The Magic of Digital Brushes: Make Traditional Painting with Photoshop | Camila Queiroz | Skillshare

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The Magic of Digital Brushes: Make Traditional Painting with Photoshop

teacher avatar Camila Queiroz, Freelancer Illustrator who loves games and books

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Where to find good brushes


    • 3.

      Basic Brush Configurations


    • 4.

      Material Study


    • 5.

      Transforming Material into a Character!


    • 6.

      Final Considerations


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About This Class


In this class I´ll show you my process of painting and how I use special brushes to give to your work a "Mixed media" look only using Photoshop brushes.
If you...

- Love that textures you see on children´s book and classic paintings but don´t work well with inks.
- Already paint digitally but are tired of the same painting style and want to know another artist´s workflow..
- Are starting to paint digitally and want to learn an easy technique to achieve a nice look for your works.
This class is for you!

I´m used to working this technique for children´s book illustration, so i´ll foccus on this aesthetic and give you some tips to explore textures for this kind of work.

So come with me in this adventure and i will do my best to guide you in this world of digital painting with special brushes on Photoshop!

What you´ll need: Adobe Photoshop (can be Cs2 and above. I´ll show some resources from cs6, but they´re not necessary for our class.)

I deeply recommend you to have a Digital pen to make this class. Even if you can use brushes with mouse, painting at computer requires special tools for it. You´ll only reach some effects that will make the difference on your work, using it.


Dear Students,
 Here are some links of brush sources i talk about on video 2.

Grut Brushes

Kyle Brush

Great Brush blog
Digital brushes ( Professional Artists brush collections)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Camila Queiroz

Freelancer Illustrator who loves games and books


Camila "Kami" Queiroz is a freelancer illustrator from Brazil, who studies children's book and cartoon aesthetics. She works mostly with games (mobile and traditional cardgames) and has a lot of published works, including her own drinking game called "Brewitched" wich will be launched officially in Brazil next year.

She has 2 years of experience as graphic designer, where she worked with educational presentation for big companies like Vivo Telefonica and almost 5 years as an artist at game studios.

See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hey, guys, I am communicated ice. I have working with illustration since 2000. Way to talk about planning When it started to work with this technique, I wanted to make something like that super awesome. Rendered Be says we usually seen games and movies at the same time. I also lives the style off Children's book illustration. Usually so cute and full of textures. These almost made me go mad because I wasn't good enough with neither digital in our traditional art. So I started to explore different brushes and study allots. Soon I realized that the art style is looking for wasn't as far as I thought in this class , I will show you that if you want to make who just the pieces you don't need to have to be an expert on a bunch of skills like we usually hear when people talking about it says need to know how to exploit airbrush and Photoshopped, just like your road zoo with three a brushes in traditional media. I will also help you with some tools and tips about it. Here we're going to learn some basic breast configurations, where and how to choose the best precious to achieve a good visual fact. And I know Sheriff you. My process rates a character that is simple, cute. L reach of textures, the kind of work that people would look at and be totally amazes so and grow now and environment mean these exchanges. 2. Where to find good brushes: Hey, guys, welcome back To begin our class, I go. I'm going to show you some very useful resource is that will help you to just the best weapon to win this. There are many tools that are ready for use and even famous artists from the industry work with them all the time. Are you sure you were to find them? So you get faster to the practice. OK? First, let me show you the British shops. This resource isn't for free, but it's not expensive at all. And it's really worth it. The two shops I use the most are the ones from Kaio, Absar and grit brushes. The links are on our class description. Any other link mission here we will always be on the class description. Okay. If something you want isn't just send me a message, so I'll show you Kaio shop, for example. When you enter edit, you see that sometimes he sells each brush separated But sometimes there some roses Which coming backs watercolor, for example, Or this mega pack sets which comes if many difference and useful tools guar sets in. Pastor kids explain. There's well, as you can see, he has a lot of charity making verses that simulates traditional media is pretty difficult . And the variety offering this store really makes up for the price. Just as a normal shop, we need to choose the number of prices were we wants and quickened by burden Here, I want to users. So you here. Ah, these license to users is $30 I just need to click it the baby. I'm sorry that my interfaces in Portuguese, but I believe that it won't make any change for you. Usually, these brushes air really, really cheap. But if you want to save some money on this eventually some some off the shops have freebie promotions and just keep checking their newsletter. So you know, when they're available. Well, there are also some other options, like this block that shares brushes used by renowned artists. And they're really cool. Resource is there. Selling your own Bruce for dollars is a common practice between artists so they can help students. This kind of log organizes these files in just one place, so it's even easier for us to get them. Photos of creative Cloud version also have its own tools. You can find them at the Bruce Bullets right here, and they are represented by the two icons. Some brushes simulates well. The taxi will be made of the paper, but I prefer to use Cousteau. My attitudes, because specifically these one requires too much memory. These tools are worth of experimentation, so you can see how their textures behavior canvas. But I believe that customizer twos can achieve a better result, and we diversify the taxers. Knowing where to find these tools is important because when you go for a watercolor brush versus for example, you will usually find versus baseness players. And if you want to paint your peace with this, it will be probably difficult to achieve a nice result without customization because usually they have a very remarkable shape. Any through creates a very obvious pattern on your work. Well, ah, for the next video, you have a homework. You just need to take a look at these websites and download a brush back a fair choice. Okay, 3. Basic Brush Configurations: after they would have done loaded all the brushes you wanted. It's time to import them into Photoshopped. There are two ways to import your Bruces. The first is through the basic Respa lets you just need to click on this icon, and then a load. Brushes to search for the fire, which will usually be in the Navy, are extension. The other way is soon. Pour them as a two preset, and it comes in a fire form. It's called TPL. It's like a shortcut that organizes not only your favorite breast stools, but any our custom to you want soloed, any to present to download. It is the same thing, but you click on low to presets any to appear at this least and ready for use. But before your side to put your hands on, I show you some basic breast configuration there, like the most, you can access them by clicking that these I can hear or by window brushes. So let's start talking about breast IP shape. Oh, Photoshopped brushes are based on shapers, and the stroke you make with them is related to the number of times it's being repeated here on this well we can choose the direction in which this basic shape will be reproduces . And by checking the spacing box, you be able to choose them out off this reputation. Now shape dynamics. If you don't have a just open it. You appear warning. I come here, but if you have, you can check pen pressure. So the weeds of her stroke you change according on it, and you will be able to control your lights thickness. Some options. Here we control your roundness in the main shapes angle, which may give a trembling sensation to airlines door British. Your photos up refuse er Bruce with another from the pallets. I usually like to massive flat brushes by fusing it with a textured one. Transfer will give us move sensation to your brush through flow and opacity violations, I think shape. Then I mix the pen pressure resource is the one that I think that is the most useful. Aside from these configurations, we also have other features that are good to be known. Ah, breast size. For example, if you look here at the ballots, you see a number under the brush. This number is important because it will tell you the maximum science. You can use your breasts without losing tax or information, So if you have a small British that you would like to use in a big painting, it will blurry the texture and it to give a really Massey appearance for your work. Opacity in flu capacities Home words transparent The color of her breasts will be info is like the amount of ink you'd have on your brush. The last is the flow off her brush. The more it's I just we appear when he use its well, I think that's enough. I recommend you to play a little if this come fix. Ah, As you can see, there is a lot off alter brushes, configurations to explore, and then my help you to achieve an interesting results for your work. Few comfortable to take our time to explore them before we go to the next video. When I was start to show you my paying process 4. Material Study: Now that you know the basics, it's time to share If you, my bro sis way are going to make a simple materials 30 saves like a sphere just like these . I tried to make a watermelon texture, and here are some references I got to help me. Um, I usually start setting a basic color using a heart brush to make the main shape, but you can even start by using a rounded brushes with hardness at 100%. It gives definitions your drawing and will be easier if you want to blurry some areas later . Since we're going to Panis fear, I would just like the area with a live selection two and feel it's pressing old and delete at the keyword to paint inside the shape. I use a leaps as a mask by creating a new layer and press in all its while clicking between this jeweler years. Now, everything I paint on this layer won't appear outside the elites. Well, uh, no. Io mark some lines. Who uses a base to paint watermelon stripes? Once we're painting a sphere, I used a warp to to give dimension for this texture. When the base is ready. I will create an earlier inside it and make trembling stripes with a dark green collar. I'm using this watercolor brush because I think it's leaves a coup effect. This brush comes with a bloody mode configuration, which will influence the way color overlaps itself. Multiply moods were dark in your piece where you use it. Watermelons have a lot of color violation, so I darknet some spots and created an irregular texture. After creating a good texture, you cast light and shadow using these watercolor brush and a softy razor to give us move. Transition color is more saturated where the light is stronger, so I reinforces the yellow by changing layers, blaming moods. Great secrets. Issa test one by one until you find the one that feats better. You can also give some beautiful shine. Tears view by using a soft brush around. It's if you do it with the background color, it will look more natural way you can add a paper taxer by pacing the image off the material you wants and selecting move supply modes on earlier. You can also add some splatters to give a final touch 5. Transforming Material into a Character!: an interesting drawing usually have more than one texture. And the work Floyd just showed You can be used every time you paints any surface. You can use it texturizing Brochu wants, and you can pick up to from a traditional technique you like and pay attention at the textures you see at the canvas. So I did some wines at another layer, and I you paint it for you. I want to give personality to our watermelon interest farm. It's in acute swimmer. I will start by making shapes for her seem suits and swimming cap. We flesh so to. And then you give some churches with a hard brush off my choice. I wanted to make this swimsuit as it was carved on her, so I used that same photo as reference and paint it using a crackled British watermelons. Question is mostly made of fibers, so the taxi off this bridge it's enough to create its sensation. I used the watercolor brush to paint the shadows and blended with the rest. Try to reproduce taxers by the symbols where you can look at it patterns and spots and think how you can synthesize the material. Testy. It's brush you have in. Imagine which kind of materially texture with best represents is a great exercise, and we'll spare your time later. I choose to use this fear as based because it's easier to render its shadow lights. But the way of thinking is the same. If you make any order form, always question yourself about what Bruce could be better to represent that taxi. You can also pick one bridge that is totally different from the technique. You chose your paintings easterly off the road, and you can use it in your favor to create a work with diversify it materials. Just try to make it without losing consistency to finish. I'll play some blues bladders, and now we have an elegant watermelon sooner. 6. Final Considerations: well, we have arrived at the end of her class. Thank you for watching. And I hope you learns Belarus's things with me is important to remind you that there's no right nor wrong path. What I saw it to you. It's just a process that I feel is more comfortable. Don't forget to make your class projects and sent to me so I can give you a feed bag. If you have any doubts about how you can represent your texture, always look for references. You can also try to copy them to see if you can understand what the artist was thinking when he painted it. Few comfortable to make any questions and CIA.