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The Basics: Shoot & Edit a Music Video

teacher avatar Rahim Samad, Creative Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (13m)
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    • 7. Directing



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About This Class

This introductory class is designed for the person who wants to learn the basics of creating a music video. You will have the opportunity to team up with an local artist, musician, or band from a musical genre of your preference, and create a 1- 4 minute Music Video. You can also feel free to shoot your own personal music video. You will learn the basics of how to shoot and edit a music video that can then be uploaded via youtube or vimeo for sharing. This will be a great way to break into music video production and start a portfolio.

A music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes.

We will briefly cover everything from concept development, location scouting, to directing and editing. You will learn tips and tricks that will have you ready to hit the ground running with your music videos. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Rahim Samad

Creative Entrepreneur


Hi my name is Rahim Samad, I am the owner of Smart Impact Media, LLC and Sirat Designs, LLC.             I am a Creative Entrepreneur with 10+ years of video production, business & entrepreneurial skills. I have owned a total of four businesses, two of which are current. I am passionate about business, creating, and helping others. I hope to use Skillshare as a platform to help others learn from my past and present experiences, as well as further my skills as a teacher. Be sure to follow me on Skillshare and stay up to date with all things to come.  

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1. INTRO: in this class, you will learn how to shoot a music video for before years happened, a little budget music videos and in this class is going to give you the formula dive. Using the past that I used to this day was created my deals with this formula. It could be used with no budget, little budget, no money at all. However, I'm gonna teach you how to maximize your resource is in order to get the best Look, we've got breaking your pockets. Now all this is to get this passed. You will need to have some basic understanding of whatever camera you'll be operating as well as some basic. Now you can use a DSLR can put a phone or any recording device I'm gonna teach you, take you a constant that will patients got in two directions and finally edited by the end of this clash has all the necessary knowledge information needed to block create your own, choose to clever with artists, then living creature. The report yourself how I suggest you try in order maximise to get the best results A part of this class. I'm hurrying Austin to submit a link to the finished music video to show myself recipe class also encouraged all students to interact with each other. Offer Steve myself off. He's a personal decision at this class will have a concept for the best video wins This contest. It would be a prized pie will be announced later on. 2. LISTEN TO SONG: first thing you want to do before creating music videos. Listen to this song. You're one listens song as many times as possible, as this will be the foundation for all of your creative ideas. Sportive video that some of you minutes to the song for one day and come up with the concept while others may take days, maybe even weeks. Me personally close to the song at least 10 times a day, baby about least wanted two days. Well, since I have a solid concept, the amount of times you need to listen to the song lost a tent on this song how quickly your creative juices start to flow. So you want to make sure you have a pen and paper handy to jot down all of the ideas that pop in mind. This one help when starting to develop your constant 3. CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: Once you have listened to the song, you can start to creature concept. Most of the time the artists are then we have some ideas or a vision of their own that they may want to see brought to light in the video. Other times, the artists of band I have no idea about what they want, not in the way you want to get the artists involved in the creative process. Once you have come up with their own ideas for listening to the song, you can incorporate the artist ideas with yours and wanted to get the best outcome. The concept actual create missed him for many things. But what most likely come from the core feuding, such as the energy in the mood of the song, the subject matter in which the artist is displaying and the topic of the summer. Also, where your video have a storyline, will be more of a freestyle video. These things will help you to figure out how you would like to tell the story, along with taking into consideration artists image and what they represent. A good thing to remember when creating the concept is your budget resource is for example, if I know I have a $500 budget with very limited resource is I'm not gonna plan to shoot a scene at Miami Beach. It we're shooting in New Jersey instead. I mean, up Port Cities Beach, which is more than my reach and within my budget, remember, in the stains will help you to create a really the concept with finger means while also maximizing your research that are around you develop. 4. LOCATION SCOUTING: Now that you have your concept, it's time to do some location scouting. A few questions you may want to ask yourself is with video B shot indoors outdoors or a mixture of both. It shouldn't primarily outdoors. You won't have to worry about. Lighting is much, because you will be primarily using natural life from the sun. Your concept, with 99% of time, dictate the type of locations you will look for. Use your resource is to the best of your ability to avoid unnecessary permits, etcetera. Some of these resource is may and cool but are not limited. So public parts, non busy streets in your garage basement vacant lots, etcetera. Most of my little budget music videos were shot of all the above, with many different concepts. U. S. A director would need to use your best judgment to bring video to life now. Also, keep in mind if you have uncle or friend or relative that owns the establishment of business restaurant, a barbershop. Whatever you may want to reach out that person, Stevie could utilize their space, and in turn, this would add production value. So your video with that, you come out of pocket a spirit 5. GEAR & EQUIPMENT: that Just let your locations. It's time to make a checklist of all the year you need to get the job done. The gear you want me will be based upon this type of shoot you will be doing. Here is the list of the big items that I mostly used. It will be this some of these items for our shoes. What do you clear for music you would need? A device is loud enough for artists to slip sing to recording their songs and what it's just being a sink, clips and music during the shoot for having purposes, you'll need your camera lenses rig if you choose just one memory cards, extra batteries, pipas, Monta pods and its head lighting. Now these types of things are basically on your own discretion. But no matter what equipment you intend to use just next door, you have plenty of batteries, a battery charger and plenty of memory cars. The more the better. Also, when hurts have a left one step transfer footage to as memory, Carson gets it to the left. Now keep in mind. You know I have to have majorities. The judge's name. You only have an iPhone. Well, just DS. Allow one lens. Whatever you have, you can use it to investigate a building and still get the best results. The key things is that Mr you have enough memory to record the relationship in a record and have enough batteries to get you through the chutes. Everything else is kind of extra. They are sold to use that kind of help ask value of production. I see this videos, but you don't really need me percent use. I used DSLR, so I'll be shooting with most part Canon 60 d and I have a couple of lenses that I used, but most part I shoot with mostly one lens, so it doesn't really matter what you're gonna use. Actually, people do a lot of great basin I home and some of their Galaxies, whatever kind of device you you insensitive, use most thing. The most important things is that you have a solid concept and the world will create, and I'm quite sure you will be 6. STORYBOARD/SHOT LIST: your shot. Lists of storyboard will help you to stay on top of the shot you want to get. You can do either one based on your needs. A shot list is something simple. I just running down the shots you want to get in each location. This list will help you to remember what SATs to get and when and where to get them. A storyboard is similar but more detail for the storyboard. You actually take pictures or draw images of the shot you want to get. It could give includes such info as specific equipment. You want to use their particular shot or a certain moved or emotion you want to illustrate . Either one of these is recommended, as it will help you to stay on top of your video, shoot and get all the necessary shots needed. 7. Directing: Now we have covered everything for pre production. It is now time to go into production, so we already have our little cases mapped out our gear and now a story board. Now it's time to begin shooting were not upset and directed. The artist. Ben is important to be clear and given instructions. You want to make sure to get the best angles and also most pulled states of each. You will want to have your artists sing along to their song with the same energy they have reported. Although you won't be using the audio from this video, it will give a more natural look what the artist is performed. It will also ate in the engine room. When you're sinking off the music, look the audio from this video. It's also a good idea to capture the details of the scenery in which you're shooting. You can also capture B roll footage, which is known secondary footage. This will also ate it. It will make the video much more interesting and add more depth. See a video 8. BASIC EDITING OVERVIEW: 9. MY FREESTYLE HIP HOP MUSIC VIDEO: Yeah, yeah, Shut up! 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