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Ultimate guide to overdrive and distortion pedals

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      High gain distortion


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    • 7.



    • 8.

      How to order guitar pedals in your signal chain


    • 9.

      Gate + distortion - eliminating troublesome hum and buzz


    • 10.

      Pitch shifter + distortion - Steve Vai shortcut


    • 11.

      Fuzz and octave effect - White Stripes Magic


    • 12.

      How to get rid of noisy pedals


    • 13.

      Does My Laptop Sound As Good As a Real Amp?


    • 14.

      Replica and copy pedal


    • 15.

      Final notes


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About This Class

This course will break down the different types of drives, overdrives, pre-amplifiers, and distortions. How they work, where to place themĀ and how you can control them.

Don't guess when it comes to your tone - find out what really works.

You will find lessons about:

*Drives, overdrives, distortions, high gain distortion, pre-amplifiers and fuzz.

*How to order guitar pedals in your signal chain.

*Gate + distortion - Eliminating Troublesome Hum & Buzz.

*Pitch shifter + distortion - Steve Vai shortcut.

*How To Get Rid of Noisy Pedals.

*Replica and copy pedal.

And more.

Important Note: This course is not about guitar pedal review! The goal is to teach you how drives and distortions work. Their parameters, sound comparison, pedal combinations and shortcut configuration.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher

Level: All Levels

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1. Welcome: Hello folks, My name is Gabe reflex and a professional musician. And today I'm here to talk about my new course, great course for beginner in professional musicians didn't want to learn about distortions, overdraft first, guitar effects. So we're going to talk about the parameters, how to configure your petals. Aren't you use a booster? The difference between an overdrive, a boost Siri, and it's torsion. Wire, your petals and several other very nice and important topics. But pay attention. This course is not about data, reveals, not going to talk about brands in this type of fee. The main goal of this course is to teach you the functions in the difference between the petals, k, between the types of distortions in overdrive. Of course. I hope you enjoyed my lessons. Thank you so much In see lesson number one, Bye bye. 2. Overdrive: Now it's time to talk about overdrive. In colostomy overdrafts, not strong enough to be a distortion, but it's not a weakness to be a booster battle. Okay, So it's something in the middle of these two types of petals. I'm going to use as example, that's groomer by daemon is a copy of the famous Ivan's Debs groomer, the DS9. I love this better because the copy is really similar. So it's a great PEDOT and I I spent watch something around 30, $40. So it's very, very cheap. But the idea here is to talk about the factor k. We are going to listen to sell or to stay in the cell. What type of songs we can fit overdraft. So this is the clean sound of my Overdrive. I have this. Nice, isn't it? You can find this effect and Linux keener. So let's play Sweet Home Alabama. What else? Blues, of course, beause, write such sunshine or feel 11 by Creon. Going off course, clastic rocks such as, hey, CDC, back in black. Overdrive is a very nice effect to have you own your pedal board because you can play gospel, softer rock, blues, rock and roll up in several type of styles. Into stone OB is the same thing as this button right here. Ario guitar, the guitar. If you put a lot of stone, you're going to have a lot of high frequence. Last time. You're going to have a low sound. Very nice, better if you like Rock and blips. 3. Distortion: Let's talk about distortion, one of the most famous guitar effects. So let's listen to the sound of my dark sound. Distortions. As can see, singing off my dark shades a lot. If these effects you can play. You can play Metallica. You can play Rick hostile, several type of dance. But be careful with distortion. Your sound can be a little bit. Nike, check this out. I opened the volume of my dorky. So no, uh, no nice with distortion. Have a little bit of nice. Okay. So be careful with that. To this solution, you need to load out your gain notch, right? Usually when you buy a distortion pedal, you have the level, that is the knob controls the quantity of volume of your pedal, the game, that's the volume, the acquaintance of distortion that you worked on your guitar. Tone. That is the same thing as the tone of your guitar. There's lessons not about how to configure your guitar effects. It's lessons about, I'm just in the South and storage from this, my shortcut key is when you buy or distortion, sit down and play, play, play a lot, juice. You understand the context of distortion in how to feed the sound on your songs. 4. Booster: Stanford talk about booster, the function. Booster. I don't want to see pad though because you can have this function, the boost function. In several types of petals. You have two type of boosters. You can use as a volume pedal. Or you can use as a pattern to put more volume on your guitar in a little bit of crunch, a little bit of distortion. So you can, for this, you can use a boost better S booster. You can use equalized pedal, k as booster just to raise the volume of the equalizer. You can use a volume pedals. You can use an overdrive pedal, yes, you can, but you need to know the gain knob, or you can hire someone and put more volume on your guitar during our solemn five-year option in step two, you, but remember it's important to know how to wire your petals. You should put your boost battle before the main station. Guitar amp, Boost, paddle, and starship. You're going to have more volume in a little bit at saturation. Okay? If you put your boots up PEDOT after yards Darshan, So amplifier, starch and boost paddle have more volume unless you're boost petal has something to add, extra storage. So let's test our starch on my boots better before my distortion. So now we have booths battle after my extortion. So it's up to you. Find a best solution for yourself. 5. High gain distortion: Hi gang pedal. Let's talk about his battles. They are very nice to have metals speed, math away, any kind of styles with that? Correct? Today I'm here with a metal zone bus number Chu Okay, does better was revolutionary heritage when they released this battle. So let's listen to sound is the clean sound. Okay, yeah, lives distortion. Very nice, isn't it? As you can see, we can play Ozzy Osbourne, black leaves society. Anything. We've have methyl black salve as well. Sounds very nice. A great battle. And most of the petals think 95 per cent of their high extortion better. We have the equalizer. There's a class is very important because you have a low-risk type of cells with this battle, they're going to use everything flat and I want to change only the equalizer. Okay, so let's change the sound. Sounds. Now. Fairness is just with their colleagues or you can have different type of cells and we have a few options with good as well. So renin asked you this type of effects, Alright guys. But you have a disadvantage. This petal Hagen pattern. Usually it's a very nice battle. If I open my volume, you can lease. So the sounds. Okay, That's why it's good to have a gate fat or two to cut this externalize. Be careful with that. If you have a guitar riff, single corneas, the skin sounds terrible. I have a hamburger. And we said to listen, okay, be careful with high-gain petals. 6. Fuzz: Now it's time to talk about first petal. First is a cousin of the distortion. Distortion with a little bit more noisy bar for yourself. Check this out. You can find a sounds in music. I play and just play wolf mother, woman. You can find in punk rock and even Jimi Hendrix use it to play with us. I think everybody knows, Purple Haze, isn't it? It's a very nice effect. Usually first half level dawn in the quantity of first. So tree nuts level controls the volume of the first the first knob controls the quantity of effects that you are going to to put on your guitar. Yeah, the turn-on is the tongue and it's the same thing as the top of your guitar. So if I load down, my tongue is going to sound like this in sound first, which the town in 0 are the trends in it. If I put a lot of time, it's going to sound like this. Completely different sounds. One of the problems we have with first is the nice bus. So if I turn on my petal, you can lease and the nice clear, isn't it? Frontiers? I going to put my first AND gate to get these nice. So as you can see, it's much better. 95 per cent of nice just disappear. So it's a great shortcut. First plus noise gate. 7. Pre-amplifiers: Let's talk about the preamp. The idea here is to use the sound of your guitar amp, okay? But we don't have so many ampoules. It's expensive. We don't have space for Ted ray. From this, the solution is to buy a preamble effect. I'm going to use the plumber preamble is a great panel with Dan guitar amps options. So I have founder, I have Marshall, have Friedman said Mazur boogie, several types of effects. I really want to talk about this type of distortion. King sided guitar amps. Just because lot of guitar please do not use paddles. For example, Zach wired, Tama, yummy, Buddy Guy, Cliff Richard, and several other musicians do not use a guitar pedals, just the distortion, the crunch sound of the guitar amps. So we're going to use this flower pre-amp as example. The best option to turn on your preamp is directly on your speakers instead of plug on the input of your guitar amp. So check if your guitar app has this option. So I select option number three, that is Chou rock Bree AMP. Now, I have to start from rank. Nice, isn't it? You can play pop and rock with this. Sounds very nice as any order, you can play some minutes Cunard, it should load down a little bit to your check this out. I have a load offer options. Let's try another one. Now let's see some, some heavy metal distortion. So they're going to use Friedman guitar amp. So let's select option number five. As you can see, it's very stark. Have the option to have several guitar amps inside of one single better than use the natural sound of the guitar amps. 8. How to order guitar pedals in your signal chain: Where does each better girls in the signal path? To be honest with you, there is no correct order. Yes. You can put your pitch shifter as your first pattern or the last feather, you can put your overdrive and the first one on the last one, it's up to you, okay. Most of the people say that we need you. We need to find some recipes, okay, you're going to let you chew recipes that we can find on the Internet. But to be honest, there is no correct answer for this question. Jimi Hendrix, for example, he usage play with his guitar amp first and guitar. So it's a completely different order, should have his sound signature. So my shortcut for you guys is this. Take all your paddles, sit down and find the best solution. The bass chain should turn on your guitar pedals. With this, you are going to develop your own style, your own signature. 9. Gate + distortion - eliminating troublesome hum and buzz: Now it's time to talk about distortion in gate effect. So the idea here is to had some shortcut to curb the noises sound off your distortion. So check this out. You're going to play with my crunch, read stories. As you can see. It's a little bit nice, right? But if I put my gate, I could these nice, so nice, isn't it? It's type of combination is great. If you have a lot of distortion, if you play with Huygens, torsion of firsts or kind of Started sound. Okay, so it's a great combination formulas because you can see my gate cut, the noise denies off my extortion wherein I'm low volume. So it's a great combination. You can just did the sensibility was your gate pedal through the trash hold option? 10. Pitch shifter + distortion - Steve Vai shortcut: Let's talk about pitch shifter. It's a great combination. So guitar amp, your pitch shifter, distortion, and your guitar, right? So let's listen The sound of my, my distortion. Now if my pitch shifter, nice isn't it? Let's listen water again. Be truth and Starship. As can see. When I play with pitch shifter, I have the sound of my minor scale blurs this same Peloton. One, One Perfect fifth higher. You can armor nice this type of combinations which perfect fifth intervals, meters, six meters, salvos. Companies you want in some big shift turf battles have the option to putting the octaves as well so you can transform your pitch shifter. Octave battle, check this out. The dark pitch shifter with bit shift or inactive. But be careful, does not work with courts. I put my pitch shifting in thirds. Check this out with melody. Fairness, isn't it? But with cards doesn't sound good. Steve I, one of the most famous guitar players use this type of effect. He his socks. So it's a great combination. Pitch shifter store. 11. Fuzz and octave effect - White Stripes Magic : A great combination is an octave pedal. Yeah, of course, Yeah. Okay, So guitar amp, octave pedal. First annual guitar sounds very nice. We can, we can say that Jimi Hendrix used to play with discrimination. I saw an Eskimo case. White Stripes has a great sound called bu blue working. Let me, first of all, let's listen to sound. Sound off my guitar. This is with the first. And this is first, sorry, octave in first. So let's play the market. So the sound is sound very nice octave in first. But sometimes we have a problem. We have an issue with the nice birth. So she put too much. First. It's going to sound a little bit nice. Check this out. You can listen a little bit of this. From this, you can add a gate pedal, guitar amp, octave pedal, first gate pedal, guitar. So I could almost 99% of the nice. Alright, so it's a great solution and he's still blank. Good. You still with a very nice sound. As you can see, it works perfectly. It dealt gate noise. A lot of boys. But be careful with one thing if you add this octave, bad odors, octave combination, I 50k, at least Jimmy court's not going to sound very well. Check this out. I think sound a little bit weird, right? Let's test it del doctors. Which octave? Liz, my opinion. I don't know if you injure or not, but I don't think fits with courts. 12. How to get rid of noisy pedals: The first shortcut is about cables. We have several type of cables and connectors. If you have several types of petals, I indicated this type of connector right here. It's just the connectors. You pick two petals here. Just to give an example. If you connect you to have the cable between them, just the connector. So this helps a lot to avoid. Similar type of analysis. You have this type of cable right here that is very tiny. And she cable have this outer one that's a little bit stronger. I used to have, is another type of cable right here. Let me show you, which is a second. Very, very strong. Check this out. Check the difference between them. Okay. It's crazy, isn't it? So inside of this cable, you have another cable protecting here, man cave. That's why I prefer this type of cable is a little bit expensive. You are going to find his finger cable around strength, $5 US dollars. But I think it's really worth another shortcut is your power supply. So most of the power supplies, it's written the quantity of an array in this, and it's very important. This, this power supply is front of brand landscape and we have five connectors. But I can connect fast battles or until 1 thousand NDAs. Okay? So most of the petals, I can say that 95% of the petals consume around between 53 METs, Most of them. So I can plug five petals in this bar supply or unto you want a 100 MBAs. I'm not going to explain what Amy is. But the idea here is a voyage by power supplies to, for example, 5610 petals with low ME a capacity. For example, if you have a power supply to five petals and you buy a power supply which features 200 MBAs, is going to be terrible. Going to have, you're not going to have enough capacity or few minutes to work correctly. It doubts have any type of problems. If you are a battle, sometimes you by the power supply and completely new power supply and you connect your other petals, but they do not turn on and usages because Danny, capacity. So my advice is if you buy a power supply, make sure you have at least 1 thousand. Okay? If you buy a power supply to pan eight or 16 petals, at least 2500 MBAs. All right, I know the shortcut is about how to avoid feedback. He does not add a noise issue, but sometimes can be if you do not understand what is a feedback. So feedback is this fact right here. I think everybody heard us feedback, right? You want to avoid this type of problem? Do not stay too close to your amplifier, okay, I'm very close to my amplifier and distortions too high. And the volume is very high. So if I turn on the volume, I going to have this. So in this case, I gone to cut my game off my distortion pedal. I'm going to change the volume just a little bit. Let me see. Much better, isn't it? So most of the cases you can avoid this type of feedback. Just adjusting your battles, your guitar, and your position on the road. Not a fainter you need to remind, is when you bipedal specialty fees or use it better, avoid russet battle key issue. Have a pedal four watts, 567 years. Let me see. I think I have an example, for example, my methyls on, as you can see, we have a little bit of rest right here. Okay, You should we compare chickens that are parallel, that is brand new, we don't have. So avoid rose petals, avoided this bad connectors. Because most of the cases you have rest dust inside your pedal. And this is malfunction. Problem. 13. Does My Laptop Sound As Good As a Real Amp?: Petals or emulate the sound on a computer? Yes, today we are going to have this type of test just to see what is the best option. So I have a red crush that is from mosque brands. And this PEDOT sounds a lot as a martial, martial cell. So we're going to test this petal in some martial effects on their computer and compare both of them. That means Cambyses. We have some bands that do not have petals or an allosteric effects. Have everything digital in and have the whole show, the whole setup. Simple laptop or a computer. This type of thing is very calming music. Whose house a lot. The bands just save money and luggage. She went to her traveling, right? So it's not necessary to have several types of petals, fires and heads and things like that. Aaa the sound. And with just one computer you can emulate anything you want. But let's test this out. 14. Replica and copy pedal: Now it's time to talk about the replica petals. So I'm here with a golden horse, this PEDOT I've bought for what? She was less than $25. Yes, it's very cheap to overdrive. And this is a copy off this entire very famous overdrive. And it's very expensive as well. So he's, I think is unwanted $1200. So it's crazy. It's a lot of money. And if we compare both pedals, this pattern right here, the rapid PKA is something around 95% of the sound of the day center, petal, okay, do regional one. So you need to to shift your thinking a lot about that. Why this worked for me. Pages, $25 US dollars and have 95 per cent of the sound or pay 1200 US dollar and have the Dixie, the original one. You need to think about your goals and what is the best for you. If you are a beginner, if you're not work as a professional is just have this as a Rabi. Probably to have the copy is much more profitable. But if you have a studio, a big studio, and you receive very famous band, it's important you have the original equipments, right? Just you have 100% of the sound, of course, have this status that is very important to develop a business. The choice is yours. Most of the copies you can find in China, China had several tracker off brands such as Maschine, Lama, Moir, and several types of brands that produce this type of petals. But you can find copies in United States, handmade copies in Brazil, UK, or afterward. Yeah, of course, we need to think about the price. The price is very affordable for most of the musicians, it's a good choice if you do not want to invest too much money in guitar pedals. 15. Final notes : The last lesson of our course, and I have three things to talk. The first one is, please evaluate my course. This is very important to my work. This type of feedback is going to help me to improve my lessons. And of course, the visibility here in this platform. So this reveal pour this feedback part is very important guys. Second thing, you can watch the course over again, kings, Not a problem at all. We have any kind of doubt. Just come back and see the lesson over again. This is important, very important. Because with this you are going to absorb a 100% of the knowledge Hanover tree is visit my profile have several types of courses in this Florida form froms going to help in the future, right? So think is so much and see you later. Bye-bye.