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Top 10 Best Free Wordpress Themes 2017!

teacher avatar Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      10 best wordpress themes


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About This Class

Want to see the best free wordpress themes for wordpress in 2017? In this video, i will talk about some really amazing free wordpress themes that you can use for your wordpress website. The themes have some amazing features like importing demo content, woocommece compatible, and are fully mobile responsive. Top 10 Wordpress Themes For Your Website! 1. Flash Theme: 2. Hestia Theme: 3. Accesspress Parallax Theme: (You can watch my wordpress tutorial on accesspress here: ) 4. OceanWP Theme: (FREE ELEMENTOR TUTORIAL COURSE INCLUDED: ReviewZine Theme: 6. Astra Theme: 7. SCREENR Theme: 8.GreatMag Theme: 9. Brilliance Themes: 10. Optimizer Theme: These are some of the bnest free wordpress themes that i have found! Let me know what you think and also feel free to let me know if you have others! More more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website and my other social profiles! FaceBook Page: Profile: Udemy Elementor Page Builder Course!:

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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. 10 best wordpress themes: Are you all looking for some amazing free WordPress themes? You guys are tired of searching forums and blogger looking for some teams. My name is Darrell. And in this video, I'm assured you guys 10 amazing free WordPress teams. A lot of these are newer themes that have just come out that are real commerce compatible, fully responsive and just really looked good. So they know what you guys think about these themes in the comments below. Now, the first team is called the Flash Team, and this is a responsive, multi purpose thing, which includes ah, lot of free demo content. So basically, when you get this theme, they actually have a plug in or you can install, and it will import a lot of demo content and they provide up to three demo contents for the free version. And then after that, there is more. But you have to pay for the pro version, and this is an example of one of their demo content. So you can simply download the theme for free and Saul, the plug in and then you will have a multipurpose page. It looks something like this right here. So this is the theme right here and has a lot of cool animations and graphics for a free theme. I gotta be honest. It is pretty good. This is there are teams section pretty creative. This right here is there Parallax section with a simple to call to action below. That's we have the testimonials and we have the number counters and lastly, right here we have a blawg section. Now this company also provides other free themes. So you go onto their website on themes now getting guys all the links for all of these teams are in the description. They actually provide a lot of other free themes. Now I decided to only review flash because I like that the most. But if you guys are into something else, they provide a lot of really cool free themes will be sure to check out three and girl and also be sure to check out the flash team. Now the next theme is called The History of Theme. Now this is created by theme I'll, which creates a lot of really cool WordPress themes. And the great part about this team is that it has a front and editor. So basically you can make changes to your website and see exactly what you're changing. Now I like this team because it stands out. It's new, has a really cool designs like this product section right here. So this is a pretty unique product section. I haven't seen too many themes with this sort of design, so I like this team looks pretty nice. It also includes a shop page and a blocked page. All right, here we have the meet the team section Pretty standard. Pretty clean. We have our clients love us where you make a bunch of fake reviews about your website and saying it's amazing. And then right here you have the subscribe to our newsletter. You have the blog's section which will talk about just a little bit. It does look really clean. I like the style of their long page. And then right here you have the contact section. Now, Like I said, I've used these guys in the past, so I know they're themes are very simple to use with their front and builder. This right here is the shop age and again the products have this animation effect. So I like this because it looks unique. You know, there's not a lot of teams out there that look like this. So I think it's pretty cool that they've done this. And also when you hover over, it has this little effect right here where it has this, like, you know, the picture over there. So it's easier for people to see. And then we have the block section right here and the first block post will be outlined right here so you can see that like this is like the featured one. And then you have the regular bog post right here. Now, looking at this block post, look, standard looks clean and looks simple like it and also the contact US section. Pretty simple contact there sections. So be sure to talk about the history of theme. It's a free theme, front and builder, very easy to use. Go ahead and check it out. Now The next theme is called the access purse Parallax, and I actually have a full off tutorial on this WordPress theme. So you guys looking for a parallax website with a lot of cool animations, a lot of cool parallax effects. The access press parallax theme is a great choice for you. Now. The reason why I like the seam is the animations. It looks really clean, and it's really simple for a one page teams who want something for your business that's really simple and really easy. Not too complicated but sure to check out the excess press Parallax. It's a one page theme. It does come with a shop page so it does integrate with who commerce. But again, I'm not going to recommend approval commerce to be personally honest, because I think that it's just better for like, a one page steam for, ah, business, something simple and easy. Now, another great part about this theme is that it has free support. So yes, have a problem with your theme or something's not working with your theme. These guys actually have a free support form where you guys can post your question and they will help you out with your questions with this theme, and also be sure to check out my to tora on it. I have a tutorial fully on this theme right here, so be sure to check out the Axis Press Parallax team now. Next up is Ocean WP. Now there's a lot of cool things that I want to talk about with this WordPress theme, and one of them is that it works really well with the elements or page builder. Now, for those of you who have never used L. A mentor or you have no idea what it is, it's basically a free page bowler. It's a dragon drop builder, very simple to use. There is a free to Taurel on it in the description of this video, but the problem with elemental or is that there's not a lot of compatible themes for it. Ocean WP works really, really well. Now, in addition to that, it's really responsive. You know, you can customize anything, all this other stuff. It works well with commerce, and it also includes demo content. So it has a lot of demos that you can just go ahead and simply import your websites. So everybody loves double contents. It's really easy, and you just kind of slopped on your site and everything's done. Now they do have a pro version, so I'm kind of certain that there's more demos but in their pro version. But you do get some available for free and again. It works well with commerce extension with the post lighter plug in etcetera. And also it works really well with other page builders. So you want to use visual composure or you like Devi or like fever builder? This thing works with all these page builders Pretty well. Now here is an example of some of their demos right here. So they won't like for blogger stylists, architecture, laundry, etcetera. And again, I'm pretty sure that's all. These layouts are not free. Maybe a few of them are. But then again, if you want to get more, you probably need to get the pro version. So be sure to check out Ocean WP. And also be sure to check out my tutorial on elementary. You can actually use this theme in that tutorial now for you affiliates out there. That's right. I have not forgot about you if you like doing product reviews were basically you interview a product and get a commission. The reviews I theme is a perfect free theme for you now. I've seen a lot of premium features in this theme, so let's go ahead and check one of them out. So I hear a click on this little picture, and here you can talk about your product. You can post a picture on, it's you can put some contents about the product, and then right here you can give it a score. So basically, you could be like the pros of its you could. But the cons. You could give it a overall score, and right here you can ask me, like, you know, quality price, durability. And then this is right here. You would put your affiliate link so you can put your feeling in there. And then if someone clicks on it and purchases it, you would make a commission on that product. Now you can also separate your products by categories, So this is what it would look like. If you decides to put it in different categories, like smart watches. It looks like this. And then again, people say, Oh, that's a cool watch. Let's go and check it out. Oh, that's so cool. It's $109. Sure, I'll go ahead and buy it, and when they buy it again, you make a commission. So their views on is probably one of the best affiliate product review themes I have seen. So be sure to check out the reviews. I in theme from Fee Mile. Next up is the Astra theme. Now the Astra theme is a free wordpress theme and actually comes with a front and editor. Now, another great part about this. Is that a very light WordPress theme? So right here you can see that you can customize everything visually so you can see the change that you're making on your website as you're making them Now, the front and builders are probably one of the best things because you always want to see what you're changing, a set of some back and editor. And again, this is a very light themes. You want a very fast loading WordPress theme. WV Astra is definitely one of your choices. Now again, it works very well with L. A mentor finding a theme that works with elements. Er is half the battle. It also works well with beaver builder, visual composer and site origin. Although I don't recommend side origin, I think they're a little updated. It can be a little buggy. I would recommend elements, her oversight origin for this WordPress theme. And let's just say you choose not to use it. They actually have their own builder and they have their own plugging, which will allow you to import all of these demos right here. Let's go ahead and check out one of these demos and this looks pretty cool. You can go ahead and just import one of these. This looks like Beaver Builder, but I Then I could be wrong. It still looks really cool, really simple. And it does its job pretty well. So again, you know, it's also, you know, well, Commerce compatible has the front of editor, and it has customer supports really, really cool. And it works with all of these plug ins right here, such as Be depress. You want to make a full room or something like that? You can do that with a P. Astra. Pretty cool theme. Fast and again, you have you reviews right here, so be sure to check him out. It's a free WordPress theme, so you have no really no risk in trying. It's you go ahead and download for free, so be sure to check out WP Astra. Now another really cool one page WordPress theme with Parallax is the screener WordPress theme. Now, let me give you guys a live demonstration of its. So this is the page right here and again. You can have this little scroll section, and I like you guys. Actually, when you go to the top right here and you kind of scroll down, it kind of disappears on you like that. It kind of fades away. So it's in their cool, effective attitudes. And right here we have just in about a section this little video pop up right here, you can play videos on its. Then again, we have the services section, the client section, the new section, and then you have the contact section now, fame. Things also has a lot of various other free themes. So you guys can check out their other themes right here. So if you go to their theme section right here, they also have, like, one press, and you can actually go to the free section. And they do have another, like, a various free theme. So you guys can check these out as well. But I actually like screener the best. And also I think one press is also worth checking out. I think it looks really nice. So be sure to check out the screener theme now for you people who like to do a lot of blogging out there. Great mag is a very unique style blogging theme that really caught my attention. So this is a free theme created by a themes and right off the back, when you look at it, it just looks very unique. You know, it looks really different. It doesn't look like the average blogging thing that you've seen. So here you have your different categories and we have five images right here with the featured image in the middle. It's going down here. You have your highlights, which are basically you're different categories. So let's say, for example, that you are a dog trainer. You something like, you know how to train poodles, how to train pit bulls, or was or whatever she wanted put scrolling out here. You have another section right here. People can scroll through your posts, they want to see your different block posts and then you can also do something like your latest posts. Now it depends on you know your style of blogging. You can do something like your latest posts or even do something like this straight here you have, like, different categories, and people can scroll through it or you could do something like your most popular, so it depends on your style. But the great part about this theme is that it has that diversity to sort of separate different categories and schooling. Here at the bottom, you can see it has another section right here with images, and then people can just go and click on it and be taken to that category. Now, if I click on this block post, this is basically what you're gonna get. So it's just an average standard block posts. But the presentation of the theme, the beginning of it really caught my attention. So that's where I thought that Great Mag was a really reputable WordPress theme, and it's actually created by a very reputable company. The same company creates the Sydney and the talent WordPress theme, which are pretty well known in the WordPress community. You're looking for a really nice blogging thing. Be sure to check out great mag from a themes. Next up is the brilliance theme. Now, if you guys are looking for just a standard WORDPRESS website. The Brilliance Team is probably one of your best options. Now, this theme is actually very different than all of the past things we have seen because this is the only theme that is built with short codes and short codes are a very simple alternative toe a page builder. Now, this theme is also compatible with commerce, and it actually comes with demo content. So you get basically just imports the demo contents with a plug in, and then you would get a fully functional websites in a matter of seconds. Now, another really cool thing I like Is there a portfolio section? So this right here like it is an image of the portfolio. And if you scroll down right here, you see has a grid of images, which would be your related posts or related categories or whatever you want to put down there. So it's pretty cool. It's also very different. The new design. I like it, but right here, if you go to our customs show code right here, you can see they have all of these short codes right here. So right here you simply patient short code and you get something like buttons, messages, Accordions, counters, pricing tables or Google maps. And again, it has demo content, and it also is compatible with commerce. So he wants to make something very simple very fast. I recommend the brilliance theme because the short codes are very simple to use, and all she would do is just simply paste a short code and a page, and you would get this website in a matter of seconds. So be sure to check out the brilliance theme. Last but not least, is the optimizer theme now. It's kind of funny. I've actually used this theme of one my tutorials, and it was actually my first e commerce a Taurel I've ever done. Now, when I first used this theme, they didn't really have much it had. Maybe a few widgets had no templates whatsoever. Now, since I've actually uses theme a year later, they've actually included a lot. So you guys can see their live example right here. All they would do was simply just take one. These widgets put it on your page and it is a front live editor, so you can see everything that you're doing as you're making your page on this theme. It also comes with pre made louts. However, I believe that is only for the pro version. What's going down here that you do an example of how their page builder works? So basically, all you would do would just take the widgets. Just drag it onto the front page, and then you can kind of see everything visually live. So it's a very easy page filler to use. However, it is only for the front page, So if you're looking for something with the other pages, I don't think that it works on your other pages. But it's very simple to use guys. It's almost like it's some proofs and they show you right here. They just drag it, and it's just so simple to use. They also have a bunch of demo content, but again, that is for the pro version, so they do not offer thes for the free version. Now. Another really cool thing is that they have short codes. So if you guys want to use witches or short codes, you guys can use it for this right here. So let's say you want, like a bunch in short code or divider or something else, you can simply just customize your page with a combination of widgets and or your custom short code. So there's a lot of diversity with this theme, and it's a free theme. So for a free theme, I gotta be honest. This is probably one of the top rated themes on wordpress dot org's, and the company has really improved the theme since it's come out. Because again, when I first used this theme, it didn't have much. It really didn't have much, but now says they've got a lot of attention. They have really up their game, and the optimizer theme is probably one of your best free alternatives. So be sure to check out the optimizer theme. So what do you guys think about 10 WordPress themes? Let me know what you guys think about my themes in the comments below. Also, if there's a theme I missed, please feel free to let me know. I know there's thousands of seems out there, so it's very easy to overlook. So go ahead and give this video alike. Now there is a subscribe button. If you are not subscribe to my channel, what you waiting for Just subscribe. Go ahead and share this video with your friends. Tell your friends and they hated guys. Good. You know, And tell your mom till tell your dog. All right. I'll see you guys all later.