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The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: 10 Commandments To Achieving Your Goals Part 1

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Proof It Works


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      10 Commandments To Achieving Your Goals Part 1


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About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint. In this section of the course, you're going to discover the first 5 out of the 10 most important commandments when it comes to achieving your goals. These are imperative and must be noted before you even begin mapping out your goals and the steps you must take to achieve them. Consider these the unfair advantage to achieving your goals, and if you want to know what they are, be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It is James cans in L. A. And welcome to the ultimate goal setting blueprint, where in this specific section of the course, I'm going to be going over the 1st 5 out of the 10 Commandments when it comes to achieving your goals. Now think of this kind of like the gas that goes into your car. A lot of times, many people will go out the aim for goals, though, do a few things here and there. But a lot of times the fall flat on their face toe lose motivation, will get flat, will get bored of it, they'll move on to something else. And a lot of times, time will go by and nothing else happens. You want to make sure that doesn't happen to you. What these 10 Commandments are going to allow you to do is kind of get the unfair advantage when you begin when you go after your goals before anything gets set in motion. And this is what's going to really allow you to drive through, get inspired, get focused, know exactly what you want and separate yourself from the competition. A lot of great strategies here I'm going to give you a few examples and dive deeper into each of these. But either way, if you want to know what they are If you want to know what these 1st 5 commandments are, go ahead and then roll right now and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Proof It Works: Hey, what's going on? It is James Can Zillah. And before we begin, I want to shoot a very quick video, kind of giving you the proof that this works and a lot of the major goals that I have achieved just because I'm going to be referencing these many times to use this kind of back up as evidence as reasons that you should kind of following a similar nature when it comes to setting your goals and achieving them. All right, So before we begin, let's move on to the 1st 1 which has really been a massive change in my life has been body transformations, whether it be building muscle or losing weight or anything in between the biggest. I guess you could say transformation I had was winning a contest of over hundreds of people , which is on the top, right. Because of that, I got first place. I had this all inclusive flight to California. I got to train with the best natural bodybuilder in the world, as you can see in the video there and on the top left kind of before that, just allowing myself I was really overweight, as you could see it's in that picture on the left. I was in California like my stomach is just rooting against that shirt. So I went toe. I think I was around like 2 35 almost 2 40 on the right. I went down the 1 90 with six back there. But either way, the body transformations have really helped out in my life. So that's one of those major goals. I know a lot of people are looking to build muscle looking, a lose weight. They're looking toe, look better naked, whatever it is that can really help out in life. And when it comes to achieving those goals, a lot of the principles and the steps I'm going to be giving you can really help you do that and give you the edge and the upper advantage, actually reaching those goals much quicker. Okay, next big goal accomplished and am still working on obviously improving. I went from unemployment to self employment, so I have all the freedom I want. I have basically my own boss. I can wake up whenever I want. I can do whatever I want. It's awesome, like it's improving upon that obviously would be building a bigger income, moving to a specific spot. Obviously, there's plenty of goals that go along with that. But this isn't about me. This is about letting you know where I've come from and what I've accomplished. This has one that in the beginning I thought I would never be able to do it. That is gonna be trapped, working a job and then after going on unemployment, not having a lot of money to basically having a good chunk of money, so to speak in the bank right now and enjoying myself like I said, all the freedom. So that's been another massive goal in a lot of things I'm gonna be talking about can help you do similar. And it comes to a lot of specific principles and, of course, steps, which I'm going to go through. Last but not least, would be self improvement overload. This could be having confidence. This could be a little bit more extroverted if maybe really introverted, being more social attraction and having many new versions of yourself, right, cause you're always improving, like the salmon version 22,000 point. Oh, because while you might be the same person, you might change a little, but you're always gonna be making these tiny new versions. Reminds me of a well when they used to come out with, like, their new Internet. It's like a wall version 3.0. And in 4.15 point Oh, it just kept getting better and better and better. You want to think of it that way, all right, because when you work on your self improvement, when you hit goals, you're naturally going to get better. Whatever. Maybe with confidence, with being social with attraction especially comes to the opposite sex If you're single, if you're like me, if you're a guy, you're going to notice that somebody come much easier to attract females into your life. I can tell you many times women have come up to me and literally giving me their number. They'll offer to buy me drinks. It's insane, like not even doing anything. This is from improving your life. This is from reaching your goals. It'll attract this or of confidence. It's not gonna be is difficult finding, you know, someone to date. I'll just tell you that much. Okay, so if that's what you're looking for, this could really help as well. They're always gonna be improving yourself and self improvement. Overload is something I'm always working on because you something you can always improve. Those have been some of the biggest aspects of goal kind of defining, achieving them, going after them. There's been plenty more. But these air kind of the Big Three and a lot of people out there are usually wanting to either lose weight, build muscle, obviously increased maybe their social interaction, attraction, dating or obviously get more money in the bank building online business. Those are kind of the big main movers, so I want to bring those up. But either way, it's proof it works. I'm not just, like, kind of giving you random information. I've also hung around millionaires, movers and shakers. You know, the best natural bodybuilder in the world who used to hang out with Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar and appeared on national commercials during the Super Bowl for multiple companies. Okay, got to hang out with a lot of influential people. So I've learned a lot from mentors, from mistakes for millionaires, whatever. Maybe you're getting a lot of great information crammed into this. This is just a proof that it works. And I don't have any other testimonials at the time. I don't go around asking people like, Hey, how did I change your life either way? With that being said, if you do find something helpful if you do find something informative, do let me know. I love hearing about results. Okay, I don't chase people down for it, but that would be really cool, because I know this scuff can truly help you. So that's the short video. That's the proof that it works. That's a few things you're gonna be learning about. Either way, that's this video see in the next one. 3. 10 Commandments To Achieving Your Goals Part 1: Hey, what's going on? It is James Ken's in L. A. And welcome to this portion of the ultimate goal setting blueprint 10 Commandments to achieving your goals. So what I'm going to be doing is breaking this down in two separate videos where I'm going to be talking about the 1st 5 and the last five. And these have kind of been extracted, used and realized after going through and achieving many goals myself, hanging out with others, taking courses, you know, hanging around with. People have been doing very big things with their life. So this is kind of extracted from a lot of great examples, not only myself, but people who have just moved mountains, so to speak. When it comes to goal setting. And you can use all these, which I highly recommend, You can use just a few of these, which I don't recommend either way, if something in here sounds counterintuitive to at least give it some thought, because if you're doing right now, whatever you're doing and it's not working for you, there's a very good chance you need to change things up because if you keep doing the same thing, you're going to keep getting the same result. That's how I was for a majority of my life, I'd say, probably up until college, a lot of years doing the same stuff. Granted, I wasn't really setting goals when I was five years old. I was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. See the way? Let's continue starting with number one. Gonna talk about them, give them MAWR examples. Some I won't go too far into debt because those are going to be part of these steps when it comes to actually achieving your goals. But either way, here's number one. Sell yourself, okay, buying to the buzz, the hype, the opportunity. And this has come from me personally. All the biggest goals I've ever setting accomplished. In the beginning, I was so excited about a certain opportunity about the window of time about what I could actually leverage where I could get my hands on the once in a lifetime opportunity. Whatever it was, I sold myself on it. In being able to do that, you will put yourself light years ahead of the cool unquote competition or whatever you're looking to achieve or whatever you're looking to accomplish. Also, throughout this entire blooper, I'm gonna be using a lot of different examples. A lot of them will deal with online business and what to say, like weight loss or anything fitness related because those air some of the bigger ones but just want to throw that in there. But for example, when I won the transformation contest out of over hundreds of people and I took first place initially when that happened, I knew it was like a dream come true. It was like a bodybuilding contest. We'd have to actually go on stage. And it wasn't about who can get the best physique. Yes, it was about transformation, but there was much more to it where I knew I'd have the upper hand. Because me being this tall guy who has this basketball frame, this runners frame, I'm just not going to win against someone with a good set of genetic. So I realized this is something I'm gonna win. I knew it right there right from the start. I sold myself on the opportunity. Plus I had leverage. First prize winner was getting a full trip to California, my favorite state in the world. OK, so immediately I sold myself on it the same thing When it came the Internet marketing, I was broke. I was on unemployment was still living with my parents fresh out of college. It was horrible, Let me tell you. So when I came across this make money online opportunity, I was crazy about it. I bought into the buzz I bought into the hype I bought into the opportunity. Heck, even if a lot of the hype was just really quote unquote high p and just kind of made up and inflated, it didn't matter because I knew the potential of it. And that allowed me to drive forward any time I'd hit a roadblock. Er, it fell. I keep going because I had that excitement, that enthusiasm, that zeal. That's why I'm telling you right now, you need to sell yourself on whatever goes you're going to be having. And it's not something to say like Oh, this is gonna be awesome and then be done. Okay, If you suppress feelings like that where you're not selling yourself, you are really going to set yourself up for a hard time because I see a lot of people will go through, they'll be like, Oh, the WordPress won't, you know, set up on my site or the gym's closed today and it was like Quit. They'll stop, and that usually comes along with not selling yourself. That's like the gas you need in the tank before we even start going. So keep that in mind. Whatever goal you have, maybe you want to lose a lot of weight. What's the leverage behind it? Why is that so awesome? Why can that change your life? How can that change the life of others around you? How can that transform you? Ask yourself these questions. Really great example of I remember. I don't remember who it was specifically, but a millionaire doing a talk, saying like, Hey, listen, I know I'm a millionaire, but the fact that matter is this. If you don't believe that you can truly become a millionaire, everything I'm going to be telling you is going to be in vain. It's not gonna work. You need to sell yourself on that. You can become a millionaire. That is definitely not out of reach for you. You can do it regardless of how much time it's going to take. Okay? He made a perfect example there. You got to sell yourself on the opportunity. The buzz, the height by Intuit. Use all your motions. That's fine. If it doesn't go as perfectly planned as it wants to as you want to. It happens that way many times. Breathe away. Sell yourself. Look, in the past, any type of goal you've ever set and having achieved, did you sell yourself on it? Did you get excited? Were you juiced about it? Do you feel like jumping out of bed first thing in the morning? Because you have this awesome opportunity on your hands, Okay? People online by a lot of products. And then they sit there and do nothing. Great. Example of this is whenever you buy something like that, anytime you get information, use it immediately. Leverage off that excitement off the hype off the opportunity. Okay. Don't sleep on it. Okay? So that sell yourself a lot of stuff going into that any time we have ever failed a goal, ask yourself. Did you really buy into it? Did you sell yourself on the idea on the goal on the opportunity? Whatever it's going to be could have a 1,000,000 goals right now. But think about all the ones you've accomplished and all the ones you haven't. There's a good chance the ones that you accomplished your sold yourself a little on, even if you didn't realize it at the time. But this really extra leverage. This is why I put this number one. Because a lot of people miss out on this. It makes your job or task of setting and accomplishing your goals so much harder. Okay, so that's number one number to think big. Seriously, this is one of those counter intuitive things, mostly for the fact that it's like, Oh, you shouldn't think bay because if you fail, it's gonna hurt that much more, which I believe is just absolutely ridiculous. A lot of times from setting goals, I set really Biggles, and I'll tell you what a lot of people are. Why the hell would you do that? Or why would you aim for such a huge goal? Why would you even think you can move that much weight so quickly? You know, let's say I was doing like, lifting or whatever, and I realized that the majority of people set the smallest goals in the world, and I didn't want to be like the average person. That's what they were doing. They weren't even hitting these small goals. So that was like my initial thing. And then I heard, think big. You know, I had a coach and a mentor, and I just couldn't stop doing it because of the progress I noticed. And you know it. Even if I didn't hit these massive goals, I came so close to them and accomplished so much more than aiming for something less. Aside from thinking big, there is a massive difference between the man or woman who thinks big and sets massive goals compared to the person who's just gonna, you know, aim for the ceiling. Let me give you a good example. You got two people identical. Let's say two guys. They both graduated from high school. Same exact GP. A same exact talent skills. Knowledge was to say, you clone the same person. Okay, person A. They're big goal once they get out of school. Is that there? Let's er they want to get out of college. Is they want to get a job? I don't know. Burger king Nothing wrong with Burger King. But the fact of the matter is, I'm sure you can agree. That's not the biggest, loftiest school in the world. As just about anyone can go out there and do that. The other person after graduating college wants to go out there and become the new vice president of Google. I don't know something that's obviously a little bit more challenging, a little bit loftier of a goal, so to speak, the difference between A and B how they wake up in the morning, the actions they take, the actions they don't take, how they walk, how they present themselves, how they talk to other people. Do you think there's going to be a massive difference between person A and person B? The answer is yes. All because they set this in motion. In the beginning, they thought big, and then they took actions to get toe or not. We're not on the actions part. I know we're in the thinking part, but do you see where I'm getting at? Okay. What? I entered this six month transformation contest immediately from the beginning. I said, I'm gonna win. I'm going to be number one. That's my goal. That's from striving for, and I knew that from the beginning. It's gonna be very hard to beat someone like that. Who knows that from the start? Because everything they do is going to be about winning. Everything they do is going to be about setting that goal and achieving it. OK, do you see how that differentiates you from anyone else who says who? Maybe wants to achieve a similar gold? You maybe is in your same space. I know this isn't always going to be the issue, like if you're looking to lose weight, it's not like, Oh, I got to compete against the world. It is not going to be that way because you just lose your weight. But if you're in some contest, you want to do some business. You're in some space where there's other people in your space that's going to give you the edge. Okay, think big set really high goals. One of my coaches, who I won the transformation contest was you know, his goal was when he first started, he wanted to be the best natural bodybuilder in the world in the entire world. That is a massive, huge goal. Imagine if you just said, you know, I just want to get bigger biceps. So what's he going to do with the thought like that? Or with the goal like that? Always gonna do? Is going to go to the gym here and there is gonna have some protein is gonna eat a little more compared to being the best in the world. You got to be in the top of your game. You got to go the gym at specific times you got Know exactly how many reps are doing Haman , how much weight you're doing. You have to make sure writing down and tracking your goals. Your measurements. Got to make sure you're buying the food, prepared food, cooking the food, not missing a meal. It's a completely different machine. Think big from the beginning. Don't stop thinking big. That's my philosophy on that. Use it. I recommend it. Obviously, it's here. Let's move on. The number three number three is PMG like a pro. Not gonna be diving deep into this one because this is actually part of the steps. I've taught this before in the previous class and everyone loved it. It was I was pretty excited that I kind of made this up and people were digging it. Yeah, little pat myself on the back there. Either way, this is all about personal. Maintain and grow. Okay, So want to actually get into your goals? When you started thinking big, you sell yourself on the process. You're gonna need to come up with some type of, you know, step by step formation of doing that, regardless of what your goals are. And PMG is gonna lie to really shine and get the most of your efforts in a quicker amount of time. Okay, So just in a nutshell, when you're going through in figuring out the steps to achieving your goal, there's going to be three things that are going to kind of be evolved with it. Let's say you're mapping out your day and you're doing all these actions. There's going to be actions that are personal. Okay, let's say you gotta don't run to the bank. You gotta do the dishes. You got to get groceries. You gotta drop off your kids at daycare. You got to pick up your dog. All these personal things that you normally have to do in your everyday life. Okay? Really Not going to mean much when it comes to setting your goals, OK, that would be personal. Okay, Next would be maintained. When it comes to an online business. Maintaining would be in action, like, I don't know, putting up a block post. Okay, You're probably not going to be growing much out of that unless you have an affiliate link . There's a lot of other instances when it comes to online marketing or just about any goal. For example, when it comes to maintaining, let's just say you are building muscle losing body fat. What you're doing is you're doing your progress, okay? You're taking progress pictures. Maybe you're doing your measurements. This is helping you in terms of your goal. But that's not going toe. Have the biggest direct effect on your growth to reaching your goal. So if you're doing weight loss or muscle building, what grow would be obviously would be having your meals in getting to the gym, Those air, the biggest aspects of reaching your goal, right? Okay. Everything else is going to be maintained. Okay, That's just an example for weight loss and muscle building, But you need to know what the biggest movers are. The biggest growth spots are of your goal. This is very easy to do with business. It's basically what brings and leads what brings in the money, you know, and so on and so forth. When it comes to weight loss, what's losing the weight? What's putting it in action? Obviously, you know, driving to the gym Ah, wouldn't be as big of a deal. It's more of getting to the gym and actually doing the work. And, of course, you could say like getting food. But it's actually preparing the food than eating the food necessary. Okay, you see what I mean? Once you know the differentiators from actually achieving your goal, what's holding you back and what's going to be moving you forward Just like that? You can have a ton of clarity by itself. So that's PMG like a pro to do Tomoe like a pro. Here's another one that's going to be in the step by step kind of blueprint, so I'm not gonna go over it like crazy. This is a phrase I coined many years back because, um, I realized that in order to get the most amount of stuff done. I needed to know what I had to do tomorrow before my head hit the pillow. So I came up with this. It's ah to do Tomoe, which is short for true tomorrow and you create a list of the things you need to do. All right. And this goes hand in hand with PMG where you're walking to the steps, you're categorizing them by what's the most important, what you need to do first. And of course, what needs to get done. Okay, This also allows you to kind of gamma phi the situation, which is Ah ah, neat little term in terms of making your goals into a game, making it fun, making it exciting. So whenever you accomplish a goal, when you ever accomplished step, you can check it off. You can give yourself a mini reward, and you can actually keep track of it. So, you know, you kind of have a scorecard to it, right? Cause when I talked about before, when you have PNG, you know what's gonna be growing your business or growing your muscles are allowing you to lose weight. You can keep track of it and it's gonna help you feel good about the process. Gonna help you continue. It's gonna help you move on. Even though you hit a speed bump. Re you bumped in the felon or whatever it's gonna be. But in a nutshell to to tomorrow is exactly what it says. There. What are you going to be doing tomorrow? We're gonna talk about that more in the action steps. So let's move on five. His deadlines apply that pressure. So many people run from pressure, and it's really not a good thing. Okay, you need pressure. You need deadlines. If you ever went to school and you had an essay, do there was always a deadline to it. Didn't say, Hey, you got to write this essay. Do it whenever you would have never done it. If you're like me, you write it down and you probably don't even start it until the day before. But you know what? All that pressure, You know what it did? It allowed you to get it done. Okay, a goal without a deadline is just a dream. Okay, so if you have these lofty goals and there's no time limit on it, you're probably just gonna, you know, age away literally and not get it done until you realize, Hey, I need to put a deadline on this. I need toe send a specific time, and when you do that many times, you're gonna feel the pressure. That's a good thing that's gonna force you to act okay. Time is crucial when it comes to achieving your goals. The fact of the matter is that you're going to be thinking big and you're gonna be having deadlines on this, you know, it's going apply even more pressure. Very counterintuitive. I know a lot of people want to think like, Oh, there shouldn't be any presser pressure stress. I think all that is crap. How can you have massive goals in your life and not feel any pressure or stress whatsoever ? It just doesn't go hand in hand. So if you think this is going to be like super Oh, I feel amazing all the time. It's not going to be like that. Get that out of your head. I don't know why people tell you that in the first place just to make you feel good, But if you want to achieve big things you need to put pressure on them and apply deadlines . I have funnels online. One of the best tools that used for is called deadline funnels. It's a scarcity tool where it tracks them. It kind of pixels them and cookies them Where if they come back to the page in three days, it changes the page in the price Doubles like from $500. 2000. Guess what happens when you use one of those. Your sales explode. You know why? Because of deadlines, it puts a timer, and it says You've got to do this now. Otherwise you're gonna pay the price. The same exact thing When it comes to goals, set deadlines, apply the pressure, feel the pressure and do what needs to get done anyway. Okay, so that's one through five. Kind of chop this video up into two. So hope you enjoyed those five and I will see you on the next video