TikTok : What is it & How Does it Work? | Andrei Palacios | Skillshare

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TikTok : What is it & How Does it Work?

teacher avatar Andrei Palacios, Marketing Manager & Agency owner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. What is Tiktok & How does it work?

    • 2. The For You Page

    • 3. Trends, Sounds & Hashtags

    • 4. The TikTok Pro Account

    • 5. How to Make a TikTok

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About This Class

YOU NEED to understand this to be successful on Tiktok!

This course is for people looking for an introduction into a TikTok.

Whether you’re a personal brand or, business.

This is A quick course that will help you with the FUNDAMENTALS of this new platform that is taking the internet by storm  

You will learn;

  1. Tiktok trends 
  2. sounds 
  3. hashtags 
  4. The TikTok pro account 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrei Palacios

Marketing Manager & Agency owner


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1. What is Tiktok & How does it work?: has going skill share. My name's Andre and this course is what is tic tac And has it work though these courses for anyone looking to get started on tic tac Whether you're a business or a personal brand and you just don't know what to do, want ticked are not familiar with the style of posting is on there. So this is what I'm gonna teach you on. What we're gonna go over is before you page trend sounds and hashtag So those are Teoh use on time that we're gonna be talking about the tick talk pro account, which is how you look at your analytics on TIC tac and then we're actually gonna be looking at how to make a tick talk this courses for anyone looking to get started on tick talk but don't know where to start from social platform that any of the other social hours we have out right now with me and watch this quick course and get familiar with TIC tac. Let's jump right into it. 2. The For You Page : Okay, So the four you teach is a recommendation. Feed that Tic TAC offers is actually the main way on how users interact with the platform. And tic TAC consists of 15 to 62nd videos that are full of random czar things. And it's actually what makes tick talk what it is because you really never know what you're gonna get your just gonna keep scrolling. And it could be absolutely anything. So this is actually what makes take talk, Take talk. Let's go ahead and open up the four. You page on my phone and I'm going to have to keep the sound off of scale share because there's a lot of copyright music. Can't have that on scale share. So we're gonna have to be able Teoh, use our brains a little. So let's go ahead and open up Tic tac and well, and I can show you around a little bit so immediately. Once you open it up, you are immediately on the four you page. And as you can see, we can just start scrolling down and it's just gonna be full of random, bizarre things. And music is really big aspect of tic tac but I just can't have any sound showing you on my phone for because of Ah, lot of copyright music. And then if you also go to the top left, you can see there's also there's also a following tap. So anyone who follows you, they will also show up here. So it's really important to get those followers as well. So now that you know how to navigate your way around tick talk your homework before you go to the next courses, I actually want you, Teoh use, take talk and actually engaged with the platform for a while. Start looking for similarities. I want you to start liking videos based on the type of content you're gonna make. So let's say, for example, your to be making baseball videos. I want you to start liking content based on videos so tick talk starts toe. Learn more about you and what you like. So when you begin posting, your content is getting shown to the right people 3. Trends, Sounds & Hashtags : and now we're going to be looking at trends, sounds and hashtags. So looking at trends first, I'm just gonna so trends and hash days are very similar. Sometimes they go hand in hand, but they are a little different, so I'll explain. So trends, for example, is I'm sure you're very familiar with the Ice Bucket Challenge, or Drake had the Kiki Challenge. And then there was also the mannequin challenge. So it's also something like that. So I'm gonna show you a trend that I hopped on. That was this guy right here. And this one is called the Peter Piper Challenge. So the idea was, you just run away in a Snapchat timer, takes the picture, and you're supposed to make a funny, funny video with it. So this was what people were doing with the with the sound. So, for example, if we look at this one, so that was a trend that I hopped on, for example, so you're definitely gonna be wanting to keeping out. That's why it's really important to be actively on take talks. You can keep an eye out for the trends, and when you see a trend that you can make a video that will correlate with your niche that you choose that would be essential. And then with every challenge, there's usually a sound that goes with it. So if we go here back to that challenge this one, for example, was the Peter Piper by DnB Gotti. So that was the song that went with the trend. So these could be trends with comedy skits. You could do just little fun, things like that. So really be creative. Don't be afraid of post and just go ahead. And then hashtags is really important, just like how it wouldn't be on instagram. That's why you want to really narrow your niche down so you can pick the right hashtags for you because take talk will be using their deep learning algorithm to show your content to people who like it. So make sure you use some really good hashtags because here I can show you here I have a video here from the Amazon go store which I used the Amazon go hashtag as you can see here . And if we actually go into my analytics, we can see that majority of my views er actually coming from the hashtag. So in some instances when stick talk gets oversaturated because right now, on TIC Tac, there's more people consuming content than there is making content. So it's really easy for anyone to go viral, so get ahead of the game and get those hashtags on because they're important. 4. The TikTok Pro Account: All right. Next. Think up is the tic tac pro account. So the reason you would want a tic tac pro account really just comes down to insights. You get insights on your profile for the last 7 to 28 days, so that's really important. So, ideally, you want to be putting that into a content calendar, Um, every 28 days since that's their timeframe of change, and then you can track your growth and see what's working and what's not. So that's really important as well. I would strongly recommend that. And then you get also get insights on your followers like gender top countries, what time they stay on. And I'm gonna be going through that because I'm gonna be showing you my analytics. But right now I'm going to show you how to actually make sure you get the TIC tac pro account because you wanna before you post videos. Do you want to have your tic tac pro accounts? So that way you're getting all your analytics from day one. So you're going to go to the personal profile on the three dots, you're gonna click that, and then that's going to bring you to privacy and settings, and then you're going to click, manage my account, and then we're gonna go below, and we're going to press switch to pro account, and then you're going to press, continue and continue, and then you're gonna be actually to be able to choose a category. So this is what I mean, Stick to your niche there asking about you so they can better understand you on the type of content you're going to post. So now that we know on how to make a pro account, I'm going to show you my analytics just so you can get a better idea of the type of things that you're gonna be able to see on yours when you get Ah, a couple 100 followers. So I go to my analytics and I can see my video views for the past seven Teoh 28 days. And like I said, you're gonna be wanting to put that onto a content calendar to be able to be keeping track of everything. And then you get your profile views, content. You get to see what videos, air trending and what's going on. And then here's the good stuff about the followers. So you actually see your follower growth And then you can see your percentage to male to female and what country they're from. So you can make narrow down your content narrow down further underneath and then something that actually recently just added, which I found really awesome is the videos your followers watched so you can actually click these videos. And these are videos your followers watched and learn from these videos and make content somewhat like this were incorporated somehow aspects of their videos into your videos. And then we have our follower activity. We can see what time are followers are actually on and then post accordingly and change our schedule to when our followers are so user data. Take advantage of it. He went over how important sounds were on the last video. So here we can see sounds your followers listen to and I told you that he sounds is such a big aspect of tick talks here. We're gonna use these songs and we're gonna incorporate them into videos we make. But here's a quick little tip for you. Actually, when you actually do decide to use the songs because they're commune multiple different versions of the actual song. Just go ahead and click on the song and add it to your favorites. Hear that one's already added to my favorites. Let's go deathbed so we can add that song to my favorite. So then when I go and make a Tic Tac, which I'll teach you in the next one, that song will be there specifically. And then it works a little better for the algorithm home. Take advantage of the data that Tic Tac gives you and act accordingly on that. 5. How to Make a TikTok: All right, so now I'm going to be showing you how to actually make it take talk. So Tectonic actually offers two ways to make $10. You can shoot within the APP, or you can upload it to the app. And I personally do both methods and you should try both and test different things. But the editing software that I use is looming Fusion, which is available on IOS and I patent at and another good one I hear is Adobe Russia's Well, So now when we going into Tic Tac and we can take a look on how to make a tic tac within the hour. So once we open up the app, we're going to go ahead right to the right of discover and click that. And now it brings us to this screen. And, as you can see to the bottom right that you can see the upload button. And that's how you would upload your own video, your own vertical video, because this is a mobile first platform, and here we can see that they're offers a variety of effects that you can use. So go ahead and play around with all those type of stuff you can. It's got photo templates that you can use. Got a 15 to 2nd 62nd video. If you would like to make one beauty filter, we got landscape food. We have a timer. So a three insect three and 12th timer that you can use If you wanna try party, we want to get a shot going that you want. So now we're actually recording the TIC tac. And just to get started without the countdown is you just press this big red button in the middle and you start recording. You can change the speed. And now that we've completed our take talk, this is when you would go ahead and pick the sound. And we know how important the sounds are to tick talk. So we go here and we can see what's trending featured. Go ahead and find a song, and then you can put stickers. I love doing the pole sticker and I love asking questions to my audience. Another very popular format of text on videos is this high skill share. So use anyone and then you press the A at the top left the's squares air very popular on tick dog, and I strongly recommend using those in your videos. So now that we have a video with our sound, we can go ahead and put our caption and put our hashtags in there and select are covered because we're not able to change that. Afterwards, we can add it to dress posted to Instagram or Facebook, and then we go ahead and post it.