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The Photoshop Series: Low Poly Art

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project


    • 3.

      Photoshop Or Illustrator?


    • 4.

      Setting up Your Workspace


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    • 6.

      Drawing Lines


    • 7.

      Filling In Colour


    • 8.

      Alternate Options: Pen Tool


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    • 10.

      Working with Symmetric Images


    • 11.

      Touching Up


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Join Krittika Mittal, an architect and freelance designer, as she takes you through the process of learning how to make low poly artwork. You will primarily require Adobe Photoshop to complete this class. Moreover, you will learn in detail, the different methods you can employ to make the low poly artwork, adding finishing touches etc. So come on, join in the fun.


Meet Your Teacher

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Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi guys ever looked at stunning, low quality graphics and wondered how it's done. I wanted to create them yourself. Well, I knew that I certainly certainly wanted to. I was a big fan of this part. I used to initiating everything difficult. We're trust me. It's not. If you haven't so wanted to know the that you do not need to look any further. She's just the class for you. I'm Critica on. I'm an architect and freelance designer from India. So let me tell you, at this point, when you need to learn this form is for shop on a little bit of patients, that's about it. I will dive you through the process with small tips and tricks that haven't Truman extremely on. We will be basically get me do it, getting the detail of each step on. We will go to the lessons step by step and learn everything that is. Do we learned about this? Are so I do you and wrote the class on Thank you 2. Class Project: Okay guys, the class project is fairly simple on I will be guiding you along its step So we will begin by choosing in a friend's image. Ah please Giant choosen un symmetrically image on the reason for this I will tell you later but basically I will be also guiding you about how to go about choosing the correct photographed on. Then we will be drawing a great We will be discussing the kind of soft says we should use this how we should draw great how we should make change. Isn't it on? Then we will discuss about how you should feel color in it on the final stage would be or finished me for this All you need to upload in your class project is the our reference image On your fine image you can share your experiences Any problems that you had anything interesting that you discovered and he tipped Did you have for the class anything that you reached some? Come on, let's go on to the next video on start with the clubs 3. Photoshop Or Illustrator?: Okay, So before we move ahead, I first Oneto discussed the new the software's we will be using on Why would we be using what we are? So if you actually Google a little about hopefully artwork, you will find out that this is I don't need on 40 short order an illustrator. There are two tree means to make locally artwork on. I have actually done all of them on. I prefer you think for the show for a variety of reasons. Over in a stricter. So before I explain them to you, let me to show you these two images that I have me on. One of them has been reading for the shop and the other one has been made on the last traitor on as even see. So this flamingo it has been made on for the shore. Um, this Macau has been read on illustrator. But if you look at them, there won be any particular difference that you would see in the way them meet because other said the technique is putting much same. Ah said the reason I usually prefer for the shop over illustrator is first of all industry to takes a lot more time than for the shop. So I probably did this in half of the time I took in making this on. They are equally detailed. Okay, so another reason is that for shop, like I showed you gives equally good results. So there's no particular reason for specifically using in last data on the third reason is because for the shop gives me the option off the average filter. Uh, so let me just quickly explain word average filter is and how will you be using it? So what average filter does is that if you have a particular area, for example, I have the CIA, which is a very IittIe off colors on. If I used the average filter on it, so it we're basically combined on the colors and give me an average, which ends up making a really, really nice no poorly, like you can see with the Flamingo So you can see begin, have we have the side distinct area over here off another color on this one under this of these three bands, and I want to see thing that, you know, the effect has come up much better using for the show then my using it in last traitor In what? UBC in illustrator. What you do is died for each triangle. You basically is the eyedropper tool on Philip the color individually in the bank of your choice. About what color you feeling? We didn't for the shop s so it's basically an average cell. Quickly show you how that's done. So, for example, I take the Syria on. I want to find out the average, so I simply go to blow. So So I'm simply gonna filter low on average. And if you'll see that the average off all these colors has been the plan. Don't worry. I will teach you about this technique in a little more detail as he gone for the Okay, So let me quickly it is this, Uh so yeah, so now they're basically two ways toe do locally art in for the shock. So one of the method includes turning on your great on making reference triangles and then filling in the color using the average filter like I showed you all the other matter days. You basically make triangles using your pain tool on. Then you fill in the color using the eyedropper which is like the illustrator Meta uh so I will basically be teaching you the method, which is done using making triangles, using the line tool on, then filling in the average filter. But the mental method is also pretty easy on. In case you want to do that, I will give you a quick stink like a quick idea about it later. So that's OK. So there are so at this office that do offer you the option off doing the triangulation for you. Or you can probably low the filter on an action in your shop that does it for you. I would. Honestly, this is something that I think it's much better if it with my hand, because the new able to choose its triangle according to your preferences, maybe highlight in particular area that you want. So this this technique is really time consuming on its nart, the steps are simple bird. It's a little monotonous because you have to keep doing it again and again. Trust me, the results are really fantastic. As for using some other Softwares other than for the shore, I will teach you the technique, and if you can mimic that in the self there, then that you go to go. So now that we've finished discussing with us off there that we would be using for this, let's go ahead and lonesome little more about it. 4. Setting up Your Workspace: hi guys. So let's begin my understanding. What can happen immediately? We will be using to make a locally artwork. Initially, when I was just learning this technique, I was really, really amazed at how people used to do it on. I didn't realize that we were using a reference image below on. I was like, Wow, this is so amazing. But the truth is, it's all about just using the correct reference image for this. So come, I'll just teach you how to take your correct reference image for this so that this will be using the Internet on. I have decided that for this class I'm going to be a teaching how we're going to make a locally artwork off Kingfisher. So I went to Google Chrome just search for Kingfisher on these other images again. Now, to make a good low Polly artwork in for the shop, you need immediate good resolution on, as you can see that whatever image I go to, the resolution is displayed below. So usually I prefer using in the major which has a resolution of 1000 by 1000 or more. So I have already chosen image for myself, which is as you can see 1200 by 800 on. I have downloaded this emit. So there's no particular reason for choosing this image assets except for the fact that I like it. Ah, you can also choose in the meats like this, which is a King Christian plight on. Basically, you can choose any made you want. See, it has due to different colors which will make for a very nice, slow Feli village. But you need to realize that all these effects, these textures that you have these are not going to show in your No portly. Okay, so now and go back to for the show and I'll quickly to how to open this Imagine for the shop. It's so you go to fight open, select them with that you want and simply press open by doing this. What happens that your image is It opens in 40 shop in the same size on do you get in, read your mind can decides to work on So now the next step for this will be tone on great sensitivity Climate will be using that doing collines. So in order to turn on your great, you simply have to go to view, you have to go to show on simply. Don't on your great The shockers for this is controlled plus apostrophe our command Place apostrophe as according to your map. So it's a very handy short Good on. You're gonna be using this law of times and this A please. Remember this and another setting that you need to go to his good of you Snap your snap should be turned on and go and do snap to get So by doing this, what happens is that when you drawing your lines on the top of this image, they will always snap to the grid. And this is make your work a lot, lot, lot more easier. Okay, It's now, if you want to increase or decrease the size off your grade, you have to go to edit preferences. Um, just a second. Yeah, on goto guide ridden slices. Okay, so right now the good line is in every time pixels, Adam, finding it a little too heavy to work with. So probably make it something around 40 and do OK, um, this is a little too big. So grew edit references again. Andi, make it all 25. You can see in the background the size now on yet that's pretty good. I simply don't. Okay, so you said your great You've set your great divers. You've set your preferences. Now, in the next last, I'll teach you the basics about starting to draw your trying gins. So all right, let's head to the next last 5. Triangulation: Okay, so now that we've understood how we're gonna set of a workspace, I will give you a few tips of our triangulation on what is supposed to do in this. So, uh, in locally art, you are basically highlighting different areas in different colors. Andi, eso strangulation doesn't come lay easily for a lot of people. So I just give you quick tips about how you're supposed to do this. Okay, so I didn't explain what strangulation is. So triangulation is basically making triangles. So this means that you see in front of you, So we're gonna basically start drawing triangles all over eight, and then we're gonna fill each triangle individually. So when you load your image in for the shop, you will realize that it becomes layer called background with Loki on it. So what this means is that you can't draw on the top profit. So, for example, I used my brush tool and I try to draw it would say that could not use outside the move toe , because the latest look on that works for us. So we're just going to say OK on, we even start drawing either way, using a new layer Oh, in case of this weather using line tool, each line becomes a new live in itself. Oh, so now let's start understanding from where you will be triangulating and water areas he will be highlighting. So I will quickly show this to using the brush tool. So let me take a look. Bright red color that standard. Oh, sorry. Yeah. Um, make higher. Think I quickly show you how this is done and what areas will be highlighting? So you see this white portion? You will be OK. This is a little too big like my bed. Yep. So we will be specifically making triangles highlighting this portion. Then we will be making triangles highlighting the big. Then we will be making trains along this on then. Over here. This will probably be a new set of trying. Use this, this etcetera. OK, so Oh, this technique can also be used for making human portrait something with making animals. If you usually don't have a specific areas of high contrast, Alok on trust usually have different colors, so it makes a lot more easier to do triangulation. In case of humans, you will have a V ours off high in low contrast. So so the basic, then said behind triangulation, is any area that is different from the area around it. You have to highlight it using strangulations, and that is what will make your locally art more interesting. Just give the small chip in your head and will make it a lot more easier. So if they were making it really, really complex, slow Polly, you will probably highly. It's small, small areas because you know these are white and this I see different from the Bagram, although I would never advise you to go into so much detail. But it's making too many small triangles also instead of factor for locally. You don't want to go overboard with it anyways. Well, I'll be making you making my great. I'll show you what the average grade should look like. So that is the basics off strangulation on in the next video, I will quickly show you how we going to use line tool on use a great on start making triangles on the top off it so well. Quickly get down to work now 6. Drawing Lines: guys, let's finally begin. So we're gonna start drawing are trying goods. Now we're gonna first quickly turn on address. That's control. Pursue on. Then we're gonna start drawing lines. It's now for drawing lines. We're gonna use the line tool on the shortcut for this view on you can access it from over here, but you get a lot of options off from the tangle. A polygon, etcetera, etcetera on. You gonna go over the line to? So now let's begin triangulating on. I will quickly show you how to triangulate the big. So? So the shock it's was zooming in and zooming out our control or command with the plus sign of the minus Sign accordingly. Soledad's ailment to ban you basically was the hand tool, which the short group for this is. Etch on. That's how you do it. So just remember these t short. Good. So now, control, pursue full hand. Ah, site control with you for lying. Etch for man on zoom in and zoom out using control and the plus sign or controlling the minus sign Sanaa, Let's begin. So I told you so. You will have learned options over here that come so you're gonna choose shape for now on, you're gonna have no Phil on first row color. You should basically choose the color that is contrasting to you in meat that you can see clearly. So for me, that is fine. For now on. As for your shape stroke, I usually like going with 0.5. Or you can perhaps even go with 3.12 quickly destroyed out and check. Yeah, that's fine. Maybe a little tickle. Yeah, this is much better. I just quickly delete them on. Let's start. Okay. Am Were was. So if you draw a line which you think is wrong, you can either go over here and lied or just to control, please. Eight. Which is your shortcut for undo. Okay, so now, in order to start drawing my triangles, I just use my edge of the big on by simply go to my grade on I just stop over here. So if you have your snap, don't known what happens is that when you drawing your line on, you'll take your mouth on, leave it near the great A basically snaps to the group. But why? This is before this cools. When you're later filling in color, using the polygons to will. It basically picks up the same points as you're lying toe, which makes it really accurate Still. Okay, so this is my one lane. Andi. I take 19 over here, and I simply joined them on. That's my first trying it. So, um OK, so a lot of people prefer walking with bigger group. Then this is because right now, you see that when I made this two points, basically not on any grid line, which makes it a little stuff for toe. Highlight this using the public in tow. Although it's a little experience base the first of the second time, you might have a little problem bird. After that, you're pretty much re used to it, so it wouldn't be an issue. If you think you're not able to work there, then you should make a smaller great Ah, like your good size. Your box. I should be smaller. All right, so now I choose my second point on, I just snap it to over here again. I do this on the reason I'm making, so I'm OK. So right now I'm just making triangles to pervert this overall be. But I couldn't see There's this one light march that is happening on this one black pass that's happening. So I probably want them to be different. So we quickly delete this on make my triangles again. So the sun's good. I take my second try anger on instead I just not irritable here on this becomes my third trying goo again snapper to this point in that snap bridge Over here on the tower I start making my triangles. So in this it's ideally better. If you make your lines along the edges first. Aan den, join it inside. You can even make polygons on. Then make triangles outfit whichever met her. Do you comfortable with all this? Remember to make triangles the case polygons. Honestly, don't look way nice in this. So, for example, I have this and I want to kind of highlight this. So I'll make a small triangle over here. Probably make a small joy. Anger? Uh over here. Yes, the top going seats. Now, the moment I come over here, my mouth instantly snaps to the mid point on. This makes my work so much. Either Trust me when you're doing this. You can feel the difference and you'll immediately get what I'm talking about. Ah, using straight Lyons is fine. A song is you're not using to winning state lines when you're making the whole thing. They don't really show out that much. So yeah, that IHS basically my beak. Okay, so now you'll see that each of this line don't know to be an individual shape coiled shape to the do three. It's a trade sector Now, for example, I want to group them on, would make different groups. Ah, lot off. Ah, people do that so that they can take on color each area individually. So in order to do that, what you have to do with so basically I have to group or these less together from she want to shape to did not selecting each of them will take too much time. So what I do is you go into concept, idiot aan den you press shift on, then take on chaff month so instantly. All of these get selective on just risk control his G or command Chris G. And then you get in. Your group just got lit. Beak. There you go. Now, when I want to start drawing again. I'll just do drawn over it on. Then I'll start drawing my lines. So few tips I want to give you about triangulation is so in case you make a cordial latell anywhere like accidentally. Just draw a line in the middle. I should make it into two triangles. Really? Right. Easy, Teoh Focus. For example, I just quickly show you how the profile of the head is done. So there you go. I'm probably using toe crypto squares and one goal for this. Yeah. So now I basically have my ah lines a lot outside and then I can just feel in trying used, um it's just that's improved. See on I simply joined this on. I am also if you would realize that I am not choosing this black area because I want us to come a different angle so that the ski area gets highlighted. If I wanted to make a further complicated model of the Kingfisher, what I would have done is that I would have taken this area on, probably made strong, smaller triangles along this Then another layer of triangles along this, then another layer of triangles along this bird. I can run too complicated right now. So yet So these are This is the basic soft making trying. It's another thing I wanted to point out to you because this is a problem that I have faced sometimes this, that when I'm basically drawing biggest lines along the edges sometimes I think to forget how many squares I have taken. So in this case Ah, What I mean is that basically, when you're drawing the distinct alongside, you can I don't do it in one square or you can do it into squares, as I did so on. Advice on this is that I do You have, ah, definite number of squares that even a like continue the line along on I'm drawing my lines . So now you've seen that I used one on two squares to made my lines so I don't get confused again. One on too one on to is oh site. So if sometimes your line is not exactly going over her and instead it snaps to the center of grade. It's perfectly fine. It really does not matter. But now you can see that this is a confusing because sometimes they're not able to pick up where your corner point waas. So another way to do this is there, for example? I do this I just make random line. I go now in this case, I can't really juiced. I don't want to do still triangle them too thin three So then I just drool land kind of line over hill I'm in this case I chose one on I just finished this I just quickly make my triangles alongside I'm see So this way I'm not confused about what's gonna points I took how this is the basics off making, trying gills on. I'm going to quickly finish this on. You should if you haven't Children. You're enraged, you know. Please do. So it's really easy. And just take a minute for you to quickly google your favorite animal downloaded inmates and start working on it. Uh, you should get down to making the triangles right now on, please. Still this when you have a little time because this is really time consuming. So just stone on to nice music on Get down to it on. I will get back to you after I am done with the strangulation. So see you in the next class 7. Filling In Colour: Okay, guys, they go. I have understood. Triangulate my holy meat on. Be sure you have. It looks so quickly done off my great. Um, there you go. So you can see that I have triangulated this in two layers on dive. Even trying lived I with the special emphasis on the white part on now you can see that all this has been trying later differently. Now, according to your wish, you can make it even more complicated or even more simpler but on and every that is how your grid should look like Ondo added special extra. Thank you should also trying lived legs. So now I'm going to quickly group all of this on. I wanted to show it to you again. So you select all the lands that you want by using shift Andi, just to control this on, I'm gonna quickly add a new layer in the middle. Uh, just a minute on. Probably going to give the solid Phil or White is nice and show you how the strangulation looks. So now you can see the shape you can see the I the big on you can see the arms. I'm any part that you think that you've missed out? Like I can see a small trying love missed out over here. So I'm gonna fix this vile, um, coloring it in word you can probably do it right now on. You can see there some points. There are some mistakes that creeping. Like, for example, this point it's enjoying the triangle. Should have been joined over here, so you can either fix it over here by simply select going this leg to, uh, going to group one on simply going over him. Right sticking. And you will see a lot of these options. And this isn't drop on this ship 1 30 Yep. Now that is it. I can probably do. Leave this on. Go to my draw. A line to grain of Just fill it in like this on. Yes, Nagel done. All right, so now that this is done, it's time we start filling in the colors. So I'm gonna quickly turn off this layer. We don't need this anymore on. OK, so now let's go and start with my favorite part, which is basically filling in telus. So for this, you're gonna basically duplicate this layer, though short, good for this country with J on gonna turn off our Locksley and I'm gonna work on this. So in this case, what happens is the venue filling in color. Since you need the base layer eso you're gonna actually walking on this layer only. Let's call this slope, Ali, and I'm going to show you how this works. So you basically go to your last or two and you choose polygons master to the shot group for this is l on. You need to turn on your great again and then basically, you start choosing triangle triangle and filling it in. So let me show you how it's done for, for example, the beak again. So I quickly go, I select I click on one point, click on the second click on the third and then go back and that's my triangle. So then I go to Fintor. I go to blow on the night of his average, and I just took control This D o d Select on. Now you can see that the uniform shade has coming. So Okay, I'm going to do this again. Make my trying you. I'm So instead of going again and again to filter on haven't choose the last filter used. You can also use the short, good country this f our command herself, which makes it a lot easier. It basically uses the last friend do you used so again? Now I'll just quickly do the B and show you okay, so you don't necessarily need to de select every time you're drawing. The only thing you need to do is to basically go on new point and click on it will get chosen at the new part. Um, sometimes when you making the triangles, you'd realize that your partisan closing. So, um, so the thing with the last two list I in case Assad, situations like, I'll show you. So for example, I used this on my past isn't floating, and I want to join this point in this point. So the only thing I need to do is press control and click anywhere on the screen. What this does is so what does that is that basically connects these points together on again contributed to de select? Sometimes while I'm walking, I tend to slightly change the color. Oh, like a slice it and to change my triangles. Island working on its prophecy. Fine. If you going to do that to maybe there's something that while you're coloring, usually writes, looks better in a different way. Okay, so one thing that you really need to be careful about while applying the average filter ISS that you need to make sure the venue filling in colors like, for example, from filling in color in this triangle I have to make sure I do not have enough of my background. But selected by I'm saying this is because if you have a background selected to basically ads and it changes the color of the triangle, so let me show you. So I told the stringer on I did my filter, and this is the color that comes now. I do that backwards, um se, and now I choose my triangulate this and you'll see it's lighter color because the gay has makes 10. So, you know, kind of Trento away that Yeah, so now you can see that the beak is done. Let me just don't off my great and let me just turn off the big march on now you can see on As you can see, there are no gaps and it Sometimes while you're drawing trying, Gilles Oh, you can have the small girls like coming. So in that case, when it ended with I simply going and fill it in again on what it's done, So Okay, so now I'm gonna fill in colors in the rest of the boat on then get back to you. Okay, I So now we're finally done with my low ball licking pressure. So once you're done finishing, finish finishing the colors off your artwork. What you need to do is that you need to zoom in, see if you have any prominent villages on fix them by making a triangle over it again on filling in the color. So now I'm gonna tell you about a problem that I've expedience while working on locally outward on. That is that when I have made the Algerian that has to be colored on. It's a uniform. Hello. So even though I divided no triangles and apply my average filter, all of the triangles come out of the same color because is the base color is uniform. So what do you doing back days? So, in situations like that, what you have to do with that you basically select triangle. Like, for example, I select this triangle on I basically fill it in again by going toe edit Phil on I goto color on. Basically, choose this color with my eyedropper tool. Um, maybe take something darker and I just do okay on Okay, Andi, Simply the selected on wallah. I have managed to change the color off the strangle. So in case you want to use the base image only for your reference, what you do is you make a copy of fifties in control is J. I'm just own this on I go back. Um, I make my try and go again. So this space gets selected on I go to my background copy. I got a date. Fill color and using the eyedropper tool I pick up a color on deny. Uh, okay. So then I press canceled because I didn't want to color on this layer. I go back to my local layer. I goto edit film on. I just still Okay. Yes. So So then there is the stone of this layer on. Do you concede this? The strangle has new color on to go back. I simply do controlled said Um, yes, let's back to my original color. And then I could simply delete this left. So that's about it on all these corners. Did you see be in the next video and ability to how to basically clean your hopefully artful on Make it into a new layer with the transferring background. So I would advise you not to delete these lines because you will be needing this to clean up your artwork. Oh, on another thing, another doubt that was asked to me from someone, waas since you have these lines and they have their own dread color and how does it not affect your average figure? Its acceleration book. The average vintages works on the layer that you have selected. So, for example, I go to a week and I do this and then it's like this part on. I do filter. Ah, blow on average on, nothing happens. You will have to rest razor on. It could not complete because the secretary is empty. Two guys, that's about the basics. Off flow poorly Artwork on. If you have any doubts during this Ah, active in the state Yara, please just leave it in little community section on. I will get back to you as soon as they can. So now let's go one to the next video. 8. Alternate Options: Pen Tool: Okay, So before we continue, I will quickly to have. We can also make a local yacht using the pen to. Although this is not my preferred technique, I will still teach you the basics. So in case you want to try that out, you can do so. In case you're not confident about using the pain tool or you do not know how to use it, I will recommend that you should have to my other class, which is about the foot to shop Pento before you continue with this lesson. Okay, so we will be six every using to shape out of the paint tool. So for this, I have just duplicated our original meat and made new layer on understand Drawing triangles await using the pain to on the shape part of the pain to style quickly turned on my great Zuman. I will show you good for by triangles in the Syria. So I go to the pen to on the options above. I use shape. No offense. Now on, I'm gonna have ah zero point side stroke on that. The fallibility So that again it shows. So now I'm gonna make trying. It's on DFO now for just showing you. I'm just going to use the center points of great on make Jenkins. So in this you have to meet the complete Tanger and you have to keep joining the three points again and again. This is not like lines. So there you go. I have five triangles. Finish now ongoing quickly. Show you how I'm going to tell them. So first we need to get red. We need to get rid off the dark red line on selecting each of them individually and then turning off the stroke when we do much effort. So what we do for this is that once again, we select all the shapes. Onda, we make the stroke too no stroke and then just press enter. So when you do that, the shape still exist. But they're waiting faint line in the background, as you can see. So now whatever shape they select, there's a faint line in the background on. You can use this insulin, your colors so business. What you do is that you need to basically select the triangle on for this. You go to the direct selection tool. The shark for this is a but then first you need to go over here on then go Known your dialects election instead of fear but selection. So you do that on Go to your layer on basically you Niantic fils. What happens the moment you click failed this thing Oakland's on. You have to do the color. So my media issue with using the paint tool on filling in the triangles is that the moment you click on the Phil Point you're trying disappears and you really can't make out where you're trying new waas. So I simply look on dsi. Why, my triangle is I quickly filling the click on the filter on. I have rough idea. Very truss on. There you go. So again, the moment use like the other lead. The shape gets selected once you have one triangle, then becomes lord easier. So yeah, um I see why I prefer using the average voter because that's what happened. For example, I used this candle. So this is the color that fills in the strangle, even though this is not exactly the color off the image below. So there is one problem that I had with the both illustrator and using the pain too on why I prefer using the photo shop Average tool in compassion. So I do. Uh, yes, I My bed. I quickly make no stroke. Yes. So there you go. On another issue. Let her heart waas that you know you can see this lines all the okay. Diet is dissolvable because you can lead to condor these into a smart object The advantage of doing the service that I value doing this the's strangles they're all different, less you can basically just a group together on make it into a canoe group on its not affected by the image below So none of thought to the basics of the pain to You can experiment with this on if you have any doubts. So you want to take this photo, feel free to contact me. 9. Cropping: Okay, So now in the final stage of the project, where we will basically separating the center will new layer on men taking this on Bodo onto Adeline extra to the image. What I did was I also made locally artwork off the brand. So I initially triangulated it, using the same technique on Then I filled in the colors. So this is a separate layer. Now, the reason I have worked on a separate clear for this is that basically, you can see that the legs on one them to come on the top of the grand on. I would usually in general also advise you to take the extra things and work on indigenous a greatly. So we will initially be cropping this we'll be dropping, looking, fishing to a separate image on. Then we believed a walk on this on cropped branch into a separate image. So everything initially start with teaching you Ah, how to crop out your kingfisher from the same age. So even again be using the polygon lasso tool on. We will returning on our groups and we're returning on create for reference. So, wanting a little problem with this insight if you click in your like since you making you part in the continuation on If at any point you go drawn, you will have to start over again. There is no way from which you can go back to the last point. I know it's a bit often headache, but yeah, that's like So let me start. So I'm going to start by clicking alongside on making my part on. Basically, I have to make clothes you So I will quickly show you how it's done long, 34 points and then continue and show you the final part that it's gonna take some time. So over here I am just finishing up and yeah, I'm done. So the moment you're part of this, this slime will appear. The start line will appear around your image on then. All you have to do is that you go on the screen. I right. Click. I'm. Since you have a selection, you simply do live by a copy on you can turn this off. And yes, there you have your image. I will complete on these off. Turn off my grid and you have your invasion of separately. So I will say I will do this similar. Leave the branch on, then quickly get back to you. Okay, so sometimes if your parts in closing, like in this case on I know I'm repeating points. The best way to do is to simply do control on click on their My part selected. So now I go toe my background copy layer on and simply do live a copy on once again. There you go. So now I have my brunch selected on I quickly turn this off on I have 11. No background should my branch. And similarly, I haven't never It shows my book Sanaa hardware basically combined them together. I will simply put this layer below this on maybe two week around with shape. So if I want to keep this in the corner, I would simply shift my board a little. Um, there you go. Your Lupoli art for your kingfisher is ready now. The only thing you need to do now is to give it a solid background 10. Working with Symmetric Images: uh, so as it'll, I usually prefer walking with un symmetric for to revise compared to symmetric photos. But for your next project, in case you decide to pick up in symmetric photo ID like to show you a few quick, It's the tooth news on. Make your work a lot more easier. So for this I'm going to show you an example that I did which was off a 1,000,000 on I'm going to show you the low Polly I did for that on the first. The final thing that I have on. I'm gonna quickly show you how I made this. So this is my reference image on. As you can see, it is almost symmetric on. If I managed to draw a line from over here, you will be able to see that I can actually derive the image into house. The only different part is the G. Yeah. Sit for exam brute. I draw a line. Um, Okay, so over here I don't align. You shift for making a straight line of 90 diggy? Um, yes. And now you can see that the image is almost symmetry. I'm to make work easier. What I can do is that I can work on 1/2 of the image and then use that for a cop and copy to the other half. So have this can be done. Is that I basically So I So this is my image that I took I 50 divided into half using the selection tool. So for this, what you do is that you basically flett, but that you want roughly on kind of deleted, Andi. Then you get 1/2. So this is my 1/2 on basically walked on this to make my locally on Do finish this image. All you have to do is that you go to this layer, duplicate it on, then you go to edit, transform on you simply do flipped horizontally and then put this in position. So there, you see, This is my completed 1,000,000 locally on for this. Ah, what? You can see if I have basically done this, I've done locally for 1/2 on it. Going duplicated on the under. Hawke, on my finish version off this wars. Oh, say this begins on to make this look better. What I did watch. I am basically added to it by putting buttons and G. This is done by cropping from the originally meet on. Then I added here on this money. So when taken to realize is that sometimes I'm making a locally graphic Euronext's they need to can or the entire image in tow. Locally, I deliberately chose no to make the eyes into one because the effect would not be the same . I personally like it better on it's okay if you do not it then tie image to for the add on to this. What you can probably do is add a nice background, as you would see over hell distant. Yes. So over here this is my image on I added a solid background color to it on. Then I gave it a textured fill on. Basically, I introduced the obesity toe around 52% to get a nice background for this. So yeah, so in case you walking on symmetric majors on this, remember, just woke on 1/2 on Duplicated moreover, encasing walking on a symmetric image and you decide No, do it this way. The result doesn't come out that well 11. Touching Up: So, guys, actually sewing the last video, you can have ah, variety of approaches to your locally artwork. Now, in this video, you will have your basic artwork ready on. I'm going to show you a que ah, a few quick fixes or a few quick additions. You convict you and maybe it's a trap. So, as you saw in the last video, you can all this group out some stuff from your original image on added to your locally artwork to make it a little more interesting, like I did with the millions eyes. Although over here, I do not feel the need to crop anything. A certain put it over there. But in case you wanted to do that, so all you have to do is go to the Magic Wandell, select whatever object you want. Like for example, I won't dislike this small part. Oh, okay. Perhaps selecting all this would be a little difficult because because the type of me is that Is that so? So in case that happens, so you can simply use the bulletin tool and make apart. But the basic thing is that you simply do live. I copy, and then just added to your image. So yeah, that's it. On all its loan. Clever adding backgrounds. So for now, the these are my toe place and I quickly add layer below this going late three. Let's call this back home. So the first option, but obviously, is to add a solid fit on which is all fail You simply go to this botching below on African solid color and then you can do the color you can experiment with Lord of Colors. You can always go with the standard white or the standard black. Oh, are you Came a mix and match with bright yellows or not blues but we have entirely up to So yeah, for now it's good. Right on. There you go. I'm in case you do not want a plain background. What you can also do is that you can simply Adam inmate and then make that as you by ground savoy down Will you want a nice are blue sky sort of background so you can simply down with the stock photo from the Internet on. Then place it over here psycho file. I go to play somebody on, basically, choose my image on press place so over here, so I will not I will actually stretch my image on simply pus center on. There you go. I have a very nice background for my image in case I want to inverse it on. Have the blue about. I can simply go to edit, transform on duty 20 degrees. On day you go, you have it in case you want to add something different. Like maybe your grand sort of look again. I'm gonna file. Let's admit it on on something like this picture. Yeah, but in case I want a different color in the background. So, like, I want to blue. So all right, I'm simply choose a different color for my solid a dark blue. I'm I would simply reduce it's opacity so that the background color shows I can experiment with this on they. So these are the different kind of my grants that you can give to your image on, for example. Okay, I'm happy with this, but now I want to tweet. This will probably make it a little bowl, chappelle or changed to contrast for this. What you do is that it's better than duplicated by the way, and then work on this. So I have a copy on to sharpen your image. So see, simply go to filter sharpened shopping on. You need to click this to three times for the fact to come other you might not be able to see in office difference. But if I click this now, you can see how the edges have munch to sharpen a lot. You can duplicate this on shop in this photo and probably reduce its A pre city a little to let this shop. Yeah, so there you go. But I usually before using shop in just two times a maximum three. Otherwise, it goes a little overboard. Okay, Uh, in case I want to change the contrast little I goto image adjustments level on Basically want toe change My levels make it a little more Darko. I am Okay. I'm gonna change my brightness on rings. Um, Alright, so now you go. I can do the same of the branch once again. Control pills J putting below and in the major adjustments levels on. Probably with so darker on. Okay, on. In order to save your final book, simply go to file, save us on just to save as a jpg on. There you go. You can choose Maxim. Any works done 12. Final Thoughts: Okay, so we done for the day. I hope you have fun. And I hope you learn something new in this class. Locally is one of my favorite techniques on even. But I have been using it from wooden here. Now I still keep doing something having the hand there. Ah, locals. Really interesting. If you use it for human portraits, all line escapes to. But my personal favorite is animal portraits. So once again, thank you for joining the class. Good man.