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Turn your pencil drawing into an unique digital illustration!

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      01 - Sketch your image


    • 3.

      02 - Sketch some details


    • 4.

      03 - Sketch the main character


    • 5.

      04 - Import your sketch into Illustrator


    • 6.

      05 - Define the background and positions


    • 7.

      06 - Drawing the road


    • 8.

      07 - Creating grass in Illustrator


    • 9.

      08 - Preparing to draw the background objects


    • 10.

      09 - Creating the shape of the house


    • 11.

      10 - Adding planks and chimney texture


    • 12.

      11 - Creating the windows


    • 13.

      12 - Adding the roof tiles, stairs and the door


    • 14.

      13 - Creating another house - the easy way!


    • 15.

      14 - The mailbox


    • 16.

      15 - Adding the trees and clouds to the background


    • 17.

      16 - Prepare to create the girl and her bicycle


    • 18.

      17 - Drawing the bycicle


    • 19.

      18 - Drawing the handlebars and the crankset


    • 20.

      19 - Starting to draw the main character


    • 21.

      20 - Drawing the legs


    • 22.

      21 - Finishing the face and hands of the girl


    • 23.

      22 - Positioning the main theme in the background


    • 24.

      23 - Add leaves to create space


    • 25.

      24 - Preparing layers and export to Photoshop


    • 26.

      25 - Fixing the layers, defining depth with blur effect


    • 27.

      26 - Use light to add more focus to the main character


    • 28.

      27 - "Moving" the clouds


    • 29.

      28 - The illusion of wind


    • 30.

      29 - Adding the texture


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About This Class

Are you good with your hands, but were always afraid to start the digital drawing process?
This course is for you! I explain everything and help you to find your own comfortable workflow.
This course also helps you to understand digital illustration. I am sharing with you my own workflow, everything I do to create original digital illustrations.

We start with getting the ideas on paper with a single pencil. Sketching is a very important part of the illustration process!

Than we take the digitalised image to Adobe Illustrator to create the elements of our drawing. We will using vector shape elements. 

And last but not least we will use Adobe Photoshop to really bring the drawing alive, by giving it texture and a unique atmosphere!


I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything, please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create amazing digital illustrations right now! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate / Photoshop / After Effects / Blender

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I live in Hungary. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfolio at Behance
Also You can find my timelapse drawing videos at Youtube
... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. I'm Peter Illustrator, three D artists on motion designer. In this course, I will show you some tricks. How to create on origin are digital illustration from Freehand growing to a complete digital artwork. We're going to start it with sketching on paper with simple panacea. Then continue it in, Illustrator. After that, we will add atmosphere to our rectory station in photo shop, like death, sunshine or missed, I will show you my watch. Right method on all the tapes of the illustration process. Finally, you will find my bone structure. And we did You can make course, Really seen from the layout are for enjoy creating. 2. 01 - Sketch your image: Hello. A started row with sketch on paper. We need a simple, soft fancier. In this case, I'm going to use six b pass here. Or you can also use equivalent panacea that you have. In my opinion, this is enough. Dark for Freehand sketches. Okay. I started to define the frame of the picture. I really love the square format, but no, I would like to get something told her size approximately. The ratio is 4 to 5. My work I told a slope. So I want to create a powerful picture and going to choose Diagana composition. The line means the road for the bicycle. It's quite Buffy for our cyclist girl. Somewhere here the bike will be in the street that are some houses close to the road. I think a Victorian house will be nice choice in this scene of the roof and the wars there Waas covered by white wood planks. Later I will throw them. It is the dharma off the roof. Then we throw another house. It's similar like the previous one. As you see, I don't use perspective. You I usually choose simper from you where of course we need a chimney on it and also drove traditional mailbox between the houses. There are some trees in the back. It can be a little bit bigger down the houses. It looks like an ice cream or candy for us because I want a car to our style. There's another one in the center of the picture is the biggest one. The drunk on the branches. I'm going to draw a circle. Windows 40 houses on defined the most important element in our city. The girl with her bicycle here are the weirs, her head and body. She's really speedy's. So I drove the bicycle close to the picture frame. That's why the composition will be tied. No, it's just a quick sketch. Later, I will throw it with much more details. The week Turner Hoses has got big and bright windows, so draw one. The story sets on a late summer day. Everything is full of color on the trees. Lose their leaves. The weather is windy, so leaves are everywhere in the street. Okay, on Haiti's our quick sketch. Oh, and I forgot the codes 3. 02 - Sketch some details: Now I see the carpentry that I were used in the scene. I started with the form of the greenery. I only used one way before him. A smaller part of the greenery is the shaded side, then drove the drunk the main branches and also drove a small greenery with its branches. A little bit of shading. Well, some pet off leaf will be nice. Actually, no need to drove thousands off leave. Just a few finally drove some lines on the trunk. They represent the boot breast on grasses here, fine. 4. 03 - Sketch the main character: as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to drove the girl and her bicycle. No, I use more details because it's necessary for the final painting. I start with the frame off her speed bicycle. We are the wheels here. We'll be her head, the leaning post, perhaps her for the highest street. She has got long hair that is blowing in the wind. Unfortunately, her dress is too short for cycling, but she does not care. Don't set up. - They're owns also represent the bikes, Fastness and her face. Of course, she has a big smile on her face. She's loved that time. - Mm . I feel it will be good enough for digital drawing. 5. 04 - Import your sketch into Illustrator: Okay, I start to draw in. Illustrator, we need a new deck. Ament Name it. The project name is slow. I'm going to use simple traditional paper size A For later I resize it. There are two choice in the color mode. C n y que is for print on RGB is four scream Usually I use C n y que when I want a print from my picture. Okay, let's see our sketch in Illustrator to import use five dumb place Here it is number click and rename the layer It's catch Then lock it. Your work will be easier if you can find the elements off the layers Panel in the view Pinar click to show rulers I'm going to create a new layer for the guides. They will help me to define the border of frame Name it guides Quick on, hold on The ruler then pulled the guide when you already locked away Here, create a new layer for reference. Speaks preparing for the work. Download some pictures for inspiration on here I my inspiration pictures that I will use. Both houses are Victorian style houses and I choose a picture off a speed bicycle. See the beautiful big windows and the white food blank waas so inspiring 6. 05 - Define the background and positions: in the view menu. Check smart guides. The shapes points we snapped two guides. Create a new layer for the background and name it the direct anger to define the main background, shape and color. With these shapes, that is no need to you stroke. I'm going to use light orange color. To be honest, I've done a similar picture earlier. So I noted, Don't the data number of the colors at your new color to the palate. And don't forget to save your project. Okay, like the layer and create a new one. This will be this guy with the direct selection to drag the corner point withholding shift it can, snapping to guide change a solid color to Brady in color. Now we can see where the road is with Grady and Tool. You can locate and rotate your radiant in the Grady and Penner. You can change the two and colors and their distance. Or you can add more colors if you want. Added to the palette again. I think a FOCAC load would look great. First, I'm going to draw another rectangle, read more points with the panto with the anchor point to it. I can read them two beds here. - He was Grady and color like before, but used a brighter one. Change the color up a city to appear the horizon named the layers folk on duplicated it will be a bit different. 7. 06 - Drawing the road: In the next step, we would create the road for our cyclist girl. Put this layer into the background here, create new layer for it and use the rectangle shape again. The roads color. We'll be warm, Gray added. Their points, the points we be snapping to our background shape. - Does it say Decide to maybe throw some circle? This will be the texture of the road I. You stroke without fear. - Unchecked . A smart guy. No need to snapping with earth. Click on hold. You can duplicate these stones now. He was the smart guys. There is a drain gate on the card to be dark, angry, drove Eric Linger, shaped another one for cutting, selected, then select the first shape in the past. Finder Panna collected a second minus front Pichon. That's it. 8. 07 - Creating grass in Illustrator: a video grass need of the road. Okay, that's my guys. Steal on check I use depends to again to draw. - Draw one more, - duplicates some leaves and use the horizons color for them. Some scary and rotate. - We need some orange. Put the folk layers into the background layer than the grass layer into the road layer. 9. 08 - Preparing to draw the background objects: I'm going to Rio there to Sketchley at two. Julius die to multiply and use lower rapacity. I can scale down the reference pictures a little bit and I'm going to create a new layer for the house. - Place the two other referenced drawings. 10. 09 - Creating the shape of the house: for the wall. Use rectangular to it, then add more at it. Points with the ad and court point toe Navy Be the silhouette of the planks. Move the points Now it looks like blanks. This will be their planes. You need these shapes do on shape. The next step is to create the roof door are on the chimney at more points again. I use a darker shade off right color. - Define silhouette of the planks again. The roof. It will be read. Discolor two pellet as earlier The main roof on the chimney reordered early years. The other roof. I will go. The roof die later on Drove. The next four is darker than different war at points again. And here are the planks, - All right. 11. 10 - Adding planks and chimney texture: No, I'm going to drove the edge of the planks. I throw simple lines using strokes duplicated. - The chimney has breaks texture, but I don't want perfect bricks. I use this to like it will be free hand growing because I want cartoon starring changed a stroke size, a bigger one and the smallest brick. - That's no decoration for the house to kind of card food. - A choose darker, warm gray color. - Oh , what is it? If you can see the shape just Creek outlined the view menu, and here it is. No more lines. I don't want to duplicate it. I'm going to draw all the lines or planks are we would be different for Selig. Dumb, I use outline you again. - It's a sunny day, so we need the shadow of the house. I started with the dormer. Duplicate the war shape and use bluish color. Three. Without their shape in the transparency panel, use multiply. - The next said. Oh, we'll be on the front war. - Okay , 12. 11 - Creating the windows: No. I'm going to create a circle window. They always looks cute on the house. - The glass has blue color, their frame and great shadow for it. The following steps. I will define the main window. It will be square. We know the color is different than the main war. - It is the big window we went to. We drove the frames. - You need it. Here's the cartoon, too. It's just a silhouette off the curtain. I use brighter color and some more lines. I will throw some lines to show the shape of the road frame. I will throw some lines to show the shape of the road frame. - It looks better, all right. 13. 12 - Adding the roof tiles, stairs and the door: with a panacea tool. I'm going to drove the roof. Die two. Simple away We lined with using stroke. Change the color to brighter red. It is easier to dro if you have a tablet with most. It's a bit difficult had undulate years. Andro more roof dies. - There are a lot off blanks, so I'm going to group the layers. The old line you have me for Salek down. No, the planks again and shadow too. Group the later years again and reorder it. Create the shadow for this war. - He'll be the front door. First I'm going to define the stairs. Here it is the door. We'll get a little around window create a circle than duplicated for the door window. - Then create a rectangle shape you need these shapes do on shape, duplicated again for the door shadow. - It is the window glass and its frame the frame it's made of food. So I will use some lines for texture. Use the banter with stroke. Okay. All right, 14. 13 - Creating another house - the easy way!: for the roof. I'm going to draw a roof ornament to these decoration elements. Will give a cozy mood to the house. Use the same for circa shape, duplicate and transform it. I will use dark brown color. Koppett, there is something wrong with the roof. Die. We need to come where the strokes object. Bath Outline. Stroke you can connect down. It is practical. If you don't want many shapes now we can cut it. We don't have to dro the house again. We can just duplicate it. But I will make some changes from the new one. It scared down. It's too big to pick in the layer. It will be the house number two like window frame roof die some scale on the decoration shape the brakes on the chimney. The curtained will be different on the main shadows. It is better now. Okay? 15. 14 - The mailbox: I think the classic mayor books looks better between the houses I would choose Depend to again Circle, shape the stand off the mayor books some scare on, find a better position. - And don't forget its shadow. Some skill, my friend is drawing the houses. Have you continue drawing with trees so we don't need to these pictures, - okay ? 16. 15 - Adding the trees and clouds to the background: in our difference layer. We only need the picture of the three on bicycle and let's start to grow. Use warm orange and light brown for the shaded site added the points little bit, and here is the shaded side. The branches has brown color. I use the panto again. You need the shapes and reordering. Create some lines for the would bark. - The tree canopy is only one shape. To make the three cartons die, I'm going to draw a couple off leaves on the edge off the greenery without Greek. Simple, duplicate them, - Scared on rotated. - Throw some darker leaves, too. - All trees will be in the background. Behind the houses do next. I would throw the rest trees with the same technique, but I don't want you to get bored. So what's the process? Speeded up way I will throw to moving clouds to the sky. - The color is quite bright, with low opacity broke on. Two lines drove Freehand Contour. It is much more easier if you have tablet with most. It's a bit more difficult, Joe, The other cloud with panto, 50% capacity and do brighter strokes. Fine 17. 16 - Prepare to create the girl and her bicycle: Okay, let's focus on the cycles, girl. Here are the sketch on the reference picture. I reflect the bicycle picture. Good. I'm going to start with the well. I use a simple circle for the ream and tours Jazz duplicated and change the color to darker. - This is the hub. I don't have to dro Duminy runs. I only drove around. Slice the guides Happy a lot. The wheel is moving lower upper city. - Then I duplicate the were This will be the red. Really? Okay. 18. 17 - Drawing the bycicle: The next step is the frame of the bicycle. Draw with mental and you stroke without fear. In a stroke option I choose throw with rounded end. There is a stamp on the fork, - right ? And they were. - I modified a shape to outline stroke. No, I can easier Eddie their points. The seat post is bluish gray, Onda said. Er is brown like letter, - Drogba said. Oh, change the color to brown some other parts of the bike and there, oh, decoration for it with using Pathfinder Nice. 19. 18 - Drawing the handlebars and the crankset: I need a cranks. It it's just a circle shape. Dive chain. - Oops , Sorry. Her initial layers on Beddoes also No. Let's see the handlebars. - It's bluish gray. Another decoration under Beddoes Create a new layer for the bicycle. - Okay , I done the bike. 20. 19 - Starting to draw the main character: the following step is growing The girl's face. - I tried to draw a cute face for her Jews. Skin color. She's got long brown hair. Later I reach into color. The wind dish awas her hair. Dark brown color looks great. You need to do shape. Her dress is red. I know it's a bit short for riding. She shows off her bottom. Her dress will be read. I know it's a bit short for riding. She shows off her bottom a little bit. She is nothing. Okay, - Rio de Delay Years again. Nice. 21. 20 - Drawing the legs: No, let's go her legs. I'm going to duplicate one leg, rotated on, used darker color for the skin. Arrange a layer, right. She wears red shoes. She's got long legs. - Duplicate a shoe on a place to the right position. - I think it's OK. 22. 21 - Finishing the face and hands of the girl: we need to dro her arms. Some modify with the points duplicated. Fine does her and act do? I'm going to use the darker skin color for it, and we need to modify her dress a little bit. - She smiles on, enjoys the beautiful weather. She has got red lips. - I think it looks killed. - That's we'll be cute on her dress, citing Greatest circa with brighter red color. Create many copies off the dots. It's enough on Group the Layers Nice. 23. 22 - Positioning the main theme in the background: next door over her hands, the fingers going into shapes. I'm going to draw a sweet red bracelet for her simple shape, with so then converted to outlines stroke. - Nice . The other hand, we have just finished the bicycle and the girl and find her right position on the road. - I also need a shadow below the bicycle. I mean, you simple, circa shape for the shadow. - Find the right position. All right, okay. 24. 23 - Add leaves to create space: at last I will drove the leaves that blowing in the wind uncheck this mind guy. No need to snapping. - I'm going to draw with different size. - Some of them are in the foreground. Others are in fire, background duplicated . All right, I'm going to draw one more shape for foreground because I want more focus on the cyclist girl. - Okay . All right. 25. 24 - Preparing layers and export to Photoshop: we finished our drawing An illustrator. There are some layers in the project that is no need to any more. Delete the reference pictures and guides also delete the scratch layer Syringe delay Yes, for export I'm going to reorder at the three layers because one of them is in the foreground. Others hard in the background. Okay, Finally I have to export as PSD two photo show Go to five Export. I need all delay Eso I choose PSD in the export option panel Choose CIA like a color mood in RGB mode the layers are will be flattened Also choose the art optimize moved and a reservation is high breasts Okay, perfect. 26. 25 - Fixing the layers, defining depth with blur effect: Okay, now it's open. Defy. We save. We can see Ole as that we made it. Illustrator, I'm going to drop all A s group into one group. Select the background layer with common click or control in windows. Click in the main group than L A layer mask. Now you can see the crop picture with mask. I think our work is too sharp yet there isn't that in the scene. So we need something to feel the death of fear. We need the background to be blurry on the further point is where I will use Go shin on motion blur I start with the far The street come with a group to smart object to protect the main layers quality and attribution First I use motion blur with the same angle of the road The where you have the distance is very low Three picks as we're fine Then I'm going to use go some blood to filter blur Go Schindler, The way you is Do pick says come with a group to smart object with the other trees. I used a similar motion blur Where you on lower go Schindler, Then I use before Okay. Do you go Shunned her again in both houses. I'm only going to use motion blur with mom. Picks away. Come with a group to smart object. Okay. The mayor books were got the same. Where you okay? 27. 26 - Use light to add more focus to the main character: it looks That isn't enough. Focus on the cycles, girl. Everything is so sharp close to her. So I'm going to define a blurry circa, and we'll give a foggy atmosphere around the girl. The color is like yellow. Okay, Jews. Elliptical marquee tool on. Add it on field. Go ahead. A layer to smart object, then use Goche number with large radius. All right. Okay. Andre Estai is screen with lower off a city. Yeah, it's much better. As I said before, This is a sunny day in summer in this scene. So I will add the sand in the corner. I'm going to duplicate the folk layer and I use it s son. This shows the smart object. Keep the main circus attributes a little bit scared and put it to the right position. Now we had did beat more atmosphere again and the scene becomes warmer 28. 27 - "Moving" the clouds: duplicated again and changed the layers tied to multiply and put it in the right corner. There is an ugly it. So I'm going to rotate the layer, press common t on rotated, name it on, change it to multiply the doctor ground in the corner makes easy to focus on the girl on. We'll give win your defect a little bit scared. Okay, let's focus on this guy. We use motion blur on threes, and we will use a similar effect on the clothes. I'm going to match the clothes layer. Just select the layers. They're impressed. Common he. But at this point, I'm going to use another two for blurry effect. The stool is this much tour I really love to use for motion. But because it will give a win the impression to the picture He was between the other clothes. - Okay , 29. 28 - The illusion of wind: use the same method for lives. The leaves blowing around in the wind to make this effect. I used double it. It will look like the leaves are flying and you can use different direction. Thank you. Painting with a brush. Okay. Okay. - All right. 30. 29 - Adding the texture: now I'm going to crop the picture. Select the mask with command, click or controlling windows. Then go. Image on crop. Did the mask only one important step left the texture. I always use the same texture for my artwork. I'm sorry. I can't tell. What is it? This is the secret I will keep in this course. But I show you a similar texture. I will use simper plastered war texture. In this project, it looks like concrete war. I'm going to use it in newly are a little bit scared. Okay. On the layer. Styx is aware, Lee, I love that grainy looks. Seems like a handmade paper While the percent opacity is pretty much nowhere. You will be better. It needs a bit contrast for this texture. So go image adjustments. Dankers change the busier for the darker result. Okay, also, I'm going to modify the saturation to up a city again. I am looking for the best results for soft texture. Yeah, it looks better. I think we're finished our digital at work. My last step is to sign the picture. Dear Ramsey, this is my artist name, - and I'm going to put it to the corner with very low per city. Okay, we learned the method to be a complete original artwork from Freehand sketching to digital growing on post defecting. I made a short without the show, so I composed the layers. You can see the main layers on the way they connect to each other. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy the course. If you have any questions about the lessons for your free to ask me.