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The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: 10 Commandments To Achieving Your Goals Part 2

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Proof It Works


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      10 Commandments To Achieving Your Goals Part 2


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About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint. In this section of the course, you're going to discover the last 5 out of the 10 most important commandments when it comes to achieving your goals. These are imperative and must be noted before you even begin mapping out your goals and the steps you must take to achieve them. Consider these the unfair advantage to achieving your goals, and if you want to know what they are, be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It's James Ken's and L. A. And welcome to the ultimate goal setting blueprint. And in this course I'm gonna be focusing on the 10 Commandments to achieving your goals. Part two, which means you're going from five all the way up to 10. And what these air going to allow you to do is really get the most out of your goal setting efforts before you ever even begin starting to set your goals, starting to track them, starting to figure out the steps, you got to know what you need to do before she can actually get the most out of them and what I like to refer to as the unfair advantage, because these are a lot of things that many people leave out, and that's why they usually fail. They give up early or they just don't want to continue anymore and flat out quit. We don't want that for you, so it's very important before you dive into the good stuff. You have the gas for the car, so to speak. So if you want to know what these Final 5 10 Commandments are, go ahead and enroll. Right now, I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. Proof It Works: Hey, what's going on? It is James Can Zillah. And before we begin, I want to shoot a very quick video, kind of giving you the proof that this works and a lot of the major goals that I have achieved just because I'm going to be referencing these many times to use this kind of back up as evidence as reasons that you should kind of following a similar nature when it comes to setting your goals and achieving them. All right, So before we begin, let's move on to the 1st 1 which has really been a massive change in my life has been body transformations, whether it be building muscle or losing weight or anything in between the biggest. I guess you could say transformation I had was winning a contest of over hundreds of people , which is on the top, right. Because of that, I got first place. I had this all inclusive flight to California. I got to train with the best natural bodybuilder in the world, as you can see in the video there and on the top left kind of before that, just allowing myself I was really overweight, as you could see it's in that picture on the left. I was in California like my stomach is just rooting against that shirt. So I went toe. I think I was around like 2 35 almost 2 40 on the right. I went down the 1 90 with six back there. But either way, the body transformations have really helped out in my life. So that's one of those major goals. I know a lot of people are looking to build muscle looking, a lose weight. They're looking toe, look better naked, whatever it is that can really help out in life. And when it comes to achieving those goals, a lot of the principles and the steps I'm going to be giving you can really help you do that and give you the edge and the upper advantage, actually reaching those goals much quicker. Okay, next big goal accomplished and am still working on obviously improving. I went from unemployment to self employment, so I have all the freedom I want. I have basically my own boss. I can wake up whenever I want. I can do whatever I want. It's awesome, like it's improving upon that obviously would be building a bigger income, moving to a specific spot. Obviously, there's plenty of goals that go along with that. But this isn't about me. This is about letting you know where I've come from and what I've accomplished. This has one that in the beginning I thought I would never be able to do it. That is gonna be trapped, working a job and then after going on unemployment, not having a lot of money to basically having a good chunk of money, so to speak in the bank right now and enjoying myself like I said, all the freedom. So that's been another massive goal in a lot of things I'm gonna be talking about can help you do similar. And it comes to a lot of specific principles and, of course, steps, which I'm going to go through. Last but not least, would be self improvement overload. This could be having confidence. This could be a little bit more extroverted if maybe really introverted, being more social attraction and having many new versions of yourself, right, cause you're always improving, like the salmon version 22,000 point. Oh, because while you might be the same person, you might change a little, but you're always gonna be making these tiny new versions. Reminds me of a well when they used to come out with, like, their new Internet. It's like a wall version 3.0. And in 4.15 point Oh, it just kept getting better and better and better. You want to think of it that way, all right, because when you work on your self improvement, when you hit goals, you're naturally going to get better. Whatever. Maybe with confidence, with being social with attraction especially comes to the opposite sex If you're single, if you're like me, if you're a guy, you're going to notice that somebody come much easier to attract females into your life. I can tell you many times women have come up to me and literally giving me their number. They'll offer to buy me drinks. It's insane, like not even doing anything. This is from improving your life. This is from reaching your goals. It'll attract this or of confidence. It's not gonna be is difficult finding, you know, someone to date. I'll just tell you that much. Okay, so if that's what you're looking for, this could really help as well. They're always gonna be improving yourself and self improvement. Overload is something I'm always working on because you something you can always improve. Those have been some of the biggest aspects of goal kind of defining, achieving them, going after them. There's been plenty more. But these air kind of the Big Three and a lot of people out there are usually wanting to either lose weight, build muscle, obviously increased maybe their social interaction, attraction, dating or obviously get more money in the bank building online business. Those are kind of the big main movers, so I want to bring those up. But either way, it's proof it works. I'm not just, like, kind of giving you random information. I've also hung around millionaires, movers and shakers. You know, the best natural bodybuilder in the world who used to hang out with Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar and appeared on national commercials during the Super Bowl for multiple companies. Okay, got to hang out with a lot of influential people. So I've learned a lot from mentors, from mistakes for millionaires, whatever. Maybe you're getting a lot of great information crammed into this. This is just a proof that it works. And I don't have any other testimonials at the time. I don't go around asking people like, Hey, how did I change your life either way? With that being said, if you do find something helpful if you do find something informative, do let me know. I love hearing about results. Okay, I don't chase people down for it, but that would be really cool, because I know this scuff can truly help you. So that's the short video. That's the proof that it works. That's a few things you're gonna be learning about. Either way, that's this video see in the next one. 3. 10 Commandments To Achieving Your Goals Part 2: Hey, it is James cans and all. And welcome back to the ultimate goal setting blueprint. And in this video we're going to be looking at the last Five Commandments to achieving your goals. So let's dive right on into it. Now with number six first and foremost, we have immersion and obsession, and under that I eat, sleep and drink your goals. What I've noticed by people who accomplished massive goals in their life. They're all about their goals. They eat them, they sleep them, they drink, and they constantly think about their goals. It's what keeps them up at night, staring at the ceiling. It's what gets them up in the morning with springing out of the bed like a ninja. Heck, maybe when you were young and you were about to miss the school bus, you woke up late. You jumped out of bed, you put on your cape and you got to work with that type of enthusiasm for the day because they have these big, juicy goals to tackle. Okay? And what immersion Kenly really help? You do right? There is a fine line between being obsessed and not doing anything and being obsessed and getting things done. OK, when it comes to kind of making money online and growing an online business, immersion is very popular, except a lot of people take it the wrong way. They will become obsessed with it. They will immerse themselves with the process. They will read blocks that will read emails. They will tend webinars. They will buy products, but it does get down to a point where they're doing too much immersion and not enough action. So I really want to make that clear. You can become immersed in whatever goal you're going after, but don't let it overtake you where you're not taking action. For example, if you want to lose weight, you know you need to get to the gym. You know you need to prepare your food. You know you need to eat those foods. And if all you're doing is reading blog's and emails and all this other stuff when you know what you need to do, that is being non productive. OK, that's not going to get you there. You need to take action, so I want to make that very clear. It's awesome to be obsessed. It's awesome to immerse yourself in the process. A great example of this I remember hearing was from Russell Brunt's, and he said he loaded up his iPhone. There's probably like 30 gigs of marketing and funnel information on there, but here's the thing. He'll put it on his headphones. So let's say he's driving toe work. He'll listen to it there. Let's say, for example, if you was at the gym, he'll listen to it while he's on the treadmill or the elliptical or while he's working out . I don't know if that's true. It was giving you an example. But as you can see, it's his way of immersing yourself in the process, or it's almost like it's all you're thinking off all right, there's going to be sacrifices that need to be made when you're going for big goals. If you have the gold becoming the number one pitcher in Ah, the Yankees or getting to the Yankees and pitching in Game seven, you need that to be your entire life. There has to be sacrifices that are going to be made. I don't know if people don't like telling that to others, but that's a matter of fact. The bigger the goal is, the more you're gonna have to immerse and become obsessed with it. When I was kind of doing the body building the lifting, you know, losing weight, building muscle people thought I was obsessed. It's like, Why do you go to the gym so much? If you already have a nice body, Why you eating nine times a day? Why only eating this amount of calories to me, it was just par for the course and needed to get done because I was immersed in the process . Yes, I was eating foods. Yes, I was going after what I wanted. I was going to the gym on time, getting everything done. And even after when I was done with that in my free time, I would, you know, look at articles. I would look at Block post. I would journal about it. All right. I would keep myself immersed in the process. So whatever goal you have right now think about how you can do that. Where, after you get the actions done that you need to How can you really stay up to date? How can you keep your brain fresh on that? That's what allows you to keep that enthusiasm, and that motivation is by immersing yourself in the process. Imagine if someone wanted to create a goal. I don't know, just having a six figure per month business, right, and they never even thought about it, All right. They didn't want to read any other books. They didn't want to increase their knowledge. They don't want to get any mentors. There's wanted to be an afterthought where they were 30 minutes a day and do nothing else. Never think about it. It's never going to happen. They're not immersed in the process that have no obsession whatsoever. An obsession is not a bad thing. It's usually used by people who don't get anywhere in life. I'll tell you that much. Why are you so obsessed? What have they done with their life? I'll tell you that right now, if you're going for something big, people are going to tell that to you. That's usually a good signs to keep that in mind. Immersion and obsession. It can be a double edged sword. Don't let that overtake the fact that you need to take action. OK, take the action and still immerse yourself in the information in the process and the juice of it and love it and you'll enjoy the process so much more. Okay, let's move on the number seven laser like focus. Okay. I talked about making sacrifices a little bit before, but you want to limit your distractions, OK, once again, this can be a double edged sword. For example, if you have this one workout routine, right and there's probably 500 million workout routines out there, I'm sure you can agree, give or take a few 1,000,000 right? And you find this one. You want to do it yet? What happens is you go on Facebook and you got all these other people. You know, you like weight loss pages. You see transformations all the time. You get this person raving about this amazing weight loss routine, how they lost so much weight so quickly. It's is the bee's knees. It's the best thing ever since sliced bread. You need to limit your distractions. Say no. That's not for me. I know what I need to do. I have my game plan. I'm following through with it. I've already been sold on it. I can't be sold on anything else. That's the table laser like focus that you need, because there's going to be so many distractions that come up when it comes to reaching your goal. All right, you could be going through, ah, lifting routine or a diet plan or a money making system or whatever it's going to be. And you're going to see other people having success. You're going to see people doing it this way that way. That's why I talked about previously in the 1st 5 why you need to sell yourself on what you're going to be doing. That's gonna be the easiest way to limit distractions because you're so sold on it. You have tunnel vision. I remember specifically when I was in college toward the ends of college, and I sold myself on this one workout routine so badly in a good way, like so much that any time I went into a gym, I happened to notice someone else in there. I thought, Why on earth would they not be using this training program? OK, do you see where I'm coming from? When you have that type of mindset we sell like it's not that you're worrying about other people It just goes to show you that when you're so confident on what you need to do, you almost wonder why no one else is doing it. It's kind of like you're giving yourself the unfair advantage. I've got this secret weapon. I can't believe no one else is utilizing it. That's only going to give you confidence that's on Lee going to allow you to focus on what you need to do. I was never jumping around from weight training program to another saintly with making money online. I'm not jumping around from system to system. I'm getting one and making sure it works and getting results, and I'm following through with it. You need to do the exact same thing when it comes to any type of goal, you have laser like focus. Limit those distractions if you're working online. If you're doing anything online, use a timer. Put your phone in the other room, go on Facebook and get the news feed. Eradicate er works great when you log into the Facebook has nothing there. Hey, you can't snoop around. You can't check out what your ex is doing. Can't do any of that stuff. Limit your distractions as much as possible. Focus on your goals. Next Number eight find your natural habitat is a great way of saying, basically find an environment that has a lot of people that are really going to give you a helping hand. They're going to support you. They want the same thing like minded individuals and let others know about your big goals. This is a great way to be accountable, and a lot of times it's gonna be tough to do, especially if you have big goals. You might think all people are just gonna laugh at me. People are gonna think I'm an idiot, But I'll tell you what. When I won that transformation contest, I told everyone that I was going to win that. And I knew that from day one. Guess what ended up happening. I ended up winning it. Why? Because I had that extra pressure which have talked about previously. And pressure is a good thing now. Not only have I said, I have to when I'm telling people now, I really have to step up and make sure it works. You see what happens there when people can actually hold you accountable and Yes, people are gonna laugh at you. Sometimes people are gonna say you're an idiot. This is always come from people who need to criticize. You are probably not doing much with their life. I'll tell you that much. I have never seen someone criticize me who have reached massive goals. It doesn't work that way. People who do big things in life, people who accomplish big goals. They understand what it takes to go from zero to hero and accomplish them. They have no need to laugh or critique or criticize them. So keep that in mind. That's not a bad thing. Weed out the bad people in the negativity. All right, doesn't mean you have to go around just telling random people. Hey, I'm going to do this. If you want to do that, that's cool. But the fact of the matter is, find your natural habitat. The fact of the matter is that being online, there are groups everywhere. When I was doing my transformation contest, I went to guess where bodybuilding dot com. A lot of people wanna build muscle, lose fat. There were specific groups, was targeted groups recon, go in there, talk about it like I said, immersing yourself in the process. When it comes to online business of good places, for example, the click funnels Facebook group. Everyone who builds funnels does businesses shares their progress, shares their goals so on and so forth. It's a natural habitat. You could do the same thing when it comes to being offline. Maybe have a few friends who want to lose weight. Maybe a few people who go to the gym, maybe have a lifting partner. Whatever your goal is, find your natural habitat because there are going to be a lot of people who are going to say, This is crab. You can do this. Don't worry about them. When you have that little environment of people who are like minded to you, that's really gonna help you, especially when you go through days and things aren't going as well as you wanted to. Or maybe there was a wrench in your plans or whatever it's going to be. But let others know about your big goals. Find that natural habitat of like minded individuals That's only gonna help you. That's gonna be that friendly competition, which works very well. And if you're not familiar with that. Think about any type of video game that has just millions of people playing. There's a reason why people who kind of don't really do much with their life. And I can say this because I used to play video games religiously, probably around 18 hours a day at Max, and I had nothing going on for my life. But you know what? I got so good at playing video games because it was that friendly competition. It was that natural habitat of people who are very similar to you. Want to be really good, one become the best in the world. It was a group of friends. They all knew the same thing. They'll want to do the same thing. They were all very helpful and naturally, without even knowing it created that habitat. So it's a very good example of that. Think about that thing about groups Could be online could be offline. It could be family and friends. It could be a lifting partner. Whatever it is, find your natural habitat. You might not know what it is now, but there's always a way to find out. Hack. It could be even a coach or mentor case to keep that in mind. That's one of those little things you might not even realize maybe you've done in the past . But if you do some thinking that's gonna help you out. Seven. Fold Number nine Live from your goals. OK, this is a really great one. I actually learned from a mentor. I was doing this, and I never even realized it. But envisioning your goals is just so powerful. This might be one of those things where it's all kind of like wound like, Oh, that that doesn't make any sense. I'll be honest here, I don't know, like the rial reasoning behind this, All I can say is that the more you envision something, the more likely it's going to come true, obviously, by taking action. But when I won that transformation contest, all I could think about was me in California, with the beautiful weather in winter, where it wasn't snowing me lifting weights Megan hang out with, you know, the best natural bodybuilder in the world. Me haven't kind of like this trophy of winning all these things that would happen when you accomplish your goals and says, if the more you do that? It's like your body, your mind and everything needs to find a way to make it happen. All right, You're not in a position of scarcity, and you're not being all super desperate. Like I see people doing every now and then I'll get someone to come to like when we got James. James. James, I need to make money. We need to make, like, $7,005,000 by tomorrow and then in three more second, because I'm gonna get evicted, I'm gonna be bankrupt. And they're just so desperate. Like I needed a need a need. I want it. Never come across like that when you envision it. The fact of the matter is like, it's cool. I know it's gonna happen. All right? You're cool about it. Your column, Your collect, you're envisioning. You feel it in every single cell of your body. Many times it'll make the hair on your arms. Stand up or whatever. You get goose bumps. That's the type of envisioning you want. I always thought it was crazy. I always thought it was weird, but then I tried it. I did it. I completed it. I moved on with it, and I realized just how powerful that waas. Okay, so any type of goal you have as much envisioning as possible is always going to help you out. You can do this way. You're lying in bed. You could do this while you're in the shower. Don't do this while you're driving. You might crash. OK, but find some time not saying go meditate and, like, stand on your head and cross your legs and all that crazy stuff, but think from your goals. Like, what would it feel like? Toe have that goal you want. What this does is naturally sitting up your mind to imagine in a dream state of pure benefits. Okay, so let's say a woman want to lose weight. You want again to those skinny jeans. So she would imagine what is going to feel like to have her husband look at her like she never has in 20 years to make it feel like she was back in high school fitting into those skinny jeans to be the talk of the town on that 25. You know, year high school reunion. Whatever those goals are, you think from them. Okay, Sounds a little weird. Try it out. I know you're gonna love it. Envision Live from your goals as if it's already happening. There's a much higher chance that is going to come true. Worked perfectly for me. Like I said, it told everyone I was going to win. I imagine it literally, nonstop all the time. Try it out. Let me know how it works. Number 10 commit. Okay, this might sound pretty obvious, but a lot of people don't commit to the goals. They write them down, they probably don't even have a deadline. But the biggest aspect of actually making them come true is committing. Okay, When someone says I want to be wealthy, that means absolutely nothing to me. They say, Hey, I really need to be really wanna be. It doesn't really matter In order to In order to achieve any type of big goal, you need to commit to it. Wanting to do something and committing to doing something are very powerful him different words when you commit, that means you're doing whatever it takes when you commit. That means you quote unquote burn the boats. That means there's no going back. Okay, When I committed to making money online and starting an online business. I told myself I am never going back to a job after I was on unemployment. Here I am today. I never went back to a job and I never will because I burned the boats, I said, No matter what happens, I'm going to make this work. It's very rare that people do this because obviously there's going to be more risk to it and they have to commit to it. So if they fail, they're gonna feel like, Oh my God, I missed out But by doing that, you're missing out on a crucial part of actually reaching your goals. OK, commit to them. Write them down. Tell them the people. There's a lot of time to have ever read. Like those self help books will be a line where it says, like commit to being rich right now. Write it down. Telus many people as possible. I remember in Secrets of the Millionaire mind a big difference between people who are rich and poor. Like I talked about previously poor people kind of just want to be rich, you know, they talk about how they really, really want it. But then there's the wealthy people. They commit to being rich. They do whatever it takes to reach their goals. They don't mind if there's a speed bump coming up or if they fell multiple times because they know it's part of the natural process. When you commit to something, you go head on full in, and that's what you need to do. If you really want to reach your big, massive goals, OK, for goal is to just basically get up and make breakfast in the morning. You don't really need to commit to that. It kind of just happens. Yeah, you want to do it cause you're hungry. OK, so Number 10 commit. Burn the boats. There's no going back. If you really want to make the most of your goal, setting efforts commit whatever it is you want to do. This is your life. This isn't someone else's life. Commit to them, Make them happen. I got one more bonus. One for you, Okay? Just one more, probably because I didn't want to put 11 Commandments tennis so much better. I mean, come on. 11 wants to use that number anyway. Wake up and do it now, as in right now. Okay, pattern interrupts and massive action is what this is all about. Like I said, transformations have absolutely transformed my life Where I went into being a personal trainer, I wanted to help others build muscle, lose body fat and the best advice I ever gave my clients, which probably went through one year and out the other. Which happens, I guess a lot of times is to wake up early. Her okay, we got earlier. Probably the best solution to any problem. What that allows you to do is attack life at a completely different angle. It's a pattern interrupt. So if you're waking up at seven week about six week about five, get right out of bed and start going after what you want. A lot of times, people say I don't have time to get to the gym. What time you wake up? Seven. Okay, wake up. If I even go, the gender go. I don't want to. You see what I mean? They're they're not committing to it. When you wake up earlier and you jump right out of the bed, you're standing face to face with one of the biggest challenges of your day. I mean, how many times do people go to bed and just slap the What? Is that the sleeper? You know, you know what I'm talking about? I forgot the name of it until they go back to bed. This news, that's what it is. We'll hit the snooze. They hit this news. The fact of the matter is, you're probably never going to feel like doing what you need to get done. Okay? So when you actually just get up early and stand Strad bed and start your day, that's probably one of the most difficult decisions you have to make OK, in terms of getting something done when you don't feel like it. So if you can break through that, the rest of your day is going to be so much easier is gonna be so much more powerful you're gonna feel empowered. You tackled something new. That's why I say wake up and do it now. Massive action. I cannot stress enough. The reason why anyone gets to the goals is obviously cause they take massive action, but a lot of times you're not gonna feel like doing it. So wake up earlier and do it now. Do it first thing. You always have time to do it, especially when your goals are big, juicy, their exciting. You'll find time to make it happen. I don't need to tell you that you do the way pattern interrupts will change a day, they said. Wake up earlier, Tested out through your alarm clock out the window. Let me know how it works out for you. But wrapping this up this was the 10 Commandments, and I threw a little bonus one and their just cause. It's very powerful, and I've talked about that previously, and I feel like not enough people realise that. So if you really want to start making changes, go ahead and wake up earlier tomorrow. Do it first thing, See how it works out. Let me know either way, those with commandments. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next video