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The Profitable Blogger #1: Learn to Create Your Professional Blog Under an Hour

teacher avatar Shiv Shenoy, Author. Blogger. Online Business Coach.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. The Components

    • 2. The Success Factor

    • 3. How to Find Your Goldmine Niche - Part 1

    • 4. How to Find Your Goldmine Niche - Part 2

    • 5. Discover Your Domain Name

    • 6. Create Your Blog Under 4 Minutes!

    • 7. Let's Deck Up Your Blog

    • 8. The Magical Land of Plugins

    • 9. Elevating Your Blog

    • 10. Thank You!

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About This Class


You lead a busy life juggling work, family, and social responsibilities. In doing all of this, you discover that you are not able to give an expression to your creative urge, or share your knowledge with the world, or simply help people with what you know.

How can you possibly do this?

You're about to find out.

In this course, you will learn how to create your very own professional blog, under just an hour.

In specific, you will learn,

  • a technique to discover the real objective of your blog
  • a unique technique to identify the blog niche that pretty much guarantees your success
  • how to create your blog under 4 minutes
  • how to turn your blog into a professional blog with superior visual elements and required functionality such as security, marketing, SEO, tracking, and more - with just a FEW CLICKS!

..and much more.

With your professional blog in place, you will be able to achieve one or all of these objectives -

  • Build your brand (or that of your business)
  • Get more projects if you are freelancer
  • Share your skill, knowledge, or message with people and help solve a problem
  • Earn passive income on the sides
  • Get more leads for your business
  • Build your credibility being an employee or a professional
  • Expand your tribe as an author
  • ..or anything else you may want with your blog

I invite you to share your journey as you go through each of the stages in this class, and I will be thrilled to help you along the way.

I can't wait to see your very own professional blog.

And oh yes, if you liked the course please consider leaving a comment.

I love feedback as it helps me make the course better, so please share your feedback.

Thank you in advance.

With that said, let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shiv Shenoy

Author. Blogger. Online Business Coach.


Hello! I'm Shiv Shenoy. I'm an author, blogger, and online business coach at

Being trained in music, art, engineering, and business, I quit my high-paying job after working for 15 years in Information Technology industry, to start my first online business.

A professional blog.

That was in 2013.

I analyzed my strengths and started a project management blog, helping people prepare for a well-recognized project management certification exam.

In the process, I learned as much as I could about copyrighting, marketing, traffic generation and everything else I had to, to make the blog a success.

Soon, the blog became a hit and the passive income from it replaced my day-time job income.

One thing lead to another and... See full profile

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1. The Components: It's often the case that we get so much engrossed in managing our work, family and social life that you don't find time to do things that you love. I want to share you of unique skills, ideas, knowledge of your message and help people. But you don't find time. But longing is one of the best ways to do this. Most people just get started, but really streets. One of the common reasons I have seen is perceived complexity. So today I want to help start your unique professional block. Just think about it. Hi, my name's Hsuehshan. I am a blogger in a coach. I help people market their products and services on the Internet. I also teach people passing by spending just a few hours a week. The reason I became a trainer, our coach is because I love to share, and I have a passion breaking down complex skills to the simplest heart and then help people master those skills. Blogging is hugely satisfying. Thanks, Tyne, that can be like therapy like can be in a venue for you to be creative in create an impact for arrests. Most crucial part of blogging is getting started choosing a block topic that is right for you. Carving the dominant in creating a professional block with the right set up. People use blogging to grow their business with their friends. Please use the Chris get needs to their business. Prep of the aneurysm Hard on the States Blogging is actually much easier than human. So how can I help you share your unique idea? Your message, your skills with people creating a needs, a marketing perspective, a big from a physics in a trump search engine Optimization. Seo Perspective. Here are a few things in its class. First, I didn t like a big Why behind this helps you to mind objective. This factor alone will get you. Choose the area longing our yard blocks finish as now. You may have many ideas to build your long enough, and you'll need to choose the best one that helps you achieve your blog's objective. I will use a technique or three in 212 discovery of black snitch. They also call this one heart and brain approach This technique absolute. Find a market, a village that's close to your heart, thereby raising the arts of your success. Then we'll see how car your blocks domain name that is. I shared three days off Willingness, and the reason behind my recommended approach creating of Long is made out to be a big. I'll show you how to create your block in their four minutes. That's going to be asked. Then we start the process of converting your club into a professional one. This process is extremely simple, but often missed by most of the bloggers. When they get started, you'll just need to install you plug ins to get this. Plugging is a limit piece of pork that blacks in a specific functionality such as social. A common problem with blocks is that they can and most often are packed. Easy script kiddies are even automated. Bought programs can compromise block side, using strategies such as brute force that first black security features here, blood in black marketing features finally really integrate a few matters of understanding of your leaders. Give on your block. This helps you understand. In each Becker and I enjoy blogging is a process of doing it and as a means of sharing, and I'm sure you do. I'm excited to have started long engine that angry, so let's get stacking 2. The Success Factor: A few years ago, I came across a YouTube video that gives certain direction to my online business. It was a tech talk by Simon Cynic titled Start With Why in the video Simon Experience how most of the companies know what they do, which refers to their products and services and that few companies know how they do it. It refers to the unique selling proposition and that few companies know why they do it. And it's these companies like Apple that are very successful, Simon observed. And this made me spend a lot of time. Don't know my wife. Now looking back and connecting the dots, I realized that I found my wife on a hospital bag on a rainy night few years ago. Those two weeks in a place far away from the city without even the cell phone connectivity had literally isolated me from the world. And for the first time in over a decade, I had found time to reflect about myself about what I was doing with my life. I was growing in a management position in the information technology industry, earning rather handsomely but working like a robot. 24 about seven I had completely straight away from the very reason I had taken of the job after my engineering studies. That moment right there on the hospital bed was my moment of clarity. My wife, a little under a year from that day, I quit my job and started blogging. Not much of a business back then, but I have got started. My wife was very simple. It was to use my skills in which our way I can to help people get ahead in their career by White had pushed me out of my comfort zone. Take a step that most people considered risky, which was to quit my job and get started on my own. I figured that one of my strong skills was to break down complex stuff into simple, manageable chunks. There were making them easier to understand. Project management was one of my core skills, and I figured I could combine these two and truly help people. Looking back, I see that the clarity and perspective I got from realizing my wife has helped me throughout my entrepreneurial journey during the loss. It has helped me keep faith in my purpose and work harder, and during the highest. It has helped me stay humble and stay on course. I figured that starting with the buy is a great, almost foolproof way to take on any challenge. So the question I ask you is, What is your wife for taking a blogging If you are clear about this, Congratulations. You're one of the rare individuals who is driven by clarity right off the bat. If you're not here about your why nobody's Here is an exercise. I teach my coaching students that I think will help you took. The first thing to understand is that the UAE is connected with dear emotions, and hence it has to be discovered and realized at an emotional level rather than at intellectual level. Take a pen and a paper or start your favorite spreadsheet program. There are two approaches to identify the by or discover the wife. I'll explain both off the go with the one that to find easier. Here is the first approach. Take a deep breath and start writing down your white. The reason you want to start your blood in business deep writing Whatever reasons come to your mind one below the other. Keep writing till you can't think anymore. Then take a break. Drink some tea, take a short war, Do something for 15 minutes. Take your mind off this exercise, then come back refreshed to your list. Now go or the first point slowly and think back toe Any incident in your life that you can link to this way you can think of inexperience in your life as far back as you can remember , even from your childhood that you think might have given birth Toe this. Why? Right down that incident very briefly. Once you're done with the first point on the list moated an x point and do the same exercise as you go over the list, you may feel that some of the points are superfluous or unimportant. Strike them off and move to the next one. You may also discover a pattern. You will find that more vice are connected. Toa one or two incidents. At some point you'll feel it. And this me, just me bring tears to your rice and that would be your why The second approach is a bit simpler. We go back to the blank paper or the spreadsheet and write down the reason why you think you want to start your blogging business now? Read it to yourself and add the words in the end so that for instance, let's say I wrote my by as to make money. Then I read it out loud and ask So that then right, what comes to my mind? I would read something like to make money so that I can give more time to my family again, continue with any other so that at the end and then add reason mine could be to make money so that I can give more time to my family so that I won't regret not being around my kids when they grew up. Keep adding this so that phrase and the reason until you come to the reason that strikes you at an emotional level and that would be all right. Your wife helps you define the objective off your blogged. This is very, very crucial part off your blogging journey Volleyer. Why could be abstract and only shows you the direction you want to move towards the objective or goal is concrete and measurable. It helps you move towards your wife. Now, here are some of the objectives that my strings have shared creating awareness about their work or business among their target audience. Getting leads to their business who can then become customers, earning passive income and moving towards financial independence. Building a brand are simply sharing their skill people and help them succeed. Take a minute and write down the object. Do you want for your block? You may discover one or more objectives for your block, and it's OK. It's OK to have multiple objectives that will come to the project. The project is very simple. The first part of your project is simply to write down your wife and their blocks objective . Just in case you were not able to find your wife using any of the techniques I explained about Don't let it stop you just write what you think is your wife. It's OK. It could be as simple eyes helping people with what I know, and as you progress, you will find your purpose. When write this down, something unique happens. It sets into motion the forces that create circumstances to bring your objective to life. The go ahead. Take a look at the simple project template I have added with this class. I don't your why and your blocks objectives? That's it. Share it in the project area. I can't wait to read it. And oh yes, if you haven't watched Simon's talk about the way I live the link in the notes section below in the next lesson. But look at the single most important factor off your block. If you're looking to earn revenging from your block, this factor itself can decide whether you'll make three figures a month. Are five figures of passive income a month. I'll see you in the next. 3. How to Find Your Goldmine Niche - Part 1: What do you think is the single most crucial factor responsible for the success off a block ? Blogging is like running a marathon, and the number one reason why many bloggers fail is because they treated as a race. They're all excited about some topic in They jump right in and start blogging water, and after some time they lose interest in the topic and there no more motivated to write about it. And the block dies a premature net. Now you might have heard that such and such a topic is a craze in the blogging world are someone you know is blogging about a certain topic, and she's very successful. So you wonder whether you should get into it. Should you? The answer is, you should figure it out. Now. The question is, how do you choose our blogging topic, our niche, niche or niche? Ornish, however, you may want to call it. So how do you choose a blood niche that guarantees success? Let me share a technique with you. It can almost guarantee your blogging success almost, I say, because success comes not just knowing a strategy or a technique, but we're taking action on it you take action and you make it offs. I call this the heart and head approach or three n 21 technique. It's a bit of a weird name, but it makes sense as we go along. I'll explain why I call it that this technique helps you identify the block niche that this suitable uniquely for you. It may not be for someone else, but uniquely suitable for you and those increase your arts of sexists. Let me explain. You start with topics close to your heart and then filter them based on the criteria I'll give you and then validate the top two niche ideas using your head. I mean, with some analytical research to make sure. Yeah, this niche has a market still not clear. Nobody's. We'll go together on this one, take a second and download the spreadsheet from the attachment section off this course. Go ahead and do it. I'll wait. Seriously, was the video Go ahead, download it and take a look at it. Be on the second worksheet titled Topics. All right. Now what you have in front a few is going to be your blocks blueprint. This will help you achieve your blocks objective and then be on. All right. Now we'll use the three and two. Wanted me to uncover your goldmine Itch. Ready? Let's look at the hard part of the technique First. Right down in this spreadsheet, the top three hobbies. These are the things that you're learning then, right? Top three skills you already have. These are the things that you are already good at. Probably You're getting paid for this and then go ahead and write your top three interests . These are the things that you want to do and then go ahead and write Top three. Fears are problems you won't overcome. Basically talk to you. If anything you care for now. When I did this exercise myself several years ago, here is what I wrote. My hobbies are playing tabla. It's a percussion instrument by the and painting as a trained painter. So that was something I could block about playing flute and s a lot photography. So these were my hobbies. My skills were project management, jittery technology, stack software, product development, These other things I was doing at my day job and I was getting paid for them. And then my interests were learning guitar. I wanted to learn guitar. I wanted to speak the language. Sanskrit, Frankie. Any problems? Well, I didn't have any particular problems there, but an example could be, you know, getting over the fear of heights so you can enjoy paragliding or bungee jumping or playing , jumping. Oh, our fear of public speaking or fear of meeting new people or even dating. These are the problems that people want to get rid off. Will, you may be thinking, Wait a minute, I have a problem and you want me to block about it. But here's the thing. As you walk on your problem and get better, you share your journey and results on the blawg, and your target audience will throng to your block. They have the same problem is you. That's why they are on your block in the first place. And now you're doing something that they're not. You see what I'm doing this so you will be the authority or the go to person for their problem. It's a market you're building for your products and services. So as you noticed, it need not be exactly three in each of these areas, right? The idea is to think critically and then bring for topics that may not be fresh in our memory. You can get some help as well. Hit a maison dot com and look at their books section. Look at the categories and drill down into sub categories. You might just discover some of your for gotten interest areas there. Now, as you go along, I'll tell you how I ended up choosing the niche that I built my 1st 2 professional block in and replaced my high end the job income. Again, pause this video and drive down your block topics in the spreadsheet. Alright, okay, you should have about 5 to 10 items in your list now. The next step is to choose the top two items and eliminate the rest, so it's a criteria you should be using. The criteria is this long term commitment. You should be willing to spend time on this niche from a long term perspective, say 8 to 12 months or more. As we apply this criteria, you should have the top religious. In my case, this was photography and project management, but then how do I know which market has more money in it? because the effort is going to be same, that I'll be putting Which of this market will give me the more Retton's? That's the smart thing to do, right? So I days to find out. How do you find which of these two natures has the maximum potential in the real world to fulfill your blocks objective in the next lesson will analyze the market potential for each and see which one is the best niche for you to blogging. And that's the brain part of the technique. And now it's time to upgrade your project. Very simple. Go to the project section of this course and write the top two niches that your shortlisted I country to see what you come up with. The next lesson is going to be exciting. See that? 4. How to Find Your Goldmine Niche - Part 2: in this lesson, you will collect some invaluable data that not just help you find your gold, my niche, but also help you build and grow your block. Amazing the state. I will be the key for you to achieve your objective or objectives. If you have multiple little continues in this virtue to download it. Let's call it the Market Intelligence spreadsheet. Before we get into the trenches, I'd like to tell you about two important aspects of your block. First, even if your objective for the Blond East to just share your skills, I highly recommend that you look at your block from monetization perspective. Turning a block takes time, effort and money. And in the long run, it's better to look at revenue from your bloc rather than treating blogging itself as charity. Unless, of course, your block is reliable charity and you can sustain for years spreading from your own pocket . There is any other aspect I'd like you to focus on at this point. The top two niches the two arrived at could be brought. Or now, for instance, in healthcare industry abroad, niche is tight. A narrower nature could be which type you know and in their world, which could be Reagan died. The idea is to have reasonably narrow niche for two reasons. A reasonably narrow niche makes it easier for you to establish your authority. With authority comes trust and trust comes conversion conversion could be buying a product you recommend are downloading your e book Are signing up for your coaching programme Second parties In a reasonably narrow niche, you can attract your target customers easily because your blog's resolves their specific problems are serves. Their specific needs will be able to attack them easily. If you are in a reasonably narrow Mitch, let me take an example to explain this better. If I had a particular ailment, say, pain in my ankle, would you think I good watch in the position are in articulate? Well, a general physician could treat ankle pain. We tend to go to a specialist. There is a certain amount of trust baking toe the specialization aspect. That's the second aspect I'd like you to keep in your mind. If your niche is too broad, your target audience might find that more of the content on your blog's is not relevant to them. This reduces the level of engagement, which is crucial for the success off your block. You need people keep coming back to your block. Now, if your net is too narrow, you risk not having enough readers to make your blogging efforts. Bybee How much of a narrow niche is rightfully? That's the question you'll find the answer during the market research exercise will do. No, no, don't let the world's market research put your This is like a bit of spying exercise. You know a lot about your target audience. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this in fact, some off what you will find that he would surprise you. It also builds confidence in new about getting into the right niche. All right, let's get started. Is a market intelligence spreadsheet open? Okay For each of the top two niches, we will look at three para meters, right? First parameter Is Is this an existing good? Which are there enough people looking for solutions? Second parameter is is there revenue potential, our problems bad enough that people are willing to spend money and the third parameter Rees is there earning ease in the snitch? Will people buy repeatedly? Will they spend big bucks. Let's start with the first off your shark lister to niches you may want to save a copy of your speech is as the name of business. Just wonder we're going to start your block in the niche that's completely right. Ideally, we'll find an existing niche that has potential to broke. How do you find whether Jahr's is one of the existing good nature's? Here is the approach I use, by the way, the name of your nature's air cure, for instance, learning guitar or losing weight naturally. So the first thing to assess these are people looking for a solution in the snitch. So what you do is you go to Google and search for your keyword. First, you search your keyboard for typing it between double courts, as on the right side of this image, it's going exact phrase, match search and the new search. Without the vehicles and no down the number. You get that you can notice that when you do the exact phrase search, you'll have lesser number of visits, and when you do general search without the double courts, you will have much higher reserves, not something very interesting here in this particular case, all the top results are really reserves. See here all the top results are video reserves. That means in this niche people are sharing information using videos. This is an indication off how people are expecting information in this niche that's crawled up and not down all the suggested keepers. These are important keepers these giver see will use. Why writing your country? Because, you know these are the key words that people are searching for. So this is fantastic from search engine perspective. Now the second point to look at ease. Are there enough blog's our forums or groups on the Internet in this niche? Why do you do this? Because that is very your target. Audiences found. That's where you get to know about their problems. And then you can create the content about their problems and then share those content right in those places and then attacked them straight into your block. This is as targeted traffic as you can get a Google search for top name off your niche blocks, for instance, top artists training blocks are top rate loss blocks and no down their names and yours in the stretching Do the safe forums. Facebook groups on Google groups again Each time you do this scrawled on the search page and not on the sadistic use, it is an important aspect of this excess words pattern. As your lord down the suggested keyboards look for a pattern or repeated Cubans, it may continue a both a popular but narrower niche that may suit your interest better. And if you find one, the new loo, the same excise as a ball for that nature has been. And maybe that's the one you go. But you never in the third point to look for. Is this a good niche? Could existing niche to get into these two? Look at the trend. Trend is your friend. You won't get into a sunrise, which, in other words, a miss that's growing and potentially going to grow in the future. The Google the train for your niche at trends, start google dot com. You can see the trend for specific country or worldwide based on your blocks audience. You can see the train for different lengths of time, so you know whether the trend is a sharp turn phenomenon are long term phenomenon. If the trend has been going down. Not good. If the trend is going up fantastic. Now there you are. At this point, you will get to figure, but little niche is a good existing niche. First perimeter past wrecked. Now the second thing we do is to assess whether the niche has a venue potential. In other words, you see if there are bad enough problems for people in this niche that they want to go and spend money to get solutions. If the problems are strong enough that people are losing sleep over them, then they're willing to spend money, information products, physical products, coaching. But how do you find this? You do this by going to your market intelligence spread. Shoot. Look at the top forums, groups that you noted down and spend time understanding what people are discussing their. Let me give another source to know this. This is truly a treasure trove for your market intelligence. For our dot com. If you're not already on it, please sign up for a free account and start looking at categories related to your niche. Study the issues and problems people are talking about just not done the questions people are posting their in the spreadsheet. There is a place for that more bag. The problem is more revenue potential damage the third and final parameter to consider here , which is to see whether this niche has learning potential. R E's apartment in other works can make loads of money. No matter what that you work with, we're going to write. Contain vinyl, choose image that has the best intentions to maximize your returns. This is done by looking at the current competition. One perspective. To understand here, which might be Holder intuitive initially, is that competition is your friend. Competition tells you that there are products village. There are people buying products manage in there are people willing to spend money in dunwich to say the point. This means two things In the shark term, you can sell our products off other people as an affiliate in UN commissions and in the long term can create your own products and exponentially increase your revenue. Now you can collect this data along with the previous step, but I'm showing with this separately here. Just a shock is the thought process you need to have while doing your market. So as a Gore Forums, groups and Cora Lord down references to your product to manage the marketing diligence spreadsheet you have downloaded from this course has placeholders for this information as well. Simply fill it in with the data you get. Why looking at forums and blocks and Facebook groups will go to the sales space off each of those products and read through them. This is a great place to also understand the pain points off your target audience that you may have missed. Remember, the product owner would have studied the problems and highlighted them in the sales page. You get all of that market intelligence at one place Street. You'll, of course, know down the keywords issues product named in your else in your market Stretching. This will help you tremendously as you grow your block. As you can see, we're bringing a wealth of information in your market research spreadsheet. This will help you understand your you know, better right content that really appreciate and no pouting. Convert them into customers. That's about the market is that you need to do to understand that the Mitchells market right now go ahead and do the same for the second image as you do this for the second time , it will start to become clear to you. You will start leaning towards one of the top two niches that your shark listed, if not can see how the two completed sheets off to niches. You will have numbers to compact, so you haven't up to two comparison. You should have been er than your blocks knits the cold. Mind what you accomplished in the last, and this listen is phenomenal. You're basically set yourself up for success. You have listed the top three interests passions, problems, hills in number of items that feel relevant to you and then selected are from this list based on your willingness to stick with them from a long term perspective. And finally, you have got really numbers from the trenches toe analytically decide which that give you the sure shot at success. So you started with the heart and ended with the brain sort of speak and made sure to have a niche that will help you achieve your blocks objective, which in turn takes you towards your right. And that is how you prepare yourself to build a professional block like a pro. Congratulations you have set up a rock solid foundation to your blogging journey. From here onwards, you can't go wrong. All you do now is create a block and pick it up to the professional, which is much, much, much easier when you think will go about doing that in the next lesson and sees him. 5. Discover Your Domain Name: all right. Now that you have chosen your block snitch, it's time to come up with a domain name that is. Www start john doe dot com would be the one far John Doe. When it comes to creating domain names, there are three approaches you may want to consider. The first approach is to use the primary keyword off your domain name, for example, Bulldog trainer in the second apologies to use your complete mean as their domain name for your block. For instance, John Gordon Calm Jane Road calm and the third approaches the hybrid approach. An example would be learned guitar with jake dot com. Now let's look at the pros and cons of each approach so you can decide the domain name off your block. It's going to be our online identity, so this is an important exercise. We look at the approach one the main aim based on religious primary Cuba. This is useful only to the extinct that people can reasonably guess that the block is all about a particular thing. There was a time when having primary giver in the domain name help from search engine optimization perspective, ASIO perspective. But that advantage is diminishing fast. If you take this approach, you'll want to try and make it unique into two and brand doble, for instance, For X Lab, Starcom gives the feel that it has to do with forex trading strategies. Maybe write some sort of scientific are to it. It's also a bit catchy and brand herbal. The second approach would be to use your name has domain in. This is huge from a branding perspective. As you start building your block and begin straight attract readers. Brand grows to more over each activity that you do online. Posting an update on social media giving an interview, publishing a book. Even your about me page on the block helps will do as an authority in your chosen, which these are. Our branding exercise is going with your name as a domain name would pay handsome dividends . When you create your own products down the line or coaching program, you'll see better conversion as your brain is already known in the mark. There is another aspect to this approach. No matter have unique is a name. Chances are there are many people sporting the exact same first name and last name Bourque there can be only one domain bearing a name, and only one person on the planet can own it. That is the piece of Internet real estate that you can grab for pretends. Actually, the only downside I see with this approach is if you're starting a block from the idea off , selling it down the line and even if that's your exit strategy that are simple solutions available, such as putting a 30 100 erection rule. So so it's not really an issue. The third approaches to go for a hybrid of these two approaches, learn guitar with john dot com or just master dan dot com. Right, you get idea. Now my recommendation is to get your own named may. I think it's hugely beneficial way to build your brand and naming your block the mean on your full name would be what I would recommend. In my view, you have everything to be with this approach. I hope by now you're able to decide which approach you want to take and to name their domain before you don your thinking cap likely share a few best practices to fall. All right, always opt for dot com domain. The maturity of population mentally associates A domain name that dot com Admittedly, why go do a Google search for for something and look at the domain name extension of all the results in the first page? Chances are most of them, if not all, and with the dot com. If you don't have not come available for your remaining going by, consider adding prefix or suffix to your remaining in stuff. Going for a different domains, such as darknet or not, are something like the past of hungry could come if passed off under. The camp has taken part, adding academy or excuse and end of the domain that could work to the second point is keep the domain name simple and easy to remember no smart or lorded names. Research into a concept called processing fluency indicates that we tend to remember and have a positive association with things that we can easily say and pronouncing our minds. Third point is to a wide using hyphens. Lord Ashe. Our numbers in your remaining with hyphen people tend to type domain names without them, and so you risk redirecting your hard earned block traffic to someone else for example. Pure edge toward outcome could be about water filtration techniques and products, but it's hard to remember also the letter after two could be confused between zero or elector. Or again, go do a Google research and look at the first place results. You mean not find a single site with a hyphen or numbers in it. For point, Avoid keeping more than three words in the domain name as much as possible. And if you have to stretch limited to four sharp domain names have many advantages. They're easier to remember. I pin share their visible completely in the search desserts. You or else become smaller so people can easily remember and recall and type. And they're easier to brand, which is huge. But don't go overboard and keep it too short unless you're blocked, becomes really alone. It gets harder for people to know and remember You risk losing alleged image traffic to block to someone. Els, fifth point. Stay away from cooperated. Our trademark names, even the ones that sound like one. It could be a legal ticking bomb waiting to explode, just like how Mike rope soft dot com got Mr Micro legal trouble there you go. You have all the information needed to carve out your own domain name for your block. Please update your project with your domain name in the project area. I simply cannot wait to see what you come up with. Like I said, if it's your name, it's good. I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. Create Your Blog Under 4 Minutes!: thing is probably the easy part. This is where you start doing stuff, but you've done so far in terms of research is fantastic and very, very necessary. With that, you have built a solid foundation to your professional block. It's time to put the structure in place. You have a niche figured out the main aim selected, and now you're ready to go grab it. You need to choose the right hosting provider first. Here is how it works. If I may digress for a second, your block has to run on a server software, which has to run on a physical hardware. The service that provides this to you, in other words, arranged you. Their server space is called hosting provider. Once you have rented server capabilities from the hosting provider, you will need a content management system to sit on top of it. WordPress is a popular and free content management system, or CMS. In it, of course, comes to the database as well. On top of the CMAs sits a software called Theme that defines your blocks look and feel. Then you will write your content, your block posts and pages. All this is accessed by your reader by typing your domain name in the browser. So that's the stack for you. But you don't really need to know about this. It's great toe. At least understand how it all comes together, right? What you need to know is that you need to find ah, hosting provider number days when you, by hosting space, you'll have already installed WordPress on it. And even a deformed team. They're blawg is sort of Freddie. This right out off the open plain Manila blogged, is prone to become Prum ized by hackers. Plus it wouldn't have the features you need for a professional blogged. Then you'll have to do something toe elevated to the professional level, and we'll see how to do that in the next lesson. Some researches in order to find the best, an economical hosting provider for a beginner. There are higher and service providers that charge a bomb and give you all the bells and whistles. But in my view, you don't need that right now. Let's look at few parameters that we need to consider while searching for a suitable hosting provider. 1st 1 The cost. Most of the hosting providers give you uprising table, and you can choose the plan that suits you. The basic plan usually allows you to host one side at a few limitations in terms, off email accounts and such. The higher packages give you more goodies and, of course, at higher price. You typically will do well to go with just the basic plan and pages a few dollars a month. As rent. Study each option thoroughly and look at pricing options. Look at the sign of price as well as renewal price. These usually differ if you've got a discount toe by your hosting plan. If you have a sign of discount, it's usually available for the entire duration you by hosting for which can be one year or two years or five years etcetera. Then the renewal pricing takes effect during the renewal time. For the most part, you will do just fine choosing the basic plan, and most of them give you a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you up. Not happy with the service. The 2nd 1 to look at technical support. This is the second most important aspect you need to consider when looking for hosting provider. The support team should be responsive and helpful. If they have online chart and telephone support, they can't remotely log into her account and help in case you notice your blog's slow or it is town. The 3rd 1 up, time after time is how long your blawg is available online over a given period of time. All servers need repair and a great time. And during this, your block should be still available to your readers higher that time. Better it is. The hosting providers should make sure that your block is available over 99.99% of the time . Just to give you an idea, let's say let's start from the bottom here. So if your server has a up time off 99.99% then over a period of 30 days, that's a month. You are server, maybe down four minutes 29 seconds. If Europe kind is 99.9% you can expect over a period of one month your server to be not available for 43 minutes and 12 seconds. And if your server has an update off 99% well, seven hours and 12 minutes over a period of months your server are blood may not be accessible to your readers. Not a good thing, right? So you need to look for hosting provider that gives you the highest up time possible. 99.9% is great. Portman Ease of use. There was a time, if you have to start a blawg, your toe hired a designer to design it. Dennard available to build it, then by server space. Upload the files. Start the server. Put the monitoring programs to make sure that Block is up and running. With the advent off content management systems like WordPress, which is available for free building and running, a blogger is very easy. Ah, hosting provider has a dashboard called C panel, and most of them provide one click insulation off WordPress software. Once WordPress is up and running, you will install a theme suitable for your blog's niche and start creating pages in posts. So the parameter to look for he's whether you're hosting foreigners, supports worthless installation. And how easy does he make for you to set up where President team, apart from these, they their terms and conditions, and get in touch with the supporting if you have any questions or need clarifications, having done my own research, my recommendation is blue host dot com. They give you WordPress preinstalled, even put the default Tim on your block So you get the plane. Many love log almost right away when you, by hosting plant their basic package costs the price off a cup of Starbucks coffee and they give your domain name for free as well. Their support is one off the best that I end. My clients have come across and they have bailed me out several times when I had issues with my block, you can check if they're running any discount at this particular time from my block page here bit dot L y forward slash pro block toe. Just go there and check out what's you know, Chikoti for again. Basic package is good enough and you don't need toe have any additional services that they sell. Let me now show you how to create a blogger under four minutes flat. This is exciting. So what we're gonna do is they're gonna create a brand new blawg under four minutes. If you are going with Blue host as you're hosting provider If you want to check if they have any discounts at this point of time, this is the patient to come on my block, typing baked dot li forward slash probe Log to no scroll down, Scroll down scrawled until you see the pricing table. All right, and this is the one which takes you to the pricing table with the discount rate price. So click on this. It will open up in a new browser window and you'll see three options are three plants. I always recommend people to go for the basic plan because that's all you really need to get started. You can install one website. It'll give you 50 GB website space, which is more than enough. There is no banquet restriction and you get one free domain and you can have five email account right? It's it's fantastic. Click on the select button and UDA domain name. So you're dumbing is free will give something like create a log guide and keep it always on dot com next apiece to enter all the account information, and this is very need to look at. So you don't need actually any off this additional services. You can disable them. And when you try toe disabled the main privacy protection, it will ask you whether you really want to do this. Now here is what you need to know. If you disabled domain privacy protection, your information will be listed in a public directory, and you may get a few marketing messages from companies that are selling website related services. So if you don't mind having those messages, you can disable or you can keep it enabled. Now you can choose for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or 60 months. So whichever price that you get here will be fixed for the entire duration that you choose . Next. Go ahead and enter your credit card information. Check on this check box after reading. Of course, the terms off surveys and cancellation policy and privacy policy and go ahead and submit. When you do this, the next step is you will get an email from Blue Host. It'll have your domain name. Now open this up and it will have all the account information. So what you do is go ahead and click the change. A password link and go read. Give us secure password so Once you do that, you'll be able to log in tow blue host dot com And this will be our blue host dashboard able to create your own domain based email. It is very easy. All you do is give the name and a password and you go ahead and click on Create a conch so you'll get your domain based email right here. This is your blue host dashboard. And from here you will log in tow your WordPress dashboard. And, uh, what you do is click on this and you will be longer in tow. Your WordPress dashboard. Well, there you have your hosting plan and the domain. Now. Congratulations. You should bad years. They're funded back. Actually, this is one of the most crucial action that you have taken in your blocking journey. So in the next lesson, we'll see how to turn this plane. Many Lovelock in tow, a professional one. I have season 7. Let's Deck Up Your Blog: did you see how your blood looks like Right now, Go ahead and type in your blog's domain name in the browser and see how it looks. Chances are it's just coming. Soon. Page put up by your hosting provider are it may look something like this if the default team was already applied by your hosting provider. Now this is your plain vanilla block right out of the oven. Now it's time to take it to the next level to make it a professional block. All right, that's what we'll do in this lesson. It's time to give it a look and feel, and then are features that makes it a professional block. Take a look at this book right here. Create a blawg guide dot com. Pause this lesson and look at the site in a new browser window. Create a blawg guide dot com now, compared back with the one that you saw earlier, the new color rich and feature Rich Blawg was created with just a few clicks that Charlie took no one of the best things about using WordPress to create your blog's that you don't need to have in a technical knowledge at all Nana Top. So how did we transform a plain Manila blob into a beautiful feature? Rich block? The architecture that were press is built on helps you plug and play and make this happen. WordPress architecture is built in such a way that you can add, look and feel by installing what is called as theme and what I call us plug ins. So you use a theme to give, look and feel, and use begins to add the functionality that you need to your block. A theme is a piece off court that sits on top of WordPress and gives her blogged that beautiful look and feel. You can install any number of themes on your WordPress at a given time, but you can have only one off them active, so you can change from one team to another with just a couple of clicks and see how the blawg looks. But only one team can be active at the time. Now let's see what plug ins can do. A plug in is a piece, of course, that adds a certain functionality to your block our behavior to your block, such as those floating social sharing buttons that allow are the e commerce functionality are showing the like button off your Facebook page, right? You get the idea so you can have multiple plug ins sitting on top off the theme, but sits on top off your press, which is hosted on a server provided by your posting provided. Remember this stack? So you know the building blocks of your blood. You can blood without knowing these two, like I said earlier, but knowing it just helps, let's talk a word. The theme off your block. Now, when it comes the teams, you have three teams and paid themes and freemium teams. You'll get a zillion teams on the Internet. In fact, you can access many free WordPress teams right from your WordPress dashboard. Whenever I create a new block for either my coaching students or Klein's, this is what I do. I first run a Google search for WordPress teams for the niche I've chosen and look at both free and paid ones. Run a search life best WordPress themes for weight loss block, which I finished that you want to search for. You'll find these on blawg theme review sites that Google search throws up no based on the purpose and the long term goal of the blawg. I choose either free or paid thing easier. Objective for the block is to create your own products and sell it some part of time in future. Just like you know, creating your own product is much easier than you think. You can create a high value E book over the weekend and sell it for $79. Then there are always high level products you can create, such as training course or even a coaching program. But that's all for a different class. So if your objective is to sell from your blawg, I highly recommend that you choose a paid him. You'll be spoiled for choice. Now there are a few good reasons why you should go for a baby thing. Okay, here are the reasons right. The 1st 1 is you'll get constant abducts. A team is basically a piece of software, and any software is proto. How defense any software needs constant court updates to fix those bucks toe and your functionality. A constantly updated thieves gives you better security as well. Second reason. Many of the paid themes come with many features that you already need for your block. I'm talking about the marketing features here, such as sales pages, lead magnet pages, product release pages, integration with email services, integration with e commerce and payment gateways and sore because of this unit by these features. Separately, the court off paid themes are usually well written and well maintained. This helps increase your blog's responsiveness are, in other words, the time it takes to load the page. This is a huge positive site for search engines. Were ranking your block hired. The page ranking of your blog's better are the chances off your block pages fall in search results. Google searches free and regular targeted traffic that comes to your block. Next is support. If you have an issue with the look and feel of her. Blawg are you're trying to do something and you're not able to do it. You can always reach out to the support our developer team ask for help. They'll help you troubleshoot issue and even helped with the fix it required. Also, you can ask what features you need if it is something that helps many users that helped him will be happy toe. Add those features in the next release of the team. If your objective with the blogging is just to share your knowledge, are increased brand without too much of a reader engagement, you can choose a free teen. It will not be a deal breaker. A Freemium team is a free team with basic features that you need. Then you can go and pay an upgrade to get all the advanced features. So if you're lucky to find a freemium team that's suitable for your niche, then I think you should go up for it. If you're going to go for a paid team, are Freemium theme chapter that you pay a one time fee? R P a yearly fee? In my personal view, a theme with dearly recurring fee is better because it means that the company is actively engaged in building the theme and making it better and feature Rich. That's a huge support you can expect for just a few dollars for a year. Now that we have seen how to go about choosing the right theme for your block. If we show you how to install and configure a thing on a brand new block now, you horrible world stash. So the first thing that to do when you land on your WordPress Dashboard east took change your theme. For that, you come toe appearance and themes. All your menu items are present on the left side bar here. No, By default, you'll have few teams already included in in your account, so you can use one off them. Or you can do your research and install a theme. We looked at. How toe find a theme for your niche. You can either applauded him by pointing to the team file that would have bought from a company. Are you can go with the three teams that word was itself provides just for the purpose off . Demo will choose a particular thing here, so I'll click on install. And once we install will have to activate it. You can state if I see how the theme looks by going to a domain name. So this particular team, without any content putting, looks like this. Of course, this is not the prettiest, but it has the structure, and you will. You will have to build the block, so what we'll do is we'll go ahead and activate the previous team that I've installed, and you can see how that one looks right here. Okay, this is harder. Sydney team Looks like none of this is created by me. Just like to know I've just installed this team and I have important there. The more data using the import plugging that they have given. And I have this very, very beautiful block site up and running within a matter off minutes. The just couple of clicks. All right, so we'll come back toe wordpress dashboard. So we saw how to install a theme. It's awesome. Your blog's taking beautiful shape. So in the next lesson will start doing something very cool. Video block will add a few awesome functionality. I can't wait to show you what is possible. I will see you in the next 8. The Magical Land of Plugins: all right, you have installed an awesome team for your blawg, and it's time to add some necessary and cool feature street. Welcome to the world of plug ins. If you need any future. Just Google for WordPress plugging for that feature and chances are you will find many. Why not that are over 54,000 plug ins again that are free and paid plug ins, just like we've seen with themes. But for the most part, you will do just fine with free plug ins as dizzy. There is a plug in for that now. Why don't we head over to the block we created in the previous lessons and add some cool plug ins to it? All right, let's get started after we install and activate the team from it's time to install the plug ins. So click on the plug in and installed Plug in mental from the sidebar, and you may see if you default three installed plug ins. Now installing plug ins is an easy if it you just type in the plug in name. If it's a free plug in our if you have already bought a plugging, you applaud it by clicking the add new and then upload button from here. Now let's say you want to install a particular plug in. There are few things that you need to consider before installing any particular plugging. Fasting is is the plug in being actively supported by its developer. How do you find this? You can find that by looking at when waas the plug in updated recently. So this one is This one was updated three weeks ago. This was updated one day ago. So any plugging that has last tabulated date off, say, more than six months in the past, it may not be a good idea to go for it. And the second thing to look for the new choose of Blufgan ease to see whether the plugging is compatible with your WordPress portion. That information also you can find from here this plugging is compatible with the version of the world s largest. Running on this one is too. But this one is not tested with this portion off WordPress. So that doesn't mean that this plug in will not work with your WordPress portion or with your blawg. It says that it's not tested so you can go ahead and still install this and activate it and check for the functionality off that particular plugging whatever functionality the plugging has supposed toe, do you check that first, and also check your Blawg by going through various pages and block posts and clicking on the links just to ensure that it has not broken some existing functionality? All right, the next point that you need to consider he's this read through their documentation and and look at the average ratings so invigorating off foreign about typically is good. So go ahead and look at installation change. Log F A Q and Review section and some plug ins will have specific installation instructions for you to follow, so you can learn about them here. And you can install that right from this window. What you can come back and install it from here, and the final point to consider which is a gender IQ point not specific to any plug in is that you don't Lord too many plug ins. It's quite tempting. Toe have every shiny new future, but it's good to resist install what you absolutely need. Phantom rule, I can suggest, is whenever the plug in will actually help you achieve your blocks objective. Go ahead and install it. If not, you probably won't need it for bloody ins. I think 10 to 15 is a good maximum number of plug ins. You can have lesser the better, actually, because each plugging is a piece of court that adds to your existing blawg court. All right, the other point. Every plug in and every team, of course, is constantly updated, so every plugging is constantly updated. So whenever you're Blufgan has an update, you will get to know From here you can look at this number and it tells you that these many number off either plug ins are teams have latest goal for your target. So it's a good practice to come to your dashboard every week and look at any latest updates that are pending and go ahead and update them. The other place to look for is the installed plug INS list itself. So if we have a new abortion, it we mentioned right here, you can click there and update that particular plug in. I always suggest install one paginated time and also update one plug in a time. So the process is you install a plug in, go check the functionality and then do agenda Rick, look and feel. Check for your block to make sure that the plug in has not broken. Any existing features are looking feel, and you do the same for update as well. So that's about the points to keep in mind when installing our updating. A plug in that sure is a fascinating with the flag in so that it's time to add the top five plug ins that I highly recommend to your blood. We'll do that in the next lesson catching of it. 9. Elevating Your Blog: then what we will do is we will go and add the plug ins that you need for your blawg. And to do that from here, click on the add new button. So I'm going to suggest you five different plug ins and these plug ins been installed and confident on your blogged are going to turn your blogging toe a professional one. First, we will look at two security plug ins. Both these plug ins give you complementary functions, and the 1st 1 will install is called World Friends. So for the sake of this demonstration, I will install all the five plug ins one after the other, but I will not activate them all. Together we will activate each one and confident them separately. So that's the process we follow in the second security Blufgan is. I see. So I team security. He's one off the popular WORDPRESS security plug ins. Install this. They're not going to activate yet the 3rd 1 ease. So, Mommy, this plug in gives you social sharing abilities and also a couple of tools toe understand your user behavior on the block Yost issue is a plug in that helps you write content in a search engine friendly way. At the same time, it will also help you write content in a way that people will find it easy to read in. The last one is W three total cash. So this is a cashing plugging, which will enhance your blog's performance so your pages and block posts will get lorded faster. This is also important from a CEO perspective. Search engines love the pages and blog's which lord faster. All right, so we have five plug ins, it will configure one each, and then we will activate one each and confident them. So let's start with were friends right here. So I'm gonna activate it. So once it is activated, you will see this war fin's menu here. Most of these plug ins come out with best conflagrations, so you don't have to do too much of configuration on your own. And you will see this note right at the beginning so you will configure war orphans Web application firewall. So this is a standard configuration for WordPress, so we'll click on continue button. Well, don't load the H T access file. That's a server specific file is a backup just in case, something goes wrong, which shouldn't happen, actually, and the nuclear can continue. That's it. The installation is successful. The next thing you do is just click the save button here. So that's about the conflagration that that you will do for were fans. We will go back to plug in spades, installed plug ins and activated the next to Security Blufgan, which is I teams security. When you do that, you will see a new menu here called Security. So go to the settings option and click on secular site, give you an email here and activate network of brute force protection. So this is one of the techniques that bots are hackers used to compromise your blogged, so you will want to be protected against that in the next thing that you will need to. Conficker is local brute force protection, Glicken comfort settings and click on admin User. Because most of the boats are even hackers. Try Toe gets your user Radian passport for the logging in the type of Edmund because admin is one of the common user ready, so you want to ban them immediately as soon as someone is trying add mean user readyto guess you're log in. Then you go and take the letterpress sorts. Assaults is a security feature, and it's a unique cord that gets embedded in tow. Your blocks. Corbis. So going. Click save settings. Now. When you do that, it will ask you to log in once again because you have added another layer of security now and that layer of security has being applied. So you'll go ahead. Eric, logging here serve logged in again and will come toe same security configuration page. Let's see anything else to We want toe. Okay, WordPress tweaks so you can check these additional security features. Just follow the check boxes that I'm checking and save settings. That's about it. We're done with 18 security plug in configuration. Never go back to install plug ins and look it the other plug ins that we've installed. So sue me once you activated click on settings, and for the first time you will have to create an account. So I've already created account goto my APS and there are two things going toe toe here. First ing social share enable this you can connect toe Facebook with your to your profile. I'm not going to do that now, and the second thing you want to do is analytics. See, for analytics, there are two things that are important. Heat maps and content analysis. So heat map is away toe. See which off the areas on your page users are clicking on. This may not be relating to you right now, but at a later point when you have, let's say, a sale speech on your block and you want to see which part of the sale speech users are interacting with, you'll be able to use this so you have to enable it for a particular page. Content analysis basically tells you how far down the page have your readers scrolled down toe. So this again is something that will enable for any place that you want to SS and content analysis Report will tell you to what extent off your page has a particular percentage off . Your readers have gone toe, for example. 100% might have gone till second paragraph 70% off. Your readers might have scrawled till fourth paragraph, and 50% people might have scrawled feel 50% off your page and so on, so forth. All right, so Once you're done, you'll come back to her plug ins page, and we will look at us tissue again. Go to settings and go through and go to the general tap. Go with the configuration Viser. This is the easiest way to configure this. Go with the Wizard. You can get the social profile links here. Keep this as default. That's it. There is another thing that you need to do. Click on the future Stab, Come down Hey, enable the advanced settings page and sail changes. When you do this, you will see this XML site maps link here, so X imitate map is an indication for search engines. Toe. Understand your blog's structure so you go ahead and click on save changes and click on XML site map and you'll be able to see the site map. So this is hope. Search engines will understand your structure and index your pages. It's all right with that. We have gone figured the U. S. To see Wolf and let me show you where you will use it. For Seo purposes, whenever you add a new post, you will have some title here with keyword and some content with their keywords and to come down, and it will show this readability analysis. Readability analysis helps you write the content in a way that your readers will find easy to read. So this is a traffic signal kind of her indication. Just go on improving the content off your block post based on the recommendations here. So this is for people and this tab is for search engines. So as per a Seawolf, you'll have a keyword for every every block post. The keyboard will be specific to the topic off your block post Type that keyword here and your analysis will tell you what to do to make it search, engine friendly piece of content. Keep on following the suggestions given here and you will have a piece of content which is a sewer friendly as well s really friendly. And that brings us to the final plugging that we have installed, which is for cashing. If you look at w three total cash settings, there are few default configurations already in place. You don't need to make too many changes. I would make only one change here. That is to enable the page cash and rest of the default settings will be good enough. All right. So that's about the plug ins that you will need for your blawg. So if you go and take a look at the site, you won't see too many changes except for the plug ins, which will give you a visual change. But there are two things you just saw here. Popped up from left and right side and the bottom. This this and this these came from So, Mommy, plug in. This is the Suomi Minnow. We look that content analysis and heat maps remember during conflagration. So for any page that you're on, you can enable them. So when you enable a new campaign for each page allowed to give it a few days for it to collect data and you can come back and see the visual report there, So that is pretty much what you need to know and do as faras Blufgan sir. Concerned. Yeah, we did it. We bought ah, hosting plan installed, well researched theme. We installed plug ins and the blood looks super professional. I can't wait to see Jahr's. If you have an art already, just take a minute now and share the information about your niche and block in the project section below. I'd be sure to share my thoughts. And maybe that is a surprise in the next lesson. So I'll see you there. 10. Thank You!: Hey, they hope you have enjoyed this course as much as I have putting it together. This has been an amazing, fulfilling experience for me. I hope you have got all the information required to put together your professional blawg, and I just I've got a chance to look at your project in the Projects section. If not, I'd like to see your blocks, objectives and a niche you have discovered. I'll be sure to leave my thoughts about your discovery. And if you have got your blood up and running, let me know. I'm actually jumping out of my skin to look at what you have come up with. I hope you have learned something about starting a professional blog's. I'm very happy that you've got started and two in Creed. You. I'll be happy to do some expression to help you succeed in your blogging journal. Please head over to my block my passive income education Not come. Let this mind passive income for education dot com and click on the Menu Items School. This opens up the online school that I've created earlier this year for specialized courses . Scroll down Ellen, See the Prophet blogging method so This is an advanced course where I have shared all the strategies and tools and techniques to create high end, massive, passive income generating block. Click on this go over this page that's looking course structure. So come to class curriculum. What you have learned in the skill share Coast today is a subset off what you will be learning here. Along with this course, I'm also giving another course called the Graphics Gold Mine, which teaches you how to create any kind of graphics that I required for any kind of online business with zero design skills and within minutes so you can create a book covers kindy covers, book representations, product sellers, blogged images, block headers, social platform images pretty much any kind of teenagers that you need for running a blogged. Learn how to create in this course for being my student on skill share, and we know off her 50% discount to this popular blogging course. 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