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The Intelligent Cryptocurrency Investor: Cryptocurrency Basics

teacher avatar Aaishwarya C., Author Investor Mentor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Web 3.0


    • 2.

      Case Study: BAT & Brave Browser In Web 3.0


    • 3.

      Decentralized Autonomous Organization Or DAO


    • 4.

      Case Study: Maker or MKR


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About This Class

Cryptocurrency Basics deals with all the major types of cryptocurrencies like Infrastructure tokens and privacy coins. We will discuss the various currencies and stable coins in cryptocurrency. This will be followed by the discussion on tokens working in cutting edge technologies like Internet Of Things and Web 3.0.

To understand them better we will cover cryptocurrency case studies of 11 popular tokens in the market, such as Uniswap OR UNI, Litecoin or LTC, Bakeryswap or BAKE, Monero or XMR, Ethereum or ETH among others.

 We will discuss about coins and tokens and the differences between them. We will then move onto understand the modern-day concept of decentralization in cryptocurrency with basics of decentralized finance or defi, decentralized applications or dapps and decentralized autonomous organization or DAO.

Understanding these technologies will help you prevent mistakes while investing in various projects.

 So, let’s begin your journey in cryptocurrency with Cryptocurrency Basics.


Please Note (for course description)

Nothing in this course constitutes (or should be construed as being) investment, legal, tax or other advice. The information in this course is not a personal recommendation and does not consider the investment objectives, financial situation or other needs of any specific viewer. 

 Aclaran Academy, its affiliates, and their personnel may have investments in various digital assets discussed in the course. This course is solely for informational purposes and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any securities or digital assets. This course should not be used as the basis for any investment decision(s) which a viewer may be considering.

Viewers of this post should make independent investment decisions.  All investments involve risks, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any potential investor in digital assets, is strongly recommended to seek his own discretion while investing in cryptocurrency. Investing in digital assets, cryptocurrency is a highly risky endeavor, please do you own research before investing.

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Aaishwarya C.

Author Investor Mentor



Author Of ‘The Intelligent Cryptocurrency Investor’. 

Train And Mentor People Through Courses On Entrepreneurship And Business Development.

CEO, A.I Pvt. Ltd. that serves small and medium scale businesses with affordable Digital Marketing Solution.

Seed Funded Ganpati Food Services, a cloud kitchen based in Shapoorji Housing Society Kolkata, One Of The Largest Housing Society In India.

With A With a specialization in Electronics & Communication, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is an area of expertise. Active Investor in cryptocurrency since 2016.

Former Product Specialist At Cognizant.


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1. Web 3.0: 3.03 is the next step in the evolution of the internet. Because it is still being developed. There is no single agreed upon definition of what Web 3 is or will be. V3 window generally refers to an Internet enabled by centralized networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The creation of platforms that no single entity controls, but that everyone can trust is the key innovation of these networks. Because all users and operators of these networks must adhere to the same set of hard-coded rules known as consensus protocols. This is the case. The second innovation is that these network enables the transfer of value money between different accounts. Web 3, main benefit is that it attempts to address the most serious issue that has arisen as a result of Web 2. The collection of personal data by private networks, which is then sold to advertisers or potentially stolen by hackers. Prevent AWS network is decentralized, meaning it cannot be controlled by a single entity. And the decentralized applications are adapts, as we have discussed, are built at open to use. This decentralized web, openness means that no single party can control or limit data or access without the permission of a central company. Anyone can create and connect with different depths is a natural part of Web 3. Money on Web 3 always instantaneously, global and permissionless. Rather than relying on traditional financial networks type, are tied to go with an unrestricted web borders. It also implies that the tokens and cryptocurrencies can be used to create entirely new business models and economies of field of economics. Advertising on a decentralized web, for example, it wouldn't no longer need to rely on selling uses data to advertisers, but instead could reward users with a token for viewing guides, the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token or bad, or that is a best-known example in Web 3 to an application. 2. Case Study: BAT & Brave Browser In Web 3.0: 3, is it one step that is still in development? But when it comes to an application that is actually started to employ Web 3. Basic attention token and brave browsers are too for most known example in this category. Even though browser that I'm using is a brave closer and I really like it much better than Chrome and other browsers. The basic thing to use, Brave Browser is the transparency and the security of data. And irrelevant ads that is being shown that is being dumped in different browsers is not actually the case in re process. So I prefer over to him and August. When it comes to basic attention token, this token is actually what empowers the Brave browser. All the functionality of Brave browser is being fulfilled through the basic attention token. All the rewards that you will be offered would be done to basic attention token. Let's have a look at the website. To Basic Attention is the website where you can go and you can make a researcher would be a loop and you can have a loop that team behind the facts, FAQs. You're going to find a store to buy some merchandise. You can download the Brave Browser for yourself. You can view the white paper. You can have a look on different features. This application like grey bullet aggregator and decentralized web. But decentralized concept applied in cryptocurrency is a normal thing, but decentralized application, applied in a browser isn't entirely different thing. You all know that data security is a very important issues nowadays. And even if we will predict new data from everyone else then who protect your data from Google. This is actually very important case of 3, and we should be seeing more development in this particular project in coming days. But now it has been used by a lot of people and hope to see more development in it. Basically BAD or basic attention token is an ERC-20 need to know and learn about the more transactions you can always go to either scan, because you can always find different number of folders. You can always find the transaction saying you can always make us look at how it all is going on. Make your own search. Let me know if you have any questions and then we can discuss it all. So this is all for web 0.3, and we'll be seeing you in the next lecture. Thank you so much. 3. Decentralized Autonomous Organization Or DAO: Decentralized autonomous organization, or decentralization, is one of the important characteristics of disfluencies. As we have seen in the last lecture. This means that they are distributed across a variety of computers, networks and nodes, rather than being controlled by a single institution level government or central bank. Virtual currencies in many cases take advantages of this decentralized. She gets to achieve levels of privacy and security that were typically unavailable to literally national currencies and transactions. In 2016, a group of developers were inspired by the decentralization of cryptocurrencies and came up with this concept of a decentralized autonomous organization or Dao. Dao was created to be a de-centralized, an auto, no automatic organization. It functioned as a sort of open source venture capital firm with no typical management structure and board of directors. The Dow was an affiliated with any nation state in order to be fully decentralized. Even though the network, by putting decision-making power in the hands, often automatic system and a crowdsource process. Creators Up to eliminate human errors and manipulation of industrial coins. The Tao, which runs on, was created to allow investors to send money anonymously from anywhere in the world. Would then issue tokens to those owners, allowing them to a potential projects that all future. What does the future look like? As of McCoy integrity? The Dow does not have to return to its original form. Then the last is a growing interest in Decentralized Autonomous urbanization as well. There are many unanswered questions. What legalities securities structured? And some analysts, investors believe that this type of organization will eventually gain traction, possibly replacing the traditional businesses. This is good potential and its future financial system. 4. Case Study: Maker or MKR: Dao, or decentralized autonomous organization. As we have discussed about doubt, Let's see a practical example of tau will be using bigger as an example of tau for this particular category. And after opening the Dow, after sorry, maker website will be, you can see that it is actually a currency which is independent of any particular organization controlling it. So basically it is the world's first unbiased currency, as they stated, because it is actually controlled by a dao and adult as a decentralized organization in itself, because it is not affiliated to any nation state, it is not affiliated to any individual, group or business. That is why you can see that it is actually a truly free from any centralized control. That is the main functionality of Dao. Dao is actually free from any company controlling it and all the organization transactions and everything are being controlled by smart contracts rather than individuals. When it comes to doubt and maker. Actually you can see that different governance and different protocols and different ecosystem are integrated into the project. You can go and you can have a look at the community, the people behind it, when it, since maker is actually an ESU 20 dopants. Similarly, you will be going for the test to check all about the transactions and everything. You can always have a look at how is it performing, how many people are holding it, and all those relevant information. Again, there's a lot of options for developers, foundations for community. And would you please go and have a look at dy and let me know if you face any difficulty. This is all for now. Thank you so much. See you in the next lecture.