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The Job Seekers Guide to LinkedIn: How to Get Recruiters to Contact You

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. LinkedIn Profile: Overview of Course

    • 2. Main Sections of Your LinkedIn Profile

    • 3. Insider Recruiter Secret: How Recruiters Contact You

    • 4. 5 Essential Tips for Improving your Profile

    • 5. The Words you must NEVER use on your profile

    • 6. Best Method to inform Recruiters that you are Job Seeking

    • 7. How to Turn Off Activity Broadcasts

    • 8. Pre-requisite Question: Before Doing Keyword Research

    • 9. How to Find the Best Keywords for your Profile

    • 10. 5 Key Places where to Insert your Keywords on your Profile

    • 11. How to get 500 Connections in a Day

    • 12. Little Known Method for Finding Your Ideal Job

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About This Class

Did you know that the no.1 tool used by recruiters for finding job candidates is LinkedIn?

But wait there is more…

Did you know that LinkedIn has a tool for recruiters. It’s called LinkedIn Recruiter.

It’s basically a search engine for finding suitable candidates.

Except a recruiter can filter candidates by age, by experience, by skills, by location and even by keywords used in your LinkedIn Profile.

So in today’s times, to find a job fast, it is absolutely crucial that your LinkedIn Profile is created correctly.

Think of your LinkedIn profile like your online resume.

It’s the first chance to present yourself to recruiters. If your LinkedIn Profile is outdated, not formatted, or includes the wrong information… You will miss out on one of the best ways for finding a job.

A well-designed profile will give you more exposure to recruiters, more messages with job opportunities… And this will lead to more interviews and finding your ideal job.

So if you are looking for a way to get more job offers. This course can help you.

Inside you will learn:

  • How to setup your LinkedIn profile so that you get noticed by recruiters
  • How to determine which keywords to use in your profile so that you increase visits to your profile.
  • And you’ll discover a proven method for finding a job using LinkedIn

Enroll today and learn how to use LinkedIn to maximize your job opportunities.


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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1. LinkedIn Profile: Overview of Course: welcome inside. In this course, you will learn the secrets of a well formatted linked in profile. I'll share with you how to set up your lengthen truffle so that you stand out to recruiters . My aim is to equip you with a profile that is well written, informative so that you instantly get more calls, have more interviews and take part in numerous recruitment processes. Because if you're sending out job applications and not getting any responses, you feel bad. You are not in a good position to negotiate at a job interview. You'd rather take whatever you can get the negotiate the job that you want. Now that's not a good position to be in. I want you to have a strong candidate profile so that you get more calls from recruiters and take part in more recruitment processes simultaneously. That way, you will feel better about yourself and be in a position to negotiate a better salary and choose the job you want. Rather than take whatever you can get. I have divided this course into three main parts. In the first part, you will learn the fundamentals of your linked in profile. We will cover the main sections that make up your profile. In the second part, you will learn how to keyword optimize your profile. I'll show you an easy way to find the most suitable keywords for the job you want and where to add those keywords to your profile. And finally, in the third part, I'll share with you some cool tips for using linked in to find a job before we continue. I would just like to say, I hope you enjoy this course and I wish you all the best with your job hunting are seeing the next lesson. 2. Main Sections of Your LinkedIn Profile: in this lesson, I want to show you the main sections of your linked in profile. Let's start. So this is a sample profile page I have created at the top. We have the introduction section, so let's click on the pencil and see what we can cast a life. So firstly, you can customize the cover picture, and here you can see the size of the cover picture and your profile picture. Now here's a top tip. If you want to stand out, just change the cover picture. Your profile will look different just based on this factor alone. It's a simple change. It is, in fact, so simple that most people just avoid it. I recommend that you change it even a photo off a city that you live in That will be enough so that your profile looks different. Moving on. You can set your photo, but remember, your photo has to be professional. It cannot be casual. No party photos, no holiday photos, no social photos. I think you should just follow a normal formula. Keep it simple where something nice and make a professional photo on a neutral background. Then we have your first name last name and your headline. The headline is another very important section. For key words. Find the most valuable keywords for the position you want and make sure to craft a headline using those keywords. And don't forget to make your headlines specific to the job that you want. Then over here, you can enter your current position if you are unemployed. Just mentioned that you are pursuing new opportunities over here. You can set your education. Now this is actually a drop down box, and I filled in the partially filled in the education section. But if you want to add education and then selected here to be in the introductory fiction, what you have to do is close this click here, add new profile section and odd education. And I'm pretty sure that if this is your first linked in profile, yours have to do the same thing to add your first work experience. Okay, back to the introductory fiction. So you have your current position. Set your education set now here your country and your zip code. This is very important. Recruiters are open to searching and contacting people with ideal skills who are in a different city, but this isn't a preference. Generally speaking, a recruiter will search for a candidate within the city that the job is offered. So set your location to where you are living. At this moment, the industry section is as important as location. So select the industry that most closely matches your current position. If you are unemployed, that select an industry in which you would like to work for the summary. This is basically a brief introduction to yourself as a candidate. And lastly, we've got media and you can add a You're a link to a video of you are a document or presentation. This isn't the most important is actually optional. Once you fill out all of the section, then just click on safe scrolling down. And next we have the experience section and this is really the main part of your online CV . Here you will want to list your work history just like you would in your CV. So make sure to include your job title. The company you worked for, the dates you work. That and your key responsibilities further down. Next, we have education. Once again, this is similar to your CV. You will want to lift the degree that you were awarded the year you graduated and the university at which you graduated. If you want to add a new education, we click on the plus. And I just wanted to show you. So you've got the school degree and field of study. This is standard, but then we have the great This is purely optional. In fact, I think this is irrelevant. I recruiter is not going to ask you for your great. So I would skip the greats part now for activities and societies. If you're a fresh graduate, then you can use this section toward more details to your profile. If you participated in university groups mentioned this, you will show that you were active while standing. However, if you have more years off work experience than the activities and society sections are not so important, you can actually skip it. Let's close this and then over here we have featured skills and endorsements. This section is very important. You are searching for a particular job and are recruiter is searching for a candidate with particular skills for a job. It is in your best interest to include the key skills for the position. Let me tell you why a recruiter looking for a salesman willing cooled sales as a skill. If your profile includes this keyword, your profile will be included in the search for people with sales skills for dissection. You will need to research the most important skills for a particular job and include those skills here. I would suggest you read five job adverts that you are applying for and find the key skills that are required for them. Another part of this is the endorsements affection. So what are endorsements? Let's use Facebook terminology on endorsement is like a Facebook like someone likes your skill. You can build up endorsements by endorsing others, then writing them a message. Something along the lines off. Hi, John Smith. You might have noticed that I recently added endorsements to your profile. I'm building up my endorsements in my profile and would love to have any endorsements from you. Thanks, but honestly, this is optional. The most important part will be to include the skills in your profile. So let's scroll up. I have shown you the main parts off the linked in profile. However, if you have some extra information, it may be valuable to add it to your profile. So this is how you do it. You click on Odd New Profile section and then over here with good background skills and accomplishments for the background, work, experience and education we have covered now volunteer experience. If you have volunteer experience, enter it. It's always contributing to your profile. Then we have skills and Leslie accomplishments. This one has many different sub categories, So if you have finished courses, speak multiple languages. You've received awards or owners there, maybe affection for that. So browse through the categories and choose the most relevant for your accomplishments. Now let's close this for now and then we have here edit, public profile and Euro. I will explain to you how to customize your euro in a different video, but I want to show you your public profile. So here we've got a public profile. So what is it? If someone isn't looked into their lengthen account, they will see this page. But you don't have to worry about updating this page. It's done automatically for you and just close it. And the reality is that a recruiter or employer from a hatred department will have a linked in account, and that's how they will find you. So do not worry about the public profile now. The last thing I wanted to show you is this button here. Odd profile in another language. This is another optional part. It depends on your location, Although English is the business language, I would recommend using English for your profile. But if you like you can form a profile in another language, it really depends where you are. Thank you for watching. You have just learned the main parts that make up your linked in profile. 3. Insider Recruiter Secret: How Recruiters Contact You: Hello, everybody. In this lesson, I would like to show you the main ways that a recruiter can contact you. My focus is on lengthen because it is the largest network for professionals, and it is the number one tool off recruiters. When you have an inside look into a recruiters job, you will be able to customize your profile so that you can be discovered much easier. So, firstly, the easiest way for a recruiter to get in contact with you is to connect with you so they will send you a connect request. Once you accept them, then they can send you a message just like Facebook Messenger. Here's another profile, which I have already connected with, so they can then click on message and send you, Ah, personal message. Some recruiters will send you small messages to briefly introduce themselves to find out if you are interested, and then they will send you the job offer while others they will not beat around the bush. And they would just send you a massive message with all the job details. So just be aware of this now, in case you have not connected with the recruiter. So let's go back here. So in case you haven't, they haven't connected with you. They have a back up in Lincoln Recruiter, which is the paid version off Lincoln. They can send you an email message so they could click here and then send in Male. This allows recruiters to send messages to people that they have not connected with. Now, this cost money. But it is an effective way to get through to the candidates. And lastly, another way for them to contact you is to send you an email. So firstly, they connect with you. So let's go to this profile where we have already connected. And on this profile they confined your email address on the top right hand side, taking quick, show more and are here. They have access to your email address. So it is a good idea to include your email in your linked in profile because it just makes you more ive easily reachable. And another strategy for you is to accept connect requests from recruiters. Even if you're not searching for a job right now, you may be searching for a job in the future, so it is better to expand your lengthen network profile right now. Thank you for watching. I decided to record this quick video so that you understand the mind of a recruiter knowing some of the practices will let you know how to prepare your profile so that you can be more easily discovered by recruiters. 4. 5 Essential Tips for Improving your Profile: Hello. In this lesson, I want to share with you five essential tips for improving your linked in profile. The steps go a long way to improving the quality of your profile so that our recruiter will get a positive reaction when viewing your profile. Number one customize your girl. So here we go to lengthen. Now, please have a look at the girl because this is the default euro. For your linked in profile, you will have your name followed by random members. Now you can update your euro so that it looks more professional and clean. I'll just log into a different account. Okay, So I am looked into Lincoln, and I am at my profile view page. So basically view profile. And when you have a look on the top right hand corner, you can feed ended public profile and euro. I want you to click on it and then on the top, right, Him column. Click on this pencil here next to the girl and you can write in whatever you want. Preferably. Just use your first name, last name, maybe throwing your middle name if you need to be separated from other people with similar names, and then once you're done, just click on safe and that's it. Number two Odd. Your email. This is important. You want to make yourself as easily contact herbal as possible. So at your email into your linked in profile toward your email, just go to settings and privacy. And here on the account top, you've got the basics and email addresses now, which regards to phone numbers. I wouldn't add phone numbers here because if you are too easily accessible, you are open to spam calls, not just from recruiters but also from telemarketers. If somebody is interested in you, they can contact you by sending you a message or an email. I think that is a good start if the relationship develops. If you need more details, then you can exchange phone numbers. Number three. Don't mix up your CV and lengthen profile. After all, you don't want a situation where you are unemployed. Searching for a job while your linked in profile states that you are employed full time. This rule is very important. Although it is simple, it's vital that your CV and your profile do not miss much. Imagine from the point of view over recruiter or a potential employer. What if they're looking through your CV? They're talking to you over an interview. And then, just before hiring, they brought through your linked in profile and see something different. The problem is that this creates an uncomfortable situation. The recruiter starts to get second thoughts about your application, and you will have to write a message or call them and find out exactly what is going out and straightened things out. In short, this creates inconvenience for both sides, so always based your linked in profile on your CV number four. Filling every section of your profile. Did you know that lengthen creators wanted you to create the verbals profile that represents your strongest candidate qualities? And the way to create the most appealing profile is to fill in all the sections in Lincoln Lengthen actually lets you see what you have to feeling to complete your profile. It measures your performance. So on your profile page, you can have a look at this, and it will even tell you with sections you should fill out and number five use a professional photo. So what does this mean? Number one dress professionally? No T shirts. No short sleeve shirts, No single. It's where? A button shirt, perhaps a blazer. Now it doesn't have to be too fancy, just smart and professional. Number two. The lighting used a lot off light on your face. Remember what happens when go to take your passport photos or driving life in photos. You have two giant lumps that always light up your faith and make you look good. So use the same principle for your linked in photo. You don't have to go and get it professionally done. I'm going to give you a very easy technique to get the lights that you need on your face. Without all of this expensive equipment. The secret is used natural daylight. So when you take your picture face towards a window so that the light is coming in and it lights up your face and then take your photo, trust me. Stand towards the window, used natural light to your advantage and your picture will look really good and number three choose a suitable background. Well, the reality is that you can choose the background you want. However, White seems to work well. Also, I like a gray background But if you take the photo with a white background, then you can sit the back into whatever color you want using photo editing software. And on that note, I finished this lesson. You have just learned five essential tips for improving your linked in profile. They are easy to implement, but at a lot of value to your profile. Thank you for watching. 5. The Words you must NEVER use on your profile: Welcome back in this lesson. I want to talk about the most dangerous words you must never use on your linked in profile . These words have no meaning yet they have a really negative effect. These words infuriate recruiters. In fact, they cause recruiters to skip your profile. I am talking, of course about buzzwords. When you think of bars, Lords, I want you to think of seeing snow for the very first time. How did it make you feel? If you are like me, you thought that it was beautiful. You loved seeing snow on the trees. Walking on the snow they call didn't bother you. However, when you started living in snowy conditions on a daily basis, you stopped paying attention to how beautiful the snow was. You realized that it is really called all the time, that waiting at a bus stop at minus 10 isn't fun. If you have a car, you have to scrape ice off your windshield. And in the cold climate, you get sick more often. After a while, the snow simply loses its natural appeal. So how does this relate to buzzwords? Well, employers and recruiters see hundreds of job applications buzz words are words that are overused. At first they may have seemed original and creative, but now they just reveal two things about candidates they give copied. Others that you're trying to sound big buzzwords are annoying because they have no meaning . Here are some of these buzzwords so that you can get a general idea and feel off how they found. So we have multiple hated, passionate, driven, extensive experience. Organizational, strategic track record and utilized. Here's an example how they sound in a sentence. I am a hard working, multiple ated individual who is driven to succeed. Now this statement. It's so general, so unspecific that it has absolutely no meaning. Here's another example. I have extensive experience in felling once again. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing. Here's what to do. Instead, narrow your focus and get to the details. I have worked as a shop sales person for four years. I sold home goods directly to customers. This statement makes more sense, and it presents your skills and experience, and it doesn't use any fancy buzzwords. Simple words are easier to understand. Specific words paint a picture of who you are as a candidate. So in summary DOn't use buzz words. If you use big, complicated words, your profile will make no sense and it will be harder to read, and recruiters may simply skip on it. Thank you for watching. 6. Best Method to inform Recruiters that you are Job Seeking: Hello. Just a short lesson, this one. I want to answer one important question. If you're searching for a new job, how do you inform your potential employers or recruiters about your new job seeking status ? Well, there is a simple one step process on linked in, and it takes less than 30 seconds. Let's do that now, so I'm in linked in, and I want to have a view off this profile so quick here. View profile. Click on the top part here on the pencil and to your headline. I want you to add the following phrase currently thinking new opportunity. It's short, direct and to the point, and we can save it. So now you can see in our profile in the headline It says what we're doing and currently seeking new opportunity. It's perfect for letting recruiters know that you are open to contact. Recruiters will find your profile based on its content, but will be more open to communicate with you. Based on this heading, they will see you as an opportunity to hire a new employee fast. I don't want this to be misunderstood, so to be clear, don't just replace your headline with above phrase like this. This will be wrong because the headline is also a great place to have your keywords. And it's a great place to let recruiters know what exactly is your profession? So don't do something like this. Always keep your headline as it was and just add the words currently seeking new opportunity. What I just mentioned is the most important step to let recruiters know that you are seeking a new job. However, linked in has added a new feature, and I want to show to you now. So on linked in, Click on your profile picture again. Click settings and privacy. Now click here on privacy. Scroll down a little bit and you can see this option under the job seeking faction. Let recruiters know you're open to opportunities. You can turn it on, and it's good to turn this on, but it's not as effective as changing your headline. Here's why this button is on Lee for those recruiters that have purchased the linked in recruiter premium package. Not all recruiters use this package. In fact, most don't use it, so it's not necessary for them. They can use a LinkedIn recruiter light membership for a fraction of the price and have access to all the most important tools for finding great candidates. By the way, this is a relatively new feature, and it isn't available in every country. So don't worry. If you do not see it in your profile, just focus and changing your headline. That is the best way to notify recruiters that you are open to new opportunities. Thank you for watching. 7. How to Turn Off Activity Broadcasts: Welcome back. I want you to consider something. What? If you have a profile and you're connected with employees from your current job, maybe you're even connected with your boss. Now, did you know that when you update your profile, some of the changes will turn into notifications for other users to see? Then, if a coworker or boss is bored and browsing lengthen, they may learn that you are searching for a job. This may create an uncomfortable situation for your remaining time at the company. So if you want to keep this private, there is a way of doing this. And in this lecture, you will learn how to set up this privacy option in your linked in profile. So on the linked in page I want you to click on your picture here and then click on settings and privacy. Now click on the Privacy tub Search for sharing profile. Edit So this one sharing profile ended. Now turn it off, and no, and that's it. But beware if one thing, your profile edit sharing might be turned off. But if you share content are following a channel or an influencer or liking content, these actions may be visible to your connections, and if they are visible, there's a greater chance that somebody will click on your profile and view what's going on . So if you are searching for a new job, avoid liking content, sharing content for the time until you find a new job. 8. Pre-requisite Question: Before Doing Keyword Research: welcome Tom here before setting up your linked in profile, there is a question you need to answer. Ah, lot of people just set up the profile like setting up a CV. They just copy and paste their content, and that is it. But if you want a profile that recruiters love and that will cause recruiters to contact you, then you need to do this step first. You need to know what type of position you want. You need to ask yourself what kind of job in what industry do you want? If you are looking for a sales job, your linked in profile must be customized for sales. If you are an I t professional looking for an I t. Job, then your profile must be customized for the I T. Industry. If you want to use Lincoln as a tool to help you find your ideal job, your profile must be focused on the industry position that you want to work in. You see recruiter search lengthen to find candidates with the right skills and experience recorders are not looking at profiles and thinking this candidate has great speaking skills . Maybe he will want to start work in I T recruiters are thinking this guy has great speaking skills. Maybe he wants to take on bigger projects in speaking and make larger presentations. So your profile must be related to your ideal job. You need to know exactly what kind of job you want. What skills are the main skills for the job? You need to set a destination before you go forward. Once you notice, then you could do some marketing research and discover the main keywords for your job. But more on that in next lesson. For now, just decide. What position do you want? What are the main responsibilities off your future job? Once you know this, then you can create your perfect linked in profile. 9. How to Find the Best Keywords for your Profile: Hello, Tom. Here. In a previous lesson, I have already mentioned that you cannot create a random linking profile and hope for the best result that doesn't work. You need to decide on the type of job you want. Onley. Then can you do the relevant keyword research to find the best keywords for your linked in profile? The reality is keyword. Research requires work. There is no quick way of doing this, and your keywords are really important. When you choose the right keywords, you'll get more visitors to your website. Your profile will be more visible and more people will be able to find it. This is similar to how people optimize their websites for Google toe appear in the search results. Except here we're optimizing are linked in profile. For recruiters, here's a simple process for discovering valuable keywords. So first, find job adverts that interest. You look through popular online job websites. Make sure you find at least five job adverts and that they are related to what you are looking for. Read carefully through these ads. Make a list of all the common words and phrases that you see next. You may use LinkedIn to find people who are already doing the job that you want re trader profiles, look for common words and phrases and make a list. The steps are simple but really effective. And more importantly, these are the key words that recruiters are likely to use. You see the job adverts were created by recruiters. The linked in profiles were created by people in the industry who already have the job that you are after. Now that you've analysed both, you have a list of keywords focused on the job that you want. The next step will be to strategically spread the keywords throughout your profile. 10. 5 Key Places where to Insert your Keywords on your Profile: Welcome back In the last lesson, I give you some useful techniques for generating keyword ideas. In this lesson, I will show you the five most important sections. You must include your keywords. Number one. The headline. A common mistake for many people is to use the headline just for the job title. Now that's probably what it was originally for. However, this is the perfect place to insert your most important keywords. So example your headline could look like this sales manager at ABC Corp This just reveals the position and the company you work for, but instead you can build on this. Here's what you can write sales manager, product development and sales operations. Strong customer relations, ABC Corp In my example, I've added a short description off my position, their responsibilities and the company name. Not only does it give a better insight into you as a candidate, but it adds keywords and makes you more visible on link thing. So make sure to create a keyword rich headline. The second place is the job title. When you look at your experience section of lengthen, you will find the field job title. This literally can be your job title like sales consultant, but sales consultant is very generate. It can apply to almost anything. But just as in the previous section, we can enrich the job title with keywords. It will look better and make your profile more easily found by recruiters. Here's an example how this would look sales consultant, furniture manufacturer, managing teams, marketing and promotions. Once again, the more key words we use, the more details we give The details. Create a better candidate profile for a job. It gives a clearer picture off who you are, so your profile will be more easily discovered by recruiters, and it will promote your profile much better. Number three. The personal summary. Now this is in the introduction faction. It's a good idea to include your key wards in your personal summary. However, if you have a personal summary on a C V, I would advise against copying and pasting the content directly in your Fyvie. You want to be as precise as possible. You want to convey as much information in as little words, so basically short and to the point for the personal summary on lengthen, you want to add more text you want to pack it with relevant keywords. The more keywords you add, the more visible you will be, too. Recruiters. The fourth position for keywords is the experience section. This is probably the most obvious section to include keywords, especially it, since it makes up the bulk of your profile. Now here's a top tip filling responsibilities for all your previous positions. Don't skip on this. Each position is a chance to include more keywords, even if your duties were similar in your positions. Always have details for every position slightly changed the descriptions but always include the details. And the last most important section is the skills section. You should know that sometimes recruiters look for candidates based on certain skills. In this section, you definitely want to include your keywords that are related to skills. This sums up this lesson. Thank you for watching. You have just learned the five places you must insert your key words 11. How to get 500 Connections in a Day: Hello, Tom here. Are you worried about having too few connections? Well, not worry. In this lesson, we will solve that problem to start. Let's clarify what are linked in connections. Now, the easiest way to understand this is that LinkedIn connections are like Facebook friends. Instead of sending a friend request, you send a connect request. When you connect with someone and they accept your request, then you can see their full profile and you can contact them directly through the linked in messenger service. This is super powerful, and people are very easily accessible thanks to this service. When I started in recruitment, I never used Lincoln before. I had only one connection and it was embarrassing. My boss told me that this looks unprofessional and we need to change this. He said that I had to have at least 500 connections, so I imagined that I would have to spend months getting to know people. I thought about connecting to my Facebook friends, but then I never really used Facebook, so I didn't have enough connections. I really didn't know what to do. Then. My boss told me something that didn't make sense. He said that By the end of the day, I'll have 500 connections. He showed me a neat little treat to build. Ah, well connected, linked in profile in a day. Before we go into that, I want to cover why you need these connections. To be clear, it doesn't really matter if you have 500 connections or 10,000 connections off course, the more the better. But if you have less than 50 then you have something to worry about. Your profile doesn't look impressive. In fact, it's a disadvantage for you, so I want to show you how to get more connections. But before we start doing this, make sure that your profile is at least 75% complete. So at least enter your skill section. Experience, education and personal summary into your linked in profile. Here's what you have to do. Find industries companies that you're interested in. Search for employees in those companies and send them a connect request. Here's how to do it on your computer. So in the search bar, just typing something. So, for example, just say furniture, and when we scroll down, we see here people results for furniture and all you have to do is click the connect button . That's all it is. It's a very, very simple process. You can. If you want to make it a little bit easier. You can install the link thing up on your phone and do it on the phone. I think it's a little bit easier than on the computer, but both ways are very, very easy, and I want you to send at least 1000 connect requests. What will happen is about half of them should accept it within within 5 to 10 hours, and you will have 500 connections. Just a word of warning. If you're doing this on your phone, make sure to send your phone to silent or to disable the lengthen notifications because literally, once you start connecting with people, your connections will be accepted really, really fast, and your farm would just be constantly making noise and vibrating. And that's just a word of caution. But thank you for watching, and this really is a simple way to build up your LinkedIn network to 500 connections 12. Little Known Method for Finding Your Ideal Job: welcome back in this lesson. I want to show you a unique method for finding I job as actually there is a traditional way off searching for a job and I knew, linked in way. The traditional way involves you browsing through websites with job adverts and applying for these jobs. Alternatively, you may browse through recruitment company websites and directly apply for interesting offers on those sites. These approaches work for recruiters. These are actually the easiest ways to find candidates because you are basically raising your hand and informing the recruiter that you are actively seeking a new job. However, if you are only doing dis met it, then you are significantly limiting your job opportunities before I tell you they're linked . Invented for finding a job, I want to share with you one way. How recruiters find candidates. Let's call it the recruiters candidate search. So recruiter spend hours searching through LinkedIn profiles. They're looking for candidates with key skills and experience. They create a group full of ideal candidates, say a group off 20 or so candidates they connect with them. Some may accept their connection for those candidates that, except the connection the recruiter sends them a message with new job details for those that don't accept the connection the recruiter sends them. I linked in in mail message. This is a paid option for recruiters to get through to candidates out of 10 messages. About five applicants may ignore the message for my replied that they're not interested at this moment but want to keep in touch. And one will replied that they're interested and would like to know more about the position . So if the recruiter sends 30 messages, they may get 3 to 4 potential job candidates. The recruiter doesn't just place on that on a job website and wait for candidates to respond. The professional recruiter actively searches for candidates. This is a proven method recruiters use for finding ideal candidates. Now back to my lesson, I suggest that you arm yourself with this technique for finding a job. So firstly, decide the companies that you really want to work for, then connect with key people in that company. You'll be surprised just how many people accept your connect request and finally send them a brief introductory message include what type of professional you are and that you are searching for a new job and, of course, provide your contact details. This technique works for recruiters, so it works for job seekers just as well. But be prepared to face the reality. Not everyone will respond, but by using this method you are actively searching for a job. People may learn about you, and when opposition pops up, you may be surprised that you are actually getting calls and requests for an interview. I hope you find this valuable and thank you for watching.