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Typography Signature Style Logo Design For Photography In Photoshop And Canva 2020

teacher avatar Oisamoje David, Graphic Design | Personal Branding

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. 001 Introduction To Typography Logo Design For Photography Business Design Theory

    • 2. 002 PHOTOSHOP BASIC




    • 6. 006 Where to Download Signature Fonts And Elements For Your Logo

    • 7. 007 Photography Logo Design Sample 1

    • 8. 008 Photography Logo Design Sample 2

    • 9. 009 Photography Logo Design Sample 3 Canva

    • 10. 010 Placing Your Photography Logo Design On Your Works

    • 11. 010 Photography Logo Design Conclusion

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About This Class

Typography Signature Style Logo Design For Photography In Photoshop And Canva 2020

Are you here to learn every single aspect of Typography Signature Logo Design from scratch in Photoshop and Canva? If YES, Then this is the course you won't regret enrolling in.

I'm David Oisamoje and I would be your course instructor for this amazing class. I would strongly advise that you watch every single video in the course so you have a better understanding of every single point.

Feel free to leave me a message or question and I will surely get back to you with either a writing note or a video which will be added to the course curriculum for all to benefit from.

Enrol Now And Start Learning Typography Signature Logo Design For Photography Business or any business at all in Photoshop.

Meet Your Teacher

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Oisamoje David

Graphic Design | Personal Branding


I will be your photoshop T-Shirt Design teacher here on skillshare, sharing all my photoshop knowledge with you my lovely students. I promise to make every single class easy to follow and it will never become complicated for you to learn. 

You will learn the following : 

1.  How to create T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

2. How to design Icons for your apps, games and websites in Photoshop

3. How to design ebook and book covers in Photoshop

4. How to design Social Media covers, Ads Image and much more in Photoshop.

5. How to design any logo in photoshop

Note: Remeber to follow me so you don't miss out on new uploads every Friday!

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1. 001 Introduction To Typography Logo Design For Photography Business Design Theory: I welcome. Thank for a ruling. This cause it's cause it's gonna be good for you. Do you have your laptop? You're dead stub. Your mobile phone. You're good to go. These cars is gonna be for you. I'm going to show you how to create this simple Some photographic logo with a machine are pretty simple. Some photographic logo is sample number two there. Three samples. But I'll keep that right. What, That A video bubble machine to make it so this is a typographic logo designed for photograph e business, The design Tiuri part off this. I'm gonna show you every simple step. Exanta be kind. It's why I did what I did. And we're gonna get it so we don't lend out to create this color food logo watermark for your photography business you're gonna let out to create is also from scratch. And I'm gonna lend out to place them on your work like this, Like this and like this. So this is gonna be a super super easy. Classes not gonna take much of your time. I got laid. He loves from this class. So if visiting, cause you know, you're interested in getting to photograph E or your freelance. I want to make locals for photograph files. Then this is it costs you would want to take on our that you just enrol on. Enjoy yourself is gonna be straight to the point to just enjoy yourself on at the end of because please make sure you rated well on. We tell Mr most of the time let's get straight right into it. Stay blessed. Stay with me. Get your cup of coffee, cup of tea or pop con unless entertain each other. See you in the main lecture. Stay blessed. 2. 002 PHOTOSHOP BASIC: Hello one Welcome. My name is David. Someone j give video. I'm gonna going Tru Basics 40 shop. He said the essential part You want to know when you want to create a teacher designed, So just go to basic common wants. They want you control You go through every single time we created video. It's sorry when you're creating a T shirt design. So please, I want you to watch Follow me step by step. If you have to jot down, please jot down Because I've been going through the basics for the shop. I want to make it a beginner to advanced car. So just true basics. So for this one, I'm just a true put on twos forced you afternoon The standard. You have to know the standard to create T shirt designs on the standard for every T shirt design is for 500 by 5 400? Yes. So you go to file Good to fight creates new come to new. So this thesis standard it's not inches. Not centimeter meter point Pascal. No columns, but pigs. L And this is a standout with 4500. I'd 4500 pixel resolution I always live in a 3000 who is left at 3000 because you want to get the best out of your design. So always so. It's nice to leave it at 3000 color mood RGB color bigs Ill It it's pain. So that's that mostly standard. So now you just click on. OK, now this is now this is your design earlier. It is where you're gonna be designing on top. So for the next video, I'm gonna show you documents set up. You can also call these documents set up. This is a documented thesis, Pierre, you're gonna be walking on. So this is we have been walking up, so Internet video will show you out. Do that on what you need to do to get your design started. So I'll see you in the next one 3. 003 PHOTOSHOP ADVANCE WALKTHROUGH: you're welcome. My name immensity some budget. This is video to this is the advanced part off for the shop basics. I'm gonna be showing you the uses off all this to you. See, on the sidebar the machine uses out to set them up. Why you be using them water using therefore? So this is gonna be talking about documents. Set up workspace on layers so we don't waste to much of the time limit. Just go straight right here. It's so remember what I told you in the beginning to get its standard. You come to five. Really? Canoe, Eustace, for your standard for 500 by 5 400 So now you get all these set up to 88 Prince. Okay. And if you talk about Lee, as this debate states, Barb Round is called Leah. So if you click on this is gonna create a new Leah click on this wall's going to clear in Julia Dolly l b one quickly going to really have to click on it again. There's gonna be a three. So we only do that when we have to bring in all the elements into photo shop. Like I told you. I used photo shop cc a youthful two subspecies. So only do that, or we have to bring this into into conservation for design. To delete them, just have to click on it and then click delete on your keyboard. Delia to click relates quickly a war including lit. So if you have multiple layers like let me create three layers again. 123 and you want to group this trillions together. What you have to do is to click on days, click only two, but when you click on the A three on the award, depending on which ones you want to remember, click on control on your keyboard. I'm using windows that should be command on the Mac. So on my windows are directly Kenia, you click or control boating on my keyboard. Clicking on the war in Africa Here, too on the three and I'm gonna do Contra G. The group damos considered being grouped into one they're on now if I want to do this group are just like our needs and a click Press down the little my keyboard out. Then, for these one can see it looks appears on this part of it. If you if you have that on, you might not be able to put off. You should not be able to put up these layers. Can see. I can put obviously, Why do you need that? To be on locked? You need out to be a lot so that you can try for your T shirt designs to your sex control. Fire designs to your shed. Andi If you're uploading on different colors, shapes you want, it's unlocks. It's on love days or you have two days to double tap. I want to on Click on. OK, now that's potluck. Ease off. Just click on these eyes now. And so you have you have a layout. Saudi white background. If you click on it again, background comes back. The simple That's so now this is your work space. This is there are gonna be walking into trouble creating all our designs designed to be coming into this workspace. That is just it's so we talked about earlier in the next video, we're gonna be talking about shape on the line to so I'll see you in that world. Stay blessed 4. 004 BASIC SHAPE AND ALIGN TOOLS: Welcome back in this one. His video three. We're gonna be talking about basic shape on your lying to so you want to know how to use different shapes When it comes to a T shirt design, you want to use different shape. So to locate your shapes, you move about your left hand side. You say after is black. After these black arrow you seed is shit books and C. Scott Dean rounded rectangular to That's not the only two. So to get the order to all, you have to be praised down your left party. As you can see now you have to the rounded rectangular through the lips to probably going to be lying to Causton shape. So for these outstanding cost on ships with because of shape, if I click on it, you notice now have all these extra. Then you go back. Click on that ship. You can see I just have these, but at the cost of shape. If I come back, let's mask it down. President, that can custom at this extra books, you can click on Dad's no teasing 40 sharp, fearsome X trails, comes out and just click on these. Bring it into my Yeah, when I see I have dead. So for the order to that just let pretty for my lead mostly again. Press it down with my rectangle. Assume that's a four corner. In fact, Lee Konitz gives me four corner to us. You can see what is called that one year around their tumbler to that around that shape, not just 90 degrees shape. So you can click on it. You notice there's a rounded shape 40 and it leads leads to yet for this challenge. Do you want to do something different? Because if you click on it, you see not irregular shape. Just way. Move your mouth. Partners were created ship. So depending on how you want to each him I want to like this. Give you not it completes in real circle, which want to recycling. Click on that's you click. She keep watching and left possibly potentials. Drugs is gonna give you a perfect circle because now your breath Tonight a ship reporting on live report Enjoy your house, give you profit circles. You can see just just treaties on now. But lying to often polygon to is what same way you can see a really going to and I want to use thesis for design Future by no ones used these to just us our problems. So what's they lying to? I like to be cutting nine to so you can just drag. You can see this is lying to that. Your sensible meats if you notice when I move it to see how this 90 degree there bring nine terrible style communal. That's good, See? So they're just lying to with no money to used in lying toe as you can see what was started . Design a T shirt you notice we might know used in line to true out. So basically that's out. Lying to is on now. What's talking about lying to use their lying to well, today is you have to remember what I told you that you are, too. Click on multiple years to get out. You can see now I'm taking on differently album notes together. So so aligned names what? I lined them all to get out the shape to walk down, not aligned in straight in the media, or have been addressed with price on your control. 14. Remember I told you that in the beginning. President Contributing Click on ship One ship to Leah. Leah, Leah, can you just click on this last one here? So now wait, don't duds. You've done that. You should be able to see coming about your second your own ship this year. Point committee Ship living is critically condition. We would see that line too. So you come out to your arm move to Politico needs able to see this The ship's incident differently arranged. So all of them in differences if you click on NBC is moving them differently. Different differently. So this is the won't be consigning, but mostly this is a center line. When you click on this horizontal Alang result, that center is going to move in all to meet you. It's can't see government and also TV do so That's the good abusing mutually for these design using that journey. But he's designed another. Music is order once, but you can see just like your normal documents, just like a nomad or command clicking click on this. This is gonna do so that just have that's what's so in the next video, we're gonna be talking about pentru on Zach, too, so I'll see you next year 5. 005 HOW TO USE THE PEN TOOL TYPE TOOL AND FONTS: Welcome back to video number for this video. Gonna be talking about the, um, text two on these Shipped to Ben depend too. Got creates, create shapes with pain to something. I'm sure you all to create shape, to be pain to countries and then show I used the time to time for T shirts on Google's T shirt is on a local designed. So we're gonna be going true that I'm going to this basic so that you know what to expect when which, when it gets to the time where you have to design your sheds but I don't know, become complicated or confusing. So that's what I'm going through Audit. This is basic to advance. So it is super is because of the culture. But I enjoy joining. Make sure you follow me. Make sure you like comment Lead. Drop your reviews. Two Very important. Let me know what she wants Them You know what to improve on Changed like that's so let me just show you out of pain to work. Then we're gonna talk about type two on forms so depend too for pain to you can see this is paying too. Is the pain too. Now, if you click on you can t pain, too. So now you can create shapes, can just click on it creates. You can see that's on uncle Points. That's all college in for two sharp knife. Click on these can see creating his shape. So if you wanted a particular shape, I know saying that particular ship kisses to help you. So now they don't. That's what you can see with great any ship we did. So you can just create foreign ships with gifts. Just something fancy, something fancy. Just keep on creating can see his own. A shape can just keep on green. But what's do you should know is this is not used to print secular shapes. If you want circular shape, your best you tend to teach Children allowed you so, if you can remember, that is go back. But this is not ideal for secular shapes. Just called ships can see. That's not saying will be able to do that for you know I do, for that's I do for deaths. So that is the pain, too. So the next tool I want to show you now beating be, um, quality, really gonna start to people gonna letter to issues of courtships He used to coach a But before you caught his shape. Because if I show, you know, let me do this. Read this. Let's zoom also caught this part off us. Consider the hotel and if I click on the Leeds is gonna tell me the it's gonna take me completely because it's not on the table. So to make that unbeatable, they're allowed to go through this shape three because that's what a ship on the cords on, just a woman. Also right Click on reddit. Arise, Leah. So now I can delete that part of beetles can see without physically out that works that actually what's also as for that, to be polygon that to that for Cortina camp. Don't use that room using that much for local exam T shirt design so they won't be interested in just this lays a duty for me for cutting on also using this magic corrupt too . So what is magical up to is weighing. You want to move the white background but won't be using that in local designs on T shirt designs. Yes, I'm saying Logo T shirt logon to study them because on my skin share, I teach you how to do little designs on T shirt designs. These are very essential skews or businesses or a teacher. These two skills for branding thin shells are teacher these two skills. So if you're interested my logo, local classes Oh, my T shirt classic check. Check my profile on Roll on them shaving I love it. Gonna know bits If you already familiar with the basics are you have to do is to go into the design classy way I'm gonna show you out too Where I'm gonna show you how to design the locals on the T shirts If you're ready, good basics on Don't need to go to the basics again They are good to go So now let's talk about the text to So this is the for you to find tech companies t this captaincy in Click on It's on now If you come over to this area you have plain text. You can choose from countries where you can just check online phones for food to show up free fun for gets different form to give a difference tight. So for this wall, when it comes to my signature logo. This is what I use now. Just increased the situates show Use number. Pizzey can increase these 2 16 years to make it bigger. Just type skew share. I can see you can really see because he's it's not a bright color So just make that pride color price. Okay, so now I just showed you how to change the color if you take can see to do contrary a Now you can change his color changes Coehlo something else. Okay, so now you can see tight excuse here. Here. So now you can see is all capital letter which I don't want to sell other control A on mobile batteries is character to just click on this double C So once I click on that's now doing double C So now if I delete this, I do skew You can see here to know what guts you could just I like that would control a make it bigger I can't see So if you wanted for or that forms you can just come over. Just change your phones, James. Substance bigger. You can see he just changed forms around can see outside. Shipped to you text to work. It's not complicated, super easy to use. You get used to it easy. So with that said, Now we have to move on to designing our logos on T shirts, depending on which causes watching at the moment gonna show you out, He said. Some people use logos on the T shit. So I'm gonna be sure you that my T shirt designs on how to use your local T shirts. How to create logos they put on a T shirt off after creates T shirt from scratch toe, please. That's coming up in our next videos of please make sure you watch that, too, and roll follow being on. Leave your reviews so far and I'll see you in the next video stay blessed. 6. 006 Where to Download Signature Fonts And Elements For Your Logo: Hello. Welcome back in this lecture. I'm gonna show you Get down Rodeo signature on typographic font. So please make sure you fool of me. It's super easy. This stage is not complicated. You want to select the best form for yourself because gonna be a local. You know, you're presenting your logo or designing for a client into photographic. So you want to get the very best forms for the design. So we thought was too much of the time. We just Oakland Crumb. Andi, I don't from two side door phones on for forex school. Rare. Sorry. So now just click on phones for the shop. This is it to show beating for to show, you know, faced two samples to talk some weapon of using combat comfort for the 1st 2 sample. Gonna believe to shop. So you click on this Andi to sites. I use one deaths on so opening a new tab. Their phones also used one Yes, 1100 phones. I use that soon on that, using for it wrong to I can't find that for my main source of forms. I see. This is one. If you decide that using my phone. So all I do is just You can see from the get go from home page. You can see different forms. So what I usually do is just to pick from year, etc. Why do signature the signature forms? Because dead's give me a list of forms which interested in just one first one using this. Been abusing this Please God signature by type lines to you. So just don't move. That's one you can see who did. Is it a physical one? It's got blood pop. I see, but fails to do so. Just don't do that too, so you can see it's not know so complicated. Just super easy, easy, always about easy. You can use that. I just use that So people like a line stripped. What? Professor, use this. Let's at this morgue most keeping jobs. Just That's another work that's in. We don't decide. You can just clues that let me show you also shoot you or that size, which is 1001 funds free phones. So all you really need to do just come over and do what I didn waas preview stage. So in previous stage, just it was to set for signature. You can also sexual type who breath he That's important. That's just for topography. To give you a least so many years you can choose for us can see this is topography. Is this typography conduce signature that we get in the order? One click on search, such as in C Get In You were in separate 50 or that sites. That's a I used in all the time you go to site to download free fun. You have three impede Bush, obviously people. He's course already. We've made it free up before you. But your vomiting is free. Definitely people, because you have everything you get from your free. So that's that's what's it all about. So we that we have formed the next step want to do is to install its into photo shops are just quickly do that now. I'll just quickly do that now just you go to just to install it into four to shop, which is super easy for this 1st 1 which says, which is a morgue? See, nature. I'm trying to get your names down because I'm gonna be using it. No Design Seco. One is, uh uh uh, And it's old. Woman is signature. So? So now that would be three over To do now is to read Klay. Sure. Food. Uh, we're putting forward. She's gonna open like debts. Make sure you have me around systems that you can see the just off the top and click on install. Gonna install your starting to your photo shop. You're gonna find out for sure they have it installed already. So we do have a sicko one. Sure. Food. Can you just leave just like forks? You already dont t f that's store. Okay, go for the last one to do the same thing. Just make sure you are able to write down the name so that when you use them for to show, you know where to get them from, you know, defaults to peak. You should use this total on clicker signature. I just got just don t five because he wants how you have to go. Just stop printing store. That's where to go. So now that we're done installing, we got stolen. Just go over to Donald some elements. Giordano two signature element. To do that, I'm gonna go to flat icons. But that Americans well Let's make this the video so ended year. You can just put it on that this one that's been done, that let's continue this video. So now you just typing for, so, so drafty. The three sites, but with automation, give predatory museum walk not easy, so you just there's also use when you work. You should give credits. So what I'll be looking for years is obviously like gifts just in these, you can see this is one. I'm just going PNG PNG Free Download Dunn's photograph E one telegraphy. So go back toward one. I told you, just used this like a lens like Lance of justice, another work that's all set up. We're going to go. So just write down the names again for my elements. But I don't miss it when it's time for me to use them with one sugar and second born, he's photography, another. We're forgetting that downloaded. We are all said to make 1/4 Zion, so let's do that in the list Class Steve List 7. 007 Photography Logo Design Sample 1: Welcome back in our last class, I showed you how to download your signature fund on your element designed So in this or we're gonna go straight, right to eat designed our fourth samples for sample for photographic logo. So let's quickly go into that with that was too much of your time so they can lend superfast. So just open food to shop you're gonna open for to show by Bishop C C. Another one of its the standard for these will be stand out usually go to fi new. So I'm just gonna use 2000 peaks here by 2000 Picture quality. In the introduction we I went to basic so photo shop out of use, I would have used for 500 by 500 which is for T shirt design. I also dont sheds toe before Lobo's I mostly used 4000 pizza Resolution 3000 and I always tried to increase so 16 bits You have a sparkly I'm gonna click. OK, I remember having a ton of these Bob Brown at the end, so keep that in mind so just that we were just great. Good click on this T for text on Now we're just gonna do for our first off off formed, which is more that is it. So just click on Enter. So now just increases to about four. It's now click or needs. We should have that Justin gets to. Let's make that laugh. We're now gonna change it later. So far, these are just gonna name legal the logo. Let's make it. It's maybe, son that make it some. But Brophy, let's make its Cem full thing. That's can see it's all capital form. So I don't want that. So I just come here because it's a that's out of that. So now it's some 40 there a fee. So I'm just gonna make it biggest Cantab to that by increasing from Yeah, Or just click on this move to make sure me too. Controversy for my keyboard over my mouth to this edge. And I pressed down three body. She Otaki bought him a shift. Keep watching, and I live about dragons outwards. You know how it some photographs? She So now what I'm gonna do next? Obviously bring in. We're bringing in our elements. So off elements which we don't know dead wolf. Um that means you don't did was the show taps? This is converting sugar. You know, I'm gonna reduces. That's gonna see is quite big. It's quite be so just reduced these pits or the same time my no, reduce its minority. Use it. Just leave it be safe to this because that's a call already. So now what I'm gonna do just gonna redus you're gonna reduce Sam photograph she We're gonna use this some photograph e. So they were just just have just she bigger to be there to move to some photography. From this end, we live shorter. I'm off to some fotografia country. See? Begin. I'm just about most of his edge in prison. Three bodies, all turkey, both sheets and just position Sam photographing me, Do you see? It's super easy. It's not complicated, Not complicated. So now we have that in in a So you can see is is for two. It's photo black on each picture as a black brown is not gonna come out. Well, so what am I gonna do that I'm gonna make some simple just means just making soup pot, just me. And I'm just gonna change from this 40 it is. They're gonna change colors, changing colors. Let's get you have a ball. 1234 by seven Colors you want 234567 So what, You're gonna change every letter to these different colors? That much up? So to do that click on some photography comes text. Now we're gonna beat them one after the order to start with green. Okay? What age? Good. Just a week. He's so do that for all new do that game. What I see. But we do that again. Just make it. But second pool just me debts. Um, there's two blue. No, they would like green G We're gonna do, but she just Yeah, for the I think the supers that's received. Mitch, we've made a different plan off the logo, so just click on, OK, Pickel, Chief ski boat in the keyboard. Now the final step. This is all stoning off his background because I don't want to go. Definitely be putting it at our signature. Our signature on every photo. Definitely every photo you make you notice that your signature at a job you needs, so just turn off the backgrounds. They have just your foot just the 1st 1 You know of that? This our teas now just go over and safeties. So since I'm making this just 17 Some photograph E Civitas some photograph e doing some so he photography to receive us could save us. Make sure seven it's on pictures. Some. If it does, he is the first I consumed that Spears saving. Now you go back to fight again. Save us on now. You want to save us? G M g. Like what? Background? PNG Just press OK city. That's PNG. You can see saving saving. So I want that to see that See it? So just go back. I don't know, I would just find some photography, but this is it. As you can see. What? Our first local design from four to show all set up. Now you see the not white background support colorful photograph logo. So you got to go this no less move on and I'll soon if that won't make you sick on design. So I'll see you there Escape list 8. 008 Photography Logo Design Sample 2: Welcome back to this Later. In the latter, a job showed ourselves out. Make this Should not set out to make this particular design. So no, we're gonna go over to the sample Noma to I'm going to use a different phones in the 4th 1 I used the mug signature, but he forced one. So this 2nd 1 we're gonna use energy balance the signature itself. So let's get rid off the swan because times were bringing background back. Oh, just start from scratch. I'm gonna put this also they booties off. So now I'm gonna go to five New. Understand? That uses 4000 resolution tree on grade. Hello, Mom. Use that 16 days. I'll get it. Super clear design. Remember having a potato? And so we're gonna use the same name. Some photograph people. This time we're gonna change the front. So to do that with just such on this bar, I'm just etch for, uh, just such said for, uh, this is it. Who up? Duds. You know, just gonna do this some photographic again. So fee. So now you can see that it's super easy. Hoping, hoping on like it. I hope you like it too. So she worried Some photograph e every cell photography Just stay tuned. Now, been of bringing Gonna bring in my elements. So my enemy to determine the effect I'm gonna put on this Some photography on the element is gonna appear Decide on your right inside. So let's go in and bring, you know, elements. So the element produces so graph she This is it just dragged into this the judge into this war. We're gonna use it over almost edge and just recused to pray down through keys, all turkey But in shifty boating on your keyboard I know of some geography, you know, It's just like dads I can see is not complicated. Super easy press enter. So now I have some photographs. So we're just gonna move this to the media. So to do that press on south photography pressed down your control Keep watching our taken for two graffiti on Just moved into me. Do move your present All your left most people to move your mouse achievement that to me Do that's me. Do a controversy to make it bigger concerti more about this edge and just pray that three. But you're all turkey, but ships keep voting live reporting on jack outwards. You want your logo as biggest possible. Bright as possible. See able as possible because it's gonna be a water mapping business. We want to make sure everything comes out Well, so now that love, that's Remember I told you I was going to apply some insects to guess Double use this pope for years. So I applied those shaped to decide to do that. I'm just gonna top on some signature year click on strokes. As you can see that giving it the tab. Strip boats. I don't want to be black stroke. I wanted to be a popular topic on colors and I'll just peek as you can see, that picked this tackle off like the one but definitely let out. No work. Well, so picky. Stuck our just press. OK, Okay. Again, as you can see. So now we have some photograph e looking poem g writes few places on your design. Definitely see claim. Definitely Seacliff. So now just switch off his background. So now just have some photograph e. So now what do you get saved? That's notify. Save us some photograph feet begin some photographic image to in front. They use a second design. Do you have that some photograph too? Make sure you want when I want to change something. Some colored future depending on your brand colors. Who's if it does? He is the first I don't see Venus PSD go back to fire again And now you're going to see it as G and G Gold onto White background Member isn't what I my pictures. It just takes Just save to conceive again. That is it. We have it all saved. Ready for us. So now that is me doing two samples with photo shop. Some of you might know have foot to shop, So I'm gonna show you indignance and he thought sample are you gonna do? It's weeks convert dot com. So, without with your time let me see you on the thought sample Lecture. So serious. State placed. Have a lovely time 9. 009 Photography Logo Design Sample 3 Canva: welcome back. So in my last two classes, I showed you out. So create your photographic locals photo shop, and I permit and miss class. I'm gonna show you how to do it on camera dot com For those of you who don't have photoshopped so it always seems much of your time. I'm just gonna open camera that come see covered it comes we've been abusing covered comfort this particular design. Do you have the option covered or condoning itself today as consider opening to chrome so you don't need to have a soft start so we can create a design cost on dimension We're gonna do as usual 2000. By wanting should know off the back of combat, your designs won't come out and doubts about brown on a white background. So to get rid of that's you might you might need to get pig. Sean. I need to, but for me as seriously don't need to I'm gonna show you out of a moving photo. Shops are easy as you can see the meadows as soon as isolated. That dimension. Yeah, You I was not saying that I want to create your planet since I want to create me photographic logo. So they just gave me that Templates give me templates can use all but I'm using the a template. I'm making my own from scratch making over scraps. So to do that, he's fixed and I'm just gonna change it would fund for myself I just screwed down to find a good fun. I think I like this form. I don't know why did you click on needs gonna ps conceding reforms that city for that appeared year Something over my mouth to this edge Click on my mouth People on those drug make it bigger That to me do I can't say I don't want this one on disability on group click outside and click on. That's so now. So their dads actually, we need that too. So I'm just left tweets. He's gonna do control a try lights, and I'm gonna do as usual full. Now that you can see, it was quite to just use eats they could be can see you just make make it bigger. Now just position that you can see that as a guide. So I'm using guy, Okay, So see perfectly in the media or just increases impedes. So now movies can see there's some photograph e itself to. So now I want to change this color off the back. Genius called back because definitely most of pictures. That's, um white brown off. Sorry. Deck background. So you can just changes. Change it to something else. Let's see a range. Um, do you know can see can do yellow, But it's up to you. You can just, usually ever who Yes, so can use this. So now click on elements what you want to do on their elements that's going to you have different elements. So what want you just to before lens? Most of them might not be free. Most of them are no free, but some, obviously three as conceived uses the pro through. So you two planes a 31 is gonna be finding free one. It's not gonna be easy. They're gonna be easy school, But see, to find free one gonna be thanking everyone. So I always advantage to done with your element off from from site. And he gave you on site already gave just a new element up front. Now just true to see a thing, everyone. But if I do which are finding Just go back in upload, upload image of video. Good stuff. I just said for telegraphy. See you telegraphy. I don't want a parcel. Let me see if I can find it. Yes, so you can use this. Can you stay? So I just need to open. Great. To down. Load up here. What a load off you're gonna click on It wants to bring it into the space, Bring it into the space. You always want to do that. You can see it's quite be somebody. What about giving that's lunch movies up? Yes, he's quite Peaks. I'm gonna use it, obviously. No. Just make its edge. Just like that's just let That's perfect. So now what will I do next? I want to change colors, Jinyu. I want to leave it. That black pigs. Dawn. You might want to change the colors. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Just meeting steak. Those meetings stick there. Just we're gonna go back to or your designs so you can duds some photography debts. You can debt just No, Just David's your savings to go. No, that's just with disease. And click on this reporting the mood just like Donald white background contained that and food. This is it. Opening photo show. I want to show you how to run the show. Now just click on this food that paper people that wants and clipping design and click on this magic to magical to look like a magic stick. White space Click on Deletes keyboard I guess you don't death, but have some extra wives between yourself to go around. It's gonna be easy for your first take board. I just want to run, get rid of all whites. Get rid of all the whites those camera see giving or whites. Do you do that for every spaced out to whites and good to go. So now we've done that. So now you can save it. Some photographic three already have to go to show on camera pictures. Some three. You just PNG Okay, See? Saved yet We don't to know for about two pictures Should have for three. Some or three. This is two 1st 1 Gage second just told his in separate this well or three set off. Let's go. So without don't just thought this lecture also see you in its class. They blessed 10. 010 Placing Your Photography Logo Design On Your Works: welcome back. So in the last little studio to create in simple some photographic logo in congre. So in this class, I'm gonna show you out of place. You're already designed locals on your pictures. Obviously, you take good photographic pictures. I don't want them to be stolen. Or you want to create a kind of our reunion for your brand. You always want your watermark, which is your logo. So you always want to put it on the design. So I'm gonna show you out of place this year ago on your designs. So just like he picture j true and good. True to see if they can find one, See if I can find one. So then I scrolled true. Let's go to To find something. Okay for less You this example? Let's use them. Let's zoom. You took this picture and once I do what I'm up to eat gonna be super easy. All you have to do is just opening Photoshopped to do that. We just rightly opens for the shop. The shop Now that open data for to show we're just gonna go back Two pictures on bringing ourselves photograph e this one. We're gonna police all in just out wait each and every one of their own Feeling different position to reduce this to reduce that gonna do while most of his edge press are all turkey but in ships keep it on reduced that beat No, that's year position Ghost year. And I can see say something photography if we zoom in the present Contra plus assuming a smart as we want Oh, look, what you gonna do with sharpness Because we used high quality that can see shop near to contract very again. Who does the 1st 1 just in case you know it is in this photo. I want you second, but I'm bringing sick a woman and say to make this appear said He's up here press enter and I can see some sample toe roughy the simple that no complicated. So if wants you to total which you created Come back, Come, we can't do that. So developing that's in Chile designed to It's a picture I just reduce its most of these edge president or Turkey, But shift. I just do debts. Just put it by year. Let's make it two be Why death turkey? But she just you can see. So it's just simple as that. That place you locals, Catholic, perfectly designed locals on you can see photo features of courage, pictures of midge that they put him in, that they put him in. So I hope you enjoy this B j Key's. So if you enjoyed its make sure you stick around and so I'm gonna, um, one more video CompUSA part of this video. If you enjoy the class so far, please make sure you give me you're good. Honest rating. Carpentry class. Well, I won't. I won't tell you waiting to give the cloud. But if you enjoy your putting a lot of in four from, please Michigan rated. I see Confucian part of this course. 11. 010 Photography Logo Design Conclusion: Welcome back. This is the concluding part of this cause I'm say thank you for taking this, cause I really appreciate you. You shame me confidence in his cause and wanted to I think this calls so you could create your own them top pain sort designed for you to learn how to design itself from scratch. These calls. I'm sure you took it. And now you can make your own design. I really appreciate you. So this goes we went through out designed these some photographic logo we also designed these also designed you or that one the last one in Tampa just in case it up for the shop. So I want to say thank you for and real living costs. I really appreciate you. Thank you for picking it up. Watching true. And I'm super sure you enjoy deeds. Appreciate your time on now. I just don't see. Make yours stand out. Put out good photography and I wish you look your photographic business. Stay blessed. Remember to rate this cost on. I really appreciate your honest review. Give it a good review if you did that sits on Steve lists keep making super grid photos, but