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The Ultimate Guide For Transitioning from Freelancer to Entrepreneur

teacher avatar Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain, Enthusiastic Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learning About Freelancer and Entrepreneur

    • 3. Entrepreneurship Vs Freelancing

    • 4. Starting Your Journey As An Entrepreneur

    • 5. Simple Blueprint For Making Money With An Online Business

    • 6. Freelancer Or Entrepreneur Which Is Right For You Part 1

    • 7. Freelancer Or Entrepreneur Which Is Right For You Part 2

    • 8. Understanding The Transition

    • 9. Making The Move From Freelancing To Entrepreneurship

    • 10. Last Piece Of Advice

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About This Class

Hi, Welcome to my course The Ultimate Guide For Transitioning from Freelancer to Entrepreneur

The aim of the course is to give you an idea of how you can make a Transition from Freelancer to Entrepreneur. I strongly suggest that please follow each and every topics and methods that i am going to discuss in the course. I am sure by following the every topics and methods you will get a good idea of how you can make a Transition from Freelancer to Entrepreneur in no time.

Questions might occur as you go along. Just know that i am your back, Just ask me questions if you have any. I will be there to answer all of your questions. Please just check in the question thread if the question is answered before. If not, Why not go ahead and ask your question?

It’s the ultimate course you need to go with to learn how you can make Transition from Freelancer to Entrepreneur .The best part is I constantly update with new content.

Thanks for checking this out. Be sure to check the check the course description for more info. Taking action is the key to success, Let’s dive into the course and i look forward to seeing you inside…

Meet Your Teacher

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Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain

Enthusiastic Instructor


Mostly known as Sayed in this digital world. Learning and making people learn is always my passion. Throughout these years of my career i have learned a lot and a lot are yet to be learned. I am always open for new opportunities, I have a passion for Technology, teaching, planning, playing with English and am an avid researcher. I am the CEO & Founder of CloudMinds IT.


• Start-ups,

• Entrepreneurship,

• Business Development,

• Operating business,

• Strong communication skills,

• Time management,

• Talent Acquisition,

• Employee Relations,

• Quality Assurance,

• Client relationship management and International Affairs,

• Customer Service ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my course, the ultimate guide for transitioning Freelancer to under Pran or the only course that will pay you the way off transitioning from freelancer to enter prisoner. My name is side and I will be there with you. India's adventure freelancing economy is booming The freelancing economy has played a huge part in the growth off many startups, and it keeps getting bigger. Today, 53 million Americans, or 34% off the entire workforce, are freelancing. Freelancing is the single easiest way to start a new business. Freelancers are generally more affordable for startups, especially with the escalating costs off maintaining a long term workforce. The geek economy also helps freelancers and startups expand their networks. Andi, for mutually beneficial business relationships. All it takes is a system that facilitates honest work, better communication on integrated work floors between enterprises. On the freelancing community. These are the foundations that will help build long term relationships and sustained success. Freelancers get paid for their work. If you are a freelance copywriter, you get paid when you work. Entrepreneurs use other people's money to build a business bigger than themselves so that they can get paid for and asleep. The aim off the course is to give you an idea off how you can make a transition from freelancer to enter trainer. I strongly suggest that please follow each and every topics and matters that I am going to discuss in the scores. I am sure by following every topics and matters, you will get a good idea off how you can make a transition from freelancer to enter print or in no time. The questions you might have in mind is why I designed the course. I designed the course for those students who are planning to make a transition from freelancer to enter friend or But dont know how. By following the scores, he will get a good understanding off how you can make a transition from freelancer to entrepreneur. Anyone can take the scores to know more about the transitioning from freelancer to enter trainer. Well, why me as an instructor, why I plan to take You told this Johnny Well, I have bean in this online business for around five years and gained use experiences and created a lot off online ventures that I can proud off. I was thinking that people also wanted to a start their transition from freelancer to enterpreneurs but don't know how to get through. We did. Don't worry at all. I will show you all the incent outs off transitioning from freelancer to entrepreneur in discourse. Questions might Auker. As you go along, just know that I am your back. Just ask me questions. If you have any, I will be there to answer all of your questions. Please just check in the question thread. If the question is answered before, if not, why not? Go ahead and ask your questions. It is the ultimate course. Yes, it is the ultimate course to learn how you can make the transition from freelancer to entrepreneurs. The best part is Aiken, Stanley update discourse with new content. It is my sincere hope that you will get a lot out from this course. Please take action as you proceed with this course. So again, do not broke us tonight. Thanks for taking this out. PCO two Jack the course description for more information. Taking action is the key to success. Let's type into the horse and I look forward to seeing you inside 2. Learning About Freelancer and Entrepreneur: Hey there. Welcome to our new lecture, learning about freelancer and entrepreneur before we dive in any further. At first we need to know who is a freelancer and who is an entrepreneur. Well, who is a freelancer? A freelancer is someone who doesn't work for one company full time but is hired by different companies for certain jobs. Freelancers are often considered to be self employed and have the freedom to peak and choose their projects. And companies that would like to associate it with a common profession for freelancing is writing. A writer, then has the ability to submit their work to many different places without being tied to any one company in particular. Freelancer stand to balladeer freedom and control over their personal and professional lives, some freelance as a permanent vocation, while others use it as a temporary vehicle, two words. Launching a business or gaining full time employment. Now the question comes Who is an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship has played a vital role in the economic diplomat off the expanding global marketplace. It is an important engine off growth in the economy. Entrepreneurship is the process off designing, launching and running at business. Initially, a small business, offering a product process or service for sale or hire. The people who create these business are called entrepreneurs. Interestingly enough, there is a debate over the definition off an entrepreneur or some export have a wide definition that encompasses anyone who works for himself. Others have a narrower BUE point suggesting that and entrepreneur doesn't just work independently, but also his business involves innovation and leadership. An entrepreneur is someone who can take any idea whether it can be a product or service and have the skill set. We encourage to take extreme risk to do whatever it takes to turn that concept into reality and not only bring it to market, but make it a buyable product and or service that people want or need. 3. Entrepreneurship Vs Freelancing: Hello there. Welcome to our new lecture. Entrepreneurship versus freelancing here. I would like to share my understanding, and you can decide which one is better for you. The number one is solving problems. It's a start. Sweet, an idea. You have an idea that's going to change the world, or at least make a lot off money and then you make it happen. You perceived your creative vision and turn it into reality. The better your idea, the more money you will make you think about solving a critical problem there and night. You take ownership off solving the problems for changing the world with expectations off, making lots off money, you become a problem sober from an idea person. The journey off entrepreneurship begins. On the other hand, freelancing is primarily about making money without whoring about solving the critical problems off the world. You care about the quality off your own work, you said a price off your work on project basis or Arlie Bess is you deliver work on time and get the money. Let's discuss about the risk. You take a big financial risk. It may be with your money or an investor's money. You take risk for your carrier, A Fortunati and emotion. Your family also takes an equal risk. Whereas the risk in freelancing is limited to finding and retaining clients, you can always replace clients. Now let's discuss about viewers. You make big money if your business takes off in the process off building a business you create asserts that belonged to you and your organization. However, entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk. Everyone talks about the shiny side, but no one tells you about the dark side off entrepreneurship. On the other hand, you get instant gratification as a freelancer. Freelancing gives you money for every assignment that you finish. You get a continuous stream off money every month, but you don't create any long term assets except off course, an increased skill at your work. The only way to get more income is to increase the price off your services. Here comes the prediction. Your business could be driving to their and in deep water. Next month you control apart off your business, but the rest is controlled by market behavior. Where is freelancing is always cash positive? There could be ups and downs in the freelancing business, but you never go into losses. Teamwork. You cannot do a breeding on your own. You have to build a team off. Best people maybe hire people even better than you. A perfect team for the software product business has a developer, a designer agro taker as sales sky and you who will hold them all together. A solid team can make a business, and a weak team can bracket. You have to learn how to hire, motivate and retain the best talent. On the other hand, in most cases, freelancers don't need a team there, Man need a little bit off help to improve the outcome off their work, in which case they could hire another freelancer, for example, a writer. Money to hire an editor for his articles. And a designer might need to hire another designer to my graphics. Freelancers do the job off their core work, along with marketing, sales and customer support. They can manage a breathing by themselves because they have to handle on lee a few clients products versus services. In almost all cases, entrepreneurs make products or sell services as products. All freelancers provide one course service as their strand. A freelancer provide services as a writer designer, troubleshooter, etcetera, etcetera. They excel in one skill and provide the best service India area off expertise dreamers, verses, artists. Entrepreneurs are mad ever their dreams. Sometimes their dreams comes true, and most of the time, the failed there don't get discouraged with failures. Rather, they learn from failed attempts and stand up again with batter bar shins off themselves, where as a writer is an artist who does magic with his words. A designer is an artist who tells a story visually ab video animator, photograph for and even a freelance step flopper works as artist generalists versus a specialist. You may be an export in one area, but you have to wear lots off helps in entrepreneurship. Your primary work is to make things happen with the help off s specialists, you figure out how to get the resource is that your team asks for all a specialist become generalised in entrepreneurship. On the other hand, you have to be a specialist in freelancing. If you want to become a freelancer than become remarkable in your work, be in the top 1% in your field and clients will come to find you in that position. Human charge a premium for your work on people will gladly pay you 4. Starting Your Journey As An Entrepreneur: Hello there. Welcome to our new lecture. Starting your journey as an entrepreneur. Freelancing is an essential a step in the entrepreneur's journey. You have to learn how to find clients, talkto them and get them to pay you. You have to learn how to develop the skills and ideas and test them in the marketplace. And freelancing is great because for all intents and purposes, you can get a started immediately. The truth is that almost anything can make you money, but first you have to change your mindset. You can help someone with the skills and knowledge that you already have. The easiest way to do this is by freelancing. I recommend anyone looking to leave the 9 to 5. First, they should find the work for themselves as a freelancer on the side. But freelancing is only half where There it's unnecessary bridge to get you away from your dad job and into independent living. On the other side. Off the grease is a full fleshed entrepreneurship. Their difference between under prisoner ship and freelancing comes down to time. Freelancers change time for money, whereas under planners depend on systems automation and eventually employees that work without their direct involvement. The key question is, if I take myself out off the equation, does the business is still work? If the answer is yes, you are an under planner. If you can create enough momentum in your business that you will still make money regardless off what you do on it that toe the basis you are an under planner. 5. Simple Blueprint For Making Money With An Online Business: Hello, dear. Welcome to our new lecture. Simple blueprint for making money with an online business. Choose a great business idea, then a start to build a website that attracts visitors here is a quick deep to come up with a great business idea. Combined one off your ideas, hobbies, skills. Do you find something that you care about and figure out how that can be used to solve another person's problem? Turn those website visitors into loyal subscribers by offering them something free in exchange for their email address. Create free healthful content and ask visitors for an email address in act change. Don those subscribers into customers by asking them to buy from you by email. You can sell whatever you want. A physical or digital product, a course, a service or even quoting. It's all based on what's interesting to you and what you think. You can help your subscribers with the most after a while off delivering at on off awesome content for free by emailing your block posts, YouTube videos or whatever else you create. Now you have the right to sell. This is huge automate. Once you do this for some time, you can automate the sales process with email, marketing software and a basic funnel. Your business can generate thousands of dollars per month without your involvement. Pretty amazing, isn't it? 6. Freelancer Or Entrepreneur Which Is Right For You Part 1: Hey there. Welcome to our new lecture, freelancer or entrepreneur? Who it is right for you. You want to run your own business. So should you be a freelancer or an entrepreneur? Let's see who it is. Better feet for you. Freelancing is a good idea. Eve. You enjoy working wheat and helping people. His skills, including communication and petty and having a sense off humor are the fundamental tools in the freelancer stool box depths. Because freelance work involves making your clients happy, you have got a skill that you are very good at. The market for freelancers is extremely crowded, so it's vital to be good at what you do that say, if you are exceptional in your field, then you will find plentiful opportunities you enjoy expressing yourself creatively. As a freelancer, you will be given a brief from your client. We didn't that brief there. It's likely to be a space for creative expression if you need this any work freelancing is a good option. You like working alone. Freelancing means lots off solitude. To be effective as a freelancer, you need to be someone who enjoys their own company. You need a flexible work schedule need to feed your work around childcare or another job. Freelancing allows you to do that. You are just getting started. Freelancing is an excellent way to gain experience in running your own business without taking too many risks. You will learn a lot, and it's likely that if you have got what it takes to be an entrepreneur or you will grow into setting up an entrepreneurial ban chur. Now here comes the entrepreneurship part. Entrepreneurship is a good idea if you are willing to take risks for in five new businesses . Crash and burn. Bear in mind that many under printers in bestir life savings to launch a business. The chances off success are slim, so you lied naps. For that. You have the work ethic, often arts. 80 hour weeks are typical for many entrepreneurs. Off course. One day you might get to the four hour work we dream. But to start with and probably for many years, you will be putting in the hours you enjoy meeting people. If freelancing is ideal for introverts who want to a stay home alone, entrepreneurship is the perfect feet. For extra Bard's, you will be beating to investors, inspiring your staff and networking with potential customers, you will need to be someone who tribes in company. You have got a diverse skill set. As a freelancer, you focus on a single skill. To be an entrepreneur, you will need a wide range of skills, including financial management sales and the ability to lead and inspire people. You have got an idea to change the world that you can't let golf. Fundamentally, this is what you need to be an entrepreneur or 7. Freelancer Or Entrepreneur Which Is Right For You Part 2: Well, now the question is, what will you be entrepreneur or or feel? Answer. Running your own business is a brilliant aspiration, but it's good to know all your options before you decide which business tis set up. We have shown you the key differences between entrepreneurship and freelancing and helped you consider which would be a better feet for years. Personality and lifestyle. If you prefer life to be on the easy side, more freedom than a nine to fight. Freelancing is your jam, and there's 100% okay, if you want to challenge yourself, reach goals and success in business beyond your imagination, a step into a bigger picture and are willing to put in a lot off. Afford for the long haul to get there a start thinking like an entrepreneur. Remember, freedom is up to you to define 8. Understanding The Transition: Hello, dear. Welcome to our new lecture, understanding their transition. Chances are, if you already make a living through several different means, you are in the middle off the transition. Already, entrepreneurship doesn't happen overnight. But with the resources experience on the patient, freelancing can quickly become entrepreneurship. Often before freelancers even realize he'd does any off this apply to you, or have you already experienced one off those that could soon level you and entrepreneur. Hopefully, this serves as a nice wake up call to push you along. For those who call themselves freelancers, the personality is often already dear. But the psychological of the struggles to bigger things remain. The sooner you can see yourself as an entrepreneur, the more exciting your work becomes and the brighter your future will be. 9. Making The Move From Freelancing To Entrepreneurship: Hello there. Welcome to our new lecture, making the move from freelancing to entrepreneurship. Not surprisingly, some individuals are wondering if they should make them oop from part time freelancing to full time entrepreneur. Making this move can be a scary a step, but its potential to bring you many rewards can be quite appealing. It allows you to work for yourself on the project you love, and it has the potential to make the income you need. Before taking the plunge. However, you need to do some research and analysis and preparation considered the following a steps to help you begin develop a Bishan. The biggest enemy can be you. If there is a small boys inside off your head saying you can't do this, then your first step is to turn off their boys and the blob. A realistic Bishan. Show yourself that freelancing can be your reality. Your idea isn't a wom. It's a business plan. Begin and visioning by creating a business name and a Bishan for your company. This will help you develop a mental picture off your business and to give yourself a clear but to follow. Believe in yourself. Everyone has to take a leap off faith sometimes, and it's OK to help. However, you do also need to be prepared to overcome them. It takes practice to overcome doubts, but it's an important practice. Be sure that you are mentally invested in your business before you quit your day job. If you doubt your own ability to find success, you won't find it. Believe in yourself. Decide on a form off business. You can decide to change the form off your business down the line, but it's good to have an orginal plan so you can properly arrange the financial aspect off your business. You can set up illegal anti tee off your business, such as a limited liability company. The choice is yours. But do the research first, Ask yourself, What are my business goals? What are the benefits that would come with each model? Set up the financial processes. You can't begin to bring in work If you are not fully prepared for eat, developed your prices and invoice templates. Create an accounting plan and figure out how much you need to set aside for Texas work on your portfolio. You shouldn't launch a business before you have experienced with the work and can demonstrate those experiences to others. If necessary. Delayed the launch off your business until you have the quality samples off the work you will sell. If you find that you can create a solid port fully off samples that accurately represent your work, then it may not be the right time for you to develop your business, create marketing materials and advertise your business. You need to have at least some initial marketing goals as you launch your business de blob and launch a website and social media profiles. Reach out, throw your business and personal networks and let everyone know that you have started a new bencher. Have business cards ready to hand out to them. 10. Last Piece Of Advice: Congratulations. Can you imagine? We are at the final part off discourse, So I want to give you some last piece off advice. Be a productivity geek. Time and energy management is the key to under prayer. Nouriel Success. Learn about the various productivity techniques, tools and a strategy is that are out there and pick the ones that were best for you. We proper planning, research and hard work. You can make a go at creating the business that you are really passionate about. Be brave and take the leap when you are ready.