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Transcription and Captioning Masterclass | Master Video Captions and Subtitles

teacher avatar Nitay L, Proofreader & Translator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. Course Preview Video

    • 2. Introduction Video – Hidden Gems of Knowledge Await You

    • 3. Transcription Service – 3 Main Types & Editing Tools

    • 4. Captioning Service – Basic Terms & Decent Pricing

    • 5. Captioning Service – Subtitles & Captions Guidelines

    • 6. Transcription & Captioning Process – 3 Simple Steps

    • 7. Keyboard Shortcuts & English AutoCorrect Software

    • 8. Automated Transcription & Captioning Tools

    • 9. Captioning Editing Tools

    • 10. Captioning English Audio Files

    • 11. Step 3 - Translation

    • 12. Remove Background Noise with Audacity

    • 13. Embedding Subtitles on a Video: VLC / Camtasia

    • 14. Embedding Subtitles on a Video: Handbrake

    • 15. Transcription Job Sites

    • 16. Introduction to Upwork

    • 17. The Main Body of Your Upwork Profile

    • 18. Advantages of 100% Complete Profile

    • 19. My Feed & Jobs Notifications

    • 20. Jobs Proposal & Client Messages

    • 21. Upwork Identity Verification

    • 22. Upwork Connects & Service Fees

    • 23. Final & Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

Get 2 Courses In 1 - Both Captioning and Transcription

During the Transcription Course You’ll Learn:

· Basic Transcription Terms and the General Process of Transcription

· How to Use 2 Free / 2 Paid Transcription Editing Tools, 2 Automated Transcription Tools, and 1 Translation Tool

· How to Remove Background Noises

· Keyboard Shortcuts & English AutoCorrect Software

· With 5 Practice Activities to Sharpen Your Transcription Skills

· How to Work in Transcription Through Online Job Sites (Upwork Guide Included)


During the Captioning Course You’ll Learn:

· Basic Captioning Terms, Such As Subtitles, Open/Closed Captions, Srt, and More!

· Professional Subtitles & Captions Guidelines

· How to Use 2 Free / 1 Paid Captioning Editing Tools, 2 Automated Captioning Tools, and 1 Translation Tool

· How to Remove Background Noises

· Keyboard Shortcuts & English AutoCorrect Software

· With 5 Practice Activities to Sharpen Your Captioning Skills

· How to Work in Captioning Through Upwork


When I learn something new about the topics covered in this course, I add it to the course - at no additional cost to you! You have my guarantee that you will love what you learn in this captioning course.


See you on the course!


Instructor Nitay

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitay L

Proofreader & Translator


Who Am I?

My name is Nitay. I'm an English and Hebrew translator, proofreader, and transcriptionist at Upwork.

I have wide freelancing knowledge and several years of experience working for numerous leading global companies.

My Goal

As an instructor, I have one main wish! To help you save time and start earning right away by learning knowledge that, sadly, I didn't have at first.

Stay Updated

Click "Follow" on the left to be updated when I upload a new course. You'll also know when I add new lessons to my existing courses!

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1. Course Preview Video: These exclusive course will not only allow you to master both transcription and captioning, but also teach you how to get jobs from home on amble. Learn from unexperienced transcriptionists and subtitle about all the tools that every professional, the external. From automated tools that make your job faster than ever, to audio tools that allow you to remove background noise and so much more. My course promises to sharpen your skills with several helpful practice activities, and it doesn't end there. You will receive a full and rarer guide to our 4k, one of them best villains in websites. Because we know jobs could provide a great practice opportunity, improving your proficiency all while earning money. So what are you waiting for joining my course and become an expert financed transcriptionists and subtitle there today. 2. Introduction Video – Hidden Gems of Knowledge Await You: Can you become a transcriptionists without a degree in medical or legal transcription? And through a short Udemy course, know if the course fixates on one free tool while ignoring professional paid tools? Yes. If the course includes both automated and manual transcription tools, plus how to gain Transcription Jobs to hone your skills. And you guessed it, this course delivers all these and more. But before I brag about the delicious content, let me introduce myself. My name is Nick tie. I'm an English and Hebrew translator, proofreader and transcriptionists at Apple. And they made this lesson's packed cores based on years of experience in captioning and transcription. What hidden gems of knowledge away to master the basics of transcription and captioning, like when diving for the first time, practicing in shallow waters. The first section we'll introduce you to transcription and captioning before we can dive deeper. Not familiar with transcription tools or transcription terms. Done. Listen one includes both. Don't know the difference between subtitles and open or closed captions. Done. Lesson 2 is 4. You want to write video subtitles in the easy to understand correct way done. And three is precisely for that. Later, I will showcase civil captioning tools and explain the standard process of transcription in lesson 4. And finally, in the fifth lesson, you will learn how to write and edit faster with keyboard shortcuts. If you write daily on the computer, the discovery of keyboard shortcuts will cut your work time in half. But if you already know them, hold your breath, that's not all the lessons in stores. You will also hear about a tool that helps spot spelling and grammar errors in English, the best online autocorrect software. Transcription and captioning tools every expert now, after discovering over seven tools, both manual and automated, it's time to dive deeper into each 1. First, we begin with the automated tools like YouTube or sonics. Later, jump to the manual captioning tools, both paid and free. And next, we go over the translation step and how to remove distracting background noise for better results. And last, you will learn about free options to embed subtitles on a video. Again, paid and free. You wish to test and sharpen your new set of tools and skills. Michael's got you covered with two sections of practice activities. While practicing, you will learn about ancient automated music tools, transcription, job sites, and full our POC guide. As promised, the following section will present various sites for winning your first job online. Plus, it includes a full guide about APOC, one of the best online jobs marketplaces. The final lecture, full of confidence, you will uncover a four tips in the final lesson that will put you on the road to becoming a protist scripture MNIST? Yes, even without a degree. So what are you waiting for joining my course and write captions or transcriptions fast as lightning and accurate as a sniper. 3. Transcription Service – 3 Main Types & Editing Tools: Hello everyone and welcome to my transcription and captioning curse. I'm glad you're joining me. Now in this lesson, we will talk mainly on transcription service, what types of transcription there are, and which editing tools can be used to write and adjust your transcription. Alright, let's begin. Transcription service is a service that converts speech either live or recorded into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are often provided for businesses, legal or medical purposes. For example, a written text document of what is said during a person's trial helps to go over the defendant or the judges exact words. That's where the transcription comes in. Here is how a common transcription file looks like. One can easily notice who is saying what and in what order, timing might also be added, but not necessarily. Types of transcription. There are three main transcription types. Verbal team, intelligent and edited, also called Clean read. Verbal team transcribes the audio word for word and captures all fillers like and him, throat clearing and incomplete sentences. Very Putin transcription is used for scripts, speech like a TV show or a movie, as well as for job interviews, police investigations, and court cases. Also, it's usually one of the most expensive types of transcription as it takes more time to prefer. In general, where protein is like a vacuum that text everything it finds or in this case, ears. For understanding better. Let's look on an example. A lot of people think that they want strict Berber Tim transcription because it's more expensive or you know, because it's one of the types of prescription they heard of before. But what they actually want is either intelligent Robert interests corruption and edited transcript or paragraph translation. And strict verbatim transcription or true verbatim description can be pretty difficult to read. Here you can immediately notice that, oh, you know, that was kept in the transcription, even though they don't really add anything to the speaker's message that's remembered him transcription. Second type of transcription, intelligent. Intelligent transcription emits all laughter and positive throughout the conversation. That transcriber performs sunlight editing to correct sentences, grammar and irrelevant words or sentences are eliminated. Intelligent transcription is often used in medical fields or within businesses communication. In short, while reparative, transcribe the audio word to word. Intelligent, transcribed only the necessary works, and even correct sentences to make the text sound more clear for the reader. Here is a small example. A lot of people think that they want strict verbatim transcription because it's more expensive or because it's one of the types of transcription they heard of before. What they actually want is either intelligent reparative description and edited transcript or paraphrase translation, verbatim transcription, or true verbal Jim's inscription can be very difficult to read. This time around. The description sounds much more clear and fluent and the verbatim one, that's intelligent transcription. Okay, onto the last time. Edited or clean way transcription is a full and accurate script formulas and edited for readability and clarity. Edited transcription is perfect for unscripted content, like interviews, lectures, or conference organisers who need the content written in a formal way. It's also often used when the script is planned to be translated to Virgin languages. The name itself explains the meaning. This type of transcription goes through a full editing process with the aim to make the text easily readable to any person who wish to use it. Let me show you another example. A very similar example, but the word, it was opened for formality reasons. Transcription editing software. So what tool can be used to create or edit those types of transcription? Well, there are two directions you can take. If you decided to transcribe your audio manually without an automated transcription tool. Hero to free transcription editing tools you can use. Auto Skype is a free open source tool that can be used straight out of your web browser without having to download a program. Photons can also saves your progress automatically as you go and it allows you to adjust the keyboard shortcuts so you can tell it to your transcribing style. From my experience, the platform allows you to load large files very quickly and it saves every change automatically, which helps if you accidentally refreshed or exit the page. Express Scribe is a popular tool designed for professional transcriber, or it can be installed for free on a Mac or PC and lets you control everything through real keyboard, all by linking to a foot pedal and other simple to use two and well-known as a transcription antique T2. On the other hand, if you choose to utilize an automated transcription tool and save some time, the same tool you use can also assist with editing your description. Sonics and Simon says are both great tools for receiving automated transcription for your video or audio file. And they allow us to easily edit your transcription to perfection. More details about them will be revealed in the next lesson. These are the four tools you can use. Alright, that's the end of the lesson. Feel free to listen again. If you didn't fully understand three types of transcription. Important stuff. I hope you enjoyed my lecture. There is a lot more to learn. So put your seat belts and get ready for crazy, right? 4. Captioning Service – Basic Terms & Decent Pricing: Hello everyone. This lesson we will learn many interesting and important stuff about what is captioning by types than there are. And what's the difference between captioning and transcription? On the right, let's begin. What are captions or subtitles? A caption or subtitle is an adaptation or translation of the audio into plain texts. Both captions and subtitles are synchronized to the video thanks to timecard. Unlike transcription, which mainly focuses on the text, captions and subtitles, mainly focus on accurate timing. Let me show you exactly what I mean. Here's how they would look like. As you can see, there are numbers that indicate each time code. Below each number, you have the subtitle, timing and texts. The discipline or time coding indicates the beginning of the subtitle and TC out term called out the end of the sublevel. Formats are in our minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. Clients often asked to deliver subtitles in S and T formats. You can open an S or T with a simple text editor like notepad. There are others subtitle formats like SSH or to HTML. But SO3 is the most commonly used and supported within different platforms. Open or closed captions versus subtitles. Although open or closed captioned, CC and short and subtitles looks similar, that are designed for different purposes. Whether you choose to use subtitles or captions, depends on the audience you have in mind for your video projects. Subtitles are translations for people who don't speak the language of the video. They provide a text alternative for the dialogue of video footage, the spoken words of characters, narrators, and other vocal participants. These accompany fortune films, for example. Also, subtitles assume an audience can hear the audio. It's common knowledge that popular movies or TV series often have subtitles along with them to allow people who speak different languages to understand what is said. Captions are text version of the spoken part of a television movie on computer presentation there in the language of the medium rather than a transition to another language. You can find captions when watching news or other local shows on TV. It's important to remember that captions are not used as translation, but rather for a different essential reason, like for hearing impaired people. Open captions are different from closed captions in that they are part of the video itself and cannot be turned off. Open captions are easy to use because they do not require special functionality for major players or streaming platforms to be able to display the captions. Closed captions, on the other hand, can be turned on or off with the click of a button. They say implement not only for dialogue, but other relevant parts of the soundtrack. Describing backward noises, phone ringing, and other audio cues that need describing. Closed captionings assumes an audience cannot hear the audio and needs a text description of what they would otherwise be hearing. It might be a bit confusing at first. So try listening again to make sure you fully understand the differences between subtitles and captions. Transcription versus captioning. Let's make sure we understand the difference between them. Transcription is the process in which speech or audio is converted into a written plain text document. Transcripts are the output of transcription and because they are plain text, usually there is no time information attached to them. Captioning and subtitling is a process that involves dividing transcript texts into chunks known as caption frames and time coding each frame to synchronize with the audio of a video. The output of captioning. Captions, which are typically located at the bottom of a video screen. Captions are our viewers to follow along with the audio and video through reason captions. Great. Now that we understand what is what, let's jump to the actually interesting stuff, like how much can you earn from making captions? Listen pricing. How much should you charge for your subtitling service as a beginner? Well, if a client asks for the video language, subtitles or proper prices should request for your subtitling service depends on the popularity of that language around the world. For Hebrew language, not many people speak three to $4 per minute is a proper price tag. Well, for English or Spanish, languages that many people speak, $1.5 per minute will be a decent price. However, if a client asks for a different language subtitles, for example, the video is in English and the client wants Spanish subtitles. You may request a higher price in one to $2 for the original per minute price for the whole translation and subtitling service supervisor here. Bear in mind that different financing platforms have their own prices as well. And you can expect lower rates from only in jumps compared to having your own professional website or company. We've local clients. Now that you know the basic terms of captioning and transcription, we can start learning more in-depth stuff like how do you write some channels like a pro? But for that, you will have to wait for the next lesson. See you there. 5. Captioning Service – Subtitles & Captions Guidelines: Hello everyone. Today we will have a very interesting lesson about subtitles guidelines. Have you ever asked yourself what rules are followed when making subtitles? Well, today we will learn just that. Allow display a list of basic guidelines that will directly on the right path. Generally, the number of CPS character per seconds is important for the comfort of the viewer and should be under 35. Usually five to six words contain 35 CPS. In the future lessons about captioning tools, I will show you how to choose how many CPIC will have within each subtitle. The subtitles must translate the meaning and not being literal. That say you have an English video and want to make subtitles in Spanish. The subtitles you make to not need to be aware toward translation. Instead, you need to localize and write them in a way that Spanish speakers will understand the message more clearly. In the proper language style of talking. Always allow enough time for it's up data to be read. When you finish, it's important to go over the video and make sure each subtotal have enough time to be read. Subtitles shouldn't be short and concise. For long sentences, it is better to create several short subtitles aimed for five to six Max words per subtitle. Position subtitles at the center and bottom of the screen. Always end a subtotal at naturally occurring pauses in speech, sentences, boundaries, or changes of scene. It could be when the speaker stops speaking or when he ended his sentence message, or when someone else starts to talk. Avoid ending a sentence, starting another one on the same line. Important to remember. After all, we want to be organized down. That's it for subtitles guidelines. Now let's learn how to edit subtitles correctly. Editing guidelines. Use in audio ball, if there is an audio that you cannot understand, for example, because of an accident. Distinguish between speakers. Remember to emphasise who says what? When two people talk together, each person speaking should have its own row. As you can see in the first example, each person has a row at the start. Another option is to write the person's name, Neil, what he says. However, since the second option is more detailed, it also takes more time. So you should definitely discuss about this Weaver client beforehand. In the event of a speaker interrupted by another one before he finished his sentence, is conveyed by double rows or single long dash. Now let's talk about sound effects. Sound effects, and I'll use to notify that there are sound effects and sound descriptions. For example, when there is music or when people laugh. Indicating some lyrics. If there is only music, You should do what is said before. But if there is also someone singing, You should write the song lyrics. To indicate singing in a video is to have a text written after the beginning music icon and before the ending Music icon. Just like the example you see below. Numerals. Except in cases where the numbers said are difficult and long to write. Numbers should be written using letters. If the sentence starts with a number, use letters instead of numerals. As you can see in the first example that number two that said at the beginning of the sentence is written using letters. On the other hand, in the second example, the numbers 800 or 900 are too long to write using letters. So they are written using numerals. That's it for now. Those basic guidelines, we'll make sure you make expert subtitles. So make sure you remember everything I talked about. Hope you liked this lesson. Sealing the next one. 6. Transcription & Captioning Process – 3 Simple Steps: Hello everyone. Before we can say we master the best types of captioning and transcription. Understanding the creation process of video captions or audio transcription is a must. This lesson you will also get a glimpse of your future automated tools and captioning editing tools. So grab your popcorn and Let's begin. There are three simple steps for transcribing captioning video. Step one, automated tools, step to editing tools. And then step three, which is not always translation. Ok, but what does those steps min? Well, let me explain more thoroughly. First dish the upload your video to an automated tool which usually transcribe your video with 90% accuracy. Next, you manually added and adjust the captions or transcription and correct ROM texts by using an editing tool. And lastly, if a client asks for different language captions for transcription, you will use the translation tool to translate your edited transcribed file. Another option is to turn step three in step one and write the translation many only in the requested language without an automated tool at all. We will have a future video regarding your translation options and what tools can be used. You could skip step one if you don't mind spending extra time writing the transcription or captions independently, which could certainly save you some money on automated tools in the long term, it's your choice. In my AA premium, automated tools could save you a lot of time and aren't too expensive. But you can always try with or without them and see what goes best volume. Now, as I promised, let's look on automated tools for both captioning and transcription. Automated tools. The next option is completely free, but it's only good for getting captions in English. If you receive a video in English and well-known and free automated captioning tool is Youtube Studio. Simply upload your video on YouTube and the platform will automatically generate English subtitles for you. You can then easily download the subtitles using a site name downtown. When trying to determine no DR. subtitled through YouTube studio itself, deserty file you get may have wrong timing for some reason. And that's why instead, I suggest using down-sample to download your English subtitles. Unique language video for both captioning and transcription. If you receive a video not an English had paid solution is sadly the only way. There are two sides I'm using that provide automated captioning or transcription for several unique languages out there. To have the options before you are getting me pretty much same results with 90% accuracy. However, sonics is cheaper since for one hour they cost $10 only comparative, Simon says that cost $15. Also, at the start, you get 30 minutes for free with sonics compared to only 15 with Simon says, both platforms support a variety of different languages, but you should definitely check to them and see which one fits you more. Captioning editing tools. Since I've talked already about transcription editing tools in a previous lesson. Now I will focus specifically on captioning editing tools. Whether for editing your automated captions, helpful manually adding subtitles. This next tools are the best to Youtube Studio, a free option. Let's start with language support. Many tools have problems supporting rarely used languages. But luckily, Youtube Studio supports all languages. Also, unlike most other tools, here, you have the option to adjust subtitles duration with a timeline. The option allows you to edit your subtitle duration by simply dragging it back and forth on the timeline. On the other side, you can't edit subtitles position on design, as well as Embed subtitles on the video. You will need to use other tools for that. However, if you are searching for suffering free Youtube Studio is a great and simple editing tool option. You can take. Some essential keyboard shortcuts you should know are Shift plus enter is for adding a new line, and enter is for adding a new subtitle. Awful splitting a subtitle into two. Amaro subtitle editor and other free option. Amara, formerly known as universal subtitles, is a web-based non-profit project created by the Participatory Culture Foundation that host and allows users subtitled video to be accessed and create. Similar to Youtube Studio, it allows multiple language support and adjust subtitle duration with a timeline. There are a few additional features that make America a little bit better. First, unlike YouTube video, while editing your subtitles, you can choose to display them on the video in the top area or bottom area. An option that for some could be very helpful if two types of subtitles will be added at the end to the video. Second, if your number of CPS is too high, a red color will be displayed. Also, you get a list of keyboard tokens that make your work faster and more efficient. You can look on basic subtitling guidelines every time we forget the proper way. 01 cool feature is the option to add a reference language subtitles near the one you are just about to write. For example, you got English subtitles from Oakland and he wanted to make spanish ones. Simply upload the English subtitles to the reference language panel. And now not only you can listen to the English, but also read it along and you get a node panel. It could be helpful if you are working in a group and want to live notes to each other. So if you need a free option, Amara is definitely a good way to start. And now let's talk about Camtasia Studio, the production. Camtasia support a lot of languages. However, any language written from right to left, 12a correctly on the software, for example, Hebrew or Arabic. Except this smallest advantage, Camtasia provides all the other central features you would want in your tool and more. It comes with the option to adjust subtitles duration. We have a timeline to edit subtitles position or design, and embed subtitles on video. So in my opinion, when dealing with languages written from left to right, this is the best tool you can use. It also walk splendidly as a video editor as well as the video recorder. I mean, how do you think I'm recording this wonderful lesson? But it does cost $250 as a onetime fee, which for some people isn't a comfortable offer. However, if you can get it, whether from a friend who bought it or at a discount sale. I highly suggest choosing it because it offers many options and the simple platform for editing subtitles easily and swiftly. That's it for now. Hope you liked my short showcase of potential tools. Don't worry if you aren't sure which tool to use or how we will have future lessons about them all. See you in the next lesson. 7. Keyboard Shortcuts & English AutoCorrect Software: Hello everyone. Today after finishing this lesson, you're writing speed will increase dramatically and editing text will appear easier than ever. Excited. Well, let's get started. Keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to speed up riding at a computer or any kind of computer work. And since there are hundreds of individual keyboard shortcuts, commands programmed into your PC or Mac. I've compiled a list of the top 15 keyword tokens you should use to write and edit your next transcription and captioning project quicker and more efficiently. Also, don't forget to learn the keyboard tokens related to your editing tool, both automated tools and editing tool control x. Instead of loading the text and then copying it, you get both actions in one clique. Control c. Instead of using your mouse to copy text every time, use this simple shortcut. Control V. If you want to paste text or anything you copied, use this simple shortcut. Controls. The most helpful shortcut in my opinion is this. And the action you do can be undone by this easy chemo. Chuck. Now take a break and practice those shortcuts on Google Translate or Word or Notepad. Out Queues tab, switch between apps with this shortcut, instead of with your mouth. Control a, you use it to select all the text. Also very useful. Control D. This one is unless usually used, but is important to know. You use it to duplicate the text. Control S for serving any progress you've made without using your mouse. Control F. You might know this one already, but when searching a specific word, that's the shortcut you need to use. Again, take a break and practice those shortcuts. Control of arrows. This socket helps to move more quickly between words and long texts. Try playing with this one former shift with any arrow key. This is for selecting specific things. Control plus shift with any arrow key allows us to quickly select a block of text. I suggest you stop the video and try using each keyboard short cut a few types, get used to them and make sure you do those actions only by the shortcuts I taught you. Trust me, it will save you a lot of work done. Just like shortcuts, equal fester writing, autocorrect software equal faster english writing. Grammar early is the best tool I know as an English autocorrect software. Grandma only can identify most spelling and grammar errors and suggest corrections and improvements to our English subtitles or transcription. It has a very useful Wilbur harm extension that's activated whenever you use YouTube studio or other websites, as well as the Microsoft Word extension, which I highly suggest for those who deal with daily English Transcription. Free, no cost service is excellent and should definitely give it a try, even if you don't plan on using it for work. As for premium service, which gives a more corrections and grammar suggestions, you can find in eBay a low-cost payment for a lifetime ago. Now let's have a quick look on how it works. Go to Google and right gradually from extension. Then simply add remedy into Google Chrome. Let me show you how it works. If I arrived, let's go together. We've spelling errors, unequivocally identify them and suggest ways to fix them. You can also develop link any word and again, synonyms or other words for a placement. It can give you corrections, can assist you with the English language. Now let's look on the extension into. Here. You have three options as soon just activating all of them and they give you the decision or which phases gamma Lee will be active, give more devious and just some synonyms and similar words or option for all other correction of text. Now, if you have an English file and want to check it, go and press New Document. And let's say I want to upload subtitles ns2 fault, and go here and impress upon five. I can't find my subtitle file because it's an SAT format and the platform does not support. So I will show you how to change it to a text's format and go to change folder and search options, then known to view and answer either extensions. That's how we generally look. And you'd even have the option to Chen old files. I currently only used the Fromm extension, even Windows and Office. If you use it more often. If you're dealing with English on daily basis. That's it for today. Thank you for watching and I hope you found this lesson helpful. Cylinder Next one. 8. Automated Transcription & Captioning Tools: Hello everyone. Let's have a more in-depth look on your potential automated tools. First, let me show you how to exploit automated English subtitles using Youtube Studio and down some. Go to YouTube and then enter your zooms studio. Now, I've gone to a video using the create button up here. Go to upload videos and then select a video file. For the sake of the video, I will use my preview video, which is in English. While it's loading. Select. No, it's not made for kids. Now go to next, then next again. That select public. That's it. Now select Publish. Now go to the subtitles section. First-time, you'll need to go to languages and then select the video language. In our case, it's English. So scroll down and select English. Now, it takes between 30 minutes to one hour until the subtitles will be ready. So come back later. For the sake of the video, I will skip this process and show you how it looks. When it's ready. You will see that it's written here in this automates. Now for downloading the all subnationals, don't do videos. And then details. All video address. Now let's go to downsample. Base. Don't address here. And that's pressed delicate. That's aids. Now friends, SMT, and you'll get your stuff done. Now let's see how to exploit other languages subtitles, or just skipped using paid automated transcription tools. Let's start with sonics. Okay, first, sonics transcribing and then MTO that website. Now sign up by yourself and then you will get 30 minutes at four feet. Then in your account go to Upload. Here you will see how many minutes you have for free. And since I already used it right now, Okay, now let's select our video, the platform and now upload your video. It may take a few minutes. Now as you can see, it has finished here. And in step two, you can decide what language is spoken in your video. And so I think the language has, you can see the side supports many languages, but for my case, I will choose Hebrew. Now first star. And the software will start transcribing obedient. In my case, I already just time to video. So it says it's a duplicate. So ignore that. Once you will get is the gym Skype file, as you see below. And transcription looks like. Ok, so now let me show you how to exploit the SR2 file. Here, as you can see though, many options, but scroll down to sub ribs, subtitle file. In the show speaker Names, option, cubits or no. So it's not something you need on your file. In the next option, select Yes, and it gives you a CPS 35 and limit line duration too. Then select Keep corruptions as a single light. All of this will make sure that your subtitles are short and the view and can read them easily. And now finally, we will Adele no, no as something. Now let's try wave Simon says simply immobile. Someone says transcription and then go to the website. Ok, now you shouldn't sign up, bow step up helium New Project. And from there you can just kind of your video, but for now always shows my transcription. That's generally how it looks like. Okay, so now we'll go until X bar up here. Then first I need to go to visual subtitle editor, then insert 32 characters per line and check single-line. Every language is different. So check if it's all right for you and if not changed, it. Finally go through exports and then subtitles. That's damped. If you have any questions about those tools, feel free to ask me and I will add so swiftly, waiting for you in the next lesson. 9. Captioning Editing Tools: Hello everyone. In this lesson I will display how to edit your subtitles using the tools we've talked about before. Just like I previously explained, after creating automated captions, you need to go over them and make small edits here and there. Also in these lesson, Amara subtitle editorial isn't included. I didn't have enough time to edit to the video. So I suggest you enter that website by themselves and check it out. First, let me show you how to edit subtitles using youtube studio. Now if you want to edit or add new subtitles per video, no two videos. And then think you'll video image. Go to more options. And then down here, I've done to manage other languages and go to press subtitles. If you don't see your language, press Add language. And then press their subtitles language. You want to add it. Now on the right corner of the screen, press N. Now let's upload our automated transcription subtypes. Select subtitle file, then choose your file and upload it on right. Now in this box you can end it all rewrites your soft adults. By the way, in English, remember to capitalize the first word on your sentence. If you want to move a war that we can simply cut it and add it to the next update. Here you can see all time codes and edit them if the length is too short or too long. If you want to split this into two and go to where you want to spend it, and then press enter. If you want to attach to some titles, use yellow backspace keyboard. Helium could look on additional keyboard shortcuts. You'll want to end the line, press Shift and Enter. Now down here you have a timeline which not many tools have bent. It helps to edit the length of its subtitle easily. If your module subject often shorter, simply drag it backwards. Now, when we all finally finished, press publish for downloading your subtitles and go to actions, and then press SFD. Now, let's see how to edit some results using Camtasia Studio. And then now go tomorrow and then choose captions and subtitles if you haven't. So good sometimes all there is a box way I can add it just updates. If you want to heal the audiophile subtitle and make sure everything is correct because if your best skew the audio will then reply as many times as helio the option to tweak and until design opposition, I'll go sub-directories. And as I said before, you can press shift and enter to add a new line. Backspace keyboard, doable. Sometimes all press this button and now breastplate. If you want to attach those subtitles, you have the option as well. Now when you'll finish best exploit captions. One more thing, you can drag the subtitles back and forth. We've got a timeline in order to change the length of your subtitle. If it's too long or too short. That's the end. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. In the next lesson, I will teach you how to edit an audio file on youtube studio, even though it's not a video file. And how to get automated English subtitles for it waited for you in the next lesson. 10. Captioning English Audio Files: Hello everyone. This lesson was made after I got some questions regarding the audio file captioning. As you know, YouTube can be used to create automated English subtitles for free. However, there are cases when we wish to get captions for an audio file rather than a video file. In such cases, turning your audio file into a video is amassed in order to get your English subtitles from YouTube. Here are two great websites that allow you to do so for free. Borderline converter comes to the rescue again, allowing us to turn any audio file into a video and other website isms out there. You can also turn any audio into a video. This is only necessarily with English subtitles, but with other languages, you can simply upload your audio file on sonics or Simon says, without turning it into a video. Thanks for watching, and I hope you found this lesson helpful and I will see you in the next one. 11. Step 3 - Translation: Hello everyone. This lesson I will explain in more detail how to make a translation for subtitles for transcription. Let's say received an English video ad for mail client. And he asks you to create subtitles or transcription in a different language, Spanish, for example. What should you do? Well, there are two roads you can take. Option one is to do what I taught you before, an automated tool than an editing tool. And lastly, a translation to. The second option is to upload your video to an editing tool. And many on the right, the captions or transcription in a different language, you desire an option which always works best when dealing with short videos or audio files? The better option is obviously the fastest one. So the question you should be asking is which option is faster for you? I suggest you try both options and see which one allows you to finish sooner. Now as more translation tool, I have yet to show you what tool I exactly mean. Let me teach you a bit about translation tools. Translation tools are also called cartoons, but what is a cattle? Computer assisted translation tools? A translators in making translations faster and easier. There are several cad tools in the market when the most popular ones are SDL trade-offs, word fast and mimicry. For those that doesn't have the budget for expensive cattles and will show what is the best free option out there. The most advanced and simple to use cattle, which is currently free, is made cat. But what is made cat. Made cat is a free and open source online k2. It's preferred translation companies, translators and enterprise users. Simply upload your transcription or SR2 file or made cat selected runway. Do you intend to transit from and into and start translating your subtitles, portal description. A cattle have many advantages. It gives suggestions from previous transitions you made shows the Hoogland time say translation option allows you to upload glossaries to aid you out, and that's it for this lesson. Testlet two options when translation is required and find out which one is faster for you and your language. For now. See you in the next lesson. 12. Remove Background Noise with Audacity: Hello everyone. Sometimes audio files come with an unwanted background noise, such as loud fan conditioner or public street noises. That's why today, I will teach you how to completely remove any unnecessary noise from your audio using the well-known or does the software. Step one, Audacity is an audio-based software, which means that video files aren't compatible by default, to fix that, simply install FFM page plugin. Let me show you how you can find the installing in the lesson or course resources. So first we are going to download them software. So we'll go to the website. You can press here. Here we will scroll down and press download Audacity. And here you can press a density Windows installer. If you have Mac or Linux, choose the other installment links. Now after you download those software, go here to the page I gave you a link to buy the lesson or course resources and press this link. Now in this page though, many links when I wanted to press specifically the edX C1. Yeah, this one. Okay, So we will press this. Alright, it finished. Now we will simply press it. And here you can choose the language that fits you. There are many languages, but I will choose enriched. Now press Next, Next, Next again and install. That's it. It's all finished. Now let's move forward to step two. Remove background noise. We are density. Let's have a quick look on how to do so. Openly density. Let's move this here for a sec. Now get to a video or audio file and drag it into the software window. As you can see, it accepted my video file. This is how it looks. Now the first thing you want to do is find a section. Can the audio that have obvious background noise and selected section simply drag like this, the area with the unwanted noise. Then we will go to Effect and then to noise reduction. In this window. Make sure the noise reduction is on 12 and sensitivity on six. If it doesn't work well, you can also try 15 or noise reduction. Okay, now press get noise profile that way or does it still will be able to recognize the background noise throughout the whole video. Then we want to select everything. So double click on the box in the left side of the audio. Or another way to select the roofing is may go in to select. And then on one small go-to effect that press repeat noise reduction. That's it. It's all finished. For the last step, you will need to export your file as mp3 and replace the original audio of your video with the fixed audio using online converter. Let's watch how to export the audio. Go to File, then export, then Export As MP3. Saved a file somewhere on your computer. I will set mine on my desktop. On this window, simply press OK. Now that we have our fixed audio file, let's go to online converter. You can find a link in the resource page I left heel. All you need to do is select a video and the audio file. Then keep the option on, replaced audio and video and installed the replacement process. And that's it. It's all finished. I hope you found this lesson helpful and for now, see you in the next lesson. 13. Embedding Subtitles on a Video: VLC / Camtasia: Now let's learn how Tobin Subtitles on a 1,000,000,000 apparently embedded subtitles Within the video file you need to use a video encoder such as we'll see 1,000,000 player or Contagion studio as a free option, I will know show you how to edit the look off your subtitles using eggy sub and then in bend them through a real see media player. You condone it both of their for free. No, let's open mega sub, then go to file and then open Subtitles selectively made subtitles and then the blood form of respect. Now let's add a video to this office, go to video section and then open video and then presto video. All right, so let's say we want to edit out some turtles and how that look will go here and press edit for normal size. Enter 90 in front size. You have other cool tweaks you can do, but they won't go over there. Now you can check them, feel something. Now let's explore that. Go to file and then save subtitles past. You can edit the file name and we will save the file as an SS file. As you can see, that's its iconic boobs. Now, by using veal C player should open the video. You want to embed subtitles after that, go to media and then Prince Street in this window. We want to end a video file and the subtitles. After ending your video file check, use a subtitle file and then and your a SS file. No, you confessed cream and hearing all of that and press next. Now we will never Our new video and the side went You can press next. Here you have many video options. But for now, so, like what I'm using, really important to do is to go here, go to subtitles and make sure these options are checked and active. Still making sure everything is all right. Best next and then street. Then scroll to the end of the video and the learning process will start. When it's finished, you can exit. And if I will be ready to use, not for the pain. If you had come tells us studio you can buff any and in bed yourself. Here is how No, it's open competition and end all the important things The video there sometimes holes in order to get everything ready for embedding someone close to you. Now, up here, going to share and then press local fight, choose and before with the highest resolution breast. Next, ignore this window and press, except you can edit the father's name. And I want you to uncheck this box. Now choose the location. You want the blood phone to end your video. It's a simple is that now the softer will load your stuff angles on the video and you will need to wait a bit. - One thing I forgot to show you is that you can edit out some pencils for Look, let me show you all the energy options Abkhazia offers down here. You should drag a positive to 50% and then just intends to be shown in the middle. And we have finished. Thank you very much for watching, and then we'll see you in the next lecture. 14. Embedding Subtitles on a Video: Handbrake: Hello everyone. This lesson, I will teach you how to use hand brake and free open source video transcoding. Hendrick is another video encoder for permanently embedding some titles within the video file. In case we'll see all Camtasia didn't work for you. Try using it. Instead. Let me show you how to use it. First, we will need to download it, simply Google its name, and enter the website. As you can see, hand brake is completely free, so oil into do is download it and install it on your computer. When opening the software, simply click and drag your video file in order to begin. Before you upload your subtitles, I want you to go to the video tag and in frame rate, change it from 32. Same as source. Some videos on indifferent frame rate. And you can check by the red clicking your video file and selecting properties. However, instead of checking each time, I suggest you simply use same as source. After checking that, you can go to the subtitles day and then click Import subtitle. I will use English subtitles, but other languages are fine too. Okay. So in order to embed your Sadat or do you want to check the burn inbox so that the software will hurt, call them into your video. Next, choose whether you wish to save your new video file. On right, all that's left is to press starting code, that green play button, and the software will start to individual subjects. Let's see how it looks. Pretty short and simple. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 15. Transcription Job Sites: Hello everyone. In this lesson, I will showcase a few online sites for catching your first job. And I will try to emphasize differences between them. But why get hired in the first place? Will taking jobs could provide a great practice opportunities, improving your proficiency with transcription and captioning tools all the while earning money. Jobs allow you to gain fast experience and the money at the same time, two birds in one stone go Transcript, a very popular transcription job sites is a great place to gain some beginner experience. However, it does require you to pass a short test. Payments are received every end of the week and you can expect a low styling payment of $0.5 per minute. Casting words, on the other hand, doesn't ask you to pass any tests. Also, similar to go transcript, you will receive payment at the end of the week and can expect to earn only $0.5 per minute on fiber has sight for many types of jobs and not specifically for transcription or captioning, you want to be asked to pass an entry tests. You get payments five days after client accepted your work and there you can get jobs for one or $1.5 permitting. Same goes for our POC, except there you might find less competition and can expect to earn one or $2 per minute. There are more job sites you can check out like RAM transcribed me quick Tate, and more. However, you will be asked to pass a short exam beforehand. Most sites you will find humanely specialized in transcription are asking from the new freelancers to pass a test, says they want to make sure they get expert people only. So if you have R time passing those tests, you can always try your luck. Insights that doesn't require that. Do your own research and find the place that suits you the most. In these schools though, I will guide you how to get hired on Upwork. Since from my experience, it's the best place to start waiting for you in the next lesson. 16. Introduction to Upwork: Hello everyone. In this lesson, I will give you a short introduction of upward and how it works through several questions that I will answer along the lesson. My goal is to give you a look on the big picture of what our Cauchy's. Alright, let's begin. How do you get jobs and up for? The main way is by waiting for new job posts published on your My feet page. You look up the details of the job and decide if you want to apply for it. Another way is if a client soil profile was impressed and decided to send you an invite to his job. Of course, once you find the client that gives you ongoing work, applying for new jobs isn't minimal. How their hourly jobs on Apple? Yes. You discuss with your client the time it will take to finish the job and later you use a desktop application that you download from Apple to record your log time while walking. Unlike fixed payment jobs which require the client to approve your work before the payment is sent to you? I'm only jobs on Upwork approve your log time payment automatically without the need for any approved from your client. Also, once you start to recode your lunchtime, the desktop application takes screenshots of your desktop once every ten minutes to make sure you're actually our walking and not faking it. What disadvantages does our Polk had? Unfortunately, upon takes 20% profit from payments unless you earned already $500 per client, which lowers your service fees to 10%, but only with that specific line. Also, after a few jumps due will be required to buy connects points that allow you to apply for new job posts. Don't worry though, connects are quite tube and once you get the client that gives you ongoing work, there is no need to buy anymore connects. It's true that 20% is not a small amount, but for the many job and higher payment opportunities you can find, it's totally warfare, at least as a beginner. How can you receive payments on our call? Ibooks supports PayPal, pioneer US Bank direct payments and global direct payments. Your clients pay your payment to our book and do collect your total profit from our book by any of those options. In the next lessons, you will learn mainly about up book and how to correctly use it. However, feel free to try your luck on any other job site you like. If you're not interested, simply skip to the final lesson of the course. Quick note, those of you who understand a rarely spoken language will obviously have it easier than those who speak common languages. For example, English, Spanish, or French. Since there will be less people to compete with. Spoiler alert. Next lesson we will create you're inviting profile title and start building your successful or pour coffee. So don't go anywhere and continuous straight to the next lesson. Trust me, it's worth it. 17. The Main Body of Your Upwork Profile: Hello everyone. Justice people dress respectively when they want to make an impression on others. I want you to come truly prepared when entering the apple. In this lesson, we will mainly prepare the main body of your profile using Tips and premade samples. Before I send you off to create your own profile on our poll, we should prepare beforehand some complex parts that would be necessary to be filled later. Your title and overview, portfolios and specialized profile. Since these parts are the main body of your profile and are the first thing your client sees. Creating them requires creativity, client centric thinking, professional writing, experience, and a lot of time and effort until you truly feel comfortable with your profile refined the pyramids. Fortunately for you, this lecture will provide you with pre-made templates for your overview and specialized profile, as well as show you how to edit and sued them to a specific type of work. That title. The first thing you are blind sees when choosing between freelancers. Yeah, it's pretty important. There are many different ways to write a catchy title. Here are a couple of ideas to help you out. Graft and original. And the meaningful title that captures your specializations and expertise. Make a title that's completely different from titles of other freelancers. In order to stand out, be simple and specific. Create a focused title that describes your expertise and indicates the type of projects you are looking for to help readers understand what you do, but keep it short. The ideal length for a title is eight words polis. Your goal is to write a short message that describes your general expertise. Don't struggle to insert as many words as possible, which may ball clients and leave a good impression. Be active. Showcase your title through an active action that strongly demonstrates why people should hire you. For example, let us 70 year, it grew translator maximize or Israeli customers. Here's an action to both describe yourself and how you can help your client. Now take a break and write your winning title using those three tips. Overview is the true main body of your profile. Will you introduce yourself and explain why clients would hire you for their job by describing essential skills and experience you have. Here is a quick look at your future overview. Words with an underline show where and it should be made to suit your overview to a specific type of work. Have a curriculum. Has you can see you will need to add your name and your type of expertise to this overview. Also, the section above the red line should be used only in case you already have experience in your field of work. If not, I suggested deleted for now. All right, now take a break and editable winning overview. You can find it in the lecture resources. Portfolios, your way to show previous work. Your portfolios can be effectively used to highlight your past and present projects. Pieces you're particularly proud of that should encourage clients to hiring. Your future goal should be to add portfolios from different projects and showcase them on your profile. Once you acquire more jobs under your belt, I suggest adding portfolios to your profile in case John's movie similar filled might combine. Such jumps will be easier to get hired fall if you can showcase the client your past work on that field and impress them. In my profile, for example, than our five pages with four jobs per page, while each page represents a different field of my expertise. The first one is about apps translation, and the second one is about financial. Then the third marketing, the articles. And the last portfolio page is about videos and subtitles, popular projects or John's you enjoyed the most, should be presented as portfolios as soon as completing a few of them on Apple. Specialized profile, your second profile, except for your general profile, which will be made using the overview entitle we talked about before. There is an additional profile necessarily to be added, which is called specialized profile. Usually, specialized profiles will be displayed when a client soldiers freelancers to hire for jobs. That's why it's essential to add specialized profile as well. As for your specialized profile title, you can simply copy the one formula general profile. However, for your additional overview, I will expand until what you should use. Similar to the previous one, you will need to add your name and expertise, although there is more to it. Let me explain. It starts similar to the first overview, but it has a section that shows your client their years of experience. You have, the different fields you are capable of handling and the central skills you possess. You should strive to feel these parts as much as you can in a manner that suits your capabilities. During your time on the platform, you should gradually add more women, new jobs finished. Here, you can place yourself and your accomplishments on the platform and show good feedbacks from past clients who had. However, I advise not adding the why should you heard me and the five-star client feedback until you actually gained experience and history and the platform. Sorry guys. And finally, this will be the last part of the overview telling the Klan to expect only professionalism and swiftness pony. Now I ask you to take a break and edit your second overly. You can find it in the lecture or course resources. Resonance may abort, might not approve your profile. Some of you might get a message saying that your profile wasn't approved. I believe it happens because APOC have too many people that make profiles on their platform and don't actually use it at the end. Also, the aim to get only professional freelancers to work for clients who come to the platform one way or another. Here are a few tips how to still get approved. If your profile wasn't accepting, try doing those things. Add more portfolios to your profile or make sure you complete your profile or a 100%, try writing a longer Profile Overview. Choose experience level experts by going to settings and then profile settings. And try setting your hourly rate at $30 an hour. The more information you have on your profile, the more apple will believe you are a serious fear answered that worth adding to the platform. Now that you are prepared to enter the APOC website and create your wing profile. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. That's it, everyone. Next lesson we will learn how to complete 100% your profile and why. Important stuff. So bye for now, and I will see you in the next lesson. 18. Advantages of 100% Complete Profile: Hello everyone. Has most of you probably noticed when creating your profile, there is a completion percentage for your profile in Apple. But why should you complete your profile to begin with? And how? Well that's exactly what we will learn today. While completing your profile is recommended, important and pretty simple. There is no actual obligation to do so. Therefore, even though this lesson will help you to almost fully complete your profile, you will decide whether or not to put the extra time for completing it now or later. Aside from getting noticed by clients and getting approved by Upwork, There are two main advantages for I, 100% complete profile, rising telnet status and top-rated status. But what do those titles mean? Well, let me explain. Rising tide status, providing new freelancers with extra help to ramp up quickly, rather endings and better demonstrate their reputation to prospective clients in the marketplace. Top-rated status helps outstanding freelancers to grow their businesses and become even more successful in the marketplace. When you earn the status, you will be rewarded with exclusive perks, including increased access to client projects. Rising talent status is meant to help newcomers to stand out more on the platform. While top-rated status aid more experienced finances to stand out even more and get unique rewards. Now let's see what rewards and requirements are there. The rising talent program aims to help new fill answers to quickly get started, rather client-based and established their feelings reputation on the platform. Here is what you can earn from the status. The rising tide badge on your profile, which helps you to stand out. A onetime bonus of 33 connects for you to submit your proposal to clients. You start with 20, and instead of buying more, you can get those 34 free access to chat and ticket support from a specialist customer support team. You get the ability to chat with Apple customer support for any questions or problems you might have, which is nice. And i myself used it once or twice. Reduced fees starting at 10% on future jobs. You will have a future lesson about the meaning of future jobs. Now the program requirements, pass the apple completeness test. It's a simple test on their platform, which you can find answers to on YouTube. That test is based on wars are pork ham for its freelancers. So it's not a skill test or anything. Maintain a 100% complete profile. I will soon tell you how had been active in the past 90 days or joint in the past 30 days. So after one month on the platform, you will be a suitable candidate for this status. For my experience, the status does help to attract more clients and men rise you higher in the search results. So it's definitely something you should aim to get. To earn top-rated status. You must have a proven history of success with multiple clients and delight to clients every time we've high-quality war. First, we will talk about the advantages of top rated, and then I will explain one. Does Apple comin by having a proven history of clients and high-quality work, by showing you the exact requirements for being a top rated. You will get a badge on your Upwork Freelancer profile. Reduced fees starting at 10% on future DevOps. Premium customer support, including fond and chat. Exclusive invitations to submit proposals, you might get invitations for jobs by APOC talents he goes that help clients to find suited finances for the jobs. Sometimes. The ability to exercise more control over your job success score. If someone wrote a bad review about you, you can ask to remove this review. That way it won't affect your job successful, but only once a month. The possibility to show more unfair answers, search results, and the opportunity to host top-rated events in your city. Now let's look on the requirement for this status. A con, job successful of 90% or higher. First hail on Apple was more than 90 days ago, which means you need to wait at least three months after you got your first job. Maintain the rising talent status or a job success score of at least 90% for at least 13 of the last 16 weeks. I 100% complete profile. 12 months earnings of at least $100, which meaning one, Ilia need to earn at least 1 $1000. And we ability and activity on the platform, sending proposals, accepting invitations, or earning in the past 90 days. You can manage your success on appalled by tracking your job success score, 12 month burning and more on your mice ten speed. Now, if you wish to get both rising talent and top-rated status, competing your profile 100% is amassed. So let me show you how that can be done. These items are all the while to be able to read 60%, you can complete your profile if you're missing any of these five. So make sure you got all of these checked. Any combination of the following can be used for the remaining 30% of a complete profile. Simply follow those items, add them to your profile as much as you can until 100% is achieved. For more information, I advise looking on oppose article page regarding this topic, simply search create and 100% complete valence profile on Google. Unusual findings. For more information about rising talent or top-rated, simply search, become a rising talent or become top-rated on Google. And you should find a pokes article pages that, thate everyone. I hope this lesson helps you out and I will see you in the next crucial lesson in our journey to become the best freelancers on Apple. 19. My Feed & Jobs Notifications: Hello everyone. In this lesson you will learn how to tell our board to only put jobs you specialize in on your Mayfield page, then I will teach you how to get job notifications on Apple whenever a new job is posted. So pull out your pop color and let's get started. Whenever you wish to check for new jobs, you can simply go to find work. And you're my feed page will display the newest jobs. At first, jobs from all types will appeal on your my feed page. And therefore, you will need to save a job search so that there isn't job posts related to your search keywords or build on your job feed real-time. Let's watch a video teaching how to do so. In this example, I only want to get jobs related to Hebrew translation. That's when you do the same. You should write your own type of form. Fix them, search, and then click Save. You'll keywords were saved. And for mail on your My feet page will display only jobs related to these words. One of the most crucial matters as a freelancer on up OK is applied quickly to new jobs. And before everyone else. Clients want look on all ten plus proposals. They usually receive only between the 4 first ones. Therefore, applying first is very critical for getting jobs. That's where the jumps notifications come. Unfortunately, APOC doesn't have an option for live job notifications for freelancers, neither on the a side nor on the app. However, after extended searches and high efforts, I have found that on your way to receive live job modifications, but also a way to get them through your phone. It starts with something called RSS rich side summary. Rss is a web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized computer readable format. These feeds can, for example, allow a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator. The news aggregator will automatically check the RSS feed for new content, allowing the list to be automatically passed from website to website or from website user in general are assessed allows us to create our own news feeds and updates about new posts in many types of pages online. Like you're my feed in this case. Fortunately, our book has an RSS feed option that can be found on your my feed page. First, let's copy that RSS feed link. Before we continue. Let's watch a video teaching you how to do so. We will now copy the HTML link and save it somewhere. I SdT. This bug form. We assist us with activating our love job minification through all phone. Here is another video teaching how to do so. After making an account service notifications on their site. What do you want is this orange box that says mobile notifications in analysis. And now you should copy paste the link you said earlier. Next, you should download the IFTTT app through your phone until your account, through the app, and make sure notifications follow the app are active on your phone. That's it. Now, you should get notifications for new jobs that were published in the last 30 minutes. Basically the objects every 30 minutes if there are new jobs volume. So sometimes you might get noticed a few minutes after the job is posted and sometimes 20 or 30 minutes after it was posted. Depends on your lap. Also, you can end it through their website hover notifications. We look, for example, Each time you will receive a message saying Apple's new job post. That's it for this lesson. This information is really crucial because not all people who start on Upwork know how to use an analysis. So it certainly gives you a nice advantage over them since you will get noticed about new jobs much before them. 20. Jobs Proposal & Client Messages: Hello everyone. It's totally make your winning proposal for applying to new jobs and learn a few client messages that will keep your professional wild speaking with your client. Both the proposal and the client messages can be found in the lecture of our course resources. Alright, let's begin. Jobs proposal, or as it's called in Apple, cover letter. Speed is undoubtably crucial for getting a job. However, we vote a professional, compelling and friendly cover letter, your mitosis for catching the glands. Eyes are slim to none. Or Denali and new freelancer would craft and testes common letter several times before obtaining the one that works best in his proposal, short, professional and friendly, attempting to capture the client's attention fast. But again, luckily for you, instead of putting time and effort to do so, you will receive a pre-made cover letter for your jobs was. When you decide you want to apply for a job, you can click the submitted proposals button and at the bottom of your proposal, you will find an empty box for entering your cover letter. You will also find in the proposal are usual question asking how long it would take you and you should choose the option less than a week. Also, the client might add questions to a proposal, so be sure not to skip them and give a detailed answer for each of them. Here's a quick peek on how your cover letter will feel free throughout the lecture to pause whenever new content is shown and will now break the proposal into parts and expand each of them. Follow you. The first section of the cover letter represents your price and chose that you've read the clients jump post and understands what he wants you to do. Each time you should write well, the first underlined is the materials or subject that the client needs your systems with showing him that you have read your job description and didn't apply robotically. For the second unknown line, you should write your fair price for the job. The second section of the cover letter represents your experience on the jump sphere. For example, interviews, marketing, ads, financial, legal, medical, etc. Usually you will be required to delete this whole section unless you have a portfolio that matches the jumps field. And then you can write the field itself and the page will that portfolio can be found. If you don't fancy how this section looks or how it works, you are free to change it in case you have a better idea of how to demonstrate your experience to your client. In the last section, except for adding your name on the bottom, you should change the time required for delivering your work under the how long will it take me title? Only in case 24 hours isn't enough for you. If it's enough, leave it as it is. That's it for the proposal. You can take a break and edit your proposal now or wait after the lesson. For now, we will continue to client messages. Let's take a look at useful messages for comments, scenarios written in a professional and friendly man. This message is for telling your client that you are not interested in the offer job. Don't forget to add the client name. A message for the linear client that you are not interested in getting paid outside Apple. If you do wish to go outside that poor people climbed, we're well from being scammed or kicked from Apple. Because up OK is against taking a client from their platform outside, which means that when he pays you, they don't earn from his and your service fees. So if you're outgoing outside, don't talk about it within apples check. This message is for asking your client nicely followed higher payment. Although in most times a client will have a tight budget and don't change it. Don't forget to add your requested price and the client's name. When a client chooses to have you on our book, he will send you an offer that's more the except of a message should be used telling your client when will you deliver these tasks? So don't forget to add the client's name and beyond M, as well as when you will deliver its task. This message is for telling your client that you have finished its job. For submitting your work, go to my jobs and click Request milestone approval, then add this message and attachment of your final work. Really, really important is to ask your client to close the contract. When he does that, he will be obligated to give you a feedback, which is especially crucial for building your profile. Also, once it closes your contract, Don't forget to leave him a feedback as well because feedback 1B visible until both parties provided for each other. Ordinarily, you DEXA client one or two days to review a delivered work. However, some may take longer and so you can send them this friendly message for reminding them that they haven't approved or closed over job yet. For the record, even if a client didn't approve your payment after two weeks, our POC approves it automatically falling. After the contract was closed, it's recommended descend a friendly message. You enjoyed working foil claim. Don't forget to add the client's name them. After awhile, it's recommended to send a friendly message to an Altcoin that you will be glad to help if he had any new jobs for you. Don't forget to add the client's name. You can find all of those messages in the lesson or course resources. Your proposal and client messages could even help in other online job sites. Always making sure that you look like an expert in the eyes of your glands. So that's it for now and I am waiting for you in the next lesson. 21. Upwork Identity Verification: Hello everyone. How book aims to be a reliable and secure site. And a big part of that is the credibility of its employees. We, the freelancer, which is why Apple asks all of its freelancers to pass a short identity verification process. And today, I will guide you through it. Apple wants to make sure it is a professional, secure marketplace that clients, finances, and agencies contrast. Therefore, there are the coiling on earning freelancers to verify their identity. Once vilified, you will receive an identity vilified badge on your profile. And the badge, you must pass two stages of level vacation. Provide a valid government issued ID, and complete a video verification code. You can complete the two stages by going to identity verification in your settings page. In middle 2019, our POC had extended the requirement for identity verification to all earning freelancers, which mean that after you start earning on apple, you'll account is going to be put on hold and you won't be able to get paid at all until you successfully verify your identity. I should note that a basic and essential part of your verification is your profile picture. So make sure it's clear and realistic picture of yourself. As far the video verification column, you should know beforehand what are poker representative will ask you what answers to prepare ahead. What is your address in for that can be found on your account. What is your phone number? And what is your email? Except for checking that you as you look on your profile picture, these are the only questions I was asked in middle 2019. However, we prepared to be asked about anything concerning your account. That's it for this one. I hope you found this lesson helpful and I will see you in the next one. 22. Upwork Connects & Service Fees: Hello everyone. Remember we talked about APOC disadvantages. Well now I want to explain more in detail about what service fields can you expect and how connects can be used to apply for jobs. So let's get started. The service fields referred to the percentage airport takes for each payment you receive. Service fees are the same, whether the contracts are how early or fixed price. Also you are charged based on your lifetime billion with each client differently. Let me explain what that means. As long as our total earning with a client is lower than $500, your service fees will be 20%. Once you pass $500 with him, it gets lower to 10%. And if your earnings past $10 thousand, it's lowered again to 5%. For example, on a $600 project with a new client and Phil answer service fee will be 20% on the 1.10th, $500% on the remaining $100 the freelancers earnings have TO face would be $490. Alright, it's time I teach you what our featured jobs. This jump posts have been paid for by an unmotivated client looking to upgrade his job posts in order to help extend out on Apple, to operate it. And rising talent for your answers will be charged a reduced fee of 10% instead of 20% on future jobs. Phi2 and jumps stand down thanks to the job bad and are clearly marked in your job feet. Just look for the blue banner that says future jumps. Connects are used to submit proposals for jobs. Submitting a proposal to a job requires 234 or six connects depending on factors such as the size and type of project. You do not need to use connects when a client invites you to read on his job or when a client sends you an offer for his job. Add-in connects connects costs 15 bucks each and are sold in bundles of 1020406080 to purchase additional connects, go to settings and then select memberships and connects. And lastly, click Add more connects, returns, connects, connects may be returned an undefined circumstances, if a project is canceled by the client without making a high unquote expired, the Kinects used on that proposal will be returned to you for years. If a job post has been removed by APOC four, terms and service violation, the Kinects used on that proposal will be returned for you to reuse. That's it for this lesson has discouraging as this may be, APOC, still provide great work opportunities. So don't give up yet. And I will see you in the next one. 23. Final & Bonus Lecture: Welcome to the last lesson. I'm truly glad you decided to take my course. So thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. So congratulation on finishing my captioning and transcription. Again. Thank you very much for playing to my course. I hope you found it helpful in informative. By the way, I highly suggest you check my other courses. I have a course called work from home in translation that will allow you to get hired for translation jobs online. And the great curves for editing and proofreading. Go check them out. They'll even if few lectures for free to preview. But enough about that, let's start your bonus and last lesson. Here's our four essential tips are used myself in working. Verify spellings of people's names and company names. Google is your best friend. Capable will search tab open when you just Skype and look up the proper spelling of every name in your text. For example, Stefan and nets to fat. When knowledgeable reader spots suspending or letter case error, it makes the transcription looks sloppy. I'm sure you also appreciate when your name is spelled correctly. Get some good headphones. Some client recordings will be of good quality, but others may not. Having a good set of headphones to wreck through the background noise, accent, boss lot speech can help immensely in producing an accurate transcript. Learned to touch-type. Touch typing is typing without looking at your fingers, it's a good idea to practice and discipline yourself to not look down it. Transcriptionists who want to get better and faster must know to use such ability. Now your client needs you should ask Oakland ahead of time how they want their transcript returned to them and formatted. It is much easier to type in a standard format than it is to format allows document. After learning, you needed to do it differently. You should ask what type of transcription they want. If they have a style guide for you. In those last words, I will truly appreciate receiving a feedback reading for mu if we enjoyed my course. Check a lecture video box and the option will appear. I know how busy you are. So if you're not able to completely understand, Thanks again. And thus, I wish you good luck in your future journey in transcription and captioning. And you may ask me any questions you might have on the way.