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Understanding Apple ID and iCloud

teacher avatar Fran Solo, Apple and Adobe Certified Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to iCloud


    • 2.

      What's iCloud & Apple ID?


    • 3.

      Creating an Apple ID


    • 4.

      iCloud Syncing


    • 5.

      Browser look of iCloud


    • 6.

      Using iCloud Drive


    • 7.

      Productivity apps


    • 8.

      Locating your devices on a map


    • 9.

      How to manage your Photos


    • 10.

      iCloud Photo Sharing


    • 11.

      iCloud Photos part 1


    • 12.

      iCloud Photos part 2


    • 13.

      iCloud Backup


    • 14.

      Family Sharing


    • 15.

      Going further with iCloud Drive


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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn everything about iCloud. You'll be able to easily sync Documents, Contacts, Calendars, Emails, Photos and more throughout your devices. You'll also be able to share your work with other team members and collaborate on big projects seamlessly. 

Here's the description of the Complete course: 

Mastering your Mac is a complete course that will show you everything you need to know about your Mac. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user, the course is designed for self-tailored learning. It does not assume prior knowledge. However, you are free to skip, fast forward and pick the class that most suits your needs.

The course will cover the foundations of all the main apps and will guide you through the most important features without getting too technical.
There is an entire section dedicated to iCloud and Apple ID. By the end of this Section, you will have a full understanding of the Apple services and how to use them with your devices.
No matter what OS (Operating System) you have, you will be comfortable using any Mac.
Safari, Mail and Photos are covered thoroughly

By the end of the course, you will know the How, What and Why of your Mac and you will increase your productivity by 100 folds.

The requirements for the course are An Apple Mac with at least Mountain Lion. (Click on the top Left Hand Corner on the Apple Logo and click on About This Mac). Here you can check what system you have.

The other requirement is that you are comfortable enough to use a mouse or the trackpad to move and click on your desktop.

Who is this course for?

Beginners and new to Mac
Windows users using Mac
Business owners who want to improve their skills on their Mac and get things done quickly and efficiently
Professionals who want to start their own business
If you want to cut the fluff and get into the meat of the content and learn at your pace in a short period

The course will be updated to the latest software and changes in the Mac world.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fran Solo

Apple and Adobe Certified Instructor


I have been using Macs for over 20 years, and I have been teaching it for the last 15.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my skills and discoveries with people who are willing to learn and share as well. I have used Windows systems in the early 90's, and I was a bit intimidated by the Mac when I purchased one for the first time almost two decades ago. So If you are a Windows user, I know what you are going through.

I honestly believe the Mac can change the way you work or perform your art, without the hassling of fixing things that don't deserve your time.

I started using my mac in my early music career by composing soundtracks for theatre, then moved to writing my music and used programs such as Garageband, Logic Pro, Protools and others extensively.
I a... See full profile

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1. Introduction to iCloud: and welcome to Marginal before understanding Apple Lady and iCloud and this modern going to demystify this service where there is a lot of confusion around and also going to clarify about some of the features and functions that iCloud offers that many of us to know about. Some tools and tips off course. Take plenty of note if you have to and watch one video at the time if you have to. What least one topic at the time and practice with your device probably is the best way for you to understand how the service works. Um, again, we're going to cover these lectures, and we're gonna go for the basics from the introductions and foundations all the way through all the different elements that I cloud offers and hold sought to create an apple, I d out to use iCloud photos, how to back up your device and understanding how the backup works as well We're going to be covering. Also, family sharing, which is a nice little feature, allows you to share your purchases to be the rest of your family and also how to use the iCloud drive, which is a service there. It's part of iCloud that allows you to share files between your devices in your computers. IPad that y funds By the end of this, Marjorie going to have some validations with a class project. So without any further ado, let's dive into it and thats begin. 2. What's iCloud & Apple ID?: Hi this class, we're going to cover iCloud and Apple Lady. So what's high cloud on? What's an apple lady? So I cloud these a service provided by Apple, which allows you to synchronize all of your apple devices seamlessly. The apple I D. Is an identification name that we use when we first purchase an apple device. So when you buy an Apple iPhone or a Mac book, it would prompt you to enter an apple lady. And if you don't and if you never don't have one, it will ask you to create one, and there would be probably your email address or your existing email address. We shouldn't have an email address. You can create a new one with Apple, which is gonna be probably at iCloud dot com or at me dot com. I'm gonna explain you how to do that later. Let's first understand what iCloud does 3. Creating an Apple ID: Hi. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to create an apology. He feeling created one yet? So if you have a PC or a Mac, you can go to your favorite browser. You can go to Google, so you simply go to your, uh, to your browser, search on Google and type create and a full I D. And if I believe the first first website is actually the EPA websites, if you click on that is gonna prompt you to this page and you can just follow instructions , you fill up the form, answer the three security questions. You're gonna have to choose one of these questions. And once you finished off this, you can then take these boxes or leave them ticked. If you want to receive information and news of about about the apple world, and then you just simply type of these electors of numbers here oppressed. Continue. The next page will show you the option to create your apology. My suggestion is creating iCloud apple lady, which will be much easier for you to manage or view informations even though you have an existing email address, will be good to have an iCloud dot com to use all of the services. Now I'm gonna show you these also from my point of view. So if I'm going to my Mac and go into system preferences, I can go to iCloud here. Is gonna basically is gonna go through the same for the same instruction I'm gonna click on , create Apple Lady and when I have exactly the same field that I saw before. So I'm gonna fill up these for now and my name and he and what it says even address. These will be your new apple lady, and you're also a link. It says get a free iCloud email address. That's what I want to do of it. And I'm gonna click on that. And as you can see, I've got the extension and at high cloud dot com. And now I'm going to create my email gonna in a password. Remember the pastors to be a cart along with a capital letter and with digit list, then your breast. Next, I'm gonna pose the video. Now I'm gonna come back in a second. So the next step is to answer the security questions. So the same thing you saw on your browser here in our history. A circle back to where we were before. So is the same thing you saw on this page. Security questions. If you're using a PC, you can do the same thing on the Mac. By using this page, I'm going to just pose it, answer these questions and come back in a second. Okay, So I answered all the security questions, and now I just need to go for the terms of conditions. Gonna just press. I have read and agree. And these terms conditions. You can go Appalachian privacy. If you If you want to go for this and you just press agree, so I'm going to click on agree now. And I was gonna is going to load my apple I d on my Mac. And if you are in the browser is gonna give you confirmation by email that your ability is created. Okay, so my apology is has been created, and now I can use the service on my Mac. If you want to have the same panel on your PC, I'm gonna show you how to do that. So you have to go into your browser, So could be Google chrome or safari windows and type I cloud panel for Windows. I think the first choice on Google is the actual download. So click on that and you're gonna have this download bottom. You just pressed download, and you're gonna have the panel on your windows computer. If you have any other questions about iCloud on Apple Lady, please let me know and I will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you. 4. iCloud Syncing: in this lesson. We're going to explore iCloud dot com from the browser. So whether you have ah, PC or a Mac, we're an iPhone and android. You can still follow through and understand the benefit of iCloud. I Cloud, as I said, is the service that allows you to synchronize all of your files, your document across you of your all of your devices. As you can see, here we have the Mac. We have an eye for an eye bad, and we will have a PC locked Oppa's well. So basically, if we have some information here, these information can be transferred automatically in iCloud and will be transferred again down to your Mac or if you have a PC also to your PC. For instance, if I take a pictures on my iPhone, this picture will be stored on the iPhone as well as on the iCloud. And as soon as it goes up to the cloud is gonna go is gonna bounce back to my Mac or my PC if I have one. And in order to to do that, we need to make sure that all these devices are logged in with the same apple I D. So, for instance, if your apology is mark at iCloud dot com, these are party should be logged in in your Mac in your iPhone and in your PC. If you have an EPA lady with your existing email, let's say Gmail. If you created one when you purchase an apple device, you might have used your existing him an address. Perhaps you have a Hotmail address or ah, demon address. So if you have mark at gmail dot com, you would have to use that into your Mac into your iPhone and your PC, and there will allow you to synchronize all of your devices seamlessly. Let me give you a demonstration of it in the next video. 5. Browser look of iCloud: So I'm gonna show you here how to access to your iCloud from any computer, whether your PC or Mac. So the first things we do we go into safari or your browser of choice Special K there. So you should be able to see your browser, and you should be able to search on top. I cloud dot com I'm breast return. These will show you these page and here we have to basically put your apple lady and password. So you're even address that you use when you first set up your ah, you apple device and the boss with a u the U chosen. Now the password usually is with a capital letter on with a digit has to be a to least a cart along. If you don't remember your password, you can still you compress forgot apple I d or password and it will guide you through a troubleshooting website to retrieve it and to reset your password. So I'm gonna just put my information in, and I'll see you in a second. So now I'm logging in, is gonna ask me to say the passing of this case and not going to save it So, as you can see, I've got all these all these little squares here, obviously the apse. And these are all the things that that I can do that I can synchronize with my other devices with iCloud. For instance, if you have a and iCloud dot com email address, then you will be able to use mail and contact if you instead use an autumn, a Lehman address or Gmail even address you won't be able to use these male. You can still use contacts, but this is gonna be synchronized through your iCloud account, not fruit your gmail. So don't get confused with that. I'm gonna explain exactly how it works. If you have Gmail account, a Hotmail account or any other accounts, that is not an iCloud dot com account. If you created an iCloud, they'll come even address. You will be able to access to your email. So if I click on my mail here, I will be able to see my inbox like I could see it with Gmail or like what? Mail online. Agon. See all my boxes here sent boxes, trash and all my folders as well. Very, very handy over here. If I want to send an email from here. I can simply click on its a little pencil tool on top on dykan type the email address of the person I want to send it to, and I could type this subject. And also, I can attach a document if I want to. So what I did to just press the little paper clip on top toe, attach a document for want to, and then I can just press send. You also have this little font format bar, which is little Miss Little a letter on your top on that it will come up with this little too bound up with all the formatting tools and bold italic underline accessory accessory. So you can use all of this in your email. Very simple. I just press send after you finish to type your email. So I'm gonna just breast council now and I'm gonna go back to my main menu. So I'm gonna go to iCloud here at the top left hand corner, and I'm gonna go into launch. But as you can see, I can simply navigate my serve. My services, my APS from here. I'm gonna go to the launch button the launch. But essentially is a bigger view off my all of my naps. The 2nd 1 is contact with yourself. Six health exploratory. So you can see all of your contacts here. I can go again into the launch pad. I can see my calendars all. My appointment is here, so I can literally come here, create an appointment if I want to. I can double click there, create the appointment, and that appointment will be then synchronized with my Mac automatically. So I'm working on the browser now so I can be on a PC or can be in an Internet cafe somewhere around the world. And I can simply access to this. Create my calendars, and it will automatically sync. Arise all my other devices with it, not just press cancer for this expressly. But this is essentially how you would do that and go back here. Go back to launch pad now photos. This is very, very important topic. I'm going to spend a lessons on Lian photos. What, you essentially conduce what this is. Synchronize your pictures that you have in your iPad or iPhone to your Mac automatically. You can even have a library all in the cloud and have a copy off that library in all of your devices. Or just a lighter version off those pictures into each device. So, for instance, if I decide to have these photos library enabled, let's have 10,000 pictures. These I've got the option to put these pictures toe, upload all these pictures up into the cloud, keep them there, and have a light version of them in each of my devices. So if I have an iPhone and iPod, I'm going to see these 10,000 pictures in my devices as well off course, and they're not going to take the same amount of space that they take on the cloud. Aiken just decide to have a light version of them on my mobile devices so I can use the storage for are the pictures before for other files? So other are the things that I do with my devices, and I can have the same thing on my Mac. I can see them. I can see all my pictures on the MCAS. Well, if something up into my devices, I can still retrieve my pictures from these photo library. Now, let me go just back for now. So we're gonna go back in photos anyway, so don't worry 6. Using iCloud Drive: the iCloud drive is what I love about. It's one of the things that I love about I. I call out service. So iCloud drive. It's very similar to Dropbox or iCloud or G Google Drive or any other Microsoft box or any other services like like any other hard drive service that you have. And these allows me to save files or my my account so I can simply upload files if I want to from here. So let's say I'm accessing this from a PC computer or from a Mac from someone else. Mac, for instance. And I want to applaud there files or a document that I was working on from their computer, and I want to upload it to my my account. I can just simply go here, click on this a little our power on top, select the file a one to upload and see. I've got here these documents and gonna press choose. What essentially is doing now is applauding that file into my iCloud account. There we go see a grand Molly method so that fire now is uploaded. So the same thing works if I want to download something. So if I'm going to another computer and I want to download a document from my iCloud again . I'm gonna go into my ankle dot com. I'm gonna go to my Aikau drive, select the file. I want to download Inkley confidante Lord Patten on top here. It's very, very simple to do that. I can't even delete the file so I could press that. Delete. Are you sure you want to delete? Yeah, So I'm gonna need that. Just a copy of it. So and I can also create folders here, so this is very powerful. I can just go here, clear the folder. I can call this folder, for instance. Archive. And now I can just drug stuff into if I want to. If I want to drug that, I can drag it into archive. This way. It's very simple. I can double click there. I can see the content of the file various Simple. Is that so? This is the way you can manage all of your files in the iCloud drive. I'm gonna also show you how to access the iCloud drive from the Mac as well later on. So let's go back here and let's go into launch But again, then you have notes, and this is also self with battery. So notes sinks with your Mac or with your iPhone or iPad notes on this very handy. To have this and this allow you allows you also to create password locked notes as well for sensitive information. Old seven Reminders. If you want to find out more about reminders and notes and calendars and all the other all the other applications, please refer to my tutorials in this class. 7. Productivity apps: then we have pages, numbers and keynotes. No apple provide to you with this package, which is the equivalent off Microsoft office. So you have pages, numbers and keynote, which is the president of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So if I want to open a document directly from the browser, I can do that. I can go to pages. Page is going on now. Load all of my press. Continue here. It's gonna hold all of my documents. As you can see, I've got some documents here and I can open the document. And I can Amanda document directly from the browser from here, so I can just go into, Let's say I'm gonna go to this my book here. I'm gonna be able to amend this document directly from the browser like you would do weed with Google with Google documents. So, you see, I can actually now amend anything I want within within their document. It literally is a It's like having pages on the browser, so you don't have to buy pages. So if you don't have it or you don't have to install pages on your Mac or if you have a PC , you don't have to use words. You going directly? Go here, Amend your document. And if you need to, Then send this to someone. You can simply go to this partner here, Go to send a copy. I can choose. For instance, any con any sort of former taken Goto pages, pdf Word e pub. So I can go to word for instance, and it will automatically convert my document into a word document so any Microsoft user can open it. Kinnaman, they're gonna just press council now. But this is the way you would do it. Going to go back to my view here, my iCloud view which brother? Just simply play around with these tabs. You can see when I open a pages document toe numbers document toe Aquino document. It will open in a different tab. So I've been just closed the stub and close the stop as well to go back to my main screen here 8. Locating your devices on a map: find my friend is a way for you to locate other people with apple devices. Now, some people find this this a bit creepy, creepy or intrusive. I personally use it on live with my family, so I know what they are. And I know what the devices are. And if we need to look for each other, this is a good way to share our locations. I don't normally share this with other people like friends. Oh, other other relatives. But I use this. Could be this is gonna be quite handy to locate someone in case of emergency. The great service that EC iCloud provides is find iPhone. Now, if you have an iPad for an iPhone for a Mac like a MacBook Oh, and I make I really strongly suggest to turn the find my phone or find my iPod on. So these is a function that you find on the If you have an iPad wife on, you have to go into settings. You're going to iCloud and unite. Allow. Do you have an option to turn, find my phone or find my iPod on that allows you to locate your device into a month. I'm not gonna click now on this one of the West cannot. Okay, all of my devices. But what you essentially conduced here? You can click on these and you can see all of your devices on the map. It happened to me that I forgot my iPhone on the boss one day, and I went home. I went into my my my browser type iCloud dot com a was panicking and didn't know where it was. And he was in the bus, and I could see the the actual pin on the mob there was moving. So I'm gonna just show you quickly. Well, you can see, uh, obviously I'm gonna gonna grade out. I'm gonna agree out some off the information here. Just for privacy reason. So now is gonna locate my My devices are I can zoom out Map And my basically, my phone was moving on the road. So what I have to do, I could click on the device. Oh, I can click directly on all devices on top. I could just click on my on my phone, and this is what you could do on the phone. Now, you can either play a sound so that it was. But it will be very good if you if you lost your phone or if you can find in your house. Even if he's on mute, you can just play a sound, and that would just play a sound on your phone to find it. Another way would be just playing lost mode. So that's what I need. When I lost my phone, I just clicked on los mode and not gonna do it now. But what you can do here, you can just type a message personal message, and you can type a telephone number where they can phone you, too. In case they find your device. Your device will be in lost mode so they won't be able to use it anyway. And if you set up a password to unlock the phone, who any like four digital six digits password, they won't be able to access its anyway, so they would have to erase your device in any case. And don't worry, Even if you buy an apple device and you have an apple lady and password, they won't be able to use the phone, even if they erase it after they erase it. if they reboot the device after they raised it, they will be prompt. With your apple lady and off course, your ability would be encrypted. They won't be able to see the whole apple, I d. They only will be able to see the extension, perhaps, and nothing else. So that one's also protected. So don't worry too much about that. But if you can manage to To to make sure that they can call you back where I didn't with my case, I just keep on calling my phone. And eventually someone answered the phone and I could go on, pick up my phone from from that place someone picked up from from the bus. But if it wasn't for these service, I wouldn't be able to retrieve my my device. So it saved me almost £800 off device, so it's very very nd to have it on, and the last option here it would be to erase your device. He raise iPhone or raise iPad. But if you do so, you won't be able to locate your device anymore, so that is the last resort. So if you don't have, there's no hope to retrieve your device. Then I will kindly suggested just press erase, erase device. But very mind if you have your device bucked up We just got out. Which I'm gonna show you in the proof in the in the next session, you will. You will be able to retrieve your data anyway, So make sure you enabled find my phone. So I'm gonna go back here on the launch. But so as you can see here And also I can goto mice acting's of course, I'm gonna go to my settings. I will be able to access to my apple. I d. I can manage my apology from here. I can reset my past words. I can see the storage on the cloud in the moment. I have to wonder Gigabyte of storage. The iCloud usually comes with five gigabyte of storage. If you want to upgrade to a bigger storage, you can check on your phone. I'm gonna show you how to do that. If you want to upgrade to 50 gigabyte, I think it's around 79 pence. Few Iron UK. If you are in the US, I think is in 99 99 cents a month. Something like this will 50 gigabytes, so it's very inexpensive. If you want to have more, you can just simply go into the plans and choose the best plan for you. So, as you can see, I've got my iPhone and my MacBook pro, and these are my family. Sharing is my wife a swell. And I've also have an option here, down below advanced, which allows me to restore files in case I lost him file. This is also a way to retrieve files and images from your phone that you lost. There will be one way, one resort to go to If you don't have any other way to retrieve your data, you can also restore contacts in case you lost them. Restore calendars and reminders, restore bookmarks and your safari bookmarks and sign out from old browsers. So whatever browser you signed in, you can just sign out directly from here. So these stuff is very this. All these little functions very, very handy to have a here, and they improved this service so much in the last few years that I found a very reliable and and I kindly suggest, to everyone to create an iCloud email address so your name at iCloud dot com And the reason is that if you use on iCloud even address rather than a Gmail address or any other addresses we apple. This essentially is very strict in terms off privacy. They won't share you your information with anyone. Gmail and Google. Essentially, when you create a Gmail account, it will ask you if you agree to share your information with them and they will, they're up, send you some advertisement according to whatever keywords they scanned for your emails or whatever are the things that you share. We that we Gmail. So in a way, it's a couple of points up from Google. Believe iCloud. So create the apple i d the apple apple lady, um, and you will be able to have less palm, I guess in your, uh, in your email. That's it for now. In the next session, I'm going to show you more about iCloud and from also my IOS devices as well. So I'll see you in an accession 9. How to manage your Photos: Hi. This video, I'm gonna show you how to manage your photos with iCloud. So from the previous video, I showed you how to access to your iCloud from the browser by going toe iCloud dot com and a show you some of these ups that we have available and one of them is photos. And that's what we're gonna focus today. We're gonna focus on photos. So there is an option in all of your devices where the other Mac or an iPhone and iPod or a PC Windows to enable photos on enough from the iCloud settings which are gonna show you in a few minutes. So once you enable photos on, you're gonna have three options and these three options are I cannot for the library photo stream and I call out for the lot for the sharing. So the iCloud photo library allows you to keep the originals in the clouds to keep all of your photos in the cloud, and you will be able to see them owner of your devices as well. So you gonna basically have a light version off them in your device. And the originals are the original on the cloud and that will save some storage when your devices. So that's the benefit. So you can still see them here so you can still access to them even by going to any browser . We're going to iCloud dot com, and you be able to see all of your pictures here pretty handy or the other options you have is to keep the original on the device instead. For instance, if I have under pictures on my iPhone, I can keep the originals here and have these under pictures also on the cloud, but only the light version of them. So I will be able to see them here, and I would be able to see them. Also on my Mac. I pad my windows computer as well. So these are the two options you have. It's really up to you how you want to enable that. If you decide to have them on the cloud, are you going to use that? You want to keep the original here or you want to keep the the light version of them? Is that or you want to keep these off altogether? So in order for you to synchronize your pictures to your other devices, you would have to use a cable. You would have to use something like photo stream. So Father Stream allows you to take a picture on your phone. Picture will be stored on the phone and the same picture will go up into the cloud, and it will bounce to all of you are the devices. So, for instance, if I have a Mac or PC in an iPad, that future will go in all of my devices. So that's what photo stream cars and father's dream as a capacity on the cloud off 1000 pictures or 30 days. What that means is, if I take 1000 pictures on my phone, these 1000 pictures will be cool sink to all of my devices. But after I take the 1000 and one the oldest pictures have got in, the photo stream will be deleted. Now you won't lose the picture, the 1000 and one or the oldest picture from your phone, because that is saved in your into your camera roll. So let me give you another example. So let's say I'm going for for holiday with my phone without taking my computer on my other devices with me, and I'm gonna take 1000 pictures with my phone. Let's say I'm going for more than a month and as I told you before, Photo stream as a 1000 pictures or 30 days off capacity. So if I go on holiday for a month or more, and I take more than 1000 pictures when I come back home and I turned my devices on, they will fetch the latest 30 days with the latest 1000 pictures available for my photo stream. So far, a stream is a temporary storage space that you have in the cloud, and the benefit of using for a stream is that you don't have to plug your device manually to the other computers you have, so I can just take my picture on that photo stream will do a job for me by transferring that picture automatically into my computer into my iPod into my windows computer. And also you don't have to worry about deleting the pictures into the follow stream section because that will will be automatic. I cloud will take care of it, so I would probably suggest you to turn these function on and then it will automatically transfer the pictures for you 10. iCloud Photo Sharing: and the third option here he's article out photo sharing. So I called for a sharing is a way for you to share hundreds and hundreds of pictures you have. Let's say in your computer or you have in your PC or you have in your iPad to someone else . So let's say I'm going on holiday and have want to share my 200 pictures. We'd my mom or with any other relatives or friends. I can create a new album here on their iCloud, for the sharing allows me to upload these pictures a copy of the picture up into the cloud , and they will stay there forever as long as I want. So it is no restrictions. Forestry. These are This is actually a shared album so that it will stay in your cloud and your pictures will be shared with other people. So they will receive an invitation from you to join the album, and they could basically see your album online. A good way to use iCloud for the sharing is to create a new album on your on your phone, and if you go on holiday with other friends or family, you can create a for sharing album, and then everyone else can join, and everyone can upload their own pictures there. So at the end of the holiday, you don't have to go back and forwards with emails and sending you e pictures between each other or everything will be stored in the cloud for the sharing. So it's pretty really handy toe have one common place where we can actually share all our pictures from 100 a. So very, very handy. And this is a little tip and secret That I don't think many people knows is that iCloud for the sharing storage. It does not take the five gigabyte. Whatever stories you have available in the cloud is a separate storage that Apple decided to use for your for a sharing section so it won't take space in your storage. Would say, if you have five gigabytes storage available, who won't take more than five gigabyte? I won't take any actually, off those you go by that you have available. So is a separate storage is very, very handy for you to share pictures and videos as well. And other things that I haven't mentioned about photo stream is that when you take a photo for the stream will take care of it by moving in the other devices. If you take a video, that video won't be streamed through forestry. One BCE inked to the other devices. You would have to manually flag your device into your computer onto your PC, an important video manually because for a stream does not support videos so far, that's or for today is probably of these. Other limitation off for a stream cannot manage the video, but you can put that video into a knife in iCloud for the sharing album, and there will be then sink to all of your advice is, you would be able to see your father sharing album in your and your iPads and also in your and your PC or Mac because it's on the cloud. I'm gonna give you a quick with demonstrations off these in a second. So one last thing about Michael out for the sharing is that you can actually search iCloud photo sharing on Google. I'm gonna show you how to do that. If you go into Google and you search for iCloud photo sharing, the first option is the first results here on Google is iCloud for sharing under the Apple Support Website. If you click there is going to give you like and demonstrate like a little and introduction . I thought iCloud photo sharing how to use it and also the limitations that you have so you can share up to 5000 photos of videos. So this is a quite quite big number here. So 5000 square, a lot of pictures, and you can and you can share as many as you want in terms off. I think you have a limit of 100 albums in the photo sharing, which is quite a lot of albums and one count against Europe, your iCloud storage limit. So it's very important this is a separate storage altogether. So, ever look at this. If you want to more details about the I cut for sharing, I'm not gonna go through this. Although it's gonna take is gonna make the video very long. But I'm gonna demonstrate how to enable iCloud photos in all of your devices in a second. Thank you 11. iCloud Photos part 1 : Hi. So and this week I'm gonna show you how to set up for your a photo, your photos up on your on your iCloud and also how to set up I crowd on your phone, so I'm going to mirror my phone. So what you need to do is simply access to your iCloud from the settings. I'm going to stop on settings. We're here, just little cog wheel here and we gonna scroll down into iCloud now notice in the latest operating system and is off today, the latest over in system. As I clout at the very top of your off your phone over here of your settings. My iCloud is now down here because I have the previews over an insistent on my phone. I haven't upgraded to the latest one yet, and that's why is here. But if you can see here, means is on the very top, and it should have your apple i d name for your name at the very top. Okay, so top on that or top on I cloud here and you see your put your name in your apple. I d down here and then you have your family sharing, which I haven't covered yet. But I'm gonna show you this in a later video. This is the storage and you have in the cloud. So just to come back to our them, our slide just the better. Understand? We'll be talking about the storage. Is thes storage here? So this is a story we're talking about These storage is this storage. So if you haven't purchased any storage yet, you you probably have five gigabyte in here available, which is free. If you want to upgrade the biggest storage, you can do so by clicking on the's button. Now, I'm not gonna do it now, but I'm gonna show you in a second out to do that down here, you'll find all these other options You have iCloud drive photos, male etcetera. So is the same as you saw here on my slight fight. Move this just to give you just to have a reference. So you understand what I'm talking about? So this is the equivalent off these. OK, so you're not going to see pages, numbers and keynote on this list, But everything else is here, so I filed what Dr is on. I'm gonna show you. I can drive in another video check my other video on iCloud drive so I could drive is on my top on that Michael Drive is on. Make sure that when his own, if you want to use it photos, let's focus on photos now. So as you can see, my iCloud for the library is off. And when I showed in the previous video iCloud for the sharing, he's one of the three auctions we have with I with photos. Okay, so mine is off. The reason why I haven't upper with my pictures is because I have so many and I've got different libraries and I use my libraries in a different manner. But if you have only one library So if you have a couple of libraries and you want to have one in the life in the photo in the client in the cloud for library just ah turned these on and who would give you two options After you do that, one option is to keep the originals on. The device will keep the original on the cloud. Okay, The second option is for the stream, which is this I enabled for a stream Okay, What for? A stream does. So I showed you in the previous video automatically upload you new photos and send them to the other iCloud devices. In this case, your Mac. Your iPad though I found if you have another iPhone and your windows PC as well, don't we have These are the officer option, which is iCloud photo sharing down here. And I enable that The reason why I enabled it is because I want to share some of my pictures some off, like a big number of pictures to some people. And I use that and I just don't You could do the same thing on yours. Now, these are the opt option that I haven't mentioned. On this slight is upload burst photos. What that means is when you take a picture with your phone, if you hold down the shutter button, it will take multiple pictures of the same off the same photo, give a demonstration. If we're going to my camera up here and it's I take a picture of my mouse. If I hold down the shutter button, don't Here is going to take many pictures. Look, you see, I took seven pictures of that off that. And if I don't want to have all these seven pictures in my in my photo stream, I can simply go back to settings and decide to have that off. That's why it and these are for the white. So I'm gonna have millions of pictures on the cloud of China want to and going back to my my idol devices. Just turn that off on Lee and will only upload one version off that burst. And that's the way for you to enable I cloud photos on your on your device. 12. iCloud Photos part 2: Okay, so this video gonna show you how photos looks like on your phone Now, feet up on photos. You should be able to see three tabs or four times if you have a new If you have a new operating system US device, you should be able to see another option here. Down here, another top called memories. Okay, at the moment, I've got photos shared on albums. Memories, which is missing here on my phone is essentially another way for you to make a slideshow of your pictures. And memories will work automatically. It will create an album albums automatically for you. You can just click on it and you can choose the album that you like and press play, and it will play a slight show for you. It's a very nice way to track your pictures. It will also have a location like a little marble with all of your pins where you took your pictures. But you have a mops Here is well on the photos by top on photos and I top on these last picture I took before in my mouth. I can top on here on the actual London England, and it will show me a mop or where that picture is on the map. Okay, Go back about arresting moment and I'm back here. Now, if I want to check my picture, I can just stop on it and the picture will magnify. It's gonna show me the picture in a big of you. I want to go back. Just go back. Now, if I click on Shared, remember, before we enabled Shared, which is our iCloud photo sharing, which is also in our settings. We share that and we enabled it. And now if I want to create a shared album Fallen introducing pre press the plus button on top in the top left hand corner given name and that the same gonna call this, um, Say you video tutorials, pictures okay. And impress next after a press. Next, I can actually choose anyone I want from my contacts so I can type any name. And I would have a contact off wherever I want to share with. Okay. If that person, as an iPhone, it will automatically receive. I received a message for me or a notification on there on the photo up like a little badge in the top right here like you see on your mail. So you're gonna see a little nothing. They're gonna see little identification. Either means that they've been invited. They've been invited to ship to actually see your pictures. I'm gonna go back here. I'm gonna just leave this blank for now. You can actually leave this blank if you want to. And then press create, and then you can choose to share it later on. At the moment, if I leave this blank gonna share only with myself. OK, just press create. And now I'm gonna have an empty album called Needed. Total Pictures. Just stop on that. And I now impressed the glass bottom and choose any of my pictures here. Not very exciting pictures, but I say I'm gonna top on that. I want to share their and that's I want to share. Let's say I'm going to share a couple of pictures off May. I'm press done after you finish. So now I've got these three pictures uploading to my cloud shared album, and then he can put comment If I want to, You can say hi. Please check. He's out. Okay, so you just leave a black it up to you Express post. Now the picture of being uploaded into the cloud and I see them here on my phone, but they are actually appear okay, acting to Michael out. And now they stay here for as long as I want. Did you remember before I was telling you in the previous video Got capacity off 5000 pictures. So 5000 pictures. Here's a correct for 5000 videos. So and these do not take does not take space on your are located storage. So if you have five gigabytes, it won't take space When you're five gigabytes storage spread. Very, very, very Andy, toe over here. Now, once you've done this and you go back, you're gonna see all of your share. I'm I've got quite share. But if you shared albums here, um, if I want to know, click on that and I want to share this album with someone. I can go to people down here. I can top on it and I can choose invite people. And here I can type the email address that I want. Okay. And then here I've got an option to lets subscribers or people I invite to post so they can post their own pictures. They can upload their own pictures. I was still, I was telling you before, in the previous videos, you can share this with someone and they can upload their own pictures, which, and there will be merged with yours as well. You can make this public like a public website so and allow anyone to view your share album when iCloud dot com. If they don't have an iPhone, for instance, there will be a good option for people who have an android and cannot access to your photo sharing. You can choose this option notification. It will just make sure that if some some school, any people you invited can actually comment with photos to your albums of videos, and you get a notification when they do so and that that's pretty much it. Once you add that person in, you don't have you never send button anywhere. It will automatically send that notification to them, and he will basically you will see if they accepted or refused it. Were they still on standby? If you want to delete a shared album, you just press delete down here. I'm going to read it now. Impressed Date. So that's the way to create shared albums on photos on your phone. Now, while you just learned here is applicable Also for the iPad and for your Mac, I'm gonna do another another video for the Mac. But it's pretty much the same as this. Now, the third battle on top at the bottom here is albums, and he's gonna show me all the albums I have in my phone stored in my phone. See that? These are all my albums, and these are only in my phone in the moment. Okay. Okay, so that's it. So this is pretty much what you need to know about the photos up. 13. iCloud Backup: Hi. In this video, we're gonna talk about back up and backing up your devices. No, these You probably noticed this symbol somewhere on your mobile devices. If you have an iPhone and iPod touch on iPad, an IPAD pro, you probably sold this symbol there. Oh, if you have a Mac, you might be to see these as well. On your settings here, up for your PC. You have that? Probably Somewhere else it's not. Probably not gonna look like this is gonna look something similar to your PC. What you have to know, though, about the backup is that the function the backup functions you have in iCloud Onley backs up your mobile devices. So we have to remember this. So the backup works only on mobile devices and but not android. Of course, no android phones or some some galaxy or anything else or BlackBerry only works for your apple devices. The other thing we have to remember is that these I call back up does not back up your laptop or desktop, and the backup storage uses your iCloud storage. So if you have only five gigabytes storage available in the cloud, and perhaps you have some photos there. You, if you're for the library enabled and you have also your emails and anything else that documents iCloud drive is full of documents as well. This will take space here on the cloud, and your backup will also take take space in the cloud as well. So you have to be very careful. He was the backup of your device. Feel devices 16 gigabyte to 64 gigabyte or even more or 32 gigabyte, two more. If you have lots of pictures and lots of documents and you enable the backup, the backup will image your device and it will uploaded into the cloud for security. So it's gonna be a hidden section on the cloud where your iPod image or your iPhone image will be will be saved. So we need to make sure that we have enough storage to deal with that so you can buy more storage. I'm gonna show you how to do that as well. So remember, it does not back up your laptop and does not back up your PC Onley backs up your mobile devices. So then we give you a demonstration or how to turned these option on off. Okay, so you should be able to see my phone now. So to enable the backup backup backup, you go into settings and you're going to iCloud again. You scroll down here and there we go. This is the same, but will be looking for backup and weekly Come back up here and you back up should be on. Well, my suggestion is to turn these on. And the reason is that these backup will create an image of your phone and will save the image into the clout. This backup will work automatically. As you can see, my love Last backup was this morning at 2 40 So it does it for me automatically. That happened when you go back home where you have a wife, I a home and you plug your device to charge while it's charging, it will automatically back up anything new. Then you add it into your phone, but it will do a daily backup for you. This is very, very handy. The only thing is, you need to make sure you have enough storage on your on your iCloud or the Weiss's group is gonna come up with a message saying you need to buy more storage. Otherwise you would have to choose another option. If you don't want to pay the storage, you would have to plug your device into your Mac or to your PC, and do that periodically every every week or before night, or who every so often you know, to have everything saved. Otherwise, if you decided by storage and to go to storage here at the moment here, I've got to under gigabyte and I got 100 and 22 gigabyte available. But if you want to find out what's taken space on the cloud compressive manage storage, I'm gonna go here in a second. I just want to show you how to upgrade to a big storage. If you need to go to change storage plan and you're gonna have an option here to choose between to 100 off Kathy A 50 gigabytes to 100 I want to buy to their bite, and this is gonna cost you amount every month. I think 50 gigabyte costs it's 99 cents a month, which is it's very, very inexpensive, or you can have up to two Andre gigabyte to choose in this case in the UK is to 49. Us could be something like $3 or so a month and so forth. You just need to decide what storage you need for your device, and that's it. So that's just the way to do it. And after you upgrade, you're gonna have enough storage to do to do your backup and to have your photos if you decide to have your photos in the in the cloud and to have everything else now, if you click on storage again, if you want to find out what's taking space on the cloud, you can go into manage storage. And that meant storage will show you what's there in space in the cloud. So I've got at the moment of Court 22 devices, one is taking 16 gigabyte, the other ones taking 15 megabytes issue surveys mole. They use the other phone just for phone calls and also have document to see about 57 gigabyte of document were quite a few documents here. Got what's up messengers as well. I books I'm movie pages except accidentally could can show all to show you all of my app. So what's taken space on the cloud so you can decide what to do with them. So if I want to, for instance, go two pages tells me exactly what's taken space. All my documents very, very handy. I know exactly what's taking space if I want to edit. And the lead staff were impressed. Edit on top, right and start to talk. One. The red button next to the documents I want to delete to free up some space. So that's the way to do it on your mobile device in on your iPad. I go back here, I can scroll down again. I can choose whatever up I want and decide what to do with that. And also, if you have an iCloud dot com email address or me that com you can just you see also your mail. That's what's taken space. My I've got 2.5 gigabyte of emails and this is the storage bar, and that tells me I've used quite a quite a lot here at the moment. 122 available off 200 gigabytes. So you keep an eye. You can keep an eye on your storage from here. School Back couple steps in the new operating system. Noise update on your phone. You're gonna have a nice bar on top here, like coal accorded bar tells you, like all our many, many photos you have are many APS Xterra accent. What's taking space on your phone in a certain in sort of like color labeled affection? So it's very, very easy for you to see it. So this is the way for you to upgrade your storage and make sure that your backup is enabled. So let me just close this and go back to this light. So in order for you to back up your in this case, you're your laptop or desktop, let's say if you have you have a Mac and you want to back up your Mac. You would have to use an external hard drive even toe by an external hard drive them back up your device through. That's a time machine through any other software. Time machine is a softer you find on top here, which is this little icon on top, and then we allow you to back up your your laptop or desktop into an external hard drive for the PC. If you want to do the same again. You need to have an external hard drive and do and use either. The softer the campus with a backup with the This After comes with your hard drive or software you can download for free from the Internet. We want, I usually suggest, to the our lower just free is a W a WD smart where which he said, Western digital software that allows you to make back up periodically and automatically to your device. So that's it for this video about backup. And if you have any questions about bucking up or questions about storage, please let me know. And if I could make another video about that, I would be more than happy to do. It's to do so. Thanks for listening, asking in the next video. 14. Family Sharing: Okay, let's talk now about family sharing. So family sharing this part off iCloud service What allows you to do is to share your purchases with the rest of your family or your friends or anyone that you want to add to your list. So I give you a quick demonstration off this. Let's just mirror our phone again. You would see these family sharing option is under your iCloud. We're gonna click on iCloud and you see family up here. Now share this with my wife, but yours can be just empty here. So you could, according to discipline, top on it. And if you want to add a member, I will probably just step on family member ending and that human address here. Now, if that member of your family or anyone that you want to share your purchases with does not have an apple lady, you would they would have to create one. Now, if it's for child, can create an apple lady here for a child directly so you can go to a polity for child and it will guide you through. Now the instructions you can see here this this will. These will automatically add this child's account to your family until the child is at least 13 years old. Use asked to buy two required approval for iTunes, iBooks or up store purchases. And then it will give you instruction to go forth so you can actually have the auction, too asked by. So they would have to send your authorization before they buy anything from their device. So you ever complete control of what's happening and how much they spent as well. So this is the way to create a child account to add another person. We just stop on family sharing. Type their email address there. In this case, their ability, and that person will be added to your purchases. If you had another person, they will have complete control off that device. They can share also their purchases. With you, they would have to add your name to their device. This is the way to add that their name to what that person say when you buy, for instance, and up or any up you buy on, your phone will be shared with them as well. They don't have to buy the up again, so it is quite X quite handy if you have a big family, if you don't want anyone else to re by UPS that you already purchased and down here, you see these are the payments that you that you share with them now. I had in mind for for privacy reasons, of course. And but that's what your credit cards debit card will come up after you add it. So so this is the way to create to add your family sharing and four miners. If you purchase anything that is PG 14 0 above. If they have less than 13 years old. If they they are like 10 years old, eight years old less they will have their restrictions on the phone, and they won't be able to download these PG ups. They're not allowed downloads. All the stuff that is no is aged protected will be restricted to them, will be hidden. So do not worry about having stuff when you're up store purchases or books that perhaps f profanity. They won't be able to access to those if you set their phone with restrictions. So to do that, to set that phone with restrictions where you have to do you have to go into general, I believe. And if you go to restrictions down here on their phone is something you do on their device . You can enable restriction, and you can choose what they can access on what they cannot access. A swell. And down here you have allowed content. You can choose what content they allowed to use and to view. So it's got quite if quite a few, Um, option. He had to change. You can mess about as much as you want, so you have enough control of what's happening. And, as you can see also here, they have the restriction to install up. They cannot install apps unless you you do it for them, the leading up to swell and also purchase things within. APS in APP Purchase Do just Sometimes you her he here, like news off kids spending thousands and thousands of dollars on their family account on the parents account because they access to a video game and thereby create its and stuff using their pardons credit cards. So this is the way tow. Avoid that disaster, so make sure you switch that option off so they want the one be able to purchase anything so make sure all the switches are off. They're not green, but they are turned off so they can not buy anything. Okay, that's it for this session. I'll see you in the next one. 15. Going further with iCloud Drive: Hi. In this video, we're gonna talk about I called drive and how to set up iCloud drive on your Mac on your PC and on your mobile devices as well. So let me just close this for a sec and I'm gonna just show you where iCloud drive is. So the first thing we're gonna do we gonna go into system preferences on your Mac and we're gonna go in tow. iCloud, if you have a PC, you have to download the iCloud panel that I showed you in the previous video. How to do that? If you just to give you a quick refresher, just need to goto Google type and I cloud panel for Windows. And I think the first option here on top is that so you can download your iCloud for windows, and it looks like the same as my is my one on the Mac so you can follow through. So it looks like this You need to make sure that your iCloud drive here is enabled. Okay, So once you take that box and you go into options, these are the APS that will use iCloud Andi. So, for instance, if I enable I book. So I movie or keynote numbers and pages, for instance, and mail off my pages. Document all my numbers document etcetera off My may will be saved into the cloud drive, so it will be easier for me to access to them if I want to. So once you enable the Ifo drive, I'm gonna also show you how to enable that on a mobile device in a second. Once you've done that, if you go to your finder, you should be able to see the iCloud drive on the left inside here. As you can see, I've got also other drive. God will drive Dropbox as well. I mustn't drive. So the iCloud drive and all these other drives are actually storage space that is on the cloud rather than being on your computer is on the Internet essentially. But I got easy access to them by clicking on left inside on my finder. So in this case here, I've got all these folders and to drug something in my cloud drive, I said, and simply drag and drop files in like I'm doing so so far. For instance, if I want to drug that image and I can do that. And now he actually moved image into the cloud drive. So now is uploading the images. You can see this little a round circle next to my cloud drive indicates the time they staking to upload that into a crowd Now is in the cloud. So if I want to access to that file from my mobile device, I would have to go through my mobile device and and open it. That there. So I'm gonna show you how it looks on my mobile device. Gonna go to my to my phone. You should be able to see my phone now. My screen. So that's it. So if I want to access to the cloud drive here, I need to go First of all into settings. Sorry. Meant too fast. So you get to go first of all in your settings and you scroll down into your iCloud, which is stop when iCloud and make sure the I call Dr Here is also on. Okay. And then you also need to make sure that this option is also on that show on home screen. So I will be able to see my cloud drive here. So in this case is under my storage folder. And that's what my iCloud drive iss. If I top on my cloud drive now, I should be able to see exactly the same list that I see here. So if I scroll down here should be able to see that image. I just don't know that there we go is here. I cloud proud of you. So if I talked one that is gonna show me the image and that is downloading it for me and I can see it also in landscape for wanted, it's very nd so that's the way for you to drug stuff and save stuff on your crowd drive by dragging and dropping it. So I'm gonna just, um, switch these off for now. Another way to use the iCloud drive is to, let's say, going to your pages. If you have pages in your computer, you can just simply click on pages or keynote, and you can save documents directly in the cloud. So I'm going to give you an example with pages. We're going to pages now and open a new document angle to any of these documents. And when I go choose one that's got some some text in it. Let's say I'm gonna say this and then just change something gonna quit Franks document and I'm going to save it. I'm gonna go into file save And now, instead of saving it into my desktop for click on this drop down menu, you should be able to see iCloud down here. Says iCloud Library. Why Cloud drive? So what's the difference between this too? If I click on pages, I Cloud is going to save my document into these pages folder already for me. If I save it into iCloud, only it will save it outside that folder. It would save it here. So let's say I want to save it outside just for the purpose of this exercise, I'm going to just leave it untitled impress say, as soon as I do that, if I close this document now, I can see my documents been saved. My cloud drive outside mine, um, my pages. Because I did. I just did so. But I would have chosen pages as well. It doesn't really matter, but this is the way to for you to save it in a crowd. I want to delete a file. Just press the leapt on top because I added before, in my toolbar I can just simply right click on breast, move to trash and then it's gonna ask me, Are you sure you want to the lead express? Okay, I delete the file. So that's the way to use your your cloud drive and other good things you can do If you want to have these Oh, some of these folders outside the cloud drive you can simply drag them and drop them into your side by hear, say, I'm using a folder or want to create a folder that I just right click create a folder and I'm gonna call these folder Important Se bought and documents. Okay, so I want to have this folder available in my sidebar. Well, any do simply drag it and drop it in between any of thes folders. And now, if I want to access to agents, click on it And I can drug anything I want to incite. And there will be added to my cloud as you can see See this progress bar below the image when I drag it in, Gonna show you that again If I drug. Something in look below the image. You'll see a little progress bar. Have you go? That's a progress Bar is uploading The picture is very fast because the picture is not too big. So you waiting to upload and once it disappeared is being uploaded into local out. So Well, what about you gonna have the Internet? If you're gonna have WiFi, you can steal access to your cloud drive because a copy of your picture of your document will be stored on your computer. So I'll give you an example. If I open a document using iCloud drive and I don't have a WiFi, I'm going to amend the document. I'm gonna open the document. Why can open the image, for instance, and go to my important docks? Let's say opened his image here and let's say I crop it, Okay, I'm gonna cross become on K, and they're just gonna close it, and it's gonna save it cropped. Okay. Now, if I'm not connected to the internet, you're not gonna see this progress bar. You're not gonna see anything any circle here. Progress bar next to White Cloud drive because I'm not connected. But as soon as I connect my device, my laptop, onto the WiFi. It will automatically update the the folder that I've got into my into my clout. So in a way, it's Ah, you can stay use. I can't drive. Even though you are offline, make sure if you're meant a document in one device. It's a few men to document on your phone. Make sure that document is uploaded to the cloud first, in order for you to access it from your laptop so you can open it open. It happened and do your your amendments and you do your changes. So that's the benefit off. I can't drive. So it's very easy to access and also from your mobile device is very easy to access by tapping on the app. And it's very similar to Google Drive and to any other drive available from other companies . But this is integrated with your iCloud, so I'll suggest to use these as well is very easy. Okay, that's it for for this video. If you have any other questions about iCloud drive, please drop me a line. I'll try to answer that as soon as possible. Thank you for listening