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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Freelance Statistics


    • 3.

      What is Freelancing


    • 4.

      Types of Freelancer


    • 5.

      Benefits of Freelancing


    • 6.

      Drawbacks of Freelancing


    • 7.

      Think About Your Finances


    • 8.

      Setting Up Your Workplace


    • 9.

      Types of Work


    • 10.

      How Could You Start


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      Freelancing Platforms


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About This Class

Freelancing is becoming a more common term around the world, even in the United States. If you have just recently decided to take the plunge into the exciting, wild, crazy, and ridiculously lucrative world of freelancing, then welcome aboard! It’s going to be a ride that you’ll never forget!

The aim of the course is to give you the basic idea of freelancing.

You should apply your learnings to get the most out of it as you go along.

I designed the course for those students who are planning to start their freelancing career but don't know how to proceed with it. By following this course you will get a good understanding of what freelancing is.

If you follow this course and apply the methods that i am going to cover in this course. , You will have a better idea of how you can get into freelancing field.

It is my sincere hope that you will get a lot out from this course, Please take action as you proceed with the course. So Again, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE,


Taking action is the key to success, Let’s dive into the course and i look forward to seeing you inside…..

Meet Your Teacher

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Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain

Enthusiastic Instructor


Mostly known as Sayed in this digital world. Learning and making people learn is always my passion. Throughout these years of my career i have learned a lot and a lot are yet to be learned. I am always open for new opportunities, I have a passion for Technology, teaching, planning, playing with English and am an avid researcher. I am the CEO & Founder of CloudMinds IT.


• Start-ups,

• Entrepreneurship,

• Business Development,

• Operating business,

• Strong communication skills,

• Time management,

• Talent Acquisition,

• Employee Relations,

• Quality Assurance,

• Client relationship management and International Affairs,

• Customer Service ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, dear. This aside, Welcome to our new course, the 11 off freelancing. Freelancing is becoming a more common term around the world, even in the United States. If you have just recently decided to take the plant into the exciting, wild, crazy and ridiculously look ready world off freelancing, then welcome aboard. It's going to be a ride that you will never forget. Off course, everyone dives into this carrier part with the greatest off expectations as well as a pocket full off dreams, hopes on fears, but few off them ever jumped in with both feet having covered all off the basis. Becoming a successful freelancer takes time. But there are things that you can start doing immediately if you want to get into freelance a little bit of foundational information needed for these, which will eventually keep big boss right out off the gate and allows freelancers too quickly. Start making the kind of lucrative income that have always wanted with complete and total freedom. The aim off this course is to give you the basic idea off freelancing. I would suggest please follow each and every topics that I am going to discuss in the course, I'm sure by falling the topics you will get a good idea off freelancing in no time on you will thank me for sure. So some cool and interesting topics you will be learning As we proceed with this course, You should apply your learnings to get the most out off eat as you go along. Believe me, taking action is the key to success. So I strongly encourage you to take action as you proceed with this course. The question you might have in mind is why I designed the course. I designed the course for those students who are planning to start their freelancing carrier but don't know how to proceed. We did. By following the scores, you will get a good understanding off work. Freelancing, ease these scores is not for students who have already working as a freelancer in some market places. This sports is not for students who are earning money through freelancing already. If you follow the scores and apply the matters that I am going to cover in the course, you will have a better idea of how you can get into freelancing field. And I hope that by applying the knowledge from this course, you will get outstanding knowledge on freelancing field. Well, why me? As an instructor, why I plan to take you through this journey? Well, I have bean in this freelance business for around five years and gained used experiences and created a lot off online ventures that I can proud off. I was thinking that people wanted to a start there freelancing carrier, but don't know what that arm freelancing ease. Don't worry at all. I will show you all about freelancing in these scores. As I am freelancing successfully, I hope that you can to buy knowing the ins and outs off freelancing. Why shouldn't smite Auker as you go along? Just know that I am your back. Just us me questions. If you have any, I will be there to answer all of your questions. Please. Just Jack in the question, Fred, If the question is answered before, if not, why not? Go ahead and ask your questions. It is my sincere for that. You will get a lot out from this course. The steak action as you proceed with this course. So again, do not broke us tonight. I say it again. Please do not broke us tonight. Take action Right now. Taking action is the key to success. Let's died into the course and I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Freelance Statistics: Now let's discuss about freelance. A statistics freelance s statistics are a great where to show you how you are not alone in wanting to go free lands. How others are finding the freelance and Byron meant and how freelancers contribute to the overall economy. Now let's discuss about us Freelance A statistics A recent survey off the U. S independent workforce finds dead around 53 million people doing freelance work in the United States. And this is 34% off the national workforce. People who freelance contribute and estimated off around $715 billion in freelance earnings to U. S economy 80% off. Non freelancer said that would be willing to do work outside their primary job to make more money earning extra money. And she dual flexibility are the top drivers off freelancing 69% off freelancers. State technology has made it easier to find freelance work. 77% off Freelancers said that the best days are it ahead for freelancing. 65% say freelancing as a carrier, part its more respected today than it was three years ago. 36% off moonlighters who have a primary job have thought about quitting to work completely independently. Now let's discuss about you. Give freelance statistics in the UK There are around 1.4 million British freelancers working across all the sectors, and these has grown around 14% in the past decade. The flexibility offered by British freelancers is or around £21 billion to the UK economy , 78% off. The UK public think that freelancing and flexible working help promote a good work life balance 72% thing that freelancing has a positive effect on family life. 3. What is Freelancing: Now let's discuss what is freelancing. A freelancer or independent contractor is a self employed individual who doesn't have to commit to a single or a long term employer. Instead. Their work independently for several different companies. Our clients freelancers typically charge by the hour or day and are not required to register as a business If they operate under their own name to day, their term is often associate it with writers for to grow offers a deters programmers, website, designers and professional consultants as well as many other professional services. You can work on the sectors like marketing, business, project management, Web development, writing, accounting, insurance inspection, teaching and tutorial. Social media, graphics design administrative assistant on many, many, many more failed. 4. Types of Freelancer: Now let's discuss about the types off freelancer. The independent contractor. An independent contractor is someone who do supplemental and contract work on a part project Bess is many. Think off independent contractors when the word feelings is mentioned. The moon lighter a moon lighter is someone who got a full time job and also a side hustle like a seller. It engineer who takes on consulting assignments on the weekend or a teacher who tutors after school. Diversified worker diversified workers are part traditional employee and part freelancer. Diversified employees split their time between part time jobs and at work. These types off freelancers are becoming more popular as on demand service apps take off. A diversified worker, for instance, might work 20 hours a week as an office administrator, and another dozen are so for some other task. Temporary worker. Most off us, our family, our. With this upset, temporary workers have either a single traditional job or a contract position for a predetermined period of time. Like a Web designer who works for three months at a soon to launch startup freelance business owner, think off these as a freelancers freelancer, emerging as successful freelance advertising agency that needs to export business to meet rising demand so they hire additional freelance advertisers 5. Benefits of Freelancing: Hello there. Welcome to our new lecture benefits off freelancing Whether you have recently been laid off are you just want to go into business for yourself? Freelancing offers a number off incredible benefits that most employers just can't compete with. Here are some off the reasons all freelancers are going freelance. You are the boss. What does that mean? Freelancing gives you the ability to send. Now you do not have to take on work that you do not enjoy. This means that you can chose the work you like. Most freelancers do not have a regular boss to take instructions from. They're take instructions from the appliance, but they can and relationships with difficult clients if they wish. If you are a night all, you can work the enter night and sleep in until known without ever having to leave the house. Additionally, you can also select what projects you want to work on. If you are a photograph for, you may accept wedding photography as your companions. This means that you don't have to accept a waiting job if you don't want to. But you will be aval to select on Lee the events or situations that you prefer to take pictures off, you can make more money. Yes, you can make more money if you have the right. Freelancers have the potential to make more money than the average person. Some reports have found that freelancers actually aren't 45% more than the normal worker. See how fascinating is that? Here comes the work life balance. You can spend more time with family and friends. Flexible hours means that you are able to choose how you split your time. The fact that only 29% off freelancers work more than 40 hours per week Freelancers have an incredible work. Life balance. A. Studies have found that freelancers are happier and held here both mentally and physically than traditional workers. Flags able a schedule hate early morning wake ups and being slammed with more than one project at a time. You can make your own schedule work at your own pace on only take on new test When you already this open, a Richman leaves you with more time to do things you love. In fact, the number one reason people freelance is to gain more flexibility. If you were working hours, you dictate your own workload. Freelancers often work less than the traditional 40 hour work week, maybe around 36 hours on an average. No more traffic. Working from home or a nearby coffee shop is a realistic option. You can save time and avoid a lot off the stress that goes a long week. Commuting. You do not have to get a higher education. They own your uncovered something fascinating In their starting. They found that a higher level of education did not result in higher rates. Charts by the freelancers. They actually found that freelancers who graduated college why are charging less than those ho did not. Companies hiring freelancers are interested in their skills, experience and ratings. They are, in general, less interested in their level of education when and where you want to work. Freelancing is about output. Generally, no one cares where and when you work, as long as you deliver high quality work on time. Some professionals use freelancing as a way to supplement their main job, while others are full time freelancers. You can work almost anywhere around the globe, maybe from your own home office. Coffee shops are co working spaces nearly 3/4 off freelancers around 73% off them said that one off the top reasons that choose to freelance is the ability to work from anywhere. 6. Drawbacks of Freelancing: Now it's time to discuss the drawbacks off freelancing. Full time freelancing is a great feat for those off you who are self motivated and enjoy creative freedom. While there are a number off incredible benefits surrounding freelance work, there are some disadvantageous that should be considered. The 1st 1 is no job security. If your clients don't have any work for you, then you can't make any money even high. And you are an employee you always have work to complete. Unless the employer goes out off business are you are laid off. You enjoy more freedom and flexibility than your traditionally employed counterparts, but you are also more vulnerable to inconsistent work and economic downturns. Often times you are at the Marcie off your clients project, so you should definitely try toe work for multiple clients in a street off, relying on one. All of these factors make it difficult to chart a monthly budget and on a steady income, is a concern for 3/4 off freelancers. Inconsistent world. There are months when there is a tone off work to complete, and the magics are more than you expected. However, the work may dry up and the next month. You are only making off off what you have made the previous month. As an employee. At least you know how much your magic is going Toby each month so that you can budget accordingly. You have to handle accounting. Texas Bookkeeping Pain Builds on Managing Cash flow is up to you. While there is a really every level software to assist you with your accounting, it's an additional task that traditional employees do not have to be concerned with. You risk not getting paid. It's not uncommon for independent contractors to have difficulty getting paid for their services. Some clients either don't pay on time or they don't pay at all. Not every hour is B level. Full time employees are paid for every hour they are at work. The same isn't true for freelancers. Managing clients finding new jobs and billing can be dozens off hours a week to complete, and for that time you are not being paid. No employer benefits. One off the Burkes off working for someone else is that the employer will handle your health or retirement benefits Are bonuses like paid vacations are profiteering part chasing your own health insurance is often more expensive than what is offered from an employer. While full time employees typically have a large portion off their health insurance paid by their employer, freelancers don't enjoy that luxury. You are responsible for finding and paying your own coverage. And individual plants can be costly. It's no wonder that the cost of health insurance is a measure concern for 44% off freelancers on you don't get paid sick leave or vacation. If you miss a day off work, you simply don't make money that day. 7. Think About Your Finances: Hey, there we are with our new lecture. Think about your finances. Your finances are the most important issue to consider when starting out you are probably used to getting a Patrick by the end of the week or month or a year. Not having that is what many people are afraid off when embarking on their freelancing career. Luckily, you will get used to this pretty quickly. You just have to approach your finances differently. The most important thing is to always have enough money in your bank account toe allow you to leap for the next couple of months, even high. And it seems the work is rolling in Texas are an important part off accounting that many overlooked in the early days. It's tempting to spend all the money you get, but it's important to keep in mind that someday the tax office will want its part off your income. In order to avoid being trapped in the peat falls off your tax system, I highly recommend getting an accountant. It's generally not too expensive and allows you to focus on what you are good at. At the beginning off every month I collect my bills, dropped them off at my accountant's and wait for her to tell me how much I have to transfer to the tax office. However, it is possible to take care off your own finances without the help off an accountant. If you have the time to spend on your accounts, you can have a far greater control and insight into your financial situation. The most important thing is to be realistic. If you know you are not the accounting type, get an accountant straight away. Hiring an accountant at the beginning off your freelancing carrier will be far less expensive in the long run. 8. Setting Up Your Workplace: Now it's time to setting up your workplace. The first thing I looked for even before I registered myself as a freelancer waas an office . While I enjoy working from home, I prefer to have a place where I can focus solely on work. If you can devote yourself to your work at home, then great. But if, like many off us, you find this impossible. Look for a place in a shared freelancer office or get your own. Luckily, I got an office. After weighing the pros and cons off freelancing, you may have decided that you are going to go forward and become an independent contractor . Now it's time to get your workplace figured out so that you can begin working. You could simply sit at the kitchen table or convert that a spare room into an office and not help too concerned with getting distracted by others. If you live with others, you will have to find a space where you can be left alone during work hours. Preferably this space would be a room where there is a door that closes. No matter where you decide to make your office, make sure that is free off distractions and feeds your needs. A writer just need steer, laptop and an outlet to charge the battery. But a photograph Irma need a darkroom to develop their images on top, often area to added the photos. While some freelancers will rent a commercial office space, most are likely going toe to start their freelance carrier from home. If you live alone, human up to just work from your kitchen table or desk in the corner off your living room, at least to begin to it in either location. You can minimize distractions because you are in sole control off your living space. 9. Types of Work: Now it's time to discuss about the types off work that can be done as a freelancer. Popular freelance work includes content writing, design, marketing, ICTY development, that entry and research. But the type of work that can be done as a freelancer is almost unlimited. Do get started. You will need to select the type off the skills that you are able to offer to clients. The only rate you can charge as a freelancer depends on the type off or being done. They only your uncovered that the average freelancer rate waas $21 per hour. Almost half off freelancer charge under $10 an hour for dear work, 40% charge between 11 to $30 and 18% common over $30 per hour. The income survey confirmed that certain skill types demand much higher rates than others. Freelancers providing legal services charge an average off $31 part. Our this is much more than the freelancers working in sales and marketing are writing and translation. Where for sales and marketing, the average rate is $21 per hour and for writing and translation. The aberrations rate is about $17 per hour 10. How Could You Start: Well, now the question is, how could you start? Eat, Maybe daunting to freelance for the first time, but there is no reason to be afraid. If your desire or need the independence that freelancing provides, trust your own abilities. Take the leap into this ever growing way off working. Select the type off work you want to do. As mentioned, the first step is to decide on the type of work that you want to do. You should not be too general with this. For example, if you want to make money through content writing, brand yourself and promote your services as a content writer in a certain a nation, select a specialty tea on. Be open to adjusting this over time to adapt to trans and industry movements. Decide where you want to work. Will you be working from home? A set off office Orrick Working space Working at home is a really option for those with home responsibilities. It's also the cheapest option, but you may become isolated. Working from home, you may struggle with destructions between home time and work time. Build a portfolio off work as a freelancer, your portfolio re presents you and your work. It features all your his story in one place. How much you put in here is up to you. I have just one recommendation. Don't lie in your resume. E. Don't mention things you didn't do their work you have done in the past. It speaks for itself. If you already worked on several projects, know your way around. There is no need to lie. The more you already know that is here, it is really easy to learn new things. If a client asked for a specific technology, that's not it. On your resume. E either show the willingness to alarm are pass. That's something to get used to. It's stamping to say yes to every job you were offered, but in the end it might result in a disappointment for both you and your client. Care for your portfolio and learn new things on your own time. Research. The amount that you wish to charge take into account that what easier experience, what you can charge and what the competent eaters are charging for the same job. Please, please have a look and research draft legal contracts drove the contract that will define the specific circumstances under which you will work. For example, what will happen if a client can sell a job request? When do you wish to be paid? You're definitely going toe. Want to protect yourself your business, etcetera. But always remember that you work your results, and you yourself are always going to be your very best protection from a sticky situations . Moving forward. Manage expectations. Provide NB kable results and deliver riel and consistent value, and you won't have any headaches or hassles going forward. Decide how and when you will be conducted ble. This may be necessary so that you are able toe. Concentrate on working at specific times so you can specify that you wish to be contacted by email except at certain defined times or in case off an emergency. Connect it. Portend share clients. Build your brand and network. You will need to promote yourself whenever possible. I don't conferences and meet ups Really been to your nation? A. Spend money on marketing right Blog's build an email list and comment in real Evan forums, engage in social media, including Lindy in Facebook, etcetera, etcetera 11. Freelancing Platforms: Now let's discuss about freelancing platforms and what it can do for you. According to the Pio Near survey, almost half off freelancers find projects by online through freelancing marketplaces, according to the Mayo Near survey. Almost half off freelancers find projects by online freelance marketplaces. The growing popularity off online marketplaces has helped millions off freelancers build a worldwide Klein base, freelancer dot com and up work have millions off freelance workers and millions off registered climbs. You will need to beat for jobs, and this takes time. You will often be unsuccessful on your beads. But once a bead is successful, it is key to form long lasting relationships. Their more regular clients. You have the last time you will need to spend beating on projects. This bidding process can be a distraction from your core work. Balancing doing work and getting new work is something that takes some time to muster. You will need to optimize. Want to peach for new work. Beating toe early means that you may over commit yourself and not have the capacity to fulfill both new and existing jobs. This Melito unhappy clients and poor ratings. If you beat too late, you may be left with billiard sweet. No income there needs to be a slow and a steady feed into the pipeline. For Americans, stop toe is a super option to set yourself apart from the masses. They only select the top 3% off freelancers that apply to work through top tell. If you get through the tough selection process, you will have more opportunities to work with high calibre employers. Another option for freelancers. Ease fiber. You can do micro task for as little as just $5 but the potential bully, um off work that you can get from fiber is large. The aim should be to do a job and then form a longer term relationship that involves higher paying jobs. Over time, there are more, especially sites to such as 99 designs for designers are up council for Lawyers 12. Warnings: Hey, wait. I have warnings before you jump into freelancing at first said your boundaries, you will need to be disciplined not to fall into the trap off working all the time and showed that home time, his home time and work time is work time. You won't only be able to focus on what you are good at. You need to be in charge off at mean marketing sales, customer service on all. You may become isolated. It is important to have the people in direction in other ways are times off the day. This can be achieved through co working spaces, regular coffee shops, Jim family and friends. You need to be self motivated and create a daily structure. Avoid the temptation off procrastination. Just because you can sleep until 10 does not mean that you should. You need to develop your skills over time. You need to keep up to date with industry trends to ensure your service a sterile event. If you are an a starter, you won't be able to charge as much more as an established freelancers or agencies. If possible, try taking on client work in your spare time before fully quitting your day job. This means that when you do quit, you will have existing clients and future jobs lined up. And sure the clients understand your boundaries. Charge for extras. Coin necessary. Your time is important so and shared that your client understand these. The another thing you need to be good at ease at sales and marketing. You are the business. You are essentially the CEO off you. You may be the best lawyer, designer or business analyst in town, but if you are not able to sell yourself, you will not get the amount off work you want. The another thing is you should find a mentor. If you were just setting out on your freelancing journey and shoot that you get an experienced mentor to guide you along your journey, the emotional support will be as important as the practical guidance aimed to diversify your income. It is best if your primary income does not come from one source. This will help ensure that if you lose a primary client, you will not be left without a source off income. So I understand the challenges and benefits off freelancing before jumping in. But if you do take the jump, eat matrons from the way you make money and the way you live your life 13. Conclusion: Congratulations. You are at the final part off this course. Now that you have got the knowledge and you have got the tools, now it's time to put them into practice. This is an opportunity for you to change your business and potentially to change your life . Many freelancers have made the transition from having a work at home job, toe warning, a freelancing business and some off them have done it a spectacularly You can get their toe . Believe me, you can get there, too. The freedom and opportunities that you can have as a freelance business honor are truly unbelievable and much closer than you might think. Good luck. I wish you all the best.