Typography Wall Art: How to Create Fancy Prints For Your Home or Shop | Laurie Cosgrove | Skillshare

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Typography Wall Art: How to Create Fancy Prints For Your Home or Shop

teacher avatar Laurie Cosgrove, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the Class


    • 2.

      Crash Course in Photoshop


    • 3.

      Basic Design Rules


    • 4.

      Typography Print Style #1


    • 5.

      Typography Print Style #2


    • 6.

      Typography Print Style #2 (Part 2)


    • 7.

      Typography Print Style #3


    • 8.

      Your Class Project


    • 9.

      Printing & Display Ideas


    • 10.

      Ideas for Selling


    • 11.

      Last Tips


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About This Class

Show off your creativity and favorite phrase with typography wall art! In this class I'll be teaching you how to put your best quotes, taglines or phrases into a fancy design for your wall. 

In just one hour you'll learn...

  • Basic design rules to follow when laying out your wording
  • Three fun ideas for bringing your type to life in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Ideas for how to print, display and sell your finished artwork

Create multiple art prints to bring motivation to your workspace or some fun additions to your gallery wall at home. You might even end up creating your own online shop of prints.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laurie Cosgrove

Graphic Designer


I'm Laurie, designer, wife and mama of 3 littles. I create starter designs for creatives to help them save time behind the screen and live out more hope-filled, purposeful stories! I love Jesus, hope, color and my sweet little family. xo

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1. Introduction to the Class: e needs Lori cause girls and I'm a graphic designer. Mid West. I've never been the best at sketching, painting or any of the traditional skills associated with art. Even after taking our costs in college. Just I get so frustrated because I would have this great idea in my head, and then I go to create it with a pen or a brush, and I just couldn't do it. It never came out the way that I wanted to, but that's Iowa. Did your Lord especially high positive with the right tools and created by at least anyone , can create a really fun, expressive, attention grabbing art print without needing to have a lot of our experience? I have a bit of a type of session, actually, and my house is filled with words saying Quote that motivated me and reminding of with support and also, just in this class, a few basic ways to create art out of your favorite things. So I'll share a few basic design rules and give you a rundown of how I use it will be photo shopped to create typography, crystal my house, and you can take these skills and decorate the rooms in your office or in your home. Or if you want to be really of interest, you could start your own shop and sell your You definitely do not have to be a professional to get started. You will just have fun. With an experiment on, you might surprise yourself with what you're able to stay in just a few. 2. Crash Course in Photoshop: Okay, so for this. Listen, I'm just going to give you a crash course in photo shop, in case you haven't had too much experience with the program. Um, I will try to give you many of the basic tools as I can in this short few minutes so that you won't be totally overwhelmed and that you can get started designing. Okay, so when you open up the program, this is what you'll see. Um, this is just some of the last things that I worked on. Go ahead and click this new button, start a new document, and they should give you some different templates to work with. We're gonna do the in house by 11. Just standard of us letter size and for resolution here. This is kind of important. If you are going to be printing anything out, you really want it to be high quality. So 300 is basically the standard you want to stick with. Um, if it's just gonna be on a website, then you could go down Shoes. Lewis 72. That's the standard screen resolution. Um, but if you print that out at 72 it's gonna be really pixelated. and I'm gonna look very good at all. So we want to stick with about 300 create, and this is what you see. So, um, I have everything set up the way that I like to work in photo shop. You might see a few different palates over here, so I'm just going to show you a little bit of how I set it up. So we're gonna want the character palette, the layers palette and this watches. And one more you also might wanna have is the history palette. Now, mine has just kind of tucked in right in here. But if I wanted to pull it out, I could or I could just take it right back in. But the history of college is really nice, because your shop will kind of keep track of every little step that you've taken so you can go back in your history and, um, kind of undo some steps if you want to. For this little camera icon right here. You click on that at any point during, um, your design, it'll kind of save everything up until that spot. So you can you can save different snapshots of your process, just in case you want to go back and compare different designs. So I'll show you a little bit more of that as you get working on our prince. All right, And then over here, you're gonna have some. These are all of your tools, and the main ones were going to be working with is the move to wolf. And I'll show you a little bit more of that once we get until layers. And then that type two. Well, lookie click calmness and hold it down. You'll get some different options here, but we'll probably just stick with the horizontal type tool. Okay, even in the shapes, if you hold that down, you'll see all the different shapes you can create. Um, feel it's tool can create a circle. And then there's a line to a week news. The custom shape to was fed. If you click on that, um, and you come up here, you can select some of these different custom shapes. Those are your tools. Um, that's just the basics for what we're gonna be using for our take. Agree typography prints, But feel free to explore with is there so many more things that you could do with any of these tools. Something that I like to do is we're getting started. Is, um zoom in a little bit. You can go to view and zoom, or you can let God come in and the plus sign where the minus side is to zoom out. So that's just a quick, short key. And then, um, I also like to add this margins clothes that I would also like to create margins just so that I don't get too close to the edge of my paper. So I do that by using guys, and so choose a guide. You're gonna click on your ruler and drag that down. So I like to do about 1/2 inch here, and you can also click on on the verdict cools ruler as well to create those. So that just gives me an idea of where I should stay within the boundaries. And you can turn those off by clicking on command in the colon or semicolon. But those air just for you to see those they're not gonna print out on your sheet. Okay, so over here we have this watch palette, and this shows just all the last colors that I've used at the top. Um, my colors might look a little bit different than yours just because I've added a lot of colors as I've been designing. But any time that you want to add a new color to the colors palate, you can come down here and click on this square. And if you're gonna choose it, say, like this color, we can hit the address watches but in and in a public right there. Or if you just happen to be if you just happen to be using a color looks and using that one , um, I could just come over here and hit this little button that says New Swatch. And then, um, this will pop up to add a new swatch there so you could do either one of those making click and drag to delete it. Okay, so then right below it, you'll see I set up the character palette. So this is all the information you're gonna find about your type. So let's get into that. If you're gonna create type of the type tool, you can either click and just type like this. It's pretty small So what I can do is click right next to it and highlight it dry dragged over to highlight it. And then if you come over here, this will give you some different options for your text. So you can. She's larger. This is your text size. This is gonna be right. Here is your line spacing. So let's say that I hit Enter and I said, Hello there. Then I can click and highlight thes, and then I'm going to click and and just increase the line spacing. And that's what happens there. Right below it is the letters facing. So if I wanted to be, have a little bit more space between the letters, that's where you can find that. Um, if you click on the color here, you can change that clicking on this watch on a lot of time. Sponsors will come with their own italics in their own bold. So I would use those before you use these tools just because they look a lot better. Hey, that's the basics of the character palettes. So now let's look at the layers ballot right below. Here, you'll see we have a text layer. We have the background layer. I'm just gonna add another one just so I could show you how this works. So let's add a pink circle by clicking and dragging. I'm also I was just sure you click and drag an hold shift. You can create a perfect circle like that. There's no feel right now so you can go up in change it to this, and then I don't really want to stroke around. I don't want a border scientifically gun that to have no struck. And then, um, if you did wanna stroke, you can change the settings here. Okay, so right now, as you can see, um, you're not gonna be able to see the hello there, layer, because it is actually layered underneath circle. So if you want to be able to work with that, you can click and just drag it to the top. And now, um, now that text is actually on top of circle, we can click and drag him around to see what's on top of what's on bottom. Okay, so I'm gonna hide this circle for now and just show you a few things. Um, see more things that the text. So if we double click on the silty I come, That highlights it. And, um, let's say I want to make the whole thing in all caps. This little simple here is, um, how we do that. And, um yeah, so if this is ever I'm sometimes it might mess yet because you'll wonder, like thing during the lower case. It's not working. You may have this all cats turned on, okay. And if you come up here and you click on, um, this little arrow, this is how you can change those settings. But, um, a faster way to do that. If you hover over here right over this tea, you'll see how these little arrows pop up. If you click and drag him to the riot, the numbers go up and drive them to the left. The numbers go down. So that's a faster way to just change those settings. Um, I'll show you how it works. If you double click on this is highlighted. Said now, anything that we do is actually gonna affect the text. And so now when I click to the right, you'll see it happened here. Hearings? Yes, I have this idea that okay, time to go into an office, so I'm going to back this up a little bit and get rid of that. So just a slope, And then when we're fun thing that photo shop offers is the work text. You can come up here and click on on this T I can. And then, um, you click on this arrow, it'll show you all these different shapes that you can create. So let's look at, for example, the flag with we're gonna use this later in the glass. And if you put on these settings, you can kind of watch and see what it does here. Change the horizontal distortion to see that. And the vertical distortions. I usually like to leave these two alone. I like to just mess it. The bending. Um, so, yeah, these They're just different. Looks that you could give your text. Okay, um and I'm gonna go ahead and delete this time. Show you I'm gonna show you one more weight till, um, one other way to work with tex. So if you click on this, type 2111 more time and then click and drag, you can actually create a text box. So That's nice. If you ever wanna have everything fit inside a nice little boundary or little box some and then you can change the size of the box and it'll affect the Texas. So that's another way that you can do that. You know, I'm just gonna could stand the most to so that I can go back to work family layers, get rid of that. So get rid of all that, and this would back up to our history palette. Here's this one right here. And then Now you could see all of these steps that we've taken. So let's go back, Teoh. Um, you're not here and then you click on the camera. Now, when you go up here, you can see we have it saved when you open it and then you have this stage saved. So it's just a nice way to save your work at that stage in time. So one by one last thing I want to show you is just a couple short keys that might come in handy as you're working in Photoshopped. So one that I use a lot is Commander Control and the Tiki. Now you'll notice these little Aero Ciric. You clicked in turn. We will start to rooty. You could hold down shift, and that will Internet more precise angles here, done so good at. Or if you come and have a river, one of these little squares, you can click and drag to make it bigger. If you want to keep the proportions, you can hold down shift. And now it's proportionally getting bigger and smaller. The intern you didn't and then, um, one were key. That's really helpful is Command Z, and that's just from to undo your last step. So I mean, can you clippers just about the basics? So obviously there's so many more things that you could do with Photoshopped, but hopefully this will give you enough experience with the programs that you can follow along with some of our tutorials. And the next US is 3. Basic Design Rules: Okay, So before you get started working on a prince, I thought it might be helpful to run through some basic design rules. So if you haven't had much background in design, that's totally fine. Um, these will just give you an idea of what's appealing to most people. Visually, you can feel free to break the rules after you know what they are. So I thought, I just give you a few things that I look for when I am designing my so all right, let's get started. The first rule we're going to talk about is balance now. A balance composition feels natural and right. It's kind of hard to explain, but you just look at it and it feels like it said it right. So you want to arrange your layout in a way that won't create tension for you? Look at it and you feel like something's a little off balance. So, for example, if you create something large boulder dark, it can add a lot of visual weight that withdraw the I there, and so it creates a little bit of tension. If it's in a spot that's not balanced, you'll need a balance this weight with something equally struck. So when were you to do this is to use symmetry. If you have something on top, you're gonna want something on the bottom just to balance that Or, if yes, thing on the right, you'll wonder. Has something on the left symmetry. Or you can also use a man asymmetrical style, which would be, um, if you have something on one side, you can balance it with some white space. Now, if you have an element near the edge of your frames, it also helps Valence to have all of your elements that exact distance from the frame all the way around. But keep in mind that things are stronger visually in groups. If you've heard any of the gestalt principles principles of grouping, you remember that humans tend to organize things into groups or patterns, so things are too far apart. It's more work for a breeze to process that, because we have to analyze each one separately. So start with a focal point and then try to build out the things and in proximity. The next one is a waiter cheap bounce with interest and now is called contrast. So contrast mix the interior designing stand out I can give you is a place to start or direct There I from one element to the next. So, for example, if you're scanning an article, our eyes will be drawn towards the headlines, the sub headers and then some of the highlights that are bold or bulleted within the article so that we just, um, naturally go to those things that stick out as everything was the same way the same, um, size. It can get a little bit boring to read eso as an interest by changing the size, the weight or color of your type. Maybe you could use to funds that complement each other Well, um, in just that has a little bit of contrasts and interest to your documents so that it doesn't get Dole or hard to read the next in something I love to play around with a lot. Not is white space or negative space. My face is just what it sounds like. It's the empty our extra space around protect even created clean, a minimal just that increasing the weight space just like you might feel more peace and clean, minimal organized workspace. You'll feel less stressed visually by keeping your type Uncluttered. This could be achieved through increasing your lines, facing your letters, facing and keeping constant, consistent emergence so things they're too close together. It creates that tension we talked about earlier. Give things a little room to breathe, and you can also create invisible borders by using your right space as a shape. So play around with it and see if you could take your design from good to great just by adding a little bit of white. Okay, next rule to implement is simplicity. This one tends to be a bit objective, but usually a simple design is much stronger than a complicated, overcrowded with, um, a lot like we're talking about with white space. The idea of less is more when it comes to simple design. Local isn't just to get rid of anything fun until it's plain and boring. But it's actually to clear all of the distracting elements and prioritize just the essentials. See how much you could take away before it becomes just a lifeless design. A good rule of thumb is to make your design timeless and versatile. Tried a picture on a T shirt, a book Cover a billboard. Does it work really small or really large shoes type that isn't super trendy? You're so fancy that it's artery. Do you have a font and layout that's beautiful and clear of distracting elements? That's all any totally simple. Okay, you're doing great. Our last design rule is repetition. One way to make your design really unified is adding in some repeating elements, like color lines or boldness. When you repeat something in your design and mix elements look like they belong together. It's also fun way to make a set or a collection of prints by using one similar element in each one. For example, I have one gallery wall in my house that's entirely black and white. Um, and so those repeating elements make them look like they belong together. You don't overdo it, too, that a silver whelming but himself, repeated shapes or pops of color can really make a decided feel unified. Okay, so those are our main design rules, and obviously those are not all of them. But I think if you're pretty confident with using these rules than your going to come up with a pretty solid design, so go ahead and experiment with, um and try out some designs and different fonts. And I'm sure you're gonna come up with I'm some great ideas. 4. Typography Print Style #1: All right. So let's get started with our first typography style. This one is mostly going to send around the idea of spacing. And we're just gonna play around with some different things that weaken Dio just with the most basic type. Basic colors, basics, basics. Okay, this is gonna be by far the easiest critique UNMIK. So I'm gonna show you how I made, um, this print here. This is a quote from the movie inception, which I love and super simple. Um, let me show you how to make it. Okay, so here you go in there. Document I've created on those guys already, right at the half inch margins. Just because I just like to start that way, you really don't have to, but I just always do. Okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is create a color background, and you can do this a lot of different ways. You can either create a shape over the top, um, like a rectangle shape by clicking and dragging, and then just can changing the color up here is in different things. One thing that I like to do. Instead, I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of that. I just come down here to this If you hold it. If you this little circle icon, if you click on that, you can go to sell it color. Now the whole background is gonna be this one color. And I like that. I like doing it that way because, um, now you just have something that you can double click on it and change as often as you want , okay? And so I believe that this, um, this is look good with kind of a dark grey here, so I just have it saving my swatch. But, um, you could do a 373737 That'll give you about no, give you about the regular breaks. Now, we have a totally great background, and all we have to do is evident. So I click on that test tool in clicking drags. You can drive. There you go. And then over here in my character palette, I'm gonna set that up as the font. Antonio, it's a free front you can download. I believe it's in front squirrel dot com and then I'm at 1 17 Miss spacing from to go ahead lead zero and then, um, thistles at 99. But you can change it. 200 if you want to be. Exactly. And then, um, color. I just have it set of it. White. OK, now we're ready to type. Oh, and then you also want to have your alignment set to lift swivel head, click on now, and just go ahead and take you. Thank you. Okay. Okay. So it does appear because it was just a little bit too big or I text boxes just a little bit too small. So you can either do one of two things. You can click this box here and make it bigger. And the ISS for you can just make the fonts smaller. So I think I'm just gonna leave it at that. Um, but since it is going outside of my sergeants a little bit, I'm gonna click up here on the move tool. Just move it at the little and nearly that it's done. It's not easy. So it makes the style interesting, I think is the lack of lines facing. But let's play around us of different things. You could do with increasing this facing. So I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of that. Change your background to light, okay? And then I'm just gonna put down the text tool again. And then I like Antonio. But I'm gonna go ahead and has changed. This colored that kind of dark gray again. 37. 37. 37. Is that No wonder. Okay, the next thing I'm gonna show you is this Click on the text to again click and drag a new text box and I knew type looking me. And you're 40 Flynn's guys. And so this is kind of cute in it of itself. But let's go ahead and highlight it. And, yeah, Sunny and this play around with some different citing. So we talked about contrast a little bit in our design rules, and I'm just going to show you what that looks like visually. Um, so let's go ahead and click and highlight the unique me. You sneak in a little bit smaller and add some contest in a size. Okay, so, you know, I like the happy, and then I want the happy to go to the very edges of you. Make me so let's go ahead and do that. But I'm just clicking up here and driving to the right to make it bigger. And then I'm also gonna want to increase my lines. Basic, Because I don't want this to be covering up that you make me. Let's go down And it's quick to the right click and drag to the right to make this bigger. And the one thing I don't like is that this doesn't line up. Exactly. So this is where my guys come in. I'm gonna click on the left a ruler and drag a guide over what actually is pretty close number. You do the same thing on the side, so I'm just gonna go happy and highlight it And then again, move this down And I really want the when skies are to be the same size as you make me. So if I click on it, e can see that it's size 73. So I'm gonna go ahead and I like that, Um when skies are here and type in 73 dinner. So now I could have done it Over here is up. And then now these two are the same size. But you know what? I think I actually like it to line up with my guy. So you will make it a little bit smaller. Yeah, in the I want great to be the same Size is happy. So happy was that 1 62 It says so tired, right? Gray have been 1 60 and we're gonna increase our line spacing, clicking and dragging to the right. Okay. And the one thing I don't like about this is that the spacing between this is not the same . And this is spacing between this. We really wanna have that consistency in order to create balance here. And also, this is just a little bit too high. It's not centered on the document, so we'll have a little bit more balance if we click here and just move the whole thing down . And then let's go ahead and highlight once guys on. And then we're gonna decrease the space between this so that it's the same as it is here. And this is pretty close, so we'll just decrease it a little. Now she has gotten this is who we can kind of see what it looks like. They're still a little bit high. So one thing you could do you can click and drag or if this layer is selected, you can use your arrow keys on keyboard just nudging down. It's looking pretty good. Um, I know that the gray doesn't line up here, but I kind of like being the same size has happy. But if you did want that, I had to line up along the edges, couldn't like the kite, and then maybe change the spacing between the lit the letters here so I can click and drag to the right. And now and now we have the bonus of using the negative space there to create this invisible box. Did he hit command? Colin gonna get rid of your guys? You can see what it looks like completely. I'm gonna go ahead and click on the snapshot here to say that and you could play around with some different colors. Maybe, you know, since that's from, um, essentially and and then you can play around with changing the hunt color here as well. I might change it lying. It's a little hard Teresi might want to do. We want to do a little bit darker. Here's okay and you will hit the snapshot there. Now if you go up here, you can kind of see some of the different ideas for So I'm gonna change it back to the back of my I like that one the best with the dirt grade. And I must say a few other things you can add to your document You can add to your art print just to make it a little bit more fun. Um, I'm gonna click on the shape tool, and I'm gonna create a box around this, even though we have the invisible border from the white space. I think it be fun just to have a real border there. So let's go ahead and clicked on. Great for the stroke. Um, to me, many click and drag here and you can increase the stroke, huh? And so that's when I did. You can access where? Border around there, and I'm gonna turn off this later just to see with it without it before you can again go to your history palette and cooking a snapshot. Nothing you can do to add something is just add a line. Um, so I'm gonna click in here, built in my guides back on when you look great. here in between this? Yeah, and I'm in a it shifts that. It's a straight line in in in here like that And have a little light near you can kind of play around with the size of the line here, too. Then I'm gonna duplicate that line, layer snap two of them, and I need to move this here. So So now you have a few different lines, maybe even three. If you want to go crazy with lines now, you might notice that your lines are not all because he's face. So one thing you could do is hit shift. And it just looked all of them. They're all highlighted now, can This is where your ally jewels might be helpful. Um, so I'm gonna go up here to this center, and now all my lines are completely centered, and I can and click on the arrow keys to kind of get him over other down in a minute to hit medical into turn this off in his snapshot. So now you can go to your snapshots and just see which did I like best? The hell out of funny, is there? Okay, Uh, so those were just some easy ways to use spacing and simple type, in contrast, white space just to make a unique, dynamic breath. 5. Typography Print Style #2: Okay, Not for a second style typography. We are gonna do kind of ah, brushed calligraphy, almost handwritten style of type on. This one is probably my favorite right now just because there's so much you can do with its really casual. Um So I'm gonna show you how I created this free as a bird on the wind print. This is a line from a song from Ren Collected, which is one of my favorite bands, sir. Great. You should definitely check them out. And then if you want to go a little bit more simple, I'm also going to show you how to do just a couple. If you wanted to stick to a two word phrase or something like that just to get started, we'll do really simple. One is, though. Now, if you'll notice I have this little circle set up and it's just to show you that when I'm putting together this style, um, it's really easy to get kind of wonky, and, um, it's tough to make it look like the words go together. So something that I do just as the Guidice creating a little circle behind them and it kind of guys your eye around without it looking like everything's just kind of going different directions. If that makes us so, you definitely don't do that. But that's just something that I do so that everything is kind of grouped together nicely. Um, and you also noticed that I kind of like to keep this type going at an angle on. There's something about the energy of an angle that makes it. Do you like the Texas sort of moving? So I think it goes really well with the stylist type. So get started doing that. The to funds seventies today, our Sun Valley and Hello Beautiful. And these are both. I believe these air both paid funds that you can find on creative market dot com. Um, maybe a way to find free versions or versions that are similar to this. There's so many great brush calligraphy. Fahd's out there so really don't stress if you can't find these exact sponsor if you don't want to pay for them. But they're just the ones that I even use today, because there I feel like they go very well with this style. So let's go with the simple one. For now. Let's go Sun Valley, and I'm just gonna click in the middle of May Design type in. Hello. And then it's kind of going off the tape each year. Some minutes with my move tool, Senator. Okay. And then, like I said, it couldn't want at an angle. So I'm in a got my move, tool, and include Hold down, can anti so that I can rotated a little bit I hit a nerve And then I'm gonna duplicate this layer just to keep it simple. No, the devil collected type in Nutley and one in a click and drag that down. So if you noticed that the hello, let me it's probably gonna be a little bit smaller. So let's click both of those and hit command T just resize on the little smaller said they fit a little better within our doctor means, um Oh, no, my battery's going Okay, so it's And then there was also an exclamation point here. Something fine we can do is play around with the work tool so that if you notice there's just some some of the letters within this are going to be a little bit closer than others, and we don't want any weird white space issues. So that's where the work tool comes into play. So I'm gonna double clicked on lovely. And we're just gonna go up and click on that work tool for the work text. And if you click this air on, go down the flag like a show to earlier we can play around with kind of the bend of this so that, um, get feeling some of those white gaps. It's a business about the same distance is this one and I feel like that looks pretty nice . So at about 14 and then you can kind of click and drag it around until it fits right? Right within here. And then you can do the same thing with the hello. Maybe not as much. Just a tiny bit. I feel like that that have been down shape here can kind of give. It's a movement. It's an energy. So go ahead and do that. No, I mean, you can kind of play around with where you'd like it to go. So one thing that I don't like is just how this has some gaps here. So I could drag it in here a little bit closer. But now our problem is that this hell is running into this l So we can double click on that . Highlight your l Oh, how about, um And then you can. This is where you can go in here and raised the single letter up If you want Teoh and I'm gonna do the same thing with the one next to it. So it's not super obvious, and then this. Oh, I'm gonna move ups just so that it kind of covers up that the end of the L. So now it kind of moves a little bit more naturally. And you can also take this, Ellen, just move it down so that there's a little bit more space there as well. Um, and I'm gonna hit command tea and just irritate this a little bit more. You can just keep playing around with it. Actually, if it feel like it fits together perfectly, Definitely does not have to be perfect, Andi, But you can click here and just kind of move it around until you feel like everything is centered nicely. You can even check it with that circle shape and see he hold down clicking dragon, then hold down shift and well, you can just kind of check it. And if it follows the lines of the circle, you're probably pretty good to go. We'll delete that by pushing the delete key. Um, and this is set up even a little bit differently than here, but it's still, I think, works together pretty well. 6. Typography Print Style #2 (Part 2): Okay, so let's go ahead and get rid of those layers. And I'm gonna show you how to do the free as the birds bio print. And I'm just going to give you a heads up. It might take a little while. So first, let's just get started. So the fun time to be using here is called Tell a Beautiful And this is also because it has a few different funds within the font. So I'm just gonna type frieze. I can give you an example on and high like this so the regular style looks just like this. And then there's also some alternate an alternate pot. So, um, still very similar business. You know, say you wanted your f to look a little bit differently. You could choose the regular or you can choose the alternate. Same thing, if any of these. So it's just nice. You can give me a few options. A man. They also give you a marker thought, which it's like in all caps kind of rush look, which I love. I'm wrong. The most fun, I think, is swash is so each letter of the alphabet is going to be a different little slash sign. Anyway, it's fun. Okay, so let's go ahead and go back to the regular phone. And I'm a size 2 55 and kind of dark gray color. I like to stick with it, and I'm just skin up, go ahead and put up here. How? I don't really like the look of the capital F, so I'm just gonna do f and then at the lower case up, and then I'm going to make it larger, maybe to 66 fish. So I have made this bigger. Now I'm just going to start creating the rest of the words, and I'm just going to do that by clicking and dragging to duplicate the layer. So we needed free as I'm just gonna start arranging him. Sort of how I had in mind you put a kind of over here aimed I'm a Mexican drag bird over here, and I actually kind of like the capital be here. It doesn't fit right now, but we will make if it line. And I think for the on the word the words on the field noticed I use the marker just because I felt like it said a little bit better. So I'm gonna click and highlight that and just change it to the macro fides. And obviously, it's gonna be a lot smaller, so we'll just do that for now. Obviously, things are exactly where they should be. And I'm gonna go back to Bird and then type in the last words the wind. And I did a couple w Here's just because I like that. So let's look at the sun again. We have that circle shape. Um, and I'm gonna go ahead and do that just to give us something to work with, just to give us an idea of how things should fit together. Um, looks set me just click and arrange that. Maybe a little smiley. Okay. And now I can have an outline. I'm gonna get rid of that later, but at least I know kind of what I'm shooting for. Selous. The free Here. I feel notice. These are all a little bit at an angle, so that should probably be our first step. So let's go ahead and highlight all of the text. No, I had control t and just take out a little bit. So now it's all at an angle. And now I'm just gonna start arranging some of these. So let's put three here. And if you need to turn any of these layers off just so that you could see that's fine. I'm just gonna go right over, then asked benefit here. Um, and what I'm doing is just kind of filling in some of these these gaps. You see, there's kind of an invisible boundary right here, so I'm just going to kind of stick today and there to fill that gap and bird. I feel like it's going to change quite a bit. Um, as we start moving with working and everything like that, Okay. And for the word bird, I think I kind of like the alternate day. So I'm gonna go up here and click on the ultimate kind of like that slip there a little, and then I met angle this just a tiny bit more because this is gonna be running into this. Quite a. This is gonna be running into the words above it quite a bit. Then. I'm gonna go to range and move that up here. Doesn't have an angle that a little bit more as well. Okay, and then on the So I'm gonna make on that pretty small and let's start playing around with some warping now that everything's in about the right spot. So now just looking at this, I'm noticing I have some letters running into each other. I have some blank spaces I need to fill. So if you look at the other one, it just kind of looks like everything blends together so nicely every gabfest filled and I don't have anything running into any of the letters running into each other. So I'm gonna do the same thing, Try to do the same thing over here. So let's start with the word free, and we're gonna work that with the SAG again, and I'm just bringing that down. I just want to create a little bit more room there. It okay. And then, as I'm actually gonna connect, angle that the opposite way. So it might even be going down just like that, Okay? And I love that at the little. So now we're kind of carrying on the shape of the circle and a I probably leave just as it is. I think it's perfect. And then bird go up and work that to that. Down about 11. See how it's kind of starting to fill this gap here. Um, And then, well, let's turn off win for just a moment. And for on that, maybe I do want to just angle that a little bit more this way so that I can kind of feel that space there. Okay. And then the last one we need to work with is the word winged. This one might be the most tricky. Well, we're with flag shape, and that's probably pretty good. Very around 11. So now you notice we're getting a little bit closer to this. Um, Okay, now what I want to do is find some ways for this w to not run into the onset. And I also don't really like that. There's a big space in between the W and the wind. So let's fix those rhetoric. I'm gonna highlight the Debbie year, and I'm in a decrease the spacing between the letters and just kind of move this right over here into that gap. And now it's not running into the on that anymore. He and I might also just moved the free at a little bit and maybe even the A up a little bit. And then you'll notice if we turn out this circle shape, there's kind of some there's a few really big white gaps that's just kind of making it look a little wonky, a little off balance, so that this is when I start to kind of use those custom shapes that you'll see in the front to kind of fill those gaps. I happen to have purchased these custom shapes. And I'm so sorry I have. I'm not sure exactly where it got him, but I'm creative market, and I'm sure a lot of other websites you confined different ornaments and different custom shapes that can fulfill the same purpose. But this is these are just the ones that I have sometime in a click and drag and hold on shift so that it doesn't get messed up. It stays proportional, and I'm in it. Choose no stroke and cutting that gray feel again, and I'm gonna hit control t so that I can rotate it a little bit. And now for hit Enter. I can just gonna move this around and fill this gap here, and I'm gonna do the same thing that the other gaps. Something about that swirl shape just makes me think of the movement. Would somebody click and drag here on an inhale anterior? Come and then I'm gonna hit control T. And I'm just gonna turn this a little bit so that it fills this gap hit. Enter. And if you notice before I turn that off, there's a bunch of little tiny I only want to get into that we don't. Okay, so now this is kind of filling that space here, I think. Oh, maybe I had a threat. Yes. And tonight. Okay. Now, I do not have any bird shapes. So what I'm gonna do is take one of the shapes I was using earlier. Click and drag that. And now if you go up here, I'm that quick. I'm a zoom tool in a little bit closer, and I have what's called the drip selection tool. What I'm gonna do is just click and drag so that think I'm in a click and drag, so that only have you noticed these only these two shapes are selected, and I'm just going to delete him. So now I just have this little shape, and I'm gonna control T community and rotated around can. And I'm gonna coffee that duplicate that. And then I'm going to go over to transform and flip it horizontally. So now if I move it over here rotated a little, it can start to look like birds. And so now you have kind of like a little bird shape. You can keep tweaking that just to make it perfect. But I'm gonna move that in here and and 10 minute click, just like both of those and hit control T. So now I have the Holberg selected, and I can rotate at make it a little smaller. And then now I can also go in and duplicate that. And now I have two birds to me. Yeah, smaller is well, so now this. This is about what we ended up with. And again, you can click on the bottom layer, hold down, shift it clicked on the top layer, and then you can kind of start to move this around, make sure it's completely centered, and you can just play with it and find the layout that works for you. 7. Typography Print Style #3: Okay, So the third and final typography style I'm gonna show you is this sort of seeing eye chart look. And instead of these random letters, we're going to replace them with the words to a song. Clear it, um, Westra song or saying or quote or whatever you would like to you. But I'm gonna do a song. It's will come over here. And I have set up my doctorate at 8.5 by 11 just like the others. And then I went ahead and added some extra guards just so that I kidding, Do this typography style of where the letters get smaller and closer together. So this is all ready to go. Um, you could do this if you want to, but I just like to do it so I could show you a little bit easier. So we'll go ahead and go getter type tour and click and drag for a text box. And I've chosen a font. It's called Demming, and you can get this on the last type website and I have set mine up at Let's make this a little bit smarter. Must go 30 and then, um, I can't have a lot of space between the letters. Just ticket a started. So I've put in 500 here. And then I also wanted the type to be a little bit taller than what? The funhouse. So it's I said at that 110% and all caps. Um, and right now the lines be seen. Doesn't medics were gonna just that? So I'm just just start typing the words of the song. You were just too good here, too. I mean, um, so I don't want any spaces. Can take E. Okay, um and then it looks like from the seeing eye chart that it just kind of follows a pattern . Um, as you go down 123 one letter than two litters and three letters. And four, then five. So we're gonna kind of copy that style. I mean, just double click here and start hitting enter so that I can start separating these out right there. So you've got one, too, and I'm gonna skip and go ahead and do four just so that I can separate these out a little bit more strategically with, um, you know, as you're reading it so you won't catch on right away that this is a quote until you get a little further down in there five minutes ahead and add some extra space here because I kind of want to do I know some of the thing I charts have a little bit of go a thick line and I kinda wanna add that into my point. So I'm just gonna leave this year and we can start adjusting the size of the letters and the space between the lines. So let's start with the why, and I'm gonna go ahead and make this at 1 75 It's pretty large, the top, and then this is good for line spacing, and I'm just gonna go ahead and the very top of my text box dragged this down until my wife meets this first guide. I'm gonna do the same with the others for Oh, you I'm gonna make this about That's to about 95 and then I'm gonna go ahead and just this line spacing at the same time. Okay, so now that's pretty good. And it's for the next line. I'm going to make that one around 51 and then I'm in a do the same thing with my lines facing Move that down to the next skyline. That's at about 90. And this fun I'm going to make cut it out. 37 actually. Should be. I think I might just leave that there and then I'm gonna move this further down, okay? And then be true is the last one I'm gonna make that's smaller It out. 22 me, me a man for these signs, they're gonna be so small that you can hardly read them. So let's go ahead and assume in a little. So this is the same tool and I'm just gonna click here or you can hit me and plus sign. If you want to do that, then I'm can you highlight? Can't take my and I'm gonna make that really tiny, um, at about 11. And I need to hit vendors. That's why it's not centering correctly clicking here and hit Enter. I'm gonna move this one, uh, until it's right here on my guy and then for the last one. Let's go ahead, make that say's eat. And I kind of want these to be a little bit further apart. So let's type in 600 for the letters B. C, and I'm going to move those at. They sit on this guy, Linus Wells. That's right. Around 31. Okay. And then, like I said, I really want to create um, just a little rectangle or thick line, I think a rectangle probably easiest. So I'm gonna come in between thes two guys here and just create erecting Go. It looks like a thick lying. And I'm gonna make sure that this matches the color I have for my phone lets you mount, see what that looks like. I think it's pretty perfect. The guidelines really helps me, but you can play around with the the lines and the letters for the words that of the saying that you're gonna dio challenge. Um, this is just a fun way to kind of do on optical illusion and play around with your type. So I hope you find offensive 8. Your Class Project: Okay, so let's talk about your class assignment. Your class project should you choose to accept it? ISS to create a typography are put for me your favorite saying quote or some lyrics so you can use any of the three styles I demonstrated in the class or come up with your own spin on the wording. Um, I've got some tips for you on this class project, and I'm not gonna read em all, but I just want to highlight that. I want you to design it right away. And the longer you put it off, the bigger chance that you're not going to get to it. And then when you're finished, check out what others have done, get inspired and comment on theirs and let them know, um, that you like their product as well. 9. Printing & Display Ideas: Okay, so let's get started talking about print E. Now you can have a digital print. You don't have to print your document, but I do think it's still rewarding to have a physical print after you designed something just so that you could hold it in your hands and, um, or hanging on your wall or give it away. One thing is, if you are only gonna have your print on screen 100 a screen resolution at 72 pixels, so that's kind of lower resolution. And if you print out of that resolution, it's gonna come out looking really pixelated. So if you plan to print it, definitely design your doctor may at 300. As faras paper goes, you probably don't want to do just copy paper from from a standard printer because really lightweight, flimsy. And if you hang it on the wall is you're gonna be able to see through it. So I would highly recommend going a little bit higher than that. I usually if I'm gonna print it out myself. I go with the card stock. Um, sometimes you can find really heavy card stock is Sylvia's you know, £100 1 2130 That's beyond ideal. If your printer couldn't front that way, and then if you're gonna go with the printer, you can usually do your local printer. You can email them the file, or you can call him and get their specifications for sizes. I really love to use short run posters, especially if I'm gonna blow him up because they're really affordable and quick shipping as well. And then because I deal mostly with car design, um, I always use em picks also, so you could go with them. Um, if you want a really high quality or if you want them to frame it for you or put on a canvas for you, that's the way to go. Those were just once that I've used so I can recommend them. I'm confidently and next we'll talk about displaying your heart print. Okay, so now you haven't printed out and looking beautiful. Let's talk about how to display a print so different is that you can hang up your print. You can put in a frame. Obviously, Um, one way I really love to do is put it in a group like a framed gallery. Well, I have a few of these in my house, and, you know, we talked about repetition earlier. If you have a lot of prints that kind of have a repeated look to them or educated colors or styles, you want to put him group together and the frame gallery. Raul is perfect for this. Now, if you have one, that's just kind of like a standout. Grab your attention, Prints. Um, I was suggesting that on its own and a really good way to do this, which is super casual, is by using wooden hanger and you can get these act. Yeah, I believe the cake container store has, um, target might have, um, just, um, do some shopping around and you want the ones that are for pan so that they claim closed and you just clip your print and hanging up. It's really easy. It's really nice to just open it up and then switch him out is often issue. Does he want to? And then I also recommend, Just isn't take a few have decorative like washing tape or anything that's just really easy to peel off, and it's not gonna be, and you're all just stay put right up there. I think sometimes you can even add a little bit of design, tear our print by adding some decorative tape on there. One more idea you could you is. I think Urban Outfitters and a few other places like that have wire with clips that you think I usually put photos in them. But you can also do your are prints so you can experiment with that. Maybe even create your own by wrapping wire around some nails and then using clothes, pins or just some metal clips. Toe, hold your princess, so go crazy and just experiment with him. 10. Ideas for Selling: All right, So maybe you've had your print it for a while and you get lots of compliments, and you've got a lot of questions about it. People love your style. This is a clue that maybe you should think beyond just decorating with your print, and maybe you should start selling them. Um, also, if you just want some income on the side. Or maybe you just I want to be creative in this week. Definitely. Consider opening up a shop. Now Selling our prince is really fun because there's so many different things that you can do with, um, one question you to ask yourself is whether you want to sell physical prints or additional Prince did Your prince. It is really easy because you actually will just upload the file to a shop like, you know, whether you go through etc. Or a few of the other places I'm gonna I'm gonna mention. Then people can just print them themselves. You can sell multiples of them without having to purchase the paper or the and you have to worry about shipping any of those things. It's just completely taking care of. And then you can resell them without having to do too much work, which is really nice. Do you want to do a physical print? Those are nice because you can see him in stores. Actually, hold them in your hands to give to people. It's just nice. A tangible object is nice. So if you want to go down that road, you have to think a little bit more about Okay. How much is it gonna cost for, Um, the press Paper Prices Inc shipping how may get a package it. Some of those things are a little bit more work, but I think if you get your system down, can definitely do that. Now we're gonna sell online. I highly recommend starting with Society six. And I've worked a little bit with them and experimented with, um And the reason they're fun is because you can upload your designed to them, and then they can apply that design to all kinds of different products. So, for example, if you have a typography saying your favorite slowly and you can have that saloon on a pillow, a mug, a bag, a T shirt, they just all across the board will apply that designed to whatever you choose, and then you can have a shot full of different products. People come by and you don't have to worry about sending those out or printing them. They do all the work for you, and it's a good way to see just what's popular and what people like. So maybe that's a good place to eat again. Just finding out what the trends are there another option is etc. Now I have an Etsy shop for my cards and my albums, and I did experiment with Prince there for a while now. The problem I ran into is just that it's flooded with artists, and so it can be a little bit hard to get your art scene on etc. But the nice thing about it is that it's a marketplace, and so people are already searching for art prints or as if you would have a website shop, it's a little bit tougher to get your traffic. That site, Um, where is on Etsy people are searching for, and you can take your designs with different things that will get those designs found. So if you stick with it for a while and you continually upload new designs than s. He might be a great place to start for you. There's also a few different places I haven't tried, but I've heard a great read bubble and cafe press those air a little bit like society six work. You can have your design on a bunch of different products. Zazzle is another. Ones have an experiment to too much with them, but they're pretty popular. Anything. They might be a good way to go if you don't want to do a lot of the printing and packaging yourself now, if you have a pretty large collection of them and you're pretty confident that people are loving them, get lost the compliments and sells a nice thing you might want apply for is denied designs . They work with a lot of different vendors, and so if you want to see your products in Urban Outfitters or Bed bath and beyond, they can be a good avenue to open up those doors for you. So definitely try to sign up with the new designs. If you, um, are finding that if you want expand a little bit beyond just having website shop now, I do recommend having your own website and shop just so that you have control of your own things. That's the downside of having an Etsy shop or society six is that if their site goes down or something happens there, you're kind of out of luck. You're at their mercy. So having your own website shop on top of these is a little bit nice because you can control what's happening and you could be the support for your customers. So that's something to consider as well. Ah, one more idea for you if you are not sure if this is gonna be a long term plan for you or not. Um, one thing you might want to think about doing is having a pop up shop. So if you have a really large instagram following or um, maybe on Facebook your you have a good group of people that love to buy and shopping all that one thing you can dio iss create just a finite number of designs and print them and then maybe for a limited time, like 2 to 4 weeks say, Okay, I'm gonna have these items for sale. Once they're gone, they're completely gone, and that is a good way to test out your designs, first of all. And also, um, it's fun for others just to see what you're doing. And sometimes the reminder that this is just for a limited time. And this is just a test it can cause people to buy because they know they're not gonna have forever to decide it. It makes them have it, you know, make a decision right away, and then you don't waste a lot of time trying to market it out because it's almost like a promotion in itself. So definitely try out a pop up shop. If you don't want to go there out of having to put in all the work for setting up a shop, you just upload your designs in the form of pictures. And then people can, um, comment or let you know if they want to purchase them. And then you just keep it simple that way. So that's a good way to experiment. So help those kids so helpful for you and getting started selling. And if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask and I be happy. Teoh, talk through some of your ideas with you 11. Last Tips: all right. A Lear just that wrapped up. And I wanted to say thank you so much for checking through all these lessons of things Help you learn some really helpful skills that you can put into practice right away. I definitely telling you to get started on your assignment. Read, write And maybe even today put something together. Don't try to make it perfect. Just put action what you learned. And I really think that if you get started right away, there's a higher chance staff. You'll commit it to memory and you will forget about it. Forget to overwhelm, will just do it. Uh, and also I really want to see what you create. So be sure Teoh get started on that. Try out which whatever style kind of stick out to you and, um, feel free to share that excited about it. And also be sure to download the worksheets. And the resource is that I have for you and those could help you get started printing and selling, just making things so really excited to see what you have. And it s been fun. Thanks again for joining me.