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The Beginners Guide to Online Business and Entrepreneurship

teacher avatar Tomas George, Music + Audio Production Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction and What you are Going to Learn

    • 2. Mindset

    • 3. Working Online vs Regular Job

    • 4. WWW

    • 5. Create Massive Value

    • 6. Product or Service

    • 7. Company or Personal Brand

    • 8. Social Media

    • 9. Mentors

    • 10. Sales

    • 11. 3rd Party Sites

    • 12. Email List

    • 13. Automation

    • 14. Camera Skills

    • 15. Website Design

    • 16. Graphic Design

    • 17. Start Today

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About This Class

This course is a Beginner's Guide in Online Business.

In this course, I will tell you about the mindset and different ways of creating an online business for beginners.

If you've always wanted to work online, but you're not sure if it's possible, then this course is for you!

In this talk, we talk about email marketing, sales, leveraging social media, finding mentors, graphic design, camera skills and more!

In this course, I will talk about the mindset for anyone wanting to become an online entrepreneur through a product or service business in 2017.

So if you've ever thought about creating an online course, but don't know where to begin, then make sure you enroll in this course today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tomas George

Music + Audio Production Instructor


Hi, Tomas here. I'm a UK Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Composer I've been producing and writing music now for over ten years. 

I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) in Music Composition.

I really enjoy creating and editing all types of music, but I especially love teaching it online.


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1. Introduction and What you are Going to Learn: Hello, It's Thomas George, and welcome to this course, the Beginner's Guide to creating online business. So my music producer online course creator and taught thousands of students all around the world music production, video production on entrepreneurship. So this courses for anyone that's brand new toe, actually online business, and they want to create their own business. So in this course, I'm going to show you a few different things. We're going to be looking at the mindset often entrepreneur. Then we're going to be looking at finding the best type of business for you and your personality. Then we're going to be looking at creating a personal brand social media platforms, email marketing and then camera skills, website design, graphic design and more. So, Like I said, this courses for anyone that's brand new on line business on the one to actually start their own business. So thank you for watching this, and I'll hopefully see you in the course 2. Mindset: Okay, now we're going to be looking at mindset. So mindset is really one of the most important things in any entrepreneurship or creating a business online. You need to really realize that this stuff is possible. It's not scan. It's not make believe this stuff is possible. Obviously, if you hear someone saying how to make a $1,000,000 in a day, that is not true. That one that happen but slow, steady progress and hard work and smart work. This stuff can actually work. You can make a full time living online as long as you're offering something of higher value . You're giving someone or your customers a genuinely very good product, very good service than this stuff is possible. You can create a living online, but is not gonna be easy. But I think mindset and realizing this stuff is possible, you can do it. It's super important. So, like I said, it is possible and you can be your own boss but will involve a lot of hard work. It won't happen overnight. It's not gonna happen tomorrow. It's not gonna happen this week. Maybe not even this month, perhaps not even this year, but it is possible. It's a slow 1%. It's a slow grind. It's basically just realizing what your audience wants and delivering to them on building up a fantastic product or service. So it's not about scamming anyone. It's not back quick, easy money. It's not about flipping something really fast and getting those of cash. It's about building up a genuine product or genuine service that your audience or your customers will enjoy. Yeah, there isn't really any overnight success. That's the treat of it. If you If you've got this course because you want to become rich tomorrow, you'll become rich as soon as possible. It's not gonna happen, but it is possible you can creating income. You can work full time of slow and steady, intelligent progress. Really? Yeah, enjoy the journey because, if you know, enjoying the journey, if you know, enjoying this stuff, it's not ready for years about finding something you resonate with finding something you enjoy. And that way, yeah, you can become a non online entrepreneur. You could become service based business of product business began to his things a bit later on. You can just work online and get paid online. But to start with. It's not gonna be making books, but it has the potential to unlock more and have a lot more satisfaction in your work as well. That's when the main things I enjoy working alone is personal satisfaction. I love making these videos. I love serving people online. I love teaching people on loan on that. We live in the day and age where it's possible. We're so lucky to be born in this day and age right now that we can actually do this. 10 15 years ago, you couldn't do this. But now you come on. Digital distribution and service based business and the Internet really allows you to deliver this, and you can work anywhere in the world from your laptop. Really, it's pretty crazy. So if you want to go live in Thailand, if you want to go live on a desert island, as long as there's good Internet, you can do a lot of this stuff remotely. You don't have to be in a certain location. Of course, if you do want to do a lot local business, it will help to be in the area. But a lot of things I'm gonna tell you can be done remotely, and the main thing is it is possible Just realized this stuff is possible. It can be done, but it will involve a lot of hard work, especially to start with a lot smart work. So thank you. Fortunes First Lecture. It's really about mindset to saying it is possible this stuff can be done, but it's not going to get Don't overnight. It's not going to get done quickly. You have to realize the slow 1% slow improvement of personal growth and financial growth that this stuff can be done. So thank you again for watching this lecture. I hope you found it useful. I'll see you in the next one. 3. Working Online vs Regular Job: okay, Before we dive into this course, let's compare working online versus a regular job. So it is really important to know the pros and cons of working online just to see if this is for you. This isn't really for everyone. A lot of people might not enjoy this progress that might not enjoy this hard work. That might just want a more relaxing job where they dictated what to do. And they can just get a regular paycheck and just live a simple life. If you do want the opportunity to grow a lot more to have a lot more enjoyment in your work , I realize it is possible. But it will involve a lot more hard work and especially to start with. So the pros of working online is the freedom. Right now, I have no one to tell you what to do. And if you can create our own alone business, you could have the freedom. When no one's gonna be telling you what to do is going to know Boss barking at you. You're not going to be told what to do when too heavy lunch break what time to start work, what time to finish work. You have the freedom of basically yeah, doing what you want. Of course, you do have to be intelligent when you work. You can't just work on anything. You have to realize what is the best work possible, The most efficient work. But you do have the freedom at the end of the day, which is one of the most important things we have in this world. Also, we have the opportunity for massive growth personally and financially. So what I mean by this is when you're learning new skills. When you're learning about self development and business growth, you're growing your mind. You're growing your brain, you becoming more intelligent as the days go on. If you didn't a regular job, you doing the same mundane thing over and over again. We're just improving at one specific thing. This doesn't give you a lot of personal growth of financial growth. You can't earn a lot of money doing this stuff if you do it. Well, I can't guarantee that you were gonna make loads of money straightaway. You're not gonna get $10,000 per month straight away, but you have the opportunity to potentially make this much growth in a regular job. Unless you're, say, a judge or a plastic surgeon, you don't really have that much growth for huge financial rewards. But working online, being entrepreneur, being your own boss, there is the potential for having these huge financial incomes, which is possible, and no one is. You can choose the projects you work, Um, so when you get to a position where you don't have to do stuff for money that I have to exchange your time for money, you can choose the projects you'll want. So I think it's fantastic to something that I'm really passionate about. I'll do it if I'm not passionate about, I won't, and you can get to that level where you can choose what you were come because at the end of the day, our time is the most important thing. We should be spending our time doing what we love, not wasting, get and making other people rich people successful. Even if you're working online, becoming your own boss, you get paid the same as a regular job. You doing what you level, hopefully should be doing what you love. It should be passionate about. You should be loving this on that way. Don't feel like eight times your wasted. You enjoying your time That goes into the last point. You get paid to do what you love for me. Personally, I love making these videos. There's nothing more in the world I want to be doing right now. On this is work. You can combine your hobbies, your passionate interest with work, which I think is absolutely fantastic. However, it's not all perfect. There are constant working on Line two. There's no guaranteed regular income, so it's not like a regular job where you get your check at the end of the month. You get your pay, slip it in the month. Some months you could earn a lot. Some bumps you could earn very little depends on how smart you work, how efficient you work, how hard you work on the market. Stuff changes online. It's not always the same. You need to realize what's going on and stay ahead of the curve, so there isn't really any guaranteed income. Some people like this kind of thrill of chasing the money. Some people hate and just want regular income. You have to realize what's right for you. I'm just saying some of this stuff some of it might resonate. Use some of that you might really know Want to do. You might not want to work on line after this, or you might be re super passionate and you want to start making your own project straight away. There is a lot of building and potentially unpaid work to start with. So when you start off, you might not be I paid. You might have to do stuff for free, just to build up a reputation. Really? When you're building your first projects, no one's gonna be paying you because you haven't got project out yet. You haven't got service that you haven't got ah product out yet. So until you've got the product or service out that the market can see and actually buy from you, you might be working for free for May. You took me quite a while to get my first cell. I had to physically build my first product on When I was building my first product, I had no idea about the process. I didn't have to physically make it. I don't know how to market these all skills that I learned that camera skills, video skills marked in skills distribution skills that you will have to learn and before you've alerted essence and it's scalable potentially might not get paid. But when you learn this process, you potentially can, says ups and downs is a lot of new skills to learn. Some people love this. I personally love learning a new skill. I find it's super exciting. Some people don't want to spend all day learning skills. They just want to do their job. They just want to get paid. It really depends on you what you resonate within your personality. It can get overwhelming. Some days my head's going crazy, expending the so much stuff going on. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Certain days you can get very stressed. Um, they have been entrepreneur. Work online can be a very stressful thing, especially if you're your own boss. There's no to tell you what's There is no one really to tell you it's going to be okay. You have to just step up really and realize what you need to do. How and how you can dio it can get lonely as well. When you're working so low, it can get quite lonely. You by yourself most of day. There's no co workers to ping off. Of course, the stuff you can do, like higher shared office, you can hire employees. But when you start enough, you won't have the money to hire shared office. You have the money to hire employees, should be by yourself working on your project. I personally do enjoy working on my own, but I like toe bounce ideas off. People do like to communicate with people as well. Of course, the stuff you could do, like living with someone or having friends around you. But the same time when you start enough online, when you're making your in business, you're not gonna have that much spare time. Your work is going to bay. Yeah, consuming your life to start with Andi is time's gonna be very limited. That is the truth, though, and it's going to be no one to tell you what to do. Some people love this. I personally love this, But some people want to be told what to do the one to direction once know what to do. It can get stressful, always having to be on the ball. Always known what to do and always having to plan out your time. Some people want to go to work at a certain time and finish at a certain time. It really depends on your personality, what you're resonate with. I'm just giving you the honest truth for the pros and the cons. This might not be for you, or you might perhaps love working online, but for me day yeah, or about freedom. I love the freedom of doing what I want, not being told what to do. And I really don't mind working hard if it's something that I enjoy because it doesn't feel like work. If I'm working hard on where compassionately have given it 100% and that's something I love , I don't mind doing it for me. Working 100% give my time effort energy to someone else, another company to someone else's project. I don't enjoy it, but when it's my projects, I absolutely love that. It depends on you, but these the pros and the cons of work online. I would definitely go for this lecture again just to go over the pros and the cons because this might not be for you. You might just want a regular job. You, like, wanna work 9 to 5. This isn't a 95 regular job, or he might absolutely love working online. So thank you. Watch this lecture. I'll see you in the next one. 4. WWW: Okay, now we're going to be looking at the free W's. So this is what you really need to be thinking the night before you start project, you need to actually have these free things dire. And before you start on, these three things are what do you get up? What does the market want? What do you enjoy? So let's just have a look at this diagram. So you need to be in the middle of here. You need to enjoy what you're doing because if you don't enjoy it, you won't give it you or you won't give it 100% if you don't enjoy it. Because when you're working online were working as a freelancer, Working is the entrepreneur. You will be working a very long time and you will have to work very smart and be kind of obsessed with your work. To start with Nieto, let your work kind of consume you and give it 100% of the time effort, energy. If you don't enjoy this, it's not gonna be a fun process. But if you enjoy this, you're gonna absolutely love it. The next thing is the market that needs to be a market in what you do for me. The main my main Eric expertise is music production and is a huge market music production. There's millions of people that use the software that I teach on. But for other industries that might not be a market if you're creating custom made, UM, Camel Saddles event appear very big market. There might not be that many people have camels who want a custom made subtle. So it really depends on what your market is. A researcher market. Make sure there's a big market in what you're doing. Make sure there's money and what you're doing is one thing saying it's not about money. We have to enjoy it and be good at it. But the same time we do need money, we need to buy equipment. We need to buy advertising. We need to buy ramen needs by food, and it's by clean water, so there needs to be a market in what you're doing. You could be potentially wasting your time to research any idea you do. Make sure there's a market in it or it can be a complete waste of time. The third thing is need to be good of that. If you're not very good with that, your product or service will not be very good. Realize what are you good at? What do you enjoy doing and what is, Um, up that market him so that the free W's what you get up, Go back to it. What is the market want on? What do you enjoy? So let's have a look at what you're good up, so this will give you an advantage when you start. If you're good at something, you want to create business that it would be a lot easier if you know nothing about a huge advantage. You really have to be an authority figure and whatever your business is. So for me, it's music production I've been producing since I was a kid since I was a child. And say me spending hours upon hours as a child as a teenager is an adult producing music. Deciding I want to start a music production complete came quite organically. It's something that I already knew about, and you all know about is digital audio workstation. I knew a lot about write music and you a lot about producing music. I've got two degrees in music production now because it's what I'm good at. What I what? What can do? So for me, start enough of music production. It was a very organic thing. Realized what? You get out. What have you always had an advantage over other people? What it was excelled in on The best things do is start with this. Really? Are you a technical person? Are you a people person? Are you introverted? I extroverted you got it right in there. You get speaking, there's all different things. Need to be thinking about the fourth festival Things yourself What you got out or if you don't really know Asked when your friends asked when your parents us Sonia, you're close with and say what might go that want my batter on whatever they say you are naturally bad at Do not do as a business wherever they say you're good at Consider these. So say you're very good up taking photos. You're very good at public speaking. We're very good at writing. Consider one of these and think of a business out of these. Don't consider something you're not very good at for May I'm not very good at baseball without really play baseball my country. So I wouldn't start a business based on baseball because I don't really know much about baseball. And to be honest, I have a very good of it. So a baseball business for me would not be a good business, but something music or video production for May comes naturally. It just works. I just think what you get up, What skills do you already have? Okay, now let's have a look. At what to the market. One. Do what works. Do something where there's already a market. So great brothel service where there's already demand. People already want this product. Think what you get up on what people already want. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. If something's being done before, that's a good thing. It means there's a market. Don't try and create a brand new product unless you're Steve Jobs. Unless you got huge budget and huge team like Apple, you can't really reinvent product. Start with something that works, stops him that the market once and of course, start something. You're good out in the last one. That I think is the most important. What do you enjoy doing. You're working online. Me Start. If you could be doing this 68 hours a week, make sure you enjoy it. You don't to be stressed out. You don't be. I hate my life. I wish I had a normal job. You want to be doing that so waking up, buzzing and excited and really happy toe work, because that's what it's about. Going to be enjoying this process. You will be enjoying this entrepreneurship journey. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, then it's going to be very stressful. But if you enjoy this, your work is not gonna fill. I work right now. You could say, This is my work. I'm loving every minute of this. I really enjoy talking to a camera. Really enjoy putting that video courses already enjoying marked him really depends on what you enjoy them, and certain people hate marketing. Lazy people think it's boring. I personally love marketing. I love talking to a camera, love public speaking a lot of people. Their biggest fear is public. Speaking that they can't look in the camera, they terrified. So if you're terrified of public speaking, it could be one or two things one. You need to actually just do it. Force yourself to do it. Or the second thing is maybe something Where you in front of a camera. Something about your public facing where you're the image or you're the brand might not be the correct thing of you. Maybe you're more behind the scenes technical kind of person, but really depends. But think what do you enjoy? Devyn? What? You get out. What is the market? Once I think about these because they're so so important. Don't try and do any business at all unless you're good at it already. Enjoy doing this on. There's a market in this. I think about those free things before you start. Any idea before you think of anything right down on the piece of paper? What? You could that What do you enjoyed in a research? Is there a market in these tune? If there is a market, this could be the sweet spot which is here. So what? You enjoy doing what you go that is there a market? Yeah. Thank you for this lecture. Hope you found it informative. And I'll see you in the next one 5. Create Massive Value: So I need to create massive value if you creating any kind of product based business service business or just working online. Really, it's all about creating massive value. Okay, so create massive value, basically means what you're giving to your clients, your customers, your students. It needs to be worth more to them. Done the money that that giving you so if they're giving you £100 for course so $100 for a course, and to them it's worth $1000. You're giving massive value but fuel charging them $100 into them. It's worth $1 did not create must of a value need to create something that's worth more to them than the money you're charging. If you do this, if you create something of huge value to them, you will get very few refunds. You'll get very few people complain and get people really like you really respond to you in a positive way because you're offering them something of such great value, and if it is such great vote, they will pay you money. They won't mind giving you money if you have benefited them, but it has to be something that they see is higher value than the amount of money. So if you're trying to try something, that's yeah, just way, way too much for the correct value, it's not right thing. We're not here to rip people off. I'm not here to scam people here to create a fantastic product or fantastic service and enjoy creating this product or the service. And allow your customers, clients or students to walk away happy. So happy that they find you. And you've given all this knowledge we have given the service that they can just use to their advantage. If you could do this, if you can create must've value, you'll get very few complaints and very few refunds. If you're trying to scam people, if it just trying to rip people off, get as much money as possible, you'll get a terrible reputation online. People asked for refunds, and that's not what you want. You want to create great value, build yourself into a brand or product that people respect on, Enjoy says. This is what it's all about, creating massive value. We're not here to rip anyone else. We're not here to scam early one. We're here to create massive value in exchange this for money because that's what it is intended a value for value exchange in. But for here, having the higher value in there giving his money, they are winning. Knows we live in the day of digital distribution, which is fantastic and give people products or services digitally physically have to make them something and send them in the post them. Or we don't even have to burn DVDs and sending them everything online. Now this online business I'm talking about can be done digitally. You might not be in the same city, maybe same country within the same continents me right now. And you could be watching this 10 20 years ago. I'd have to physically be there or even send out a DVD. But 30 40 years ago, I'd have to be there would have to pay me to come to your town and sit next to you, which will cost a heck of a lot more than sure you paid for this course. So it's about creating massive volume, realizing we live in a day in age. Well, we can easily create massive value is not that difficult. Now we can still help benefit people in a really effective way. So thank you for this lecture. All about creating massive value. 6. Product or Service: okay, Working online really comes down to two categories. Product well, service. It really depends on what you want to do on. And wouldn't you start your first business? You can do a product, and the service is no reason. Why not me? For example, I create online courses and also do consulting. Do one on one calls. So this is a product on the service. The product is the online course on the service, the calls. So, yeah, there's a lot of stuff you can do. You can debate if I'm gonna go through some of the products and services right now. So a product based business. This could be a physical product of custom made dress or drop shipping. So this could be someone else's product doesn't have to be your own product. You could be an affiliate marketer. You could sell someone else's product, or it could be in information based products like any book or video course like this. And then we have a service based business. This could be marketing or social media for other businesses. Providing them a service could be consulting calls online. Or it could be mixing or voice overs. If your music producer. You could be mixed in someone else's work. He could be crazy voiceovers if you have. Ah, a nice voice. So you test a few and see what works for you. See what resonates with you and then go for it 100%. See what you have naturally, good at. See what the market wants. See what you enjoy and then realize what type of business do you want to own? The product based service order. A service based business. It really does depend this Sonia from ways you can make money online, I recommends try few out and see what she like. And then when he realized what you resonate with, you realize what you enjoy. You realize what as a market, you realize what you go that go with that 100%. But like I said, you can start off with a product based business, and you can also do a service based businesses. Well, like my business model is created online courses. And there's also I do consulting calls online so you can be a product on the service. But the reason I do this service based business is based on the product based business. So it's my customers from this product from this information products of video courses and then the ones that want take it to the next level can call me one on one, and I can provide them a personal service customize service, and people will pay more if it's customized to them. It's more of a general product. They will pay less. If it's a more Taylor product will pay more. 7. Company or Personal Brand : Okay, so now we're going to be looking a company or personal brand. So when you're crazy in your business, do you position yourself as a company or is a personal brand? So a company could be Electra Music Academy, which is what I originally call myself on a personal brand could be Thomas George, which is what I call myself now, which is my name. There is advantages and disadvantages of both, but I personally prefer personal brand. The reasons for this is allows you to pivot and change ideas, so basically you can do something different and you can keep your name me. Being called Electro Music Academy meant could end the music for me to correct course like this about entrepreneurship. I couldn't call myself Electro Music Academy because Music Academy implies it's just about music. Thomas George. However, this is my name. My name will always be Thomas College is never gonna change. So whatever I do, if I get into that market in, if I do netting, if I do skateboarding course, I can call it Thomas George. Whenever I decide to do in the future, it could be called Thomas George because this is my name. It's a simple as that but electro music academy or whatever you call yourself. Really, unless it's of a generic name, it doesn't really allow you to change and pivot. And also people see you as a person. When people hear the name will see the name Thomas George and they see my face. They they match my face with Thomas Joy to know that Thomas George is made the sea and academy an institution they don't really see a person. They don't really form a personal relationship a lot. This is about forming a personal relationship, a lot of people by my products or services, because they feel like the formed a personal relationship with me to see my face so many times, I give them hope. Give them hopefully useful information that they former bond of May. If it's just a company or corporation, you don't really form a bond with Coca Cola. But you will form a bond with, say, Gary Vein, a trickle Tony Robbins or myself, so really depends on them. Yeah, what you want to go for. But I personally think my experience personal brand is much better just because people say you, as you see you as a person, not as a company. And also you're free to do almost anything you want under your own name. In academy, an institution you can get trapped but really does depend. It depends what you want to do. You want to be seen as a company was a personal brand. If you have a really ridiculous name or your name isn't quite fanatically suitable, you can always change it. My full name is actually Thomas George Jackson on a professor named Thomas George to Thomas Jackson. So I chose that my name is actually spell of that hatred T o N s. Because it's the Europeans Found the wealth spelling, actually, and I actually prefer this. This the name of my best difficult Onda. When I was younger, I wasn't too sure if I would prefer this more unusual spelling. But now, as an adult on when a position myself was a personal brand much before this spelling it makes me stand. That makes me different. If it means that conf always have the name Thomas George because most people don't have it that way. They haven't that spelling. So you don't have to use your exact name. You can change. You can modify it. If your names Joseph Smith, Delaney and you don't like the name Delaney, for example, you call yourself I'm Joseph Smith D or Josephs. MILF Laney. Maybe not Joseph Smith, because that's already taken. But you could. There's always ways you can change the doctor name. Um, I personally think you should keep your name. Is that used the stage name? Use your own name. It's more congruent. My name is Thomas George. Of course there is a surname, but my name is still Thomas George. My driver's license and my birth certificate is Thomas George on them Always gonna be called Thomas George. That's being my name since I was born. That's gonna be my name until I die. But the Brando's a company, I think, is a company. I think, of course, it can work. There's countless examples, but has. But this is my personal opinion. Come to your personal brand. You could always try life and see what people respond to. But my experience, especially in social media platforms like YouTube, people respond to a lot more as a person to see you as a person Special view in front, the camera all the time office. You're writing an article. You're form or bonds of people more their personal bonds if you if you advertising or showing yourself as a person. So thank you for this lecture about company or personal brand. 8. Social Media : Okay, let's have a look at social media now. Social media can be a fantastic tall in creating business and marketing and create the brand being entrepreneur. So I would say find to social media platforms and go on and go and some hard. So it depends on your brand. Depends on your company type Depends on your personality. Different social media platforms will work for you. If you're more of a corporate, business may be linked him. If it s'more off a personal brand business like YouTube could be fantastic, but it really just depends for me. It's Facebook and you achieve, but social media platforms can change. My space was around not so long ago, and that's now that's completely dead. But I would say Go for two social media platforms and go in higher If your photographer it might be Instagrammed. If you're into Mawr Artspace stuff, it could be Pinterest, But just find to social media platforms and go for them. If you do in videos like this, definitely YouTube, Facebook is a great one to start with, because you do get Facebook groups and they were will allow you to create quickly build up a following for free. Start up for your friends and start posting stuff out there. Get your name out, get the word out and just post regularly and post stuff that's high value. Or your audience will simply just drift off. So, yeah, proactively tell people to join your group on Offer high value If it's a high, valuable group of people are learning stuff with being and stained the white mind being in your group. Don't be spammy. Call the spanners out. That's the last thing you want is a Facebook group full of spanners. YouTube Channel for May Is fantastic allows you to digitally distribute your knowledge to potentially in the limited amount of people You cheap is the second biggest search engine in the world right now after Google and is owned by Google, and you can send people from your YouTube in the description to your own website. You can send them to cells pages. You can make money from YouTube. It is possible only if your products information you're putting out there self high quality . If it's not high quality, people will see straight for you and they won't want to buy it. You can create something called a freemium video, which is kind of a free sample. So it's kind of a tribe of cheese. And if you like this shoes, you can buy the book of cheese. So this is what you basically create. Free preview off your call, so your products and then you send people to the paid version. So for May I teach a lot of pieces of software. So I showed people kind of introduction guide into this piece of software. And if we want to learn the more in depth guidance software lifting click on my website, they come back from their simplest up. So what I offer them, I personally believe, is worth so much more than the money they're going to spend on that. Because it's digitally distributed, I can offer a reason to low price for their mouth knowledge expertise that I have on this piece of software for me learning this piece of software for me. Actually, Creighton this was worth a lot more than natural price of it. So for them it's fantastic, cause they can get it cheap. They could get a digital for me. It's fantastic because it's digitally distributed. It means I can sell toe potentially unlimited amount of people, but this a lot of this is from a YouTube channel. So if you create videos, definitely, definitely go on YouTube and get new tube now only get one. Take away from this. If you want to create your own course, own information products go new cheap. Solve a problem that people have a lot of people have problems is quite easy to solve. If you know about that, what's your area of expertise? Find out what it is, and then you cheap it. Find what other people are doing. See what they do. Copy their kind of systems. Don't copy their content, but copy what works and see what kind of thing people are listening for. Call back was engineering. It's something that I definitely recommend him. Have a look at people who the top your game, who do aspire to be like you do basically jealous off who whose work you are. That's amazing. I wish I could do something like that. Look at what they do. Backers engineer it, go through their cells from them, go through what they do, find out what they worked, how it works so thank you for watching this video. You find it useful is back. Social media, I recommend choose to and hit them hard. That could always change that. Don't become obsessed with just one. Because that could change. Always be adapted. Always be moving. Always be, as Bruce Lee said like water. So thank you for this lecture, and I'll see you in the next one. 9. Mentors: Okay, now we're going to have a look at mental walls. So mentor, ship or finding mental, it's super important in any area of life, especially working alone. So a mental just needs to be someone that's more advanced than you and can Leedy or direct you in the correct direction. Of course, the work has to be all down to you. You're not hiring someone of findings. Almost do the work for you. You're just finding someone to just help you. Ping ideas often help you realize that is possible, and it can be done. So Mentor Ship is super important. So no matter what country is, a mental can help you. If it's sports, it's business. Fit. Nurse. If it's entrepreneurship, if it's music, mental will help you. I person that you have a mental foot for marketing on. I have a mental for my music, so it really does depend. It's basically just a tutor, A trainer. You have a trainer for your body. If you into personal fitness, why not have a training for your mind? Wanna have a training for your business? Same kind of thing. You're not going to be the best of this stuff reality. We're not gonna be the best. Anything was always gonna be someone who's better in us, and we can use them to our advantage. We can use them to help us benefit us health. So a lot of people have paid calls online. Now we live in this digital age which is so amazing weaken, find people and pay them to help us online that we don't have to physically be there, weaken taught someone Skype and talk some on Google hangouts has loads of ways we can do. We just have to ask you find people who are above you in that field whom or advance you in that field and just simply ask them Just say, Can I pay for a Skype call with you? Someone might say no, some of them might say, Yeah, so if you don't ask, you don't get so just find someone that you aspire to be like Find someone that's more advanced human. Just simply ask them. Can I book a call of you and pay you on blocking? Will say, Yeah, of course. If you asking someone like Tony Robins might be very expensive, but love people, we just have to be better than you. Well, we'll accept the money, though. And for me doing pay calls. Personally, I enjoyed in Pickles is excited to finally get toe talk of new Aspiring produces new aspiring entrepreneurs, and I enjoy the energy off them on. Everyone likes to be seen as the authority figures they are not. The people doing these calls will actually enjoy the cause. A lot of religion that value leech as long as you're not trying, take too much valuable, get them to do something for you. If you just talking to them and ask them for their expertise, their opinion there would enjoy the calls. 10. Sales: okay in this lecture, I want to talk about sales. Love People have a negative perception salesman. The relatives. We wouldn't have a microphones and have cameras you weren't having in Internet Connection would have a laptop. Don't have food. Sales is important. And don't be afraid. Cell, as long as what you're offering, is of a high value as long as way offering is worth more than the money. Don't be afraid to sell. Sales is a natural thing, and sales is a good thing. You're offering some on the product or service that will generally benefit them. That's where these be thinking. That's what you take away from this course. Create a product or service that benefits your consumer. That's basically it. And if it benefits them on your solving a problem that they have, they won't mind paying you. It's a natural process, creates some of the high value charge money for it. We're not trying to scam people. Let me say again. We're not trying to scam. People will not try, take their money, offering a fantastic product or service in exchange for money. That's what it's about. So don't be afraid to sell as long as what you create or what you provide. It's worth the money. It should be worth a lot more than the money. If you do that, people will be so happy that they I gave you that money they exchanged with you. So don't be afraid to sell. It's a natural thing, and a lot of people can be uncomfortable selling, especially when the first start off, because they're just not used to it that some people think it's a scam. It's not real, but what you're offering needs to be high quality. Let me say that again. Why offering needs to be high quality need to improve people's lives from your product or service. And if you do that, people give you money and they won't mind doing it all. So thank you for this lecture about sales. Because sales is super important. You can't create online business unless you can learn how to sell unless you're enthusiastic, unless you're figure of our authority. Unless you're prepared toe, create a service or product that's of high value on more benefit of the people 11. 3rd Party Sites: Okay, This lecture is all about third party sites. So third party site is basically another company that you work with. And generally your split a price or commission with them. Third party sites on ideal. But the fantastic to start with mainly because a lot the third party sites will already have students already have. Customers already have clients. Of course, you do have to pay them a generally a percentage but harbor, they will get you the work, especially to start off with. So, like I said, if you don't already have an audience, these could be fantastic. If you already have audience, you can use your own site. But until then, third party sites a great way to get started. And also, people have heard of these websites. If your brand new people have heard of you Yeah, I don't know if you are legitimate. I don't know if you're credible, but third party site people already know these. So that allow you to get something called organic sales, which is sales from the third party sites. And you might not have been able to get these in yourself. So say the third party sites sites takes 50% commission you take 50% is better get 50% of a sale and zero of a sale, because if they're finding the cell for you, it's OK. Give them 50% especially in this digital age, where stuff can be digitally distributed where you only have to do it once and replicate as many times as possible. 50% is still amazing. 12. Email List: Okay, so this lecture is all about email list A lot of people in the entrepreneur. Well, talk about your list. Which email list? How big? Celeste. And it's really just a list of people who have given you their email. No talking about spelling people. We're not talking about finding people's emails. They must give you their email. That's how it works. No once be spanned. No wants to be sent email newsletters that I didn't sign up for. The need to physically give you their email. And then you add these to a list so social media sites do come and go. But email Martin is still very effective today, So building your email list is one the most effective ways of building a business online. You have to do something called ethical bribing, which basically means you have to give people something for their email address. People won't just give you the email address for nothing new to trade value for value. So this day and age, e mails quite personal people point just give you their email for nothing so you could get some to join your mailing list, and you could offer them something like a free video course, or maybe even the free e book. You see this everywhere, Diallo, my free e book And then if Britain name and email, address him or free training costs, name and email. So it has to be something of value or interest to the prospect, or they won't opt in. So the boat basically won't give you their email address. So let's remember that you're not gonna get email addresses just for asking for them. You have to give them something in this day and age have to give them value because the email address is still valuable. It's that personal space is their inbox, and I just don't want to join everyone's list. That has been something that's interesting to them. The main thing is, don't spawn people. I don't find email addresses online and just mass banned them. You want to give people something of high values only email people. If they asked to join your list, did you get services like mail chimp? So mail chimp is the email less building service, says the email marked in service, and it's currently at the moment, now free from 2000 email addresses on it does have more advanced features, and you will have to pay for it. But to start off with, it's free. It's great if you want something called automation, we can send people emailed automatically. Um, it will cost you more. If you have a bigger lesson 2000 it will cost you more, but hopefully when you have a list of that size, you have their email list of email addresses that size to be getting more money from these people would be offered more parts and services exchange money than the price of the email list. To say it cost you $10.20 dollars a month and you're making $50 a month from this email list. It's fine to pay that much. Hopefully, it will be making more than that. I like I said, cold emails. So emails of sending people just stuff that I haven't asked to join a less or just random people is a waste of time. You will get them in the ILB up in my mailbox, just annoying emails. How they got my email address, why they send it May you want people asked to join your lists, Then you're providing a product or service for them. So don't send cold email ever if you've ever sent a cold email. Never someone again. Yeah, this lecture is just about email lists on building the email list, which is super super important. Even in this day and age, don't ignore email marketing. It's very effective. People still read the emails. If it's from someone that they enjoy talking, wherefore they enjoy reading from the enjoy their content, so become an interesting person to create an interesting product or service on. Didn't get people to join your list. People are going to join everyone's less Don't spam. 13. Automation: Hello. In this lecture, we're going to talk about automation. So automation is basically what the computer takes over or something or thematically happens. There's loads of stuff we could automate payments, email, marketing. And we could even outsource stuff. Automation similar to outsourcing outsourcing is where we get a person's did it. Automation is where we get a computer to dio. Ideally, we want stuff to be automated for your computer systems because the generally cheaper Andi last errors humans make mistakes. We all make mistakes, but computers they don't. The computers don't lie. The numbers don't lie, so it can be stuff like payments so you could go through PayPal. So PayPal is, ah, automation system. So if you click a payment, it will automatically you go through. PayPal is fantastic. You will have to pay papal percentage for this or price for this, But it's a lot easier, and you physically have to be there on dealing cash for people on payment. Automation is you get email marketing automation Czar talked about this briefly male chimp have automation system, so you could set up a syriza newsletters and get these ascend out automatically to email this once a week, and it just helped you save your time. Really usual time in the most valuable way possible. Of course, you will have to pay a lot these companies, but you don't really wanna be sending emails all time. You don't really want to be answering questions at a time when your most important thing is building your business. Of course, customer service is a part of it, but this can be outsourced as well. But these will problems that good problems. When you get to a level, we need automation. It means your business is getting demand, which is what you want. But just quickly, I'm going to go over automation because it isn't them that you will need to know in the future. But in this beginner's course, just how automation is basically just a computer system that can handle certain procedures for you generally payments the son of the things as well that can be automated in my market him, which is a fantastic one through automation, which are used personally. But I did start off manually, doing everything manually entered email addresses, manually, doing all I think. It's a good way to start after manually do all yourself, and when you realize what's going on, do you realize the most valuable way to spend your time? Spend a bit money and automation systems, but they can cost you. They're not free. But in comparison and not too expensive, I could said outsourcing is where you get a person to physically do it, which can be great. For example, outsourcing transcriptions. If you want your video course transcribed, you don't really want to be sat there transcribing. You might as well get someone else to do it because people are watching your video courses for you, not because you transcribed it manually. They don't really care about that, but certain things you don't want to outsource certain things you want to answer yourself. We want to do yourself other things you can outsource, or you can computer to do it for you. Automate. So thank you for this lecture about automation 14. Camera Skills: Okay, let's now talk about camera skills. In my opinion, let him to use a camera, and talking in front of a camera is very, very useful. In this day and age, we live in a digital age. We live in a day off digital distribution and put yourself on Cameron talking to the audience for cameras. One. The easiest ways you can engage with your audience. Talking in front of a camera is so much quicker, so much easier and physically right into them or physically right in the block. Yeah, that's basically it this day and age. Learning commerce skills so useful you can buy a camera so cheap you can even use your smartphone and it doesn't have to be a fantastic camera. Doesn't have to be amazing. Microphone. You can just start anywhere. Smartphones have good cameras now for anyone that wants start business. Anyone that wants toe position themselves is that far to figure or a personal brand speaking for the camera easiest and most effective way to do it on view troops, the second biggest search engine in the world websites anywhere we want to actually drive traffic to it can cost a lot of money to put videos on YouTube and get traffic. There can be quite easy to solve someone's problem and talk in front of a camera, and that's the easiest way to do it. So you create videos, is the easiest, the most effective fighter pills, your audience and brand today, in my opinion. So, yeah, like it says, start off your smartphone buildup equipment. One by one, you're not gonna have Ah, or like North, you interface or pre amp or a big lighting system or quite expensive camcorder life I've got here. This all behind the scenes. Just get the shop. Obviously, I've got little lights behind me in the green screen that you can't see right now on this microphone wasn't cheap, but just smart start of anything. It doesn't have to be the best in the world. It just has to deliver the content contents the most important thing. As long as you can deliver the content, that's the most important thing. So, yeah, just, uh, just do it to start filming today. The hardest part is just doing that. Love people insecure about the voice about what looked like people don't really care too much about it. As long as you can give them something that they want. They just want to know a certain piece of information. They just want to know about something. You want to solve their problem and the easiest way you can do that for a camera like this for a microphone. So just by yourself, a cheat microphone Does that be amazing? Just has to be good enough. Use your smartphone. Cameras and smartphones are pretty good. Now she is that you never use the camera. Um, yeah, Audio on your smartphone Doesn't have to be the best thing in the world. Just has toe solve someone's problem. That's just the easy way to build yourself in the foreign. Difficult people thinking of the front If you because you're on YouTube because you're on this website and it's easy, it's not difficult. So if you haven't started a YouTube channel start Wednesday, if you haven't practiced talking in front of a camera, just do it now. Do it right now. Pick up your phone on record. It's easy. Is that what do you know about what you knowledgeable about what the people want to know about and start talking your first few videos will not be your best guarantee. It, however, need to start somewhere. My first few videos were not my best. I had to read off a script. A teleprompter. Believe it or not, I had a teleprompter. I've still actually got a teleprompter on. I would read off the teleprompter. I don't use the teleprompter now, and this is not scripted off a few notes here, but the rest of its improvised because a knowledgeable on the subject, I'm confident speaking to a camera and talk to a camera for a very long time is the easy way to prove to some of your own authority. Figure. You can talk in front of a camera. You're confident public speaking is essential for sales on for Crane Online Course. We'll create any kind of business. Position yourself ISn't far to figure. Consultants brand even the service. Talking in front of a camera is the easy way. Still, you don't need to have a degree in videography. Don't have to be amazing. Camera person. You just have to point the camera. Make sure it's in focus. Get good audio level and talk. That's it. The rest of the stuff. Like, right now I'm going for a pre amp which is a have amplify for the vocals for the microphone go for an audio interface gonna mix s these vocals and did digital audio workstation with add effects on plug ins All that stuff you can learn along the way off the witness for a lot of trial and error Start. It didn't sound as good as this. It didn't look as good as this. I didn't have all this perfect while not perfect near perfect light. And it was, well, shadowy was wrong, but little 1% changes. Just try and improve your set up trying to prove what you did. Yeah, the best you can And just keep it from there. It doesn't have to be amazing. Doesn't have perfect. But you just have to do it. And in my opinion, you want to start on a loan business today. Speaking in front of camera is a very effective way of doing that. So thank you for this lecture. I'll see you in the next one 15. Website Design : Okay, now we're going to talk about website design. Having a website is still super important. It's kind of a hob for all your products and services. Your website is kind of online CV and you can also sell your products on your website so it really is essential to have a professional looking website. It doesn't have to be amazing. It just has to work so you can build it yourself For Dragon Drop Building site, I used to call the lead pages. It does cost a fair amount of money, but it looks good and it works. Or you can hire someone online to build it for you so you can freelancer or elance and you can get someone to edit a template for you. Confined templates or you condemn gets one to build it from scratch. If you find yourself a WordPress template where oppresses most popular one, these kind of websites video on involved, find a WordPress template or never website. Find a WordPress template. Then we have to hire freelancers to edit this into a website. It's not the easiest thing in the world. I have had lost articles or websites over the years, but it's something you need to do. It's essential. Still, as you need to build a website, so your business dot com or your name dot com it's essential. I'd say that dot com wants international business from local business. Maybe usual. Yeah, you're your nations. You are around some mines from the UK s dot k u K Americans always dot com, but I think that comes the best. Really. Save your name's Jimmy Smith Jones Jimmy Smith Jones dot com If it's available minds Thomas George dot com T o M A s George dot com and I could said, It's your heart before your services. If you go to Thomas, George dot com has cut my courses. It's got my consulting, got my work. It's got my music all on their on your websites, just a place where some of them get to know you can build a relationship that can read about you. Taken really just realize that your legitimate you're real person. You're really product. Your real service, an authority figure, and this could all be displayed for your website so you can advertise all the different products or services, and you can even take payments on your website drive traffic to social media and two other sites as well. So yeah, I do think it's essential to get your own website. Like I said, if you don't have one, ask around, ask if there's anyone you know you can wear. Make a website for you. I'm just Ah, you would have to pay for it. Generally, let very good friends with someone. You can also hire a template. We'll have someone to edit a template for you so you could buy a template high something to edit it for you. That's kind of the cheapest waster. You can use the service like lead pages or click funnels. I passed the real likely pages, but it just cost more than actually having the WordPress template. So yeah, I'm not gonna tell you exactly. Step by step guide in making a website that's a whole course on its own. But I'm just going to tell you to have a website have one soon as possible. If you don't already have one still essential. It just makes you look professional. If someone googles you, nothing comes up. It doesn't look very good. If someone googles you your website comes up with services. You have the places you sell, your social media sites come up that makes you look professional for going Google images or photos of you. Then you realize our this person's a Gemma. I'll give them my money for this service. If not, they might feel like it's a bit suspicious. So websites a great way to kind of spike those authority figures in people's heads. So, yeah, make sure you have a website. If you don't have one, try and build one as soon as possible. 16. Graphic Design : Okay, let's now talk about graphic design. A logo design Graphic design Making stuff looks slick and professional is essential. If you want to have your brand looking professional, really want. Have brand identity. Want people to see your product or service and think that looks good. Graphic designs that easy wasted it. Applications like photo Sharp or illustrator is by day be fantastic for Edison photos or logos that can be expensive. It can be difficult to use. There is a website called camber dot com, and it's much easier and sheep Corruption is very simple to use, allows you to create YouTube thumbnails, logos, banners quickly and easily. So if you don't have Photoshopped illustrate, so we're not very good and photo shop illustrator. Have a look. Campbell dot com Ah lot The YouTube thumbnails. Use of camera dot com. I use them personally from a mutual fund else. I do use photo shopping illustrator and Debian design as well. It takes a while If you want a quick, easy logo. Quick, easy fun Now camber dot com really help you with this Graphic design is important. You want to look slick ones look professional on graphic design or no in graphic design is the easy wasted. Of course, there is freelances. You can stop competitions and sites like freelancer, but it takes up a lot of time, and it will cost you money. We're going comfort outcome. You can make an image, a logo put super fast. Super Easy is a freemium service will try and sell. You set a logo certain things on the Web site. But love it, you can just get for free. Like I said, make sure in her back graphic design if one start business online this just beginner's guide entrepreneurship and I think any beginner needs to know about graphic design. 17. Start Today : so the main thing I want you to take away from this course is start today. If you want to become an entrepreneur, if you want to make a business online, want to basically make money from the Internet to start today, usin it? Key takeaways use from the tips have given you, but this is really just a beginner's guy. Just these two realise it is possible it can be done, but it will involve a lot of hard work. You need to realize what you got up. What is the market in what you enjoy doing and just start from there. This isn't a step by step guide this Cosby a lot longer and a lot more details, but just need to realize that it is possible on the mindsets the most important thing. If you have got the right mindset, they're not going to succeed. In this day and age, a lot of businesses start. A lot of both businesses fail, but until you actually start, you won't know if this is the right thing for you to just get started and create a business . Now it hasn't started yet. Like I said, User tips on points of giving you just make a stop. It doesn't have to be perfect. And you will make a lot of mistakes. Everyone does. But as long as you learn from the mistakes, then it's not really. Mistake is fine. Onda Words of Nikon I keep just did it. So thank you for this course. I hope you found it useful. And remember, Do you want to start business on the crate? Any kind of income online from the craft service or product? Or turn yourself into a personal brand. Start today and just do it If you wait till tomorrow. It might be too late to just start right now. Start today. Thank you again for watching this course.