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Croquis urbain dans Procreate pour les débutants - Transformez votre ville en un art d'aquarelle

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (41min)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Création de papier

    • 3. Créer un croquis

    • 4. Ajouter des couleurs

    • 5. Ajout de nuances et de points forts

    • 6. Détails finaux

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About This Class


Bienvenue dans mon cours et peignons ensemble des illustrations urbaines cool dans Procreate. Nous explorerons le croquis urbain et nous peindrons une image de la ville.

À la fin de mon cours, vous en aurez plus sur Procreate, en particulier sur la façon d'utiliser des couches, un masque de découpage, un verrouillage alpha, un outil de sélection et sur la façon d'ajouter des variations de texture, de volume et de couleurs à votre image. Et surtout, vous apprendrez une nouvelle technique de peinture.

Vous pouvez utiliser l'illustration que vous créez pour être affiché sur Instagram, l'ajouter à votre portefeuille ou la vendre sur Etsy, Gumroad, etc. Ou simplement partager avec quelqu'un que vous aimez vraiment. Je suis sûr qu'ils seront si heureux d'obtenir une illustration que vous avez créée.

Aujourd'hui, je veux vous montrer que l'aquarelle est si simple et que c'est un vrai plaisir !

Et à la fin de mon cours, vous pouvez le voir.

Aujourd'hui, je vous apprendrai :

  • Comment créer du papier de texture,
  • Comment utiliser mes nouveaux pinceaux à l'aquarelle,
  • Comment utiliser les pinceaux Procreate par défaut pour la peinture à l'aquarelle,
  • Comment appliquer ma nouvelle technique d'aquarelle,
  • Quelles sont les nuances que vous devez savoir si vous souhaitez créer une illustration d'aquarelle,
  • Comment utiliser un masque de découpe et de serrure alpha,
  • Comment ajouter de la texture à notre œuvre d'art,
  • Je vous montrerai également comment ajouter des nuances et des faits saillants.


Je vous montrerai tout mon processus du début jusqu'à la fin.

Et en bonus je vous partagerai mon papier texturé, beaucoup de pinceaux personnalisés, 2 palettes de couleurs, que j'ai créé. J'ajouterai également un fichier de mon image que j'ai dessiné. N'hésitez pas à l'utiliser pour vos propres projets d'art.

Ce cours est idéal pour le niveau intermédiaire, peut également être utile pour les débutants (si vous avez regardé mes cours précédents) et pour les artistes expérimentés - vous trouverez probablement ici une inspiration et de nouvelles façons de créer des illustrations urbaines.

Rencontrez votre enseignant·e

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.


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1. Introduction: Hi guys. Hello everyone. Welcome back to my class. During my today's tutorial, I will teach you how to paint our urban sketch in water Castile, in Procreate, and enable my class, no one will tell you is that kids actually digital painting. So if you're ready, grab your iPad, Apple pencil, download my brushes, texture, paper, watercolor palette, and let's play it together. Guys, I'm a freelance illustrator. Welcome back to my class and let's plains altogether go urban illustration. In Procreate, we will explore urban sketching and painting the picture of the city. As a endo my class, you will learn more about Procreate, especially how to use layers, clipping, mask, Alpha Lock Selection tool, and how to texture, volume and color variation to your picture. And most importantly, you will learn you painting technique. You can use illustration you create for posting on Instagram, added to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy camera, and so on. Or just share it with someone whom you really like. I'm sure Z, you'll be so happy to get an illustration set is created by you. Today. I want to show you that watercolor is so simple and it's a real fun. And Andrew, my class, you can see it. Today. I will teach you how to create texture paper, how to use mine, your watercolor brushes, how to use default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting. How to apply my new watercolor technique? What does an UN says? You need to know if you want to create watercolor illustration, how to use Alpha Lock and clipping mask, how to texture to your artwork. I will also show you how to add shades and highlights. I will show you the whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you my texture paper, lots of custom brushes to color palettes that I created. I will also add file of my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use it for your own art projects. This class is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners. If you watched my previous classes and experienced artists, probably here, you can find an inspiration and new ways how to create urban sketching. Your class project will be next, painting the picture of the CT using DFS and brushes that I gave you today. I will use Procreate for this class. Use iPad and Apple Pencil. So if you have it or some other drawing pets or just regular watercolor paper and pains. Please join our class and good luck. 2. Creating paper: Well, let's get started. And first of all, I'm going to teach you how to create extra paper. So now the open Procreate and our next step is to tap plus here and tap again. And after says Teach from pixels into inches and write 9, 11 inches. And as you see, we have 300 DPI resolution and maximum layers to me can use ESV up to 6.5. Does a tap Create. Next, uh, next step is we're going to export our watercolor paper into the Procreate. And I'm going to teach you how to do it. So first of all, I want to tell you that our watercolor paper, you might download it and you might get means the ASA sources in projects and sources section. And from the right corner and does a headline resources. You will have all my freebies. And you can just tap them and dialogues and into your iPad. And as keep in mind, open my class in browser. It can be Safari or Chrome. Because if you add those as prom, the Skillshare app, my freebies might not be visible. Okay. So after you downloaded all the free miss, need to go and tap action button, tap, Add and tap, insert the file because our wallpaper, I'll paper ease in downloads folder. So after that, as you see from the edges, we still have some space. In this way, we need to move our paper to the edges. Yes. Okay, cool. So as a next step is, I'm going to go and uppercase layer two times. And after in blending modes, bring it to move to Color Burn. And another one is Linear Burn modes. Here, half does it replicate each layer and merge together Linear Burn and merge together calor birthday, after it logger SAT passage of Color Burn till 70 percent. And lower SAT passage it both leaner burn, maybe 50 or 60 percent like space. So in this way, we still have the texture of our watercolor paper. After that, I will select two layers and I will press group. Next step, I'll tap rename. That can now be have our paper. Next step is I'm going to create a couple of new layers and say needs to be underneath our deeper layers. And it also can rename. Okay, After set vehicle on a tablet cases layer a few times and B, they'll paint underneath our paper layer. Now, we created our texture paper, and I'm going to show you what we have for our today's class. So speaking about color palette, we actually have two color palettes today are urban sketcher. So first one in arpa gauge, second one. You might actually choose which one you like most. I'm going to use urban sketch to most of the time. But of course you might choose like nasa option. Like you speaking about, Russia has it, I have today. And we might have plenty of new rashes actually. And the first one is for sharp edges. I'll show you. This is brushes cool because here can you see help you to get so sharp lines? It's pretty authentic. And book blender and you're actually has his price you might use as a blender and as a brush. And it's very cool. I will show it for sharp edges. I'll just use this to crashes. And as a blender, I'm going to use both blender. And you see it blends color, swear in nature if you want, and it's like actual water. If you want that you can use as a blender, brush as well. Suppliers or die like a lot. Irregular watercolor brush. So VO1 to three youth many, many times. And either one is marshmallow, pretty lightweight. It's very similar to previous brush poor regular watercolor. But as you might see, unlike this brush as a marshmallow watercolor brush doesn't have sharp edges, edge alliance like this. More watercolor stem brush that can help you to get. So I was authentic coat color, texture and does it three brushes, their native Procreate brushes, mercury brush set we're going to use today as an inking brush. 6-bit pencils that we will use hoses, kitchen, and parallel brush. Like as a blender. I can now you're ready to clears have paper and you're ready to create a sketch. And that's it. 3. Creating sketch: So now I'm going to teach you how to export our reference picture and how to use it as a reference picture. So by intercept, action baton and after tap Canvas and after press reference. Next step, click on that tab image and import our picture that you're already can find in our freebies. And you can import it through the camera roll. As you see, this is our pictures that we're going to use today for our class. Can guy speaking about our sketch and options. Now I'm going to teach you how to sketch and the, what, what are the options? What can we adopt? Okay, as, as I told you, you have two options. How to create sketch. So first of all, we will move our date out. People are like sad because as you see it's a size and shape of our picture, his vertical, that's five. You're going to use it in CSE way. Yeah. And after that he created one more layer that is on the top. And we need to export this picture into actual layers. So they have the same options. We'll go to the Action button, tap, Add and tap, insert the file. After say to you will fit to screen our picture. I think now it's fine. So I'm going to have to put like that. So as a next step, if you're one, of course you might lover. And you need to paint on top of our sketch of our reference layer. And as this way you're going to grab 6 B pencil brush. And you might just go and just simply trace everything like this is a first option. This is the last tab. Yep. And now we can turn off our reference picture, this one. And we have this catch, this fun. And there's actually, I'm not going to use, I'm not going to use this kids that we created like said, because I'm going to use in the embrasure because we don't need to have everything so well detailed. I will lovers up by city of our previous cash-like. Oh Lord. So now it's barely seen. And I just want to emphasize the main aligns, the main details. But the ones again, you might use this cage, they swans that we just created right now. I will share it either in the three business. Well, so in this way, you don't need to spend so much time creating this cage Up to you guys. I want to ease your job. If you want to just paint. And once again, I'm going to use this cage now just for like seeing where it is exactly it should be because it will help you to save time. So I wiser way, once again, a way I found this picture on the website, unsplash.com. You might go there and download any pictures you like and those pictures for your personal and commercial purposes. Okay? Or you might just go outside and take pictures of your own hometown. Beautiful scenes that you'll want to paint. And just go ahead and take a picture enough the painted. And I'm going to grab mercury brush, my inking brush, and I use dark black color. And I'm on a new layer. And now I just want to emphasize a main lines. I don't want to make it everything so well details, so I just wanted to emphasize a main lines. And guys, why legs is branch? Because if you press harder, you will have more pigment. And if you press slide 3, you will have less peak. And it's like what's beneath right now. So my suggestion when you use Indian brushed on uses double lines, don't add those purple lines because it would be too much. And once again, our main aim is late or watercolor paintings to turn our picture into what color, just like regular picture invoked within Dakota color. Once again, press lighter, press harder, and doesn't make your lines very thick buttons the same time. Then keeps them all the time. Theme. You see some parts are fixed. Some of them I see. So guys, I told take some time some glass speedups. Tried to paint straight lines. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's fine if you'll ion is not seen at first. You will practice in that field become better and better. Just lines and very same because they're irrelevant. So you don't need to focus people's attention. That people have a look at your picture onset details because it's not important. Here is a main entrance and I legs away. How's it built Windows? Okay. Is this sign is very important. So everything like all over it. And write something. Pans assign again. You might use just thin lines. And here we have train for is our training needs here. And as you see, there is a very thin line. Can be careful. Don't like pains alliance mistakenly. Very important to show us stories, not just a picture of a CT, but the pupil is query important part of it. So try to captures a moment if you want to paint is a picture from the picture that was taken by you and tried to find a moment where you see like people are doing something or that Q font you think was this moment is amazing. So it is as phi, It's very important to find such moment because we have people here. So I want to use pretty thin lines and evaluate pain people. Actually, we need to add more details. And we have just a few more people enter, it would be the end. And once again, as I told you, you want to use a sketching layer. So I'm going to turn it off. And that's our sketch set tweak on a US flag during our PNP. And it's very important part. And guys go and create a layer that is underneath out into layer. And now we are ready to start coloring. 4. Adding colours: So let's think about the process we're going to take first. And I will tell you that we will use for marshmallow watercolor brush because we need to fill the area first and after it we'll add some details step-by-step as his brushes pressure sensitive. So if you press harder, you will have more pigment. And you don't need to color the whole picture, just main areas. I like to combine different shades of colors. Like for me, this is fine blender. Once again, as a blender, you might use tera airbrush, whole bowl blender, New York. Under you can use as a brush and as a blender is valid. Okay, let's keep going. And I went to start painting this beautiful building. And once again, we already have a color palette. And I'm going to start to piece is probably grayish color. Purple and brown. Eye gives us a light shade tweet. And remember is to have some areas that are pretty light. I don't touch them. So once again, our area, this area, our aim is to fill the whole code into some particular color. Now let's go to the brown color, especially to this area here. And tentorial later step-by-step, you're going to add lots of details. And it'll turn out paint and income more beautiful pink here. So if you're going to feel all areas with some particular color, now brown color. The next one, but first. Now remember, now brownish color, orange color. But just this part. Dark gray color. Again, press harder, have more pigment and less pigment. And in this area, because this is window, so I'm going to make some bluish same here later I will add to this. There is a map of some flexibility. Now let's move to those guys. I think it's called looks pretty good. Because the first color in parts of the sketch. And now I want to replicate it. And as you might see, it's more way more saturated. So I'm gonna keep it like this. I will march it together. And let's move to the next part where you're going to add more sheets. 5. Adding shades and highlights: Okay, Our next step is to add shades and we'll start basis building as usual. And actually I went to lower the opacity of our sketch layer and the one to habits at bride. For now. Because I need to be concentrated on our picture. And I'm going to grab both blend through new, lowers the size. And I just wanted to blend the sharpest clients. So as a next step is, as I told you, we're going to add more colors and I'm going to change now, switch to another brush. And you might blend like one colors in an asic colors, it might look very cool. So I don't create one more layer on the top. And before they start adding new shades, I want to get rid of transparency of how picture, what does it mean? For example, a fifth turn off background picture and our paper, you seal sees it breeds. You see behind the paper this one. So it's rectangles. And we don't need to have it. Because if you want to paint something on a talk in a Clipping Mask Mode, we need to remove the transparency because we can't do it. I'll show you. So if it tap Alpha Lock and views blender and we are trying to blend, you see we can't do it because our brush is semi-transparent. This Ivan need to remove transparency. So I will turn off alpha lock. After that, I will duplicate the layer, go to lower layer, go to each assessments, press hue, saturation and brightness and most uprightness till maximum 100%. Opposite WE cases there three times merge together and large together raise our original layer. Now when we press Alpha Lock and grab blending tool and we want to blend, we finally can do it. So now I'm going to press clipping mask. So it means that now we can just paint on the area where the paint before this one, I'll show you. For example, I want to grab this purple color. And I still have one marshmallow watercolor brush and the wet I paint you see I can just paint on the area by IV pain before here. But I can't go be on two lines. And it looks cool as very useful option. So speaking of our brush, I'm gonna grab or sharp edges brush. Right away, I will smoke. Switch to linear burn mode. Now I want to start 8-inch. I like its edge alliance gray color here and say scarier. So our aim is to keep it in lots of shades and fills the area step-by-step necessary sheets. Now let's move to a darker color. Came more shades from his whole set. Actually, you might, you might spend hours painted this picture because it has so many details. But of course we don't have so much time saw mill just pan like main details. Main lights. And we might pay some shades problems. Catholics. So the other thing I would ask you, my dream at deprecated and out so saturated. And it might lovers are really good and merge together. And guys, I think my suggestion key is talk a little bit more shades. And after situation, I will show you how to do it. So how to add more saturation we need to go to. So we merge together these two layers. And After you go to Adjustments, tab hue, saturation and brightness. Hey Chris situation, my cow picture, a little bit more colorful, just tiny bit. And next you need to go to curves, tap layer. Make it slide the saturate to spell. And I like it. Next we're going to grab blue blender new and you're going to use it as a brush. Same Clipping Mask Mode. Then you're going to make it slightly colorful. Brush is great if you want to blend some colors. So I'm gonna go and add more shades in this area. And I like to put, as a scholar's to like Nozick people and I like how it blends. One in shatter like what we just did. Let's go to this color. So for this kind of pain dense, it's very important those tick keeps the contrast. Because if your paint is too light or too dark, Well, not exactly. So I'm going to keep adding some shades. But we have so stark, very dark lines. We might have some here enough to blend and tall and just blend them. Here, blend and drove would get very useful. Helpful. As you see, this brush is really cool for both ways, blending and just coloring. Because a feeling that it creates his very, very thin. And this part is silver as you remember. So I'm gonna go and align here, paints that roof top. Once again, I am not in a blend and Mask Mode. Hi, I'm paint and honest separately here. So you might grab this gray color. And this gray color can help you to separate lines. Like here. Because it's blending mode. So you don't have actually exact great Teller. My citation here you might add slightly bluish color. It's up to you which one you want to get. Maybe slightly purplish. And now you might have had some hints. This is pretty common when people use bluish color and purple together. Yeah, My suggestion try to mix a few shades together. 6. Final details: Okay, In a final details, if you're going to grab for Blender in your recreate one Malaya presses layer in a linear burn mode. And I'm going to add some tiny bit of lines all around and create some kind of Shane's return back and buys a wireless create one more layer on top of our original layer 61. And then we're gonna go and grab and go watercolors tamp creates a layer after said, irritated and make it slightly pinker. As you might see now, our sky Vulcan more saturated, but we need to remove the sky from our objects are going up. I'm going to grab free hand. Select the area of our buildings. Excess. K selected. After that three fingers down and tap cut out. Does it blend in tall and blended? If you want to have it brighter, go to hue saturation and brightness and increase the brightness, increase the situation. But I think don't make it too saturated. You might play is decide what color you like more. So let's keep it in some details and I'm on a new layer. It's an linear burn burn mode. And I'm going to keep adding. Let's go to go blender you. I'm gonna keep adding some new shades. And human blend colors one and each other. So like blue color can blend the red color. Mixes. Just double-check whether you did everything. My suggestion, let's create one more layer in-between. It's an a Clipping Mask Mode. But I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna change the blending mode. So once again, you might just blend a little bit in an asic colors. For example, in the sky. Same here. Don't forget about shades from people. I'm going to merge together as oscillators, this one. Next, I will merge together these two layers as well. So guys actually buys away. You might keep it like this. Nancy's ways is authentic water color. Look, It looks amazing. We might add more shades and we're going to do it later. Or you might increase the size and leave say, income alliance or the other option. We might leave our sketch. So all of those options are like pretty possible. But what I'm going to do now is I create a new layer on top. And I'm going to go and switch to another brush and set Gilpin mercury brush. And I'm gonna keep add-ins us like details. I want to make some more later on. So I will switch to multiply. But later I'm going to love herself positive of this layer so it will not visit visa poll. So here we need to go and grab the slides. They're slightly gray color. And as you might see, I'm trying to stick to almost same color, same shape. To create. This is like crap, white color. We have mercury brush to paint all those white lines all around. Yeah. Because our picture is beautiful but a little bit dark for our guys. And now we can call this piece finished underneath our reference picture animals. So you're going to turn it off. So okay, so now I can tell you is that a already finished our beautiful painted. And now you know how to paint our pins Cage. See this catch combined his body color in Procreate. And as you might see, is Prieto authentic? Nice. I wish you luck visit upon our torques and are very happy to see you all upset, guys. This is the end of our class. I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and you create a lovely illustration of your own CT in watercolor style. I would be very happy to see your own art projects and give you my own feedback. And if you have some questions, suggestions, you might leave some in discussion section and let's see each other in a new video. Bye bye.