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Turn Your Designs Into Custom Stickers

teacher avatar Dan Toth, Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Having an idea to start with

    • 4. Finding Inspiration

    • 5. Getting ideas into your sketchbook

    • 6. Sketching and inking

    • 7. Using the Adobe Capture App

    • 8. Photographing your design for vectorising

    • 9. Vectorising your design

    • 10. Vectorising your photograph

    • 11. Setting up your art board in Illustrator

    • 12. Ording your stickers

    • 13. Class Complete

    • 14. Class dedicated to Jeremy

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About This Class

This class will show students how to produce their own custom stickers using stickermule.com as the sticker supplier.

Students will learn:

  • Using the surroundings to inspire ourselves

  • Simple design processes and techniques in Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Producing a print ready file for stickermule.com

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Toth

Designer & Illustrator


As a creative, I believe in storytelling through design, I believe that design should follow form and function to achieve true aesthetics. I use my surroundings, background and experience as inspiration. I believe in being a student to my craft, I utilise my strengths and develop areas of opportunity, but above all, I believe in what I do creatively.

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1. Introduction: My name is Dan, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. Today's class is how to turn your designs into your own custom stickers. He is a little blurry. My favorite that I've done in the past and I show you, my son proposes of how to do that. Alright, this crash into it. 2. Class project: the class project is you guys to design your very own sticker. That could be whatever you want. Um, mine will be this guy. A sticker for my one of my favorite bands, the Black Keys. Uh, so you guys, you can do your favorite bend or you can do your own brand. But what if you want your saying of quote as long as that is a sticker, this stylistic it is a die cut. So that means it's, uh, cut in shape around the actual design. Um, designs can be whatever you want to be sickle. It can be, Ah, whatever you want in so many shapes inside of the That's what I want you guys to dough uploaded onto the gallery and, yeah, that's let's have some fun. 3. Having an idea to start with: All right. So we're gonna get started and a good place. That's that is Have you got an idea we wanna for May. My idea for this guy came about from just I just wanted to do a sticker for the Black Keys . And it was the senator is the random thought ahead. Listening to the music follows designing at one point to do a sit of dangling keys or sort of a set of keys, all in black, The very sort of brought skitch idea. Oh, it's get stalled. And I have a black key on my set of keys and I just thought, You know what? Let's give that a go. Its got some beautiful details, all the black. It's sort of rubbed up on the corner of the air and on the side that we put into this key slot, and I just thought that would make cool little stick it. Yeah, it's for me. It's not for anybody else, and that is the end result. Hopefully, it's not too blurry, that is that, and I love that one up. Given it out, it was the first sticking. You print only with them and it came out perfect. It's like unicycle lost the blacks. Good on it. I mean, I couldn't have asked more, and I'm gonna show you guys how to do that. So think of your idea, what you want to do and let's get into it. 4. Finding Inspiration: finding an inspiration for your design. Uh, this could come from anywhere. This could be a random thorn in here that you like. Get down on your book. Sketch it out. May I usually jump into magazines? Who? Just old design books that I have around the house or in the library. Yeah, Anywhere outside is great. You can go for a walk down the street in your lunch break and see what what sign is around is just a plethora of stuff out there for us to take advantage off. You got came on your phone or whatever takes a shot of the pictures, benches of off tracks or cars or stickers on the back of the car. You know, it's just they can inspire us all out branding on our shoes or whatever. Just petting on the bottom of the soldier feet off your shoes. Hands it for me. It was the Black Keys I haven't dangling on my key. Um, I just saw that and I thought, What if I turned us into stylish black? You sticker on the fan of back, either Love those guys. This is what it turned out like, and I'm really happy with that one. That's finding inspiration, Everett, because if you're open to it, the ideas will flat in If you, you know, search for it. The more you search, the more you'll find. Obviously, these Pinterest and behind the great sources for inspiration. Um, but it's good to try and stay away from that as much as you came before that you get a really clean idea, something you haven't seen before. Some you know it's not out there. It's zin you. That's the only time it will see the world will see that daylight is from your own brain and imagination. So let that shine. Put that down on paper, sketch it out, and 10 is one of these. In the end of the second, every rib and then somebody else will copy it. And you know 5. Getting ideas into your sketchbook: the keep your sketches plain and simple. Um, not too detailed. There's no point going to deter. I mean, if you want, you can. But the idea is you just trying to get your ideas from your head down onto the paper. That's orders. Its should be a really simple, straight for process where you, uh, get mawr of your ideas out and seeing were those may lead different avenues of your sketches. You know, you could tried in a circle Triangle square. Try it, Mitch, to get I don't know what it is. It could just let your imagination going out on the page. It's paper and pencil. You know, it's nothing to worry about. Don't be precious with Use it up. That's what pages the four makes a sketchbook look more impressive. If your guy for that you got always you don't want all these tiny little I think he drawings on one or two paid on your pages or at the front of your book. Just go nuts right down stuff this Will you have your ideas and looking back once that books done, you've been stored away and look back over it, and it's a great piece of your own ikat from, you know, going back and seeing what you're doing and seeing the start of a great little idea or design, which could turn out to be something huge. Yeah, that's what it's for. Here's a little tip for you guys. Always have a sharp pencil. It's a no brainer, but it is a good tip. It helps just keeping your lines clean and crisp and another took within a tip is to do light lines like light depression lines during Don't go Super hired and engrave you during in through five or six different pages but below the one you're working on. He wants that just nice light lines. Um, and the reason that is there. If you do make a mistake, you could. It's easy to erase without the lines for being imprinted into the paper. The paper stuff, you know, it zee. It's so extent. So do it nice and light and mean once you happy with it, get the ink, pain, back pain, whatever pain, and then you go over and finalize it. It's a meter into that page. That's my little tip for you guys. 6. Sketching and inking: So here is my inspiration, the little black key. And now I'm going to just roughly draw that out. My big secret. You're You know, we're not trying to make this pitch. I mean this for my style. I like to, um yeah, people kind of rough and reading. This is like it's a stick. It's got and shoots. It's not perfect. And neither of the Black Keys music. But it is so good music. You know, they're just creative guys, and they're about creating music as being heard before, Or just, you know, the thin out into this super lashed out shit. It's just get it done, make a bad ass rock n roll. It's kind of my sort of style. You'll see. I mean, it's just a rock. Ah, All right, so key drops down. So these these little details with teeth, I'm just gonna do olds Kitchen. And once I got the idea Yeah, the I mean, it's kind of good that it's not. Then it makes it more yours, you know, like it's your taste. A bit of your flavor on it. Something like that. Coming until kind of pretty happy with those arms gonna go and talking them up? No, but but I mean, you look at it. You don't really look at a key this close up. You know, there's some interesting grooves going on. Sweet. All right, You know, on all what I'll do now, I've got sort of the jests. I'm not going brief line that, like, I think that's the key shop they give. That's pretty is probably but, um, at a proportion to the clover. Huge. So did a few earlier. I just want to show you a little bit of my drawings. All right, so this is the idea. A couple extra sketches, um, and income up. That's the main one. Yeah. Bit of shading gun on. There's a couple extra keys and behind. As you see, though, these guys here, they're going to go up in here and illustrator once I finish when we stop playing around and getting this ticket what I want and that's another sort of sketchy did in the bottom. Another the rock hands. That'll be another. Stick it down the line. Um, so, yeah, I'm gonna show you now, uh, how to take the sketchbook and get into illustrator using Adobe capture. It's a great at to use really recommend that. And the other one is just taking a photo with your, uh, your camera, your find and important And then just using life trace and illustrative to get the same effect. So let's do that. 7. Using the Adobe Capture App: Alright, so I've got to jump into Dobie capture. It's that puppy. They're free to download off your app store. Push the plus button. Now, that is the view you get. Because black one, uh or you can push this icon at the top here, and that will change it. Reverse it out. So and then you have to scrub about down here. Next Grove, I will pick up Maurel this detail. So Mawr noise. I guess, Um, I'm down here or if you bring it further up, it's gonna just pick up that, um especially the drawing itself. But it's a fine line if you got to have really clean. That's why you think let's go, this camera or the system picks up the fine line, the fine black light. See, I'm going right down, and that's picking up. I guess it's not picking up too much detail. Now. You're all the way to the look at it from the ways that's picking up so much. So the fine just gonna find that fire, the happy medium and maybe right there. It's just about 60% towards the right now. I just got a position that nice and clean overthought and like taking a photo and still them the, uh Now what I will do is if you want the recent stuff, you've got a couple of buttons you gonna select. What does it do? Usually I'm a brother. I'm just going a raise. In that way, I can just use my finger and I'll go on the res, Alexis stuff around it, which I don't want. And you can get right up in there little bits. Try to be careful not to actually get the design. Otherwise you have to push. You go back then. But I don't want those little movement. Look, you know, you gotta hold if you hold down. And so I good one, get rid of those. They go. So it's climbed to cleaned up. And now at the top. You got your arrow. You can. If you're not happy with it or the photo, you can go back and redo the process. I'm happy with that. I'm going to go forward. So now it is rendering the image kind of light in illustrator Pretty much been illustrated . It is doing a live trace. There you go. I'm happy with that. It's and now I'm going to go forward again. Co. Awesome. So if you are a an adobe Cloud membership, I guess this a little sink up. So when you glowed, illustrator, you have in your C C library. So what? I'm gonna I've gotta lie. Vehicle sketches. Um, so there it is is really to go. That's the image it took and that stores on your phone as well. Coast. So I'm gonna rename that black key Skitch 01 You got Ben and about to push the tick. There it is. Not in my so did library that up created. So that's it. Nice and easy. 8. Photographing your design for vectorising: All right. So you have seen me use Adobe capture. The at really cool process takes a kind of a lot of work out. I mean, it works with my style, drawing with that schedule, the style. Anyway, he be die thinking. Here is another one. Super simple. Ah, grab your phone. Check it on the camera. Focus in take a snack. Now we all know how to use their phones. Hopefully grab the image and check it into illustrate on the outboard and I'll show you how to live. Trace that. 9. Vectorising your design: Thank you guys. So we I've watched of, Illustrator. There's an A three outboard lessened big and easy to wicked. Now, the first thing I want you to do before you get underway is go to file color mode and slicked seem like a so seem like a is the printing sit up? Uh, stickers. You know, see, Gadji Bay is to do so. It's just a good little no to have in this. What? We're on its pretty easy. All right, so now over here. Okay. Adobe library and have very top. You can see the key that we took Well, that I took with the adobe Kasher announcing a click and drag into that board desk amount brother lodge. So I was minimized it. Now selecting the image. Ah, unknown some scale that down. So I just pushed e the chance 12 And now I'm gonna hold down, coat and shift and click and drag in that scales down proportionally. Uh, maybe a little smaller is gonna bring that a bit larger. Great. Center it up. Now, you can see these little bits on the outside which picked up peen or whatever noise. So just going to go in and delete those one no puts of bulbs going a bit side, assuming which is command plus to leave those No, I see living you. I couple out here a little ninjas hunting in the dipped of the whiteboard. One more, but no, there's there. Got him co. So it should be nice and clean, which it is now. You might think it's done. Don't stop there. It's, uh, clean it up and get it looking more and perfect, this global cooling rather perfect and perfect. Signet's go in and stick the little you bits and bulbs like it's just on the leaves. Little details, I mean, but that's what it's about. If you want it to look really good, they just take that election. So getting through care of some of the stuff I can't cook, insuring Dane some bits over there. So for this, I'm not going to make you sit through it'll right now, sir, I'm just going. I could see this little part here. It's not the nicest the line I could might just curve that up. So what, I wonder is, like that with my wife pointed to direct selection to push the minus. And it brings up my mind as pinto because ah, and that just deletes that going away Yeah. Contar get rid of it again. Yeah. So didn't like commands a to your back. Yeah, just bring it up. So, clicking and dragging now shift See brings up this toe anchor point toe where you can put cares and stuff on your anchor points. And that scared that out. Smooth There. Sorry. That's very nice. And then there's another little bit. It's a bit random CEO. Looks like related. Almost going for a closer look. Come on, See? Go home. That co of the you know, like trace dozens based. And you know you can't Can't be a two opinion. Yes, a machine. It's doing what again? And it? Yeah, is designers and people want things look good to go in there and just clean it up nice and easy. The next be full on crazy. Perfect. Just there. You like it? I don't know what show this pile is doing grand scheme of things. What if we delayed it so a bit too much black? They now, uh, could just bring this town. Yeah, it's good, co. I'm just scanning the ages to see if there's any other sort of square hardy. Just not. They should be kids fingers more. I just go and yeah, that more just little dots just doesn't work. There's another little trick of share his command. Why will bring about wife runs in that way? You can kind of go and click and select without moving the object. So do that. It's more. This looks really small ones that don't want Here's a bunch over there into commanded brings us back so you can kind of just go total between the two. See what you're deleting or what you want. Too late. I want to get rid of all those. I just need the big ones and then some just over here, which I think a bit weird looking something. That room is whatever they some dust on my Syrian awesome nice trip screen. So on this, but he is. But Effie, I'm going to clean that up. Most let something waited. All right, Cool. So see, um, speaking of time, get it looking great. And it will just make a world of difference. So that's the main part done for the hero key now back over to our library and is used. I saw in my sketchbook I had two other sort of supporting keys they're gonna go in behind. So I'm just work on this one, quickly. That now, Now, that's a mixture of cleaning up. Scared those and that, Coop. No, I'm going to scale it down again. Ship to come. A shipped bolt. Thank you. Cook and hold. Now, rotate it around. Now what? Who would you say is that this main case transparent where the white is? So I have seen this key to the back and I will have to do is make a mask around the main body so you'll get this effect. So actually, I'll do that now so it makes it easier to see. So I gave my wife my pinto, and I'm going to go one of the her Sorry, I'll select this, and I'm gonna lock it. So that's command number two on the keyboard. Pinto tune that tell Appellate wants old. We'll just go around. This guy sexy of made a mistake. I haven't Should be over here. That's better foolin around its bit. Referee for now, I just want to share that for the masking e Think I'll go down here just to be safe. And then I was gonna cut across because my other kids aren't going to go this far. It was sticking well in there in that line. Been around on, I was gonna go up here, but to him and then them. So now or a sinless master the back So that command open bracket put him behind. Now we get this key, which I'm gonna seem to the back. So that's all the way to the back is command shift open bracket? Well, he's behind killed. So I put that down there. I think I need to put more rotation. Here's the making behavior. No Tatum of it, you know, doesn't have to be go on under scene. That's a during its illustrations. The idea is but a detail sticking out here. Cool like that. No, back again here and get this key. He's going to be young side of its larger And these keys were just on my house Keys. That's king. You thank was one of my main door case at my last house I was living in, you know, just it is interesting shape, you know? Why not check it in. Cool. So these clean him up a little bit? Yes. Again. So these again, we could go in and clean up just a little spots there and there. That one, that one. Clean those up. Um, get it Looking good. No, seem to the back. And how's that? Pretty cool, actually. Like in that maybe scalable turn CeBIT. Now, I unlike net. I feel like something missing. So what I'm gonna do is this duplicate that? So that's oaks. I'm just holding down on the black selection key. Brings up the too little arrows, and then you just click and drag. Simple droop. Okay, well, the new is I'm going to slip just this black out apart. Command X, the cut. And then I'm gonna delete that in a part. No command ship v paste in place. And I'm gonna get rid of the inner pot because this guy's just in a little detail bay. Just that delete twice in boom is a little key now, see, it's the same direction. That's pretty office. It's gonna be down in this section here. That's what I wanted. It's just rotated up to vertical right click transform conflict that's all looking correct . OK, but so now I'm going to rotate their around and now scale, um, produce small and seemed to the back. Yeah, it is a bit of it's, uh, dimension to it. They just call into it. She wanted it just rotated but him maybe give the sky a bit of a rotation. You can use our for rotate when you can put your anchor point off the rotation wherever you like. Maybe I could have tried it swinging at around rather e when you select your thing, your object and push e and we're just writing from the middle Think you can turn around, sir, Go through the same thing and I unkind alot just took that. And keys. I'm not kind of like that wholesome. All right, so we have completed our ah design. Gonna looking pretty shop and Chris clean up any sparks and use library from adobe. See? See, how cool is that? So much time. Just say right there. And now we're just going to select the black Oh, that's right. I locked that may in case or unlock. So that's commando number two unlocks any items and I'm just gonna slick that black and go slicked Same fill color. So it picks up everything. That's that one color. Go into the pellets. And I was gonna push black Nice last Chris Black. You can do if you want. If you're not a fan of that black, do repeat that versus, like that. Select saying will come up, double click into here and you could baby 90. Using it was very great. So that's girl. So I just commands in that anger this good line. Do you see them? It makes more of a Chako. So it's not just rich black. It's Maurin your shackle, which is kind of nice. I like that. 10. Vectorising your photograph: remember I showed you If you're phone for some reason isn't competitive with Adobe capture . We will shall fairy how to do live tray. So image trace with that photo we took. So bear with me and I will comport my Feder that I took All right, so that's my photo which grabbed We'll select that again. Like you could take this into photo shop and backing it up and get those lines. But will that black berry crisp and make it easier for life drinks to pick up? But what we will do, we'll get the ridge trace up here, used little drop down and go black and white. Okay, so it's lost a lot of that detail. Competed to Adobe capture. We'll see if we can fix it up. So now there's this little box here. Image trace panel. Well, you can now go in and manually that just what, um, live traces done something they're down to showcase its getting roots. Go up. Yeah, You just gotta work with it and find what work best for you and I Obviously before if you into food shop and made the drawing more better the image contrast black more black, you get a better result. Nothing. That's the base for now and then embassy. It's still in its image state, I guess. Once life trace. But you need to expand, announces a john expand button up here pushing that puppy. And you now have your photo of your design as a victor. And then you can just go through the persons of cleaning up and that's it. You see Cope. So save that. And now you guys know these two simple processes using Adobe capture. We're taking a photo and live tracing it. 11. Setting up your art board in Illustrator: All right. So you're preventing Dan. What size are we doing these stickers? You know, we're a massive a tree outboard. Well, this is the site. So here we go, jump into stickum. You'll dot com is a great place to get your stickers printed. And I have seen up in that the, um, class project and resources. There is this link here. We get custom urine, custom samples, the 18 custom samples, Fernando's and free shipping worldwide. Maybe just check where you live, because but I'm pretty sure it does. Most countries in the world pretty cool. I mean, is this the first time I used it for this? Took and came out beautifully. So we're working with inches. So three by three inches and I square. Let's go down there back to illustrator And now what we can do of Aceval saved this command If and we can sit up another outboard by going to this icon at portal and clicking and dragging, making somewhat of a square Now we know that it's not perfect. So ripped arm, working millimeters. So after click inches slicked up here, three i three in tow and that is the size of our stick it. So I'm gonna do Grayer. But that guy paint, I am going to go. Copy. Keep the main one is it is anger, command paste scale them doom to fit in here. You hope now, Coehlo Tip, which I didn't do, is that I printed my stick. Ally that and I got a good sicker. But oh, I did has rotated 9 45 degrees. I can use a ALS the space and get the maximum amount of coverage. Goudstikker in the costs, But just like that. 12. Ording your stickers: All right. So we are in Stick a mule with that supplied link, which I told you about earlier. Let's do it. We've got out set up designed. Sit up. Let's go order teen stickers. Choose a file and that's uploaded. Now you can leave any additional information for stick a mule company to follow. For instance, giving a pain tone color. Um, if you're using, if you're not using a black whatever, just to make sure that they get print is close to the color that you like. So obviously you'd supply your pain tone number for reference, and they'll work it out from there. Coat. So let's go. Continue. So there it is. This, though. What? We're getting a die cut sticker three by three. Its name of l. That work discounted thinks to out awesome little link, and then we go to check out, and then we just go through. Could in your obviously put in your details name, we will place your order. All right, so we're in check out in the O now killing all your details, and obviously you pry it. You have a free credit to you. So, um, I don't have the head. But hopefully you'll see that in the know what you do is just place your order and that's it. You completed your stickers. Now they're just gonna be, ah, there in the proofing process, Those scenes, you an email where you will just need to approve there Di cat around your design. And if you happy with it, Dean, that'll take, you see, is it takes with the next eight hours. It usually does come in, but quicker. So, yeah, the fast you prove it, the fast your stickers will get printed and seem to you for you to enjoy And then you're gonna upload them onto our cascade because I want Can't wait to see what you ask him, what with? I'm really excited about this. So I look forward to seeing you in the gallery and for us to talk about it and see what's next with these stickers on to see them and some really hard and crazy places. Let's have some fun and keep on making these stickers. Having your design out there that nobody else has ever done we're seeing before. That's what it's about. Coats all See you soon 13. Class Complete: all right. I told you that was easy. Guys, you completed the class now in the mouth. Hopefully, it doesn't take too long. You're beginning your own stick. A package like this one. Um, I'm waiting for the waiting for a low when they arrived, the anticipation of it turning up in seeing how they tune out of the colors. Right? They cut it nicely, which they do. It's old part of the little genie. Little, not tonight. Just the little things that you can do in the last day makes us happy. That's a lot of bells. Make sure you share this class to your friends who might be into it. Getting to sign up school shit. Where it's worth were community of sharing how schools with other like minded craters like you who are watching right now. That's what it's for. It's not for anybody else. It's for us. So make this a better figure and more creative school share community. All right, peace out 14. Class dedicated to Jeremy: gonna dedicate this class to my brother Jeremy, who sadly passed away. Uh, back in April this year, he waas No, only just amazing brother. He waas my auto and hero was just He was a rock and he was an amazing person. He was a photographer who was about to set the world on fire with his style and his vision . Um, and I miss him hugely, but I know he's pushing me, too, to keep going and keep, uh, me doing what I like doing. And it's being creative person and sharing to the world because that's what he was about. It was about being a good person and doing good things. And, uh, you know, living life as we all should is just take it as it comes, and no way or don't sweat the small stuff because the day it is small and you know this is bigger and better and more important things. Teoh, you know, keep our minds. This is a view team that love you so much, and I miss you every single day