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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      First stage of Animation


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      Second stage of Animation


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      Final stage of animation (shape Animation ) + Conclusion


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About This Class

In this class, I will be teaching you how to animate graphics titles in Adobe Premiere. 

Many creators are only familiar with editing programs like Adobe Premiere. Anytime they need simple graphics animations like an animation of a title,  they get stuck or they ask someone to do it for them as they are not familiar with Adobe Aftereffects and other animation software. And learning them is time-consuming. This course will give you the knowledge of some useful techniques, that will help you in future to do your own animation in Adobe Premiere.

Things you need to complete the course 

Computer with 8GB RAM or more 

Processor i5 and above. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Alan, a motion graphic designer and photographer. I have more than 10 years experience in photographing and also motion graphics. I've worked with different angels on TV's, and today I'll be showing you how to do a motion graphic title in Adobe Premiere. The reason why I used to be premiered to create a motion title is because I see a lot of creators are only familiar with editing programs like Adobe from here, but they don't have skills in adobe after effects to create there any major titles. So in this material, are we showing you how to make a motion graphic title in Adobe Premiere Prohibition You this title. 2. First stage of Animation: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in the first. Listen, you are going to do this animation. This is the first stage with animation. Okay, let's start it. OK, guys. Now we are in a tweet, Premier, and the first thing that we're going to do is to create a new sequence like always. Sorry, your sequins on the sitting that I'm going to use this one. You can have anything. I will name this guess Now what you want to do is to make individual letters of the word that we want to use. I want to use the word Gus. You can use anywhere. So I will make individual letters for this word on Will. Any made them? So we will start with G. So we're Gene. Everyone, this g to be bigger on. I'm going to use the front row. Boto Roboto is a free fund from go go hair, is it? Or but do black? Andi, I will, Uh, sorry. I haven't selected rowboat to black on the size. I want to be around 500 15. Maybe him. I'll move it here and I will give the color off reds just like the project. Um, it's around something like this. Okay, After this, we will give an animation to this work. We want it appear on, uh, to move to the left. So what will you do? We have to play with capacity for just appear and disappear. And also, you play with the position to move from the site. We want the animation of the position to start from here. It's around the half a second. Give it a key friend, and then one second and haul. You will give another key frame. You'll move it to their left. Okay, Now we have to keep friends on from right to left. Now, the animation is very basic. It's just more Vicky. Want to make it more smooth and nice? What you will do you will select or key friends on give, uh, some care ifs. Just click in the being desire. I don't know. What is it? This actually, Just click on it. You have something like this. Then drop down the position and play with these cares a click on it on drug it down. This one also drug it down and then move this to the left on this one. To the right jelly half a spike like this. We need to be more this also want tomorrow. Okay. Now, as you can see, our animation is good. Okay? I think like this it's good. So you have around one second for animation for movement. And then we will play with a pastie Teoh come from Nothing. So from this from half a second do you have 100 Harry will make it zero just to disappear. Okay. Now it's coming from nothing and then moving. You want to move these? You won't just appear and move like this. Yeah, We will move these key friends because he want to appear on Move immediately, just like this. Okay, this is what they want. After this, we will double ic eight. This work could be control C control the and then move it over this one. Now we have to g what we will do with these. You will make one of them filled and the other one to be Onley stroke. So for the bill a one we will remove Fill on, give it a stroke on thickness will be too on the color will be the same. Same writ. Okay? No, nothing happened. What do you want to do is, uh, to play with that fell one the buff one which is filled. We will play with opacity. Want to a pair? And this a pair immediately after that. So we will give another key from to the A pastie. Make it zero. Now it's just like this. It's like a nice animation. Something flush in and out. Okay, this is pretty good. What we will do, we will do the same thing for all other letters, but no worries. You're not going to create these key friends for all of them. You will just double IQ ate them and change your letters. So, for do you have this? We will Kewpie these G's on pasted hair and then we will nest. This G's just to clear our timeline a bit. This is June. Okay? No, we have e. After that, we will change this. Jane, This you I saw you want a couple? Don't you couple donkey. And then I just looked this because I cannot, uh, select the bill of one. So if you face this issue, you cannot select the below letter. Just look one on. He won't easily slick. The other one. Okay, now we have e. I will miss them. Make them he you know, just just Yes, that one. No, this is It was okay. This one? Yes, you were. You don't have one. OK, guys. Now we have all of the letters ready. Now we will play with their position in the timeline hair and also in the screen toe from the word guests. Let's do this here. Over here. Okay. We want to be like this. Then you try to have the same duration. So you have a smooth animation. Just make sure that the distance between them is the same, so they come smoothly. All right, there's something. Okay. Now we will play with their position in the screen. Toe from the word Gus, we'll move this. Just It's okay. Move here, then move these words. We have e. It should be here. We have. You will move it here. Just make sure that you have the same distance between them and the screen as well. We have s we have other s. Okay. OK, guys. Now we have this work gust coming in. Very nice, but I think there are a bit slow, so we will make them close to each other closer. Okay, This is one thing that you desire, Just anything. Okay. After you finish from this, just missed all of them together. So you clean your timeline and also play with their position on speed. Now we will name this, Gus. Well, we have this one now. It's not in the middle. We'll just, uh, move it around a bit to be in the middle. And also, I will play with the speed because the speed is not what I want. It's six seconds. I will make it around five. Just so be coming. But faster, I think more fast, I'll make it for second. Okay, Now we have this one very goods. Okay, guys, After we finished the first animation for our work now, I will bring a footage to put it behind. Uh, download this footage from the internet. It's creative common footage I downloaded from video. I will put the link for the site in the description that you can down with these videos from I can't just bring, get bring it behind our words. Now is something like this. Okay? I want our for dish to move with the word to the left. So what we will do so our animation start from here. I'll just play with the position off the video to do that. If you do that, you will have black lines. So you have to scale it up. Let's kill our a bit on. Then I will play with the position from left here to the right, just like this. And then, like other, I will give some carrots to key friends. We have the same animation. Sorry. It's not real time. Wind or so you can see exactly what is it? But this is what we want. I will just bring, uh And how do you file? Also just to go with the beat. So I put it here. Okay, guys, this was the end of this. Listen And he will continue the animation in the next Listen 3. Second stage of Animation: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover the second animation in this title animation, which is this one. Okay, let's, uh, start it. Okay, guys, you want our animation to start from when the team is moving. So what we will do, we will just move this one. I'll just cut this as well. Our animation start like this. Okay. Before all these letter come seen, you will cut it like this. Okay? We'll cut it from here. Cut this one. Something like this before all the letters come in. I just cut it. Now we will have the word Gus in the white. All I have to do is just right. Yes. We don't want this truck on. We only want to fill. No, sir. I have to select it before I do this. Move struck. Gave it fill on. Make it wide on. I will scale it down. I want to be something like this and then move it around to the middle. Okay, Now, when it changed to the white guts, we want to zoom out a bit. Like with hit. Zoom out with this one. So what were we doing? We will play with scale Grab skill. I think I'll Skillet Skillet So it will start like this And it will go down with the hit just like this to be something like this For sure you will play with the of the key friend . Make it easy is easy in easy out or anything. Just want to be like this and then you will play with cares here. So it's a bit slow. I'll make it you want with the hit. So we wanted to start from the beginning. Like this? Yeah, that's great. Okay, now we will do the same thing for the footage behind it. We want toe scale down with the hit. I means amount with the hit. Uh, just like this little scaled down. Now we have this problem I because I moved this way too much to the left. That's why. And fix this. I will just scale it up from here. So we have more. A bit skill up for the whole video. It is 60. L make it Iran 20. So it is 20. We'll go to 160 just like this. Well, it doesn't show that much. You have to change this key friend to make it a bit like, Make it 2030 maybe. OK, now is good. It's 30 now. Okay, Now it's good. We will play with a key frame again. Just like others. Yeah. Okay, that's that's very good. Great. Okay, guys, this was the end of this. Listen, and he will continue the animation in the next listen. 4. Final stage of animation (shape Animation ) + Conclusion : Hi, everyone. Welcome back. This is the last Listen and you're going to finalize the animation. This title animation. We're going to do this shape animation, this one, which will be something like this at the end. Okay, let's start it. No, What we want to add to this is the other text which will be here in red. Now we will make that one. How will we do that? Is it's easy. Just create a shape layer Here we will make it red for sure it will be Phil on Red. We want to be the same this red, so make sure that you choose the same color. Something like this. Okay, Okay, now we have the books. We want that handle that comes from here. I don't know what you call it. Sorry, I'm not English. I don't know the name of everything but the thing that counts from here, you know? Um okay, always a mean moving the bets. I'll move this around to fit perfectly here. This and I will create the handle, So I want to come from here. Great. Now we have this one. I think I will disinfect something like this. Okay, Now, we will create our other text. Just come here on another text. Guess what is I'm just this next thing you know, because his name doesn't like ocean. Just fix the position just like this. So you don't give any animation toe this one? Actually, one thing that I forgot is to make this look better. Just make sure your footage is black and white. So I just forgot to make mine black and white. I will do it now. Black. You know, 10th actually tended. Now you have a very nice animation. Okay? The last thing that we're going to dio East at some elements. So you wanted with the hit come from here just to go with the hit with now, create some elements you can create anything for yourself. Is this one? That's another one. Tell me here. You can have anything natural. I'm just making some weird shapes. You can have stars. You can down with stars from Internet and put him there. Yeah, it's up to you. You are free to do anything. Okay, guys, I'm sorry I couldn't make all these shapes and the record because the computer was getting really slow, but I will show you now how I made this So basically what I did I made these shapes just like this this animation And then I missed them together. So before that, the animation is like this. I played with the position. They come fast really fast and then slow down. All of them is the same. So after that I missed them together on from the main file Like this NIST file I played with the opacity. It's from zero. Sorry. This should be zero from zero to something. So everything is like this. And then I double ic eight on I played with irritation. Example This one I rotate it But this one I rotate it more just like this. Yeah, it is just like this. You can play with it is your life Andi, I changed the phone. Does world You can have any fun. OK, guys. Now we finished our title animation in Adobe Premiere. Hope you enjoyed it and you learn something from this? Listen, I'm sorry. This was my first. Listen, if there is anything wrong or anything that I can do better, please leave a comment billow and give me your feedback. And if you want to see more? Of course. It's like this and better ones in future. Follow me. I will be coming with a lot more exciting courses. Okay. Thank you so much. And see you another. Listen my way.