearer and like this other page. And then you've got to write a comment about something and you're going to do this and that and and especially cross platform things with They say you're gonna like it on Instagram and you've got a you know, follow it over here. Um, keep it really simple. What I do is I use pretty much the same script giveaway time. Um, when my new print. Now, obviously, I'm introducing my new Principe. A lot of people are going to see this, and some of them might be interested in buying it. I don't know. Um I just say just like and share their supposed to go in the drawer. And then I allowed two days, so I say two days from now seven. PM That's my pick time. Um, the winner will be drawn. Okay, Um, now you can see here it's straight away. People start liking it. They start, um, sharing it. And then a lot of the comments, things like, um, you really like it. People like to say I liked and share that. I'm sure my friends would like to win this. Lots of people will be tagging particular people. Um, which is just great, cause they're sharing it with the A Frayn's, um you know, liked. And she is I really like it. So it's really encouraging to see people engaging with it and that in that kind of way, um and, um, then win. Um, you So we'll come back to that in a minute. So this is one example. Now I want to show you a couple of other examples. Eso very similar print. Um, and I give away with this one. This one I actually boosted as well. So I paid some money to, um, make it go further, and we're gonna talk kind of more about this as well. But, um, one of things that I did with this giveaway here was that as well as doing a giveaway, I knew that lots of people would see it. And so I asked for some help with something. I've just done a course on school sheer how to draw a fantail and so put in the link in I almost pretty much straight away. Got 25 people signed up for it. And so people don't mind doing something like that. You know, it's an optional thing. It's not like you have to do it. Um, and the reach is going out to those people. Um, in the last one here is same sort of thing. Print give away. And just to celebrate the start of 2016 Um, Sitrick, Citra and this one. So this one got over 620 likes, um, and earlier in the year, generally they believe in, um that waas we look bitch on the likes. So January 11th. So I head around 1700 page likes, uh, I mean, getting a rich of 26,000. So that's that's a huge reach computer, too. To what you know, the page likes that I have. Yeah, um, on the other. The last thing that I'll just say about giveaways is that it's important to just have a quite a good photograph with it because you wanted to look attractive and lots of people are going to see your give away. And so it's It's kind of nice to take a good fighter. I like to have some some foliage in the big kind of miles. Now for the drawer. What you need to do is you can't actually base it on the shears. Theo execs years because some people have a privacy sitting on their account where you can't see that the shooter. So, um, but you've asked people don't like inch here and so you can do the drawer based on the likes. And so what I do is I asked one of my kids to come up with a random number between. For this example, there were 309 lacks so a number between one and 309 and, you know, just scroll down the page until I get to that number. And then there is the person that wins it. And then I just commenting, commented Here, um say congrats to the winner and also seeing them a message. So give away. It's a great way to get people to like your page and to build goodwill as well. 6. When to boost: All right, let's talk about boosting your posts. Boosting your posters. Win Facebook Seduced. So there. If you pay some money, the content or the post that you just put out go out to more people. Now, um, there's a couple of little tricks that you can use here to make the most of this money. If you do want to spend it because, um, because of Facebook's algorithm and that it when your posters mawr engaging, it goes out to more people. So, for example, if I have 2700 people liking my page initially, my post will only go out to say 200 people were 300 people. I mean efforts engaging. If it's interesting and it means people like it or comment on it, it will go out to more off those people. And the more engaging in is the more people that goes out to now. You can get around this by paying to heaven go out two more of the people that like your page, but you've got to be careful about how you do it, so I'm just going to show you some examples here. First of all, I just want to show you think this post reach table here. This example here now the two colors, the lighter orange is Theo organic reach. So that's how many people your post we now to in the the dark orange is the paid reach. Now, in this big spike in the middle, you can see here that the organic reach for this particular post waas really high was 23,000 people. And if we go like this, um, you'll be able to see that this post was the release of my coloring book, which went out to lots and lots of people now because I was selling a product, I was happy toe boost the Post and to get more people. And so I paid. And then it went out to more people above that point. Let's compute it with this theory here. You can see that this the lighter orange hi here was quite low. And so it wasn't organically going out. The reach wasn't great. And what I posted it and went out to a lot more people months. Um, it didn't go anywhere Near is high as you know this this post yet it and that's because it wasn't already engaging. So if the post is already engaging and it's going up to people when people are responding and you boost it, then it will go even further if you have a post that isn't doing very well and you boost that being able just to a little bit better. But it won't really fly unless you want to invest a lot of money into it. Now, what I do when I'm posting is are normally boost for about $20 for example, Um so what? This giveaway, Um, I invested $20 achieved these results. So 172 more, eight post lights, a lot of comments, holidays. She is in a whole lot of page likes now only need to have one of those 119 people that she had it to buy this print and that more than cover my my investment. And so, um you know, to me that was with it. And I've got some examples where it wasn't really with it. Like, for example, I launched my new website. Um, I paid $46. Um was I think that was in a cup of stages and really the likes and this year's We're not very good. Um, I wanted lost people go to the site and engage with it. And that's why I invested some money in doing that as well. But that wasn't very high. Um, where is this post here? We had quite a high organic reach. Um, when I hate it, just took it there a little bit further. Um, so it's worth just thinking about that. Um, when you when you boost, you can choose the amount of money you want to post it for, um, And, for example, if we just take a hope my latest post here, you can choose to boost for, um, people who like your page in their friends is generally what I do. So it goes out to more of the people who like your page. You can choose people through targeting, and that seems you can give it your audience and you can, um, you can target certain demographic. You can choose to have your boost go out for a day or seven days or whatever, Um and then how much money you're prepared? So if depending on how much money. So if I was repeated pay $140 being potentially, you could go out to 19,000 people. But for me, that wouldn't be a very good, um, investments. And that, um I don't think I get very more many people liking it. And, um, I'm not trying to sell this painting, and so it wouldn't really be with it for me. So I think first thing is something that you can do to take your poster, that next level. So if you have a really engaging post, But it's not something that you should do all the time, because otherwise it can be a big drain on the financials. 7. Facebook Best Practice: All right. So for a final video in this course, let's talk about Facebook beast practice. Now, one of the things that I think is really important when you have a business Facebook page is that you need to keep everything really positive and upbeat. You know, you don't want toe come across this kind of desperate or, you know, said or you know you don't want people anything on. You know, I don't want to be like no one's buying my art. And I'm really you know, I can't do it and stuff like that. So what you want to just be is really positive and upbeat on. So, for example, with my latest post this to we painting was heaps of fun to paint some information about it . Message me if you want to find out more about commissioning a painting so just upbeat in just like things are going really well, every post I make is like things were going well. This is, you know, check out my latest work, all that kind of stuff. Now the other thing is not to put any personal posts up. Now. I'm also a teacher at high school, and so I did put up this post. One of my U 13 students did this drawing. Today, he's only 17. I like to celebrate, You know, my students work, but it is art related. It's not like, you know, um, here's my lunch photo of my lunch that I just made. Isn't it amazing or even kind of like, Here's me going to the beach or on holiday? I think. I mean, you could put a few little things like that. But I like to keep my page all really focused around art and really professional around that, so that it's not confused for my personal Facebook page. When people comment on my posts, I always likely comments. It's just a really easy way off, just acknowledging that have made a comment and just of engaging with them and to helps to add to the steps of the post. So Facebook's looking for more engaging, posted to take further, and so when you like it just it just goes back to that conversation. Um, you don't have to reply to every comment, but if there are comments that you know that look interesting or if there are people, for example, Joe that Someone who really nice woman whose she comments on my post of your bit on dso I might just reply to her and just say, Yeah, thanks, George. Um, And if people ask you questions So, like, here, Joe, do you paint kingfishers the You just want to be nice and, you know, quick about getting a response there. And so people see that you're actually engaged with with them and they can have a conversation with you. It's one of the cool things about you know about Facebook. Is that you? You are accessible. Um, I also make a policy off not talking about money. How much things cost really directly on the page s. So when people say here, like, what kind of price ranges price does you would range from I just say, Hey, Miss, did you private Mr Juice and Details. So there it's not, uh, it's not necessarily, you know, just about getting into a negotiation about pricing or money. End of people. If people comment on a commission. So, for example, um, there's a painting here. Uh, yeah, this one here. Um, actually, maybe it's just that when I'm thinking about if you will ask for the price. You can just say, Look, I'll send you, um, some details, Um rather than getting into it on the page. Um, so, yeah, that's that's what like to be really you. If you see on the side of the page here, you can respond to messages when people seen you. Ah, message. Um it's good to have 100% response rate so that everyone knows that you're going to reply to the message. But then also the response time. I'm not too fussed about that. I think of you if you reply within a certain amount of time, then you get this green, green kind of error thing message thing here, which sees that you do, replied a post quickly. But you know, as long as you do, replied people, I think that's the main thing is to get back to them. If they get in touch with you. 8. Conclusion: and just to conclude the course, I just want to show you what can happen when you build a really good community around your Facebook page and you build a really engaged audience. And this is something that in March I put up a photo of this painting. Um and, um, someone coming Teoh, how can this be viewed and purchased? And so I just see to them, you know, flicked me an email, and I can give you some details. Or it could have said, seen me a Facebook message. And then I had three or four people miss emailing me, asking me about this painting in one of the water, and so that was really exciting to just be able to have enough of a buzz around it that there were people asking, Can I buy this? Can I buy this? And it was cool. I could genuinely say to the guy who bought it, I see it. Look, someone else is also interested in this. If you if you want to have it, then you'd be to make a decision, you know, soon, um and it just creates that sort of sense of urgency and that buzz around it. So, um, this is something that you can do. If you build a really engaged audience for your Facebook page, you can actually sell your art through it. And hopefully, some of the tips and some of the things that were covered today will really help you to sit up your at Facebook page. Thanks for watching the course, but