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TikTok Marketing 101: Grow your brand & business

teacher avatar Janosch Herrmann, Tools for digital business

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (2h 43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. About the platform

    • 3. Account setup

    • 4. App walkthrough

    • 5. "For you" page & the TikTok algorithm

    • 6. User groups & user behavior

    • 7. Finding your target audience

    • 8. Optimizing your TikTok profile

    • 9. Different content formats on TikTok

    • 10. How to create viral content on TikTok

    • 11. Analysis & content optimization

    • 12. Things to look out for when creating TikTok content

    • 13. The creative process: Finding good content ideas consistently

    • 14. Filming your videos with TikTok

    • 15. Editing & optimizing your videos with TikTok

    • 16. Case study: How Anna from @annasjournal produces her TikTok videos

    • 17. Creating a content plan

    • 18. Everything you need to know about TikTok hashtags

    • 19. Collaborations with other creators on TikTok

    • 20. Giveaways on TikTok

    • 21. Community interaction

    • 22. Shoutouts & paid promotions

    • 23. TikTok Ads & the TikTok creator marketplace

    • 24. Advertising campaigns

    • 25. Monetization situation

    • 26. Using TikTok for cross-platform growth

    • 27. Earning money as an influencer

    • 28. Case study @annasjournal: More than 18k followers in less than 6 weeks on TikTok

    • 29. Case study @gymshark: Huge success through early adoption & great influencer marketing

    • 30. Case study @washingtonpost: Getting rid of a sophisticated & boring image

    • 31. An outlook on the future of TikTok

    • 32. Outro: Thanks for watching to the end!

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About This Class

Learn how TikTok marketing works

In this course you will learn everything that you need to know to grow your following, create a community and make money on TikTok. We are Janosch & Nils from BraveArt Media, a german social media marketing agency that works with big companies and personal brands on their social media strategies. This course is the essence of what we learned in the last months by managing multiple TikTok accounts and experimenting with the app.

TikTok: Your chance to break through the crowded social media landscape of 2020

TikTok is the ultimate chance if you are trying to grow your company and brand in 2020! Imagine you started posting on Instagram in 2013… that’s exactly what it’s like to start on TikTok today! I do not use this lightly, but this really is a chance that you probably get once in a lifetime.

The complete curriculum for TikTok marketing

This course will teach you everything there is about TikTok marketing right now. You will learn:

  • How the TikTok platform and its algorithm works

  • How you can create viral content without professional equipment

  • What content formats work best on TikTok

  • How you can leverage promotions & influencer marketing for even faster growth

  • How you can monetize your following to drive value for your brand

  • How already successful influencers and brands are using the app

The ultimate resource for TikTok marketing

This course will teach you everything that you need to know. Besides that, the course comes with several other really nice benefits:

  • Always up-to-date: If there are any major changes or updates, you can be sure that we add new content to the course accordingly, so you will only have to buy the course once and you will get free updates for infinity :)

  • Extra templates & checklists: With the videos

  • We will answer all of your questions in our students-only Q&A forum

The best time to post on TikTok was yesterday… so start now!

This is your chance to get ahead of your competition! Even many of the huge brands haven’t started posting on TikTok yet, so this is the best chance that you will get to kickstart your company’s social media presence, dominate your niche and drive sales for your company.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Janosch Herrmann

Tools for digital business


Hey, I'm Janosch,  a computer science student  & tech enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. I help individuals & small business to organize & automate their work using modern tech tools!

Check out my classes below :)

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1. Introduction: welcome to our 2020 tic tac marketing masterclass. My name is Josh, and in this course I'm going to teach you how you can use tick talk to grow your brand drive sales and get ahead of your competition. You're gonna learn everything that you need to know to succeed with tic tac marketing and to grow your following on the platform. We're going to teach you the same exact strategies that we used to grow one of the account of our students to over 18,000 followers within five weeks. The count is more than 1.5 million views and more in funeral 50,000 lights. Something like that would be impossible on Instagram or Facebook for a tick talk that's realistic. In the course, we're going to cover how the TIC Tac platform works. We're going to talk about the algorithm, look at the user base and how to use us. Behave how they consume content, how you can best create content that fits these exact target. Audiences were going to cover content and how you can create content that goes viral without professional gear, professional equipment without having massive amounts of the experience in creating videos . We're going to talk about the free strategies for growth that you can use to massively increased the amount of followers you have on tick talk. For example, how hashtag we're gonna take a look at how you can use them to create viral content. We're going to talk about how you can collaborate with other creators to again get more impressions, get mawr, make it more views on your content. Also, how you can use giveaways of challenges to spark a lot of creativity in your users. To build a community and to really throw a massive following. We're also going to talk about pain strategies for growth, meaning tic TAC ads, paid collaboration and sponsorships with TIC tac influences. Then we look at some case studies tick tick accounts, real life examples that are going viral that are creating massive amounts of reach on the platform that generating millions of views. We'll take a look behind the curtains to see how they work, how they analyze the content, how to improve their content. What makes the content different from unsuccessful content creators so that you can really leverage that to create your own unique on viral content. when you enroll in our calls, you'll also get templates, checklists that will save you time and make it easier for you to instantly get started on tic tac. Also, our cause will always stay up to date. So if there's any major changes with pick talk, any new features and a major platform changes algorithm changes. We'll do videos about that so you would be always up to date on the latest releases. Trends on TIC Tac, The courses for anyone that is trying to get into TIC Tac marketing. You don't need any prior marketing experience to successfully use these materials that would give you to become successful on TIC tac, especially. It's important. It's helpful for agency owners small entrepreneur Sola Preneurs that are just trying to find a sustainable marketing channel for their business. So now it's a chance to get started on Tic Tac. Tic Tac can be compared to Instagram when it was still young in 2013 or something, and imagine you started back then on Instagram. You would have probably had thousands hundreds of thousands of millions of following right now, Andi, that's something that you have to keep in mind because take talk is still young. There's still a lot of potential on the platform, but more and more creators will keep coming for platform, and therefore now is your chance to really get ahead of your competition. Either way, I look forward to teaching you all about Takes up, Mark. 2. About the platform: welcome to our 2020 tic tac marketing masterclass. In this course, you're gonna learn everything that you need to know to succeed on. Take talk in 2020 and following years. The course is designed for you to work through it at your own pace so you can just watch the video every other day and then implemented strategies directly into your account. Or you can power through the content to quickly succeed in Tic Tac. Another thing that's really important is that we will always keep the course up to date. So even if you come back in two months, in six months, we'll have everything that take talk updated, every major updates, changes to the APP. We will include new videos for those. Um, another important thing is that you will be able to ask any questions that you have. We have a que Nate section within the course so you can ask anything. Everything that's concerning take talk and we'll gladly answer anything for you. For those of you that haven't experimented with tic tac yet, Tic Tac is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. It has over 800 million monthly active users. Andi has grown rapidly over the course of the last year. Take talk, allows you to edit film and publish short form videos up to 60 seconds long within the APP . Make it really easy for anybody to create content on their own, to be creative and to get into making content, just expressing themselves. Um, the up came originally from more of, ah, dancing and lip sync background because it had something to do with musically, which then was bought by a tick talk. But nowadays there's lots more than just a regular dancing or lip sinking content is also cooking and also sports and anything else that's pretty much on Instagram or YouTube as well, Going back in time a little bit. Tick Talk was once only a Chinese platform. It still has, like a sister platform in China called Tuyen. But then the company, called Bite Dance that owns Take Talking to You, decided to expand more to the best on markets as well to Europe, Asia, Andi, also to the U. S. So therefore they bought the company musically, which was a popular lip sinking and musical app, was also a Chinese company back in 2018 and they decided to merge the two together, creating what we now know as tic tac. So maybe now you're asking wise, Take talks so relevant right now, take talk has done what other such media platforms are trying to do all time, which is making it really, really easy for users off any experience level to create content on the platform. Also, it does only videos you can't do photos like with Instagram. It's only based on centered around videos. Andi. They included lots of editing tools that make it really, really easy for you to publish content within the APP. Also, the different effects and special tools that you can use within the EPA's well spark a lot of prayer. Creativity make it really easy for you to get inspired by others and then create your own unique content. One more thing that differentiates take talk from something like Instagram is the for you page, which can be compared to something like the instagram feed, but with a major difference. The tick talk for you page centers around videos, not by people that you follow, but just by pure videos that you kind of like. So it's it has an algorithm built into it that just looks at your video consumption. And then Comptel what kind of videos you like and what kind of jobs they don't like. Onda, Um, it's built into, uh, like an infinite stream of videos, their full screen. So it's really immersive, and you really can get lost in the for you feed just scrolling through 2 to 3 hours and one go without even noticing it. Another thing that makes take talk so popular right now and such a good option for creators is the high amount of organic reach that you can get on tic Tac compared to other platforms like Facebook, instagram, YouTube, etcetera, um, every post on take talk. And by that I mean, really every post has the potential to go viral. That's because take talk doesn't have that many content credits yet, So there's not that many people creating content yet because the APP was growing so rapidly over the course of the last year. And so there's that many people ate a 1,000,000 users, but just few content creators, making it really easy for you to get a piece of the attention also because of the way that for you page works you could consume a lot of content on does not let many add ads as on a tick talk, as on instagram or YouTube were dis leads to is that you can, really I gained a lot of followers and credit viral content without producing high quality studio production level content or videos. Eso You could just whip out your phone and record yourself doing whatever you like doing some kind of your knee show your content may be cooking or filming a little skit. Andi. It really has the potential to go viral without being really high quality. Um, one example off this high potential is my girlfriend. Actually, she started creating Continent. Take talk around bullet journaling and lettering in early January this year, which was like five years, five years five weeks ago. Now Andi, she's already amassed more than 18,000 followers. More than 1.5 million video views in modern 1,050,000 likes. One thing you do have to keep in mind, though, is that Tic Tac is also being criticized just like any of the other higher tier such media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. First of all, of course, it's a company from China. So there's naturally more tension between China, the U. S or Europe. Issues around data protection around censorship have been multiple issues already. Um, but in my opinion, it's just something that will normally occur. For example, if you look back on the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal with Facebook, it's just the same thing. And so I don't really see that much of, ah problem in there. I think you should rather look at the chances you can have the marketing chances that Tic Tac might bring to your company to your business. Rather looking at the negative side of maybe potential potential data protection issues, etcetera. Another prejudice that non ticktock users have about tic TAC. It's that it just is ah, really young platform, really young users, immature users and that therefore the platforms just cringe E and not worthy for marketing purposes, um, or just to post on the in general. But that also is a prejudice. I had it as well. I must admit, not that long ago I thought that tic tac was not gonna be a big thing. Thought it was a fat that would go away pretty soon. Um, but actually, it's really opposite. So if you want to reach young users meaning gen z gen y today, then take talk, in my opinion, is one of the best ways and one of the easiest ways to gain lots of attention in a really short Amanda Tanen with not that met much effort. So next video, we're gonna take a look at more of the platform. We're going to see how take talk can be a really good fit for your marketing purposes. Onda. Um, yeah. 3. Account setup: in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the set up process in the registration process for tic tac. If you already have a tector account and you already registered to your account, then you can skip this video. So once you open up tick talk, you directly going to see videos and you can scroll through them like this Justice, the normal interface, they would see if you already created your account. But we're going to create an account anyway, because that just gives you way more possibilities. So you're gonna go on the me page and you any flick on sign up and we're gonna use the phone or email. You can also use Facebook, Google, Twitter, etcetera. But we're just used to email. First, you'll have to enter your birthday for me. That's the six off September 2001 and then we're going to click on email, enter our desired email address. Brave. Odd. Yeah, right. Okay. They're gonna set a password, right? And then we're logged into our account. So on, as you can see, take talk already created are handled at for us that we can now change. I wouldn't recommend using the default one. So we're gonna go just into the profile, and then you can see your name. This is similar to instagram. Um, and use the name. That's your actual user name. So your ticket or com slash and then your reason and what you actually called you can change that to anything that you want. We'll just gonna just gonna leave it like that for now. No point to change it, right? It's gonna cancel on DNA. What you can do is you can add your instagram account and your YouTube account, so you connect directly, connect them with the take talk so that in your bio and your profile, people will be able to click through to follow you on Instagram as well on YouTube. You speak on the button on Deacon, log into instagram, and then it will already be sink. Same goes for YouTube. You'll just have to log in to your Google account on. That's it. One more thing that you could do and that we're gonna dio right now quickly is if you click on the three volunteer up here, you couldn't go into your settings on. If you go to manage my account, you can click switch to pro account. This enables your tick talk business account business account, which what? It does it really? Really? You can then use statistics to concede statistics about your post about your profile, and it really helps you to determine what kind of content works best for you. For your type of audience. Just over. Really helpful. You could see the analytics and stricken continue. You choose the type of niche that you're in the type of the theme that your content has. So I'm just gonna go with education and that's load. Okay, Then you'll have to verify your email address to get your poor account. And once that's done, then you will be able to see your statistics in your account. Right? That's it for this video. The next video we're gonna go through step by step. What detector guy does what you could do with it on dumb, with all the different features off the bar. 4. App walkthrough: one of the most important things with any new app that you use is to familiarize yourself with the different tools, different options that you have. So in this video, we're gonna do a quick walk through through the different pages, different features, different settings of the app, just that you can get a better understanding of how it works and what the specialties and commonalities are with tic tac compared to other social media apps. Okay, so now we're locked into our account and this is your me page profile page. Whatever you want to call it right here. This is where you will see all your posts that you made all of it. Is that you posted Right now, we haven't created any videos yet, so we're not gonna see anything there. But once you create your first video, it will appear here. And also drafts that you created will appear here as well. If you click on the hot button, then you'll see the videos that you liked again. We don't have any of those yet. Far in the future, you'll come back here on you can see all the the videos that you you liked as you see here , you can also change this to be something that anybody can see. The default setting is that only you yourself can see the videos that you like, But you can also make that public. If you want to appear, you can edit your bio profile. You can change your photo. Um, profile picture. You can also do a profile video. They'll just be like a J for short video that plays when somebody goes get account. Um, then your name as well. Uh, what we talked about? Oh, yes, we're, uh, user name. This is something that you can also paste so you can just copy and paste it. If you, for example, want to to show you account with somebody else on. Then you have your bio here. That's literally the same as the Instagram bio. The only difference is that you only get 80 characters here instead of the thing 140 150 that you get on instagram. So you just have to be really precise and on point not to waste any any characters there. Um So if you get back out of here, Andi, click on this little icon here. You can see your favorites. And as you can see, I added some videos to the favorites list just so you can see how this works. You can favorite videos. You can also favorite hashtag sounds and effects on. Then you'll all find them. Here. You look through all the things that you liked on rewatch them etcetera. If you click on these buttons, you'll also be able to see the people that you are following. And if you click here, you will see your followers so you can look through the individual profiles if you want to . You wouldn't want to do that in that many cases, but if you want to have the option to do it also, you can copy your user name when you're up here as well. And you can also edit your profile picture or your video. If you click on the frame of their in the top left corner, you'll find the option to share your account with friends. You can connect your Facebook account to take talk to import on your Facebook friends. You can share your contact list with TIC tac in order to find other people that use. Take doctors well and you can also invite them directly. One more thing you could do is up here in the top right corner. You'll be able to scan TIC TAC code. You could use that to scan another phone for technical, pretty similar to Instagram and Snapchat. To directly access their profile and a top middle, you will be able to switch through different accounts so you can switch to another count that you you have. You can also create new accounts, and you can have up to three accounts up there. Um, usually wouldn't have any more than those people. So yeah, up here top right, so you will be able to access your settings. It's pretty. Standards are not that much to to talk about. One thing that is interesting is content preferences. You can add languages that you speak, so if you speak multiple languages, you'll be able to add something like English or Spanish whatever to this, so that tick talk only shows you content in those languages. Um, also balance is pretty interesting. This is about tick talk currency, ticktock, coins. We'll talk about that later in more detail, but basically what it is is that you can buy currency with real money to donate to streamers. So if Crater's stream on TIC Tac, you can donate specific amounts of money to them in order to to honor that their work and to help them out. Also, you can edit your digital well being. Settings you condone, for example, created time out to sea to do to limit your usage of take talk for just leisure and free time purposes. I would recommend doing that because takes can get really addictive, but says, when that does not that much to look through. Everything else is pretty standard in in here. The next page, Dona, is called the Inbox again. That's really similar to Instagram. It's what you call the activity feed. This is where you see, for example, if somebody liked your post if somebody watched your post, if somebody commented on your post, etcetera loads the things that you can do in here, and you could filter the the activity up here by just seeing the likes. Just seeing. For example, the Commons mentions followers, and also the notifications that you get from Ticked are but perception that there's not that much to look at here. One thing to notice is that at the top right, you can take to direct messages, and that's something that's, ah, kind of special to take talk, Um, something that I think they should change in the future because dark messages on tic tac work pretty weird. It's so that you can only message somebody if you connect your phone for number two, you tick tock account. And also you can only message someone if you both mutually follow each other. So if I follow your account and I want you like thank you are ask you something, I can't message you unless you follow me back. Andi. Therefore, this future isn't that much off that much use right now, but hopefully you'll change that in the future as well. So in the middle you'll find the create button. This is where you will be able to create. Videos will go into detail that later, because that's just too complex for this video. But just keep in mind that that's where you will be able to create your videos. No next pages, the Discovery page, and that again can be compared to the Instagram Discover page. They both look pretty similar and they do also much of the similar things. Issue school. Just scroll through here. You'll see lots of hashtag that you could look at pretty different things. Different hashtags, different themes, different topics. And it's just meant for you to be able to discover new content to discover new things. Also, you can search up here. You can search, for example, food can touch, but and now you'll see the post that ranked the best of a top rated for. For this this term, you can also, if you school toe down here, you can see that there's also Hashtags Utkan Look for users, sounds and everything else as well. If if you click up here on the user's, then you will only be displayed, the you only get displayed the users that matched the term food. Also, you could just click on the videos, taps on your own issue videos. You can click on the sounds tab to only see sounds ready to food, and you can also click on the Hash tags tab to just see all the hashtag recommended or that are related to food. So the last page is the for you. Slash following page This is the main feed off your app, and this is where you'll probably spend most of your time. This is where the magic happens, where the content gets displayed where you we can scroll through. It s I'm just gonna I tell you some something about the main functionalities off the page. If u s So what? When you get on the page, videos will start playing instantly. As you see right here, you'll be able to click. If you tap on the screen, you'll be able to pause the video. If you double tap, you'll be able to like the video. Also, you can unlike them again here if you don't want, like, a video anymore. And then there's many more functionalities that page brings. So if you click on the user name, you will get to the page off the profile page off the creator that made the video. You can follow him and look through his other videos. As you can see, looks pretty similar to Instagram as well here. Um, if you click on the hashtag, you'll be able to get to the individual hashtag pages. If you click on the song title right here you'll see all the other videos that were created using this kind of sound. That's something that's specific to Tic tac as well. So that's something you won't get a four with Instagram tick talk, swords, videos by a sounds as well. So if you like a specific sound, you can look through all the videos that related. That's out. You can also do that by clicking down here. So then you also get to the same sound page. You can have this sound to your favorites. Um, yeah. Then you can click on the share button to just share your post to any other social media platform. You can also shuttling shared per message, Azzan s Net SMS, Twitter and anything else. But some of the other things that are interesting right here are you can also click on the not interest, but button, This will make it so. That ticked up will show you less off that type of content and so you can actively manipulate and influence the kind of videos that you get shown on picked up by the algorithm. The next thing you can do, if you could report videos that you think are not not right that you think that that kind of violates the terms and services of TIC TAC. You can report those right here. You can also do it and react to videos, which is something we'll go into more detail later as well. And this is also where you can add you the videos to your favorites. If you click on this comment button, you will able to see all the comments that were made on the video. You can see you can also like them. You can tap on the comment. You can answer them. Comment the comments. Basically, you can write your own comment, use smileys and adds, just like with any other social platform said it should be pretty familiar to you. One big thing to note is that there's both the for you page, which is kind of the stream of videos of people that you don't follow but videos that you like, and that the algorithm things that you would be interested in. And then there's the following page. You can access that by clicking up here on following, and this is where you'll see videos by people that you follow. So this is the closest as it gets to the Instagram feed on tic tac. All right, that's it. Um, I would recommend you to play around with those features a little bit to get to know the yap a little bit better. Andi, if you've used any of the other major social media platforms, I think you will be up to speed in no time. It's not really that similar, and not that different to to, for example, instagram as you see in the screenshots that we showed you. So just play around experiment and you'll get you to know the tools really fast. 5. "For you" page & the TikTok algorithm: So it's it's own last video. Take talk is not that different from Instagram. Besides that, it is the take talk for you pages. What makes tick tock so unique and with differential differentiated from Instagram? In many ways, where Instagram revolves around the people that you follow and the people that you already know, take talk is all about the people that you don't know. We touched on that earlier. It was well, but that really makes a big difference in how the whole platform works. And it also makes a big difference for you as a marketer, as a content creator on the platform. Because of the immersive, always on scrolling experience that you have on take talk where the videos instantly played always on auto play, you really are. You really get immersed into that video stream, that infinite stream of videos that just keeps on recommending new videos to you. Um, and because off the lower attention span that people on Tic Tac have take drug users use, they discover many, many new craters every day. And that's what makes it so interesting for you as a new creator because it does way more chances to be discovered on take talk, then on Instagram. This makes it so much easier for you as a new and upcoming creator, to gain traction on the platform, to attract followers, to grow your audience, a community on the platform. And it has challenge many people. Many people have therefore thought of many different ways how they can best get under for you. Page. It's always been that mysterious thing that anybody everybody wants to get in the for you page. But what many people don't get Is that the for you page? Anybody gets on it, The only differences in how many views you will get on the for you page and that that comes from the kind of performance that even you has. But there have been many theories around the take talk algorithm and how it works on gonna show some of them some of the more obvious, obviously wrong ones and also some of the ones that are, in my opinion, really close to the truth, or at least somewhat close to how it really works. The first theory that has been going around the Internet quite a lot is that take talk scores, your account based on your first couple of videos. Rest in your 1st 5 videos, uh, took will evaluate your account and then assigned a certain score to your you paid your videos. If it's good, then you will get displayed on the for you page more often. And if it's not that good, you won't get that many views on the for you page and in general. This was, for example, mentioned on the pro charge tools podcast with British Era Um, but in my opinion, there's there's no evidence for it on D. It wouldn't make sense from Take Pakistan Point, because if Craters created the first videos and then they didn't see any organic reach because they can't get a bad score in this evaluation, they wouldn't want to create any more videos and take talk is all about getting more people on the platform, getting people to create more content. So, in my opinion, this theory isn't really that true. Other users have also theorized that take talk doesn't have any really smart algorithm, which in my opinion, is also really stupid and far from the truth and the way that they kind of argue that this is true is because they see videos of them that have good goods. Amount of use, good, good ratio of used to two likes etcetera, and they still can't get traction on take talk. But again, in my opinion, this theory is is false because talk always recommend the videos that you like to use, always personalized, and there's definitely smart algorithm behind the curtains. The last theory and the one that makes the most ends in my eyes is called the batch theory on. But what it does is when your video gets posted on tick talk, it gets pushed out to the first couple of 100 people, so you get maybe 100 maybe 200 views on your video and then, based on those we used, take talk will evaluate how good your content performs. It will look at the amount of replace the amount of likes, the amount of comments, the amount of shares, the watch time. So how long people actually watched your videos, and then, based on those statistics, it will calculate a score. If you're your content is good that it will get pushed out to next to next higher stage next higher level where will be displayed to maybe 500,000 people. And then the cycle will just continue on until the video doesn't perform that well anymore . And if your video performs badly in the first goal, then you will just not get at many views altogether. So why don't you opposed to go viral, then? Well, this could be due to many different reasons. But one of the main counter arguments that I've seen to this third batch theory is that well, my video got X amount of use and they got a really good amount of likes, competitors, views, good amount of comments. So why isn't it going viral then? According to your theory, it should be going viral. Um, what I from what I've observed, things could be because sometimes your followers are the ones that interact with your content lots more than somebody that doesn't already know you. So even though take talk centers around new videos and creating new content, the videos people are still follow other people on tic tac, and so they will usually interact with those people a lot more on a lot better, because they just like the quantity fells. They wouldn't follow them, right? Um, and but what this does is that you'll get many views on many, many comments likes etcetera on your post quite early when when you post the video. But they come from your followers and not from the for you page. And so your engagement rate on your post can be really good. But if it's not good with the people that don't know you on the for you page, the new video still won't go rival. Another interesting aspect off the tic Tac algorithm. It's what the guys that approach tragic tools called the the Late Explosion. And that's a phenomenon that I have seen on Tic Tac as well, on bits, when your posts doesn't perform overly good, it's not above average, just normal post. And then, after a couple days, a couple of weeks or even months, you posed problems. Flick from the next day. From now, the next day it just float blows up. It gets a huge amount of views, and it goes viral after not going by over for a long time. And this is what they say comes from a concept where tick talk re evaluates older content from time to time to see if it now has the potential to go viral on day. Talked to Tic TAC employee about that, Um so therefore, always keep your content online. Don't lead your old content because it still brings in views and traffic to your Patria profile, and it still has the potential to go viral in the future. To conclude will probably never find out how the algorithm works exactly. But we for sure know that there are some things that you can look for in your videos, some qualities that will help you go viral. That will increase your chances off performing really good on take talk, but we go into those in more detail in one of the next videos. 6. User groups & user behavior: Now we're gonna have a closer look at the numbers behind tick Talk and also the user's that used the F take Talk has amassed more in $1.5 billion up to this point, both on the Android App store play store and on the IOS APP store. The APP has more than 800 million unique monthly active users and is available in 100 150 countries and 75 languages. Also, it's been one of the most frequented websites off the Internet now, and it's growing rapidly, being amongst the top 500 of most trafficked site, according to Alexa. Generally, users come more from the Asian kind of region. But the growth in Europe and the US and Canada has been going up really rapidly since the AB purchased musically and since it just became more popular in youth culture. Also, a study showed that over the course of one month, about 55% of users uploaded their own video to the platform, So more than half the people on the platform actively post on the platform as well, and more than 70% actually watched other people's videos. There was a study that was done. It shows how engaged the users are with. Yep. Um, another fact about most of the users is that they are really young. You think your we talked about that already? According to several sources, more than 60% off the users are below the age of 30. And I would even go as far as saying that more people are below 20 or below 18 are still underage Theun, all the other user groups because from my experience, just most of the users are somewhat like 13 14 15. But since Tic Tac is getting a lot more popular lately on Also, more and more creators are getting onto hopping onto the trend. Are creating now on take talk as well on the content. Just, uh, kind of diversifies and matures a bit. Goes away from just being this lip sinking and dancing platform to being more of a platform for everything, just like Instagram or YouTube, for example on. But what that does it also the age of the users go up. So, for example, one year ago I would have never dreamed about going on tick talk, and I would have thought it was the stupidest platform ever. But now there's lots more content for for all the users as well on bond, since the user base that started using take talk to the three years ago when he was still musically is getting older as well. That just lifts up the demographics off the off the users. What's also really interesting about TIC TAC users is how they consume content on the platform. So on average, ticked. A user uses the platform for about 52 minutes per day, which is quite a lot have been. Also, other sources saying that average user clicks on access the APP up to 10 times a day or on average around 10 times a day. And the attention span is really low eso, since the videos are usually around 10 to 15 seconds or sometimes 20 seconds, but usually not that much longer. Theatric watch time from our experience will be solved with three accounts that we managed and we're still using every day. Um, the average video gets about 10 to 12 seconds off. Watch time in the median, watch time, so you really have to get your message out really quick. You have to be on point. You can't just elaborate lot. You have to be quaking on point and use all the tools that you have to make entertaining, fun and stunning content. One more thing is that the average session duration is also really high on Tic Tac. Other studies there found that it was 4.9 minutes on average, which is higher than Facebook and Instagram, etcetera, with the long watch time and a long time that users stay on, take talk on also the short attention span. What that does is use on take talk, see so much new content so they could consume so much content in any given day that it's just a huge chance, for there s so many opportunities for other users or for new creators like you to get a piece of that pie and to become popular on tic tac as well. Things that you should look out for when creating content on take talk concerning the users is that has already elaborated on quite a lot. The users are usually pretty young, so immature comments, for example, under your posts might be something that you experience and that you have to just live with usually would recommend to just let them. They're just don't lead comments or anything. Um, just try not to react to it and not get too into the discussion debate on a low level, immature Children. So concerning all these statistics, there's, of course, a lot of sources that are contradicting each other. And therefore we linked all the sources that we got the information from below this video. So you just click on the section in your course and you will see all those sources when we got information for you can read into the different statistics and studies to make up your own mind of how users are using take talk and how this might help you in your marketing efforts. 7. Finding your target audience: for getting into the consecration itself. It's back. Best practice to start off by kind of thinking about what your check your presence is going to do for you. How you will want to use a tic tac presence in order to gain customers for a business. And if that's not your goal, what you actually go with your TIC tac presence is, um, you will have to think about who you want to reach on a platform, how you are going to reach them and how you can measure success so you can really know if take talk is actually being useful for your company or if it's just wasting your time. So therefore, I would recommend you just take some time out to to think about that. The first step to do this is to creative by a persona. You buy a persona if you don't know what that is. It's basically a visual representation off your ideal or average customer, and it's meant as a point of reference for you to be able to see if you take the efforts are really paying off. If you are reaching the right people and it could be used around for a variety of different purposes that one way to do this is by using the make my persona tool from Hop sport, which is one of the most popular digital marketing firms out there. They've got a free to where you could just enter all the information, and then you get it on like a really, really clear and easy to to look through piece of paper. You can download it in pdf just hanging up in your office or so something like that. It really helps you to always kind of compare if the people that you're reaching on take talk are the people that you actually want to reach. You can also do this by just using a normal piece of paper are in a Google sheet, not you really have freedom When you do this, it's not like one right or a wrong way, and what you want to do is you ask yourself some of the questions about your customer. So where does he live? How old is your ideal customer? What are his pain points? What are things that he what is gold? What does he like? What other creators on tick talk or on YouTube or Instagram does. He followed us. He liked us interact with. We've actually even done a downloadable pdf for you with all the different questions that you could ask. So you'll find that below the video as well. And just work through does to get a good sense of what your customer is, who is what. What you always have to remember is that uses on tick talk. Yes, I already mentioned often before that are really young. So generally you're talking to Gen Z or generation. The people 2000 above on Duh Minette millennials So generation wife. And what you have to keep in mind is that they have, um, in somewhat similar features, or someone threw character traits that differentiate them from older generations. So typically, these people will be more tax savvy that will be open minded. They know their way around the Internet and will be used to all the different tools and mediums that take. Talk, for example, has to offer Onda. There's just some things that you should keep in mind when developing developing your voice with it, with which you speak to your tic tac audience. A good example of this on Twitter is Wendy's, the fast food burger chain. They run their Twitter account, whether famous for roasting their competitors Askew. See in the examples will show you where they roasted McDonald's on day do that on a regular basis. They have kind of build up a reputation around that. It's really good marketing targeted at these younger generations, like our generation and author 1,000,000 meals on It works great for them. Another food chain that does this really well on tick talk is chipotle. They regularly post on tick talk, and they posed kind of relatable funny contents that just users can can relate to that they can interact with. And they make it in such a way that it kind of relates to their brand, where you kind of get that get that one for for chipotle burrito, for example, when you watch their videos. But they do that without being without pushing that like their products into the videos. And that's what really makes them work so good on DATs. Why? I think that the victim profile is a really good example off really target audience targeted marketing where they they really adapt their voice and their branding and also how they interact with their followers to the social media platform they are on. Now. What they've done really good is that they kind of have a clear, clear use p clear, unique selling proposition. They make funny, relatable content on bats. Something that you should work on is well, so try to find your USPI. Try to find the thing that makes your it if your business or your person, your personal brand different from others, and then try to kind of show people that visit your profile that CEO videos what your used is that they directly know who they're following, what they can expect from you. Andi think that will greatly improve your chances off off growing rapidly on tic tac. 8. Optimizing your TikTok profile: So now what we're gonna do is we'll really optimize your profile to look the best as it gets, like the best of the can on to really show people that get on your profile, uses that, see your post and then click on your profile what they will get from you. Um, the first thing that you obviously have to have to think about here is if you want, you position yourself as a personal brand for as a company. Now, generally speaking, companies have a hard time on take talk. Like generally on search media. It's easier to to position yourself as a person. People like to follow people on, so usually it's better easier to brand itself of the person. But if you have a rig like really company that it wouldn't make any sense. So you have to think about the pros and cons here, um, and then decide for yourself. Another thing that you should keep in mind is your design, so you will probably not have to do that much of design work because it's mostly video. But I'd still try to kind of establish your brand if you have a brand another social platforms and still try to to kind of embed that into your videos using these colors, for example, or funds, if possible on your take videos, just to have some kind of a consistent look. You don't have to do that much work there, but just sat just something that you will have to keep in mind for your videos. Try to kind of use your branding colors and style at your other social media content is in also on TIC TAC. Now choose a profile picture, a profile video that really looks good as high quality and that shows users kind of what they're going to get. So this is something for me that's always really important. I look at the profile picture there. It looks bad, then most likely not follow that person on tic tac on any other social media platforms. One example of this is again my girlfriend, Anna, on her account, where she talked about bullet joining and lettering. She has a page of her bullet journal as her proper picture, which and directly shows her followers or people that access have profiled what they're going to get from the account from the page. Same goes for your bio. Since you only have 80 characters to work with, I'd recommend you put in your USP there. You kind of describe what you do on your on your profile. What you're what kind of videos you post and also one thing that you can, including there is maybe a written link to your website to your instagram profile because that kind of helps conversions to those platforms. Since TIC Tac doesn't include any outgoing links possible to link to your website directly from YouTube from take talk, that's the best way you can dio do about that you can the best way you can kind of try to include that in your your bio again. My girlfriend Anna is a good example of that. On her account, she included what she does on her account in a bio, also links to her Instagram and Pinterest accounts so that people can also follow her thes platforms. Because Tic Tac does allow you to link to Instagram and YouTube that doesn't allow you to link to Pinterest and therefore included Get in there just helps with more people getting on a platform of well 9. Different content formats on TikTok: Now we're gonna have a look at some of the content formats that are popular. Tic TAC is another Tick targets pretty visual platform, which in part comes from its history as musically. Where was all about dancing, lip sinking and video? You'll find anything from amateur phone videos to studio level productions on the platform . The take chuck content is usually structured in a pretty similar way. You'll always have the video itself, and then you'll have a sound that's accompanying the video. It's pretty much like music, and it often is involved in the content, kind of both intertwining on bond, the video kind of being based on the contents off the sound. And also you can add effects to the content through the video on take talk Through their native editing tools, you can add transitions, etcetera. That's also part of the experience. One of the most five years content formats on take talk is our dancing videos dancing, as I already said, based on the history as musically Still a big part of the platform combined with the sounds thes kind of tick talk dance challenges still make up a big part of the content on Really? Yeah, really popular. So including something like this in your content can also help you account grow massively. Another really popular format is lip sinking. This'll is often used for sketches for comedy skids. Andi. It's basically where some sound is. Really, I used to think like the user that crazy video sinks his voice, his acting to pre defined sound all something that you can include in your content strategy . Another, more broad kind of content format are challenges on Tic Tac challengers on technical really at the heart of the community. Um, it's what Tic Tac grounds awful. If it's something that's inherent to the platform, it gets created by take toe themselves, so they initiate challenges as well. But also, individual users or popular creators or companies can create their own challenges. Onda. It's usually based around kind of skill or something that you have to do. You have to complete a certain dance, a certain hard sports move or anything, really, and it always that it always encourages the users to generate their own videos. Too kind of react to the original video, and it's what makes take talk Brady with the viral platform that is another thing that you could do and take. Talk is called a duet on its where you kind of react to a video that somebody else created . It's different to a reaction. The difference differences. I quite settled, so I'm going to try my best to explain it. So for do it your video and the original video on the same level, they will be displayed next to each other on. But it kind of encourages you to kind of do your own thing to do your own spin on the platform to on the video to interact with the video. So, for example, if it's a dance, people will use the dance themselves or they will put the there different spin on it. And it's also a pretty popular content format on TIC Tac. The pretty similar content format, called the Reaction, has some differences, which are that for the reactions. Your video is not in the foreground, so you'll have a big the video that reacting to will be bake in the background, and it will have a small kind of window that you can drag around with your own video. It's meant for you to like just show you reaction. I have not really seen this content format be used that often on. And I don't really see the point in having like a duet and a react feature you can you can play around with it, but for me it's not content for my that I would play around really heavily. Now we get to some of the ways that users used the TIC Tac formats to kind of make different content. One of the ways is for kind of a block style video, as you might know it from From Instagram from YouTube. It's where people just quit like a short video like trailer kind of format. What a put in several clips from the day from The Liar from a special event. It's really similar to instagram stories, for example, or YouTube videos, and it's a really popular way to create content on Tic Tac. Another really kind of popular content format is Theo how to format, so it's really broad. Just videos that kind of give tips and tricks to specific topic. This can be anything from cooking to digital marketing. Eso you find really anything on a platform on bond to me or from what I've observed in last time. This is something that's getting more and more traction as take togas, diversifying their content offerings. And since then, more people kind of create on the platform more niches, more, more topics are covered. This is something that's gonna stay more staying is getting more popular one type of content that's not really that unique on sundry content format, but something that you should definitely cover because it's really popular. And take talk what I would call just overall stunning and really engaging videos, for example, Cliff jumping videos or just videos that really get attention off the viewers. Also, these kind of satisfying videos are really popular and take talk just as they are on YouTube and other platforms. Um, and that's something kind of content Canada category that has a lot of potential for viral content for really, really viral videos that are even amongst the viral videos in the top top 10%. Another type of content format would be what I would call a sound centered video, which is where you take kind of a sound, and then you kind of make your storyline historian of your video fit that sound to kind of create a comedic effect or create kind of a funny, funny scene. It can't really be described to explain that well, so we're gonna show you an example for that. But it's also really popular, and you can really use that for any any kind of any kind of niche, any kind of topic that you're covering. It's really more of a hotel. In that sense, the last thing that you can do and take talk is a life stream, just like on instagram or on Facebook or YouTube. You can do life streams on, take talk for your followers on. You can even earn money with a mutual cover later as well. But there's one restriction, and that's that. You can only do that if you have more than 1000 followers, so you'll have to kind of wait a little bit in the beginnings to start crowding your your own life streams. But once you do so, it's gonna be a really good way of building up a community into engaging with your audience . Just one more thing that kind of makes it less appealing is that it's really hard for users to find your life stream, so you'll only see the live stream when somebody clicks on your profile. Then they will see that you are right now live. So you will really have to tell your followers when you are going live Notre for them to really be there when you when you do. Andi, just don't scream to to people because it didn't tell anyone. 10. How to create viral content on TikTok: this video, we're gonna cover everything that you need to know. Know to go viral on tic tac. As you already know, take talk makes it really easy for you at the creator to create viral content, whether you have 20 followers or 500,000. But there are still some things that you have to consider and some things that can make it easier for you to create viral content while some other things might result in. You're not getting anywhere videos at all. So now we're gonna cover some of the basics. We're gonna also cover some of the most famous take talk videos and see what they did right in order to gain their massive success. The first video that we're going to take a look at is the elephant toothpaste World record videos. If you don't know it from school, elephant toothpaste is kind of science experiment where you try to liquids together and then it doesn't like a massive home explosion. Askew might call it. And the video was so big because they tried to do the world record that they experiment was so big that it almost flooded their house. As you can see, in the video on Dumb. That's what made the video goes viral. So I'm just going to read out the numbers to you So you can really like grasp how, how popular this video was in the APP, the video got 232 million views at this point in time. It's also got a brand 17. 17 million likes. It has 160,000 comments and also about 600,000 shares. So it really one of the most popular videos ever on tic tac to this point, at least on bats, because the video really has all that, it needs to be a really, really viral video you you directly see when you click on the video. How like that that it's this massive thing that they're plannings and the results also really spectacular. So it's naturally something that many people would share that many people like, and it just gets lots of attention on the platform. The next video they were going to cover shows a female model standing up on the back off a male fitness model while doing a dance like they get up from the ground, as you'll see in the video on git looks just really impressive. Not many people can do it. It's also one of those videos that really was perfect. Perfect match for the Tic Tac Alley With them, it's short. It's on point. It's uses the sound that was really popular that point in time. Ondas also stunning on something that you've never seen before. Something unique, which all trades that make a good viral Take talk video. The last video that broken and cover is by a critic called Zach King, who is arguably one of the most popular creators of all time on take talk and on other platforms as well. Also, he's probably the master off viral content of viral videos. No, he does magic tricks and magic videos, and this video is always are really engaging, really fun to watch and really stunning. In the video that I'm describing now he is kind of writing, running on broom sticks, flying through the air, and it really looks really realistic until you see that he's just running on like the Hoverboards electric hoverboard and again, something that's just really fun to watch, really engaging, something you've not seen before. Andi always just comes up with new tricks that make you laugh on that can entertain you. So now we're gonna have a look at some of the common traits that these videos have and some of the things that you can take away to implement your own videos to create viral content on Tic Tac, one of the biggest. And in my opinion, most important aspect on TIC Tac is to create unique content. Although there's a point to be made for erecting two trends and doing videos concerning trends that are popular right now, which can also work for you. What's a lot more impactful in a long run is just creating really unique kind of content that nobody else has done, which you could see in all these examples because that's what really can make your bill you go super viral. So not just 100,000 views or 500,000 views, but 5 to 10 to 50 to 100 million views on duh, depending on your mission. That's what you would shoot for. That's what you should have as a target on. Therefore, try to be unique, try to do something different than yellow craters. Another thing that you can do to increase the likelihood of your video going viral is to push the completion ratio off your off your videos. So if users watch your videos for long amounts of time, they have a better watch. Time to video length ratio than the TIC tac algorithm will automatically push your video. And also if you, the users replay your videos. Because, remember, take Chuck's goal is always to keep the user on the platform for as long as possible. Um, and if your content is the one that few other ones that really engaged the detective users in a way that they stay on the AB for longer than Tic TAC is gonna reward that, and then it's gonna push your video out to more users strategies that you could implement to do. This is our, for example, to do like a bait kind of click bait kind of scenario where you could tease the user at the beginning of the video for something that's gonna happen at over the course of the video at the end of the video, so that they will stay on the video that they will watch till the end. Andi, therefore, that your watch time and your completion rate will increase. Also, what you can do is you can do a seamless loop. So videos that kind of start where the end game scenario. It's very hard to describe, but I will show you kind of an example for that. They are really good because users will rewatch them and that's what. Also, it makes you give it a go up the ranks in the TIC Tac algorithm. Now, as we discovered earlier, directing two trends and staying up to date with them is also something that will increase the likelihood of likelihood of your video's going by. If you are one of the first ones to hop on a new trend, you can really quickly see lots of engagement on your posts. Although remember that many people that will like your video CEO video during some kind of like this trend craze, I'd call it that they will go away after a trend. And if you can't satisfy them with other content that fits the interests, then that's not that much, not that important, not that good for your for your engagement on your account, so keep that in mind, but you could still use that in a good way to to increase your your rich on tic tac, for example, news that make big headlines worldwide are usually things that will then trend on social platforms like Twitter, like tic tac eso. Look out for these and try to implement them into your content if they're not too serious. And if they wouldn't cause any harm to your brand if you kind of talked about them too much because it's just such a controversial topic, another thing that you could do is use popular sounds, sounds of something that are pretty unique to take talk on. And they function in a similar manner to Hashtags, where people confined your videos through the kind of songs that kind of sounds that you use. And therefore, if you use a popular sound, there's a higher chance of you getting discovered through that sounds on page. And also people like to hear the sounds that are trending right now, more than more into them. They're usually be better fit for your for your target audience, and therefore that's something that you can take into consideration. The same goes for Hashtags after the hashtag. That's trending right now that you think will be training in the future. Try to hop on the trend, and you might get into, like the first couple of people that get lots of attention through this hashtag trend. One more thing you can do is to spark emotion in your posts. So if your emotion at your posts really engaged the users, if you can make your your followers or people, your viewers laughed, and it's usually a good idea. Also, you can ask questions by asking questions below your posts on your post description. Pretty much you can drastically increase the amount of comments you get on your posts. Who's usually these younger users will gladly interact with you. They really like to engage with the people that I follow, and therefore, if you ask the questions, you can really get to know them a bit more. You get more comments on your posts, which in turn, then it's better for the algorithm. So it's pretty much a win with one of the most important aspect, though, is that you stay consistent with your content. I'd recommend posting once a day, at least if you can, for half the resource is for that I might even try out 23 times a day. Some people say that that's too much, that that doesn't work that well aan dat then you would be is won't go as viral. But in my opinion, it always depends on the type of content to do and also how good the quality of your content is. If you're quality goes down drastically when you post more than one today, then you probably shouldn't do it. But if you have the resources to add, I'd recommend you to just kind of experiment, and then you'll find the right balance for for your type of continent, for your audience. 11. Analysis & content optimization: this video. I'm gonna walk you through all the analytics that you can see in your take took account because they could be really helpful for you to optimize the content to see what's performing and working best and what content you should want in the future. So we're just gonna do the screen recording again and I walk you through all the different properties. Okay, Now we're in the back end off. Ah, ticktock account were using the account of my girlfriend, which has a bit more followers and a bit more statistics to look at so that you can really see how this would look for actual ticked off account that's being used. So the first page is the overview page, and this is where you'll see the video views. So you will see how many views your videos got in the last week. You will also see how many videos, how many views they got over the course of the last month on Deacon, see how your content is evolving if you're still getting views. If you're account is growing or if you're kind of declining on dumb can use that for your for your efforts as Well, the next thing is the followers tab. So this is where you will see how many followers you have. You can also just scroll through like this and you'll see how Maney follows you gained on each day again over the course of the last seven days and last month as well. Then you can see your profile views same again for the last seven days or 28 days, and this just shows you how many people clicked on your profile within the last period of time. Then you have the content tab. This is where you see the videos that you posted within the last week. So you see that in the last seven days there were eight posts made two plus post since the week before that. You can click on here to see all the posts that were made in the last week, and you also see the of used the videos got in that time period. The next thing is really valuable for you, and that's where you see which kind of videos got the most views within the last seven days . So you'll also see videos that you posted a long time ago here that just still upbringing in massive amounts of reach for your for your account message message amounts of traffic. And, uh, this is a really nice tool that ticker gives you because you can really see what kind of content performs good, long term. Maybe you could replicate that kind of content on use that in future kind of production sessions as well. The last tab of the follower tab. This is where you see how many followers you have, and Haman you gained within the last week again expressed the numbers, and you want to see some of the demographics off your users. For example, in this case, it's approximately 79% female and 3% male. You'll see the top territory so the countries where your followers are from for its account , it's 85% from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etcetera. And then the next thing you'll see is the follower activity. This again is really helpful to determine when the best time is for you to post, so you'll see both by our and by day. How many, uh, how many views your content got? How many of your followers are actually active at that point in time, and you can use that to determine when the best time for us to post the next thing is, are the videos that your followers watched? Um, this is for you to get inspired by other content creators about what kind of content your your followers, like you could use that. Implement the ideas from these videos into your own content as well to create content that's more student or and mawr target to your specific audience. The last thing you'll see is the's sounds that your followers listen to this again can be really helpful. You can use this in your own content as well, which then just tell you that these are the kinds of sounds that your followers like, and if you use them as well, it makes you content more targeted to them. More MAWR performance and and yet that's what you want. In the end, what you track and what you learn all of your data that you get in your analytics depends on your account and also unique. But I would always recommend to regularly look into these statistics to see what's working , what's not working and to improve on your current content in one of our later case studies will go into details about how we use these kind of Benedicts and these data points to really improve our content to improve the posting time to improve the performance and to grow account even faster. 12. Things to look out for when creating TikTok content: So now that you know what kind of content performs really good on take talk, it's time for you to get into concentration yourself. One more thing before you start, though, try to figure out how you're gonna film the video, how you're gonna edit the video beforehand, because that just makes it really much easier for you to yeah, to plan the whole thing and to get into concentration more easily. Also, what I'd recommend you to do is to play around with the take talk, own editing tools. Um, before really expanding to something like a professional video editing software that's just not necessary for tic tac particular content. It can be really helpful, but it's not something that you need right now. Eso as a beginner, take talk anything. Tools are more than enough for you. Also, try to plan your video to be below 30 seconds. If your video exceeds thes 30 seconds, usually the engagement rate will drop off. Your watch time ratio will not be that good. Completion rates. We won't be that good. So don't try to make you content longer than that for optimal for the best results. And also don't try to sell anything. That's something that's really important on take talk because there's not that many ads yet . So compared to Instagram or Facebook, whereas ads, every couple of stories or every couple of posts on take talk, there's not that many ads yet. So if you start creating content and everything you do is just promote your own product, your own services. That's something that will that other detective users will see in a negative way in that, well, make your content be of less value to them. So I try to not promote any of your products and services within the first couple of posts and keep it to a minimum after it as well. When it comes to the equipment for your posts, you don't need anything too fancy something that can be really helpful. That would be a tripod for your phone phone is enough. You don't need a big camera set up, but tripod can be really helpful to create kind of a more stable image in it that you don't have to hold your phone in your hand the whole time. So that's something you could look into you could get them from. For like 10 to $15 on Amazon. Such is kind of look around. If you can invest these $10 an hour recommend you do because it just helps you a lot of credit. Your videos. When you do that, keep in mind that you're filming imparted moto because some of the tripods don't allow you Teoh to hold your phone upside like the right way. We experienced that ourselves. We bought the wrong tripod, and then we had to send it back. So just keep that in mind. You need your tractor to be flexible so that you can shift your fall around to read good tic tac content. 13. The creative process: Finding good content ideas consistently: If you want to create posts on take talk daily like we recommend it to you in the last video, you'll have to consistently come up with good ideas for your content. In order to stay relevant, stay engaging and keep your followers happy. Therefore, I'd recommend you first of all to do a quick brainstorming session to kind of get the general idea off all the types of content that you could create on the platform. And the best way of doing this is a method I learned from Pat Flynn from Smart. Passive Income is one of the biggest podcasters in the world. One of the people who have been the pioneering the digital marketing world and the way he describes in his book is to use, just lose a notebook or piece of paper or the software called Might mr dot com, which helps you to kind of organize your thoughts. And what you gonna do is just take 10 minutes of your time, set a time on your phone, Andi. Then just write down anything that comes to mind concerning your topic and take talk just right on anything. Don't try to organize anything yet. You'll do that later. Just try to get anything out of your brain that you could think of any ideas, processes or creations that come up. And then, after those 10 minutes are up, just use your used the next couple of minutes or half an hour to organize your thoughts into different content formats into different content. Ideas, different topics that you could cover. And then you have a good starting point for your continent. Tic Tac. Another way you can get inspired is by looking other creators on take talk. You can look for the most popular people. Most popular influences. See what they are doing and try to get inspiration from that. For your own content, look for different trends. Look for different content, format, different ideas and and just implemented into your content as well. Also, other social media platforms work well as inspiration source. For example, Instagram or YouTube or Pinterest are depending on your topic. Even other platforms like Twitter Snapchat and also you can look at your own content on other platforms. So if you already have a brand that is creating content on a regular for different kind of such media platforms, you could look at your instagram content. You could look at your YouTube content and try to filter out ideas from that that you could use in your take talk posts as well. What you have to keep in mind, though, is that you will have to adapt the content to the tick talk way of doing things to the tic tac culture to the take talk format. Eso just don't copy content from other platforms into take talk and think it's going to perform well. You have to kind of make tasty essence off the content, but then create different content for ticked up. Because otherwise it's just not how take the works on your content won't perform that well . Now. What I would recommend to you is to billable list off continent years that you constantly can update that you always have in the back of your mind something like Trail Oh, or notion of Google drive pretty much any no taking organizations software that you use. One feature that I would look for in the software is that it's cross device so that you can if you're going for a walk or if you're only way to work and you have, Ah, good idea that pops into your mind. You can quickly note that down that you don't forget it, and you can keep the list always up to date, always with fresh ideas that you just can take from that you can use in your in your daily content creation. If you've never created content for any platform or social media platform or block before then, this will be hard. In the beginning, you'll maybe not come up with the right ideas in the first place. But just keep going at it, and you will have billable routine on, and it will get easier over time. If you put the right process is in place, then it will really get easier and you're imagine in no time now you can go ahead and start creating and shooting your first video. We're going to the detailed version off how you can use the take talk tools to create your content and to edit your video in the next couple of years. 14. Filming your videos with TikTok: OK, in this video, we're gonna take a look at how you can film your video using the tic tac tools and what they kind of possibilities they offer to you. Right? So now we're in the kind of editing and filming studio at Call it off Tic tac. This is where you can film your videos at the bottom. You can see you can pre select specific length of your video. Um, what that does is at the top. You see this small bar? This is where this is kind of gets filled up. When you create your first video clips of and click on the record button, years gets filled up. And if I have kind of a clip length pre selected, that will show me how much of that I've already used up so that I don't create common that's longer than the pre selected length. I agree that for now, and what you also see is that there's the photo templates option here. What you can do is you could just upload photos and then picked up will automatically create kind of a photo slideshow for you to to use in your videos to upload directly for you, for you on your TIC tac profile. So now if you want to shoot your video, just press on the red button, and if you're finished with the clip, you can release the button, and then you got your first video clip up there. You can then press the button again to record your next clip and so on. And so you can just use that to adjust your position. If you, for example, have to rearrange your just setting, you can do that, and then you can created the next clip once you once you're finished now you can add effects to your videos. You can just look through those. There's loads of effects. Many of them are for four faces. Some of them are for backgrounds. It's pretty much the same thing as with Snapchat or instagram, and you could just look through them, play around with them on. You couldn't also Adam to your favorites list eso. If you have some some effects that you use on a regular basis, you condone Adam to your favorites to find them more easily. What you gonna also do is you can add a flash. You can turn on the flashed on and off again. Depending on your lighting situation, you can use a timer. This'd is really convenient if you ah, filming alone and you want to get a specific shot of you in the video, um, you would otherwise have to, like, press the button while or also recording so you can create a timer, and then the countdown will go down, and once it's over, it will start creating a video for you. The next thing you can do is out of filter again. That's pretty similar to other social media platforms. It just alters the appearance off the video again. You can Yeah, just click random random foods that you like you can with that button up there on the top left, you can lead them again. And when you click on management, you can, uh, uncheck some of these filters to not show them again in your on your profile on your on your post. One more thing that you can now, and it is how strong the filter supposed to be. Um, so, as you see in the video, you can change change. Just a saturation. Um, another thing you have is the beauty filter, which just kind of gets rid of off pimples and skin impurities. Many people leave that on. Depends on your preference, really. But the options there are, of course, um, and you can also determine what kind of speed your video should have, so this will then be helpful. If you want to get a certain effect with your video, you can double the speed you can use, have to speed etcetera. And you can also flip your camera up here pretty standard once you're finished. And once you're satisfied with your refusal to just click the button down here and then you can go to the next step, which will then be the editing process. The best way to do is, in my opinion, is to first do a test run to kind of get to know the features and possibilities that you have on do say that as a draft and just keep on making you a new draft new versions of your video until you're satisfied. It will take some time in the beginning to get used to. But once you've kind of figured things out, it will become easier for you 15. Editing & optimizing your videos with TikTok: Now we're gonna have a look at some of the things that you could do after you've created a video to edit it, to enhance it by, for example, adding stickers and effects on text to your videos. One more thing to note, though, is that you can, when you are not really happy with one of the clips that you that you shot in last last video that you can always delete them by clicking on this delete button when he and if you confirm you see that your video get pleaded. But now we're gonna take a look more at the kind of post production features off. Take talk again he can use. You can hear change your sound, or you can add a sounded. You haven't added one already. Um, take dog as a bunch of different options. For that, you can look for different kind of topics you can look for for top viral top 44 different kind of themes that Tic Tac has, and you can also save the most favorites. So if you have favorites so that you can get back to you all these sounds that you used or did you like to use for your videos on the lighter points well, and you can also search for specific songs up here. What you don't do is again change the visual appearance of your videos by adding, for example, effect. You can use a visual effect sticker. You can use a transition a split or time, for example, slow motion. Repeat that just some of the options the ticktock gives you to enhance the video, and how you can do this is by just clicking on the video, and then the effect can be applied. The next thing that you could do is you can add text to your videos. This works really similar to, for example, instagram stories or Snapchat. Just type in any text that you want. Then you can use these options to change kind of the fund and the appearance of the text. You can use all of these options. Then you could change the color. Andi, you can also put like a background behind it, change that color, change the alignment of the text. So I put up on the riot side, on the left side or center of the text. It's all up to you now, you can just move around the text anywhere you like. If you drag it up there to be have been, that's up there. You can delete the text again, and if you press on the button on the text, then you can edit the text again. You can set a duration, so that's something that's, Ah, important or nice to know as well. If you don't want your attacks to appear for the whole duration of the video, you can edit it so that it's just appears for a certain time period in the video. And now it's not Danny to appear in the middle of the video, and it will disappear again. One more thing that you could do is to add a sticker. There's loads of options right here. You can just scroll through them. You can search for specific items for Jeffs, you can use Emojis. Yes, many options that you have. You could just play around with those as well. Also, you can adjust the volume both of the sound into using and the original soundtrack. So the sound at your phone, for example, was recording to maybe delete that. Put that down to zero if you don't want to have that individual in any way, Um, or just to balance it out that it made that. It just sounds good. Filters are the same way as I talked about earlier. Eso it's just you just have the same options again. Um, yeah, not much to say there. And if you're finished doing this, then you can just click on the next button. Um, which then enables you to go to the last page that you do get to. This way, you can add your video description. You can add hashtag. You can tag friends in your video description. You can also said, who is able to see your posts. So if the post is public, or if it's only for friends only for you you can set that right here. Um, you can also say if you want to allow comments if you want to allow dress and reactions to your to your content, and if you want to save the video to your album, also, you can add a cover for your for your post eso you can. You could choose what kind of scene inside your post you want to be your cover This is what people will see when they are on your profile and there scrolling through your feed thistles the kind of video segment that you will be able to see and what what? They will get the first impression to try to choose something that looks enticing. It looks good. You can now just share the post video also to WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. You can save it to your drafts or you couldn't directly posted on the platform. 16. Case study: How Anna from @annasjournal produces her TikTok videos: to better illustrate how this would work. In a real life example, I've got my girlfriend, Anna here, who has been creating take talks for a while now, and she's gonna tell you how she goes about her Tic Tac video creation process. Okay, so for filming my take talks, my first step is always to find inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram or YouTube. And then I just noted down into a document where all my content ideas are. And once I have a good idea, I just added to my weekly plan that I do. Every Sunday before I start filming, I set up my tripod and an attractive background that's a little bit back, better looking than my desk. And then I just start, fill me and drawing. Once I'm done done filming, I just drop all my files to my computer because I edit on my computer, but you just do it on your phone if you want to. I insert the files into Premier Rush, which is the program I used to edit, and then I just do, um, small edits, like cutting out my hands or something. And once the videos about 15 to 25 seconds I imported and exported, and then I thought, Drop it back to my phone So the next step would be to import the video into a tick talk. And then I add a filter and music, which is just better, more attractive for my techno followers than I add a caption. And I will always ask a question in the capture so my followers can engage more and I can interact with them. So I just add to the three Hashtags. So my post, my caption is not too cluttered, and then I added to my drafts or posted immediately. 17. Creating a content plan: usually filming a tic Tac video won't take you that much time. But if you want to stay consistent, and if you publish a video every day, and even if you maybe share the TIC Tac proper between several people that produce content , it can get messy really quick. So having kind of organization structure and the content calendar content plan can really help you out. A lot will also help you in not forgetting when some kind of major major holidays arrive. It's like Christmas or other. Holy is Halloween that you can use in your marketing efforts that you can kind of including your videos to do really time specific marketing on TIC tac. Also, it will definitely help you out in the long run. It will save you time. And creating content on a daily basis gets way easier if you have a good structure to support it. One way that you can do this is by planning out your months in advance. So if you have a bigger team, for example, if there's multiple people working on tick talk on addictive account, then that might be a good idea to really have a content plan for the coming month. That might be too ambitious for just the lonely, like a solo entrepreneur or one market at running the car over himself. But if you have a bigger team or mawr things that you have to look out for, then that definitely will be a good idea. When you do this, I would recommend using something like a Google calendar specific Google calendar or some other sort of media marketing on content planning, tool like co schedule, etcetera, loads of them out there. You can even use trail oh, or notion for this. And what do you want to do is to plan out different videos for each day s So you want to plan out all of the videos that you're going to post? You could even put in like themed weeks off the months, even where you just talk about a specific topic on. But your stew is. You look at the Canada and see if there's any major events coming up something like, for example, as we told earlier Christmas or Halloween or Thanksgiving, where you can create content around that holiday. Also, you can look for seasonal content. Continents centered around the theme of winter or summer something like this senator on a specific sport or something that just is, it has to be addressed in a timely fashion because it doesn't just not relevant anymore. But you, and then do is create a weekly Canada. Out of that, that's a weekly content plan, which is where you assigned a specific post to every day of the week on. Do you plan it out in advance? Just t keep your things a bit more organized. Our documented do this not on Sunday for the coming week, but more like in the middle of the previous week. Just so you have a bit of a bit of a buffer between those those weeks that you don't get into time Trouble because you haven't got time on Sunday, for example. So just keep keep your schedule, create your schedule ahead of time so that you don't get a under time pressure. You can do this either three old fashioned way with pen and paper. If you have a notebook, for example, that you use on that you keep by aside old time you use that what I would do and what I would recommend Eyes using something like again trail Oh, a notion or ever knowed, because it just is cross cross platform cross device, and you can access it from any any device that you're on. One thing to note, though, is that you should leave room for viral videos or really hot topics that come up during your week during the month, because then it makes sense to react to them instantly. So what I would then do is just moved the post that you originally planned for that day and do something else, and you move that post to maybe the next week or one of the following weeks. 18. Everything you need to know about TikTok hashtags: in this video, you're gonna learn everything about Hashtags on tic Tac Hashtags are used and take back the same way as they are used on. For example, Instagram or Twitter there used to categorize content around specific topics. Interests, context, etcetera. On day I used by the users Teoh find posts and content they're interested in and kind of to build communities. Also, they could be used to create thes hashtag challenges that we talked about earlier. So the challenges that make up the heart of Take Chuck's culture they usually center around one hashtag. Which thing? It's used by all of the participants to kind of a group that content to get into form this challenge somehow stocks that you might see quite often on Tic tac are the hashtag for you page hash hashtag f y p hashtag for your veg, all those kind of hashtags there used by so many people because there are rumors that they might help you get on the for you page. Which is, of course, everyone's golden Tic tac. But there's no real evidence that, actually is the case, since everybody uses them. There is a lot of attention on these Hashtags. There's around 700 billion views on the hashtag f Y P at this point in time, but since so many people use it, it's not really it doesn't give you much because it doesn't help you in any way. If you can't get to the top a couple of videos for the hashtag that's really, really hard. So in my opinion, there's no no point in using them for your posts. A much better way to use Hashtags is to actually describe what your content is about. So use hashtags that really tell the users and tell tick talk. What's your video is is talking about what kind of content context it has. For example, if you if it's a cooking video and if you're kind of like cooking, telling pastor, for example, you could use the hashtag cooking, hashtag Italian past or whatever. Just hashtag is that really describe what you're doing in the in the video to allow other users to find you through that hashtag if they're interested in these topics. One difference that you have with hashtag concerning take talk versus Instagram is that on take talk, he wouldn't go ahead and use as many Hashtags as on instagram thes hashtag stuffing kind of techniques that you will see an insurgent pose where they just post 30 hashtag is in there . Comments. That's something you wouldn't do in Tic Tac, because the space is pretty limited on your post. Andi everything that you yeah, including your post there on take talk will just look really cluttered and stuffed. And therefore, I wouldn't recommend using more than 23 hashtags that really describe the content of your video. You kind of you can, of course, use more than that. There's no real limit to the amount of cash checks that you can use. But what is limited is the amount of character characters that you can use for your description for your video description. That's limited to 150 characters, so you can kind of test out and see how many after you can fit in. But as as I said, I personally wouldn't recommend using more than 2 to 3 hashtag, maybe four, maybe five, but that's the maximum that I would recommend. What makes Hashtags on Tic Tac? Also unique is the way that they are used for contests and communities and for challenges so you can create a challenge around a tic tac hashtag. That's even an option for paid paid version of that for for big corporations and companies , then usually you would have kind of a challenge that uses faced this hashtag for kind of the entries, everybody who will enter and participate. The challenge were used that hashtag in the content on this way you can really drive user engagement, create user generated content for your brand, and therefore, I highly recommend you try out creating like a branded hashtag for yourself, some kind of challenges, you know, regular basis with your followers to drive traffic and to grow your account. One brand that used this hashtag challenge in combination with real challenge they call the in my denim challenge was, I guess, the fashion brand. They greatest in my denim challenge to promote their new collection and what they did. What, like the content of challenge, was to show off your favorite look in your denims to kind of do a transitions uses that participated would do transition from like bad looking, quote unquote outfit to outfit that looked really good where they were there. The Germans that denims, and this was also supported by influences. So they created videos to get influences to promote the challenge. Andi was a huge secure access, generated more than 40 million views in total for the brand, um, and raised a lot of friend awareness for guests. If you want to read more about this challenge and see the detailed statistics about how it worked and what the results were, we're gonna link the official tick talk case study in the description below links below. So to conclude, hashtags are and will be, in the future, a big part off the tic tac community. Andi, I see a huge chance in establishing tic tac community with a challenge that you do for your for your followers, with your followers, trying to make that big and trying to generate a lot of use, a user interaction and engagement from that kind of challenge using hashtag 19. Collaborations with other creators on TikTok: one of the easiest and most always ways to generate followers and reach on. Take talk is by doing collaborations with our influences and other content creators on the platform. This can be done in a pretty similar fashion to, for example, on instagram or YouTube by you just posting videos or content with each other each other and just complimenting each other to benefit from each other's reach and followers. There's also other ways you can collaborate, which are not as easy to do, but they can have an even bigger impact. For example, if you both or if you're in the group off influences, just create some kind of challenge for each other. Um, which then leads to the followers of everybody just going through all the other accounts that have participating in the challenge and following you for each other and just growing the reach of all the participants off the challenge. Another easy way you can do this is by creating multiple parts. Siri's where you post one part of the series on your account, for example, and then the second part on the account of some other creator influence on tech talk. And then you just both linked to each other. You can say in the video Part two will be on this and that person's tick tick account, which it needs to people going there and looking at their content as well. Maybe following them, even even, and just creates beneficial situation for both of you. One more way you could do this is by by collaborating on big projects like the elephant toothpaste video that we saw earlier, where lots of big influences just put all the resources together to create that one really stunning and viral video that gain over 200 million views. The best example on take talk for doing these kinds of collaborations is high powers. It's, ah, collective off big Tic Tac influences that even live in the same house together so that they can more easily collaborate on videos. And they regularly post videos together to grow together and just to benefit from each other's followers. Together, all the inhabitants off the high powers have more than 150 million followers, and just a TIC TAC account off their house has more than eight million followers as well. They told in an interview that they said in an interview that they also produce more than 150 videos per day. Eso You can imagine what kind of affect his collaborations have on their following on their reach. Okay, so how can you now go about creating these kinds of relationships and doing these kinds of collaborations one of the easiest way it would be to just directly challenge someone to participate in your challenge. For example, if you have some kind of challenge going on with your community with your following followers, it would be easy idea just to tag someone and, like, kind of tell them to participative to interested if they on the same Nisha's you are. Another way you could do this is by setting them a direct message, which users usually doesn't work that well and take talk so I would do it this way. I would go on instagram and try to direct message him there or trying out to trying to find out that email address to contact them that way. Some things that you should keep in mind, though, is that these kind of collaborations have to be mutually beneficial for both parties. So if you have just 50 followers on take time. You're not going to get someone with 100,000 or like a 1,000,000 followers to do a collaboration with you, especially not unpaid one. Therefore kind of look for other creators that are on the same level or just a bit higher than you in terms of followers and engagement on views, so that it really benefits both of you. Also, when contacting them, try to make clear what they will get from the collaboration, what benefits they have in collaborating with you. You can help them out with something. Maybe you have more reach than them, so they will benefit from your average. Just make sure that they will get actual benefits from the collaboration that will make it much, much easier for you to find counts that will actually want to do a collaboration with you. 20. Giveaways on TikTok: another great way of generating user engagement and views on take talk is by doing giveaways or contests. Things can be obviously a page kind of traffic source as well. But you can also give away some kind of service that you offer to make it more for free offer free giveaway where you just give away your time, not anything. That's what it costs you actual money. When doing your give away and take talk, you should adhere to some basic rules for giveaways and contests. The first thing that you you should definitely do is create a unique hashtag for the contest for challenge. So, for example, if you give away something of to use us, that that kind of do a specific challenge for the best entry for some kind of challenge that that you get what you do create a hashtag for that. So what do you see? How many people actually entered the challenge? How many people actually participated in the contest giveaway? Whatever you can really track, how effective your your contest giveaway is also, some things that you should definitely take care of some basic rules for your for your contest. So for example, what do you have to do to enter your contest? Also, you'll have to think about who can actually participate in your contest. So if you are giving away something that wouldn't be appropriate to the younger kind of audience off yours, you have to kind of define it in your rules that you aren't allowed to enter if you're under the age of 18 or 21 or whatever. Also, you should tell your users if you're contest. Giveaway is sponsored by certain corporation certain brand, because that can get you into into legal issues if you don't disclaimed that before you do the contest. One more thing that's really important is that you do the challenge, a contest that give away where users don't have to use copyrighted materials to complete the challenge, because that as well I can get you into serious legal legal issues. So look out for that, then two more things that are really important. First of all, choose a good price. So choose a price or kind of a thing that you give away that really is valued by your audience, that people who follow you really want to want to get one to win, because if you give away something that nobody wants, that nobody's gonna participate in your challenge in your context. Contest on That's not what you want. Also, choose a good kind of length for the time that you run your contest. I wouldn't do more than seven days if it's really, like a complicated thing. Maybe do 30 days, but usually a week will will do the job on Also, choose something that's not too hard to do. So if you choose something that's really, really hard to do, nobody's gonna participate. She's having. That's not too easy. Not to basic, but not too hot, either. You'll have to find the right bones there to make a contest. Not too easy, but not too hot, either. One example off someone who did this really successfully is detective user Dominic Gitana, who did a give away where he gave away a pair of Apple airports. Ondas Post really took off and gained huge amounts of followers because that give away to participate in the challenge, you had to like the Post. You had to tag five friends in the comments, and you also had to follow him on Instagram. His post now has more than 200,000 likes more than 14,000 comments and over 1000 shares. You could really see what impact this giveaway head on his following on instagram as when you look at the statistics in September. So the month before he did the give away, he only got 1000 new followers on Instagram, while in the month after they give away, he got 7000 new followers on Instagram. So you really see that there's like a huge impact, this giveaway hat on his following an incident. Therefore, using these kinds of giveaways for cross promotion is also really good idea to also grow your INSTAGRAM account or YouTube following. By doing these kinds kinds of challenges, that's it. I think this is one of the easiest ways to get really big amounts of reach. Um, you might might have to put some money in, but you can also find ways to to get around that and to do it for free. But it will either way have a really big impact on your following on. Take talk 21. Community interaction: to sum it up. What you need to do to build up a genuine real community on tick talk is to constantly engage with your followers, for example, by commenting on other creators posts that are in your need niche, or that are related to your kind of topics that you talk about. That you post about what you really have to keep in mind, though, is that these have to be genuine and that these have to be really they can't be just like I like your posts like these standard kind of instagram spam comments, because you really you can see that when the commoners re genuine and somebody really likes your post. And if it's just some kind of spam comment to get more engagement for themselves. So try to just get distinguish between those and try not to fall into the category off these spam comments. Another thing that you can do is asking and answering questions on these posts by other creators. Ammunition be helpful, be engaging and kind of just help us out to kind of build up your reputation in your niche as being someone who yes, is helpful and nice person to talk to just a good person in general. Also, ask questions in your posts. This will help you engage with your audience. Biltmore. You'll get more comments. You'll learn more about your audience. You see what they like, what they don't like. The preferences are on but just makes for a much better community feeling when you do this . Also try to answer any comments that you get so that uses really know that you care about them, that you really take your time to answer them on day just to engage with them to chat with them because that really built of that community and trust as well. The next step, then, would be to build a routine out of that. So to constantly daily answer any questions that you got on your posts to regularly comment on other people's posts. Answering questions. Just engage with community talking to others in your in your niche in your kind of fear contents, fear on bond being engaging, and that will hugely impact how you are. You, how you and your brand are perceived on Tic tac 22. Shoutouts & paid promotions: of course you can. You also use take talk to do pay promotions for you, ticked up account or even your website, the other social media profiles. But it works in a somewhat different, different way. Then they would work on Instagram because there's no way to add an external link to your TIC tac profile yet. Eso you wouldn't be able to really promote, for example, a website or some kind of products that you sell through other influences on tic Tac. What you can do, though, is you can kind of get like a shadow from them where they tag you in their posts, or whether you kind of create content together and they lead back to you to your account. After that, you get followers and views from that. This can be done either as a duet where some kind of content creditor influencer reacts to your video for kind of put this own twist on the video you created originally on, then you are. You will automatically be tagged below that, meaning that people can access your account your profile from the content creators video following you and liking your posts. Interaction of your profile on and so on. Also, you can do this as kind of like a collaboration where you both create content together on. Then the influence are posted on his profile again, linking back to your profile that you had traffic from that. You have to keep in mind, though, that TIC Tac views aren't as valuable as, for example, using instagram or on YouTube. Because these take talk users see so much content within any given day theme attention day they give to your post. Specifically, it's not that valuable. Not that much. So make sure that you don't over pay for take talk, shout outs and TIC tac collaborations a good way. You can kind of estimate how much you would have to pay for the shadowed by any given influencer is by using the Tic Tac money calculator. It's a tool that gives you an estimate for how much you should or have to pay for a shadow of any given influencer. So how it works is you just put in your your user user name. You put in your user name off the person that you're trying to get a shot from trying to buy a shot from and based on the kind of followers he has based on the interaction rate based on how many posts he has and how many lives he has. The tool will calculate Annette estimate for how much you should have to pay for a shadow from that influencer. When it comes to this. What you also have to look out for is that engagement is always more valuable than theme amount of followers that someone has. So just because someone has loads of followers doesn't mean that it would be a good option for you to buy a shoutout from that more promotion due a promotion with them. So look for Thedc kind of the engagement rate. Look at how Maney Collins the poster getting Look at how many shares post getting and how many likes because that's the way better indicator off success and Web It better indicator kind of thean fluency A is doing something right. Also, when it comes to take talk money calculator tool that I just showed you keep in mind that that's just a rough estimate. So depending on the kind of contended that you do the kind of niche kind of target demographic that you have, you can easily add up to between 50 and 100% on top of the price that you get from the tool to get um, or more realistic estimate. If you're looking to do a big influence compared with lots of influences, influences, it might be a good idea to look at platforms like New Reach. Affluence. All the TIC Tac own tick talk in France are marketing hub to find inference. Planters that are suited for your purposes if you just want to buy shadowed for maybe one or two. Creators just asked him for a rough estimate of how much they would want to Teoh earn from a from a sponsor a post. And then you can go on and negotiate from there. Easy ways to find accounts that are suited for your inference. A marketing needs would be to look for the most popular hashtags in your kind of target market on see who is dominating those Hashtags gift Like a couple of people that are consistently in the top spots for these hashtags, try to reach out to them. Also, if you three other accounts that I consistently getting a good amount of views. That's also an indicator for someone who might be a well suited for your influence. A marketing campaign. All in all, doing, paid Charlotte is not something that you I need right now to really grow on Tic Tac. It's meant to be more for supplement to the organic traffic that you can get from Tic Tac. It's not for everybody. Big companies do it, and it works out for them. Well, also, there's not that many ads on TIC Tac right now, so it's still there's still a lot of attention that you can get, and you can even reach even more people if you do adds together with your normal organic content. So just just keep that in mind and try to figure out if doing repaid shout outs of paid campaigns is the right thing for you. 23. TikTok Ads & the TikTok creator marketplace: another good option for paid promotion on take Talk is using, TIC TAC adds. This isn't accessible to anybody. It's an invite only system, and you have to pay pay a lot of money to really be invited to be really, really be considered eso. This isn't a viable option for many people, but they are planning on implementing a self booking platform similar to Google and Facebook, where you can easily book adds yourself on a bidding system, as I said, similar to Google and Facebook, which makes it easy for anybody to invest just the amount of money that they can afford. This could be a big chance for people. They're willing to spend some money on ads because usually when platforms like this start, the ad costs are considerably lower than on the already established platforms like Facebook and Google. And therefore, if you know about this and if you get into it early, when this comes out, you can really leverage that for for your for your purposes, for your business, a success. Even though these ads are available to any business right now, we already know the ad formats that you can purchase on TIC TAC, the 1st 1 being the top U, which takes talk called the Prime Real Estate. On tick talk, you get up to 60 seconds of video that has sound on and also played so everybody watches it and nobody has to click. Click on it to watch. And it's really distraction free viewing that gets users to interact with your ads and to click through to your profile oil website. Then there's also the brand takeover adds. These are 3 to 5 seconds long, and you can use an animation or just a normal video for those, and you also get really destruction. Reviewing the people can interact with your of your video and click through to your website or you take the profile. Then there's also the in feed ads, which, as the name suggests, appear in your feed. They can also be up 60 seconds long, and users will be able to interact with them, meaning they can comment on the yeah, they can share them. They can like them on day also can click through to your to your profile, just like with any other normal post that I would see on there for you. Page one of the format that's really specific to take talk is the branded hashtag. This way you can choose a hashtag that then will be at the center off, maybe a challenge that you do on this. This could be combined with purchasing guided guided campaigns by form. Take talk so you can get guidance from take talk and how you best optimized your challenge for maximum engagement. How you could drive the most amount of user generated content and you can also combine this with campaigns by influences where influence would kind of promote thes hashtag challenges to drive more traffic to your website to your profile on just growing following in general , The next kind of ad format that there is is the Brennan Effect, which is similar to to Snapchat, where you couldn't kind of create the fact that people can use on their posts. Things will be done by the TIC tac team themselves, so therefore it can get quite expensive. But it can also be really, really effective for your company because it's fun and engaging. People like to use nice looking effects on the videos. Another tool that Tic Tac gives you is the take talk. Creator Marketplace This is a tic tac own tool that they created for you to find influences that are suited for influence of marketing campaigns. So you can register their and then you can, such for influences that are in your niche, that are relevant for your campaigns. And then they will get approached by take took themselves. This is a swell on invite only platform, but it might be really effective for you in the future, and they might make it open to the public s. So just keep that in mind and check back at a later date to see if that might be of interest to you. 24. Advertising campaigns: putting all of these components together, you get a full blown advertising campaign. He's only relevant for large companies that can afford huge ad budgets. But you can still learn a lot from these advertising campaigns because they have been quite a lot that have really blown up and that really generate a lot of traffic, a lot of value for the brands that did them. Such an advertising campaign would consist off a contest that he would do so just like a challenge and then take talk adds that to complement that and also take a look influence that campaigns to promote these kinds of challenges. To gain more reach, to get more traffic and to get more users to participate in them. This can really have a huge impact on the company. And even if you can't afford such a huge scale campaign, maybe it would be easy for easier for you are possible for you to find micro influences in your niche to do something that has a similar style. But just not with that much of a budget behind it. Instead of ah official Brandon hashtag challenge that cost you money, you can just do like an unbranded one, which literally does the same things for you but just saved a huge amount of costs if you don't have the facilities. And the resource is for that. One of the most significant advertising campaigns was done by Mac cosmetics. It was one of the most popular advertising campaigns on tick talk to date. It was lodged during the New York Fashion Week. The challenge was called You Own It on its kind of purpose was to challenge uses on tick talk to show show their their weaknesses, their bad sides to show diversity, to show, maybe things that they are insecure off. And just to spread over a positive message on tic tac, um, kind of a stark contrast to what you would have on Instagram. It's really this'll perfect world Andi kind of to work against that on tic tac to get the challenge kickstarted. They also cooperated with many big influences from Mexico and the U. S. In order to promote their challenge once when it was not that popular to kind of get it off the ground, the campaign was a huge success, generating more than 2.6 billion views to this date. Onda generally a lot of engagement and brand awareness for Mac in the result 25. Monetization situation: Now we're gonna have a look at some of the ways that you could use. Take talk to Dr States for your company or to directly make money, for example, by doing sponsored posts for other brands. As you heard by now, it's not possible at the moment to include outgoing link to your website or kind of your other social media platforms besides Instagram and YouTube to your profile. But Tic Tac is testing this feature with big brand accounts like Chipotle, for example, so this might be an option later. It might be a future that implement for everybody, or it will be something that's a paid version. We don't know that yet, but I think that is definitely going to be an update. I really think that they will include this as a free future for everybody. But since it's not there right now, the best way to use take talk to help out your company is really to just raise your overall brand of awareness and to grow your instagram and YouTube profile with it, where you can more easily really convert your followers into into sales for your company. Also, if you're trying to use take talk to become an influence of yourself. Making promotions for other companies are really focused on growth at this point and not worry too much about actually monetizing your account. You can always do that. Let that later. But it always kind of decreases your trust, that trust and your followers having you if you start doing adds more regularly, eso keep it, keep it to a minimum or don't even started until you really have to. Until artery, we've reached like a higher milestone because it kind of hinders the growth and the trust that your followers having you. 26. Using TikTok for cross-platform growth: as you've heard by now, the best way for you to benefit from your tic tac following and growth is to try to use it to grow your YouTube and instagram growth as well, because these platforms just allow for easier conversion. And therefore, in this video we'll discover some of the techniques that you could use some of the strategies that you could use to increase the amount of people that go from your tic tac account to follow you on instagram as well or on YouTube. One of the most important things is that you give your followers value on every platform. So don't just copy the content that you post on Instagram to take Talk to Facebook Pinterest on YouTube etcetera because that just there's no incentive for people to follow you on these platforms if they see the continent ready on tic tac. Since producing really completely different content for each platform, eyes kind of unrealistic when you have to do that all the time and every day. What kind of the compromise would be is to change up the format a bit. So, for example, you post the short version off your content on tick talk. Then you do like a mawr longer version that goes into a bit more detail on Instagram and, for example, you could do really long and really in depth were working off a content on YouTube. Another great way to drive traffic. Frantic talk to Instagram and YouTube is to do multiparty content where you post one part of your content on TIC Tac and then the other part on either YouTube or Instagram to incentivize people to. I follow you on Instagram and to check out your instagram profile as well. It's a huge profile. The best kind of where you could do this is by building up intestine anticipation. On Tic Tac, for example, you shows the set up off some kind of experiment or challenge or whatever on TIC tac, and then you reveal the the final result on instagram or YouTube to really given incentive for people to follow you there. Another great way is to do multi platform giveaways. As we discussed earlier, where you kind of incident, you tell people to follow you on Instagram in order to participate in a certain giveaway or contest. Um, you have to be careful, though, because this might end up a result in people following you just because of the give away. And you might get some dead followers, which then will not engage with your posts from there are no well on follow you after you finished your giveaway. Eso just be aware of that. But usually you will still benefit greatly from these kinds of multi part kind of multi platform giveaways. You can also directly promote your instagram or YouTube account in your tic tac post from time to time. Maybe you can find a creative way off just implementing that into your videos content all you just right into the post description. Either way, this can also be effective in getting people to follow you on the other platforms. A really good example of this is a popular TIC TAC creator Challenge Emilio, which is one of the passes growing accounts picked up right now. Her can't blew up in the middle of last year. Andi she is gaining and seeing huge results on the other platforms is work. This just shows that building up a huge tic Tac following will definitely impact your other social profiles as well and build up your audiences and your followings on these platforms together with you in your tic tac presence. For example, on YouTube, she has achieved more than Mandarin 1000 followers by only posting What One video, Um, on Instagram. She has 6.5 million followers, and on Twitter, she also has 3 20,000 followers, which is quite low compared to the other platforms. But considering that you can't even link from talk to Twitter, that's still quite a good result. So it definitely shows how this could really benefit your overall social presence. 27. Earning money as an influencer: If you want to monetize your tic tac following right now, the best way to do this is by earning money as an influencer the most always way they're being to get money for paid promotions. Eso by promoting other brands, products or other tic Tac accounts from brands in your posts promoting hashtag challenges. Andi these can you quite a lot of money, even if you don't have millions of followers. If you have the right niche When it comes to this, it's the same as on any other platform as well. If you do more genetic content like comedy or dancing, then you're not gonna get as much money as if you do something that's really specific. Really has a target audience where you can really sell specific products to them, so keep that in mind. But one way of kind of guessing how much estimating how much you could potentially earn the same as the other way around? By using the talk money calculator, you could just put in your your handle, your user name, and it will tell you a rough estimate of what you might be able to earn per post again. This is only a rough estimate. So if you live in the U. S or in Europe will usually be able to earn a lot more with your posts. A good example for this is the latest Super Bowl ad with Charlie familiar with the influence that we just talked about. She appeared in the Super Bowl ad for several Hamas, which is Hummers and Dip company Andi. Some sources say that she earned between 200 to 500,000 west dollars for this shot at In the ad. She appeared amongst other A list celebrities which really show the shows the impact that Tic Tac has on society right now just deposited to her Instagram and her tic tac account. Um, and it definitely paid off for her. Another thing that you could do is sell your own products or merchandise. For example. This is something that doesn't work that well since again. You can't really include outgoing links from tic tac. Thats might work for you if you have a really, really large audience. But until you will be able to link out to your website or to your online shop thistle still not being a viable option for many people. Also, you can earn money doing life streams on. Take talk This again is something that, first of all, it depends on the kind of audience that you have, the kind of common that you create. Usually, you won't get that much money if you have. If you don't have, like, a really, really large following. Because many of the followers still are pretty young, they aren't able to purchase these tic tac coins themselves. So you'll only really get money if you have an audience met. More people are 18 or older. Eso Usually this won't be a too good, too good of an option for you either. But if you want to make some money on inside and you have a decent size following, this might be an option for you. The last thing that I've seen quite a lot recently is people doing affiliate marketing on Tic Tac trying to do affiliate marketing, take talks again, something that doesn't work that well now because you can have the outgoing link. Therefore, if you want to try that, I recommend only doing affiliate programs that allow you to get money for a coupon code that somebody enters because otherwise nobody is going to enter your affiliate link of such bar, and you want to make any money Eso again, not the optimal fit for tic tac, but it might be a really viable option once you can include link in your TIC tac profile. I want to mention again, though, that I really would recommend you to stay add free for as long as possible. Doing ads will always kind of harm your your relationship to your followers in some way. As you know, there are still not that many ads on tick talk. So if you are the only one that's advertising, people are going to stop looking at your content because they find other people that do content without advertising their own products and their own services and other services or other companies. 28. Case study @annasjournal: More than 18k followers in less than 6 weeks on TikTok: Now we're going to take an in depth look at some of the more successful Tic Tac profiles. We go behind the scenes and see how the TIC Tac Council set up how the videos perform, which videos perform best in how we optimize them for even better performance. The 1st 1 is going to be my girlfriend, Anna, that we talked about earlier as well. She created account about bullet journaling lettering in early January on She's already achieved more than 18,000 followers, 1.5 million video views and more than 200,000 likes on her videos. Her target audience are especially young females that are into into creative credit endeavors into lettering, into drawing into organizing, organizing themselves in like a mawr individual way, not just following a planet that's already done but kind of creating their own system to express themselves and to yeah, just kind of get creative. The content concept that Anna worked out for her account includes videos showcasing her own bullet journal but also giving tips and tricks and also challenging her followers to be challenges with her. She does tutorials and some kind of they're controlled, so small images off off items that you can include in your in your bullet journal pages. Andi several different other kinds of content formats that fit this kind of tired audience to improve the performance of her posts. She posts on a daily basis, and she also tries to keep a posts to maximum length of 30 seconds at three recommended earlier. Now we'll have a look at some of her more successful videos that have really gotten more than 100,000 views or even the best deal. You getting more than 50,000 views, the 1st 1 being a video where she showed her followers how to draw light bulbs in a way that you can easily use them within your bullet journal to decorate your pages. Andi, this video really got successful was her most successful video to date. The video is short, so it's 25 seconds long. Not too short, too, so you can really fit in what you're trying to get across and also what makes it really prime. Prime for success is that you instantly see the end result. So when her followers see the post, but they directly see the end result, they of course, want to know how they get their how they can achieve the same effect, and therefore many of them watch the video on really, really push up the watch time, the average watch time. She then used the hashtag Bullet Hashtag Bullet journal and Hashtag Doodle, which both described the contents off a video, letting users find her content. Foodies hashtag this world where she ranks as one of the top videos in Germany as well. But at least in Germany, she's always amongst the top video creators in this space. So when you look at the statistics to see that The Post got more than 85,000 likes more than 200 comments and almost 3750 shares. In total, the playtime was 1662 hours, which adds up to approximately 67 days. So that's also quite impressive, and the total amount of use was infinite. 80,000. The average watch time was at 16 seconds, which is ah, a lot higher, and we would use usually see our average from from our experiences at 10 to 12 seconds, while shorter videos that are only 10 to 12 seconds long 10 to 15 seconds long would be at around 8 to 9 seconds. Eso that's really high and you really see that the followers, the users engaged with this port postmodern they would with other posts. When you look at the traffic sources, you see that 98% off the traffic came from the for you page and only 6% from the personal profile or the following tab, meaning that most of people that watch the video didn't know her account before that. They didn't follow her before that, Um and this is the ratio that you would expect to see for a video that went viral like this . Also, in total, the video reached almost 20,000 people. And you see, the territories are Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with 85 8 and 5% which is also really normal. Because the content is usually posted in German eso. Only people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will see them. There are several things that you can learn from this video. First of all, keep you up videos short, shorter videos generally performed better on tic tac. You get higher completion ratio, and that just makes the video better in the eyes of the algorithm. Also showing the users through the impressive and result in the beginning of your videos can be really good. Sometimes it might make more sense to really teased them into watching the video to the end and then showing them to use the results to make it even more engaging. But both kind of method methods can work when he really well. So now, looking at the con statistics, you can see that she's amassed more than 1.5 million views within the last 28 days off them being 1 600,000 within the last seven days. As you can see, they are not that evenly spread out. So on some days she has turned 1000 views arm or on some days she has just 20,000 views. As you can see here, um, this is just because sometimes videos go viral dated loads, one of loads, views and just lots of using this small amount of time. While in other days you don't have that much viral content or kind of that's still generating views for you, so you just have these lows and highs all the time. Same goes for followers or for new followers. This way. You see here all the policy gained. And within the last 28 days, she had two major spikes right here where she gained 2000 followers and 2.7000 followers. And then here, where she gained 2000 followers as well. Both because of Peters have been Really Why were down here? You can see the profile views. She got more than 32,000 within the last 28 days. And in the last seven days, she got almost 12,000. Well, they again explode really unevenly again. Do do these viral videos. Hey, you can see the post that she posted in the last seven days. You can see that there are seven posts. So she posted one each day. And, um, there you can see the differences in the in the amount of use they got ranging from just 7000 views to up to 200,000 views. So you'll always have these kind of France's there. Right down here. You can see the training videos sort of videos that got lots of use in the last seven days . Um, one of the more interesting one of them is the 2nd 1 thing didn't get any views in the video in the week that it was posted in that it was possible two weeks ago, and now it's randomly getting traction again. Which is a good example for the phenomenon that we discussed in the really early video. This course called the Delayed Explosion. The other videos, like the light bulb video that we talked about earlier, were posted three or four weeks ago, is well, and they were just so popular date that they still bring in significant amounts of views through the profile and therefore still add up to still gain the account. More followers, more region general. So you can really? If you get some posts that to really go viral, they will help you out long term as well. Now, looking at the followers tab, you can see that she gained almost 5500 followers within the last seven days. And when you look at the agenda, you see that this really fits her target audience because Target owns are young females and her audience is made up off 79% females in only 3% males. Her top territories are Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which also makes perfect sense since she posts her video in German. She speaks German, and therefore the video only gets shown to people that are in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Now what's really interesting is the follow activity. This is where you see when the best post time is for your posts. So if you click on the hours tab, um, you'll see that on days on normal weekdays, you usually have Ah, um, the same kind of set up the same kind of spread, which is where, in the early mornings at, like 5 to 6 to seven pay P m am that there's a spike in activity because people get up, they go to school on day, check their phone before you do that. Then the engagement drops off before it picks up again. In the afternoon, Thin stays pretty consistent peaks at around 6 to 7 p.m. And then drops down again because the people that the followers off her account of pretty young meaning they have to go to bed pretty early. A Zaken see here the engagement and drops down after around 7 p.m. 98 and 9 p.m. And after that it's pretty much dead. So yeah, therefore, we figured out that the best post time for her is around 2 p.m. In the afternoon because then she can take advantage off the whole day full of engagement. That's ahead of her. And she posted a time where the amount of engagement is already pretty high. Now, how can you monetize such an account for her? We figured out that it would be the best option to paid advertisements and sponsorships for companies that produce products that would be used by people doing these kinds of bullet journals, meaning pen and pencil manufacturers. The companies that produce these bullet journals also, office supplies or other kind of creative companies that produce goods for these kind of creative creative endeavors would be really good fit for her account. You could easily implement these kinds of products into the videos into to pull the journaling videos by, for example, using branded pens and pencils by using bullet shells from a specific company, andan advertising them s Oh, this could be really well integrated without being this really aggressive ad. You could do this for a single post, or you could try to sign an advertising contract with the company to get a specific amount of money per month or per year to have more of a safety on DTA be kind of permanently sponsored by them. 29. Case study @gymshark: Huge success through early adoption & great influencer marketing: Now we're going to have a look at some of the bigger businesses that use tick talk successfully for their business. 1st 1 being Jim Shark, which is a mid to high end fashion and fitness brand. The company was founded seven years ago by then 19 year old Ben Francis. Andi has been one of the companies that really, really profited from the rise off social media and social media marketing. They came in at the perfect time and were able to build up a huge following, especially on Instagram, where they have 3.9 million followers. This is what helped them become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, making more than $3 million in revenue last year, saying more than 11 million products. Much of their success can be attributed to social media marketing. They are almost always amongst the first brands to adopt the new social media platform when he comes around starting to post on tick talk. Azari. As of April of 2018 when he was still musically, they also do really smart influence of marketing because they have their own team off brand ambassadors that continually post content and create content for the brand and promote the brand on their own in Kansas. Well, their product is perfectly made for Tic Tac, since it's a consumer facing product on its target, mostly at generation. Why, but also the up and coming generations that which also is really into fashion. Andi, also many teenagers in the age that are using tech talk, aspired to go to the gym and to train themselves to be athletic s. So it's really a really good fit for Tic Tac. Their content concept really reflects that as well, since there kind of a gym, clothing, prayer brand sports clothing brand most of their their content revolt account around going to the gym. But also they include many other sports, since they've expanded from this only Jim focused brand to Marvel Sports brand in general, trying to compete with the likes of Nike and editors on their accounts. They post workout years. But they also posed kind of funny skits that are mostly funny to people that actually go to the gym or do lots of sports. But it really fits their target audience. Andi also just do generally stunning content around sports, which is a topic that's really, really popular, take talk and again really well suited for the platform. And as mentioned earlier, much of the content is created by the influences that paid by them that they sponsor, making it really easy for them to post consistently. They post up to three times a day and making it so that they don't have to worry that much about quitting content themselves. Since most of the content creation process is taken care of by the individual influences. One of the most popular videos is a video showing one of the athletes well, they're more popular athletes doing a flip and then tackling a full grown man, something that you don't quite see every day and therefore of the perfect viral video for Tic Tac. Videos like this always perform really good, and therefore this video got more than 40 million views and more than 1.4 million likes. Since Jim Shark is a leader in this space and the leader, when it comes to a good social media marketing and good influence or marketing, there's a lot you can learn from them. First of all, during good inference of marketing, can be really, really effective for your brand for your company. If you find the right influences to do campaigns with this could massively boost the reach that you get on tick talk and also on other platforms. Also, try to be an earlier doctor and just try things out. Get started now. They were successful. They are successful on tic tac because they were were bold enough to get started when it wasn't quite sure if the platform was actually gonna work out. It was actually going to stay around because back in 2018 Tic Tac didn't even exist yet. But detective that we know today. But they still went ahead and started publishing content, and now they got 1.4 million followers on their account with other brands like Nike and Adidas. Don't have any followers yet. They haven't even started posting eso. They are missing out on a huge chance to reach the target audience. Another thing that they do really well is being consistent. They posed multiple times every day on dumb. They don't care if the videos don't go as viral because still, the amount of people that see the videos in total would still be higher. And the more people see these videos, the more often people see Jim Shark, John Brand what it stands for in the clothing that they sell, the higher the likelihood is that they actually going to buy something from them. 30. Case study @washingtonpost: Getting rid of a sophisticated & boring image: our next case that he is The Washington Post, one of the world's most renowned and popular newspapers. They started posting in May of 2019 after an employee called Dave Dragon Son pitched the idea to his boss. He is now also the face of the brand on Take Talk, appearing in almost every video. They have been seeing really good engagement on their posts recently. This nature is really interesting in general, since newspapers are scrambling to find new customers for their more or less dying products that don't sell anymore because of new sites on the social media. And they kind of found a way to get more to popularize their brand again on tick talk to these make it appealing to these young adults and teenagers. To this day, they have gotten more than 170,000 followers on tick talk, getting millions of likes and also millions off use on their videos. How they're doing this is by moving away from this old stigma off boring and really fact based on duh yeah, sophisticated newspaper by doing mawr off more comedic, more funny contents on tick talk, really getting into the culture of the app on creating content that take their users actually want to see instead of just pushing the newspaper on their products, that they self when the most successful videos is featuring the presidential candidate and the congressman Twin do where they perfectly think the sound to the acting that they do, which got the made a video to more than four million views. So this company is also one that you can learn a lot from. One thing that I found really interesting about The Washington Post is how they are this big company, but they still have a person that is pretty much the phase of the brand, where you could call it personal branding on the ticktock account on. Do you see that that this just works better than then being this guy just huge newspaper that acts in a really corporate way. Instead, they were read deliberate about choosing a person as the face of the company, which just makes perfect sense for tic tac. Also, what you can learn from them is that you don't need this flashy and modern and trendy product to grow a following on tic tac. It's way more about the way that you kind of interact with the followers and the way that you present yourselves, the kind of type of confident you do that makes the biggest difference. So my tip for you would be to not focus that much on what you're selling, what your product actually is on way more on the have interaction, the type of connection that you get with your audience. Because this type of marketing that's not product center, it is usually the one that performs much better than these just plain and straight up aggressive ads. 31. An outlook on the future of TikTok: So now we're finally going to talk about some of the things that might happen on tech talk in the future. How the platform might evolve, what features they might introduce on. Um, just generally, how I see the future off. Take talk fitting into the whole social media world of Instagram and Facebook. YouTube, etcetera. Some of the things that I think Tic Tac my introduced quite soon are both the outgoing link in the profile since the testing that already and also the self booking ad platform that they've been working on since the last year. Both of these features would really fit into the kind of objective that objectives that take talk might have, which would be making more money with ads, display more ads. Andi kind of going to same direction as take as instagram or YouTube or Facebook. Some of the more long term things that Tick talk might introduce would be something like photos, which could happen if tick talk was to try to confront and directly compete with Instagram . They are really doing this on many different levels, but including photos in their platform would make them even more competitive. Eso that's something that might happen. Also, if you look Teoh Teik talks sister platform in China Begin, um, we might see some social commerce features where you could buy things in app, just like Instagram has already done. On also, what do you did and does? Still are some corporations on some collaborations with providers with different companies ? For example, music is a huge thing on Take talk eso we might see take talk, for example, doing a partnership with something like Apple Music and Spotify. Um, I could see that in the future as well. It's not really likely, but it's just some kind of development that could happen if they wanted to. Now let's also look at some of the competitors that tick talk has and will have in the future because that also will determine how take talks future will go. First of all, most obvious one is Instagram. Instagram is already testing features that are similar to tick talk in Brazil what they call instagram reels. This would then go on top of their interim platform would just be additional feature, so we'll have to wait and find out how the uses that to that. If they actually use it or if they've already switched to take talk. When it comes to this kind of content, Well, no, we can't know that for sure, but we'll see that in the future, for sure. Also, Facebook released its own Ticked Our competitors back into 2018. It's called Lasso. It's not available in every country on It has been the biggest of successes yet, but they might improve upon the features. And then it may might be some harder competition for Tic Tac. We have to see for that as well. In my opinion, though, take talk is already too big to fail. They're not going to go away anytime soon. It's not a fat anymore. They've established themselves having more 800 million monthly active users. Eso they're not going to go away anytime soon. I think they will become a staple amongst the biggest social media platforms alongside Instagram alongside Facebook, YouTube snapshot itself. This will be partly due to take talk just evolving to users getting older, the content getting more diverse and therefore the content also appealing to a much broader audience than it is today. There are already some older people that are using the app. But I think that the users will get way older on that the content will get so they're verse that there would be something for anybody for in every kind of age group. But again, this is just friction will have to wait to see what really happens. 32. Outro: Thanks for watching to the end!: if you've completed the course up to this point, I really want to congratulate you. I think you're the best way to really exceed huge success on tic tac on. I really wish you the best If you found this cause helpful on good. Please leave a positive review. I really appreciate that On also, if you have any feedbag, if there's anything that we left out some things that you proper missing Oh, if you just have some questions about the cause, about take talk, feel free to reach out will be there for you on Dantley. Answer any questions.