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The Apps You Need to Create Amazing Instagram Stories

teacher avatar Kate Horodyski, Pinterest Marketer and Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Branding Your Stories

    • 3. Spark Post

    • 4. Unfold

    • 5. Mojo

    • 6. Story Art

    • 7. Tezza

    • 8. VSCO

    • 9. InShot

    • 10. Hype Type

    • 11. Life Lapse

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, I’ll show you how to create professional, on-brand Instagram Stories using various must-have apps.

Today, Stories are a vital part of any good Instagram strategy, and I’ll show you how to make the most of them with these free, easy to use apps. Discover just how simple it is to make killer stories and elevate your Instagram game.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kate Horodyski

Pinterest Marketer and Strategist


Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a Pinterest Marketer based in Halifax, Canada. I'm passionate about helping mindful entrepreneurs and brands flourish online through conversion-led Pinterest Marketing!

Thank you so much for checking out my account and classes! 

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, my name is Take and I have a social media marker specializing in instagram. In this class, I'm to show you how to make beautiful, professional looking instagram stories that are really gonna take your cap to the next level. I'm gonna be showing you all of the axe. And I used to make its the stories for my clients as well as how do you stop? All of the acts are completely free and most have an option for a paid out grade. I'm also going to cover the importance of branding your instagram stories properly in creating a cohesive style which will really help to elevate your brand. Instagram stories are a vital part of any good INSTAGRAM strategy and because of changes to the algorithm is a really important way of reaching your followers and potential customers . Other than simply posting to the feet, this class is designed for any level. So if you are a seasoned pro and even making instagram stories for a long time now, you can check us out to pick up some new tips and acts that you might not have known about before. And if you're brand new to instagram stories. This is going to give you a great starter, and by the end of this class you will be all set to making to be making a basic instagram stories for your account. This is also primarily for people running of an account for a business or pretend. But if you are just here to learn, how do you make instagram stories for personal use that is of easing as well. So if you're ready, let's diet into this class by the PM will do a class project together when you guys could make your own instagram stories and share with the class, so let's get started. 2. Branding Your Stories: So before we jump into the axe, I just didn't quickly talk about how to use instagram stories and how to Brandon properly. So on Instagram stories first became part of Instagram people reusing them really casually , and she's a fun way to show some behind the scenes. Or just think they didn't estimate we want to have on their stack be. This is still how most people use it just for personal use. But when If you were running count for a brand your business, it's really evolved to take on a more Brandon and professional look. So when we're using these APs, I want you to be thinking about how you can be branding your stories to fit you look and feel and five of your ripped. One way you could do this is by consistently using your brand colors and bond in your stories. So while it could be fun to play around with different colors and different funds for every story, it's not going to give you a cohesive look that are really gonna make your stories stand out now. This doesn't mean you have to be too rigid. The point of Instagram stories is still to show a lighter side to things. But you do want to have a certain look and feel and tone. So if someone is slipping through their stories, they will instantly know that it's your brands, stories that they're looking at. This is really great for creating brand awareness and just for creating a general sense about your brand and helping it to stand of more. So some of these APs actually let you upload your specific brand colors and fonts, usually this part of a paid upgrade. But if you don't want to go this route, you can still choose a consistent bond that you use every single time. It might not be your specific brand font off the face program, but you could have a specific look and specific colors that you use repeatedly. Another thing you want to do is plan out your instagram stories the same way that you plan on your feet. So a lot of people think that maybe you would schedule or plan on your feet, but then just kind of post on insta stories whenever you feel like it. But to really create an instagram story that's gonna have a real impact we want to have a strategy to it. This is gonna look different for everybody, and it's something that you and your team can discuss. But just keep in mind that while this is kind of has the feel like a spur of the moment lighter approach to your account, it still should be consistent and have a great strategy in place behind that. That's all I'm going to say about that in this costs, because the focus is more on the different APS. But I will be talking about Morbo instagram story strategies in another class. So that's enough about that. We're gonna jump into the apse now and start making some stories. 3. Spark Post: So the first on instagram story out that I'm Nischelle you was called Spark Post, and this is an app. It's created by Adobe. So if you do any photography, your graphic design you're probably familiar with Adobe. They have light room and Photoshopped. So they've created this AB to make it really simple to make really nice professional looking templates from your phone. A lot of people are familiar with Canada, and Camba has a very similar app. I love Camba, but I find it's much he's your to use on a desktop till you can make and stories on a desktop. You go to Canada and they allow you to do that all from your computer. But I just find that the canvas up isn't as easy to work with as sparked pope. So I prefer sparked post, but you could took Ocampa as another option. So Smart Post is great for making. Like I said, professional looking templates. I use this a lot for my clients when we put out a new block post. So I have a certain template I use for each client, and we'll just pop the information into the template and announced on stories that we have new blood coast up. One thing that is also really great about spark posts that, if you do, the paid upgrade version is that you can add in your brand font and colors. So I talked earlier about the importance of branding er content as a way to look as professional and cookies of as possible and to really create that great brand identity. So what sparked coast? You can actually upload your brand specific font and colors into the ops that you couldn't use those in your chocolates and everyone you're not doing the paid upgrade. It's still pretty easy to use a Brandon look, so they allow you to choose your colors anywhere on the color wheel. So if you know what your brand colors number is that you could find it in the color wheel, I'll show you in the APP. If that sounds a bit confusing, or you can just use a specific set of colors and fonts are necessarily your brand spot your ranch style. But it's the stuff that you're gonna consistently use when you're using spark post, and that applies to all of the ups we're gonna use. Okay, Now we're gonna go into the app, and I'll show you how you could use it. So we have our spark post right here. And then once you go in, you can see that there is a time of templates here for you to use, so they're kind of categorized into different uses. Um, there's seasonal. There's collages, features of some popular ones. Lifestyle so you can go through and find kind of a look that you're interested in. And then you'll customize it for yourself so you'll see that they're all different sizes. But you can use any of these, and they're going to. You can change the size once you're in, so it doesn't look like an instance story size. Don't worry about it, cause you can change that. All right, so less. For example, take this one here to Pete Upgrade. You'll see in the corner. It's yellow if it's a paid upgrade, so let's go in and take a look at this one here. Then we're gonna remix this template. First thing you want to do is resize and make sure it's on. It's the story, and then you can start customizing it so you can go in here and this is the palate. So this is where you can either choose from their color palettes or you can customize and create your own. And, uh and this is where you can choose your brain colors to really make sure that it looks on brand for you. So we'll just go with these for this. My oh, this example. And then we want Teoh. As so say, we're gonna photo from our phone. We'll go into my I'll go into my photo library and you can choose any for you, like so a lot, This one in here. And then they added an ex photo. Or you can replace this image and then add in your own image, soul and several of their at one. And then we can delete this. So did that round. Okay, so now we have this in here, you can move it around anywhere you like. Um, you can change the font and are the text there. And then in here about you change the font with tons and tons of options. Jeez, color of the funds. Um, you can change shape. So there's just aton of ways in here to customize the look to whatever it is that you are interested in. And um, yes, we just play around with that lots of ways to get a nice customised template. And if you don't want to use their templates yuk unjust. Start fresh with your own designs to save pick a phono and from there you can completely design it yourself. So that's another way if you have an idea what you want and you don't want to use one of their talents. So yeah, great post for creating really nice templates to use in your instagram stories. Like I said, I use this a lot for announcing new block posts. But you can also do this C two announced sale or something you want promoting your business just anything. Really. So yeah, from playing out that 4. Unfold: the next time I'm gonna show you is called Unfold. And at the moment, this is probably the most popular at, for instance, stories. And chances are you've seen this in your hands. The story feed already, and it's particularly popular with lifestyle bloggers right now. So this app is just us really simple way to make a nice, clean, minimal looking stories. So if you don't want to mess around a lot, you know what anything complicated you sweat a nice clean look unfold is the way to go. Celeste, take a look. I use this one all the time for my clients so we'll go into unfold. And just like most of the upset I'm showing you Unfold has a paid upgrade version, but they also have a lot of freebies. So let's go here and we'll Neymar story. I'll call it skill share great story, and then you can go in here and choose your layout. So CS one is the free version. So if you just download the app, you're gonna have access to all of these. And then I've also paid for CS two just a little more options, and then there's other ones here anything with a blue dog I haven't paid for, But you cannot. Great Teoh. So this is probably the most popular layout, so we'll go in, will pick a photo. You can change size and then we'll double tap to change the font. So let's call it See this week on the LE, Then you can go in here. You'll probably recognize this volunteer. It's kind of probably the most popular one. And it's just a cute look. I like a lot. So let's say this week on, uh, how to choose the perfect Pete Color. I think it s so it wants to change it to color bus. Leave it on this one. Hurt wants to change the spelling there so you can play around with size. You can tell us arms and bold, um, whatever you want. Yeah, And then then you can add to your story so you can add, um, another template there. And then when you go to download, it will ask if you want to download that page, which means the one individual template or if you want to download the whole story. So just a little side note there. A lot of people think of stories as one image, but the idea of a ninja story is to tell a story. So each each individual slide is called a page and then altogether creates a story. So you can keep this in mind when you're creating stories for your brand because you can think of the story you're trying to tell. So maybe you're doing a summer release and you want to tell the story of how this new product the release is going to enhance someone's did beach. So think of it in terms of what is the message I have? What story am I telling and then create your pages that way? So it is a beginning, a middle and an end, and that is unfold. 5. Mojo: the next hour we're gonna look at is called Mojo, and this one is similar to unfold, but it has animated images and texts, so it just looks slightly more professional or technical. I guess So it it just gives the impression that you've put together this really technical opposed, but it's it's super easy to use, So I kind of like it for that. Um, basically, it makes it look like you know what you're doing more than maybe you do. Which is this eso you can see in here when the, um, you can see some different options here and you can just see its animated because all of the images and texts are coming in like this. Um, there's different categories. You can go into photography layout. Of course, you could use this for anything. They're just categorizing it this way. Um, templates that are designed for fashion, uh, cinema. Lots of options here. So let's just go into a really simple one. I'll choose. This is our template, and we'll just do the same kind of look that we did in the other up. So where's our picture? Here it is. Will change size again and will change the fines. This three. Oh, good luck. And you can change. Begin text on. You can change the size and then you can change how long it takes for the text to come in and out. So, yeah, you can just play around with that and then you can see it gives you a really similar look to be unfold up with just a little extra step up at the bottom. Here, you might know if you can see on your screen, but it says made with the mojo app. So some of these templates are Some of these APS will have a watermark on it. Unless you pay for the paid upgrade. Some of them don't some of them you can remove for free. But if you have an act that has a watermark on it and you don't want to pay for the upgrade one way around it is to see the image to your phone as you would normally. And then when you go into instance, know when you're going to instrument a pump step, just enlarge the image slightly so that the watermark is cut out of the front isn't ideal, and sometimes it could baby, like, mess up the format that jihad warrior photo, But in a pinch, it is a new option. So let me just show you here. I'm gonna save this to my phone. Do you see video? And then we'll go into my instagram and of this end and the you can just see you can see how it comes there may with the mobile app, so you can just kind of like in large. Just so it cuts that Oh, um and that if you are going to go with this just kind of trying to keep that in mind when you're making it on the abs and maybe I would have liked lifted that tax a bit higher, but in a pinch, that is a way that you can get the watermark out of the 6. Story Art: It's the next act that we're gonna look out of cold story art, and it is another template up. But it has different features. Then the other two we just talked about or three. Um, so two things are really cool. Book this app. One ends. It lets you make graphics for instagram highlights. So, uh, if you're not familiar with instagram highlights, you can see your stories into a highlight. And they are those little circles you see at the top of someone's profile. General Categorise, for example, say you are a lifestyle blogger. You might have a category for food, account of work, passionate kind of river shoes so you can see your instagram stories to these highlights. And generally you'll see that there is a certain kind of cohesive look to the highlight cover. So that's what you see when you're on someone's profile page in a little circle. I hope that makes sense. So let me give you an example, and then we will go into the app. All right, so we're going to Instagram, and here is a new account that I really like beer but blonde hair and then you can see there Highlights here except for this one, says Amber. They just did a solid pink and they're branded colors for their instagram. Highly. Some people will have, like, little images and each one, or you can just do a straight photo. But if we go into story art and you can see here, they have highlight covers that you can make anything locked. Is Onley available for a Pete upgrade? But this one here is open so you can go and pick a color that you like. And then you can make your stories like this. Let's look at this and then you can go in here and you can change that bond. You want it to say smoothies, and then we can change fonts. We can change size events or bets, See, like that. Or maybe we don't want any fund at all. And then we're gonna add, um, in de sticker. So maybe you want to photography or fashion, family, home drinks and size that So, Yeah, this is really helpful. If you are doing Instagram highlights and you want a uniform, look there. The other thing that I really like about this is that you have the option to have themes, templates. So let's take a look at this one, for example. So when you look here, they have all of these templates that kind of work together. So, like I talked to vote and I think the unfold, um, description you want I'm telling a story with your stories so you can use their, uh they're template categories here, too. Use to tell a uniform, uh, to the uniform Look throughout your stories. So let's take a look at this one. For example, they all of a similar looks. So they worked together. They're gonna look, uh, like, you have a consistent look throughout your stories. So, yes, that's another feature of these I really like. Just like the other templates. It's really easy to go in and then customize the image, the font, and yet and really make it yours. 7. Tezza: next, we're gonna look at a couple photo editing caps. So this is these air app set Premier Li you would use for the photos in your feed. But it's also really nice to have the same filter apply to your instagram stories. So, um, it can just make your insta stories blend in with your instagram you content. So if someone's cooking through instagram, they seemed a certain filter that to always use. They're gonna instantly know that this is your brand, so it really helps to just pull things together. So, um, there's one here. I really like this, uh is called Tessa. And it is by an instagram in Intesa. And I like her filters because they were very kind of trendy right now. So if you want that kind of warm glow we look, then I really recommend her presets. She has a couple free ones. I have paid upgrade, and I really like, and I think that her voters are really worth it. So I'll just show you a couple looks you can get with her filter pack. This is just a nice idea. If you want a certain look for your phone knows and super easy to use, Just like any editing app. You can play around with the intensity, and you can also go in and play around with any of the editing settings. And then you can add a cool a few cool little, um, grainy features here. There is also an option to edit videos with this app. I don't have that paid version, but it's a really nice way to add a cool effect to your videos if you're doing a one of those. And then she also has templates that you can choose from if you want to. Yeah, play around with some of those. So this is just a really easy tool to get a nice filter. Look to your instagram stories. 8. VSCO: another app. It's really popular for filtering. Probably the most popular after that is isco km. So Biscoe is the one that I generally used for my own personal instagram stories. So I use HB two in my instagram feed. So love the times all go in and put the same filter on my photos, and I'm gonna share in my insta stories so you're probably familiar with Visco can and their filters, but I'll just quickly go in and show you. So there's Visco here, and there are Aton of options. So let's see this one here. So I have this one on HB two because that's what I had said to core. But you can go in and play around with all the different options they have here. I know that the tools popular, remember the three most popular filters are a sex 81 and HB two. So this is kind of if an instagram influencer if you're kind of you know, they used isco cam and you're looking at their feet and you're wondering what they use. Chances are it's one of those three, but there really is aton of options here that you can play around with, and once you have your filter, you can also go in and make other changes. So eyes a fun one to play around my hands a a new look to your to your bus. 9. InShot: okay, the next time I'm gonna show you is probably my favorite app for editing videos. There's just a ton you can do here, and it's really fun to use. So let's take Ola. Where's in shops? Syria. So this app is called in Shot. You can also create photos and collages, but I really love it for videos. So let's go in. We're gonna click new and for my screen shots for this video. Let's choose this one here in case the first thing you want to do is make sure that you were on into story. So in an effort, doesn't say since the story for the template size, you want to go nine by 16 because that's the dimensions of an instance story soliciting. We've got our dimensions here again. You'll see that there is the watermark down in the bottom. Um, you can remove it once for free, or you can remove it permanently by paying for the upgrade. So this is another up that you would want to. If you don't want people, the upgrade would want to make a bigger when you posted it to Instagram to cut off the water. Okay, so once you are in here, you've got your video and you've got the right size. You can start going through all of the options. So there are Aton filters. You can use their our fax, you conduce do just a ton of options there, and then you can also edit your video, which is kind of hopes you just put a filter on top. You can like, brightened, sharpen kind of anything that you would do in any photo editing up, which is nice. Uh, then you can go in and add music. You can add tracks from your owner. Important music. You can add noise backs like airplane bells. You can record something which I am not going to dio, but option there and and you can add some stickers. I just signed that The stickers in Instagram's itself are better than pretty much any stickers or gift you're gonna using an app. So if you want to add those, I would just wait until you have your insta story in Instagram and then you can add theirs . But then the option is here. Out stickers you can add text is the Christmas party, so we'll say Christmas here. Um and you can change. You can download funds, so this is another one that you could add your brand of fonts in. Or you can choose any of the fuss they have. Um, you can cheese color, change size. And yes, there's just tons of things you can do your so this one I really love for any 100 videos or boom ranks. But again, you can do the same things with seeking to the same things with photos. Um, and you commit collages as well. So yeah, just a fun one to play around with. And this is something else I like. You can change the size. So if you kind of want some blur in the background, which is ah, cool look that some people like to use. I think this is like, really pretty for fashion photos, vacation photos. But really, you can use it for anything. I just like that blurred background count. And yet, and now they're great out to use. This one just has a lot of customization, so I really like that. Whether it's for a photo or video 10. Hype Type: it's the next we're gonna look at. Let's you add intimate text over your image and it's called. So let's take a look. Here is a couple laps like this. Another one is called Words lead, which and do Likas well, but I just prefer hype type. It's just really easy to use, and there's tons of different texts options. So let's slide up to pick up this image here, and then you can double tap to add a text you want. So say we hurt neutrals, Okay, And then you'll go in here and you can customize your fought. So there are a ton of free options. You can see the paid upgrades have the shopping current next to it, but you can go in and play around with all the free ones or paper. Be great if you want to. Um, so, yeah, there's lots of cool stuff you can do here. This. I like this one here, and then you can go in and play around with different colors. So there's tons of options to do that, Um, stick with black and white for now, and you can have this little drop here and will blur of your background and OK, so for happy with this, then you can go in and play around with the speed. So how quickly you want to come in and you can use a And yes, this one is really all about adding and font, you don't do anything with the image. But if you are looking for that, this is a great, easy to use app. You will see up in the corner here that they do have the watermark, you can tap it, and it will ask you to go for a paid upgrade. Um, So again, if you don't want to go for the paid upgrade just on this to your camera roll and when you talk a load it to instagram just in large jets so that it blocks out to the watermark. 11. Life Lapse: okay. And I might have said this a couple times that this last app probably is my favorite. It's called Life Laps, and it allows you to make these really fun. Kind of like hyper laps, um, photos slash boomerangs, kind of. If you follow away luggage, they use this a lot. And, uh, I'm just gonna jump into the app and show you how it looks. And then I'm gonna make one and show you how to set. It's really easy and make some really cool images. I like this, particularly for maybe a recipe posts so you can show the different ingredients and then kind of show everything coming together. So let's go into it and then you'll have a clear idea of what I'm. So let's look at their tutorials is going to commit toe load. So here are, um here is what I'm talking about where you kind of can have your image with, like, a hyper laps aspect to it. And then these are all tutorials, and they give you some ideas. So if you click on any of them, they're gonna take you to ah, YouTube video, and it's gonna show you how they did that particular look. So if there's something that you want to replicate, then who can? Then you can see how they do it. And so, yeah, loss of ideas and inspiration on their tutorial page. Um, and I have done a couple just little examples here that you can watch. I set it to music, so, yeah, that's kind of the idea. Like I said, I really like this for, um, recipes. It's great for Flatley's if you want to show, like putting an open together or if you just want to say, stack some new products that you've introduced Yeah, tons of uses for this and next I'm gonna show you how easy it is. No. Okay, so let's get in life flaps open. So we will start a new project. Then you're gonna hit the little camera button at the bottom here, and then we've got our towel. And for this example, I'm sure to pretend were doing something on a cool day. Essentials. So put our first item down here, sunglasses take a shot of those and then you'll see you gotta hold the image that Seacon line things up after, and we'll add another cool floaty. So much want to do is mawr or less line up the sunglasses with where they were before. And then you'll take a picture of your new item, and then we will add in our sunscreen. Say, this is so You work for Hawaiian Tropic, and you're doing like, a little insta story. All right, look. Essentials to advertise your sunscreen The more time you could set this up nicer. It's gonna quickly show you how it works. Then you better three items there, and then you'll just hit the arrow button on the side and it's gonna play your, uh, your little video for you. And there's tons of filters you can use. You can set it to Muzak and you can boom, right? And so it goes back four. Um, yeah. So that one I'm really, really love it just really fun to use 12. Conclusion: Thank you so much for checking over my class and sticking around till the end. By now, I hope you are feeling confident and excited to go make your own professional, beautiful looking instagram stories. Don't forget to upload your project to the project section on this class. And if you have any questions at all for me, you could pop them into the discussion section of this class. If you're interested in more classes above Instagram and free Landslide, head over to my account and follow me so that you are notified every time I upload a new class. And if you want to share your stories you created in this class on Instagram, I'd love for you to tag me so I can see them there as well. I'm acute, Hardisty. And thank you again. So much for checking of this class. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time.