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The Ultimate Guide to Baking with Chocolate

teacher avatar Eliska Elaine Que, Cake Artist | Cake Business Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. From Cacao Bean to Cocoa Powder

    • 3. Natural vs Dutch-Processed Cocoa Powder

    • 4. Dark. Milk, and White Chocolate for Ganache

    • 5. Baking Chocolate vs Chocolate Chip vs Regular Chocolate Bar

    • 6. Compound vs Couverture

    • 7. BONUS: One-Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe

    • 8. BONUS: Baking Tips

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About This Class

Baking is a science, so it's important that you know each ingredient very well. In this course, we will focus on one of the most popular baking ingredients- CHOCOLATE!

Whether you are new to baking or have been baking for a while but have always just followed recipes - without knowing the difference between baking powder and baking soda, difference between natural vs Dutch-processed cocoa powder, then The Ultimate Guide to Baking with Chocolate is the perfect course for you. Achieve better baked goods by knowing your ingredients and using the right chocolate!

In this course, I will cover:

  • Process of Cocoa Powder making from Cacao Beans
  • Dutch-Processed vs Natural Cocoa Powder
  • Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate in Ganache
  • Chocolate Chips, Baking Chocolate, vs Regular Chocolate Bars
  • Compound vs Couverture Chocolate

I started my cake business back in 2016. But like most people, I started baking without knowing these information and have experienced countless of baking disasters over the years. I hope that through this course, I can help you prevent doing the same mistakes and achieve awesome chocolate baked goods all the time.

Let's connect on Instagram: @sucrebyeliska or email me at and I'll be happy to help in troubleshooting any baking booboos you might have.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eliska Elaine Que

Cake Artist | Cake Business Coach


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1. Welcome!: Hi there. I'm minusca. I'm a key card. It's It started so created by Let's Go Back in 2016 and citing a series of courses for beginners, home bakers, baking enthusiasts we know baking it's science, and so we need to make sure that we understand that begins. We use very well for this course that state a closer look at one of the most popular baking me. It's chocolate. We'll start with understanding to process. Chocolate goes through from being a cow. Be. Then we'll also demystify the difference between Dutch processed and natural carpool powder . Wendy, use one over the other. And are they interchangeable? Then let's go through the components of dark milk and white chocolate. And how does this effect making the nosh chocolate chips? Bacon, chocolate? How really different from the record bars that we see in the candy outs in the grocery stores. And lastly, looking will compare compound and courage and chocolate and how they're used in cake that create as a vote is at the end of the course. Ashamed when you might go to recipe for chocolate cake and have lots of bacon tips along the way. So are you going to begin? Let's get started 2. From Cacao Bean to Cocoa Powder: welcome to the ultimate guide to making the chocolate, and what better way to begin the scores? But to start off with that cow being and the process it goes through to get the by product that be used for making how beans are fermented, dried, roasted and then, uh, and that results to what we know is that could come grips The town tips can already use after baking. Some do. You can get back from girls. Three. There special feast Worst. They're basically they chocolate but unseated. It doesn't have any further in it, but it has facts and in the process of chocolate making that the continents were pressed to extract the fat. And that's basically what we know. Lissa Cocoa Butter. The rest of the Cochon nips components are put into a grinder, and that gives us the natural cocoa powder. Now the natural Google Potter. It's the purest form of chocolate because it doesn't have fats and it doesn't have sugar, so it has a full bowl cases the chocolate. But what we don't know is that the cow is naturally acidic, and that's why a natural cocoa powder has a tiny aftertaste to remove the acidity and to neutralize it. The natural cocoa powder has to go through this process off being washed with passion solution, and that gives us the Dutch process cocoa powder because of being neutralizing that city being removed. It doesn't have the time taste, but it doesn't also have the bold, full, bold taste off chocolate. It has a milder chocolate taste to it to know more about the difference between Dutch process and natural recall powder that's we want to the next lecture. 3. Natural vs Dutch-Processed Cocoa Powder: Hey, guys. So here I have the natural cocoa powder on your left and the Dutch process cocoa powder on your right. And as you can see, the first difference you notice is the color. Washington Kachin solution makes the Dutch cocoa powder darker as a trivia, or you cookies are made of special doctor process cocoa powder that makes it so dark. It's almost black now, before going through which people powder what's best for your recipe. Let's take a step back and go back to the base. That's your little science experiment, and you're probably familiar with this. Maybe he did parking tickets in your school, so we have here baking so that and there. So what happens if we combine ball, baking soda space and finger? If not, as we can see, combining two causes a chemical reaction for me. Bubble. Any baking. This house is two things. First, Bigby powers still put in. Yeah, you can still use it. Gangs of the time they had power after you loses its potency even before the expiration date. So as long as you have bubbles, it's good to go. If you see they don't know bubbles, it's time to buy another second is that we don't know that out of the base and acid will cost chemical reaction. So the asset it doesn't have to be vinegar. You can use lemon juice and group with your big game. And well, actually, cool powder is nothing. So I didn't. Baking soda in natural piccolo powder causes the leavening in our big cuts. Well, what happens if we use trust this Google powder instead? So in a previous lecture, we found that to get the Dutch process cocoa powder, they actually washed the passion you wash took a poll powder with passion solution to a movie s city. So in that aspect, the Dutch process cocoa powder is no base. So adding it with another base, which is bacon, so that you wouldn't get this me tennco reaction that we saw earlier for this reason for Dutch process cocoa powder we use the baking powder. Baking powder is made up off baking soda. People turn her in some search, so since it has baking soda already, it has to base and cream of tartar is an acid, so having both base and acid as part of their ingredients, baking powder they don't need an extra acid component to be ableto 11. You just have to be combined with a hot liquid two across that same chemical reaction, like in this experiment I have here baking powder and hot water. So as you can see, the same chemical reaction is observed. But bubbles are formed with the MR Off this Julie Vegans. So what is double acting baking powder? This basically means that there are two points where the levity happens and the first being upon contact with the quit. So when you make so bad in the dry ingredients, the first part of the living habits and then the second part happens when you put it in the open, where it comes in contact with heat. No going back to the question. What type off co Potter should you use for your recipe? Well, if it's not indicated in the recipe and you see that it uses baking soda, then it means you should use the natural cocoa powder. And if it calls for bigot, Potter used to Dutch process cocoa powder. But then again, what if the recipe calls for both and that gave still go for the natural cocoa powder because the natrecor powder will react with the bacon soda so it costs telephony and the baking powder is their toe. Give an extra 11 e to the recipe because imagine if you don't have the baking powder and you want more rights to your big cuts. You can't just add extra baking soda and not tweak the rest of the vessel. Because just putting in that much baking soda and not enough acid into your recipe, you'll have a lot of firsts. It will baking soda, and that gives a mechanic and soapy taste to your case. But at the same time, if you increase the big soda than a greasy acid, it might have something backed into the taste of your big goods. So from that reason there's an extra component, which is the baking powder, and to recap the differences between natural and gosh broths. Cocoa powder. One of the main difference is the color natural cocoa powder is setting compared to Dutch process. Where in the ass editing it's washed down, so it's not neutralized in terms of flavor. The natural cocoa powder has pure chocolate flavor, and it's tiny, and that process is a castle, lighter chocolate taste to it. And if you the recipe calls for bacon soda, it's a natural cocoa powder, and for dust process, you should use baking powder. 4. Dark. Milk, and White Chocolate for Ganache: for this lecture, we're going to talk about the different types of chocolate that can be used for ganache. So if you have a favorite chocolate bar can be dark milk or white chocolate a solace. It's plain meaning. It doesn't have any nuts or throat or rice. Crispies are terrible. And it you can use that and just looking at the components for that chocolate. It has chocolate maker a cold butter. It has some sugar, though not as much as the other two. He has the most of fires in favoring and in terms of McConnell concentration it has any were through 65 to 99% of cow, too. Dark chocolate is pretty bitter. He has to rich in old chocolate flavor to it, and then the other had. We have the milk chocolate, which has, of course, milk solids or powder milk and milk. Chocolate has a higher percentage of sugar up to 50% and that's what makes it more sensitive to heat. So if you have a recipe for that same dark chocolate, you can't just directly substitute milk chocolate. You have to be more careful about the temperature or how long you leave it in the heat for So if you're making let's see a Kanosh you might have do maybe lessen the number of seconds that believe in democracy for where you probably wouldn't need to heat it a bit. Oh, less because chocolate movement easier. And then, lastly, we have the white chocolate, which basically has no cocoa solids Senate at all. It's only made off sugar, milk and cookout butter, so it has high concentration of should I smell similar to melt chocolate, so it also melts really quickly. Incan nauseous, basically a mixed off the chocolate and heavy cream. So this is my cheat sheet for the nosh ratio for cake frosting and try. Keep crossing. What you're going for is the consistency, all the peanut butter once you're applying it to the cake and for dark troubling. What I do is I used to press start chocolate and one part heavy cream, meaning if I use two cups of dark chocolate, I only one cup of heavy cream for milk. Chocolate is 2.5 to 1, and they for white chocolate. I used 321 But if it's summer, or if you live in a tropical country. It's really hot, to be sure, and to have a more stable Kanosh is very to use first. What aspiration if you go through? The resource is for this that sure, you will see a downloadable resource for the ganache recipes so that one will have but step the step process in making dark milk and white chocolate ganache for cake frosting. 5. Baking Chocolate vs Chocolate Chip vs Regular Chocolate Bar: There are so many types of chocolates out there. Got people used for baking, and the goal for the sector is to go through some of the common ones and see how this affects yacht come off their big cuts. Be it probably, sir cookies into baking off the grocery. If you see this really big plots off chocolate, they're probably baking chocolate. You're made of chocolate like your head could call butter. And if he uses the safe for a chocolate chip cookie so you would break it into really small pieces and put it in your batter. Once the puppy is cooked, you'll see that the chocolate chipper evenly baked, and if you snap it in half, the chocolate will just moves out. And that's because baking chocolate it liquefies smoother and shiny er, but these chocolate should not be mistaken for pass the regular eating chocolate in the candy aisle of the grocery. Look, if you have your favorite chocolate bar, just because it's your favorite doesn't mean it's conducive for baking these types of chocolate or packed with flavor and has man and sugar and milk solids and so many stabilizers that doesn't make it melt even the bait and even tends to separate sometimes. So unless you're making a good bash, I wouldn't suggest you seeing this regular eating chocolate for baking and very half the most common chocolate used for baking, which is chocolate chip. Charlyne ships were very accessible and cheap, and there are lots of options, right? But these operations are made of chocolate liquor and lots of stabilizers as well, and it keeps his shape. But what it also means is that if he uses for the same chocolate chip cookie recipe, once it's cooled down, the chocolate chips in there would be solid and will not be melted and smooth, as if you used bacon chocolate. 6. Compound vs Couverture: before I go through this lecture, I just want to share with you this photo off one of the first few kicks that I've made. And so how I made it, that yellow behind I've proctor on the cake is I just bought oh, regular my chocolate bar from the candy aisle in the grocery. And then I had some obvious Qari put them in the microwave, then that about their, um, I spread it on a clean bubble wrap, let it set for maybe 23 hours. And I was really afraid to be how big, Solid already, but still flexible enough to wrap around the cake without cracking. And what I was trying to achieve is not like this. I wanted a straight beehive, so the top part would be, like, straight up. So this worse is it actually looked better than what I was going for. It looked more fluid that I was able to achieve this passionate using the wrong chocolate so that chocolate, when they've never set it, was too fragile. So even here, if I touched the top part, it would just collapse, it would melt. And good thing this fact, this gig I only made it for us of the friends who came over for BBQ. So it was for personal use. But that's in there. And here is that you really need to know the type of chocolate he used for even for cake decorating. So what I couldn't actually used for my cake then is compound chocolate. So it's made a cocoa powder on factual fact, and vegetable fat is what makes it easy to melt. But if you leave it even at room temperature, just give us some time. It will hot in without the need for tampering and is perfect for of ICANN photo chocolate chart or the chocolate sale on top of the cake. Um, it also cost. Follow it, the kid pops, so the one you dip it into that's compounds chocolate. So no candy melts builder the popular types of compound chocolate that you can use. On the other hand, you have the curvature chocolate just made of call eager and for Paul Butter, and this is richer. This is more decadent and higher quality. Compare that akapol chocolate, but the dark side aside, it's very sensitive, but you can't just melt and wait Fred to solidify, it needs to be tempered its process off heating and cooling in, heating again and calling again to break the crystals. Because otherwise, if you don't temperate ah properly. If you don't have the courage of Trump like properly, it will end up like in this photo the one of your left, which is grainy you. What you're going for. IHS. I'm nice shiny curvature chocolate once you use it for your cake decorations. So holly. The key differences. Because curvature is of higher quality, it is more expensive, but then it's mover in terms of flavor. Curvature takes a bit better, but sometimes it's. It's almost similar. There's no big difference at all, especially if it's just a decoration in the cake. In that compound, it's easier to acquit because there's no need for tampering. 7. BONUS: One-Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe: for this that sure I will be sharing with you my go to recipe for chocolate cake. And before we begin, I just want to share with you a while of this recipe and the kind of feedback and get from customers. Been the order escape. So this guy gets really once. It has a rich chocolate taste, and it's not overly sweet, so it costs well with any frosting that you put on it being good. Nosh for buttercream. And if you hate dishes as much as I do, then this is a recipe for you because it doesn't need a mixer. It doesn't need to separate bulls who are drying the wedding ingredients. You just need one pool, so let's go. Over the weekend, you'll need running half a cup of caster sugar one in 34 It's good for purpose. Fire fee for its cup of Dutch process called powder. Not for this I highly recommend the Hershey's special dark cocoa powder. It's actually a mix of natural and daughter process cocoa powder, but it works really well for this recipe. You'll also need 1.5 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder like a buttermilk, half cup of canola or vegetable oil, two teaspoons vanilla extract to wash eggs, one tablespoon of coffee Granules and one cup of boiling water. Now, if you're not using a nonstick cake pan, you need to have a nonstick spray or flour and butter just to go the cake. Pass before you bake. For the tools you need 36 inch round cake tins. Major, please two inch deep. Or, if you're using this recipe for cupcakes, then you'll need the cupcake tree. One large bull rubber spatula. See, you're measuring spoons and cups and some clean up. So I have this tool that I use to calculate the cost off my restaurant so I can the ingredients, how much they cost when it purchased them in the grocery and Becky, and how much of the specific ingredient I used in the recipe and just Recalculates it. So the total for this, the total cost for this mobile chocolate cake recipe that I shared with you. It iss Onley $7.63 and this is in Canadian dollars. So if he converted to USD, it's only $5.52 sets And with this batch, you can already make B six inch kicks, which each Chacon's about 1.2 to 1.5 inches in height. Or you can make cupcakes, in which case, for this patch it and make 14 to 16 toppings. So just at the cost off your frosting, whatever frosting use and how much of it you used, and that's basically your total cost for the Cape. 8. BONUS: Baking Tips: before we end this course I want to share with you guys some bacon tips. If you don't have button up at home like me, I don't keep but a milk in the kitchen because I don't really have that many recipes that call fried, and it's It usually gets boiled so you can use final powder instead. Those have longer shall five, but in my case, I prefer using what I already have in my kitchen, which is milk and vinegar or lemon juice. So just combine one cup of milk and one tablespoon divided lemon juice or vinegar, even for 10 15 minutes, and you have your buttermilk. In most recipes, they'll ask you to check the done it's of the cake by using the Creech was thinking, poking the center of the cake. If the thing comes up clean, then you can take it out of velvet. It's ready, but I don't really follow that for me. It's done when the toothpick has a few moist crumb sentry, because once you take the cake out of the open and you put it on the cooling rack, they're still some residual heat that continues to cook the cake And if I wait for him to be completely clean, I am risking the kick to be over bait, and it might get. Try to keep your cake moist, and this is for all the kings I make. After letting them set into cooling wrapped for 10 minutes, I immediately cross for them and drop them and cling wrap. I put them in the fridge where I put them in the freezer so into Feezer, and they can store for months. But personally, I don't go for one week, and then just when I need it, I put him in the fridge to defrost overnight, and then we can then use it for the assembly and the cake decorating. But just make sure that in your fridge in your freezer and you don't have any strong smelling food attempts like onions or leftover curry, because the king will absorb that if it's not fully wrapping. If it's kept there for too long, then you have a curry flavored cake, which I don't think that's what you're going for. Okay, guys, enjoying the class if you have any questions, don't have a day to send meeting up. You know, I didn't have any suggestions. Other causes anyone from cover. Just send me an essential instagram and continue business