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The Push Notification Ads Traffic Strategy

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Push Notification Course

    • 2. 3 Common Myths about Push Ads

    • 3. Quick start Guide to Push Notifications

    • 4. Setup a Push Notification Campaign Part 1

    • 5. Setup a Push Notification Campaign Part 2

    • 6. How to send your OWN push notifications

    • 7. How to start collecting push notification subscribers

    • 8. Send your First Push Notification Campaign

    • 9. Tracking Platform for Push Notifications

    • 10. Tracking Platform Panel Overview

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About This Class


With the growth of smartphones, come new forms of advertising. One of those are push notifications.

They are competing quite well against other forms of online advertising as can be found on Google and Facebook. However push notifications can cost you as little as 1c per click? And when you advertise using push notifications you ONLY pay for each click!

Plus, a big advantage push notifications have is that they get delivered in real time and immediately notify a person. This means that they are a great tool for promoting limited time offers.


Push notifications are proving to be one of the most profitable tools in the modern marketer’s arsenal. And at this moment there is an opportunity to get quality visitors to your website at a small cost compared to other advertising methods.

That’s why I created this course, I have seen this to be a trending ad format and it’s not going to disappear but grow stronger in the upcoming years


  • If you have an online offer and need to promote it than this course can help.
  • If you are a blog owner and need to build traffic to your blog then this method will help.
  • If you have an e-commerce website then push notifications will help boost your sales.
  • If you are an affiliate marketer looking for new forms of advertising then push notifications can improve your conversions.
  • No high tech skills are required for this method, although it would help if you have your own website.


  • Create your own push notification campaigns.
  • Find valuable traffic sources for push notification ads.
  • And you will learn 3 golden sources of traffic that I have tested and are full of traffic that converts.
  • You will also be able to start collecting push notification subscribers so that you will be able to send push notifications to your very own subscriber list. And you will not even need a mobile app to set this up.

Enrol today and get started on your next ad campaign using push notifications.


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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1. Push Notification Course: Are you wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive forms of online advertising without seeing results? What if I was to reveal to you our way that could slash your advertising costs and get more leads and sales. Sounds hard to believe. Well, would the growth of smartphones come new ways of advertising? One of those are push notifications. And they are competing quite well against other more expensive forms of advertising such as Google and Facebook. Did you know that push notifications can cost you as little as $0.01 per-click. And when you advertise on a traffic network, you only pay for each click. Also, push notifications are known for getting delivered in real-time and immediately notifying a person. This means that they are a great tool for promoting limited time offers. So if you are not using push notifications to get traffic to your offer, you are missing out on a powerful advertising methods. So who is this course for? If you have an offer and need to promote it, that this course can help you. If you are a blog owner, push notifications will help bring more traffic to your website. If you have an e-commerce website, then push notifications will help boost your sales. No high-tech skills are required folders method, although it would help if you have your own website at the end of this lesson, you will be able to create your own push notification Campaigns, find valuable traffic sources for push notification ads. And you will learn three golden sources of traffic that I have tested and are full of traffic that converts. You will also be able to start collecting push notifications subscribers, so that you will be able to send push notifications to your very own subscriber list. And you will not even need a mobile app to set this up. And at this moment, there is an opportunity to get quality visitors to your website at a small cost compared to other advertising methods. That's why I created this course. I have seen this to be a trending ad format and it's not going to disappear, but grow stronger in the upcoming years. Let's do a quick overview of this course. In the first section, I want to introduce you to push notifications. You will learn many different traffic sources for push advertising. Also, as a guide, I will walk you through the entire steps for setting up a push notification campaign. In the second section, you will learn how to send your own push notification Campaigns. I will be focusing on web push notifications. This is different to app notifications, which require an up. Web push. Notifications are connected to a web browser. The notification will still be displayed, whether it's on a phone or on a desktop PC, but it is connected to a browser. And at the end of the training, I will reveal to you an excellent tool I use for setting up campaign tracking of push notification Campaigns. It's a free tool and it's great because it has all the features of paid tools, except you don't have to spend over a $100 per month. Before we start. I would just like to say, thanks for enrolling and I appreciate you taking this step to learn how to get traffic using push notifications. Let's dive into the content and I will see you in the first lesson. 2. 3 Common Myths about Push Ads: push notifications are becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate with potential customers. And in this lesson, I want to share and completely destroy three common myths that are associated with push notifications. Myth number one. A common belief is that people don't want to receive notifications that by sending them you are actually bothering the person. Well, the truth is, you need permission first before you send a push notification. So if they are bothering the person, they can always unsubscribe. However, data shows that push notifications are bringing about more engagement from potential customers. So unless your GIs sending promotional offers more than five times a week at all times of day and night, then people will stay, subscribes and find your notifications valuable. Which leads me onto their second myth mid number to push notifications. Do not bring conversions. I want to present to you some data that was produced by Kahuna about push notification engagement. Here's their chart, and from this chart we see that nearly 40% notification engagement is from the utility and financial services sector, while the lowest engagement is still over 10% and it comes from retail and e commerce industries. The reality is that people are actively engaging in push notifications and push notifications are presenting ah, unique opportunity for more sales and leads. Myth number three. You need a mobile up to send notifications. Push notifications are really popular on phones, and a load off ups sends push notifications so people naturally associate push notifications to ups. On Lee, however, I want to tell you about Web push notifications. These are push notifications that are connected to a browser. When a person visits your website, you asked them permission to send notifications. If they agree, then they will receive your notifications and no up is required. The best part of Web push notifications is that once a person agrees to receive them, they don't even have to be browsing the Web. And they will still receive your notifications in the next lesson. Let's go into more detail about push notifications and getting more traffic 3. Quick start Guide to Push Notifications: in this lesson, I want to introduce you to push notifications. So what are they? These are notifications that are connected to a website or on up, and a user has to agree to them before they start receiving them. So here's a typical message that someone may get as a request to send them push notifications on a computer. The person will get a notification on their desktop screen. On the phone, they will get a notification that appears in the lock screen so a user will see it, and until the notification is clicked or deleted, it will be there. Perhaps that's the advantage over Bana rods, because sometimes banners become invisible and are ignored, whereas with push notifications are, user actively has to dismiss it. So when are they most effective? Push notifications are a great source of traffic for a lot of different content. Some examples are mobile apps, e commerce sites, gambling offers, dating offers and health products, and that's just to name a few offers. So how did they compare in performance? Here is a screenshot that I did in one of my traffic sources, and you can see the result off three different campaigns. The first campaign was a display campaign, so this basically means that this was a banner campaign. The next campaign was push notifications, and the third campaign were native arts. And native ads are basically adds that try to appear just like native content off a block or of a website. Now, Before we analyzed this data, just bear in mind that none of these campaigns were optimized. So you cannot use this screen shirt to make any proper conclusions about the effectiveness off banner ads or native arts. However, one thing that is a significant difference here and is quite clearly visible is the price, and the quick to write push notifications are cheaper. And this could be because you are being charged on a CPC or otherwise known as a cost per click basis. And this is different to, say, display ad in this case, the banner ads. Because over there I was being charged for 1000 impressions off the banners. Now, overall, I think trafficking push notification is better because the user has to go through more steps to land on your offer because, see, they will get the notification they can either swipe and delete it or click on it. And this is much different than Bonera. But this was a small campaign just to show you the difference between the costs involved. Speaking off costs. Let me give you an even closer indication of how much you will spend on push notifications because it really depends on the ad network that you are using in the country that you are targeting. As a general rule, cost can range from half a cent for trafficking India to more than 10 cents in the United States. But bear in mind that some campaigns you will want to bid more in any case and outbid your competitors just so you get a higher quality of traffic. Now, regarding push notifications, there is one thing that I need to warn you about. You do not want to try any type of push notification campaign without this one step, because push notifications can be cheap, you may have a tendency just to set up a campaign and by a lot of cheap traffic. Now this is not recommended. There's a lot of traffic, but you need to optimize your campaign and target the right kind of traffic to do this, you need to set up tracking. You need to have a conversion goal that you are testing. That's because you must know which operating system is converting which connection type is best, what a WiFi or cellular. Do you want to get desktop notifications or mobile notifications for different industries? Different notifications work better, and if you do not set up any tracking short, you may get results. But there is a bigger chance that you will just spend money and not get any results. The key advantage off all of this conversion tracking is that if you get a conversion, you know where it came from. You can optimize your campaign to get more traffic from these sources. Let me share with you a couple of potential traffic sources for push notifications. Now this is a relatively new type of art format, and it is really popular. But basically all you have to do is type push notifications into Google, and you will literally have ads from push notification providers chasing you around the Internet. However, there are a couple of ad networks that I recommend. Firstly, that's push. This is a new ad network, and it specializes Onley in push notifications. Next, we have froggy ads. Now they have on older dashboard design, and I think they shoot updated. But nonetheless, they have a lot of traffic and their push notification traffic does offer conversions, But apart from push notifications, you can buy Ban Arad's native odds. And there are a couple of other formats as well on frog yet, and the third source that I recommend is zero Park. Now it's the most expensive to start because he need to deposit $200. The other ones. They're cheaper to start, I think Froggy, it's It's like $25 to start and that's push about $50 but you'll have to check on the website. Okay, so enough theory, let's go and set up a proper push notification, camping. 4. Setup a Push Notification Campaign Part 1: there are many good sources for push notification advertising, however, I will set up a campaign using zero park. I think it's a good starting point because they have easy to dashboard. However, the value in seeing how the push notifications are set up using Zero Park are that on most off the advertising campaigns, with zero park or froggy odds or that's push, the process of setting up push notifications is very similar. So that's the value that you get from watching me set up this type of campaign. Okay, so let's Logan one thing that you have to be aware off when running push notification campaigns is that you need a testing budget and on optimizing budget, the basics office are that first you collect data, then you remove all the but performing websites from your campaign, and then you run your campaign for profit. So essentially, first you are buying data in the form of traffic than you are optimizing it and then you are running the campaign and earning a profit. So to start, click on new campaign, then select push notifications. Here you have three options. Arrow End stands for run of network in this type of campaign, you will receive all traffic from all sources. It is completely untargeted and you will get the most amount off traffic. But it's valuable seeing this is the first campaign that you will run. You will run it and pay to collect valuable data. When you run your campaign, then you will notice which websites are converting the best. The next campaign option is a target. Campaign targets are websites, so after you have run your runoff network campaign, you will notice which websites are converting the best. So then you will set up a target campaign Onley having those websites. The third campaign is a source campaign and I thought is like a website owner. So if you have top performing sources, you can target them instead off just using targets. So to summarize the difference between a source campaign and a target campaign is that a source is like a person who has a website and a target is that website, so a source can have multiple websites. So seeing this is the first campaign, let's click on R O n. So now let's set up our campaign and for the purpose off this campaign I will promote an online course, so this is just a example campaign, but this is the offer that I will promote. It is a landing page two on online course about how to create a professional Fyvie, and this is the euro. So the campaign name will be CV design course. Next, the pricing model. Now this is always CPC, so cost per click. Then we can select the country that we wish to target. So let's just select in this example friends, if you want to be more specific than you, can narrow your ad campaign to certain regions or certain cities within the one country. But this comes after testing the campaign. Next we have the bid, so it's CPC. So over here we can see that for front. It will cost us a minimum off eight cents per click. For the daily budget thing, this is a push campaign. The daily minimum is $20. So because we are just testing, I would set this up to $20. But a word of warning. Make sure that you set a maximum daily budget because there's plenty of traffic here. If you said it as unlimited, you will blow your budget very quickly. Unless you have an optimized campaign. You don't know which target convert, and if you have an unlimited budget, it will just it will not go very well. So make sure that you set the maximum daily budget and same for the campaign budget. Do not leave it as unlimited. So in this case, a $40 always set a maximum because you never know what will happen and setting a maximum budget. It's like a safeguard for your own campaign, for your own money, and you can always edit it and raise it in the future. Now we have traffic filters over here. I suggest that you create a separate campaign for desktop traffic and for mobile traffic, you will be optimizing campaign. And the reality is that desktop traffic or desktop notifications they convert differently to mobile notifications. And I believe it is much harder to optimize a campaign that is running both types of traffic. So in this example, I will select Mobile only. Now let's click on Advanced, and here you see that we can optimize by the network source or by the operating system. For now, we will target everything. But later, when you start seeing results, you will be able to optimize based on the traffic type, which converts the highest. So a lot of the times this will involve uncheck ing 100 tablet and just having android phone, and you can even drew. You're tracking software. Check exactly which version converts better, and you can limit your campaign to that version now. If we were running a desktop campaign, then we can optimize it based on the browser to the person who's using and by the operating system. But over here I selected mobile only traffic. Then we have the frequency filters. This lets you limit how often your ad is displayed to the same user. If we select 12 hours, this means that your campaign will receive the same visitor no more than once every 12 hours. You'll have to test this to see which type of filter performs better. But as a starting point, I always set it for 12 hours. Then we have adult filtering for push notifications. We just have known adults traffic and then over here, day parting. This is very important, so you can set the exact hours when your ad will be displayed. When you tracked conversions, this will be most valuable. You will see trends between conversions and different hours and, in fact, different days as well. Like in one of my campaigns, I noticed that between the hours off 12 and 13 I never had any conversions. Now I assume it's because most people are on a lunch break. So because I had no conversions, I just turned off traffic during those hours. OK, now it's time to create our push notifications creators. 5. Setup a Push Notification Campaign Part 2: Now let's create our push notification creatives. So basically, what we need is on image, a headline and a short description. The image. It has to be 192 by 192 dimensions, so it is an icon. So for the purpose of this example, let me just get on existing icon that I already have set up on this computer. So here's my icon. It's a picture of a CV, and as a heading, I can use online CV writing, of course. And then, for the description I can write, learn to proven formula for promoting yourself with your CV perfect. And when you set up your campaign, you will want to make sure you have at least three different creatives. So let's just create another one and this one. I can call it Job Seekers TV Guide and I just copy the description. As in the first time here, we see how the notification will appear moving on. Next we have the destination you are. This is the site Ural off your offer. It's where your user will be redirected after they click on your art. Now for tracking purposes, you need to use their click I d parameter, which in this case is this C I d. Here. But in this example we will skip it over here. This is the destination you are. L so I will copy it and based it here Now Conversion Tracking. Let's click on show For now, we are skipping this. When you are either working with an affiliate network or working with a tracking service, then you can use this post Buck, you are over here now. The purpose off the post back, Ural it so that when you get a conversion, zero park records the conversion next to your campaign, so it will show up in the reports. Then you will know which target site was responsible for delivering the conversion. Now, this is how the post buck looks in zero park end. Of course, I am not focusing on tracking, but just for your information, you won't need toe update this post back with a unique C i d. Parameter. Because this ending over here this c i d. This is requesting for the click I d. That is usually located in the initial destination euro. So let's hide this and move on next we have campaign vertical over here. Just click on it and then browse through all of the verticals that they have push notifications for and select the one that is most relevant to your offer. So, for me thing I'm advertising a Fyvie design course, I will just click on carriers. Next, do you use pre lenders? It is asking whether you are using a landing page before your offer. So is this a direct campaign which links directly to your offer that you're promoting? In my case, it is. This is the offer that I'm promoting. So for this, I will select no. However, if I had another page before my offer like a landing page, then I would select yes for pre lenders. Now the cost model. This is linked to your conversion tracking. So if you are working with an affiliate network, are they paying you based on a CPL, which is cost per lead or C p. A. Which is Cosper action or CPI, I cost bring store. So this doesn't apply to this campaign, and then we have the campaign status after approval. So every campaign that I set up it has to be approved and do. I wanted to be active immediately. So seeing this is a sample campaign, I will just select post and then I would save it. And that's older, really is to it. This is the process off setting up I push notification campaign. Then comes the part where you have to track your results and optimize your campaign. I hope you enjoy this and thank you for watching. 6. How to send your OWN push notifications: welcome back. So far, I've shown you how to set up a push notification campaign using ad networks. There are many traffic sources for push notifications, and you can get a load of results fast. Now I want to share with you an easy way to send your own push notification campaigns. This is known as a re marketing campaign because you are sending notifications to people who have already visited your website, which means that you need to have visitors coming to your site first so that you can build your own list off. Push notification subscribers. Here is the process and how it works. You have a website, you get traffic to your site, and when that user visits your site, you show them I push notification request. If they agree, then they get added to your push notification list and this convict You impressive results because you will be sending push notifications to people who have already expressed an interest in your offer. And the best part is that you can set this up for free. I want to introduce you to one service called samples on their website. These campaigns are known as Web push notifications These notifications are connected to a browser, and you can send them to desktop, PC's or mobile phones, depending on how user subscribes to your list. When you send a campaign, the notification will be displayed instantly or if the users offline, then once they get online, they will see your message. So let me show you how to use this service. The first step is to open an account, so go to the Center Pools website and it's easy. Just type into your browser window. Sent pulls dot com underside over over products and click on Web Bush here. If you want. In your own time, you can read some more information about the push notifications, but to set up your account, just scroll back to the top and then click on. Try now, and all you have to do is filling these details and you're set with a scent bulls account. Alternatively, if you don't want to fill up the top section, they have made it even easier for you so you can sign up with your Facebook account or with your Google account. So when you are looked into the panel, then you have to set up your website for push notifications. Let's do that now 7. How to start collecting push notification subscribers: once you're locked into sent pulls, then I want you to go to the top left hand corner and click on push. And then you will want to add a new website. First things first. Typing your girl over here now a quick tip. Make sure that your website is configured with https. Although the service does work with http, it is recommended to use Hey https plus Ah, Hey, Https site is the standard for websites. Even if you are granting a Google s your campaign, Google will rate your site lower. If you're just using hasty DP plus some advertising networks, they do not accept http, so make sure your website is secured. So after you've typed in your girl, then we have some general website settings to set up here. You are basically setting up the notification request message. So for this you need firstly UNIKOM, which is 128 by 1 28 pixels. And now we have the subscription request so you can set it up so that it immediately gets opened. When somebody loads your website or when they click a certain element on your web site, then they get the request or alternatively, if you want, you can set up a custom notification request, So there are a lot of things that you can change over here. In this example, I want my request to be opened up whenever somebody loads the website. Now we have the option Tow ARD. A prompt message here is an example of a prompt message. It's this white text over here. I think it's extra space that offers you a chance to promote your offer. So I would add some text over here. Otherwise you just received the standard Typical notification. So once you have filled this out, then you would click on the next step and then it will take you to a screen with instructions. How to configure your website. I have already added a website, but I haven't set it up, so I'll show you what those instructions look like. So this is the website, I added. But I haven't integrated it. So this is the next screen that you will actually see when you are setting up your website and these are the instructions you must follow to properly configure website for push notifications. Well, actually, there are two ways for integrating. If you are using a Wordpress website, it makes things very, very easy because you just have, ah, plugging that does it for you. But if you are editing the website yourself, then it's a two step process. Step number one you have here a script, you will have to copy it and you have to paste it in their heads. Tag off your HTML file and then the second process involves downloading some set of files and copy and pasting them in the root directory off your website. So it's usually the public HTML directory, so these are the set of files. I'll just donald them. You will have to extract them and then copy and paste them into your website domain. So it's a Jason file and a JavaScript file. But it's very easy because you don't have to edit anything. You just have to copy and paste them. And once that is done, you just click on verify settings. So what I'm going to do is I'll quickly show you how to integrate, sent pulls using a WordPress website. So here I have logged into my WordPress website and I will go to plug ins and adding You and I am searching for sent pulls. This one here sent pulls free Web Bush. So you install it, activated and then over here, go to settings and sent bulls weapon polls. And this is the coat that we saw earlier. And if you added here, water purse will automatically added to the head tug off your website. So here, let me just copy it, paste it and save my changes. Now I just go back to center bulls and let's verify my settings and the code was added correctly to my site. So now comes the final stage, and I will show you how to send a push notification campaign. 8. Send your First Push Notification Campaign: So let's go back to the main dashboard. If you're not already here, then click on push and then click on send push for the list of recipients just at your website. However, if you don't have any subscribers, you won't be able to add it. In this account I have one website with subscriber, so it automatically has been added here and now you can configure your push notification message. So here you can add a title. My push notification, then underneath it, we have the text for the ad and the third thing is the weapon push link. So this is the link to your offer. Now, if we want, we can replace the standard website image. So this is the icon that you initially used to set up your website so you can replace it and add another icon which has a dimension off 1 28 by 1 28 for your push notification and then on the right hand side over here, you can see how the notification will look on different systems like the 1st 1 is how it will look on chrome on on windows. Then we see the notification Firefox, then on Mac OS using the chrome browser. Let's quickly go over some additional options. Here. You can customize your message so you can add a bigger image. You cannot some extra buttons as well to the push notification, but these do not work on old browsers. The extra features are only relevant to chrome browsers and mostly operating systems that are run on windows so you can test this area if you want to. Then we have some additional settings here, but D settings. While they're mostly relevant. If you have a really large list off subscribers, we have the push lifetime here. This is for setting a time frame for the delivery of push notifications. After this time, no more messages will be delivered. Then we have sent throttling. If you're sending once again to a really large list, you do not want to send all the push notifications at once because it would use a lot of load time for your website. So instead, you can set it up to sending notifications in smaller budges between one and five hours and the last one you TM codes. This is for trucking purposes. You can track the performance off each individual push notification campaign. Using this you team coat. And finally, we can send the message immediately or she juillet for a future time. But in this case, this is just a sample message. Oh, are we just Quicken sent. So that is it. That's how easy it is to send push notifications. I hope you enjoy this. 9. Tracking Platform for Push Notifications: Hello again, Tom. Here. In this lesson, I want to introduce you to a tracking platform that works really well with push notifications. When you are running push notification campaigns, you need to track many indicators such as operating system device, the location, your landing pages, your ad copy and, most importantly on which websites your ad appears. Plus, you will need to set up a conversion goal and track it. So here is the zero park dashboard. Let's click on a sample campaign, and here are the targets. In a previous lesson, I showed you that targets are basically different websites, and you need to measure the quality of these targets to have a successful campaign. And for that you need to track them and measure the results. In this lesson, I want to show you the best panel for tracking this. It's called the Mob. It is ideal for managing your ad campaigns. It has paid options, but if you're a beginner, it's free. So if I click on pricing, you'll notice they have ah, basic option, which is free. And this means that up to 100,000 events are free permanent. This is the best tool for learning, tracking and at 100,000 events, it's plenty, and all the most important features are available. So let's log in and review the panel. This will be overwhelming at first. You have to see this panel a couple of times before you understand it. I will go over the most important sections, but once you sign up, you will have to browse through the sections yourself until you get familiar with the panel . So we have a main coal navigation here at the top, and everything to the right off affiliate networks is for analyzing your traffic, and everything to the left is important for setting up your trucking. Let's start with affiliate networks and affiliate networks are basically networks where you get access to promoting other people's offers so this can be clicked bank or peer fly or abstraction. There are plenty of affiliate networks. If you are working directly with our affiliate network, you want to add them over here. Then we have traffic sources. You will have to configure each traffic source that you use with the mob, however, that programmers at beam up have already thought of that for you, so they have actually prepared this tracking tool to automatically be integrated with the most popular traffic websites. All you have to do is click on new from template, and this is very helpful. If you want to know where else you can advertise online. All of the list Here are all traffic networks, so you can sign up for any off them and start advertising. Close this for now and then we have flows. Flows is an advanced feature, but it is very useful and you will be using it. So ah, flow is basically the process that a user goes through. From your first click to the final conversion, for example, ah, user could click and add. Then they go to your landing page. They sign up on your landing page. Then they get redirected to the offer page, and then they make the purchase. So that is an example of a flow. And in B mope, you can set it up any way that you want to. Then we have landings. Landings are your landing pages. You measure landing page effectiveness by your click through rate or often, right, so any landing pages do you use, you add them over here. Then we have offers. You will want to add all of your offers into this section. And then finally, we have campaigns. I have left this to last because to create a campaign, all the other sections have to be set up in this column. You can create your campaigns and generate the tracking links that you will use in your ad campaign. So over here, this is a sample zero park campaign. So I'll show you what a tracking link looks like. Click here on campaign length and then we have the campaign girl. Let me just copy it and paste it toe a note, bud. So if you look closely at the campaign tracking link, you will notice that I have added a lot off different tracking tokens these air tokens that zero park uses to track results. But the most important tokens are click I D, which allows me to measure conversions and target I D, which lets me investigate which websites have converting traffic. So let's go back to Zero Park so I can show you where you actually have to insert this campaign link, and I will just add it to this campaign here destination URL This is the place where you paste your campaign euro. And if you look closely, my campaign is properly set up and I already have the C i d token inserted here so quick I d equals C i d. And over here we have the targets. So these are the most important sections you need to be aware off before setting up campaign. 10. Tracking Platform Panel Overview: one last important imp that I want to show you is once you have a campaign set up and you are tracking the results, you will need to review the results and optimize your campaign. So this is where all of that that air is located. So here is my sample campaign. I selected it and then I click on report. So I knew Top has opened here and then all of the information here is about my campaign. And then over here we see different data for this campaign so you can check which countries the traffic is coming from, which cities you can narrow. A campaign by states and regions. You can measure the devices the device types is the traffic converting on tablets, mobile phones or is a desktop traffic Which operating system is being used which browsers? When you have a campaign, you have to analyze all off this data. You can even check a which days are most converting base or which hours off the day. But one thing which is very important and especially relevant to zero park and actually most push notification traffic sources. So we go to custom and custom. One is target. So these are the targets which I was talking about earlier. So targets are websites, so all your custom tracking tokens will be here in the custom section. So if you see here, all of these tracking tokens are the tokens that I took from the zero park when I was setting up the campaign. These are the main parts that I wanted to show you. One last thing. I would just like to say thank you for being here. If you enjoy this course, don't forget to give me a review. I hope that you have found this information interesting and that you have gotten some new ideas about promoting your offers. So good luck with your online advertising campaigns.