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Unlock Your Voice: Energy Techniques for Rappers and Singers

teacher avatar Douglas Butner, Teacher of Nomadism, Art Marketing, Rap

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Physical Exercises

    • 3. Breathing

    • 4. Toning

    • 5. Your True Rap Voice [Fixed Vol]

    • 6. Rapping With Energy

    • 7. Finding Resonance with your Space

    • 8. Being Confortable and Confident

    • 9. Tapping Into an Emotional State

    • 10. Putting it all together

    • 11. Bonus Lesson: Recording Tips

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About This Class

You won't get this information from a vocal coach, or any other artist. This course is more than a course on rapping, it is a course on tapping into and expressing your divine energy. We will work through express yourself, bringing out your true tone, and using visualization to tap into the light of the one and bring it to your music.

While I am a rapper, and this course is from that perspective, all the ideas apply to any kind of singing or vocal performance.

I feel blessed to share this information with you, and I know it will take your music to another level!

What we will cover

Physically Preparing

This course seeks to tell you what other's don't, so I won't repeat the vocal warm-ups you can find on Youtube. I will give you a short list of some of the best quick things you can do daily and before starting so you can stay vibrant, things like stretching out your tounge and face, and slapping to bring energy.


Breathing is important, and shouldn't get in the way of your performance. We will talk about building a healthy relationship with your breath.

You are an instrument that needs to be tuned. To tune, we tone. We will bring out our pure tone through creating pure vibration. It's amazing to me this is so forgotten to modern man. The Egyptians used this practice, and we will use an ancient Egyptian technique, tying it to the Indian seven chakra system. We will use our attention to visualize, using simple tones to experience magic!


Feeling good is the key to sounding good. We will cover getting in the right emotional state before you get on the mic.

Finding the courage to express yourself

You need to rid yourself of inhibition to be a channel for the higher self. You got this!

Room Resonance

Chances are, your first studio will be the room you are in now. Whatever it is, any room that hasn't been properly 'deaded' will have a resonance. This is traditionally seen as a bad thing, but if you learn to use it can provide natural reverb to your vocals and give you true presence.This also translates well into live performances of any scale.

Aligning your mood with the song

Making a happy song be happy!!!

Exude this mood, the settle into stillness and let the mood manifest in the vibrations of your voice

I recommend getting excited no matter what song it is, but calming energetic state right before you start recording, letting the excitement come through, like a potential you are holding

Rapping with Energy

We will talk about lighting up our chakras and rapping with divine energy.

Finding  Your True Rap Voice

We will talk about lighting up our chakras and rapping with divine energy.


Bringing it all together

Now we will take all that we learned and walk through how you can get in the zone for recording, freestyling, preforming, and more.

Bonus: Recording Tips

We will discuss layering vocals with three different voices to make a triangulated tone that is harmonious and richer, with texture and emotion!! This vibration is not one we can make in just one recording.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Douglas Butner

Teacher of Nomadism, Art Marketing, Rap


I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator, and have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for over three years. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 20,000 copies of my artwork without paid advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently slow traveling the world thanks to selling art and teaching online. I plan to keep traveling, creating, and learning from this amazing planet as long as I live!

My purpose on Earth is love. Love is the greatest teacher, healer, and creator. I believe when the individual chooses to... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Hi. My name is Douglas James, a k a. Sir Douglas Fresh, a Moon and God soul. I've been rapping for over a decade and also created the Absi XY music. I love music and I love rap. I see it as more than just making songs. I see it as an art for and as an artist, I enjoy getting as good as I can as humanly possible at every discipline related toe rat, whether it be lyrics with the rhythm or whether it be delivering those lyrics in the most true, the most amazing, incredible loving way. And that's what discourses about. I'm going to teach you how to unlock your inner energy so that you can pull up and pull it this universal energy that you will be expanding through your throat chakra to the microphone to the MP three to the listener thousands of miles away. This course is more than just a few vocal warm ups. I'm going to show you how to pull in the one to pull in the light and to align yourself with your most true expression of your loving divinity. I'm gonna take you through finding the confidence to RAB everything to do with toning, finding residents in your room, finding residents in your body, connecting yourself to the infinite source of love light and channeling this love like through your throat chopper to create sounds that you didn't know were possible. We're also gonna go over tips for recording like layer in your vocals so that you can get a frequency that you can't even create in your own body. The things that you learned in this course are going to help you in so many more ways than just your music career. You're gonna help you to embody your higher self, to live your best and most true life in every expression, not just on, like we're gonna have a lot of fun in this course. So without further ado, let's get started. 2. Physical Exercises: Okay, let's talk about physically prepared ourselves for getting into the flow. We want to make sure that all of our facilities specifically are chest are loans are throat are jaw in our face, our booth relaxed and where they can get out any energy that they need. So they relaxed in the ring. If you do a little bit of ruling, you're gonna find Tom techniques, gets you in your singing voice. But you can also use to get you into your grabbing pods. And I encourage you to go out there, try everything at least once and see what works for you. These techniques as well as the Tony We talk about a different lesson, or once that I find to be spot on for any type of saying. But particularly rack, so more wrapping were putting a lot of energy here. So first of all, we want to make sure that we're stretched and not just throw. We want to make sure the whole faces stretch, so we're gonna do a couple funny exercises. And there's a There's a funny baseball video where this this older woman is like showing all these facial stretches to make your face look good for years. That's kind of what we're gonna do. But what we're gonna do first balls, we're gonna start with face, and we're going to basically make the craziest expressions that can, Making sure that we're looking up over, over, down. So you don't want to just do the same thing over and over that, uh, door? Yeah, Simple is that And go ahead and mix it up. Do all sorts of facial expressions that you can Not only is this gonna get your face ready to wrap, it's gonna bring energy into your bees, which is gonna come out in your music again, making sure get all sides. Okay. What? You had a lot of fun with that. I look forward to the stories of doing this in the studio with the Home East. But what's done with that? You're gonna work, Tom. And tongue is very important for wrapping. And you could even massage tongue sometimes. But that's something else. Right now we're just gonna talk about stretching, so we're gonna start stretching down. And this is achy energy technique as well. It will bring you into a state of yang, which helps a lot when you're about to express bunch of energy from your throat, also do the tongue from side to side. Also, if you're talented with tongue, you could do the flip flops side side really stretched out beside. You can do it through the clothing that was watching another good technique to bring energy anywhere in your body. But we're gonna use it for your throat is slapping. Usually you want to start from the top of your head from the bottom of your feet, working way to your heart. Also from your hands. At least you want to do the throat in the face, especially in the jaw. But if you really want to, you can do the whole body. Start to feel the energy. You're doing this. You want to be firm like you hurt yourself. You also want to make sure you relaxed whether you're slapping, you don't tense up because you're gonna stop yourself. But the face is really good as well as head off released pressure. You know, I've heard like if you have a lot of stress tapping, it's nothing is pretty much the same thing, could really help alleviate a lot of that stress they feeling? And you want to bring stress. So it is a good exercise in many respects for slapping the throat. You want to have your hand like this slightly copped and you're just gonna go like this And you really feel you're starting Leeson, which is a good thing. And if you want to do your jaw, you could do that with just your figures. And possibly the most life changing thing for your vocals is Toe actually massage your throat. Now you're gonna want to do this every day, pick a time of day, maybe the morning, maybe right before bed. So you remember to massage. Also, massage your jaw as well, because both of these things are used for wrapping. Will you massage your throat? You're gonna want to get these big muscles along here as well as bringing into the center and get all around your trachea focusing sort of in the center ish area, getting your mobile cords and be in a state of relaxation. Don't be talking to a camera. You're doing this. Having relaxed muscles really makes getting into and out of the states so much easier as well as less you wrap safely for a longer period of time so you don't get a horse or lose your voice. The last thing I want to mention is to fill up this area in blue light. This Shaqra is the color blue. So, as you imagine, this blue light around your throat area is automatically going to go and start to heal you and start to bring out your rap voice. You can visualize this blue light through all of the techniques, and we just talked about as well as your chanting when you're wrapping when you're walking down the street, any time you're bringing this blue light to this area, you are healing it, making it strong. 3. Breathing: Okay, now let's talk about some tips for breathing. Obviously, breathing is very important when you're wrapping or when you sing. Sometimes we could get a little bit excited with our breath or a little bit self conscious , or boobs, which can distract from our overall performance. First of all, you don't want to get too excited with your breath, especially when you're going into the first verse. We're going into the first course. You want to start with about 70% of your full oxygen, not an entire tank of air. The reason being is, if I go like this and then I tried to talk. I'm going to be an altar pitch. But if I start right here, we're comfortable. I'm in. My optimum pitch is well, as I have enough oxygen to complete this sentence. Also, you don't be too self conscious of your breathing. If you ever seen Chocolate Rain, the old famous YouTube video where he turns to breathe away from the mic. This is a good practice, but it's not always necessary. And this now is the best thing for your vocal range and for your confidence as a performer . If you're worried about your inhales taking away from your song, you need to trust your engineer more because he can take these out. Or you need to just relax and accept that. Yes, you're gonna have to breathe, because for me, like when I tried to breathe quietly, it makes me distracted. It takes me out of the flow state, which were working so hard to get into to master a rap voice. Another very important part of breathing is to have good posture. So whenever we're kind of slouched over, you know, if you're like this, you're not going to have your full vocal range as well as you're not gonna be able to pull him enough oxygen to finish your worst or harder. First, you need to breathing. It also is good to breathe with your abdomen, where your solar plexus or a combination of the two and not just your chest. When you're breathing with gesture chest, you're not getting all the oxygen you could, as well as it's more difficult for you to maintain a similar tone throughout your rat. Would you breathe in with your abdomen? You can slowly squeeze your abdominal muscle and that release the air in a controlled fashion. This also brings in the energy to the core, which were using to tone in to our natural wrapping voice. 4. Toning: If you only take one thing from this course to change your entire life, let it be this You can vibrate and activate different parts of your body both physically and energetically through toting or producing pure tones with your vocal cords, I recommend the Egyptian form of toning The ancient Egyptians would home the seven bowels and this would activate the call of light flowing within. So we're going to go a oh, and take special care to find the connections between these sounds. And I'm gonna put up on the screen now a text so you can see this seven sounds and how these five bowels go into seven sounds. So we're going a Oh, you're gonna go a, uh, let's go ahead and do that a few times. Do with starting with a, uh, good job. Now, this time we're going to do two things. First of all, we're going to make sure that we're relaxed. So what? We're relaxing. We're connecting a route to the center of the earth. So let that connection between the base of your spine and the center of the earth aligning . Now, the second thing we're gonna do is we're going to imagine a ball of light flowing from the top of our head, and here it's going to be like a Oh, let's try a the, uh, good job. But we're still feeling a little bit of tension. Maybe we've never chanted before. Maybe we're still dealing with the comfort ish. So how we're going to deal with this is we're going to step into an entirely new state of consciousness were not going to be this person creating these tones. We're going to be the tones themselves while we're doing this. Remember what we said about Relax and remember what we said about the ball of light coming down. Do you want to get a little bit advanced? You could mix in the colors of the shockers, so the colors we're going to visualize are the colors of the rainbow, starting with violet, a very deep purple in to go, a little bit of a more level purple, mixing with blue toe blue at the throat. Two grain also pink in the heart, two yellow here at the sacral or not the sacred here at the solar plexus, toe orange at the several and then to read at the root. So go ahead and imagine yourself like a rainbow as you're doing this chant and allow your consciousness to fully experience these colors and tie in the vibration with color so that when you really hit the vibration, you really see that color. This might be a little bit strange or not what you're used to, depending upon your background, but I assure you, this is the most natural thing that you can do as a human. So let's go ahead and try it. Now remember, we're stepping outside of our consciousness and we're stepping into the vibration. We're going to visualize these colors of light as we go down. And don't don't get stuck in some specific Oh, I'm at the top. I gotta see purple. See whatever you want to see, just allow those colors to flow and, most importantly, allow your attention to fully engulf into these colors and into these vibrations. Let go of any thoughts of the past, any regrets or feelings in the past. Let go of any worries in the future and just be here in this. Now be here, experiencing this calmness and this lack of expectations as you take your full breath and begin to toe e the now I was just zoned in and I didn't go all the way from a to. That's perfectly fine, because we're also going to do these chance individually. But once again, let's do it the whole way through and step into the vibrations. A i e Hey, yo, hopefully you got a little bit of an energetic read on yourself, and you're gonna get a lot more in tune with that when we tone to the individual shockers. While you're toning a specific tone to a specific shock row, focus all of your attention there while being as relaxed as you can be, visualized the color and feel both the color and just a white light, as well as the vibration expanding and going to other parts of your bodies and mixing with other shockers as it goes up This column of light. So each of these sounds correspond with a shocker, with a being the top and you being base. So take some time to focus your attention on these particular areas while you boo. All of the shockers are important for wrapping, but we want to focus a lot on the throat as well. Aziz the sacred chakra and the solar plexus shock. If you're having trouble being relaxed, you're gonna want to focus on the lowest shopper as well. If you're free styling or something like that, you may want to focus on the top Shaqra, where you're receiving the energy of the universe allowing you to flow. So the throat shocker sound is sort of in between e and I. So you can kind of go like E and you'll feel that vibration between E and I and that's gonna really awake in your throat. So go ahead and do that. That's focused on the blue light. That's the main as relaxes. We can step into this column of light, really Get into it way. Good job did great. I could hear you from here. Okay, so now we want to tone in or sacred chakra this general area, which is our power set. And when we put this all together, we're going to be drawing this energy which begin to this vibrational state restore. This entered here and then we're bringing up this energy that we're now powerfully wrapping . So in order to do this, we're going to do a tone similar to this sacred shock. But we're gonna do something very important. And I want you to remember this the most important thing in the most important video. Do what fuels right. Feel your energy and focus your attention on the spot. Then feel what tone is activating that because these tones they might be correct. But each person is an individual as well as we're all in an energetic state. So sometimes we need a different tone toe bring us into whatever the correct vibration it's . So we're gonna do. These four are saved Roche acro, which is our creative force or sexuality, as well as our will or solar plexus, which is also our ego, which some people want to get rid of the ego. But really right now when we're wrapping, we need to express that energy, you know, creative force and are being to come up through a throat. So take some time to focus on these individual shockers, and then we're going Teoh, start the tone and see what we can do to align these. We already know we need a sound for the throat and we also need a new sound for the base. So forget about all that and just step into the vibration. Hey, e the. And to find this vibration, go along like you may be right there. You feel down here, so once you feel that you have that vibration, continue to focus on it. As you move your attention, bringing the other energy centers into a line. The most important thing is to experiment with this. It might be difficult. It is for me to do toning up multiple shockers at the same time. It's going to be your visual attention as well as its home. But do take the time to get into each individual. Shaqra. It's when you're doing that. You're making it so that the other shopper, whenever you activated it's ready to go. So by toning the lower shockers by themselves, then automatically. Whenever you bring the blue light in the blue energy to your throat rap, you're gonna be ready. And the energy is gonna be there flowing freely. These techniques you want to do every day, or at least as often as you can remember better multiple times a day, better every hour, do a little bit of toning all the time to keep yourself in this amazing vibrational state, which is going to come through in your lyrics when it comes time to actually wrap. You can take this energy, take this tone and use it. So you want to embody specifically this blue light as well as probably a light coming from a lower shop, maybe a light coming from the heart. And as you're doing that you're communicating with this light, you can see the microphone surrounded by this blue light, and then you're just allowing so much more of a pure connection from your throat through the microphone. I know it might sound a little bit like magic, but that's what it is. And that's what we're creating were making gold from Let were doing alchemy here, guys. So open your mind and realize that your visualizations, your connections, they're going to manifest not just in that energy, but all over your body, making you deliver that performance that you're visualizing making these vibrations attached to that microphone and go into the ears of your listeners. Another thing that helps us, which we talk about in confidence, is just imagining everybody. Enjoy this. This this tone, and this helps to remove any other issues with confidence or issues with comfortable ity. Ah, final tip for bringing yourself into this tone is to imagine people enjoying this so as you're connecting your blue energy to the microphone, also sort of feel a pulse of the entire vibration of the world as well as the vibrations of the listeners being a little bit more happy. A little bit better because of this song. This will help you truly connect with the future state of having a great song. Remember, there is no future. There is no past. There is only the nap. Also, if you don't like just saying the pure tones, you can also mix it up. There's plenty of chance from all different languages. Or you could just make up your own like I am in No is Yeah, yeah, and find yourself while you're singing, picking up these particular seven vowel sounds. It's just the same. Benefit is doing it any other way, but you can also convey meaning like I you Okay, guys, thank you for watching this. I know it's a long lesson, but I hope it's like blowing your mind right now and you're thinking of woe started. Think of things in vibration color and feeling it with you because that's what that's what makes it. Really. There's the form. There's the vibration. And then there's the emotion feeling, and it's the feeling which allows these things to become, Really. It's the feeling, the emotion from these vibrations that were bringing forward to our performance every time on any mike on any record anywhere. 5. Your True Rap Voice [Fixed Vol]: So once you've done these tones, you now know your energetic vibration. You know your residence and how you find what is the right rap voice for you is upto what feels right. But here's a few clues. First of all, it should feel natural. It should feel like you are full like your body is full of light. Whenever you do this, some people say you will feel the tip of your nose vibrate right here. So if you go and you sort of try out a few things, I can see right here really vibrate. Maybe that's my rap. You also want to be relaxed, chosen voice. So it's not something that force. It's something that is your national residence. And the cool thing about finding this residence is whenever you're wrapping toe attract, you should actually not even really hear your voice. You should be so connected with what, sure perceiving what you what do you hear? That this voice is sort of disappears and you're only feeling the vibration within your body. If you came to this course thinking that you're going to find one voice and you're going to wrap that for the rest of your life. You're in for a surprised. What you want to do is just unlock these various tones that you can produce and then tie that with an emotional expression. Whenever you were actually record a song, you can record it with multiple voices and see what sounds good. Also, you can record it with multiple voices and layer them on top of each other. But chances are you're going to find one particular vibration, one particular tone, which is you relaxed, you feeling this light in your throat chakra and you feeling this emotion and that combined will be your rabbi voice that you used on multiple songs. 6. Rapping With Energy: So now we're gonna talk about wrapping with energy or wrapping with light. And this is taking all the things we talked about in the toning video and making it a little bit more rial as well as a little bit more easy. Whenever you're wrapping, just visualize a ball of lane and sort of focus on that ball of light. And that ball of light is going to correspond with the vibrations with tones. Because when we practiced, we already trained ourselves, which we naturally, no. But we trained ourselves anyway to allow this light, have a connection with that vibration. So now whenever we bring the light that Shaqra. So right now we're not bringing this blue light to my shock row automatically. Whatever I'm saying is sounding a little bit mawr me a little bit more powerful. And remember, we have seven shockers, so experiment with what it sounds like to bring the ball of light down here versus what it sounds like to bring the ball of light to my heart. So that's the basic concept. Here's some things that will help you out. First off, I want to be relaxed. Belly breathing helps a lot with this if you're too tense here is because you're not comfortable. So allow your belly. Really? Relax like your Buddha just sitting and being like happy to help yourself. Relax. You can imagine your energy sort of just flowing down. Or imagine your route, the base of your spine connected to the earth and then sort of sited that stand tall and visualize a column of light running through you. And this column of light is going to activate all of your shockers. Then you can focus your attention specifically like a ball of light, and this is probably gonna be the color of whatever shock right is. But if you want, you could just start with white light and then see what it grows into so allow this light to exist here to be. And now we're going to sort of tap out our consciousness. We're gonna top out whatever we are thinking, and we're just going to focus on this light right here while maintaining just a minimal amount of consciousness to remember our lyrics or to read our looks because you don't have to memorize your lyrics to use this technique. I'm terrible at that. I always read from a script, but I can still happen to this energetic state. Even when I'm glancing at my phone, I want you to practices when you're freestyle rapping. If you're not freestyle rapping, it's super essential, in my opinion, to be a great rapper and to embody your own voice in the finds room because it's it's a safe environment like you want to have your friends, your home he's around and just rat like at any party, like wrap. Just do it. It's the most fun. Other people are gonna enjoy it, and it's just a way to progress yourself and get better. But while you're doing that while you're having that cipher, tap into this energetic state and see what happens both toe the way you're delivering the lyrics as well as to what comes into your head because right now what you're doing is you're channeling the source. You know, it might seem a little bit distant with all these techniques, but you're channeling into the one. And as you learn to do that, you can just create the most amazing, incredible lyrics that you would never think you would think of just off the top just from the visualizations just from the energy coming through you back toe, actually recording. I want to give you a few mawr techniques. Now, At the end of the toning video, I talked about connecting this light with the microphone. Now that's something you definitely want to do and you can do in any situation. I can connect my energy to this entire room. If I'm speaking to you, I can connect my energy to you. It's just it's just how we communicate on a very, very subtle electromagnetic by batory Nature. Tip number two is to find your core and to wrap from this core now on the Tony video again , we talked about connecting the lower shockers, which relate to the lower dot TN or your connection with the void, with all the possibilities and the connection with throat. This is a very riel and powerful connection that's going to guide your rapping in the future by connecting with our core, were able to tap into this energy and bring it up so that we can use it so that we can share it with the world and you'll find you have an endless reservoir of energy right here . What? You can relax into this energy. Let yourself go. You can pull out whatever you need to make whatever performance and just the side tip tip. If you do workouts to improve this area, that's going to help your energetic potential down there as well. Also, not trying to be your mom, but eating healthy does help as well. One last tip. If you're having a hard time really tapping into the consciousness of these balls of light , one thing you could do is sort of imagine yourself watching yourself energetically. So if you can sort of picture if you are like trans lucid, everything was translation. It's kind of like neo in the real world if you've ever seen the Third Matrix movie. But this is like a metaphor for what's really out there, and it's now in the metaphor, just kind of showing you. So what you could do is you can imagine what I do is I imagine myself watching myself there from over here, over here both and I sort of watching myself from above and then happen into that vibration . And now I'm watching this being it's being being myself, delivering this performance instead of associating my ego with performance, therefore allowing me to pull out the true universal vibes. And anybody can do that. Another tip. By looking directly at colors or bringing them surrounding you, you sort of absorb their energy. And there's a whole, like pseudo science or science, depending on your view off this cold color there. So if we want to have a better throat, chakra was a great thing to look at sky the sea, so go outside and enjoy the sky before you rat. 7. Finding Resonance with your Space: Okay, we're gonna talk about finding residents with your room. Now, if you're in a truly awesome studio like a dead room meaning there's no echo, then this probably doesn't apply. But chances are you're just starting out. You're in some sort of a room that has, and you'll notice this room has a huge echo, so we don't want to fight that. We're gonna work with what we're given. So part of this is to learn to expand our presence to the entire room. I call this finding residents with your space, you're gonna use your voice to expand all around the room and find a tone That's great. Listen to the reflections off the wall and let it sort of come into you as you become the presence of this entire room. Not just what's coming out of your mouth you can practice is when you're toting be or you can just practices with verse itself, which is probably a good thing to do, no matter what. You want to do it before you have the head wounds in before your hearing yourself over the monitor. Just maybe, with be playing on a pair of regular speakers and then just just hear yourself. So you're covered. And what you're gonna be doing is your training yourself so that whenever you hit the record button, your body automatically jumps into that frequency range. That it knows is going to create the best sound in this space. Also, don't exhaust yourself trying to connect the room if it's like a really big room. So like I'm in this room and it's almost like projecting just to try to mask the amount of residence that's possible here. Chances are you'll be in a smaller space than this, so it will be a lot easier for you. And also remember that you don't necessarily need to speak very loudly in order to find residents. Right now you can hear I'm using the rooms residence sort of extending my words sounds good , and I'm not necessarily saying things very, very loud. 8. Being Confortable and Confident: possibly the biggest thing with wrapping or any other performance are is finding the courage to express yourself in order to finance courage. We've gotta be comfortable where we are. We have to be comfortable making this noise like nobody's washing like we're seeing in the shower That, for example, I recorded a song in this room yesterday, But I first tried, reported the night before and I was not comfortable because I was like, Dad, I don't want to wake anybody up, But it was like when Diaz ashes Okay, well, they can't hear, but it still wasn't fully comfortable. So I had to re record the next day when I was being comfortable and confident. Go in hand. The comfortable allows you to relax, and the confidence allows you to stand tall, the yin and the yang for confidence. Just keep rabbit, keep going and going until you know you are the best rapper in the world. You have to know that. Believe that and know that is within you as your connectedness to the divine, to bring forward the most beautiful expressions in our through this human body. Through this throat room, this vibe, a Taurean Nature of the human. If you're having trouble either with confidence or being comfortable while wrapping around other people, you could try doing things that might seem out of place or might make you feel uncomfortable in public just so you could realise that nobody cares. I recommend doing something out of the ordinary in a public place that you might think, Hey, this is weird, like I like to do push ups. So maybe go somewhere and do some push ups. The grounds not dirty and don't care if anybody's watched are spinning state Do something weird. Another great way to remain confident, especially while you're recording while you get in the zone to record, is to visualize people enjoying this work. You know, if you're worried about making too much noise for the neighbors, maybe you're very considerate person. Just hey, I need to do this for all these people around the world and also realize that it's just in your head. If the neighbors are worried or something like that, you need to express yourself fully. Don't be afraid to let your light shine been put down humans for too long. It's time for us to be this bright, like coming for from us, and you embody that expression all of our debtors, whether it's wrapping, whether it's painting, whether it's walking down the street, Bu Exume your life. 9. Tapping Into an Emotional State: you're on. Emotions are what is going to come across through the audience member you recorded before you start warning you want in a short war you want your mood to align with whatever songs you're making. If you're making a happy song, get extremely happy Go yourself up with this happy vibrational like and I'm sure this postural. So if you just stand like this, call a mountain pose. When you embody this pose, you can very easily feel your emotional state. And you could sort of use that to bring you in to emotional state. Much, for most important part is toe have your palms facing upward and you were light of your heart shining up Well, so if I want to be really happy, I just get into this state and I feel this love. And as I do it, this state, this particular form, this posture is allowing me to let this energy flow through my body. So before your recording, you're getting boy into this energetic state getting super happy. You're getting super excited. You're getting Bill joy. If that's the emotion that you're bringing to track right before you were court, you're gonna want to come back into the relaxed state and we talk about lessons on fighting your flow, putting it all together as well as less not home. You want to get into this still state and sort of bottle this energy down in your core? So you're taking all of this energetic excitement and you're storing it right here, right below your bellybutton Lower don t a. That way, whenever you're actually recording your instead of stones and you could easily bring up this energy without getting distracted so I can channel this energy directly from my core up to my throat shop. Right now I'm delivering my bores with feeling with love with the correct vibration that is now my essence. And if you end up doing a budget takes and you feel like you're not in that state anymore, time to walk out of the room, physically, leave, get back into that state and then come back bringing into the room shared with the entire room and then start again 10. Putting it all together: OK, guys, now is in time to bring everything in this course together to make our flow epic on track. Step one, get warmed up. Make sure you're doing the fiscal exercises as well as the toning and massaging in the days preceding when you're going to record. So if you're recording all the time, just do it every day. You know, I just do it every day. Also, you could do it right before you go to record. Maybe if it's a little bit weird in the studio doing in the car ride over or when you wake up in the morning. Now, before you even record, you want to make sure that you're comfortable in the space that you're confident and that you're relaxed. Think about how many people will enjoy this song and take a minute to be grateful that you can do this, that you can make something that people can enjoy with just the equipment that you have just drives the studio. Align yourself with whatever feeling that you want to bring into the song. Now remember, we talked about the mountain pose with hands down. This is a very easy way to embody any sort of emotion. And then once we have that vibration, that emotion, that feeling, then we're going to relax and bring it into this court right down here, lower dot yet and then we're gonna use it later. So now it's time to record practice first without head foes. Play the music on an actual speaker doesn't have to be monitors that came to your phone speaker and just take the time to resonate with the space. Sing the lyrics. Make sure that lyrics fit that the flow that you're going to embody doesn't have to sort of take breaks or that you don't have to consciously come back to try to save words really fast. I know that's a popular rap style, the same words really fast, But we're here to learn the flow. Once you have flow, then you can say words really fast. If you're having trouble with timing, cut out words like the were like about the or like just filler words. You'll find a bunch of these in your rap you could just cut out, and the message will actually be clear, and it will be better for the audience to hear. Remember, it's never too late to change your lyrics until you actually recorded. Just because you wrote a dope song last night doesn't mean it doesn't need a second I and it can be a little bit better. Go ahead and do it. Take with headphones in with Metrodome, but don't record now. This is a psychological thing for me. I'm always like, Oh, you know, I just want to record this because what if it's the best? Take you mean, But at first you need to first recognize that you're living in a state of plenty. You could make this great take over and over and over again. And second of all, you want to get yourself familiar with that, and you don't want to be conscious of yourself recording. So if you can do that, if you can be unconscious of the recording, maybe it won't hurt. But for most of us were still a little bit self conscious when you recorded. So it's very important to do the whole thing with headphones in with the exact environment that you'll be recording on but not recorded. And now's the time you're going to realize specific things like, Hey, do I need to stand a little bit further from the microphone. Hey, do I need to change this lyric just a little bit? Hey, maybe I need some water. So whenever you're ready, now is the time to go. So go ahead and take a minute to get into that relaxed state And to feel that emotion again that you're bringing to this performance. Pull this energy that you have stored in your core and know that you have a reservoir here . You have plenty of this energy. Bring the ball like to your throat and then connect with the microphone when you recorded step into this light. Step into your vibrations. Allow your true essence to flow. Bam! You just made a record. 11. Bonus Lesson: Recording Tips: a little beautiful. People loathe bonus lesson here in a very different room. And what we're gonna do is I'm gonna take you through a process. No, we're not going to. This is a very simple lesson. Just highlight way sports. So here's exactly how to do that. We're going to record one verse, three ways cabinet, three different spread out. First expression we're gonna do is we're gonna go down words that we're going to step it up body call, like we're going to really China kill the higher and lower vibrations into work way, you know? And we're going to put a little bit of flavor, Of course, everything like that. But in mind, this is not for some reporting. That's a whole different ports. So what? We're not this lesson teacher with everything about what we do. What you do is you want to show you I get the most through simple layer. We're not going to end everything. Just get a plant. The idea in your head? Sure. So I got hot on you tube and a very simple recording. Have your butts on my back all. Probably not. You just make sure you got some water We're gonna start afterwards. I want you to go toward first with and see exactly how sound so That future whenever you're going before you have this sort of playing out. If you try it for just one burst, that's more best. First, you might have some problems, but if you go, you're going according multiple versus you could just dying this part. It's not only easier in a pragmatic sense, it's also easier psychological because I have a plan. So what's your plan? So let's get started. Let's listen to beat one time and I'm s so I'm going to be using this glove is a pop filter . Hope that doesn't bother anybody, but, yeah, I didn't have a pop filter, So I figured out that a glove works very well. All right, we've caught. We've could And now at night. Yeah, it's so right. It's all right. It's like it's this love. Is this feeling this this Babbitt's bill and got me high on night so well, right. Oh, right on the microphone on Jesus on the cross that I'm bleeding for the cost is the reason the expression of a bay this'll lessons I teach now learned while I'm breathing I'm changing like the seasons I'm growing I am reaching on lost in the But I need to see where do the people and the bats were why you were my So who am I speaking is who am I speaking to? What these illusionary baby years is keeping you from shine as the dust that the starters completing you, son, that the god that is dying just to speak to you and live in just the breathe through you His words here were seeking you But light must be seen by you that you can bring meaning to the feeling the pure love soundless and seamless to the beauty of one No words can't complete the view on when you see the light is not so and that you keeping you shared in love hope and know you receive a true you receive a true true true you receive it true And you will see the true shedded love and know you receive a true Okay, so that was like the lower level kind of thing. So now we're gonna We're going to get into the state. We're gonna feel it. We're gonna be like whoa myself into my visualizing this call life and now captain a lot. So I'm visualizing all right, No golden like right. And it's sort of pain in my ass and making me feel like I am. Okay, so now we're gonna feel like here. So home is really sort of step into that consciousness. So I don't worry about being me. Worry about his ego. I just allow Hello. Now, take your water. Okay. No court. This second sake. Yeah. Really told. I don't want to spend too much time. He don't have to be in residence with room to yet on the microphone of Jesus on a cross down, bleeding for the courses. The reason It's Russian number back lessons I'm teach now learned while and breathing now changing like the seasons. I'm growing non reach lost in. But I need to see why, through the people and that we're one you wouldn't. So who were my speaking Nash? Who? Where my speaking to what these illusionary baby years is keeping you from shining as dust that the start is completed. You son of the God that is dying just to speak to you and live and just breathe to you his words ever sick you light must be seen by you that you can bring meaning to fed in the pure love timeless and seems to the beauty of one No words can complete the view on when you see the light It's not so you can keep me You shared in love hope and know you receive a true you see you receive a chook chook you receive True, you receive True you receive True you receive you received you receive true All right, guys, we got the second take down. I want to say a little bit Something about sort of delays keep do you that like those little things like vocal harmonies at the beginning and at the end I always do that And I highly recommend you do for two reasons Number one It sounds good. And if it doesn't sound good, you just take it off. You just cut it off like it's everything. Everything that you record and you do digitally can always be thrown away Never feel limited. Its know that you are expressing this energy and any thought that you have of like I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't do that. That's stopping you from expressing your energy. It's perverting the energy. It's making the energy go in different directions. And at the end of the day, you're not gonna get a product. That's that's is good. So we're gonna wanna do whatever feels good, especially at the end of songs like Like just ride out with the beat that I liked about back. And what you'll find is that as you start toe layer, these you can sort of play with it like you can sort of like like, I'll show you at at the very end. I did something like this. You see the truth, you receive the truth. So you see, I like I messed with the previous one as I did the next one, and I didn't planning this out. You never You don't play in the do do to lose, you know, you just you let it flow. You get in that vibe and you let it flow. And that's what I'm really trying to teach you in this course is that you got to get in the vibe and then flow like don't work so hard on producing something. Don't work so hard on being a good rapper, Whatever that means. Just get in this energetic state. And I hope that these tools are helping you to unlock that. All right, so now this third take, what we're gonna do is we're going to sort of play with the energy a little bit more We're gonna really be expressive with. So we're like, we're in the first time I was trying to stay like this And the second time I was just trying to be, like, up and down like a call him a light This time I'm gonna be jumping the brown But the but the by Okay, so let's do it. Oh, night, Yeah, yeah On the microphone of Jesus on the cross down bleeding for the cost is the reason The expression of a bad lessons I'm teach now I'm learning while and breathing I'm changing like the seasons I'm grow when I'm reaching I'm lost in the, uh But I need to see where through the people and the bats were Why you were not So who am I speaking? That's where my speaking to what? This illusion every beverage years is keeping you from shining that does that the star. That's completely you, son. That the guy that is dying just to speak to you and living just debris to you His words ever seeking you. But light must be seen by you that you can bring meaning to feeling the pure love timeless and seems to the beauty of one. No words can complete the view on when you see the light it's not so you can keep you shared love, hope and know you receive a troop you'll receive a true you will see the true you receive the truth. True, True. You would see the truth. Okay? Yes, now. And the number of take shall be 33 magic number There's something to do with three If you want, you can pan 1 to 1 year one together air Sure. Ask you locals You can also want to sort of Hillary. The whole trying frequency is also something that gets me too. If you have any women's space in, you can triangulate third point. So what we're kind of doing is we're making three points in space. These three points are variations in frequency, So these variations, when combined, create 1/3 pregnancy, which is the harmonisation off these free as a player is going to unlock Sound that I didn't know. And it's because you can't just one. You can only do it my brain out for frequencies in your waist Then triangulate into your mega Barbara stressing amazingly epic boys. So what, you have free Google's you're gonna go ahead and pick. One would be like a shining star. So go ahead and turn down all you want to tell. You can just, like, pick up. Would you rather your levels sort of where you like. You can go ahead and play with throwing different effects on each of these until you find something that and don't forget what I said about handing 1 to 1 year when they're gonna get some really affects, you might want to go too hard on, like maybe just something like that. Yeah. Just idea something you play with now. I just have a compressor on the tracks. I didn't even know you, but yeah, go ahead. Throw differently, burbs. If you do, you were probably but you through different redbirds. Another quick guys, I do this like literally all my songs is just to take your main on and you put it on two different levels and they hand one completely one way, one completely the other way. What it takes your ball from like this You're like frequency range Here, here. And that makes way. Yeah, on the phone booth while I breathe in, I'm changing like seasons. I'm rolling nine. I'm lost, but I need to see through the people in the past year why you wouldn't So when my when my speaking to one of the solution every years keeping you start as completely you son, that God, that is just words Here. See you like let's be seen by you. Bring Do you want no words? Can you weigh, See like you can keep you hope you see the truth You see the okay, guys. So that is like just with a little bit of compression. And I actually put the reverb on the wrong channel. So I'm going to put it here. But it doesn't matter because this is showing you a concept. And I hope that that concept has came across. The concept is layering your vocals, triangulating your frequencies into something that doesn't even exist except for in the either, and we're pulling it out of the ether and we're manifesting it in this goal. This is alchemy. Guys were taking nothing, and we're making goal right here. This is a very simple technique. I hope it helps you recording out Aton. Layer everything up. That's all I got to say. Just layer it up like it's the winter time and you're frigidly cold and you want to keep your bones from coming so brittle that they snap. But you guys, thank you so much for taking this course. I hope you're having as much fun in your life and in your music as I am. And as I do, I look forward to delivering Mawr learnings and more singing's to you guys because I love to express myself. I love to be heard and I love to hear you more than all of that. So, please, And if you're watching this on skill share in the projects pace the songs that you did, I would listen to every single one. I want to hear your voices. I want to hear what you're doing with these lessons. I want to grow with you also, if you caught the sea XY plug. I am the founder of Current Exchange. I've been writing code all week to make the beta of the Web app, and it's something that you can just post your music on and get exposure 100% for free worldwide. So do check that out. Thank you for watching. I know it's been a long lesson. I tried to keep it quick. I hope you got the concepts. It's easy, guys, This is easy. We're not laying bricks. Remember that you're making something great. You are creating and be happy. Be grateful. If you ever done hard labor as a kid or as an adult, then you know it's not that fun. And hopefully this is more fun. And it's something that provides more value, not demeaning. Anything else, But do what expresses you the best. What? What learns you The best teaches you the best. You know, Just do it and be had. I love you. Peace